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The Story of Hands of Light

How Hands of Light Came to Me


Hands of Light: A Native American Spirit Guide

hands of light drawn by Carole Pulge 1996

“A Spirit Guide is an entity that remains a disincarnate spirit in order to act as a guide or protector to a living, incarnated human being.” Wikipedia

Hands of Light has a Wisdom that is of the Light. His Being is also of the Light and likewise, his Love, is also, of the Light. His hands, like ours, are an extension of his Heart, hence the light pouring out of them is actually the Light pouring from his Heart…….

Hands of Light came to Toks many Moons ago. At that particular point in time, Toks was working with souls who had departed, helping them move on to the next part of their journey. It was a tiring time for Toks as there seemed to be an endless line of spirits looking for Toks’ assistance.

On one particular evening, after Toks had decided to call it a night, a being of Light, who was looking like a rag doll, came into her room and stood there. Toks said, “Will you please leave me alone. I’ve had enough. I’m tired. I really am tired. I’ve been working non-stop. It’s too much for me. I can’t take it anymore.” The Being of Light didn’t go and neither did he say anything. Toks was too exhausted to say or do anything more and so she decided to fall asleep.

This Being, this Image of Light, kept following Toks around. She became quite frustrated and then, somebody told Toks, “Why don’t you go to a psychic artist, and maybe the psychic artist will help you see?” Toks saw the wisdom in this guidance so she went to see Carol Paulge. Carol told Toks, “Oh, I see a Native American, with Light pouring out of his hands.” and then she went about drawing him. Once complete, Toks had a look at the drawing and she said, “Oh, he’s Hands of Light!”, Carol turned and looked at Toks in agreement, saying, “Yes. Yes it is.”

That’s how Hands of Light came to Toks Beverley Coker.

“Toks was amazing at my reading today. I had some specific issues she was able to clarify for me and she gave me some very direct answers to my questions, which will now totally influence some decisions I have to take. Her wisdom and the certainty she inspires is breath taking.” Tricia


The Benefits of Communing With Your Spirit Guide

Having a Spirit Guide strengthens Toks Spiritual Gift in so many ways.  With the help of a Higher energy she is able to offer more than man-made solutions to problems.  She offers a wholesome solution to your problems and issues.

Would you like to learn more about who you are spiritually?

Maybe even develop the path towards knowing your own Spirit Guide?

CLICK HERE for a free 20 minute consultation with Toks to find out how.

40 Rich and Empowering Benefits of Knowing Your Spirit Guide

  1. Helps you when you feel cut-off from life.
  2. Helps you when you feel dis-empowered, confused, fearful and/or lost.
  3. Maintains a positive approach in one’s life.
  4. A free natural resource that is available for you to tap into and use.
  5. Brings in words of wisdom and guidance into your life.
  6. Communicates with you and helps you ‘to know’ things.
  7. Improves your spiritual listening skills.
  8. Answers questions.
  9. May be proof of life after death – may be one of your ancestors.
  10. Helps develop emotional intelligence as well as spiritual intelligence.
  11. Helps you to know your own mind.
  12. Makes you happy that you have a gift and that you are not alone.
  13. Part of your personal spiritual development process.
  14. Giving optimum medicine to your life.
  15. Helps you towards understanding ascension.
  16. Amplify your quantum possibilities.
  17. Helps to improve your spiritual senses: clairvoyance,clairaudience,clairsentience,clairscent,clairtangency,clairgustance,clairempathy, channel and channeling.
    • Clairvoyance – clear vision – to see within the mind’s eye.  To have inner sight.
    • Clairaudience – to hear within your inner ear.  To perceive sounds or words from spiritual or other realms.  To hear beyond the limits of ordinary time and space.
    • Clairsentience – to feel – to sense –  information.  There is no outside stimuli to this feeling or sensing.
    • Clairscent – to smell – without the aid of the physical nose.  To smell e.g. food or perfume that is not around in the room or house or building.
    • Clairtangency – to touch.  Psychometry.  To handle an object or touch something and sense and feel information about the person or thing, through one’s hands.
    • Clairgustance – to taste.  To taste something without putting it in your mouth.
    • Clairempathy – to feel emotions and energy and aura of the person, thing or animal.  To feel within the self the attitude, ailment or emotion of the person or entity.
    • Channel – a person who is allowing body and mind to be used as a means to transform information from the spiritual realm to the physical realm.  Ability to bring healing energies and/or information to others.
    • Channeling – a person who allows an etheric intelligence to enters one’s mind and pass on information to be spoken or written – using one’s voice or body to deliver the information.
  18. Helps develop intuition and mediumship.
  19. Further develop the spiritual skills that you are currently aware of, such as intuition.
  20. Activate dormant spiritual powers and use them safely, with integrity.
  21. A general sense of protection and guidance, that you are being ‘looked after’.
  22. The ability to ask a Higher Being for answers to personal questions.
  23. Open your mind and broaden your focus.
  24. Come into contact with knowledge and learnings that cannot be provided in any other way.
  25. It will help you to find yourself.
  26. It will be easier to come back into balance with yourself.
  27. Further your meditative abilities.
  28. Become aware of warnings from your Guide.
  29. Help you to learn to live in your highest good.
  30. Acts as a mediator to help enhance the quality of your life.
  31. Bring clarity and understanding to your life purpose.
  32. Help you to feel supported and connected.
  33. Help to raise your vibration.
  34. Inspire you to more success in all areas of your life.
  35. Allow the right people and circumstances into your life.
  36. Tap into the energies of compassion, courage, acceptance, and love.
  37. Develop qualities of courage, peace, love, compassion and unity.
  38. Gives you great insights into the lives of other people.
  39. Helps you to tap into energies within yourself and others, and to express them more often and more easily.
  40. Give comfort and reassurance to those who are suffering from uncertainty and the grief of loss.

Interested In Knowing More?

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“The reading was incredibly accurate with everything that is going on in my life. All my questions were answered and I feel that I can move forward with certainty of where I want to go next. Thank you Toks – I loved it!” Medical Writer

“Thank you would not be enough to express how grateful I am for all your help and support. The past couple of months have been devastating for me and knowing you were there giving us all comfort is very special to me. You know that you will always be part of our family.” Rosy Khalastchy

History of this testimonial: Rosy’s mother and father died a few moons apart from cancer. Rosy was so surprised when her mother asked to see me in her hospital bed and ask for help. She was even more surprised when she realised her father had my direct mobile number and would call me anytime he wanted me to gently touch his tummy in their family home. ‘It makes the cancer pain go away Beverley.’ He said to me. Rosy’s mother and father treated me as family; and when they died Rosy continued the tradition of including me as family. I have been to many of her private family events. Thank you.


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    What I really love about this video is the passion with which you share your encounter with ‘Hands of Life’; it’s pure and unadulterated. Thank you for sharing. XxX


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