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My Warriors of War Light



I Greet You: “Namaste” Then I BOW TO THEE with my palms placed together touching  my 3rd Eye i.e. forehead.

SYMBOLIC MEANING: Both hands symbolise ONE MIND / THE SELF MEETING THE SELF. The right hand represents the HOLY or HIGHER SELF. The left hand represents the WORLDLY and LOWER SELF. Yin and Yang!



NUMEROLOGY – 4.4.11 AND 11.4.11 Link In Only for these two dates.  If you are linking in I will send you information on the numerology. See times on link below.   Cheers Toks xxx


Please BRING REFRESHMENTS.  It is very important that you please let me know if you are able to make it.

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NewMoon in Aries Blessing by Toks Coker


I Greet You

With Archangel Gabriel

Sounding the Bell of Birthing

Announcing the Beginning

Heralding the Awakening

I Greet You


my birthday party 7.7.08 005

I Greet You

With the Mountain Flame

Illuminating Your Essence

Dancing Your Celebration

Birthing Your New Potential

I Greet You

I Greet You

With Amun Ra

Upholder of Justice

Hidden and Revealed

Blessing the Anointed You

I Greet You



I Greet You

Floating Above Mountain Flame

Wearing the Golden Cobra Collar

With the Lotus Blossom

In a Flowing White Gown

I Greet You


crystal alter for crystal healing page

I Greet You

With the Protective Ram

Chanting the 72 Names of God

Powerful Vortex of Sound

In Your Life’s Journey

I Greet You


sort out 052

I Greet You

With the Sword of Truth

Dancing the Sword Dance

In the Realm of Light

Destroying the Pain

I Greet You


greece 2010 159

I Greet You

With the Fountain of Youth

Pouring Creative Life Force

Eternally Youthing You

Forever Young

I Greet You


sort out 032

I Greet You

With the Circle of Fire

In the Pillars of Truth

Flowering YOUR Truth

Announcing Your Sacred Holy Self

I Greet You


candle light for meditation page

I Greet You

With the Diamond Heart Flame

Activating Your Pineal Gland

Spiralling Your Arms and Feet

Changing Refining You

I Greet You



I Greet You

With the Monks of Aries

Poised for Courageous Action

Fearless Invincible

Your New Way of Doing Things

I Greet You

Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva or Guan Yin Chinese Goddess with 1000 hands

I Greet You

With the 1000 Hands Buddha

Poised with Focus

Cleansing and Healing You

Divine Celestial Healing

I Greet You



I Hear You

I Hear You

I Hear You


I Think

I Think

I Think


I Take Action

I Take Action

I Take Action


I Greet You

I Greet You



Channelled for NewMoon in Aries by Toks Coker 2011

What NewMoon in Aries action have you done?

Sun and Moon are in Aries making it a very contradictory time.

Aries is a CARDINAL sign making it Creative & Inventive. 

Body Parts: head, brain eyes

Colour for Aries is RED for Vitality, Life Force, Extroverts, Vibrant, Energy, Pathfinders, Bold, Warrior Energy, Adventure, Blood Ties.   clip_image002[8]

Key Word is ACTION. Trail blazers. Fame. 

Element: Aries is a FIRE Sign so fiery expressive nature. 

Numerology 11: did you know that the tattoo on Madonna’s shoulder clearly visible in the “Die Another Day” music video is one of the 72 Names of God?   It is the 11th   לאו  to protect artists and to help them reach fame.

PLANET:  Aries is ruled by MARS. The planet Mars is fast, quick, assertive, hot-headed and a warrior.  Absolutely unafraid of any challenge.  It brings with it lots of energy available for you to use if you want to.  Use it well.

FIRST SIGN: BABY OF THE ZODIAC: Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and Aries is the baby of the zodiac.  Just like a baby, Arians tend to be forever young, joyful, dynamic, impatient, emotional, curious and intolerant! 

clip_image002ANIMAL SYMBOL

Animal Symbol for Aries is the RAM with the Horns.  The horns represent the upward flow of spirit – like a fountain creating and moving upwards.  The horns represent new beginnings – like a sprout in spring that grows from a little seed to a flower or tree.  The flowering of the seed is the POTENTIAL of the individual.   This is very NewMoon in Aries: What is your potential?  

NewMoon in Aries HOMEWORK EXERCISE – For the next 7 days What does the energy of ram mean to you when you close your eyes? What is the potential of the Ram in your life at this moment?

What Warrior ANIMAL TOTEM do you bring with you on this day of the NewMoon in Aries?   What animal totem do you call through in your dreams?  

The Egyptians associated Aries with the god Amun Ra. God of Creation.  The Hidden One.  The Revealed One.  The Invisible like air and wind.  Upholder of justice.  King of the Gods. Sun God.  Important during 11th dynasty.  Self Created God.  No mother or father. 

Positive Qualities of Aries: confident, dynamic, drive, forceful,  leadership, pioneers, initiate things, warrior/fighting spirit, active, doers, achievers, organisers, determined, very masculine, inspire others

Negative Qualities of Aries:  extremists, impatient, do not listen, arrogant, impulsive, selfish, think they are always right, hate waiting, hate listening to others, do not complete things.

i and inti 001

EXPRESSION PLANET: MERCURY for communication. What kind of mind do you have? How do you think? How do you communicate? Are you creative, constructive, considerate, kind, empathetic, embracing OR saving? Are you destructive, destroying, criticising, blocking, selfish, unkind, OR gossipy?

ARCHANGEL Gabriel. Angel of Revelation will help with communication this NewMoon says my friend Julie.  Known as the Message of God.  Bearer of Good News/Good Fortune. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Archangel_Gabriel

THOUGHTS: Be clear about your thoughts, words and deed.  Do not let your mind master you. BE the master of your mind. Do you have a baby mind or a master mind?  What mind serves you in your present situation?  Consciously create your new life with positive thoughts that bring in passion, power and solid structure. Pay attention to your thoughts. Monitor your thoughts. Fearful thoughts kill. The mind gives birth to ideas, thoughts. Keep it well and it will keep you well. Pay attention to your thoughts, words and action.

NewMoon in Aries Dance Blessing Chinese Guan Yin/Avalokitesvara Goddess of Compassion

Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva or Guan Yin Chinese Goddess with 1000 hands

I cried when I watched this on Utube


As long as you are kind and there is love in your heart A thousand hands will naturally come to your aid.  As long as you are kind and there is love in your heart You will reach out with a thousand hands to help others

WARRIOR GODS – Greek God, Mars the God of War / Nigerian God, Ogun the Orisha of War

clip_image003Nigerian God, Ogun, the Orisha of War.  God of War, Iron, Labour: Represents violence, creativity and integrity. He is the only Orisha who controls life and death.  The fearless god who protects and reveals injusticeSYMBOL is the Sword.  Metal is Iron.   Day is Wednesday.  Food is red meat, palm wine.   His number is 7.  He is like  George, the Dragon slayer and St Peter.

Numerology 7 is a BIRTHING NUMBER, a sacred number carrying the qualities of SPIRIT, faith and fear.  It represents the CHOICE we have to make in our lives.  7 works well with the numbers 1 and 0.  1 is the Creator.  0 is Eternity.  The LOTUS FLOWER has 7 foundation petals.  It never loses its individuality.  It is unchanging, eternal, constant, original and creative.  7 is the Mystic, the Wizard, the Shaman, the Spirit.  It is the TRUTH seeker, the LIGHT bearer.

imageThe Warrior Energy of Aries is echoed in Hindu Gods and Goddesses.   Hindu Deities have lots of hands.  They hold lots of object for protection and for  fighting.  Sometimes their fingers point up and some point down.  Fingers that point up represent a blessing and a protector.

6 COLOURS to wear with the NewMoon in Aries & matching Hindu Gods/Goddesses

Blue – bravery, determination, ability to deal with difficult situations, stable mind, depth of character.   In Hinduism a blue skinned person has great depth and power to fight evil.  Blue Krishna / Blue Lord Rama

Yellow – knowledge, knowing, leaning, intuition, realisation, happiness, peace, meditation, competence, mental development. This is spring. This is the active mind. LORD VISHNU, LORD KRISHNA and GANESHA all wear yellow.

Green – peace, happiness, peaceful mind, stable mind, cool to the eyes and represents growth and nature. Green Tara

Saffron – represents FIRE which purifies – impurities are burnt in fire.  Purity. It is the quest for light. It is the battle colour of the RAJPUTS, the warrior caste.

Red – mclip_image002[6]arriage, child birth, red powder, red flowers, the colour of SHAKTI, prowess. Charitable, strong, brave, protective, sexy,  can destroy evil. A woman is wrapped in red when she dies for the cremation! Don’t you just love red!

White – 7 different colours make up white so it has all the qualities of all the 7 colours. Purity, cleanliness, peace, knowledge.  Goddess of Knowledge, SARASWATI, wears white.

SELF LOVE: Spiritually Aries is about the SELF and the selfish development of the self:  it is the beginning of Self Love. You can see this when you watch a baby love, laugh, eat and chuckle with her/himself.

The Self energy of Aries is echoed in the Atman / The Soul / Brahman / True Self / Eternal Soul / Universal Soul.

CHANGES:  When a baby is born there are so many changes with the birth of a new baby:  new things to learn; new ways to learn to live with the new baby.  This is what NewMoon in Aries is about. As the baby grows the baby changes. However takshaihe sacred inner soul essence of the baby is always the same no matter the age it grows into. So while you may look like a baby when you are born, you change in appearance as you grow to 6 yjeanine reflexology pageears old, 10 years, 15 years, 18years, 27 years, 35 years, 45 years, 55 years, 66 years, 77 years 87 years, etc. every year you change in appearance but your sacred inner soul essence is the same.

ASKING:  Remember the baby is never afraid to ask for what it wants. It lets you know what s/he wants whether or not you like it. It cries and makes a lot of noise.  Then when you give the baby what s/he wants s/he keeps quite e.g. you feed the baby it keeps quiet. Babies push big dogs and step on their tails and paws. I watched a little girl of 3 push her two very very big dogs and step on their tails and paws.iya's 75th Birthday 8.5.2010 039 The dogs did nothing to the little girl. They let her do whatever she wanted. But when an adult disturbed the dogs in this way the dogs would growl at the adult. Why did they not growl at the little girl? This is a very Arian quality: to push against all odds and get their way. I was very impressed by the two dogs as I watched the interaction – amazement growing in my eyes with wonder and admiration for both the dogs and the little girl. The dog were also displaying an Arian quality too – very strong boundaries some people can enter and some cannot.

PAIN:  What do you need to be ‘feeding’ yourself to stop your crying pain? What do you need to say and do? How are you behaving like a baby in your life right now?  Who will look after you when you cry?  How is your behaviour making others ‘cry’? 

NewMoon in Aries HOMEWORK EXERCISE – For the next 7 days:

What do you see when you look at:clip_image002[4]

Your Father?

Your Mother?

Your Brother?

Your Sister?

Your Child/Children?

Your Lover?

Your Partner? clip_image001[4]

Your Husband/ Wife?

Your Boss?

Your Friend?

Your Colleague?

The Mirror?

Could it be that you see your pain in them, the past, the present, the future? Could it be competition, jealousy, abuse, joy, childhood pain, hatred, contempt? Go back to each person on the list that is relevant to you and choose 2 or 3 words to describe what you feel and see and sense and THINK.  I find that for myself I have to admit that when I see the people who were cruel to  me when I lost my baby I still feel deep pain at the loss and have been known to cry.  I constantly work to heal my grief and it has made me a better practitioner.  What are your lessons?

If you have been hurt then you have hurt. This is the cycle of Cause and Effect.

BIRTHING: This NewMoon in Aries is about taking action and about giving YOU a new birth.  What new birth do you want to create?  My new birth is the total healing of my grief and the happy sun rise of brilliance.

clip_image004 Looking at the picture we caption the Aries PASSION and deep focus in the youthful eyes of this young man.  We sense his determined focus and refusal to listen to anyone else but himself.  Above all we see the Birthing of a young man’s journey in his passion for his life and his future.  You can just imagine him striding forth with his forceful energy and warrior spirit.  How are you bringing out your warrior spirit and your fighting spirit?

the coker boys

STEPS LADDERS: You do not tell a baby to give up walking just because it fell down when it tried to walk.  You encourage the baby and one day the baby walks. So just because you fall or fail does not mean you should not get up and try again. What type of steps are you going to take?  They can be small baby steps or big ones.  All steps lead to your ladder and steps to your goal of happiness.

FOCUS: What are your GOALS AND PRIORTIES with this NewMoon in Aries?  In 5 years, 10 years, 15 years, 20 years? Write them down again to be clear in your head and in your thinking.

LEAPS FORWARD IN YOUR LIFE:  NewMoon in Aries is a time to be free to do what you want.  It is a time of insights and intuition with lots of inspiration, ideas, dreams, visions with introspection and solitude.  New action and energy.  Independence. Vigour.  Confidence. Stepping forward boldly in areas you might have feared. Activating your Warrior Spirit:  What kind of a Warrior am I? What kind of a Warrior do I want to become?  Be flexible as you review and prioritise you way forward.  NewMoon = New Ways of Doing Things. 


DIFFICULTIES AND TENSIONS in Relationships: This can be a difficult time with tensions, fights, disagreements and worries. These may be old beliefs and vows [from a former life, a previous incarnation, a partner, a friend] that stop you moving forward … that shouts at you!  It may be difficult to be calm around this time and to maintain harmonious relationships around this time.  A good thing would be to break your usual routine – especially if you are in a relationship – as it may be a very exhausting and temperamental time in relationships.  I have decided to be very calm and smile, observe then participate with honesty and a clear mind.

BOTH THE SUN AND THE MOON ARE IN ARIES – unpredictable behaviour, sudden change, in seconds!!! This is ‘Dare Me’ Mars.  Quick moving without thinking things through.

ENSLAVEMENT through Avosolarisidance:  What are you avoiding?  What is enslaving you? NewMoon in Aries CANNOT be enslaved.  It will struggle and cause friction and cause internal turmoil till you address the issues. Just like a baby.  This is a time not to avoid issues although you will want to.  GO address ALL issues you have been avoiding. This is a time of cleansing thoughts, words and deeds in mind body and spirit.  Untangle and release yourself letting in what it is you truly desire. Dancing can help with this.  

Phantom of the Opera sings “Let your song take wing.”

Last month waat graves Pisces; the last sign which represents death and consciousness of the soul.  This month we enter a new cycle with NewMoon in Aries – A time to have no fear and cry for what we want. If there is something you have wanted to do and have not done so now is the time to do it with the energy of Aries and Mars. A time to get rid of lingering dis-ease OR any form of procrastination or inertia.  As many have said:  Face the Fear and Do IT, whatever IT is.

HAVING YOUR WAY vs. CONTROL:  Aries is the baby of the zodiac and like a baby likes to have its way. Are you having your way?  Is someone making you do something you really do not want to do?  Is someone controlling you – even subtly?  Are you crying suddenly?  Out of the blues?  Wondering why?  Saying you have had enough of your situation?  What control wars are you fighting with yourself / others?   What is raging inside /outside you?  What aspect of your life are you finding difficult to look at? What makes you feel ‘not so nice about myself’?  Remove yourself from the control that is not your truth.  Remove yourself from control that does not honour your belief system of yourself, your desires or your wanting.   Be alert and observe. 


What will lift obstacles is Enthusiastic Action and Dynamic Passion.  Bring in Gratitude for where you are right now and the ‘lucky escapes’ you have had so far.  Think about some of the times you have escaped ‘danger’ or ‘things could have been worse’.  Now express Gratitude for your GOOD FORTUNEBring in Humour to soften the mood.  Bring in Happiness to bring a smile to your face. Bring in Gratitude for all your live. Bring in Tenderness – be not too strict on yourself. Bring in Abundance of Spirit so you allow flowing. Bring in Flexibility to in all areas of your life. Bring in Harmony to your relationships.

FIGHTING SPIRIT: Feelings of jealousy and possessiveness may run high with Aries NewMoon.  So will feelings of determination and spunk and drive. Aries demands and commands: do not retreat, take quick definite action.  Move: do not stagnate, do not stand still.  Take action. Take action.  Take action.  SO with this NewMoon in Aries start a new enterprise and Face hidden enemies!!!!

imageDevelop a Fighting Spirit with the Sword of Truth and Honesty. Bring out Warrior Spirit of Mars and fight with courage. 

What in your life are you willing to fight for and preserve and keep safe? Your home? Your money? Your food? Your relationship?  Where is your FIGHTING SPIRIT?  What do you VALUE enough to make your fighting spirit?

CRYSTALS for Aries with the energy of masculine Mars are hot and fiery.  They include blood stone, red jasper, sulphur and iron.  Crystals for the energy of feminine Venus are cool and gentle.  They include carnelian, emerald, copper and aquamarine.

NEWMOON IN ARIES BOOK: Men are from Mars, Women from Venus.

Astrologically, Libra is the opposite of Aries.  The Planet Venus rules Libra.  The Planet Mars rules Aries.  Venus cools Mars.   They are opposites.  Feminine Libra Venus and Masculine Aries Mars.

NEW MOON IN ARIES MOVIE: Gone With the Wind: Rhett Butler and Scarlett O’Hara, 20th Century, American, literary. Their fiery romance set amid the Civil War showed the pitfalls of pride and selfishness. He really did give a damn, and so did she.  http://www.imdb.com/video/screenplay/vi1195967001/


Think of Scarlett O’Hara in Gone With the Wind. With clenched fist she looks to heaven and shouts “I will never go hungry again.”  “I’ll survive this…” And she did! Even with her shattered emotion, dead child and husband leaving her she said “Tomorrow is another day.” She never gave up no matter what obstacles or hardships came her way!!!  It is her fighting spirit that expresses the fighting spirit of never giving up no matter what.


Clark Gable as Rhett Butler is the ultimate Mars ARIES MAN of passion & intensity when he says: “You should be kissed and often and by someone who knows how.”   ”Sir, you are no gentleman” says Scarlett and Rhett replies immediately: “And you, miss, are no lady”   When he talks about himself he states in a matter of fact way: “I believe in Rhett Butler, he’s the only cause I know. The rest doesn’t mean much to me.”  When he has had enough of Scarlet and her loving another man he leaves: “Frankly my dear I don’t give a damn.”


Have you noticed the sun set?

NewMoon in Aries HOMEWORK EXERCISE – For the next 7 days

  1. I give gratitude for everything in my life
  2. Looking into your eyes in a mirror I say “I Can do it and I Do it.”
  3. I take a deep breathe of peace and exhale peace throughout my body
  4. I CALL IN 7 Angels. Choose from the following:  Vitality,  Life Force,  Energy, Warrior Energy, Adventure,  Inspiration,  Creativity, Birthing, Purification, Fire, Love, Passion.  Look at each of the words and close your eyes and think the message from your Angels.
  5. Understand the best direction for your life for the next few days and weeks.  How are you going to carry out the ‘new’ changes in action.  Look at doing things a different way with the NewMoon in Aries.
  6. Be very aware.  Be very aware.  Be very aware of the thoughts you are creating.  AS you create them you make them.
  7. Take up 7 ACTIONS you have to carry out this NewMoon in Aries e.g. What do you have to complete by the end of April 2011?


FROM CHLOE  clip_image008  www.tiegsolus.com

21st March – Spring Equinox;
21st June – Summer Solstice;
21st September – Autumnal Equinox;

The Spring Equinox is always about awakening, stretching in the sunlight and the excitement of new growth. For us as humans, it is about our personal growth, ambitions, hopes and dreams for the year; following through with action… Like any form of cultivation, if the expectations are too high, disappointment can follow and this is one of the lessons of this equinox – to stay very zen and enjoy the moment rather than live in the projections of our mind.

This equinox may stir strong emotions, a need for positive goals and an intense desire for a fresh start after the challenges of the winter – alongside this an amazing opportunity to have faith in our ability to move forwards. There is also a quixotic energy around warning us of “tilting at windmills” driven by this desire for change. It might be helpful to look at what we struggle with within ourselves and others – an opportunity to spring clean our behaviours and attitudes! Know your enemies and use that knowledge wisely.

There will be many surpriimagesing opportunities for reconciliation (internal and external) which will appear if we are living in the present. The paradox is that it is also a great time to learn from the past: our own and society’s as well as from our personal ancestors and cultures. There is a strong message that there is room for everyone and everything if we are good at clearing and nurturing the empty spaces.

Lessons around trusting “The timing” rather than pushing are also around. We are in a huge process of transformation at all levels – remember to pause, breathe and connect to your intuition as well as logic. Listen to the words you use when speaking and trust that it is ok to readjust them out loud if they don’t sound quite true. If diplomacy is needed, wait for the intuition and right words as opposed to having fear based and sometimes patronising conversations. The discipline of using a spiritual sandwich for our mundane lives can only pay dividends! Enjoy the sandwich……

sort out flowers patrick others 27.4.2010 311

The energy of this NewMoon is very potent as we begin our journey in the astrological cycle. Come one Come all!  Let us gather and bring something to share. If you want to speak with me please feel free to call…..I am a phone call away… Mobile: 07973210107  Or add a comment on my blog.

I Remain AlwaysDSCF0435

Splendidly Passionately Dynamically Actively

Toks xxxxx

Toks Beverley Coker

Hands of Light For the Light of Your Life

Medicine Woman Lighting Your Way

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"If you Light a Lantern for Another, it will also Brighten Your Way." Gosho Zenshu 1598

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New Moon in Pisces 4.3.11

Red heartRainbowRed lips Happy NewMoon in Pisces



Dear Pioneers & Ambassadors of Light

Welcome to the NewMoon in Pisces.

AN AUSPICIOUS TIME Today: Happy NewMoon in Pisces 4.3.11 [7pm-10pm]


Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and is about breaking through – a death of the old self to the new self – like the new moon.  Planting a seed to grow.  It is about facing our fears and boundaries we create due to our fears.  Boundaries WHICH stop us from growing to our true self is based on fear NOT love.

       Invocation Blessing

NewMoon in Pisces by Toks Coker

sort buddhist pics 13.12.10 361

                         I Greet You

        With the Crystal of Invocation

        Calling Mother Father Healing

       Chanting Ancestral Protection

  Into the Sacred Centre of  Your Being

                        I Greet You


                        I Greet You

              With the Poem of Life

             Touching Your Heart

              Rippling Through You

       Reflecting Accepting Breathing

                        I Greet You


                      I Greet You

          With the Melody of Your Life

       Celebrating Your Inner Mystery

          In the Music that you Make

                Increasing Your Power

                         I Greet You

Toks & Titanya

                         I Greet You

    With the Divine Magic of Happiness

         Letting Go of Old Restrictions

         Moving On with New Benefits

       Delighting in Life’s Improvements 

                       I Greet You

          july 2007 135clip_image003[9]

                       I Greet You

    With the Divine Magic of Friendship

          In the Contrasts of Living

     Loud Laughter & Silent Stillness

         Balancing a Wholesome Life

                       I Greet You

jo kingBoaGirl

                      I Greet You

         With Iridescent Isis Flowering

      Bringing Sexiness & Sensuality

       Teaching Tantalising Totems

     Beauty of Feminine Loving Power

                      I Greet You


                        I Greet You

   With the Flower of Life Cosmic Heart

    Opening Multi-Dimensional Portals

        Swift Moving Opportunities

      Transforming Intuitive Knowing

                        I Greet You


                          I Greet You

    With the Spiralling Serpent of Light

  The Star Dragon & the Master of Life

   Practicing the Universal Law of One

           Gaining the Trust of Time

                       I Greet You


                        I Greet You

           With the Trident Key of Life

         Supposing I AM Inspirational

   Really Somebody In this Incarnation

     Alchemical Arrow of Wise Insight

                        I Greet You

buddha lotus heart

                          I Greet You

              With the Buddha’s Light

          Healing Your Hearts Desires

         In the Drowning of Your Soul

           In the Rising of Your Soul

                        I Greet You


                         I Greet You

      With the Atlantians and Anunnaki

        With the Flower of Life Merkaba

         With the Whisper of the Water

              With the Soul of God

                        I Greet You


              Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish

                    Adonai ‘Tsebayoth

                         I Greet You

                         I Greet You

                         I Greet You


                       Channelled with Love by Toks

                            Teacher of the Light

                        Teacher of the Dragon Light

Some other significant things happening:

7 days later: 11.3.11


HAPPY FULLMOON in Pisces/Virgo 19.3.11 Meditation from 4pm-7Pm;  actual time of full moon 18:10GMT


HAPPY SPRING EQUINOX 20.3.11 [last year it was 20.3.10]http://springequinoxmeditation.eventbrite.com/

DAY AND NIGHT ARE OF EQUAL LENGTH during the Spring Equinox.   Ying and Yang.  Life and Death.  Left and Right.   Up and Down.  Two become ONE. Tclip_image003HIS IS UNITY.    HOW ABSOLUTELY GREAT FOR SHIFTS – breaking through our boundaries – pushing forth – A TRANSFORMATION – LIKE THE SEA GOD WHO TRANSFORMED HIMSELF TO GET WHAT HE WANTED – THE WOMAN HE LOVED.  WHAT WILL YOU DO TO BECOME THE PERSON YOU WANT TO BE?  WHAT EFFORT WILL YOU TAKE TO BE THE PERSON YOU ADMIRE?  Now that is the question.  Are you ready for a NEW YOU.  A NEW WAY OF BEING.  A NEW WAY OF BECOMING????? 

NewMoon in Aries 3.4.11 [1pm-4pm]


Private workshop: Dancing the Tease in You – Saturday 26 March from 2pm-5pm £120  Telephone Jo: 07958 314107

TWO FISH swimming in opposite clip_image001directions

Water – Pisces is a water sign, which makes it deeply emotional like the ocean and its waves.

Water is a sacred symbol that personifies the highest manifestation of the feminine principle i.e. SPIRIT – DIVINE KNOWLEDGE.  The DIVINE SOPHIA.  THE GREAT GODDESS.  

Water washes away our karma, our pain.  Water is the love – unconditional love – that washes away our unhappy muddy karma.  Dance and move like water, the ocean waves.

The OCEAN is a symbol of the unconscious in psychology with all the collective psyche, perceptions and impressions.

Positive Qualities: Flowing in two directions at once.  Cause & Effect. North & South.  Male & Female.  Polarities.  Opposites.   Seeing two sides of an argument. Beliefs, Faiths, Sacrifice.   Pisces has lots and lots of memories and feelings.   Imagination.  Spiritual.  Friendly.  Dreamy.  Toks Coker in Yorkshire 397Good Natured.  Kind.  Compassionate.   Easy going.  Can be submissive.  Affectionate.  Emotional.  Instinctive.  Intuitive.  Feel people and situations with ease. Creative.  Dislikes confinement.  Gifted artistically.  Need to feel free to dream!  Love luxury and travel.  Secrets hidden and revealed.  Pisces can be addictive yet creative and sensitive. Intuition – New moon in Pisces uses reflective intuition to help focus your mind and remove the confusion in your mind.  However this may be a difficult time to teach you to use your intuition.  There is a strong ability to mix with all sorts of situations and people – then to retreat.   There is a strong need to intuit.  To feel.  And yet a heaviness of resistance and a questioning – “Am I doing the right thing?” People with strong Neptune in their chart are usually in the healing and counselling professions. 

Sometimes the need to help and heal and save others makes them emotional dustbins of the zodiac.  So watch out that your kindness and compassion is not abused and you perpetuate the ‘victim’ mentality in yourself or others…..  Welcome to the contradictory NewMoon in Pisces…. Suppose I am REAALY somebody in this incarnation? 

Negative Qualities with this NewMoon in Pisces: Confusion. Indecision.  Opposition.  Inner Turmoil.  The two fish set against each other.  Self sabotage. Toks bed linen butterfly Self undoing.  Contradictory.  Inconsistent.  Of Two Minds.  Feeling lost and unsure.   No wonder there is so much confusion with the NewMoon in Pisces.  Yet from this confusion in our lives comes the need to stillness and the rising of the phoenix or dragon! NewMoon in Pisces can activate low emotions like selfishness and hatred.  Boundaries:  Remember if you are finding it difficult to deal in boundaries and to make clear boundaries this is partly due to the energy of this NewMoon……the limitless and formless quality of the sign of Pisces makes this difficult.  Do not blame yourself.  Just know what it is and take action – purposeful action.  If you find yourself burying your head in the sand… not wanting to look at material aspects of your life…..playing the victim, drug addiction, alcoholism,  etc.…. These are all ‘hold ups’ with this energy.  Just remind yourself of the death and resurrection – the phoenix rising…… Heaviness – Is there a heavy weight on your body, your heart, your face?   What are you ‘entering’ into your body?  Is your body yours?  Ask yourself – Why am I feeling down?  Why am I feeling heavy?  This is a time to take control emotionally.  Do not collapse.  It is very important to develop the ‘fighting spirit’ – this is the fighting sage warrior spirit

clip_image001 The Dragon is said to hold a flaming pearl under its chin or is reaching out to take it. For me, the dragon is Always active, as well as, Always still. This symbolizes dragon as the Keeper of the Tao – the balance of yin and yang the holder of the Pearl of knowledge.  In the stillness we will be accessing the pearl of knowledge.  http://www.ninedragonbaguazhang.com/dragons.htm

clip_image001[13] NEPTUNE – THE GREEK SEA GOD, named POSEIDON – who looked after all lakes and rivers – who turned himself into a stallion to woo the GODDESS  DEMETER when she became a mare.  Good at dissolving boundaries Neptune can shape shift and mind-read.  God of clouds and rain.  God of streams and rivers and lakes.  King of the Underworld.  Two thirds of the world is covered in water.  This deity has a far reaching influence. The unknown force of Neptune vibrates a spiritual energy that is full of compassion, beauty and sacredness.   How sacred are you today?  Sensitive.  Trusting.  Neptune encourages imagination, sensitivity and idealism.  Neptune like the fish can be sensitive and yet can also be angered!!! The dream maker and dream breaker.  The romantic and the non-romantic. Neptune encourages us in connecting to the deep unconscious – to the void – to the vast ocean – to the universe – to the oneness.  This is Pisces. Welcome to the NewMoon in Pisces. Neptune is about mystery and intuition.  A time to get lost in your dreams and allow softness into you.  An emotional time to look at your dreams and re-affirm them and live them or let them go.   It is also a very mysterious time.   Pisces is a water sign so very apt to have a SEA GOD.  Did you know that Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Einstein had strong Neptune theme in their charts?  I did not know that.

clip_image002[4] JUPITER, like his brother Neptune, encourages both good and bad things to happen!!!!  Jupiter ruled Pisces before Neptune was discovered in 1846.  It brings in our good fortune and optimism. It expands our sense of possibilities.  Think of yourself as one of the rays of colourful light breaking through a prism.  This is yOur adventure, yOur exploring and yOur opportunities. Living individuals who make up the totality and collection.  All yOur targets.  yOur reasoning.  Also yOur extravagance.  yOur excesses.  yOur indulgences.  yOur view on things.  yOur judgments.  Jupiter deepens yOur faith and yOur POWER OF HEALING = MYSTICAL.

Shape Shifting The ability to shape shift and soak up other people’s habits and mannerisms is very common with the energy of Jupiter and Neptune with this NewMoon in Pisces.  This is shape shifting transformation.  This is flowing, dancing, moving, beauty, art, poetry and romance.!!!

Pisces is the last astrological house. It is death while Aries is birth. Aries is the baby of the zodiac, new beginnings, new life while Pisceclip_image002[9]s is the elder of the zodiac, endings, completions, moving on. Pisces works with both issues of Death & Life:  It is the end and beginning of all things.  It is end of the cycle of evolution and the beginning of the cycle of involution.  It is the rhythm of life and death.  It is the state of KU and KE and CHU. With the two fishes swimming in both directions it in the journey of going inward to the hidden, the unknown, the unseen, the unchartered, known as the state of KU. It is the state of going outward once you have gone inward. The Piscean journey is the sacred homeward bound journey. It is an ending and a beginning all at once – like the lotus flower which seeds and blooms at once.  This is the true act of the Buddha – manifesting, hidden, revealing….  When you get to Pisces you get to the Path of Return, the Path of No Return and the Path of Liberation.  This is the last stage of the journey to the source and the return to the source!!!  Confusing?  I know.  Feel it – do not think it – feel it…..NewMoon in Pisces is to commit to growing up to whom you are becoming or who you have become.  It is feelling feeling feeling.  It is dreaming dreaming dreaming.

funeral remi and iEXERCISES: NewMoon in Pisces is question time on an intuitive level. 

What has to ‘die’ in your life?  What has to ‘die’ so you can take action in your own personal life in a practical way?  What do you need to die?  What aspect of you needs to ‘die’?  Death allows a new beginning.  The death and the resurrection of all things. What pain do you experience?  What suffering?

What is the Sacred Centre of Each Human Being?  Is it the Merkaba? A crystalline energy field with two counter rotating fields of light spinning in the same space.?  Is it one’s Ka? Or ones Ba?  Is it the Pearl that forms as we journey through life?  Is it the Void?  The Stillness?  The Emptiness.  friends laughingThe Darkness?  What is it?  Is it the Holy of Holies?  The Central Chamber?  Is it the most central chamber in the Temple of Solomon, which contained the Ark of the Covenant?  What is the inner most centre of any sacred temple?   What do you think yours is?  It is the Divine Wisdom of all.  It is where we merge with the Divine and the Source of all.  Welcome to the NewMoon in Pisces.  What a wonderful thing.  What a wonderful thing.

Where is your stillness in your body? Where does your mind sit inside your body?  Where does your heart sit inside your body?  Where is the stillness in your body?  Pisces is stillness in death.  It is the void.  Alpha and Omega.  August 2008 Ilkley London Skipton 036The infinite.  The eternal journey we must all take.   Going inward to interrupt old patterns.  Listening to higher level of instructions – not your level – a higher level.  Pisces helps us to more easily tune in and tune into our next step!!!!!  Yes I said that.  Yes with all the confusion around you.  A time to understand your beingness.  A silent quiet soul time — there will be some silent moments in this meditation ……Breathe… and just listen…. LISTEN to the stillness to the nothingness – to the noise – to the chatter in your brain…..Let go the need to hear voices and sounds in ybuddha stillour ears and your inner ears …  let go the chatter.  KNOW the answer is on its way…in the stillness of sound and movement and in the complete void of sound.  KNOW.  I KNOW.  In the stillness of the moment I KNOW…I know because the answer comes in the in-between of the silence.

Is your Kindness your stupidity?  Look at your areas of compassion and thoughtfulness.  Have you been kind to someone recently – someone August 2008 Ilkley London Skipton 071you know or do not know?   Have you been kind with yourself?  How kind are people to you?  How kind are you to people?  Do you expect more than you give?  Do you give more than you expect?  Look at your life and reflect. Compassion is more than kindness.   NewMoon in Pisces is compassionate and sensitive. 

What is your chatter?   This NewMoon in Pisces brings in modern technology as it is a bringer of change. It brings in Communication in all its forms:  mental chatter, mental mind, body chatter, spiritual chatter. In short a busy mind!  What is your chatter?

Numerology 3

Pisces is the 12th House in Astrology.  It is the last house.   1+2 = 3

March is the 3rd month of the year.  = 3

The Number 3 represents: Father/Son/Holy Ghost.  Mind/Body/Spirit.  Sun/Moon/Earth.  Life/Death/Rebirth.  Past/Present/Future.  Maiden/clip_image001[15]Mother/Crow.  Mother/Father/Child.  Isis/Osiris/Horus.  Trinity.  Divinity.  Pyramid.  Sacred Geometry – Tetrahedron – three dimensional triangle.  Octahedron – 3D Diamond.  Star Tetrahedron

NewMoon in Pisces teaches us that true Enlightenment cannot be given, taught, or bought!  It is a state of life achieved through continuous disciplines, principles and cosmic universal truths. It is a know fact that no one is ready to learn until he or she seeks to find the answers. 

clip_image001[18]NewMoon in Pisces Boclip_image002[6]ok:   The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho is a magical fable about following your dream.

clip_image004 NewMoclip_image005on in Pisces Film: The Bullet Proof Monk, staring Chow Yun-Fat

NewMoon in Pisces Quote: "True love is love that allows you to reach your Personal Legend!"   The Alchemist

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I Remain

Always With Deep Respect

Like You, Always An Illumined One

Toks Beverley Coker

clip_image001[20]With Hands of Light & Starlight

Moon Lady Sage Warrior

Hands of Light

For the Light of Your Life

Lighting Your Way

"Excellence is DOING Ordinary things Exceptionally Well."

"If you Light a Lantern for Another, it will also Brighten Your Way." Gosho Zenshu 1598

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New Moon in Aquarius; Happy Chinese New Year 3.2.11


BlessingsHappy New Moon in Aquarius and Happy Chinese New Year: Year of the RABBIT/HARE



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New Moon in Aquarius Blessing by Toks Coker



I Greet You

With Quan Yin and Green Tara

From the Ascension Gateway

Showering Upon You

Prosperity, Good Fortune & Good Luck

We Greet You



I Greet You

With Shakti, Parvarti, Radha & Sita

From the Ascension Chamber

Pouring Red Radiating Flowers

Of Love Peace & Happiness

We Greet You



I Greet You

With Moses and the Greek Gods

From Ascension Mount Sinai & Olympus

Having Climbed the Flower & Tree of Life

Renewing Your Soul Spirit Life Force

We Greet You



I Greet You

With the Storm of the Sea of Past Lives

Releasing Your Accumulated Errors

Your Vicious Tendencies, Your Mental Terrors

Your Physical Illnesses

We Greet You



I Greet You

With the Lemurians & Atlantians

Holding Crystal Swords of Truth & Freedom

In All Your Battles Cutting Weeds & Thorns

Clearing Pathways for Humanities Happiness

We Greet You



I Greet You

With the Light of the Tao

Restoring & Strengthening All Things

Inner Light & Outer Light

Preserved from All Harm

We Greet You



I Greet You

With the Animal Totems

Bonding with the Mountains

Breathing In & Out : Freedom Flowing Veins

Initiating Invisible Lightness of Power

We Greet You



I Greet YOU

With the Sage Arriving Without Going

Seeing All Things without Looking

Achieving Everything without Doing

In the Power of Your Well Wired Mind

We Greet You



I Greet You

With True Fire Residing in Your Soul & Spirit

From The Celestial Spirit Fire of Divine Love

Plunge You In, Purging Melting Tribulations

Wisdom of Your Mind & Heart Transformed

We Greet You



I Greet You

With the Power of Spirit Water

Cooling Springs of Living Water

Rivers of Love and Rivers of Light

Cleansing In the Depth of Your Being

We Greet You



I Greet You

With Your Legacy of Ancestors

In Loving Appreciation of All You have BEcome

An Invincible Energy of Expansion

In the Cosmic Order of Things

We Greet You



I Greet You

With Tenacity, Will-Power

Intelligence, Daring, Stability

Good Fortune & Irresistible Yearning

For the Light and Purity of Mankind

We Greet You


Happy NewMoon in Aquarius

Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Valentines Day

We Greet You

We Greet You

We Greet You

Ho and so it is.

New Moon in Aquarius

Blessing by Toks Coker

We look forward to seeing you all sometime this year. 
Please come round and share your spiritual light with us…..

Welcome to the New Year & New Moon  http://newmoonmeditationinaquarius.eventbrite.com/

So much happening all together with all the energetic movement changes.  How are you coping?  GOODBYE YEAR OF THE dramatic TIGER.  WELCOME YEAR OF THE calm RABBIT / HARE.  We bring in the war, misunderstandings, hatred, power struggles of last year into this year?  or we leave them behind?  How does one keep calm in all of this?  Year of the Rabbit for me is about facing your fears like a General.  It is a time to clean up your house without expecting thanks or appreciation all the time.  The Chinese New Year starts with the New Moon and ends with the Full Moon with a Lantern Festival at night creating a festival of light.  For the Chines it is a time to revere their ancestors, Mother Earth and God of Heaven & Earth and create unity at home and with neighbours. 


BREAK THROUGH    The NEW MOON IN AQUARIUS a new day – a new beginning – a positive way forward.  It is a time to face your BARRIERS and break through them.  THIS is what the YEAR OF THE RABBIT is about too.  How many barriers in your life have you broken through?    One barrier is FEAR – Sometimes what we fear persists because we do not face it.  Imagine jumping at a ghost – IT would be frightened.  Jump at your fear and it will be frightened.  Fear blocks our inner truth, our spiritual power and our true self.  It separates us from people we love and people we want near us.  WE use our fear as Boundaries AND Barriers to protect us – and for a while it seems to work !! – but this is not the true you.  It is not the clear you.  It is not the real you.  It is the hidden you – the frightened you.  The Year of the Rabbit is about facing your fears.  To break barriers we will be working with the RIVER OF LOVE and the RIVER OF LIFE in this NewMoon Meditation.


Strong Rabbit Character: Sun Tzu was a military man who carried out his mission without fear and with precision.  He was exact, precise, executing his words and actions with a focus and perseverance that earned him a lot of respect.  He was slow, deliberate and planned things to perfection but he was also wise and prudent.    He kept his focus and never gave up facing his fears.

One of the more well-known stories about Sun Tzu, taken from the Shiji, illustrates Sun Tzu’s temperament as follows: Before hiring Sun Tzu, the King of Wu tested Sun Tzu’s skills by commanding him to train a harem of 180 concubines into soldiers. Sun Tzu divided them into two companies, appointing the A statue of Sun Tzutwo concubines most favoured by the king as the company commanders. When Sun Tzu first ordered the concubines to face right, they giggled. In response, Sun Tzu said that the general, in this case himself, was responsible for ensuring that soldiers understood the commands given to them. Then, he reiterated the command, and again the concubines giggled. Sun Tzu then ordered the execution of the king’s two favoured concubines, to the king’s protests. He explained that if the general’s soldiers understood their commands but did not obey, it was the fault of the officers. Sun Tzu also said that once a general was appointed, it was their duty to carry out their mission, even if the king protested. After both concubines were killed, new officers were chosen to replace them. Afterwards, both companies performed their  manoeuvres flawlessly.[6]   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sun_Tzu

Strong Rabbit Quotes by Sun Tzu

  1. Opportunities multiply as they are seized.   
  2. You have to believe in yourself.
  3. There is no instance of a nation benefitting from prolonged warfare.
  4. He who knows when he can fight and when he cannot, will be victorious.

Strong Rabbit/Hare Animal Totem

We hear of the man on the moon and we see the man on the moon. Is it a man or a rabbit?  I wonder.  Rabbit is a lunar animal and is said to live in the moon.  Rabbit is associated with Moon Goddesses.  Rabbit runs in and out of mother earth burrowing happily showing a great affinity with Mother Earth.  It is believed that it is an elixir of life and is constantly pounding the drug of immortality. Rabbit is vigilant, alert, aware – it can sleep with its eyes open.  It is very fertile and sexy and sensual.  It represents constant renewal of live.  It loves to mix and play and connect and move quickly; thus considered a symbol of agility.   A contradiction in Rabbit:  It never stands still for very long though it can stay still for long.  It is still and then suddenly it moves. Rabbit looks timid and frightened and scared and fearful all at once.  Yet with quick moving eyes it can act quickly and run and protect itself.  When Rabbit appears it is about facing our fears strongly and boldly with courage like General Sun Tzu.   Rabbit is eager to learn, curious, elegant, excitable and energetic.  Rabbit is lovely and soft and gentle and protective and bringer to Good Luck.  Rabbit is kind, generous, tender and fertile.  Bring on the White Rabbit.

Strong Goddess Quan Yin


Quan Yin / Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva is the Great Goddess of Mercy & Compassion, Beauty & Grace.   A male and female Goddess all at once.  As masculine or androgynous she is known as Chenrezig in Tibetan  &  Avalokiteśvara in Sanskrit.  As female she is known as  Kannon in Japanese & Kuan Yin in Chinese. 

Many cultures  and religions have Quan Yin equivalents.  She is Isis in Egypt, Mother Mary in Christianity and the Green Tara in Tibetan Buddhism.  In Hinduism she is 4 goddesses: Shakti, wife of Vishnu,  Parvarti, wife of Shiva,  Radha, wife of Krishna, and Sita, wife of Rama. She is Artemis in Greece and Ha Hai-i Wuhti of Hopi Indian lore.

HOW DO I SPEAK WITH KUAN YIN?  Call on her through your third eye chakra and link in with the 6th ray of Indigo. Or just sit and pray to her.



CONNECTION   As we know Valentine is a time to connect with loved one, bury old pains and arguments, tell a person you love them or miss them or even forgive them.  Carry the Good Fortune Torch of Valentine with an open, nurturing, warming and embracing heart.  Send a kind note or card to yourself and a few others.  I have been sending a Valentine Card to myself for years!  Charming!  Well I decided I have to love myself first before anyone can love me.  Do you love yourself? 

TEST OF LOVE  Love is not just love and physical love.  It is not just waking up in the morning after the night of passion.  It is how you deal with problems when they come up in your life and in their life.  Do you work together to solve the ‘problem’ or do you separate?  Do you work in isolation to solve the ‘problem’?  Do you seek help?  Do you blame? 

Let us not live in isolation and let us have dialogue based on respect and truth and lay strong foundations for healing unhappy relationships AND promoting happy successful nurturing empowering loving relations. 

clip_image002[19]RELATIONSHIPS  This NewMoon in Aquarius is about reminding us of why we are here and what our greater mission is in terms of relationships…….What relationships?  You Ask Me?  You tell me!  These are my questions to you:  Are you in a loving relationship?  or are you alone?  Are you alone even though you are in a relationship?  Are you lonely?  Are you lonely even though you are in a relationship?  Hhhhhmmmmmm  


PRAYER  I wish you peace in your journeying as you fathom through this very complex exciting period in your lovely life.  I greet you.  I greet you.  I greet you.


URANUS is the unpredictable planet that rules freedom loving Aquarians.  Aquarians like their independence and freedom.  They have many friends and form very very few really deep friendships.    Sociable, friendly, they love group interaction, synergy with laughter.  Aquarians make fine homes that friends like to sit in and talk in and laugh in.


The symbol of Aquarius is the WATER CARRIER  – giving the water of knowledge to others….. New Moon in Aquarius may find you giving the water of knowledge to others – a humanitarian quality.  Greek mythology sees Aquarius as a Rain God pouring water on a dry earth to fertilise it. 

“Unseen Virtue brings about Visible Reward.”

Aquarians set trends and initiate things.  Being creative with ideas they pour forth new ideas in their search for knowledge and truth.  Being natural givers they seldom lack company and are easy to get along with.  They can easily stand on their own and can be aloof and detached as they follow their own drum.  They do not force themselves on others or their ideas on others; though they do love teamwork.

Aquarians have the SPIRIT OF SERVING HUMANITY.  Who am I as Spirit?  How am I serving humanity?  Are you a REBEL creating SELFLESS ACT FOR HUMANITY?  Prometheus became a rebel when he gave the gift of fire to all mortals and upset the gods. That was indeed a very selfless act for humanity.  What selfless act do you do for humanity?  If you have not got one then think or feel one and carry it out.


"That best portion of a good man’s life – his little,  nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and of love."   William Wordsworth

This moon may affect you in an Aquarian way.  We talked earlier of the contradiction of Rabbit energy.  This NewMoon in Aquarius can present a problem for some of you.

  1. You may find you are hardworking, disciplined and conventional yet innovative & experimental
  2. You may feel nervous 
  3. You may lack commitment.
  4. You may be friendly yet stubborn 
  5. You can also be eccentric and inefficient
  6. You can be rooted in the past
  7. You may be unemotional.

Aquarians, as a rule,  are not emotional people and do not understand emotions.  So they tend to stand back and think. So you may be influenced by this new moon. Your first response may be to stand back and think about it.  This is a very AIR behaviour pattern. – they are thoughtful – a MENTAL sign – they are in their head.  Aquarians tend to  think rather than feel or do.  They are great thinkers. 

This NewMoon in Aquarius can present a problem for some of you who are not thinkers but feelers and doers. However if you see it as a commitment to excellence in your life you will overcome any barrier that comes your way. 

CHANGE EXERCISE   Looking at any problem just say: THIS is NewMoon in Aquarius.  You can Think it.  You can Do it.  You can.  I can Think it.  I can Do it.  I can achieve it.


Looking at your own self or your own reflection is sometimes uncomfortable as clip_image002[23]you realise that change is necessary.  Change is growth – it is living.  If we do not change we cannot really grow.  Life is not stagnant.  Life continuously moves. We are all agents of change and hope and love – and even more change and refinement.  The Constant Thing IS Change. Remember you are not your past.  You are your  present now creation moving forward into your future.  Give yourself a present for the now of you. The Tao.

CHOICES IN CHANGE   What choices are you making now that will affect your life – present and future?   Are they empowering you?  Are they nurturing you?  Or are you running away and  being aloof like Aquarius, the Water Bearer?  Are you serving your individual mind?  Are you serving the Group Mind?  In what way are you serving?  What choices are you making to move forward now?  FORWARD FORWARD FORWARD.  NOT BACKWARD.  What area of your life do you need to be moving?  Are you moving it already?  Do you start and then stop?  Do you follow through?  IS IT EASIER TO STAY STUCK WHERE YOU ARE?  So many choices in change…..


CHANGE EXERCISE:  Imagine yourself glued to tar unable to move.  Is this you?  Then visualise the tar melting and flowing to release you from its grip.  Congratulations.

INTEGRITY – What does the word integrity mean to you? When pushed do  you compromise your integrity? So what does Integrity mean to you?  It is being true to your own struggle and who you truly are. Do not live another persons dreams thinking they are yours. See through your beliefs that hold you back; and take the struggle to break free of them.  Remember a butterfly emerging from its cocoon struggles to get out  [which it must do to grow strong and able] and becomes a beautiful butterfly.  Are you a beautiful butterfly?  If so what butterfly would you be?  What colour?  Remember it is our struggles that make us beautiful and help us improve our relationships and our lives.  The butterfly never sees its own wings and beauty but knows it is beautiful.  The Lotus Flower seeds and blooms in muddy water.  From the struggle and the muddy experience comes beauty. Let your integrity shine through all struggles. 


GATEWAY – In Lemuria and Atlantis, Aquarius was known as the "Gateway" because it was seen to be the opening for humanity to re-enter it’s Divine State.  The symbol for Aquarius in those ancient days was a woman seated on a throne, with her left hand resting between the horns of a bull, and her right hand upraised, holding a califar, or Sword of Light.  Behind the woman stood a man, wearing a Crown of 12 stars. He is placing a crown with one brilliant star suspended above it upon the head of the woman.  Aquarius harkens to the divine power inherent within an act of co-rulership.  Are you co-creating? With the NewMoon Meditation we will ascend to ‘see’ our vision, our future for the Year, our creating and Co-Creating. 


  1. To break barriers work with the RIVER OF LOVE and the RIVER OF LIFE meditation
  2. Call in: Quan Yin – Goddess of Compassion, Dakini – Goddess of Wisdom;  Durga – Goddess of Strength and Protection;  Kali – Goddess of Creation & Power; Lakshmi – Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity; Radha – Goddess of Devotion and Love and Tara – Goddess of Universal Compassion
  3. Clean your home and let out the negative energy and let in fresh light energy
  4. Invite in bright colours into your life : put fresh flowers in your home, office
  5. Wear gold and red for good fortune, prosperity and good luck
  6. Give money in red envelopes
  7. Forgive – a time for forgiveness  – reconciliation – saying hello
  8. Honour your ancestors – visit a grave, light a candle, say a prayer of gratitude. Departed relatives are remembered with great respect because they were responsible for laying the foundations for the fortune and glory of the family.
  9. Buy something red for yourself e.g red dress, red shoes, red scarf, red tie. Red is the luckiest colour in China.
  10. LIST 7 things you are going to work on in your life this year.  Work on 7 things in your life where you need to create, to flow and to lay strong, solid, safe, firm foundation.
  11. List 4 things you have to do for each of the 7 things. Then Take Action and Let me know what you have achieved
  12. EXERCISE: Touching your throat chakra say 7 times

    "I am willing to change.  It is with joy that I release this …………  I am willing to change.  I am  a being of incredible light, strength, faith, power, inner strength and courage. I am willing to change. I release barriers that have held me in ……………and  I lovingly TAKE ACTION NOW in 7 areas of my life. I create flow in my life.  I am flow.  I am flow. I am flow.  I create.  I create.  I create."

    "I realise the old no longer applies to me any more as I refine my thinking, my desires and bring in the new. 

    It is with ease that I turn the poison in my life into medicine.  I lovingly TAKE ACTION NOW in 7 areas of my life. I create flow in my life.  I am flow.  I am flow. I am flow.  I create.  I create.  I create."

  13. remember – The journey has only just started ….again.  A new rebirth; a  renewal.  A time to re-arrange.  a time of excitement , victories, discipline, and laying foundations.  A new way of being, working, doing, of living your dream you passion and your follow through.  You are emerging, engaging, enchanting, enabled, empowered and energetic. 

On that very positive note I leave you with a prayer in my heart for your continual growth, happiness and refinement…..

clip_image002[26]Exotically  Erotically Passionately  Energetically Always with Love, Light Joy and Deep Respect ISIS, The Moon Lady with Horus and Osiris

Toks xxxxx



We look forward to seeing you all sometime this year for laughter, sharing, guidance, help, insight, blessings, healing, and more.
Please come round and share your spiritual light with us…..


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