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The Work I Do

Introducing the Healing Work of Toks Beverley Coker


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Toks Beverley Coker is a Shamanic Healer who works with a Native American Spirit Guide known as Hands of Light. Born of a Shaman herself, Toks was chosen as a healer and has been sharing her art of Healing, with those that need her, for more than 20 years. Toks is qualified and practising in many healing arts, including the following:

“The insight of an Angel, The wisdom of the Ancients, The compassion of a Theresa, A sweet Treasure with no measure. She renders me speechless.” Julius McNeil 


Toks Coker Life CoachingLife Coaching

Toks’ One-to-One sessions, whether in person or over Skype or the phone, are powerful opportunities to heal any aspect of your mind, body or spirit. Toks can work on any area of your life: from relationships, love life, health, wealth, abundance, career, fertility and anything else that may be blocking you or ailing you! If all modern logical routes have blocked you, it is time to change your thinking and your vibration – to every problem there is a solution and working with Toks, anything and everything is infinitely possible.

“She stands in her own light, beating her own drum, operating entirely from the heart and I know of no teacher more authentic; no friend more genuine; no truth-teller more worth their salt and no serious-minded shaman with more laughter in their soul.” Gary Reich

“I have been working with Toks using Time Line Therapy, which has been hugely effective.  Every session has left me feeling completely different.  The value is something huge has shifted in me and I feel like I have more clarity and am more in my power.  I have had major shifts in my consciousness and personal power; I notice the impact this has on those around me; especially my daughter.  I am enjoying working with Toks.  Thank you. Blessing love light and a huge thank you. xx” Jo Manual 



Toks Coker Emo TranceEmoTrance

EmoTrance is a modern healing technique that was created to be simple and easy to use.  It focuses on where the client feels the emotional pain in their physical body. You then begin to ‘work’ on this pain, loosening it from your energy body. As you do this, you will actually feel it moving within you, thus you will know by direct experience that it is working!

This modality is not one where the healing is done to you. Rather, you will be working together with Toks, live, and in the moment though not in the drama(s) that created it. As such, this is not a therapy. You will not be talking about your pain. This is a process whereby you will be dealing directly with the energetic disturbance itself. A very practical approach indeed!

“Toks is an amazing person with incredible insight, great compassion and intense healing powers towards others. Those qualities combined make Toks a unique individual with plenty to offer at all levels.” Karen Levy (Healing)


Toks Coker Crystal HealerCrystals and CPD Workshops

Toks has been a qualified Crystal Healer for over 15 years and regularly uses crystals in her workshops, Moon Meditations and One-to-One sessions. One of her CPD (Continuing Professional Development) courses is the ‘Alchemical Resurrection of Your True Self’. It is a seminal and powerful breakthrough workshop, which can either be for one day or two days. As Toks is always working with the Energy of Now, these workshops are never repeatable as the content and flow are uniquely channeled every time.

Another CPD course that Toks teaches is Indian Head Massage. Indian Head Massage comes from the Ayurvedic healing system that has been a part of Indian culture for thousands of years. It is a holistic system that incorporates mind, body and spirit and was originally developed by women who practised the techniques on their family and friends.

“What a wonderful way to spend an evening. Thank you so much Toks, for your patience, kindness and wisdom. I have felt so welcome and valued this evening and I’m so glad that I came and let myself have this wonderful experience. The meditation was powerful and one of the most thorough and deep processes I have ever done. I feel a lovely sense of being connected and loved. In Gratitude.” Sara Ellis (Crystal Moon Workshop)







  1. Alannah

    Feel so blessed having you pop into my iPad today. I give Thanks for such a beautiful blessing.

    • Toks Beverley Coker

      Alannah so glad I popped into your iPad. May I always pop into everyones iPad and give blessings. Thank you xxxx

  2. Carmela

    Thank You for your healing energy

    • Toks Beverley Coker

      Always an honour to send healing to you Carmela. Thank you for allowing me to do the work I love and appreciating it. Love always Toks xxx

  3. Merve

    Hello Toks you popped into my mail today. Thank you for poping up 🙂 I love you and thank you for being you! <3 xxxx


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