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12:12:12 & New Moon in Sagittarius 13:12:12

12 12 12 with Toks Coker

light shifts with Hands of Light

3 Dates = 3 Workshops with Hands of Light

12:12:12        13:12:12        21:12:12

HAPPY 12:12:12

HAPPY New Moon in Sagittarius 13:12:12

12 12 12 with Toks Coker

light shifts with Hands of Light

Your Alignment to Now

Your Soul’s Evolution

Your Awakening & Rising

Your Life Shift

Life Transforming Meditation Workshops

There is so much happening globally, collectively and individually. Light Shifts awaken your inner light and help you with all these transitions. Experience these multiple portals as a journey that is awaiting you in this Now – without fear.

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” Joseph Campbell.

Time to address what is missing and honour the shifts that are showing up in your life right now. You cannot escape these various revolutionary portals of life.

Read about the workshops below and see yourself attending this wonderful energy portal of life shift with light. Hands of Light gifts you discounts below. Thank you. xxxxx

12 12 12 with Toks Coker

light shifts with Hands of Light

12:12:12 Energy of Now

    What is this day about? 12/12/12

    • This is a day of Acceleration and private intense personal realisations for yourself taking you to your next spiritual level of inner deep tranquillity. There is so much building up to this day in your personal life. We will be identifying the Light Shifts that you are tranquilitygoing through as well as Anchoring your Matrix. We will create a 12:12:12 Sacred Altar and walk through the portal of symbols. It is going to BE a momentous Awaking for you. This will be your Journey to Freedom highlighting the wonderful things about yourself you have forgotten. It will involve your Soul Contracts and your Soul Destiny as well as intense Karmic Relationships and Karmic Bonds. We will look at your underworld and shadow side; and call in the Legions of Light for balance and tranquillity. We will be moving through Higher Creation, Ascension Portals & Masters, Gateways & Doorways. You will be making Choices for your Highest Good, your Alignment to the Now. This 12:12:12 workshop will prepare your for the next 9 days of Transition, as together, we move into a New Paradigm of Existence and Unity for 21:12:12.

    • We will be working on the Numerology for this day: 12, 9, 6, 3.

    Welcome to the PORTAL of 12:12:12

    Aims & Objectives

    To introduce students to
    1. the practical workings of the energy of 12:12:12
    2. the healing energy of 12:12:12
    3. understand the workings of their dark or shadow side
    4. some principles of aligning one’s life energetically
    5. modify, in a positive way, their attitudes, beliefs and standards – their life shifts
    6. understanding the healing properties of crystals, symbols, dreams, visions
    7. their own private intense personal realisations
    8. practical empowering ways to move to their own individual next level
    9. anchor in new celebration and freedom in the contradictions of the time
    10. some knowledge on sacred contracts and karmic relationships.
    11. knowing how to avoid a karmic pattern
    12. making some life changing choices
    13. identify their own portal light shifts
    14. anchoring their matrix
    At the end of the day the student will be able to
    1. list 12 sacred symbols for themselves
    2. list 12 nurturing acts for themselves
    3. list 12 wonderful things about him/herself
    4. give a sacred gift with intention
    5. accelerate their thinking or feeling
    6. heal one sacred wound they identify
    7. make a choice about an area of their life
    8. perform a healing meditation exercise
    9. set up and create a sacred altar
    10. walk the labyrinth of 12:12:12
    11. meditate while moving
    12. Demonstrate a tranquil face from within
    13. ELF: Earth, Link & Flow their energy field
    14. Choose a crystal


        Times & Spiritual Investment 12/12/12

        10am–5pm = £140. Venue: Violet Hill Studios, 6 Violet Hill, St Johns Wood, London NW80DY

        7pm-1am = £120. Venue: Marriot Hotel, London Regents Park, 128 King Henry’s Road, London NW3 3ST tube: Swiss Cottage

        All Day: 10am-1am = £234 (10% discount applied)

        Please pay here:) http://121212lightshifts.eventbrite.com/

        Food 12/12/12

        Prices do not include food so please bring your own food (Do not bring anything with pork or ham). Thank you.

        12:12:12 BRING WITH YOU

        1. something white to wear: a simple or fancy lovely all white outfit to wear to express your purity and vibrancy e.g. look like a goddess in white or an angel with white wings. White, for me, is a very sacred colour that has all the colours in it!
        2. soft slippers or socks to wear in the workshop. We will be taking off our shoes in the workshop.
        3. your own food and drink if you are on a special diet. NO pork, pig or bacon please. For refreshment breaks there will be herbal tea, biscuits and chocolates. Please feel free to bring something to share if you want.
        4. pen, paper, crayons to write with and a notebook.
        5. a Gift worth £12 to give away at the 12:12:12 workshop.
        6. 12 Symbols to share (you will not be giving these away). We are going to create a sacred 12:12:12 altar. Symbols can be drawn, photographed, or real such as a crystal ankh, wooden elephant, cross. You could buy crystal Happy 12 12 12 with Toks Coker & Hands of Lightsymbols, wooden hearts, etc. at the workshop. We only take cash as we do not have a machine.
        7. a crystal / rock / stone you feel drawn to that resonates with 12:12:12 for your life. You can buy one at the workshop on the day.
        8. a list of 12 things you have achieved in 2012 and another list of 12 thingamathyst wandss you want to achieve before the end of 2012, which are practical and measurable.
        9. Think of 12 wonderful things about yourself and write them down for the 12:12:12 meditation
        10. Please bring with you cash if you want to buy crystals. Cheque & card accepted. We do not have a machine.
        11. Your printed ticket to hand in at the event; once you have paid on line.

        12:12:12 GIFTING to Yourself & Others

        For me 12:12:12 is a follow on from the 11:11:11 vibration of last year. It brings clarity in the struggles of diversity and chaos. It anchors in new celebration and freedom in the contradictions of the time. It is a time of gifting to yourself and others and truly honouring yourself. You see, if you do not honour yourself how can you honour another? So remember the energy of sacred gifting. light shifts and orbs

        1. Have 12 gifts to give away to 12 different people. They may be people you know or do not know. But give with the 12:12:12 energy. These are blessing gifts. They travel round you 12 times!!! They are not expensive gifts – today we can get gifts for £1. However you may be able to afford expensive gifts and want to give to someone you revere and appreciate so that is OK too. But remember this is 12:12:12 gifting to others and thereby gifting to yourself. You can give all 12 gifts on the 12:12:12 or any time 3 days before or after 12:12:12.

        2. Buy 12 nurturing things for yourself e.g. perfume, soap, fluffy slippers, candles, accessories, reading cards, etc.

        light shifts with Hands of Light

        13:12:12 New Moon in Sagittarius Meditation Workshop

          What is this about? 13/12/12

          The actual time of the NewMoon is 8.42am in London in the morning.  Some of us will be doing a meditation during that time from 8.15am-9.15am.  If you want to join in let me know.  Join us  in the evening when we will be celebrating the vibration of the New Moon Energy; after the powerful vortex of 12:12:12. We will be birthing a Freedom Seed in your development towards higher New Wisdom, Cosmic Consciousness, and Monadism. 

                    Time and Spiritual Investment 13/12/12

                    Food 13/12/12

                      Prices do not include food so please bring food to share after workshop. (Do not bring anything with pork or ham). Thank you.

              light shifts with Hands of Light

              21:12:12 Energy of Transformation with Winter Solstice

                What is this day about? 21/12/12

              • This is a day of Spiritual Growth as we Reflect on Lessons Learnt in the past 9 daysDNA blood light portal. We will be moving through an Individual & Collective Global Reformation of Spirit a.k.a. A MASSIVE Shift in Consciousness. We will be Activating your Divine Original Blue Print through Purification Matrix Crystal Healing on the DNA/Cellular Level. We will also Be Awakening your Essence Voice Vortex and Gracing your Moment whilst looking at and Making the Right Choices for YOU: Pondering and Intuiting your Work, Career, Money, Relationships, Love, and Life. This will be a Pivotal Time, Preparing You for 2013 on a Galactic Level.

              • The Numerology for this day: 21, 12, 13.

              • Bring with you, if you can, a £12 gift to Give Away and 21 Symbols to share (Symbols may be Drawn, Photos, or Objects)

              • More information to follow.

                Time and Spiritual Investment 21/12/12

                10am–5pm = £140

                7pm-1am = £120.

                All Day: 10am-1am = £234 (10% discount applied)

                Please pay here:) http://121212lightshifts.eventbrite.com/

                Food 21/12/12

                Prices do not include food so please bring your own food (Do not bring anything with pork or ham). Thank you.

              light shifts with Hands of Light


              20% DISCOUNT for 2 Full Days

              If you are ATTENDING BOTH DATES, 12th & 21st December (10am-1am) = £421

              20% DISCOUNT for Introduction

              For every new person you bring you will get 20% discount on what you paid for – this will be reimbursed to you post event. This person must be someone Toks has never worked with before.

              Your Alignment to Now

              Your Soul’s Evolution

              Your Awakening & Rising

              Your Life Shift

                                    HANDS OF LIGHT SAYS HELLOHands of Light

              I AM HANDS OF LIGHT

              We will be channelling the Invocation Blessing on 12/12/12

              New Moon in Scorpio; Total Solar Eclipse Diwali 13.11.12

              triumph of good over evilfestival of lightDiwali festival of light

              HAPPY DIWALI Festival of Light

              Happy New Moon in Scorpio


              Happy Total Solar Eclipse

              (moon completely blots out the sun)

              On the Menu we have:Legion of Light Chef

              1. Invocation Blessing
              2. Energy of Now: New Moon in Scorpio with Total Solar Eclipse and Diwali Festival of Light
                1. New Moon in Scorpio
                  1. Holding Still
                  2. Truth
                  3. Love
                2. Total Solar Eclipse
                  1. History Eclipse in 2011 and 2012cup cakes from aysha
                  2. Nick Hughes
                  3. Pluto Lord of Death
                  4. Change
                  5. Reflection
                  6. Saturn Lord of Karma & Opportunity
                3. Diwali Festival of Light
                  1. Inner Light
              3. New Moon in Scorpio with Total Solar Eclipse Quote
              4. New Moon in Scorpio with Total Solar Eclipse Action
              5. What will be covered in the Meditation Workshop
              6. Feedback from previous Meditation Workshop: Full Moon in Taurus & Sun in Scorpio Homework
              7. WORKSHOP Dates:
                1. 12:12:12
                2. 13:12:12 New Moon in Sagittarius, the day after 12:12:12
                3. 21:12:12  Winter Solstice Workshop
                4. 28.11.12 Full Moon in Gemini & Sun in Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse   The time between eclipses are vortexes or tornados of change.
                5. January 2013 Holistic Feng-Shui
              8. Contact Details & Diary with Next Meditation

              Tim & Stepahnie Harrison

              Invocation Blessing for New Moon in Scorpio

              Total Solar Eclipse and Diwali Festival of Light

              Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker 13/11/2012

              moon blessings

              We Greet You

              With Heart to Heart Blessing Comfort

              In these Intense Times

              Birthing Catalytic Change in a Moment

              Manifesting Dreams and Desires

              We Greet You

              crystal heart light

              We Greet You

              With Light Shifts Before your Eyes

              Signalling your Internal Light Shifts

              Assisting Tidal Changes Within

              Allowing Inner Divine Timings

              We Greet You

              Neya and Anou, Angels of Light

              We Greet You

              With the Light of Global Mass Consciousness

              Seeking Spiritual Understanding

              Clarifying Puzzlements of Happenings

              Igniting a New Sacred Knowing

              We Greet You

              spiralling snake energy

              We Greet You

              With Universal Order

              In the Collective Galactic Vortex

              Crowning the Universal Mystic Path

              Taking you Home Within the Turmoil

              We Greet You

              Angelic whispers

              We Greet You

              With Angels of Transfiguration

              Releasing Your Burden

              Allowing Your Breakups & Breakdowns

              Lightening Your Karmic Load

              We Greet You

              Annular Solar Eclipse Japan 21.5.2012 - Copy

              We Greet You

              With the Vortex of Happiness

              In this Total Solar Eclipse

              Anchoring Positive Experiences

              In Various Different Timelines

              We Greet You

              FM Yanni

              We Greet You

              With Lakshmi Floating on a Lotus Petal

              Goddess of Spiritual Good Fortune

              Goddess of Material Good Fortune

              Manifesting Good Luck

              We Greet You


              We Greet You

              With Vesta/Hestia, Goddess of The Sacred Flame

              Olympian Goddess of the Hearth & Centre of the Home

              Principle of Spiritual Focus &

              Devotion to One’s Calling

              We Greet You

              Angel of protection

              We Greet You

              With Lakshmi Angel

              Lighting Your Abundance

              Adorning Your Home

              Blessings of Love & Healing

              We Greet You

              Becky York & Emily Burfoot  Legions of Light hug

              We Greet You

              With a Cosy Life

              Reaching for Cosy Thoughts

              Thinking Your Milestone Truths

              Into Being

              We Greet You

              pink orchids of healing

              We Greet You

              With the Vortex of Invisible Healing Light

              In Your Vortex of Light

              Transforming Your ‘Lies’ in Your Vortex

              Simply Healing Your Vortex of Light

              We Greet You

              Chiioma Schramm Nwaozuzu

              We Greet You

              With Supportive People

              With Loving Environments

              With Graceful Niceness

              With Happy Moments

              We Greet You

              Italian Ancestory

              We Greet You

              With Joyful Kindness

              With Flowing Graciousness

              With Safety

              With Security

              We Greet You

              FullMoon in Taurus & Sun in Scorpio 29.10.112

              We Greet You

              With the Matrix of the Eclipse

              Labyrinth of Spiralling Light

              Celestial Light and Underground Darkness

              The Same Pure Light All Around

              We Greet You

              celestial meditation

              We Greet You

              With the Inner Light

              Blissfully Blinded by the Outer Light

              Truly Seeing with our Inner Eye, our Third Eye

              Our Inner Sight Greets Us

              We Greet You

              xl womans meeting 27.7.11

              We Greet You

              With Egyptian Goddess Nutt & her Stars

              Twinkling with the Diamond Ring of the Eclipse

              Seeding Portals of Opportunities

              Great Quantum Leaps of Growth

              We Greet You

              clouds of rainHawaii

              We Greet You

              With Healing Rainy Clouds (Mehul Indian)

              Cleansing the Environment Energy

              Enabling Fresh Air to be Breathed In

              Feeding Your Pranic Life Force

              We Greet You

              triumph of good over evil

              We Greet You

              We Greet You

              We Greet You

              Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker 13.11.2012

              together as onemisunderstandingsi am listening




              NEW MOON IN SCORPIO:  This is definable a time to stand still and reflect and allow the process to move at its own pace.  The NewMoon is a time to plant seed and geminate.  It is not a time to take action. It is a time to reflect on the past two weeks and the past years and hold still in your reflections as your put together your re-configurement of your past into the new you that you are becoming. 

              HOLDING STILL: My friend Eva beautifully sums this up when she wrote : Although we may feel driven to strike out, journeying away from the outmoded, this could scatter energies which may best be served by holding still, staying a little longer with the internal melt downs that atogether together togetherre possible, if not inevitable now….so we can reconfigure past experiences to serve the new purposes being forged … that is: things will cool into their new shapes, no need to force the moment of release…just be ready for it… like the golden leaves on an autumn tree… So, things are probably not as they outwardly appear – any signs, may still be masterfully camouflaged, hidden in plain sight … those who notice the shadows and investigate by torchlight may see more than they bargained for –the commitments and responsibilities coming are serious but potentially bound with joy… This eclipse @22 Scorpio is part of SS15 north which last occurred in 1994 and will next occur in 2030, it was born in 1219 and will conclude in 2463. http://astrobaker.wordpress.com/

              TRUTH:  Scorpio seeks truth.  Scorpio hates lies – no matter how small.  They do not mind lying but they do not like being lied to!  Double standards with the water sign Scorpio like spiralling water that can destroy you by taking you down with it or throwing you to safety by lift you up and out of the spiralling tornado!  Trying to lie at this time is not wise as the energy of water with Scorpio will reveal your lie to others.

              LOVE:  Scorpio needs someone to love whether or not they will admit it.  We all need someone to LOVE.  Do you have someone you love?  Do you have someone who loves you? Whether or not you admit it; it is a wonderful feeling to be loved; and to love another with your heart.  Feelings of intense passion and sexuality are very potent now.  The need to pro-create and ‘fuse’ with another being is paramount. 

              Toks & Hands of Light


              TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE: The moon completely blots out the sun and the earth cannot see the sun. Happy awe-inspiring Total Solar Eclipse.  A Solar Eclipse sets something free.  It reveals something that was hidden.  I believe eclipses open up a physical or energetic shift globally.  What would you like to reveal?  What has been revealed to you?  What has been hidden?  What would you like to hide?  What has been let go of? 

              History Eclipses: In 2011 we had 4 solar eclipse January 4, June 1, July 1 and November 25 and 2 lunar eclipse June 15 and December 10.  In 2012 we have 2 solar eclipse May 20 and November 13 and 2 lunar eclipse June 4 and November 28.  This new moon is a total solar eclipse and the next full moon will be a lunar eclipse.  You can see it here http://shadowandsubstance.com/  and  http://youtu.be/Hn5nKlMY5cI.   The time between two eclipses are vortexes or tornados of change.  What changes will you notice in your life when November 28 comes?

              Nick HughesNick Hughes, in his newsletter writes:  A solar eclipse sets something free, something that was suppressed or inhibited in some way. It could be something perceived as negative such as anger, fear, inappropriate desire or something perceived as positive such as creativity, self-worth etc. However, with eclipses, things are never entirely what they seem with what initially appears as negative sometimes turning out to be positive and vice versa. Events might happen on the day of an eclipse but more often the event comes in the days or weeks leading up to the eclipse or following it. Solar eclipses come in a series of four, each falling close to the same day and the same degree, nineteen years apart. The first one in the series was on 13 November 1993, the second is happening on 13 November 2012, the third on 14 November 2031 and the final one on 14 November 2050.  Eclipses can also be seen as part of a Saros cycle that lasts around 1400 years. This eclipse will be visible in northern and eastern parts of Australia, New Zealand and some south pacific islands. www.phoenixastrology.co.uk

              RIP AngiePLUTO is Lord of Death. Death is CHANGE. The Total Solar Eclipse is known by many names: as the Dragon who ate the sun:  Sun-eating Dragon, the Spirit of the Dead and the Eye of God.  It shuts down / ‘kills’ / ‘eclipses’ an aspect of your life or psyche when the moon covers the sun completely and then it reveals an aspect that needs to be revealed when the sun starts peering through.  In the SILENCE of this ‘change-over’ is the magic and transformation and realisation that must happen.  NEW CODES NEW DNA NEW WAVES.  What ends at the time of an eclipse will not come together again!  Deaths can be actual physical deaths or symbolic deaths. Lots of deaths happen around the portal of an eclipse.  Eclipses are doorways, passage ways to different dimensions and paradyne shifts. What transfiguration will you go through with this eclipse?

              ThDancing together in understandinge collective energy at this time makes this a transformative time that forces change WITHIN your psyche. The change involves you going to your underworld (Scorpio), your shadow side, the repressed (dead) part of yourself that you do not want to look at. Here, you wonder lost in the confusion of your mind, you begin to realise you are alone in the desert with no one around you. When you lift your head out of the sand of your underworld, you see that everyone around you has their head buried in their own underworld! Though this is an overpowering energetic confusing time you begin to realise that people are feeling just like you and ‘pretending’ to be OK. The competitive nature of mankind can make ‘living a lie’ very troublesome and difficult. But the energy of today cannot take a lie so we are seeing lots of sudden dramatic changes around the world in politics, banking and TV!

              Change can be sudden and abrupt as we have seen with the resent elements –rising high earth (earthquakes), water (floods, rain), fire (bush fires, war) and air (wind, gales).  Change can be a gradual process like the shedding of the snakes skin, which happens when the skin is ready to shed itself and not before. Just like the butterfly that changes from the cocoon!  This energy is about transitions and transformations into new experiences that force your spiritual growth in the preparation to 12:12:12 and 2013. Universe wants you to be a better person.  What changes have you made in the past year? What changes have you made in the past 4 years? What changes are you resisting? What changes do you have to make? What changes would you like to make but are finding it difficult to do?   Activate a catalytic change in a moment. 

              REFLECTION: This new moon is a very personal time, a time to go within and view your issues with power. Do you own your own power? Do you give your power away to others? Do you miss-use your power to control? Reflecting in this way is acknowledging the truth that we have the power to transform and change anything.  We all have to stand up to acknowledge that we have the power to transform and change. We have the power to celebrate who we are and give thanks.

              SATURN is Lord of Karma.  Karma is OPPORTUNITY.  This week look at areas you can re-invent yourself and re-fine yourself.  Look for areas of opportunities around you? Perhaps you could share what you are wanting with a few people and invite in creative new opportunity that ignites a new authentic you and aligns you to your greater self?  The energy of Scorpio with the Total Solar Eclipse forces us to face our lies and fears and doubts and raises trust issues and feelings of self worth.  Perhaps you are feeling or sensing old patterns of not being valued creep up and your negative doubts are making you not trust someone you should!  This is very true to this energy at this time.  Quickly clear up any misunderstanding with a quick phone call and do not harbour the negative feeling which can be overwhelming and make you go down the wrong road; spiralling you down to the dark underworld of pain and suffering of ‘not valued’.  This can be a hard time if you are not careful. 

              LAKSHMI LIGHTS

              ENERGY OF NOW:  DIWALI, Festival of Light

              We call in LAKSHMI into our homes and our offices to bestow on us auspicious blessings of good fortune, wealth, charm, beauty, grace, prosperity, riches, opulence, and gelotus light nerosity during this wonderful Festival of Light held in honour of Hindu Goddess Lakshmi. The FESTIVAL OF DIWALI is known as the FESTIVAL OF LIGHT celebrating the triumph of good over evil. It is a spiritual celebration honouring the light within each one of us and celebrating our awareness and awakening of this INNER LIGHT. It is a time of spiritual seeding and seeking; as this light endows us with compassion, kindness, and a feeling of oneness with everyone and every thing. We celebrate peace on earth and the INNER LIGHT in each person. We rejoice with Atman and Brahman. Atman is the INNER LIGHT. Brahman is the underlying REALITY of all things. surrounded by healing lightWe honour LAKSHMI’s strength and her kindness to humanity. She bestows happiness and good fortune to all who acknowledge and revere here. She anchors Satisfaction in your life. Call her when you want a satisfying life and when you want questions answered.  Pray to her to help you activate financial abundance in your life and in your heart.  Pray for financial flow throughout the year.  During Diwali people celebrate by wearing new clothes and gold for abundance and sharing sweets and snacks.  Diwali is a family event with friends involving the lighting of small clay lamps filled with oil to signify the triumph of good over evil.  Just like the NewMoon energy it is the time we begin searching for our spiritual selves and anchoring and strengthening it.


              We Greet

              Honouring Lakshmi’s Strength

              Goddess of Splendour & Happiness & Generosity

              Goddess of Prosperity, Wealth, Riches & Opulence

              Goddess of Satisfaction, Charm, Grace & Beauty

              We Greet You

              New Moon in Scorpio with Total Solar Eclipse Quote

              The past belongs to the past.  Let me let go of it, because it does not belong to me.  Brahma Kumaris

              You should not have the slightest fear in your heart. It is lack of courage that prevents one from attaining Buddhahood. WND, 637 Nichiren Buddhism:

              Those who are great spread happiness through their every action.  Brahma Kumaris

              It is like the case of a poor man who spends night and day counting his neighbours wealth but gains not even half a coin. …T’ien-t’ia  school’s commentary states, “unless one perceives the nature of one’s life, one cannot eradicate one’s grave offences.”   WND. 3-4  Nichiren Buddhism:  On Attaining Buddhahood in this Lifetime.

              shoes of love

              New Moon in Scorpio with Total Solar Eclipse Action

              1. Really make an effort to celebrate who you are now by sitting quietly with yourself for 15 minutes and honouring who you have become with ease and pleasure. 
              2. Look at the good things you have achieved and then make new determination for the things you have yet to achieve or finish. 
              3. For one day really work on saying only nice things to yourself aloud and in your mind.  Say nice things to other people and really mean it.  Talk to them from your heart and see if there is a difference in your energy frequency. 
              4. Really make an effort to embrace your dark side – your Dart Vadar – your underworld and just hold the energy in peace.  Then feel it melt away and dissolve. 
              5. Clarify an action or misunderstanding with someone so you empower them and make them feel loved by you. 
              6. I love you. I love you.  I love you.  I Greet You.  I Greet You.  I Greet You.  I hear you.  I hear you.  I hear you.

              What will be covered in the Meditation Workshop

              We will be covering all the above working with Lakshmi, water energy, intense projections and enable-ment.  We will be working on the goals you set for the next two weeks and asking for insight into each goal and clarification as to whether each goal set is relevant and right for you at where you are now.  We will be transforming old out-dated mode of thinking into positive subliminal change that brings in joy into your life.  There will be laying on of hands healing and anointment with the crystal wand and oil as well as auric cleansing in the workshop.  See you then.  Love Toks xxxx


              Gary Reich touching the moon amathyst crystalFullMoon in Taurus & Sun in Scorpio 29.10.112Becky York & Emily Burfoot  Legions of Light hug

              “Thank you Toks for another wonderful meditation healing workshop. Legion of Light Becky York.”

              “Thank you Toks. Words cannot express how amazing tonight’s meditation was. The energies were dancing through me tonight. Amazing. Love you Legion of Light Sharon Gordon.”

              “The experience was light and grounding all at once – a sense of worlds shifting / planes shifting in and out as primordial consciousness. The group dynamics was refreshing though verbal and eye contact was scarce – very interesting. So glad I came. Legion of Light Collin Clay Chace.”

              “The meditation this evening was very powerful; and I met some fabulous and light filled people. Thank you Toks for holding such a supportive space. Legion of Light Emily Burfoot.”

              “An exquisite, perfectly formed two hour experience from the second I entered to front door: from the sheet I smelt the wave of divine essence floating down the stairs; to the spiral dancing! Legion of Light Gary Reich.”

              FM Collin Clay ChaceFM YanniEmily & Becky Legions of Light Hugging Smile


              1. List 10 things you need to give up.  e.g. complaining, controlling, pretending, procrastinating, indecisive, inertia,  blaming, hating, deceiving, abusing, labelling?
              2. List 10 things you need to invite into your life. e.g. love, patience, healing, truthful, honesty, integrity, passion, fresh air, taking action, pacing yourself, enjoying your now.
              3. The time between eclipses heralds change.  Note any change down in your spiritual journal as the next few days will be powerful portals of change for you in your new seeding with this energy.  What changes have you made in the past year? What changes have you made in the past 4 years? What changes are you resisting? What changes do you have to make? What changes would you like to make but are finding it difficult to do?
              4. What has shaken you up?  Why?  What did you do to cause this shake up? What did you not do?
              5. To honour Lakshmi:
                1. Take a purification bath in the morning.
                2. Buy something new for yourself. 
                3. Open up your Solar Plexus and your Heart for healing.
                4. Wear something red for activity or gold for fulfilment.
                5. Light a row of t-light candles or oil lamps to purify your life.

              12/12/12 WORKSHOP

              at Violet Hill Studios, 6 Violet Hill, St Johns Wood, London NW8 9EB   

              TIMES:   10am-5pm     7pm-1am      10am–1am     I have yet to tune into the pricing and will let you all know.  Thank you.

              2013 January WORKSHOP

              Holistic Feng-Shui with Grace and Toks

               GraceToks and Grace

              I have know Grace for over 10 years.  I met her in Jordan when one of my clients invited me over to see what great success he had achieved with his work with me. We will be organising a workshop together January 2012.  See you then.  Love Toks and Grace xxx


              Meditative Toks


              Meditation: Holding the LightTuesday 13 November 2012 New Moon in Scorpio Total Solar Eclipse Element – Water http://tokscokernewmoon1112.eventbrite.com/?ebtv=C

              Next Meditation: Wednesday 28 November 2012  Full Moon in Gemini & Sun in Sagittarius  Lunar Eclipse   14:46GMT    Element – Air

              2012 dates: http://tokscoker.wordpress.com/moon-calendar-2012-uk

              Spiritual Payment: http://www.tokscoker.com/calendar.html

              Info on Meditation: http://www.tokscoker.com/moon_meditation.html

              Info on New Moon Meditation: http://www.tokscoker.com/new_moon_meditation.html

              Info on Full Moon Meditation: http://www.tokscoker.com/full_moon_meditation.html

              See you at the meditations, workshops and 1:1 sessions
              Love Toks xxxxxx


              New Moon in Libra 15.10.2012

              HAPPY NEW MOON IN LIBRA   15.10.2012 

              HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIBRANSAIR peace freedom space


              On the Menu we have:

              1. Invocation Blessing Legion of Light Chef
              2. Energy of Now: New Moon in Libra
                1. Thinking Thinking Thinking
                2. Libran Indecision
                3. Libran Airfruitful abundance
                4. Relationships
                5. Scales of Libra
                6. How the Scales affect Relationship
              3. Jewish Tradition to Use Sound with the Moon
              4. New Moon in Libra Quote
              5. New Moon in Libra Action
              6. What will be covered in the Meditation Workshop
              7. Working with Number 11:  Healing
              8. Working with the Number 11: Learning & Promotion
              9. Feedback from previous Meditation Workshop: Full Moon in Aries and Sun in Libra 20.9.2012
              10. Homework
              11. Contact Details & Diary

              Invocation Blessing with NewMoon in Libra 15.10.2012

              Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker

              sunflower of life

              We Greet You

              With the Creativity Balance Master

              Dynamic Energy of Life

              Allowing Resourcefulness in You

              We Greet You

              toks by mum

              We Greet You

              With the Divine Self-Worth

              Wearing Beauty in Your Heart

              Graceful Living with a Great Start

              We Greet You

              lovley pink liliy

              We Greet You

              With the Balance of Authenticity

              Walking the Grace of Truth

              Anchoring Genuine Creative Spirit

              We Greet You

              blooming mother earth

              We Greet You

              With Father Sky and Mother Earth

              Embodying Courage

              Taking Your Leap Forward

              We Greet You

              honey of life

              We Greet You

              With the Honey of Life

              Holding the Sun and Moon

              Calling in Your Illumined Branding

              We Greet You


              We Greet You

              With the Joy of Passion

              Blooming from Your Heart

              Seeding Deep Roots Within

              We Greet You

              angels of light

              We Greet You

              With Healing Angels

              Helping You with Global Connections

              Expanding Your Presence

              We Greet You

              white lilly

              We Greet You

              With the Higher Legions

              Contemplating the Future

              Presenting In the Moment of Now

              We Greet You

              shamans light

              We Greet You

              With the Shaman of Light

              Grace Vessels of Wisdom

              Empowering Your Knowledge

              We Greet You

              thoth the scriber

              We Greet You

              With Thoth, the Scribe

              Seeding Value Creating Ferocious Ambition

              In the Sacredness of Your Written Work

              We Greet You

              wet pink rose

              We Greet You

              In the Silence of the Mind

              Still Waiting Attentive

              Listening in the Silence of the Void

              We Greet You

              Legions of Light Greet U

              We Greet You

              With the Voice of God

              Knowing Everything about You

              On this Most Luscious New Moon in Libra

              We Greet You

              Whispers from God

              We Greet You

              With the Anointment of Newness

              The Blessing of Blossoming

              The Invocation of Answered Prayer

              We Greet You

              blessing of prayer

              We Greet You

              With Venus Goddess of Love

              Bringing You Love

              Awakening Your Heart with Joy

              We Greet You

              blossoming joy in your heart

              We Greet You

              We Greet You

              We Greet You

              healing u

              Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for the NewMoon in Libra 15.10.2012

              Legion of Light Anne Marie


              Libra is a Masculine Cardinal Air Sign.  Libra is ruled by Venus.  Symbol for Libra is the Scales.


              THE LIBRA MIND: The element of air involves thinking. Librans live in their minds and thouthinking mindghts.  They love all forms of mental energy that involves thinking, mental games, puzzles, contemplating, reflecting, listening, talking, communicating, deciphering clarity in thoughts and words and deeds.  Librans can be meticulous, seeking precise perception, harmony in thinking, balance in thinking and friendship in speaking. The mind of the Libran is always full of something. It is always thinking, pondering, wondering, imagining and yes dreaming! 

              Libran INDECISION

              Julie in Madeira 2010Sometimes in their constant Re-Evaluating and Reflecting they may not even make a decision and may take a long time to make one; if ever they make one! This balancing of opposite sides may make them see both sides of a situation. This does not always work in their favour as it can make it very difficult for them to make a decision or act on a guidance. If you find yourself suffering from inertia take action immediately.  Libra can spiral down into inertia very quickly.  Sometimes making a decision and acting on it is better than pondering which is the correct way or which is the correct thing to say or do. In the doing of the action is the answer. When you DO you DO. By DOing you Know whether or not you are on the right or wrong track.

              The Libran AIR

              AIR signs can be dreamy, poetic, romantic, and intellectual.  Libra finds us working with the eleAIR dervish dancersment of Air and looking at what is in the Air. Air is all around you, yet still, as we walk through air.  Air can be wind blowing violently or a gentle breeze. How are you breathing?  What are you breathing?  Is the air around you safe?  Is the air around you clear?  Can you see clearly? What is the air around you like?  Is it ‘pregnant’ with ‘stuff’? 

              SUPPORT:  Air supports us: we breathe in oxygen from the air and breathe out carbon dioxide.  Without air we will die in a matter of minutes.  Breathe in Love and Breathe out love.  Love is in the air with the energy of Libra.  We move, we dance, we sing using air.


              togetherVENUS is the Goddess of Love and rules Partnerships / Relationships / Collaboration – these are the themes running thought out the energy of Libra. So if you find yourself ‘thinking’ ‘reflecting’ ‘re-affirming’ your partnerships, your relationships, your collaborations – then you know the energy of Libra is in the air! Libra seeks Beauty with Venus. YET it may go the opposite way! Libra chooses to balance is extreme emotions and feelings and thinking by working with the energy of reconciliation of opposites to create a harmonious whole within. This I think is the challenge of Libra.

              STUBBORN: Libra is constantly seeking a balance between male and female and bridging the gap between opposites. For Librans this is their constant internal battle which they tend to bring out in their ‘fighting’ energy where they like to argue their point across and like to win – sometimes they will wait years to win.  This is when you realise that Librans can be STUBBORN and hard.

              GIVING: Librans are very kind and love Giving to others but they are not so good at Receiving from others. They love buying books for themselves and for others too.  They need to learn to receive.male female

              AWAKENING LOVE:  With the NewMoon in Libra we come to the energy of Peaceful LOVE and Loving Peacefully.  This is the awakening of love through the feminine energy of Venus, ruling planet of Libra, anchoring a fresh feeling in your heart for deeper passionate love felt in the peaceful energy of your being.

              SACRED MARRIAGE: Librans seek a constant balance of the yin and yang in their lives.  If you find yourself seeking the concept of the Sacred Marriage / the Sacred Union of Marriage within you that manifests inner harmony and balance and union you know you are being influenced by the energy of the day…. Creating a peaceful haven within your heart that brings in peace into your body, your heart, your sacred self will bring a new energy into your life today.  Congratulations.  Plant this new energy in the ground and let the seed of this new energy geminate to fullness with the energy of the next FullMoon. 

              SCALES OF LIBRA

              THE SCALES is the symbol for Libra. An Egyptian Goddess holds the scales in her hands. She is MAAT, balanceEgyptian Goddess of Justice, Fairness, Balance and Harmony.  In Egypt the symbol for Libra is the Sun over the Earth and the space in between is the Air that separates them. The sun is a round circle or disc. The earth is a bowl like form underneath the disc. The space in-between is the Air.

              To the Jews the Scales represent DIVINE JUDGEMENT -  a time when you are being judged by the Divine  and one act of kindness can eradicate all mis-deeds. This is a good time to pray for forgiveness for all your mis-deeds.  Transmutation of Karma was very important in Lemuria and Atlantis through the energy of the Goddess  of Redemption, who transmuted karma. 

              How the Scales Affect Relationships

              Librans are constantly weighing thinks up. They over-think situations. They may swing from onfeminine beautye point of view to another as they try to seek a Balance and DIPLOMACY in their proceedings.

              How are you in your relationships? How are you attracting love? What are you doing? What are you not doing? Do you return phone calls?

              Are you trying to please everyone? Have you lost your identity by giving yourself totally to a project or organisation or relationship or group?

              Have you lost your individuality? Have you blended in so you are no longer YOU but what THEY want from you and you think that what THEY want is YOU. But the YOU that you are with THEM is not the real YOU. It is the false You because you have weighed yourself down by your thinking you are not enough.

              Librans can have a tendency to extremes and excesses just like the scales. We never know which way it will swing till we put all our weight on it.


              THE SHOFAhealing soundR (trumpet) is made from the horn of a kosher ram, gazelle or antelope; and can be straight, curved or twisted horns.  I love the idea of the Jews blowing the Shofar (trumpet) on the NewMoon and FullMoon.  Psalm 81:3-7    The Shofar is also blown on Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur.   We all know that the Hebrew months begin at the NewMoon.  We all know the significance of the FullMoon to the Jews.   On both occasions in the Jewish calendar the Shofar is blown. The Shofar is blown to break down any hindrances to God’s will and any evil curses.  This blowing sound is the sound and voice of God. It is also the sound of the people crying out to God for help, for the spiritual union with God, to quench their thirst and their hunger.  

              The power of moving AIR is so significant as can be seen by these rituals performed by man. Man is aware of the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil. Genesis 2:9 I wonder if my fascination with the energy of the FullMoon and NewMoon echoes my past lives?

              We also know that the NEWMOON is a time to seed and plant ideas; to conceive and impregnate. Let us plant new seeds new ideas new actions into our lives with the energy of this NewMoon in Libra. The FULLMOON is the time to bloom the idea that was seeded at the NewMoon: to give birth, to bring forth fruit, to bloom, to flourish, to complete.

              passages to knowledge

              New Moon in Libra Quotes

              Which of these quotes resonate with you today?  Choose 3 in order of importance to you today.

              1. It is not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.  Mother Teresa

              2. Imagination if the beginning of creation.  You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will.  Grieg Bernard Shaw

              3. You must be the change that you want to see in the world.  Mahatma Gandhi

              4. I have a dream that some day this nation will live up to this creed that all men are created equal.  Dr King Jr.

              5. In the End, it is not going to matter how many breathes you took, but how many moments took your breath away.  Shing Xiong

              6. Remember, you may choose your sin, but you cannot chose the consequences.  Jenny Sanford

              7. Forgiveness is the fragrance the flower leaves on the heel of the one who crushed it.   David Jeremiah

              mr and mrs ubl

              New Moon in Libra Action

              Be in the moment with the energy of Libra.  Live in the moment.  Only speak nice things and do nice things.  Buy flowers and decorate your home or office and feel the healing energy of the flowers in your environment. Start something that will empower you later – like a new job, a new course, a new business project, or/and a new friendship.  Do something beautiful that is full of charm, elegance and refinement.  Go on a date with your partner and tell them how much they mean to you.  Communicate your thoughts truthfully with reverence.  Take action in your life to understand and carry out the following Graces: reverence, wisdom, fortitude, knowledge, counsel, piety and understanding.  Anchor your invincible invisible power that you and you alone can give and in the giving is your abundance.  Call in your desires into being by imagining and seeing them and thinking them into being with constructive action.  Do something today by planting a seed to manifest a visible concrete action by the FullMoon.  Do something today that you wanted to do but did not do it that brings out the grace of you to another person. 

              moving forward

              WORKING WITH the Number 11: Healing

              Moving towards the energy of the NewMoon in Libra I decided to observe the number 11 on 11.10.2012. It brought me great benefit on all levels. I wanted to see what newness it would bring into my life to prepare me for the glorious newness of the NewMoon in Libra. I did an 11:11:11 distant healing meditation with some Legions of Light from 11am-11:11:11 and from 11pm-11:11:11. The healing I received was phenomenal and the other members agreed too.

              WORKIGN WITH the Number 11:  Learning & Promotion

              On 11.102012 I experienced 3 new people in 3 different ways: 1-2-1, webinar and Skype.

                1. Franklin Boateng came over to teach me about tweeter and he made it easy! http://bennboateng.com/ Thank you Franklin.
                2. Ellie Drake on her webinar spoke about the feminine power from her experience as a doctor. She talked about not completing things as a self-sabotage and a fear of completion. She admitted she had a fear of completing things which stemmed from her growing up in a home that was never finished as it was always a construction site. She said she had a visoral fear around the completion of things and about soul fear.
                3. Arthur Magouliani did a coaching session over Skype with me and helped me time manage the next two weeks. http://www.arthurmagoulianiti.com/ Thank you Arthur.

              What will be covered in the Meditation Workshop

              We will cover all the above and more….

              3 new areas you are working onWhat 3 areas are you going to work on today?  What 3 areas do you want healing in?  Choose 3 areas you feel and know and upon reflection think you need healing and help in.  We will learn to see ‘God’ in everyone.  We will be looking at your core beliefs in all your relationships.  We will be calling in balance and harmony.  We will be working with your fears around you at the moment.  We will be working with the Angels and Ascendant Masters of Wisdom.  We will be doing healing exercises to release the stresses around you and take you back to yourself.  We will help you to listen to your wisdom within you and know when it is there. 

              INNER EAR EXERCISE: We remember that the inner ear is about balance and equilibrium. If I close my eyes I can see the scales in my head and my ears represent where the weights will be. Do you feel what I am feeling with this visualisation? Librans love inner beauty, balanced order and tidiness.

              Feedback from last Full Moon in Aries and Sun in Libra 20.9.2012

                               Legions of Lightnice one

              Dear Toks; Thank you Thank you Thank you! Amazing experience;and some very valuable realisations to take home. Jelena

              Thank you. It is such an honour to finally be here in your circle – I felt welcomed from the very moment I walked through the door. It’s been an amazing, uplifting, nurturing loving experience. Thank you from my heart to yours. Much Love Sharon

              It has been an amazing event to celebrate this full moon with Toks and no coincidences the moon in Aries. If before the event I was not so sure what the completion in my life was after the even I was sure and it was so nice to celebrate it with nice people. I am happy I BeckyJelenacame!!!! Sharon Legion of LightCarmeloCarmelo Legion of Light

              Thank you Blessed Toks for the sacred space that you create to allow people to expand into the fullness of themselves. Legion of Light Becky

              Thank you for my first experience of being a Legion of Light Anne Marie and celebrating the energy of the Full Moon. I feel energetically re-charged and interested in learning more about the power of the moon. Anne Marie

              Thank you Toks for bringing me back down to earth: our beautiful planet. Legion of Light Emily x

              Yet another powerful and multi-dimensional journey; to the moon and beyond. The grounding, clearing and realisation and reclamation of our power is always such a wondrous humbling epxerinc.e we ar honoured to know you and more importantly, honoured to be taught and guided by you and Hands of Light. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Yanni with Pythagoras of Sarros & Thoth of Atlantis



              Emily Legion of Light

              Sharon Gordon drawing



              Jelena Legion of LightHOMEWORK

              1. What is difference between the soul and the spirit?
              2. What is your soul fear?  
              3. Why not observe the number 11 on 11.11.2012?
              4. Why not observe the number 12 on 12.12.2012?
              5. How many of the NewMoon in Libra actions, mentioned above, can you do?
              6. Do the homework on the hand-outs given at the mediation workshop.

              Meditative Toks


              Today’s Meditation:  Monday 15 October 2012 New Moon in Libra 12:03GMT Element: Air http://tokscokernewmoon1012.eventbrite.com/?ebtv=C Holding the Light

              Next Meditation  Monday 29 October 2012   Full Moon in Taurus & Sun in Scorpio   Element – Earth   http://tokscokerfullmoon1012.eventbrite.com/?ebtv=C  

              2012 dates: http://tokscoker.wordpress.com/moon-calendar-2012-uk

              Spiritual Payment: http://www.tokscoker.com/calendar.html

              Info on Meditation: http://www.tokscoker.com/moon_meditation.html

              Info on New Moon Meditation: http://www.tokscoker.com/new_moon_meditation.html

              Info on Full Moon Meditation: http://www.tokscoker.com/full_moon_meditation.html

              See you at the meditations, workshops and 1:1 sessions
              Love Toks xxxxxx

              New Moon in Virgo 16.9.2012

              HAPPY NEW MOON IN VIRGO.


              New Healing Energy

              On the Menu we have: clip_image002[5] petals healing karma

              1. Invocation Blessing
              2. Energy of Now: New Moon in Virgo
              3. Bitter and Angry
              4. Enough is Enough
              5. Connect
              6. Tree Magic Moments
              7. Invoking Sacred Names
              8. What will be covered in the Meditation Workshop
              9. Feedback from previous Meditation Workshop:  Blue Full Moon in Pisces
              10. Homework
              11. Contact Details & Diary

              Invocation Blessing: New Moon in Virgo 16.9.2012

              Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker

              I in Crystal Tube

              We Greet You

              With the Akashic Record of Virgo

              Sitting in the Crystal Tube Torus

              Centred Protected Healing Vortex of Light

              We Greet You

              crystal eggs

              We Greet You

              With the Crystal Oval Eggs of Life

              Planting New Seed in a Malachite Bowl

              Mother Earth Accepting the Seeding

              We Greet You

              Mr & Mrs Gordon D'Silva

              We Greet You

              With Magical Unconditional Love

              Healing Deaths & Losses

              Giving Loving Commitment & Reason to Live

              We Greet You

              Paul Dunn & Yanni

              We Greet You

              With Forever Young Cosmic Connections

              Bonding Laughing Friendships

              Embracing Peaceful Trust

              We Greet You

              thank you mother earth

              We Greet You

              With Graceful Gratitude

              Thanking Mother Earth

              Achievements Past Present Future

              We Greet You

              What do you see

              We Greet You

              With the Face of Life

              Waiting Looking Listening to You

              Declaring Your NewMoon Wishes

              We Greet You

              working womanworking man

              We Greet You

              With Ascension Work

              Anchoring Work for You on Earth

              Seeding Planting Nurturing Growing

              We Greet You

              Veola and her step daughter

              We Greet You

              With Akashic Transformations

              Rising Acceptance of Everyone

              Relationships Empowered with Healing

              We Greet You

              sharing connecting empowring

              We Greet You

              With Galactic Connections

              Lighting Your Triangle Heart Light

              Appointing Your Vision on Earth

              We Greet You

              We Greet You

              We Greet You

              With Sacred Arms Open

              Screaming with Joy At Your Radiance

              Welcoming & Hugging You

              We Greet You

              We Greet You Mother Earth

              We Greet You Mother Earth

              We Greet You

              We Greet You

              We Greet You

              tube torus

              We Greet You Spiralling Light

              We Greet You

              We Greet You

              We Greet You

              Toks Coker

              We Greet You

              We Greet You

              We Greet Yo

              Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for the NewMoon in Virgo 16.9.2012

              Living a Triumphant Life

              Energy of Now: NewMoon in Virgo

              CHAOS   Virgo creates order out of chaos.  What is the chaos you have been going through lately?  I know it has not been a ‘funny’ or ‘easy’ time with all this chaos.  What energy do you need to use now?  Virgo helps us to meticulously take control of the chaos and with an analytic mind help us to give earthly precision and clarity to the problem.  HELLO CHAOS

              HEALTH  Virgo rules the sixth house of health.  If you do not exercise your muscles will become flabby.  If you do not brush your teeth your teeth will deteriorate.  If you eat the wrong food you may develop cholesterol or become overweight.  Virgo hates ‘malfunctions’. Virgo loves wholesome goodness.

              PERFECTION   Virgo is the sacred Virgin, pure, innocent, feminine and beautiful.  The Virgin Virgo seeks perfection in everything s/he does.  Virgo is sensitive, sensible, cheerful, patient, calm and neat.

              DETAIL   Virgo is an earth sign making it practical.  Virgo can be forthright, precise, executing and flawless. It is time to make details – write out what needs to be done and do it immediately.  What details need to be carried out before anything can be achieved.  Virgo loves details and attention to detail in all areas of live – food, health, mind, body, spirit, etc. 

              ORGANISE Virgo likes to organise things.  If you find yourself filing or tiding your room that is Virgo.  Virgo loves order and calm.  A tidy room is a tidy mind. Virgo likes regular small systematic logical organised meticulous processes to achieve its goals. 

              WORK Virgo likes working and getting things done and achieving.  This energy anchors in work for you. 

              You can read my previous blog on the NewMoon in Virgo http://tokscoker.wordpress.com/category/new-moon/new-moon-in-virgo-29-8-11/

              BITTER and ANGRY

              So why are you so ‘bitter’ and why are you so ‘angry’?  You tell me  it is Do What You Lovebecause of this and that; because of this person and that person; because of this situation and that situation.  I hear all your reasons.  I hear all your answers why you are not doing what you love.

              But I ask you one question:  Just stop for a moment pyramid growing out of squareand consider this question: Are these reasons ‘excuses’ causing you to be in a cycle of ‘blame’? 

              NewMoon in Virgo asks us to look at things in a practical way and not in an emotional way.  It forces us to look at where we need to take action to stop us being ‘cry babies’.  It does not say YOU should not cry and you should not complain.  It says after you have done all that SHOUTING and CRYING and BLAMING what are you going to do about it NOW?  Are you going to become the pyramid growing OUT of a square?  Virgo says become the pyramid growing out of the square box or the entrapment.

              ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

              Enough is Enough Power Stand

              So at what point do you say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH?  Do you say it immediately, or after a few hours, days, weeks, months, years, life times? 

              BOUNDARIES Virgo asks us to define our boundaries with this energy and look at where we are ALLOWING all this energy in and how it is making us feel, think, become, talk and walk. 

              EATING  How are you being ‘eaten up’ by not saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH?  Who is ‘swallowing’ your energy?  You are swallowing your energy.  You are allowing someone to swallow your energy.  YOU need to nourish your self with good healthy ‘food’  i.e. thoughts, words, deeds, actions that empower you.

              TOXIC  Virgo highlights the toxicity in your life and your relationships. Where are you being trivial and fault-finding?  Where are you being over-critical and disapproving?  Where are you being judgemental and close minded?  Where are you being intolerant and unwilling to consider other people’s feelings/opinions/perspectives/concerns? 

              PLANTING SEED   Is it not time you planted a new seed to grow a new positive way.  Remove the weeds in your life.  Let the toxic weeds DIE.  What needs to die so you can clear the space TO PLANT NEW SEEDS?  Just throw them away like you would your dirty bin from your kitchen.


              PATMOS greece

              We go deep within – deep into the cave of humanity – deep within – deep into mother earth – deep into the void. We communicate with Divinity in silence.  We listen.  We write.  We ponder.  We reflect.  We realise.  We come to a decision.  We know.  We know.  We know.  Enlightenment is that simple.  Finding the answers to our problems is that simple.  Welcome to the impossible made possible of the NewMoon energy of Virgo.Jerry Coker

              making a wishSo who will you connect with?

              I connected with my brother Jeremy and took him out to lunch to celebrate his Virgo birthday.  As you can see we both had a great time and we both shared sister and brother energy together for an hour before he had to dash off back to work.  He is a workaholic Virgo man!  Before leaving he made a Virgo wish on his lovely birthday cake after I with two beautiful young ladies sang him Happy Birthday.  He said the cake was very sweet and yummy. 

              Now how lucky was I to have his energy with me for an hour.  Thank you universe. 

              TREE MAGIC MOMENTS

              tree magic

              Sherine Toks CharmaineWhat Tree Magic did you experience a week before this NewMoon which was after the powerful energy of the Blue Full Moon in Pisces? 

              Here I am with Sherine and Charmaine.  I went to Morley College Tutors’ Conference on 8 September and connected with over 10 lovely complementary teachers changing lives with a passionate joy in teaching and imparting knowledge.  Thank you universe.  I went for a job interview which I did not get and my lovely friend Sherine got the job. I was so happy to hear she got the job.  How auspicious the ladies interviewing gave her the job and not me.  Thank you ladies.  Thank you universe.  That is a Magic Tree moment.  

              Why not share your Magic Tree moments with me?  Mary Molloy

              Mary Molloy shCharmain's sonares her Magic Tree Moment with me:

              “Dearest Toks! getting ready to climb Nephn mountain in Co. Mayo, Ireland, inspired by Usain Bolt and the Olympics and Paralympics with love, Mary xxx”

              Charmaine’s son shares his Magic Tree Moment with us.

              Taplow CourtOM


              Working with the energy of VIRGO PURITY we come to the sacred invocation of names and sounds.  We all  invoke sacred sounds and names when we pray, meditate and dialogue.  We listen to them in church, the mosque, Buddhist centres, Hindu temples, on the radio, TV, internet, etc.  We recite them too.  What sacred name or sound do you recite aloud or silently? 

              1. Great Spirit
              2. Mother Earth, Father SkyChrist Consciousness
              3. Cosmos Divinity
              4. Allah
              5. Buddha
              6. YHVH – composed from the 4 Hebrew letters Yod, Hey, Vav and Hey
              7. Jehovah – God
              8. Yahweh – God
              9. Elohim – God    Adonai Elohim The Lord God   Adonai Elohai The Lord My God  
              10. Yah – God   Urijah  Yah is my Light
              11. Adonia – The Lord     Adonia Elohai Kedoshi The Lord my Holy God   Adonai Nissi The Lord my Miracle
              12. Hakkadosh – The Holy One
              13. Saviour
              14. Redeemer
              15. Messiah

              Contemplation with Love

              What will be covered in the Meditation Workshop

              1. We will be covering all of the above plus these sacred spiritual exercises:
              2. We will be invoking the dragons to help us create order out of the chaos in our lives.
              3. We will be working with Durga energy and mantra.  Find out who Durga is and what she can do for you. 
              4. We will be writing our New Moon wishes and meditating on them. 
              5. We will plant the seeds to ready our accomplishments in the future.
              6. We will be healing our chaos in the stillness within this wonderful meditation.
              7. We will be contemplating with love.

              let us play a new tune

              Feedback from Previous Meditation Workshop: Blue Full Moon in Pisces

              full moon in Pisces 21.8.2012

              I came with an open mind about this evening and really enjoyed it.  You made me feel very welcome in your home and I felt connected to you by what I learnt about being from Lemuria.  I enjoyed sharing the meal and hope to be part of more workshops in the future.  Thank you. Fiona Muzee

              I came for the Blue Full Moon and found the workshop very enlightening.  I definitely connected with my higher self and was able to feel a great shift in my vibrations.  Thank you Toks.  Simon Dodd

              As always your meditational workshops are fabulous.  This time I really have claimed my power:  it is back in my body and at my command and mine only.  I used to dim my power so as not to scare people on one level and on another level to go down to their level so as to help them due to my kindness. I now realise I have one task and one alone to SHINE my light to become the truth of my I AM presence.  Ho and so it is. Yanni


              cherry tree

              1. Look at the picture above and breathe in and breath out the picture.  Breathe in the blue sky. Breathe out the blue sky.  Breath in the white blossoms.  Breath out the white blossoms. Close your eyes.
              2. Do one thing that makes you feel free today
              3. Do a Symbolic Act that starts you on the path of collaboration with others and with the universe
              4. Create a sacred space in your life for ‘honin myo’ which means ‘starting again’ so you allow yourself to start again!
              5. Check out the most beautiful names of Allah. Which ones do you like? http://sufism.org/foundations/ninety-nine-names/the-most-beautiful-names-of-allah-2

              happy buddha


              Today’s Meditation: Sunday 16 September 2012 New Moon in Virgo Element – Earth http://tokscokernewmoon0912.eventbrite.com/?ebtv=C  Holding the Light

              Next Meditation: Sunday 30 September 2012  Full Moon in Aries http://tokscokerfullmoon0912.eventbrite.com/?ebtv=C

              2012 dates: http://tokscoker.wordpress.com/moon-calendar-2012-uk

              Spiritual Payment: http://www.tokscoker.com/calendar.html

              Info on Meditation: http://www.tokscoker.com/moon_meditation.html

              Info on New Moon Meditation: http://www.tokscoker.com/new_moon_meditation.html

              Info on Full Moon Meditation: http://www.tokscoker.com/full_moon_meditation.html

              See you at the meditations, workshops and 1:1 sessions
              Love Toks xxxxxx

              New Moon in Leo 17.8.2012

              WELCOME to the ENCHANTING NEWMOON IN LEO 17.8.2012

              Happy New Moon in Leo & HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEOa leo sunHappy Birthday

              Hawaii 2012

              On the Menu we have:

              on your  marks get set GO

              1. Stress & AmazementAyhan: 8 Ways to Flow
              2. Reflecting Olympic Energy in Our Individual Lives
              3. Invocation Blessing
              4. Past Energies
              5. Energy of Now
              6. NewMoon in Leo Song
              7. Fighting Spirit of Leo
              8. Restarting your Life: Sunshine & Caution
              9. What will be covered in the Meditation Workshop
              10. Homework
              11. Thank You All
              12. Contact Details & Diary

              STRESS & AMAZEMENT:  8 ways to Flow So what did you do that stressed you out; and because you did it you know you triumphed.  You did not back down – even when you wanted to back down – you kept the flow.  You amazed yourself because you stuck to the plan and carried it to completion.  What will you be shouting about? Tell me about your way of keeping to flow.  Welcome to the challenge leading up to this NewMoon and Sun in Leo. 

              REFLECTING OLYMPIC ENERGY in Our Individual Lives:  We just hosted the Olympics and the energy of Leo is the energy of triumph, winning, succeeding, being in the lime-light and being king or queen of their field. Any skill requires investment in time and focus and deignite our soulstermination.  We have seen how all the players in the Olympics exerted themselves.  Their triumph is our triumph.  Their tears our tears.  We are all Olympian in our own individual lives.  We feel and witness their excitement which is our excitement.  We run with them.  We encourage them whether we are at the stadium itself or listening on radio or watching on TV.  We are the amazing athletes, the astonishing fencers, the outstanding swimmers.  We enjoy the beautiful bodies, the lovely faces, the radiant smiles and the stunning movements of speed and agility.  We bathe in the radiance of the light of winners, achievers, Olympians and we feel like Olympians through them.  We hear their sad stories of poverty and hard work to achieve a Gold medal.  We cry with joy for them and cry for joy in our lives when we have triumphed over adversity too.  We share a common desire to win against all odds.  Welcome to the energy of NewMoon and Sun in Leo. The energy shines light and illuminate the darkness bringing hope, belief and possibilities.  It ignites our soul to want more.  The key word is flow, lighting flow, fire flow.

              fruits fruits fruits

              Invocation Blessing for NewMoon in Leo 17.8.2012

              Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker xxxx

              BoltBolt dancing

              We Greet You

              Dancing with the Tiger Panthers

              Igniting Eternal Sounds

              Drums of Mother Earth

              Weaving Passionate Excitement

              We Greet You

              V for Victory

              We Greet You

              Knowing Your Goals Clearly

              Immortal Divine Spirit Rules

              Following Steps that Play Notes to Success

              Doing & Accomplishing Every Minute

              We Greet You


              We Greet You

              Monitoring Your Amazing Progress

              With Constant Immediate Feedback

              Knowing How You Are Doing

              Mystical Steps of Joyful Metamorphosis

              We Greet You

              Yes We Did It

              We Greet You

              Matching Your Challenges and Your Skills

              Operating the Crystal Wall of Challenges

              Moving & Pushing You Over the Horizon

              Interesting Moments of Challenging Practice

              We Greet You


              We Greet You

              Flowing Fire in Your Solar Plexus

              Beam of Concentrated Focused Attention

              Cosmic Inner Harmony & Ease

              No Distraction Just Focus

              We Greet You

              Thank you Mother

              We Greet You

              Efficiently Operating in Present Moment

              Everyday Frustrations Removed

              Past or Future Worries Removed

              Freely Living Effortlessly Spontaneous

              We Greet You

              EnnisEnnis Gold

              We Greet You

              Playing the Notes of Your Success

              Committed & Centered; Choice & Clarity

              Controlling Your Actions & Experiences

              Concentrating Using All Your Skills

              We Greet You

              Grip to Success

              We Greet You

              With No Self-Consciousness

              Producing the Choreography of Movement

              Flowing Involvement Portal

              Wrapped in Your Silent Music of Open Joy

              We Greet You


              We Greet You

              Going Beyond the Limits of the Ego

              Flowing Transcendence of Accomplishment

              Returning Stronger in Your Core Essence

              Self Esteem Liberating Your Senses

              We Greet You

              Stephen Kiprotich Marathon

              We Greet You

              Wrapped Up in Your Enjoyment Time Note

              Sense of Time Transformed & Changed

              Time Adapting to Your Experience

              Time Moving Fast When Flowing

              We Greet You

              Sir Chris Hoy

              We Greet You

              With the Radiating Golden Life Force

              Infinity of Safety & Protection

              Universal Gratitude & Creation

              Spirit of Blessings & Journeying

              We Greet You

              Tree of Life

              We Greet You

              With the Resounding Tree of Life

              Honouring the Selfless Ego

              Purposeful Attention & Intention

              Agile Mental Body Emotional Body Physical Body

              We Greet You


              We Greet You

              With the Courage of the Lion

              The Compassionate Nobility of the Lion

              The Respectful Presence of the Lion

              The Prestigious Dignity of the Lion

              We Greet You

              Strong Life ForceAngel of Courage

              We Greet You

              With the Ministry of Angels

              Spiritually Developing Self-Love

              Collective Consciousness of Shape Shifting Change

              Enabling Phenomenal Transformation

              We Greet You


              We Greet You

              In Your Difficult & Easy Moments

              Knowing Your Beginnings & Endings

              Inviting New & Wonderful Things

              Helping Self and Others

              We Greet You

              We Greet You

              We Greet You

              We Greet You

              We Greet You

              channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for NewMoon in Leo 17.8.2012

              Xian China

              Past Energies

              Star Greeting 3rd EyeSo much has happened this year energetically.  So much has happened in the past one month too.

              Did you see the Perseids Shooting Stars which peaked on 11 and 12 August and will end 24 August?  They are named after the constellation Perseus, Greek God.  They are caused by the earth passing into a trail of dust left by Comet Swift-Tuttle and all the trail of dust burns up producing the meteor shower or shooting stars. http://www.spacedex.com/perseids/

              Did you work with the numerology of 8 and 12 on 8.8.12 and 12.8.12?  This NewMoon is 17 = 1+7=8.  So we will be working with the numerology of 8 with this NewMoon in Leo. 

              Did you see the Full moon rise through Tower Bridge’s Olympic Rings?  http://itv.co/MaShKN

              Did you pray on the Night of Power for Muslims celebrating Ramadan, because the Quran arrives on that night?  During Ramadan, Muslim month of fasting, the first one-third of the month Muslims ask for mercy, the middle one-third of the month Harrods Londonthey ask for forgiveness and the last one-third of the month they ask for salvation from the fire of hell.  This last one-third of the month hides the Night of Power or Decree (Laylatul Qadr).  Spending the night in prayer enables one to have his sins forgiven by Allah.  Many pious Muslims spend the last 7-10 days of Ramadan awake, praying and reciting the Quran and giving away charity to earn the good deeds of 1000 moths.  This is personal power that transcends the self and reaches prophetic universality and divine revelation. “The Night of Power is better than a thousand months.” (97:3) "O Allah, greet and save me for Ramadan; greet and save Ramadan; greet and save Ramadan on my behalf, and grant me its acceptance (Allahumma sallimnee li ramadana wa sallim ramadana wa sallimhu minnee mutaqabbilan)."

              Annular Solar Eclipse Japan 21.5.2012

              Do you remember the Ring of Fire of the Annular Solar Eclipse on 21.5.2012?  My Japanese neighbour took this picture in Japan when he went to see it himself and successfully captured the ‘ring of fire’ around the moon; as the sun shines from behind it. You will remember I mentioned he was going to ‘witness’ it himself and capture the event for me on  http://tokscoker.wordpress.com/2012/05/  

              "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the family of God."
              (Matthew 5:9)

              Kyoto Japan

              Energy of Now: NewMoon in Leo smiling face

              Can you keep your word to yourself? NewMoon in Leo is about keeping to your word and doing exactly what you said you would do.  NewMoon in Leo asks: do you honour the spoken words you utter?  My Japanese neighbour kept his word and delivered me the lovely picture of the Annular Solar Eclipse on 21.5.2012. My friend took me to watch Julius Caesar and dinner for my birthday. My client is including me in her book she will be publishing soon. Thank you.  Thank you.

              Can you be consumed and then freed?  NewMoon in Leo works with the Element of FIRE.  Fire burns and destroys.  Fire warms our body and cooks our food.  The phoenix rises above the ashes and flames revealing its winning spirit, it rising above all odds.   What are you rising above at this present time? 

              Do you believe in yourself?  NewMoon in Leo believes in the power within and empowers you to believe in your inner power and your inner self.  Think of yourself as an Olympian:  stylish, attractive, handsome, beautiful, gracious, sexy, dramatic and focused. 

              Are U Living Your TruthAre you Living Your New Truths?  There are so many energies of truth coming in (from internet, email, reading, research, etc.)  These energies can change your truth causing paradigm shifts. What new truths are you filling your sixth chakra with?  Are you able to handle them? Are you living up to the new truths?  Are you practicing these new truths?  Are you living these new truths?  Perhaps there is an overload of ‘truths’ and you are no longer sure which is your truth. It is important to harmonise your new truths with all your physical body, your mental body, your spiritual body and your emotional body.  Any dis-harmony causes dis-ease of mind, body, spirit.  NewMoon in Leo asks: are you really ready for these ‘new truths’ or are pretending to be ready?  Are you presenting a ‘front’ to cover up something?  Why not just accept the process with this NewMoon and breathe in the fire of internal truth to help you with your truth.

              sunflowerNewMoon in Leo Song for Legions of Light

              I dedicate these two songs sung by Helen Reddy to the Legions of Light out there. 

              You are my World  http://youtu.be/MKCYXVoit8I and for Christians http://youtu.be/MarBTftRh0Y

              And I Love You So  http://youtu.be/6bHXASQ86zQ

              Fighting Spirit of Leo

              Posh Spice GirlThe Fighting Spirit of the Leo energy is remarkable. Like the Lion it reminds you; when you feel vulnerable and alone; to be a survivor and determine to face difficulties; to raise up and believe; to never give up.  A time to renew your soul and spirit and definitely make new plans to re-think your life.  What needs releasing to make room for a new thing this new moon?  What needs to be kept and valued more?  This is a good time to re-value your life.  What do you need to ponder on that brings you love, benefit and happiness? What do you need to let go off and re-determine to grow stronger?

              SURVIVOR Song by Destiny’s Child: The message in the song is you will make it if you do  not stop; just like the Daffodil principle.  I am a Survivor. I am going to make it. I am not going to give up.  I am not going to stop.  I am going to work harder. I will keep on surviving.  I am so much better.  I am stronger.  I am richer. I laugh harder.  I am wiser.  I am smarter.  I will survive. I have perfect vision.  I am breathing.  I am living.  I am on top.  I am here.  I am alive.  I pray you are blessed! I surround myself with positive things and people.  After darkness and sadness soon comes happiness. I will gain prosperity.  Survivor by Destiny’s Child with lyrics only  http://youtu.be/Sd2RlDz1tzY 

              Restarting Your Life

              Working with EaseRESTART your life every new moon.  There is no future if you cannot improve or change your present circumstances.  Moments of happiness are not enough if you keep repeating your old way of being.  To improve your teaching or your skill, you need to keep improving and not be stubborn or think you know it all.  Are your relationships stopping your progress?  Do you need to ‘twig’ your relationships to help your progress?  If you do something and it does not work out the way you want it just say I tried and it did not work out and then let it go.  Do not hang on to the ‘failure’.  Let it go. Unplug from ‘it’.  Send it back to source.  Let go.  Let go.  Let go.  Bring in the new way now not tomorrow now.  Start a new project with the energy of the new moon.  Dance and Sing in your new life.

              Spice GirlBaby SpicePosh SpiceScary SpiceSporty Spice

              SUNSHINE: Bring sunshine and shine into your life.  Enjoy shining in the lime-light and being noticed and valued.  If you suddenly feel like being noticed and appreciated and admired this is the Leo energy taking over.  Shine.  Be noticed. Be seen.  Enjoy the attention.  You deserve it. Be creative and if you are not start to be creative.  Do something creative for yourself.  Give and receive love.  Bring out the child in you and bring in happiness to your life.  Do something romantic with your partner only.  Make a wish to attract a love you have been waiting for; remembering the love you have in yourself already.  Do something nice – be of service to others with sunshine in your heart, your eyes and your smile.  Make your actions stem from personal love energy. 

              intimacyCAUTIONS:  Do the right thing – do not double date, cheat, lie, get into ‘naughty’ actions that may affect your karma later.  Be careful if you have multiple relationships.  Try to be honest.  Be watchful of your communication: emails, contracts, clauses in legal matters. Be aware of ‘old’ ‘stale’ relationships of convenience and stagnation.  Try not to repeat past mistakes.  Stop the deception. Do not pretend to be a friend when you only want business and you want to steal someone’s business or success.  When you feel tense do not eat food, just drink juices an water.  Do not create tension to get rid of tension.  You are in charge of yourself with the Leo energy. Remember when a fire burns you need cold water to cool it.  Action & Reaction are equal and opposite.  Remember Love can pass you by if you are too busy making plans. Live Life.

                              oxford street london jubilee celebrationScottish Bagpipes Oxford StreetBritish Guards

              What we will Cover in the NewMoon Meditation Workshophindu temple

              1. We will cover the above and more
              2. We will work with 4 Ways to Remove Blocks in your life
              3. We will be working with What you think is really wrong with you?  When you say you do not know what is wrong with you are in Child mode.  Unplug and Pull yourself out of Child and move to Adult. We all have Parent, Adult and Child in us.
              4. We will Call your spirit back to you and claim back your power. 
              5. Unplug to Divine Timing not human timing or human order or human limitations.  
              6. What will one prayer do for you to create a miracle? 
              7. We will be working with the energy of 8.
              8. We will be journeying with the energy of Fire and raising like the phoenix.

              African Beauty

              We Greet You

              With the Radiating Golden Sun Life Force

              Infinity Necklace of Safety & Protection

              Universal Bracelet of Gratitude & Creation

              Magic Anklet of Blessings & Journeying

              Eternal Earrings of Forgiveness & Peacefulness

              We Greet You

              orange rose of healing

              HOMEWORKJessie J

              1. What will you be shouting about with good pride? Do something amazing.
              2. What did you achieve before this NewMoon in Leo? 
              3. What are you going to achieve after this NewMoon in Leo?  Make a Wish Log Dream List.
              4. What ignites your soul to want more?  Can you list 8?
              5. What blockages are you covering up?  What blockages are you revealing to yourself? 
              6. List 8 reasons why you should be successful?  This could be in any area of your life.
              7. What action will you take to bring sunshine into someone’s life?
              8. EXERCISE: See yourself as a Lion and BREATHE IN THE ENERGY OF THE LION and walk with renewed purpose and focus. The past is over, we have learnt the lesson from the experience and we have been taught by our past. Today is the NOW, the present gift to ourselves is our creations of the new way forwards. The future is our inspiration and our dream we bring to us. Welcome to the energy of Leo.

              ballet dress

              THANK YOU ALL

              Thanks for all the light you have held as a Legion of Light. 

              Thanks for all the light you continue to hold as a Legion of Light.

              Thanks for all the empowering you always send out to the world.

              Thanks for all the empowering you continue to send to the world.

              MY PROMISE

              I promise to Continue to hold the light for each and every Legion of Light.

              I promise to shine the light whenever you ask.

              I promise to always be a beacon of light in the dark.

              I promise to continue to hold the loving light of love and healing.

              All this I promise.

              Love Always xxxxxxx

              Love Toks Beverley Cokerclip_image001clip_image002clip_image001[1] with Hands of Light

              Legions of Light


              on your  marks get set GO

              Holding the Light

              Todays Meditation: NewMoon in Leo 17.8.2012  http://tokscokernewmoon0812.eventbrite.com/?ebtv=C

              Next Meditation: Friday 31 August 2012: Full BLUE Moon in Pisces & Sun in Virgo. A Blue Moon is when two full moons happen in a month: August 2 and August 31. http://tokscokerfullmoon08b12.eventbrite.com/?ebtv=C

              2012 dates: http://tokscoker.wordpress.com/moon-calendar-2012-uk

              Spiritual Payment: http://www.tokscoker.com/calendar.html

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              New Moon Meditation: http://www.tokscoker.com/new_moon_meditation.html

              Full Moon Meditationhttp://www.tokscoker.com/full_moon_meditation.html   
              See you at the meditations, workshops and 1:1 sessions
              Love Toks xxxxxx

              New Moon in Cancer 19.7.2012

                                          dancing diamond fairiesWater Greeting & Prayer

              Happy New Moon in Cancer 19.7.2012 

              Sun & Moon in Cancer, Element Water          mermaid Toks

              HAPPY BIRTHDAY CANCERIANSlouise hugs toks xHappy Birthday Gorgeous You

              Please enjoy the INVOCATION BLESSING, the energy of the NewMoon in Cancer, testimonials by students on Indian Head Massage &  Healing Motivational Workshop;  and the homework; and of course the pictures.  Let the pictures move you to love healing and happiness.  Love Toks  xxx


              See you at the meditation workshop 19.7.2012 from 7pm-10pm.  http://tokscokernewmoon0712.eventbrite.com/?ebtv=C

              Invocation Blessing for NewMoon in Cancer on 19.7.2012

              cleansing water

              I Greet You

              With the Vibrancy of Water

              Cleansing Moving

              Challenging Feeling

              Refreshing Awakening

              I Greet You

              beautiful toks

              I Greet You

              With the Moon Goddess Alchemy

              Legions of Light Surrounding You

              Anchoring Your Light to Divinity

              Feeling Within Your Grace of Peace

              I Greet You

              spirallying light

              I Greet You

              With Mother Moon Goddess

              Guardians of the Home Light

              Nurturing Comforting Soothing

              Ruling Alchemy of Spirit

              I Greet You

              record keeper of time

              I Greet You

              With Moon Record Keeper of Time

              Transmuting the Sacred Elixir of Life

              Conception Ovulation Pregnancy

              Keepers of Birth Right Passages

              I Greet You

              mirror moon

              I Greet You

              With the Mirror Moon Reflecting Your Feelings

              Sun and Moon Balanced in Cancer

              Magnetically Drawing Your Feelings

              Healing Your Auric Body of Dis-Ease

              I Greet You

              pink angel

              I Greet You

              With Intuitional Transmissions

              Of Your Lunar Subconscious Memory Bank

              Awakening Your Sacred Awareness

              Safe Sacred Space of Your Record Temple

              I Greet You

                                                                 Dancing with Divintyka stand

              I Greet You

              With Divinity Dancing

              Relinking Emerging

              Going Deep Within Your KA

              Kissing Your Hearts Desires

              I Greet You

                                     spiritual writingdancing with the light

              I Greet You

              With Your Sitting and Your Standing

              Your Writing and Your Dancing

              Your Anointment with Time

              Gracefully Surrendering

              I Greet You

              elegance of beauty

              I Greet You

              With the Elegance of Beauty

              The Smiling Radiance of Beauty

              The Feminine Essence of Beauty

              The Graceful Movement of Beauty

              I Greet You

                                                      turkish handsomehandsome

              I Greet You

              With the Nobleness of Handsome

              The Smiling Radiance of Handsome

              The Masculine Essence of Handsome

              The Easy Movement of Handsome

              I Greet You

              fishing working

              I Greet You

              With an Honest Days Work

              Pulling in Nourishment with Your Work

              Complete Satisfaction in Your Achievements

              Honouring Mother Nature

              I Greet You

              bowl of blessings

              I Greet You

              With Your Bowl of Blessings

              Flourishing Flowers of Radiance

              Home in the Family Home

              Safe Content Relaxing

              I Greet  You


              I Greet you

              With the Plaeidians

              Working with the Legions of Light

              Awakening Awakening Awakening

              Steering True Feelings into Positive Action

              I Greet You

              Goddess of Sensual Beauty

              I Greet You

              With the Sensuousness of Plaeidian Beauty

              In the Portal of Sacred Ecstatic Healing

              Lovingly Seductively Sexy

              Powerfully Magnificently Contained

              I Greet You

              palm trees

              I Greet You

              With Your Vision for the Top

              Believing & Securing Your Place

              Anchoring Supportive People & Situations

              Bringing You Victories & Triumphs

              I Greet You

              louise and toks

              I Greet You

              I Greet You

              I Greet You

              loved and channeled by Toks Beverley Coker for the NewMoon in Cancer 19.7.2012

              Atlantian Goddesses Ayesegul Puspa Ari Sehriboin Dinah Merve

              Energy of this New Moon & Sun in Cancer   19.7.2012

              ASSESCarina's mermaidSING:  The energy of the NewMoon in Cancer likes to assess things and give feedback about everything.  So if you find yourself assessing things and people and situations that is OK.  Just know you are being influenced by the moon and by water energy.  If you suddenly think you know it all and go about doing something without checking you may find you waste your time on doing something that you should not be doing.  Better to ask with this energy than assume you know.  You could end up wasting time with the energy around this time.  Be vigilant.  Plan ahead and then deliver your work with a professional yet friendly inclusive ‘family’ way. water everywhere

              WATER=EMOTIONS: Water is emotional and subjective. The energy is intuitive, knowing, being acutely aware of energies around and sensing that the ‘first feeling’ is always right. Water can look normal and safe on the surface.  It can feel calm and peaceful yet deep down may be a torment or tornado that can be triggered at any time into an emotional outburst. 

              INTIMACY: Do you feel intimately close to your partner? Do you know what intimacy is?  It is a reintimacylationship that has closeness on a physical and/or emotional level.  Today it is termed sexual relationship, romantic and/or passionate sex, attachment to a person or sexual activity.  The desire to love and to belong to somebody is important.  The need to feel supported and cared for is crucial in intimate relationships.  It is having strong emotional feelings and ties to a person.  Are you intimate with your partner?  Do you find intimacy difficult?  Do you feel happy with your relationship?  Are you repeating patterns in your family karma in your relationship?  Are you having emotional issue?  Sexual issues?  Money issues?  Trust issues?  Hatred issues?  Anger issues?  What word triggers your outrage?  Welcome to the emotional feeling NewMoon in Cancer.

              family togetherFAMILY: Family is important to the Cancerian person.  The Cancerian can be as strong as a lion if family is threatened or if they feel they are going to loose something they truly want. Did your family nurture you? Did you mother nurture you? Did she make you feel safe and secure? What family members gives you the ‘nightmares’ when you see them? Who do you consider to be your ‘family’?  Do you express it to them?  Do you tell them?  Do you let them know?  Tell them.  Let them know. Be careful not to manipulate your ‘family’?  Are you vulnerable enough to tell how you feel to your family? Be vulnerable.

              NEW HISTORY:  New Moon is time to create a new story: a new HE-story and HER-story.  This is a time of connective energy: to yourself and to others.  Collective energy embodies the need to belong: to be part of a ‘tribe’, to be accepted and loved as you are.  connecting with othersWhat are you reversing at this time in your life? What needs to be balanced since the last Full Moon in Capricorn and Sun in Cancer? Where does this new beginning in your life have to happen? Do you need to redefine your sexual life? Do you need to redefine your unhappiness? Do you need to create a new way for your happiness? This push towards change is very important with this NewMoon in Cancer.  So you go for a new job interview and you get it.  Well Done.

              MONEY:  Do you fear money?  Is money your friend? What old emotional ties to old belief system and patterns do  you still have around MONEY?   How feardo you feel about yourself NOW with regards to money issues in your life and in your career amoneynd in your relationships?  Do you feel trapped by money?  Do you feel independent or dependent in money matters?  NewMoon in Cancer needs to feel secure about money and loves the idea of money in the bank and money for a rainy day?  Do you have money tucked away for a rainy day?  Did you have; and then; something happened and you had to use it for the ‘emergency’?  Consider money matters for security reasons with Cancer. Make money your friend and not your enemy. See money as spiritual exchange and heal all the money that comes your way. 

              sea sofaSECURITY: What are your deepest feelings that control your sense of security in your relationships? What makes you feel insecure in your life right now? What makes you feel secure? Can you dialogue with someone about your insecurities or do you find it difficult to?   You do not have to share them but you do need to know them within yourself and accept them and work with refining yourself.  Follow your GUT FEELINGS when it comes to your feelings of security.  Sit and Breathe in and out slowly. 

              NURTURING: Be open to be nurtured and be loved by everyone around you.  Allow yonurturingurself to be treasured.  Allow the mirror to reflect back to you joy and happiness.  Choose to have joy.  Choose to be happy no matter what.  Choose a new way that blesses and empowers you.  Choose to make a difference in your life and other people’s life.  Welcome the things, feelings, opportunities, and moments coming through.  New babies, new beginnings, new way of tending to yourself.  Be like a baby and nurture your feelings and your needs.  This may be difficult to do but just buy a nice bottle of shampoo for yourself and wash your hair or go the the best hairdresser you know and nurture yourself.  Pamper yourself.  This is a good time to be honest with yourself and nurture yourself.  Consciously acknowledge  your new security within yourself. Confidently declare your new boundaries and expectations. Above all love everyone!

              freedomFREEDOM: This is a time to feel a Sense of Freedom and Change. A time to bring in more happiness; to make something happen and move forward in your life.  This necessary change can become an overwhelming energy that can cause stress in your life if you do not act on it.  Feelings can be stressful as we go to expand and change to something new. 

              ACTION FEELINGS: TAKE CARE OF YOUR FEELINGS.  Which feeling do you attend to firstfeelings feelings feelings? Just start with the one that keeps ‘bugging’ you.  Action your feelings.  NURTURE YOURSELF.  HEAL  YOURSELF with space, with family, with your home.  Is it time for a new home?   Own your feelings and let them out.   DANGEROUS TO SUPPRESS YOUR FEELINGS – TAKE RESPONSIBLITY FOR YOUR FEELINGS AND EXPRESS THEM RESPECTFULLY.  This is a time of FAIRNESS, COMMITMENT and GOOD MANNERS.  Though I ask how long before we shout and break those good manners?  Remember if you bottle up your feelings and do not express them you will eventually have to: like steam coming out of a kettle, it has to come out of you.  Water boils in a kettle, Steam comes out and condenses and evaporates.  Where has the emotion or feeling gone?  Welcome to NewMoon in Cancer.  Make a commitment to yourself to nurture your feelings and pay attention to what is in front of you!  THAT is what you should be dealing with!  Things will iron themselves out but you still need to go to the stillness within you and find the peace within you with all the confusion or overwhelm around you. 

              crabCRAB: The symbol for Cancer is the CRAB, that moves sideways to what it wants, not directly. It only goes directly if it feels it may be loosing what it wants to keep. Cancer can be ‘crabby’, withdraw suddenly without warning and pretend they are OK when they are not. Cancer is ruled by the MOON so highly intuitive and psychic. They can be evasive and elusive and moody and miss their ‘good old’ past making them sentimental.


              MOTHERING: Cancer is the mother and family sign loving children and family gatherings.  Cancer is nurturing, mothering, seeking to make you feel secure and safe.  Cancer is feminine and a water element working with emotions and feelings.  Cancer can cry easily and feels pain easily for self and for others.  Cancer is very empathic, sympathetic and helpful  Cancer is very loving and kind and something’s the kindness can be a weakness.  Cancer has to learn to set boundaries on what they can and cannot take into their lives.  Their sensitivity can make them vulnerable and appear weak; but do not be fooled. They are not weak.

              ancestryANCESTRY: What is your Ancestry?  Ancestral roots and home is important to Cancer. Mothers Mothers Mothers Mother.  Fathers Fathers Fathers Father.  Do you see the chain?   We will be doing a healing meditation exercise on this.  I am a 7/7 Cancerian.  I just ran the British 10K in memory of my father and raised money for the RNIB.  Very Cancerian.  Please sponsor my run for my daddy by donating £1 or more on  http://www.justgiving.com/Toks-Coker    It would be a great birthday present.  Thank you xxxx

              PEACE POWER with NewMoon in Cancer.  Lets call in Ghandi into our souls and our hearts and ask him to give us hope to frecontrollingedom.  Cancer seeks peace above all.  Peace not betrayal.  Peace and Trust.  Cancer HATES abuse of power and manipulation.  Where is your Freedom asks Cancer?  How can you be free if you do not know yourself and if you are controlled by others?  Today we find a purposeful betrayal of trust in our lives and in our government and politics.  We live in a constant battle of negative feelings:  “I do not trust you anymore.  You have failed me.  You have let me down.”   We live within a system that is both positive and negative and is falling apart quickly as the Legions of Light emerge and reveal the truth.  We will be calling in the Pleiadians and Legions of Light to protect and free us and stand up for our rights to our personal freedom in our awakening to ascension and our awakening to our true self here on earth.  

              amathyst pyramids

              Indian Head Massage Course

              feather fingersI was scheduled to do an Indian Head Massage Course on Wednesday 11 July 2012 from 10.30am-4.30pm at Morley College. With such a busy schedule over the past month I was really exhausted but determined to do an excellent job; so when the students marked me ‘EXCELLENT’ I cried with joy and gratitude. Teary emotional response is very Cancerian; so is wanting to be liked and wanting to do an excellent job and be appreciated for it and graded ‘excellent’. Here is there response: 

              How would you rate the course? What did you like about the Indian Head Massage Course?

              • Excellent: Well structured. Good demonstrations and explanations. Excellent hand-outs.
              • Excellent: It was an excellent experience for me. Very clear, amazing practice. Excellent management of the techniques. Tutor all the time gave excellent background and feedback. ADamaris Toks Kalisha Tania Sarah Chris 11.7.2012mazing presentation
              • Excellent: Power points. Well structured. Informative.
              • Excellent: Everything in the Course Outline was covered.Toks is an excellent teacher, the day was taught at the right pace and covered enough to go away and practice on friends and family withy. You felt confident in doing the moves as Toks made sure you were doing it right. I felt very welcome within the college and the class. Toks was very pleasant and profession. I would definitely go to any class she taught again whether Indian head Massage advanced level or anything else in the healing/health arena.
              • Excellent: The teachers enthusiasm and expertise. We could have seen the sequence as a whole demonstration before we broke it down to practice individual components. We did however see it after we had practised.
              • Excellent: Friendly, thorough and enjoyable. I feel that I can now give a therapeutic head massage to friends and family and have comprehensive notes to refer to provided by the tutor

              Sensing & Intuiting  What is is auspicious is that the moment I saw these lovely ladies standing outside my imageclassroom I saw the Atlantean and Lemurean Goddess energy around them all.  They felt familiar and I saw them all in long flowing dresses.  I was so happy when they all informed me they were looking to learn Indian Head Massage from a healing perspective and to give the massage in a healing manner!  Now how appropriate is that?  Coming to a healing teacher like me.  I just cried in my heart when I realised what I first saw and felt was correct. They were powerful spiritual beings of light before me.  So when they all rated me ‘Excellent’ what more could a teacher ask for.  My hard work & sleepless night! had paid off.  Thank you ladies.        

              Legions of Light

              Healing Motivational Workshops in Turkey 

                          opening ceremony8 candles awaiting

              We did two workshops in mountainous Turkey: 3 July, FullMoon in Capricorn & Sun in Cancer and 23 June, Motivational Healing.  They were both vibrant and healing and transformational. The river, the boats, the food, the sun, the venue, the people and the service was all sacred and enlightening.  Thank you Allah.  Please enjoy the sharing here.  Thank you ladies and gentlemen.

              Healing is easy with Toks. She opens the way and you just have to walk thI AMrough. Very nice energy. I felt the good energy between us. I am so happy I did my photomontage. I enjoyed the Greek God meditation – it was so effortless for me. Thank you.

              writing my wishesVery much enjoyed being with this group. Felt the energy, cleaning session, was very much to the core. I believe everyone benefited fully from the heart. The messages from the cards were effective, full filling. Thanks and Love

              I’ve really enjoyed the whole thing. It was a joyful fun experience. I’m glad I got to know you! Thanks. Take Care.

              Legion of Light Merve

              It is always magical working with you. Thank you for being so clear, understanding, powerful, fun and intensive. I love you very much! It was a spiritual motivating and cleaning workshop. I am very happy to hold the workshop in my home. Thank you authentic lady!  Legion of Light Merve

              dance of joyIn and out of sleep during meditation. Relaxing and more awake now. Great food, weather. Uplifting. Thanks a lot.

              in and out of meditation

               We stand strong

              I found the whole day very relaxing. It was nice to be a student and not a teacher. I feel lighter. I really enjoyed Being in another dimension. I love being in another dimenstionthe energy around the room.  Thank you very much.

              Can you see the orbs around him and  on his red t-shirt as he is dancing?

              closing ceremonyThank you Allah.

              purification of the chakras

              bowl of blessingsPERFECTION PERFECTION      PERFECTION        PERFECTION

              my family


              Watch fish move in water. They move one way and then suddenly move a differliving in waterent way. They change suddenly without warning. Sometimes you see the change happening and sometimes you do not. Where do you suddenly change in your life? Or has the change been gradual and you are just expressing it and people think it is sudden? This is very NewMoon in Cancer. Sudden emotional change or outburst; then a feeling of calm and freedom.  As you look at the fish in the water feel the healing of all your Chakras and the releasing of your pain and the freeing of chains on your auric body as you move fluidly like the fish in your self and your environment.  Congratulations.

              Numerology 7 Exercise:  List 7 things you want.  What you really want, not what you think you want or what others want for you.  How do I know if I really want something?  By meditating on it or by asking Divine to give you an answer when you wake up in the morning. For the next 7 days on the seventh hour am and pm – meditate on them for 7 minutes.   If you cannot allocate the time then do it another time and link in to the energy of 7.  Make sure the meditation is for 7 minutes and not less than 7 minutes.  It can be longer if you want.  Give me your feedback for next new moon or next full moon.  Thank you. 

              Research: the number 7 and send me what you find.

              Safety: Identify 7 things that make you feel safe.  Identify 7 people that make you feel safe.

              Nurturing:  Do 7 things that nurture you in the next 7 days. Share a nurturing moment with 7 different people – can be at different times and days or all 7 at once! aahhahahaha

              Money: Make money your friend and not your enemy. See money as spiritual exchange and heal all the money that comes your way. Be grateful for all your bills: the people sending them believe you have the money to pay it.  Believe in abundant healing money.  See your money being cleansed in the tube of water light.  Do this exercise regularly especially when you think of lack or you feel overwhelmed.

              Security:  I breathe in security and I breathe out security.  My body flows with the ebb of the tides in and out flowing flowing flowing.  I feel safe.  I breathe in security feeling into my body.  I am safe.


              You Are Perfection

              You Are Perfection

              You Are Perfection

              We Greet Youmermaid toks

              We Greet You

              We Greet You

              We Greet You

              Love Toks


              relaxing peacock

              2012 dates: http://tokscoker.wordpress.com/moon-calendar-2012-uk

              Payment can be made on: http://www.tokscoker.com/calendar.html

              Meditation: http://www.tokscoker.com/moon_meditation.html

              New Moon Meditation: http://www.tokscoker.com/new_moon_meditation.html

              Full Moon Meditationhttp://www.tokscoker.com/full_moon_meditation.html 
              If you want me to come to parties and events please contact me.

              See you at the meditations, workshops and 1:1 sessions
              Love Toks xxxxxx

              8 candles awaiting

              happy birthday


              I am a 7/7 Cancerian. I just ran the British 10K in memory of my father on the 8/7/2012 to raise money for the RNIB .  Please sponsor my run for my daddy by donating £1 or more on http://www.justgiving.com/Toks-Coker   It would be a great birthday present. Thank you Thank you   THANK  YOU TO ALL WHO HAVE DONATED TO MY JUST GIVING PAGE.  THANK YOU.  THANK YOU XXXXX

              New Moon in Gemini [Blue Moon] 19.6.2012


              twins ying yang

              We Greet You Legions of Light from Turkey xxx

              HAPPY BIRTHDAY GEMINI / HAPPY TWINS 19.6.2012



              Enjoy the invocation blessing below and testimonials.  See you at the meditation tonight in Turkey.  Love Toks xxxx

              turkish toks



              How auspicious the planets have been non-stop it seems.  We see the Element Air playing great importance: Gemini is an Air sign.  Gemini is the Twins, doing things in pairs, causing powerful multi-dimensional changes through the galactic doorways and portals.   The planet for Gemini is MERCURY, which is the planet of COMMUNIChermes invented fireATION. Mercury makes us think and move fast and is the messenger of the Gods. His parents are Zeus and Maia.  Mercury is the Roman name and Hermes the Greek name.  Hermes is God of Motion, Sleep, Dreams, Commerce and for Travellers.  Hermes has 3 symbols:  wand, winged sandals and winged helmet. He was Zeus’s messenger and invented fire, written music, boxing the the lyre. Apollo gave him a magic god wand or caduceus to guide him on his journey and he gave Apollo a lyre. 

              ENERGY NOWbeautiful pairing

              This coming Tuesday 19 June 2012 is the New Moon in Gemini; which means sun and moon are in the same astrological sign: Gemini.  This is the second NewMoon this month making it a Blue Moon.  A BLUE MOON is when we have two moons in the same astrological sign and in this case it is Gemini. 

              This second New Moon in Gemini is also Midsummer Eve: making the following day the SUMMER SOLSTICE on 20.6.2012, the longest day. Lets bring in summer moments of magic and laughter. Let us wear our swim suits and play and swim and laugh and share happiness together talking to each other with joy and freedom.

              ENERGY PAST:  Still affecting us all

              We had the first New Moon in Gemini on 21.5.2012 with an Annular Solar Eclipse [This is where the sun looks like a ring: a narrow ring of the Sun is visible around the dark moon because the moon is between the Sun and Earmale femaleth. Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse with the Pleiadean alignment]  

              We had the World Invocation Day, Queens Diamond Jubilee, and Full Moon in Sagittarius on 4.6.2012 with a Partial Lunar Eclipse and sun in Gemini with the Venus Transit occurring day after the eclipse.

              We had also the Mutable Cross and a T-square triangle involving the Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars.  (Sun & Moon in Gemini, Moon in Sagittarius, Mars in Virgo).   Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces are Mutable Signs.  Mutable signs are changeable, constantly moving with quick minds.

              The Venus Transit occur in pairs, 8 years apart – the first one was in June 2004!  Reminder:  a transit is when a planet passes between the sun and earth and the planets silhouette is seen on the sun.  Venus moved in front of the sun and walked on the sun!   How auspicious for us all on earth whether or not we realise it.


              So much happening in the sign of Gemini – the twins, neither male nor female, yet male and female, husband/wife, ying and yang, yet neither ying or yang BUT balanced!  Divine Feminine, Venus, balances two extremes e.g war/peace.  So we see the PAIRING:  Venus Transits occur in pairs so do Eclipses on the FullMoon and the NewMoon.  Ancient traditions worked with pairings – the number 2 – two sides of a coin, two but not two, two faces on the moon, sun and moon.  The Eagle is the sun and moon.  The maiden and the old crow is echoed in the young moon maiden who blooms and flowers and the the old moon maiden who represents ancient wisdom. How fast moving the times.  Click, Scroll down and read: Gemini, the Twins

              two gentle menFREE TO FEEL GOODtwo gentle men

              THE MEANING OF ALL THIS?

              Many of you would have had an initiation, a completion and an assimilation in the past month.  The contemplating mindimmense potential for sudden change and radical change is time consuming and frustrating all at once.  Even a small shift in YOUR consciousness can put you in a thunderstorm of your own mind causing far reaching effects like watching a pebble being thrown into the water and seeing how far the ripples go.  This really has been another time for your own confusion and clarity and above all  your own transmission of deep personal change.  What you were not sure of you may be quite sure of now.  What you did not want to do before you may find yourself doing it now.  These little changes do involve a change on a deep level like a dance in rhythm.  This New Moon invites us to plant new seeds – you have grown now – you are not like you were last month – YOU have changed whether or not you agree or can see it.  Like a babToks smiling in Turkeyy flying a helicopter you are ready to grow to captain the plane!!  The Awakening and Ascension is already upon you.  All the solar and lunar rays of the eclipses have created a move foreword whether we want to or not!  What are you clearing out?  What have you hidden from yourself? What have you hidden under the carpet that is sticking out of it?  Time to smooth out the ‘bumps’ in  your environment and your life. SUMMER SOLSTICE is the rebirth of light, the sunshine of life, it is the light of summer, of joy and the celebration of all that blooms and smiles at life.  It is St Johns Day in Christian tradition.  Read more about this on blog post 12.6.2012 Garden, spend time by the sea, dance, walk in forests/woods, laugh and let your energy run high. The word solstice derives from two Latin words: “Sol” means “SUN” and “Sistere” means “which stands still”.  This really is a time of magic, love, oracles and divination. New friendships. New activities.  New relationships.  New underwear.  New places to visit.  New experiences to try out. Time to Live your Life with a smile.  Where do you need to live your life with a smile?

              NewMoon in Gemini Book & Tour Guide

              The trip to Troy was organised by TJ Ilhami Gezici, owner of TJ TOURS www.anzacgallipolTJ Ilhami Gezici in Athenaitours.com They are Gallipoli specialists. TJ is a really wonderful guide, kind, patient and very knowledgeable. Nothing was too much for us to ask him to do. He bent over backwards to please us for 3 days. He introduced us to two wonderful inspiring Turkish men: Mustapha Askin, a writer and Baba, a musician.  Thank you TJ.

              Mustafa Askin's TROYTroyWhen I read the book “A Revised Edition of Troy” by Mustafa Askin I found the style to be very Gemini.  Mustafa is a very fit man, with a quick mind and a quick wit. His books are easy to read and very informative and you can tell how passionate he is about his favourite subject: Tory.  He says he is ‘The Last Trojan’.  Now do I hear a thunderstorm?  He brought Troy alive as he guided us and made a statement that made my eyes light up:  Could Troy be the lost Atlantian?  New excavations in Tory reveal remains dating back to 3500BC and Homer mentions Troy in his work.  The results of all these excavations will be very impressive.  Thank you Mustafa.TJ Toks Baba Patric

              TJ introduced us to Baba Gungor Palanci [whose uncle is Holisi Ketmen] at Eceabat, province of Canakkale, Turkey. Baba played 3 his lovely music and Toks danced while Patric filmed this happy moment. I was going to post it on the blog but I do not know how to so I will do it another time.  Thank you Baba.

              white peacock in Olympos

              Adventure with Gemini

              What adventures have you had in your life – past and present?   Gina met the Queen long time ago and the Queen spoke to her.   Patric went ‘rock climbing’ on Olympus Mountain! We climbed the Trojan horse in Troy! How Gemini is that! hahaha  Why not share your adventure?

                                         Gina and the Queenrock climbing Olympos Mountainin the Trojan horse

              Invocation Blessing for the Blue New Moon in Gemini 19.6.2012

              channelled by Toks Beverley Coker xxx

              sacred scarf

              We Greet You

              With the Venus Transit following the Lunar Eclipse

              Walking Across the Sun Clearing Karmic Patterns

              DNA Sacred Ancient Ageless Wisdom 

              Divine Grace Regenerating Ying Yang Balance

              We Greet You

              praying in istanbul

              We Greet You

              With the Solar Eclipse Ring of Fire

              Pleiadean Alignment of Strong Spirit

              Sacred Seal Generating Genetic Power

              Revealing Layers of Truth & Messages of Light

              We Greet You

              [Pleiadean is pronounced Play-a-dian]

              golden shapesspiral golden mean

              We Greet You

              With the Mystical Golden Ratio

              Spiral Alignments of Perfection

              Sunflowers, Leaves, Temples, Shells

              Symbols of Patterned Presence Divine Proportion

              We Greet You

              Atlantian Goddesses Ayesegul Puspa Ari Sehriboin Dinah Merve

              We Greet You

              With Venus/Aphrodite & the Atlantean Goddesses

              Goddesses of Love & Beauty on Mount Olympus

              Bringing Joyful Relationships to You

              Opening Doors to Your New Beginning

              We Greet You

              dancing in the garden

              We Greet You

              Dancing in the Garden With the Numbers 5 and 8 

              5 for Family of Man, Groundedness, Movement

              8 for Eternity Balance Infinity Spiral

              Spiralling Numbers Within Body

              We Greet You

              BABA playing lovely music

              We Greet You

              With the Music of Baba Gungor Palanci

              Sailing Happily Through Your Mind

              Releasing Old Warn Out Patterns

              In the Soulfulness of Evolutionary Enlightenment

              We Greet You


              We Greet You

              With the Memory of Sacred Friendship

              Conversing Holy Sound of Musical Words

              Echoes of Reverence Present in the Now

              Visual Proof of Respectful Anointment

              We Greet You

              Ural Bayraktar & parents at Hunnaphan Hotel, Ida Mountain

              We Greet You

              With the Eagle Sun of a New Day

              From Mount Ida, Mountain of the Goddess

              Sacred to Zeus, Greek Olympian God

              Igniting Your Soul Identity Pouring Light into Your Heart

              We Greet You

              Ural's parrotlovely healing green and yellow

              We Greet You

              With the Rainbow Parrot of Love

              Colouring Your Auric Field

              Brightening Your Chakra Systems

              Unifying Your Differences

              We Greet You


              We Greet You

              With Turkish Names & Meanings

              Coskun: Enthusiastic

              Umut: Hope    Mumtaz: Light

              Divine Justice: Ilahi Adalet

              We Greet You


              We Greet You

              With the Wings of Working Essence

              Harvesting Crops in the Rhythm of Time

              Sound of the Coastline Nearby

              Giving You Wings to Fly

              We Greet You

              shades of bluemermaids dancing in the waterdancing diamond fairies

              We Greet You

              With the Moving Waters

              Water Fire Fairies & Water Mermaids

              Dancing the Sparkling Diamond Dance

              In the Liberation of Spirit

              We Greet You

              at peace

              We Greet You

              With the Seagull of Ambition

              Peacefully Flying High to the Sun

              Soaring in Your Treasured Goals

              Victoriously Achieving Greatness

              We Greet You

              The Topkapi Diamond

              We Greet You

              With the Kasikci Diamond from Turkey

              Radiating 86 Carat with 49 Diamonds

              Fourth Largest Diamond in the World

              Mesmerising Your Auric Field

              We Greet You 

              Japanese GreetingsNigerian Greeting

              We Greet You

              We  Greet You

              We Greet You


              We Greet You

              We  Greet You

              We Greet You

              mud mud mudGreetiings from Pamukkale

              channelled by Toks Beverley Coker xxx

              Vision of an Arrow

              delicious foodBenefits of Prayer & Meditation

              Meditation has been known to create peace and calm in the mind and improve breathing. I have found it to help me to relax and be happy as it calms my mind and relaxes my body, soul and spirit. I have a clearer mind and I am energised and very alert.  It has been said to create a happy mind and more smiles; reducing stress levels. What are your benefits of prayer and meditation? For me prayer is like nourishing food to your soul. It is sacred entry into the unknown.

              summer lightEntry into Unknown


              Ioanis Konstantinopulos says “I did my homework. I also re-read last years blessing and did all the homework!”  yani

              2012 Homework:  NEW MOON IN GEMINI 21.5.2012 & ANNULAR SOLAR ECLIPSE

              Delegation with the Energy of NewMoon in Gemini: At this moment I do not seem to have any answers with regards to delegation. Everything that I have to do, must be done by myself though there has been procrastination around these tasks. Having said that, I am very determined and very much want to get them done and do them well!   Yanni's Thoth

              Sound with the Energy of NewMoon in Gemini: My tone is Magisterial, Authentic and Prophetic. I hear now, more so than ever, whispers of my Greatness, whispers of my Destiny and whispers of my Abilities and Potential as a Torch Bearer of Light. My Inner Voice works on two levels; it is a Voice of Words where I am guided/directed to do or perhaps not do something. For instance, I have an Egyptian Scroll depicting Horus which is on my wardrobe door. As I closed the door the other day, I paused and lightly touched the scroll with the intention of receiving some form of guidance. As soon as I touched it, I was told that I must go and complete this homework ;-)  On another level, My Inner Voice is a Voice of Signs and Symbols whereby my environment reflects back to me confirming ideas, thought patterns and dreams. For instance, I was thinking of a dear friend whom I had not spoken to in months due to a minor falling-out. I wanted to re establish contact with her though was pensive of her response or lack thereof. As I was thinking this thought-pattern I was in the garden and suddenly a gust of wind swept by and opened the door to the garage. I knew that was the Universe giving meIoanis Konstantinopulos Sacred Altar the thumbs up (door opening…..) so I got in contact with her and she responded after the second or third attempt! 

              New thing to do: I will paint my mother’s fence (almost done)

              2011 Homework: NEW MOON IN GEMINI 1.6.2011 & PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSE

              no. 4. to release chatter in your head – Worked like a Charm :-) 

              no. 5. Healing from Kos, The Plane Tree of Hippocrates – I call on the healing of my skin and the stilling of my mind to remember my peacefully healed and activated physical body. Hippocrates, guide me to this end and Beyond. Cos, the land of my Ancestors, heal me. Hellas* and Hippocrates’ Plane Tree: Activate the Tree of Life within me, let it flourish! Ps Hellas is the name for Greece in Greek. It means Children of the Sun. 

              You can read all about last years homework on http://tokscoker.wordpress.com/category/new-moon-in-gemini-partial-solar-eclipse/                              Thank you Yanni xxxxxxx

              WEB PIC my stand at exhibition


              1. Where do you need to live your life with a smile?
              2. What are you clearing out?
              3. What have you hidden from yourself?
              4. What have you hidden under the carpet that is sticking out of it?
              5. What are your benefits of meditating with Hands of Light?  with Praying? with Meditation?
              6. Read homework on blog post 21.5.2012    http://tokscoker.wordpress.com/2012/05/21/new-moon-in-gemini-annular-solar-eclipse/Did you do it?
              7. Which Greek God resonates with you?  We have 12 Greek Gods and Goddess who rule from the top of Mount Olympus:  Zeus chief god, Hera wife of Zeus queen of gods, Poseidon god of sea, Hades god of lower world, Aphrodite goddess of love, beauty, Apollo god of light and truth, healing, archery, music, Ares god of war, Artemis goddess of the hunt, the moon, children, Athena goddess of wisdom, war, arts and crafts, of the city, Hephaestus, Hestia goddess of the heath, Hermes god of the motion, sleep, dreams, commerce, travellers; sometimes Demeter and Dionysus.  Which Greek God resonates with you?  Family Tree of Greek Gods  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Family_tree_of_the_Greek_gods
              8. Call on Mercury to help  you to communicate a truth to yourself and then to others. 
              9. Work with the element AIR and breathe in/out pranic breathe into your BEing creating a cycle of Life Force in your body.  Feel it twirl with the figure 8 around you:  vertically and horizontally.

              two bags of good fortune

              Testimonial from Cem Tufekci

              Cem Tufekci

              “The work of Leonardo Da-Vinci,

              The work of Albert Einstein,

              The work of Toks Coker,

              All Divine, all manifestation of the Primordial.

              Being inspired by them is one thing; today I had the chance to work with you.

              Thank you for going through all, in sake of holding this power together, for the people, for us.” 

              Cem Tüfekçi,18.6.2012    http://tr.linkedin.com/pub/cem-tufekci/21/3aa/829

              Testimonial from Gulden Tufekci

              Mr & Mrs Tufekci“It is shocking to listen to somebody telling you things you feel but cannot say out loud even to yourself; but it is good.  It moves you on.  You are gentle and nice.  Thank you Toks.  I am very glad to know you!” Gulden Tufekci, 18.6.2012

              two but not two

              SPONSORing TEAM TOKS!

              team toks

              Please help me to raise money for the RNIB [blind and partially sighted] as I do the 10K on July 8 2012 in London.  We have all been training very hard to keep ourselves fit for this occasion.  Donating is simple, fast and totally secure and your details are safe with JustGiving. Once you donate, they’ll send your money directly to the charity and make sure Gift Aid is reclaimed on every eligible donation by a UK taxpayer. So it’s the most efficient way to donate.  You can also donate by texting HOLY77 £x to 70070. Any amount £1, £2, £5 helps, so please dig deep and donate now. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and the soles of our feet for your generous support. Thank you. Thank you. http://www.justgiving.com/Toks-Coker

              happy toks


              2012 dates: http://tokscoker.wordpress.com/moon-calendar-2012-uk

              Payment can be made on: http://www.tokscoker.com/calendar.html

              Meditation: http://www.tokscoker.com/moon_meditation.html

              New Moon Meditation: http://www.tokscoker.com/new_moon_meditation.html

              See you at the meditations and 1:1 sessions
              Love Toks xxxxxx

              New Moon in Gemini and Annular Solar Eclipse 21.5.2012

              dancing twinsAir Fire BeingToks (7)TWIN CANDLES

              HAPPY NEW MOON IN GEMINI, Element Air, 21.5.2012


              HAPPY BIRTHDAY GEMINIhappy birthday to you

              The NewMoon in Gemini in London happens on 21.5.2012 at 00.45BST with the Annular Solar Eclipse at 00.55BST.   An annular solar eclipse happens when the new moon moves in front of the sun blocking the sun, which makes a ring of fire around the moon. The moon is too far away from the earth at this time to block the sun and never completely covers the sun to blot it out. This Annular Solar Eclipse will form a lovely ring of fire for all able to see the Annular Solar Eclipse. My Japanese neighbour has gone to Japan to see it. Remember never to look up at the eclipse with your eyes – always wear eye protection to protect your eyes.  The Annular Solar Eclipse hides and then reveals things.  As the moon covers the sun you feel a sense of something about to happen and you hope for the best.  Then seeing the ‘ring of fire’ around the moon as the sun shines from behind it you feel this awesome real now time experience of breathing in the wonder of this galactic federation of light and love. It truly was spectacular seeing it.    For those who did not see it enjoy the animated alignment of earth, sun & moon  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Eclipse2012animation.gif  and from NASA http://www.nasa.gov/multimedia/videogallery/index.html?media_id=143918651

              UPCOMING ENERGY

              Significant 2012 dates can be found on:http://tokscoker.wordpress.com/moon-calendar-2012-uk/feminine

              what face do you see

              ENERGY OF THIS NEW MOON IN GEMINI111111 amathyst

              We will be holding the New Moon in Gemini meditation on 21.5.2012 from 7pm-10pm calling in the powerful energy of this most transformative time.  See you then. 

              We will be working with the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Ascendant Masters dwelling at Shamballah, the floating city on the etheric plane above the Gobi Desert. We will call in Sanat Kumara and Melchizedek to assist us in these meditations. Remember the words: “Thou art a priest for ever after the manner of Melchizedek.” Psalm 110:4 

              World Recognition of the Pleiades: GREAT PLEIADES COSMIC ECLIPSE ALIGNMENT : We will be anchoring with the Pleiades and the galactic alignment of the conjunction with this NewMoon. Pleiades are cluster of pleiadesstars meaning different things to different cultures. They are a symbol of beauty in Pakistan. They are Abundance in ancient Andes. In Greek mythology they are the Seven Sisters (Alcyone, Celaeno, Taygeta, Electra, Maia, Merope and Sterope) whose parents were Altas and Pleione. The Pleiades and Hyades were sisters as their father was Atlas.  Alcyone is the brightest star of the Pleiades. During this solar eclipse the sun conjuncts Alcyone.   In Indian astrology they are called Star of Fire, ruled by Agni, Vedic God of the sacred fire. Agni is a messenger to/from the Gods and ever-young as the fire is immortal and relit every day. So when you light a candle call in Agni for ever-young YOU with seven rays emanating from your body like Agni.   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pleiades  and http://www.constellationsofwords.com/stars/pleiades.html   Are you ready for the blessings from your Akashic Records? The Akashic Records store your memory and past lives as well as your future. The Pleiades is recognised in many cultures as flaming truthmentioned earlier.  Others include the Aztecs, Mayan, Toltec, Africa, American Indians, Hopi.

              Transmission and Mood Swings: In the transmission of all the energy of this time you may feel dizzy, weary, untidy, tired, cranky, lethargy, feel like giving up or even breaking up with your partner, and need to shout to get your point across.  You may find yourself over analysing, easily distracted and restless with a scattered energy that makes you feel lost and not yourself.  You may find yourself lookingquartz cluster at the ‘wrong’ things in your life and your relationships – personal or at work – and clashing with everyone or everything or just one person!!!!  Feeling deceived, uncertain, angry, suspicion or aggrieved can cause internal chaos in your mind and relationship as you speak your truth or try to hide your truth.  These great changes in your mood is your physical body trying to adjust to all the light codes and healing coming through with this eclipse and new moon.  All these changes and fine-atunement affect your mind, mental body, emotions, body and spirit.  Allow yourself the confusion as your body adjusts to the over-load of energy you have downloaded.  Really take time to receive some crystal healing in the next 7 days and buy a crystal to help anchor and hold the energy for you.  Anchoring in your wisdom and growth is a challenging process.

              So what new thing are you going to do this week with the new moon in Gemini? Listen to Barry Manilow? Smile and say something nice? Wear something blue? Buy yourself something new? Gecmamini enjoys socialising, liking new things and new experiences, inviting new intentions /goals / visions and projects. What will yours be? This is a great time to do something new. Join a social media activity? Write a blog? Make thee new friends?  The week before this NewMoon I went on the CMA 3 day social media/ PR course run by Jayne Goddard, President of CMA. In the picture: lady in purple Mary Hopkins, then Jayney Goddard, then me Toks Coker in the middle, lady in blue Christine H, and lady in white Dr Diane Jayne ToksCynthia Sammet from Malta. Thank you Jayne,  YOU ARE a very inspiring BEing of Light.

              AlignmenJayne Goddard & Toks Cokert: What will you align to this month?  This is not a time of resistance.  It is a time to align to least resistance in your life.  If it does not flow – just drop it immediately.  Re-adjust your plans and do something new.  Stop waiting for the ‘old’ people to help you.  Take action yourself or ask ‘new’ people who say YES to YOU and your projects with ease and want to take action. Really transmute the ‘old’ wound, pain, and feeling like a lead of heavy metal is around your neck.  Stop trying to wake the donkey if it does not want to be woken up.  Go somewhere else.  Simple.!!!   When you set yourselfcolourful feathers of life free like fresh air you can breathe into your energy pranic breathe of healing, love, and freedom.  Immediately you have an eclipse in your life and start you new activation, atunement, atonement and re-weaving shoutingor your crystalline matrix of good fortune based on a higher vibrational frequency. You let go.  You may have to shout.  You may have to shout.  You may have to shout.  Just do so knowing you have to be heard and you are heart.  Even in the wobbly stage you persevere knowing you are on the right track. You protect yourself even with the sound of your voice and the declaration you make in the spoken word.  You Move forward by creating a new weave in your matrix.  Welcome to the freedom of Gemini.  Congratulations. 

              Gemini, the Twins

              Two people iJulie in Madeira 2010n one.  Male and Female in each person.  Polarities of masculine and feminine. Union between two opposites.  Union of opposites.  The meeting of minds.  Integration with the Higher Self within the One.  Bringing together a coherent working alignment.  Bringing harmony to the disharmony within twin wandsand without. A coming together with the Air element.  We constantly transmit signals through the Air like radio waves or TV waves or microwave waves.  We cannot see these signals but we perceive them or sense them.  Gemini allows us to be aware of the thinking mind and the duality and multiple dualities and dimensions. Our conflicting mind sets us up to argue with ourselves and even others as we become aware of the space around us and realise we need to create new boundaries and new ways of being and communicating or just reminding people of how we want to go forward now.  Gemini is about new things – not old ways – new ways of being, thinking, talking, looking at things.  Gemini can be lazy and can be easily bored because Gemini is lazy! Fact!  Newly formed ideas are crucial with the Gemini energy today.  A new energetic cycle or movement in time and no time; as we scrutinise who we are becoming ‘In Newness’.  Let us look at our new intelligence and our new relationship with ourselves. Remember the Gemini energy can suffer an emotional breakdown from boredom and confinement than from over-activity so keep active.


              New Moon in Gemini & Annular Solar Eclipse 21.5.2012

              happy new moon in gemini

              I Greet You

              With the Alert Quick Mercury Mind

              Elusively Intelligent Skipping Back & Forth 

              Eternally Unpredictable Mental Explorer

              I Greet You

              Toks (10)

              I Greet You

              With the Seductive Smile of Gemini

              The Dazzling Dance of Gemini

              Intertwining New Beginnings with Joy

              I Greet You

              dancingGEMINI TALKING DRUM

              I Greet You

              With the Holy Sound of Music

              The Dancing Movement of Sound

              Sacred Invisible Sound Coming Alive in You

              I Greet You

              beauty wealth of beingI close my eyes

              I Greet You

              With the Clever Multitudes of Gemini

              Elusively Disguising True Intent

              Knowing Airy Regal Knowledge

              I Greet You

              blessings of money (2)blessings of money

              I Greet You

              With the Adoringly Joyful Dance with Money

              Lavish Vibrating Giving Receiving

              Abundance Affirming in Every Way

              I Greet You

              shyI am happy

              I Greet You

              With the Eclipse Spiralling Circle

              Purified in the Flaming Ring of Fire

              Shape-Shifting Between Universes & Dimensions

              I Greet You

              regal smilebeauty greek goddess

              I Greet You

              With the Goddess of Gorgeousness

              Bringing Awaited Success & Breakthroughs

              Through Graceful Portals of Opportunity

              I Greet You

              beauty smiles at youbeauty feminine in pink (2)

              I Greet You

              With the Loving Legions of Light

              In the Multiverse of this Universe

              Multi-Dimensional Beings of Light

              I Greet You

              angel lightbeauty ghana

              I Greet You

              With the Vibrant Consciousness of Elohim

              Composed Tranquil Mind Matrix of all Matter

              Calmly Silently Forming New Consciousness

              I Greet You

              beauty regalhello friend

              I Greet You

              With the Vibrating of Your Soul Gratitude

              Peaceful Serene Amplifying Gratifying

              Listening to Your Sacred Sounds of Inner Gratitude

              I Greet You

              I Smile at You (2)I Greet You

              I Greet You

              With the Unspoken Words of a Smile

              Openly Welcoming You with Delightful Joy

              Celebrating Cosmic Trusting & Relaxing

              I Greet You

              Toks (10)beauty profile

              I Greet You

              With the Lunar Ray Family Angel

              Honouring Differences Respectfully

              Celebrating Life in All it Colours

              I Greet You


              I Greet You

              With the Gemini NewMoon Annular Solar Eclipse

              Taking a Pleiades Leap of Faith

              Creating & Making a Change

              I Greet You

              I Greet You

              Dance of Gemini Pleiades

              I Greet You

              I Greet You

              I Greet You

              Toks (4)

              Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for NewMoon in Gemini 2012

              Sound Travelling through Vortex of Air

              JERRY AND DAWNThe element of Air makes us think of sound, and movement in space.  We hear sounds with our ears.  We do not see sound.  We hear the radio speaking to us and we see the pictures on TV and in the cinema.  We cannot see sound with our normal eyes.  BUT all around us is the pulsating of sound and movement in the air and in space.  Our eyes open in the air of space in our body and we see through GEMINI TALKING DRUMthe myriad of air, time and space. Do the sound homework below to help you understand your vibration with sound.  What dimensions will you be journeying in with this workshop? It is said the Pleiades is the sixth dimension portal of our galaxy.  Michio Kaku says that the universe is a symphony of vibrating strings.  He loves the idea of 11 dimensions and cosmic music on 11 vibrating strings in our multi-universe / multiverse.  Can you hear the cosmic music resonating on 11 dimensions? http://youtu.be/fW6JFKgbAF4  and   http://youtu.be/jI50HN0Kshg 

              10K on 8.7.2012  RNIB

              British 10KI am doing the 10K on the 8 July 2012, the day after my birthday in honour of my deceased father, Chief Professor Dr Jimi Kiki Coker, and my living uncle Chief Disun Fashola, to raise money for the blind and partially sighted through the RNIB.  Every day another 100 people will start to lose their sight.  Your support helps RNIB to rebuild lives devastated by sight loss. Please support my charity.  Thank you.  Love Toks xxx    http://www.justgiving.com/Toks-Coker

              NewMoon in Gemini Quote

              “I could tell you my adventures – beginning from this morning …”  “At least I knew who I was when I got up this morning, but I think I must have been changed several times since then.”  Alice in Wonderland

              My 10% Gift to You

              NUTRICENTRE: When you want to get Natural Healthcare Brands think of the Nutricentre. Get 10% discount by quotingZZMUB040,from the NutriCentre.com when you order on line or call 0208 752 8463

              feather air light


              Paulette Myers says “I did my homework”

              paulette myersphotomontage Paulette Myers

              Hi Toks,
              Thanks very much for your emails that you sent out. I have attached a photomontage as you suggested in your email. It was a very useful exercise. I feel the homework was very useful, especially in light of the recent spring equinox in March. I was eager to plant my seeds and let them grow to fruition in the year. However with new moon Taurean energy [21.4.2012] I want my ideas to be grounded and realistic. This was a perfect opportunity to reassess my objectives and find out what gives me pleasure in terms of my career and how to achieve them. By completing the photomontage with a specific timeframe(new to waxing) not only helped me to get serious about my goals but realising the significance of using cosmic energies to manifest things in your life…”As above So below”. Many thanks, Paulette
              http://tokscoker.wordpress.com/2012/04/22/new-moon-in-taurus-21-4-2012/   Thank you Paulette xxxxx

              HOMEWORKI smile at you

              Delegation with the Energy of NewMoon in Gemini

              1. What new thing have you delegated today? 
              2. What new thing do you need to delegate today?
              3. What have you been holding on to that you need to delegate?
              4. If you did delegate what time would it free for you to do other pressing things?
              5. Now delegate and feel the freedom in the air around you and in your breathing and in your brain.
              6. Tell me what you delegated by leaving a message on my blog or sending an email.  Congratulations x

              Sound with the Energy of NewMoon in Geminispeaking drum

              1. What is the tone of your voice?
              2. Do you breathe into your words and sounds that you make?  Try doing so now – breathe into your words and sounds – and sense the difference.
              3. What whispers are you hearing in your mind, your ears, your intuition, your inner knowing? 
              4. Can you tell the difference between your inner voice and inner sound?
              5. How do your senses respond to the sounds you make and the sounds you hear?  Do you ‘see’ sound?  Do you ‘feel’ sound?  Do you ‘hear’ sound? Do you ‘taste’ sound?  Do you ‘touch’ sound? Do you ‘smell’ sounds?  What sounds do  you see, feel, hear, taste, touch or smell?
              6. Share your responses below by leaving a message on or emailing me.  Congratulations x


              1. What new thing are you going to do this week with the new moon in Gemini? phone an old friend?
              2. Light a candle & call in Agni for the ever-young YOU, and like Agni have the seven rays emanating from your body.
              3. For those who have seen the live stream of the annular solar eclipse what was your own response to it? Did you receive light codes? What did it ‘trigger’ in you? Did you take pictures or do you have pictures to share? 
              4. You can revise or revisit and see what new idea you get from http://tokscoker.wordpress.com/category/new-moon-in-gemini-partial-solar-eclipse/

              edwardo toks sarah

              Toks (11)

              2012 dates: http://tokscoker.wordpress.com/moon-calendar-2012-uk

              Payment can be made on: http://www.tokscoker.com/calendar.html

              Meditation: http://www.tokscoker.com/moon_meditation.html

              New Moon Meditation: http://www.tokscoker.com/new_moon_meditation.html

              See you at the meditations

              Love Toks xxxxxx

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