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Twelve Holy Nights by Dr Yubraj Sharma

I am sharing this wonderful healing powerful exercise with you all.  Every year is a good time to do this exercise.  It is lovely and wonderful.

I will be doing it at the New Year Portal Entry Workshop on 31 December. Details will be released shortly.

I will also be holding the Full Moon Workshop on 12 January 2017.  Further details will be released shortly.

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One of my fabulous teachers, Dr Yubraj Sharma MBBS, MRCP, Dip Ac, MFHom; has been working on The Twelve Holy Nights Meditation for some years.  His work is very in-depth and don’t worry if you can’t understand all the theory as it is based on anthroposophical knowledge. Read it slowly as there is so much information in it.  I have always found his work inspirational, revolutionary and exciting.  You can read more on this Oxford graduate, on this link   http://www.galahomeopathy.com/ContactHomePageView.aspx?id=1809

Here are four books he has written:

Spirit, Earth & Human Evolution volume 1Spiritual Bioenergetics of Homoeopathic Materia Medica: v. 1Spiritual Bioenergetics of Homoeopathic Materia Medica: Artbook v. 2Homoeopathy of the Solar System: Mercury

The Twelve Holy Nights

Christmas (25th Dec) – represents the birth of Man in the earthly sphere, as the Nathan Jesus anchoring the innocent Adam.

Epiphany (6th Jan) – represents the birth of God in the earthly sphere, as the Baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist.

Between these two festivals are the 12 Holy nights, as 12 ascending stages of world consciousness towards cosmic consciousness. This is from Jesus to Christ.  It is also the journey through the 9 spiritual hierarchies to enable Man to become the 10th hierarchy. It is also a journey from the starry region of the Fishes (Pisces) to the Ram (Aries).


The Twelve Holy Night Dates

25th Dec – 1st Holy Night, Pisces initiation

26th Dec – 2nd Holy Night, Aquarius initiation

27th Dec – 3rd Holy Night, Capricorn initiation

28th Dec – 4th Holy Night, Sagittarius initiation

29th Dec – 5th Holy Night, Scorpio initiation

30th Dec – 6th Holy Night, Libra initiation

31st Dec – 7th Holy Night, Virgo initiation

1st Jan – 8th Holy Night, Leo initiation

2nd Jan – 9th Holy Night, Cancer initiation

3rd Jan – 10th Holy Night, Gemini initiation

4th Jan – 11th Holy Night, Taurus initiation

5th Jan – 12th Holy Night, Aries initiation

Leading into the Epiphany on 6th Jan

Stage of the Fishes (Pisces)

This connects to the past world stage when the Sun separated from the Earth in the middle of Hyperborean period. Pisces was radiating down to the world at that time. The light of the Sun henceforth no longer shined from within humans, but from without. Man had to pass through darkness, to find the light again within as Spirit-Self. The Christ also left the earth to join the Sun. The uniting of Christ with the earth at Golgotha therefore re-connects the inner Sun back to earth, and this continues as the etheric Christ in earth.

Jesus therefore received the initiation of the Fishes in order to receive this light again. There are countless references to the disciples as Fishers of men, the Guardian of the Grail becomes the Fisher-King etc. Pisces rules the feet so that man has to stand properly on Earth in order to receive this Christ, with proper uprightness of character.

The feet contain mystery information to do with the physical being or body of Christ or the Christed human. John the Baptist provides the Fish initiation.

Stage of the Waterman (Aquarius)

This is connected to the hierarchy of the Angels, and these have a special connection to the water of Earth. This water is the physical reflection of the world-ether, out of which is formed the etheric bodies of humans and angels. The particular qualities of this etheric energy is life and memory.

There are two draughts that the initiate must take – to impart remembrance and forgetfulness.

The lowest body member of angels is their etheric body, they are Sons of Life. If they want to create a physical body, the densest they can make is composed of water. They are thereby also connected to Old Moon, when the watery nature was the densest medium. At that time, angels poured their substance in the developing human lymph and blood.

In the future Jupiter human race, the densest phase of the body will again be watery, and we will become angels.

Angels provide guidance and preservation of our past incarnations until we can do this for ourselves.

The Waterman therefore represents the ideal spiritualised human, who has anchored his angel presence, which becomes his model or ideal.

During the 6th cultural epoch, the human race will anchor the initiations of the Waterman, and the nucleus of this is within the Russo-Slavic people.

For this initiation, human thinking must become alive, fluid-like and finally etheric. He can then grasp the impulses of the Angel presence into his thinking, and become led into the world of imagination, into the etheric sphere of the Earth (Moon-sphere) and allow the angel to become his higher guide.

John the Baptist also received a special Waterman initiation, whereby he could see this constellation at night even through the material earth. Through Baptism, he could partially separate the etheric from the physical body, to enable that person to have a direct experience of their Guardian angel, and this angel could then indicate the presence of the coming Christ-being towards Earth.

Stage of the Goat (Capricorn)

This is connected to the hierarchy of the Archangels, and corresponds also to the darkest time of the year. At the depth of the winter can truly be born the new spiritual Sun, and the Archangels have a special function for birth processes.

During Old Sun, the Archangels gave to the whole world of space the quality of light, the substance of light.

When at Christmas, the seer observes the Midnight Sun, it is the 12 Archangels that surround him, to provide a cosmic aura for the Christ impulse to be born on Earth. These 12 are also the guardians of the 12 Holy nights, whose overall energy is under the influence of the region of the Goat.

The only substance an archangel can create a physical body for itself, is from air and fire.

At Baptism – the Christ descends into the Jesus body through the Archangels and thus bypasses the region of the angels. This created a new type of Baptism, by Fire and light, rather than by water.

The forces from the Goat especially stream in during sleep, and to do so require the proper development of the speech, to have spiritualised one’s words during waking life. This enables the Archangels to give man inspiration as world concepts.

Archangel Michael has a special relationship to the birth of the spiritual Sun at Christmas time. During summer, there is exhalation of the soul and spirit of the earth to cause the earth to become ahrimanised. Before December, Archangel Michael has to do battle with the Ahrimanics in order to purify the Earth for the birth of the Christ impulse. This battle culminates in the last week of Advent, when the Earth enters the realm of the Goat. This battle continues to be played out, and will intensify during the 6th cultural epoch and finally culminate in the 7th epoch which especially stands under the influence of the Goat.

In the future Venus human race, there will arise the outer form of the human head from the knee cap (The Goat rules the knees), from this will proceed the forces that form the whole outer appearance of the Venus-human, who will have reached the Archangel stage of evolution.

Stage of the Archer (Sagittarius)

Connects to the hierarchy of the Archai. It gives rise to the battle of the forces of good and evil, as the vertical alignment and the horizontal. This equates to the battle of the early child to stand up (thigh is ruled by Archer) for itself, whilst the horizontal forces try to push it back down. The Archai or Spirits of Personality provide drive for this evolution. This then activates the ego-consciousness and free will.

The bow represents the uprightness of the spine, whilst the arrow is the force of the thinking permeated by ego-consciousness. When the arrow is set into motion, then the bow straightens, i.e. the receiving of the straight spine by man.

When the arrow is in the hands of the Archer, this represents the shift of the imaginative force of thinking from rulership by the Exusai (Spirits of Form) to the Archai from 4th century AD. Hence, the Archai since then bear cosmic thoughts into human evolution.

This is a repetition in this stage of what occurred during Old Saturn, when the Archai needed to exercise the power of thoughts into Man.

The macrocosmic aspect of the power of individualised thinking is thunder and lightning, which is the lowest level of physical form the Archai can assume.

During the Vulcan 7th root race, all humanity will take on the form of the Archai. This will be paralleled to a lesser degree by the 7th cultural epoch (American epoch) and during the War of All against All. Then the human race will split more tangibly and visibly into the good and evil portions, represented by the splitting of the centaur into the human and animal parts respectively.

Stage of the Scorpion-Eagle (Scorpio)

This is connected to the hierarchy of the Exusai (Elohim in the Bible) or Spirits of Form. They were active in Old Saturn in preserving within the bounds of Saturn all that had been accomplished by the higher hierarchies. In the Earth stage, they are the creators and leaders of all earthly evolution. They provide a self-contained form to all that exists on Earth, through a hardening or precipitating action. They are therefore utilising the activities of the Thrones streaming up from the Earth centre, and the Dynamics working from the periphery. They receive their zodiacal forces from the Scorpion-Eagle, whose rays stream out to cause all movement to come to a standstill, especially during November.

During Lemuria, humans had progressed sufficiently for the Exusai to provide part of their own substance to Man, which became the substance of the human ego. But the ego received also the Luciferic forces of temptation and thus a double character of the Scorpion as a tendency to evil, and the Eagle towards good.

In the Last Supper this double is shown by John the Evangelist to the right of Jesus as the Eagle-man, and Judas as the Scorpion-man. Peter is between them as the soul mediating between the two poles, with the possibility of being the rock as well as the betrayer.

The Exusai now work from the Sun, hence light is their outer garment, whilst spiritual light is their essence. Thus the human ego strives towards spiritual light when along the spiritual path. The egoistic lower human ego avoids this spiritual light to enter the Scorpion phase.

In mid-Atlantis, during the epoch of the Scorpion, man stepped onto solid earth for the first time. He thus received mineral substances into his body, to gradually acquire a fixed and final form. The Eagle continues as the evolving ego which can mould this outer form.

Christian Rosenkreutz shortly after 1250 received the initiation from the Spirits of Form, when the spiritual (as opposed to the physical) influence of the Exusai on earthly events was particularly strengthened. His continued role is to transform the Scorpion to the Eagle, which will be associated with great suffering for humans.

Shortly after the Lemurian ego endowment, the human race divided into the two sexes. This happened under the direct influence of the Scorpion constellation. Man thus was able to keep back within himself a part of the forces that had previously been used to reproduce his own kind. From this the human brain could be developed. The Exusai imprinted the substance of Love into humans, but this could also now be distorted into spiritual love and sensual lustful love. This confusion of the two is especially dangerous for those on the path, for certain demonic beings that follow retarded Exusai (and are associated with the propagation of the different human races) can further confuse the true occult energy of sex with the erotic, and lead to a total darkening of the ego.

Stage of the Scales (Libra)

This is connected to the hierarchy of the Dynamis (Spirits of Movement). They regulate the equilibrium and movement of the solar system. They dwell in the Sun, and work onto the planets, and from there work onto the Earth. They thus stabilise and regulate all the planetary bodies. They are the Music of the Spheres as described by Pythagoras.

They also have a material reflection in the chemical properties of matter, in the joining and separating of chemicals.

They also balance and restrain the forces of the Thrones, which are the Will forces working from the Earth centre – by working from the periphery. This leads to the whole configuration of the Earth’s surface as the two opposing but harmonised dynamics of the Spirits of Will and Spirits of Movement.

The Scales made their impact on Old Moon, when they provided balance between the early phases of the bodies of the Sun and Moon in relation to the Earth. Without them, the beings of the Old Moon would have felt a state of unbalance as inner melancholy. Instead they received the possibility of further development and satisfaction.

Beginning with the Scales, a displacement occurred in the relationship of the zodiac regions with the corresponding hierarchies. This is because the forces that are active in a outer fashion become inner forces in the next cycle – which they then govern.

Thus the Spirits of Movement were essentially regents of Old Moon, but were already actively preparing for the Earth stage when the forces of the Old Moon in their outer aspect would become inner forces of mobility and creativity in Earth. Thus the Scales are related to the Earth realm, being also the only inanimate object of the zodiac symbols.

Stage of the Virgin (Virgo)

This connects to the hierarchy of the Kyriotetes, Spirits of Wisdom. This is the heavenly image of the Divine Sophia, the Mother of God and the Archetypal Wisdom of the World. During Old Saturn, this was presented as the woman clothed with the Sun (the 12th chapter of the Apocalypse), representing the 12 stars of the Spirits of Wisdom surrounding the head of the Virgin. They arrange everything between the individual world-body of Old Saturn and the whole universe. In this image, the Virgin gives birth to the Sun during the 2nd incarnation of the Earth, thus governing the life forces streaming into the etheric body. The Virgin also rests with the Moon at her feet, representing the Spirits of Wisdom during Old Moon, which resulted in the formation of silver into the Earth.

Mary of the Luke Gospel is the highest reflection of this Virgin or Heavenly Sophia. She is ready to receive the divine Living Soul of the Nathan Jesus. She has total lack of impurity from the lower Moon forces, as she handed over all lower moon forces to the other Mary (of the Solomon Jesus line) at the Baptism. Thereby she became the bearer of the highest virtue in humanity and the earthly archetype of the Kyriotetes – who are also absorbed in contemplation of the sacrificial act offered by the Thrones to the Cherubim. This is the virtue of true giving.

To become such a being, it was necessary for Mary to receive the high sacrificial wisdom from the earthly experience of Jesus Christ – into her own heart, which it pierced like a sword to give forth to the human race her true virtue.

The Spirits of Wisdom are regents of Old Sun, but what they accomplished becomes inner processes during Old Moon (when they meet their true outer expression). Hence the Virgin is a lunar force.

Stage of the Lion (Leo)

This connects to the Thrones, Spirits of Will. They are essentially regents of Old Saturn, which came into being through the sublime cosmic sacrifice of the Cherubim. This sacrifice became an inner motivating force only later at the next cycle of Old Sun, thus the Thrones are especially connected to the Sun-sign of Leo. The highest expression of the inner sacrificial activity of the inner Sun is the sacrifice of the Christ.

The lion is an image of the highest regality, with courage, dignity. It is the transition of the sacrificial will brought to the heart forces of courage. Thrones offer sacrifices to Cherubim on Old Saturn. This also leads to the emanations of the forces of the Thrones from the Earth centre.

The forces from Leo can help humans find the right energy for overcoming their trials and a more conscious connection to the Thrones. What the Thrones once fulfilled on Old Saturn as the laws of Old Saturn, continue to live on in our time as the karmic laws of individual destiny.

Stage of the Crab (Cancer)

Connects to the hierarchy of the Cherubim, Spirits of Harmony. Its symbol is a vortex as the harmony of two processes. The Cherubim lay into World-wisdom the accumulated streams of wisdom from world evolution.

They relate to the transitional processes between manifestation (manvantara) and rest (Pralaya), between cycles. Thus with each life cycle is a phase of rest or death. They cause the manifestation of the impulses of the Seraphim (which receive the impulses from Godhead).

However, there was a refusal of some Cherubim to receive the cosmic sacrifice of the Thrones offered to them on Old Sun. This affected all of subsequent Earth evolution, giving rise to a particular vortex of energy. The sign of the crab stood at the transition between Atlantis and the post-Atlantean root race. Christ altered these forces with his entry into Jerusalem.

The Cherubim created the actual zodiac belt as it exists now, during the Old Sun period. The zodiac did not exist in its present form in Old Saturn, it was then not so dense or compacted down, nor were there 12 as of yet. the Cherubim created the zodiacal belt to surround the early Sun with a protective sheath, and utilised the region of the Crab to do so. This enabled the solar system to partly become ‘shut off’ from the cosmos.

The microcosmic counterpart is the thorax, with its 12 pairs of ribs, enclosing and protecting the inner Sun as the heart organ.

John the Baptist was born under the sign of the Crab, and represents the oldest stage of Man as the Adam cast down at the beginning. He is also Elijah. After the expulsion, God placed a Cherub with a flaming sword at the entrance to Heaven to cut humanity off from the cosmic sphere of the Father – which lies beyond the zodiac.

John thereby had activated the faculty of conscience, and could rightly be the first person to meet the Christ through Jesus, as conscience builds the Grail receptacle. Thus Love arises in the East (with the birth of Jesus) whilst conscience develops in the West (initially through ancient Greece and then transmitting to John).

Conscience is the feeling of the ego overcoming the drives, desires and passions that live in the sentient soul. These would otherwise cause the soul to become ravaged and live in a wilderness, but conscience enables receipt of the Voice of God.

After his death, John-Elijah became the group-soul of the Apostles, thus forming the protective guarding atmosphere of watchful conscience to enable Christ to continue working through them.

Stage of the Twins (Gemini)

This connects to the hierarchy of the Seraphim, Spirits of Universal Love. Castor was mortal, but Pollux immortal. Pollux offered to sacrifice his immortality up in order to join his dead brother, out of their love for each other. The ancient Greeks brought their ego forces right into their physical body, which they revered as an expression of their ego. Thus it was the beauty and harmony of their physical body that most mattered to them, and they abhorred death as the end of this body. Better to be a beggar on Earth than a king amongst the shades, indicates they feared death. So the greatest sacrifice someone could make was to give up their immortality (for they had also wanted to live forever in the body).

The corresponding Christian sacrifice is that of the ego itself, as the soul and the bearer of the human immortality – rather than the gift of immortality itself, it is the holder of this now. So it is a deeper sacrifice. By sacrificing the ego, the individual can receive the immortal true self of the Christ Himself, hence ‘Not I, but Christ in me’.

The Seraphim also regulate to communication between stars and planetary systems for the purposes of cosmic as well as personal social contact. For the Christ forces work in a social sense. Through such conversations, the cosmos comes into being.

Stage of the Bull (Taurus)

Connects to the Cosmic or Holy Spirit. The bull and cow have enormous and powerful forces of digestion, which can receive out of the whole universe. Astrally, the cow also relates to the forces of the bird, especially in the purest sense as the dove. This is also the workings of the Holy Spirit in the astral plane of the world, and within the Moon-sphere. John the Baptist especially perceived this.

The ancient cultures therefore revered the cow or bull in order to honour the Holy Spirit. This energy then leads to the principle of the Son as the Christ and the Sun. Thus the images of the bull horns and Isis with the Sun disc also on the head.

The bull thus becomes the Spirit of the Times, as the workings of the Holy Spirit. When this is permeated with Christ forces then it works to the good. It can also become tainted with Lucerific forces to become the forces of unbridled passion and lower ego.

The organ connected is the larynx and speech. This will become transformed through becoming chaste, and turn again to the spiritual Sun, a sacred chalice or Holy Grail rather than filled with flesh and blood lower passions.

Stage of the Ram (Aries)

This is the head of the zodiac, and universal archetype of Man as Adam-Kadmon. During the age of Aries, the Baptism occurred, thus Jesus Christ becomes the lamb of God. This refers to the cosmic connection of Christ with the heavenly region of the Ram, i.e. through this region, Christ entered our cosmos from realms beyond the zodiac. The Voice of Heavens of the Father aspect derives from beyond the zodiac, and from this, the Son was projected, hence the statement from God at the Baptism ‘This is my beloved Son, today have I begotten Him’.

Thus the Trinity is portrayed by the Bull (Holy Spirit), Ram (Son) and Voice of Heaven (Father). The Christ enters first the Sun, where He is the 13th amongst the 12.

Twelve Holy Nights MEDITATIONS


I clear all Luciferic tendencies in my soul (which cause excessive spiritual flightiness).

I clear all Ahrimanic tendencies in my soul (which create excessive materialism).

I invoke Archangel Michael to clear the forces above.

I anchor the innocent Adam (not Fallen) into my senses, to clear the Lemurian Fall karma of demon induced attachment to the senses.

I anchor the innocent Adam into my nutrition and digestion, to clear the Atlantean karma of wrongful feeding off others.

I anchor the innocent Adam into the Dragon of corporeal reality, to clear the end-Atlantean karma of being trapped within the material realm.

Christmas day

Activate the symbol of infinity (8) to align the twin themes of Christ being on Earth and in the cosmos (Sun). This activates the two aspects of Pisces as sacrifice into the shadow, and world-saviour into the light.

I activate the 42 genetic steps leading backwards (downwards) to the Solomon Jesus child into my genetics and ancestors (which anchored the Zarathustra Persian ego)

I activate the 77 genetic steps leading forwards (upwards) to the Nathan Jesus child (which anchored the innocent Adam soul).

I give birth to the Divine Human as the innocent Adam soul.

I activate the Pisces Fish initiation to become a world saviour and enter the proper mood of sacrifice to receive the Divine Christ energy in 12 days, at the Baptism (especially feel this initiation activate in your feet, representing the ability to stand on earth properly).

I activate the symbol of infinity (8) to connect the Cosmic Christ with the earthly Adam soul.

26th Dec

I activate the Aquarius Waterman initiation. I bring the life force of angels into the water of my body and renew my etheric body as an etheric column (antakharana) up to Godhead.

I merge with my Golden solar Guardian angel. I allow this angelic presence to indicate to me the path of the coming Christ.

27th Dec

I activate the consciousness of the Goat permeated Archangels as governors of Time epochs for the human race, and guiding the time locations of one’s incarnations, and especially into my word and speech to build the proper inner Temple.

I visualise the birth of the new future Venus stage from out of your knee as an earthly embryonic mirror of your higher self.

28th Dec

I activate the Sagittarius Archer initiation and receive the energy of the Archai. I activate spiritualised will-oriented thinking into my being and mind. I clear all lower animalistic energies within my being.

29th Dec

I activate the Scorpion-Eagle Scorpio initiation, and receive the energy of the Exusai (Elohim) Spirits of Form. I clear all shadow and darkness out of my lower ego and body, and release the light of the spiritualised Eagle to fly towards Spirit.

30th Dec

I activate the Scales Libra initiation, and the Dynamis (Spirits of Movement). I re-align in complete harmony with all others beings and the other planets of the solar system. I receive the greater responsibility of working with the collective.

31st Dec

I activate the Virgin Virgo initiation, and the Kyriotetes Spirits of Wisdom. I receive the Holy Mother of God energy as Mary, Divine Sophia into my being.

1st Jan

I activate the Lion Leo initiation, and the Thrones Spirits of Will. I anchor the energy of sacrifice with courage to follow the highest spiritual purpose into my heart.

2nd Jan

I activate the Cancer Crab initiation and the Cherubim Spirits of Harmony. I build a mantle or vortex of conscience and purity around my being, aligned with the zodiacal belt.

3rd Jan

I activate the Gemini Twins initiation and the Seraphim Spirits of Universal Love. I activate the Christ love of love for others as brotherly/sisterly and the initiation of ‘Not I, but Christ in me’.

4th Jan

I activate the Taurus Bull initiation and the energy of the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost. I receive this into my body to become the Holy Grail vessel for receiving the Christ-being.

5th Jan

I activate the Aries Ram initiation and the energy of the Christ-being within me. I receive the Baptism to birth this Christ.

Twelve Holy Nights by Dr Yubraj Sharma


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