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New Moon in Sagittarius:Partial Solar Eclipse 25.11.11


7 pointed starblack and whiteclip_image002[1]


yellow peaceful flowerTimeivory on woodDIARY DATES 2011

Friday 25th November 2011 – 25.11.11 – New Moon in Sagittarius – Partial Solar Eclipse http://newmoonmeditationinsagittarius.eventbrite.co.uk/

Tuesday 29th November 2011 – 29:11:11 = 11:11:11 meditation at 11am, 1pm and 11pm 

10am-12pm   http://29nov10am-12pm.eventbrite.co.uk/

12pm-2pm    http://29nov12pm-2pm.eventbrite.co.uk/ 

10pm-12pm  http://29nov10pm-12midnight.eventbrite.co.uk/ DISCOVERING OUR ‘HIDDEN TALENTS’

Saturday 10th December 2011 – 10.12.11 – Full Moon in Gemini and Sun in Sagittarius – Total Lunar Eclipse & PARTY

7pm-10pm   £45.75/link in £11.93  http://fullmoonmeditationinsagittariusgemini.eventbrite.co.uk/ 

Sunday 11th December 2011 – 11.12.11 meditation at 11am, 1pm and 11pm  LINK IN MEDITATION

10.30am-11.30am  £11.93   http://11december11at1030am.eventbrite.co.uk/

12.30pm-1.30pm    £11.93   http://11december11at1230pm.eventbrite.co.uk/

10.30pm-11.30pm  £11.93    http://11december11at1030pm.eventbrite.co.uk/

Monday 12th December 2011 – 12.12.11 meditation at 12pm  LINK IN MEDITATION

11.30am-12.30pm £11.93    http://121211at1130am.eventbrite.co.uk/     

11.30pm-12.30am £11.93    http://121211at1130pm.eventbrite.co.uk/      

Thursday 22nd December 2011 – 22.12.11 – Winter Solstice  LINK IN MEDITATION

7pm-8pm  £11.93    http://wintersolsticemeditation.eventbrite.co.uk/    

Saturday 24th December 2011 – 24.12.11 NewMoon in Capricorn and Xmas Eve  LINK IN MEDITATION  7pm-8pm £11.93  http://newmoonmeditationincapricorn.eventbrite.co.uk/  

revealing beauty withinunusual naturecosy moments


A partial solahappy new moonr eclipse will occur on November 25, 2011. A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun, thereby totally or partially obscuring the image of the Sun for a viewer on Earth. A partial solar eclipse occurs in the polar regions of the Earth when the center of the Moon’s shadow misses the EarthThis eclipse will be visible across Antarctica in its summer 24 hour day sunlight, and New Zealand near sunset with less than 20% of the sun obscured. Parts of the western Antarctic Peninsula will experience nearly 90% obscuration of the sun. This (November 25, 2011) will be the last of four partial solar eclipses in 2011, with the others occurring on January 4, 2011, June 1, 2011, and July 1, 2011.

The last total solar eclipse was the solar eclipse of July 11, 2010; the next will be the solar eclipse of November 13, 2012.   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solar_eclipse_of_November_25,_2011

yellow peaceful flowerivory on woodThis is the largest partial eclipse of the year.


Check out Larry’s site below. Email from Larry Koehn 23 November 2011 19:28  

Hi Toks, I am glad you like the site and feel free to use it in your blog!   Sincerely, Larry Koehn, Huntsville, Alabama     http://www.shadowandsubstance.com/


Two POWER SYMBOLS: Archer & Centaur    Element:Fire     Planet:Jupiter

Sagittarius is the Archer that goes in search of his/her target.   You aim for what you want and you get it.  You do this by going beyond your limits, doubts, fears and nightmares.  Stop delaying and thinking it is impossible. Take mental action now. Emerge from your underworld of darkness of fears, doubts, and limitations. This London bridgesPartial Solar Eclipse heightens the darkness and the re-birthing transformation with this NewMoon in Sagittarius.  You try something new.  You do this by asking fundamental questions of yourself such as: What bridge do I need to cross? Wlondon wheelhat is my life’s soul purpose now? What are my true integral intentions? Where does my integrity lie? What should I aim at? What seed does my arrow aim at? What needs to be fertilized and opened up? So what am I aiming at? My career? My sexuality? My money? My relationship? My family? What?  What wheel do I need to turn?clip_image002With this NewMoon in Sagittarius, astrologers say we have a Grand Trine i.e. 3 planets in harmony. They are Jupiter in Taurus, Pluto in Capricorn and Mars in Virgo. All earth signs in harmony with Sagittarius?  Wow! So; definitely more shifts and intensity.  Anchoring the new earth grids we communicate with community seeking new paradigms and possibilities as we co-create and establishing new values moving forward.  With this trine we value our heart more and we value earth more and we are extra determined to achieve what we want.

manSagittarius is a Centaur – half man half animal. Is this the time to accept both your animal and human side and bring in harmony into your life? The ‘beastly’ desires we have lurking in our subconscious come to plhorseay in our conscious mind. Should I?  Shouldn’t I?fireCan we control them with this Fire sign? What animal nature do we hide or bring forth? The World of Animality can be cruel with the stronger standing over the weaker. What fire are we kindling with this NewMoon Partial Solar Eclipse ready for the FullMoon Total Lunar Eclipse on 10 December 2011? lustWhen we look at Greek mythology, Hermaphrodites, has both male and female sexuality, as well as being a child of Hermes (Mercury) and Aphrodite (Venus). The ‘contradictions’ and the ‘similarities’ of our lives ‘come to play’ with this eclipse NewMoon to bloom in the lunar FullMoon. So if you are experiencing internal battles and wars understand these fiery emotions and feelings. Though I would like to say ‘it is not your fault’ I would like to also state ‘take responsibility for what you decide to do’ and be ready to live with the consequences of your actions.  Remember the energy of Sagittarius can be reckless! JUPITER rules Sagittarius, the sign of Cosmic Order and Laws, and the constellation of Sagittarius contains the Galactic Centre in the Milky Way; making this astrological sign a very deep spiritual sign. So, this Jupitarian Sagittarian Journey is a spiritual journey which is fiery, alive, alert, involving a deep union of mind, body and spirit as you journey the path of the sacred warrior in your personal searc21 candles crystalsh for knowledge to understand yourself and the world. This is a union of many insightful fires that create a great blaze that becomes a union of Light and Love.  Energetic Fire breaks down blockages, stagnant energy, doubts and worry enabling your Phoenix self to arise and awaken from the darkness of the eclipse, creating new waves of connection to the Divine, to more happiness, joy and abundance. 

half man half animalSagittarian Negatives: can be excessive, overdoing things, can be restless, reckless and selfish. Cannot be restricted or held – need a lot of freedom to be who they want to be. Can find it difficult to commit and take direct action. Risk taking. Sagittarians have been known to have many lovers all at once and hide them all. Sagittarian Positives: enjoy laughter, humour, friendly, see the good in everything, optimistic, jovial, love to travel and learn new things. Truthful and honest. Adventure. Travel. Expansion. Enthusiasm. Quest. Searching. Idealism.              What fires you up? Archangel Gabriel? As Julie Ransley says: “This NewMoon is overlit by Archangel Gabriel, the angel of communication and understanding.”


Sagittarian’s love freedom and hate conflict. They aim with their arrow to hit their target and make their dreams true. They hold their destiny in their hands.  Do you hold your destiny in your hand?

  • Your most precious, valued possessions and your greatest powers are invisible and  intangible. No one can take them. You, and you alone, can give them. You will receive abundance for your giving. W Clement Stone (1902-2002)                                                                            

  • IMAGINATION is the beginning of creation. You IMAGINE what you desire, you WILL what you imagine, and at last you CREATE what you will. George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950)

  •  Learning is not the same as accumulating knowledge. Learning is the active present and knowledge is the past. If you are learning to accumulate, it ceases to be learning. Knowledge is static and learning is active. Knowledge is finite and learning is infinite. Krishnamurti


EXERCISE 1     In Colin’s English Dictionary I looked up the word ECLIPSE and started to tune into each description to find which resonated with me. Tune into each word and find the words that apply or resonate with yclip_image002[6]ou? Use this to identify where you are to help with your healing. Hold a clear quartz crystal as you do this. The words are: any dimming or obstruction of light; a loss of importance; a loss of power; a loss of fame, etc.; to overshadow; overshadowing by another; to cast a shadow upon; shading; obscuration; to obscure; to blot out; to cloud; to darken; darkening; to dim; dimming; extinguish; shroud; veil; to surpass; exceed; excel; outdo; outshine; transcend; extinction; occultation; decline; diminution; failure; fall; loss; a forsaking; to abandon.

EXERCISE 2      Say aloud these Statements looking into your eyes in your mirror and also

looking into the eyes of another. Feel it in your being and your DNA.  “I am the Truth I Crave.”

EXERCISE 3         Play this short video to relax your emotions while listening to water.  What is it saying to you as you listen to the sound of water?  http://youtu.be/bjYG3BYbo28

EXERCISE 4       BE vigilant about your communication and miscommunication. Use your words wisely – dot your i’s and cross you t’s.  Be vigilant, discerning, alert and aware. Be sensitive to your words and the effect  your words will have on the person or people hearing them.

EXERCISE 5      Is there any area you need to RE-? redo, rethink, revisit, reorganise, reconstruct, reorder, review, redirect?  Then take one area and do it.

EXERCISE 6      Be grateful and express gratitude to 11 people.  Stop prejudging.

EXERCISE 7      Forgive yourself.  Forgive others.  Forgive and let go. We are only as good as the lessons we have learnt to date.  Who are you going to forgive today?

EXERCISE 8      Do you stand for Power or for Love? What do  you value with this partial solar eclipse? We have to balance the good and evil within us as well as outside us.  Balance of male and female, of light and dark, or yin and yang.  This is what life is about:  looking at the picture of our lives and making decisions and taking actions.  Through the action and decisions we begin to know what is right and what is wrong for us individually and collectively.  It is in the DOING that we have the KNOWING.  So what is right and what is wrong in your life at the moment? 

EXERCISE 9      Do EXERCISE 3 again to help you with the above exercises. What is it saying to you as you listen in silence to the sound of water? http://youtu.be/bjYG3BYbo28

Reflections in water


                                       GenevieveGenevieve's hidden smileGenevieve' lovely

We Greet You

In Your Adventurous Celebration of Life

Your Birthdays, Your Weddings, Your Anniversaries

Expressing Joyful Exuberance, Comfort & Security

In Your Empowered Passionate Choices

We Greet You

                                     ShanonDiana PriestleyGoddess Energy

We Greet You

Feminine Woman Warrior Power

Divine Eyes Smiling with Life

Seeking & Experiencing Happiness

Multi-Dimensionally Knowing

We Greet You

                                Greek priestjoyful cooking momentsworking

We Greet You

In Your Reverence with Spirit

Your Nourishment of Life

Your Caring Serving Dedication at Work

Your Affectionate Healing Radiance

We Greet You

                    happy coupleRita Finni bloomsYani & Onya

We Greet You

In Your Gregarious Moments of Sharing

Creating Good Feelings

Magnetising Everything You Love to You

Happiness Key to Power and Success

We Greet You

                          wowGentlemanJulian CokerDavidMarcus

We Greet You

Noble Men of Distinction

Achieving Greatness In Your Soul Work

Creating Value in All You Do

Spiritual Thanking For Your Allowing

We Greet You

               freeShelly Bridgeman, Kay Westmoreland, Angela Buck, Dhriiti Mehra,Phylliis Sant Maria and Toks Coker in rednikki dances

We Greet You

Incarnate Souls Saying Yes to Life

Interconnected Opening Our Sacred Spirit Hearts

Feeling Joyful Acceptance of Service to Humanity

Receiving Golden Fire Light Abundant Blessings

We Greet You

relaxing peacefully letting go

We Greet You

Letting Go Greed, Anger, Stupidity, Frustration, Lust

Humiliation, Abandonment, Embarrassment & Depression

Anchoring Success, Joy, Pleasure, Bliss, Harmony & Peace

Totally Relaxed with an Open, Loving, Alive, Happy Heart

We Greet You

                               bowdancingKate sexy legs

We Greet You

In the Moving Meditation of Dance

Labyrinth Walk in the Portal of Salutation

Making Amendments Floating to Enlightenment

Defining Yourself at the New Point of Creation

We Greet You

Angel of protectionSave me JesusGreek Church

We Greet You

With the Power Ritual of Prayer

Consciously Listening: Bring Yourself to Centre

Consequently Living Mindfully

With the Light of Compassionate Wisdom

We Greet You

                          Sharing precious momentsdress up time

We Greet You

Sharing Precious Moments with Friends and Family

Alchemical Call to Communicate

Celestial Fire Palace of Discovery

Reflecting Reviewing Recognising Reaffirming

We Greet You


We Greet You

In the Successful Construction of Projects

Aiming High to Achieve your Goals

Archer Arrow Poised to Hit the Target

In Your Journey as the Sacred Warrior

We Greet You

                                          Toks smiles at youtoks wand treestoks5

We Greet You

In Your Service to Others

Transcending Differences

With Divine Will, Divine Love & Divine Intelligence

Flaming Pillars of Light Matrix

We Greet You  


We Greet You

We Greet You

We Greet You 

Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for NewMoon in Sagittarius 25.11.11


clip_image001[6]HAPPY NEW MOON IN SCORPIO 26.10.11



Please scroll all the way down for Invocation Blessing in red and my Dedication to Angie in purple. Love xx

festival of light


Wishing you Good Spiritual Choices

Our home receives you all with a pulsating warm heart glowing with love

We celebrate with the Hindus the Festival of Light with Lakshmi, Gimageoddess of Love, Wealth, and Business Happiness.  She blesses all who ask for her help. She is Goddess of Good Fortune, Beauty and Auspiciousness. Her four hands are Purity, Prosperity, Perfection and Freedom from bondage. The   flowing gold coins  are endless material prosperity.  Sometimes she is shown with 4 elephants and they represent the 4 directions and faithfulness.   Lakshmi purifies, empowers, uplifts,  and protects.  She is Feminine Woman Warrior Power: God’s superior spiritual feminine energy.   Traditionally lamps with oils are lit to celebrate triumph of good over evil. Blessing Lakshmi Chant: http://youtu.be/vAnyenpWdSs 

The NewMoon in Scorpio Meditation is from 7pm-10pm on 26.10.11.  Costings on:


fountains of loveScorpio is a strongly rooted Water Sign making this time a very intense emotional and passionate time for all. You will experience intense feelings/ reactions. Fountains of love sprout from the Fountain of Water. Scorpio is highly perceptive and intuitive making affections run deep. You may find yourself feeling and seeing and knowing more.  Feels and Sees and Knows everything with his inner eye. The surface of the ocean may appear calm while the underneath can be deep dark foreboding or Ayo Johnson in the seacalm relaxing and peaceful. No half measures with Scorpio. Watch carefully. With all the changes gHEARToing on it is important we make very strong NEW wishes. Our focus is on what we have to do to get to the next step. Our ichinen or determination is on a goal that truly identifies with who your want to be and who you truly are. Our vision is important as we gather many things together to start afresh. Scorpio is a Fixed Sign.  It is strong, persevering, and capable with great commitment, depth of character,self knowledge and self exploration.

In the NewMoon in Scorpio Meditation we will be held in a portal boat asship we journey the sea of life and journey to the underworld of our fears, doubts and unthinkable to clear all madness, illness, fear, indecision and feelings of fear and failure. Scorpio is the Transformer and a gateway of ascension and activation of light on earth. Energy of change and progress that is why 11:11:11 is so important. Sitting AngelsThe energy of Scorpio means you have the choice and ability to sting yourself to death or choose to live. This darkness within can make you be become blunt and sarcastic. If you suddenly find yourself feeling stubborn, refusing to submit to others and angry wanting to sting others or even yourself you know the NewMoon in Scorpio is affecting you. Remember fast moving Mars, son of Zeus, had two sons, Fear and Panic, who followed him everywhere.

This is a time to reflect and renew our selves and make friends with ourwomens gathering 19.10.11 spiritual selves. Scorpio is the sign of deep transformation and change.  We cannot run away from the negative energy of Scorpio as we have to go though it like riding a boat in the underworld.   We can do it collectively.  We will experience it individually. Scorpio enables us to look at our dark side: our fundamental darkness, places we do not want go go to or want to recognise or accept or look at.  Elise & Diana How to hold a cup of teaCome let us have tea.  It is the shadow side of our personality that can be dark, repressed and hidden.   You walk in the dark wandering alone in the desert or in the park contemplating as you feel lost in your inability to make a decision. This time of isolation has enabled us to reflect and look at our lives and be overwhelmed by the darkness in our minds and the INDECISION. Come let us have tea.

In the Labours of Hercules, Hercules batclip_image001tles the Hydra with 9 heads. The 9 heads represent our low desires or thoughts; each time Hercules cuts a head two grow in its place.  The nine heads represent three ‘groups’ of three: Physical: Sex, Comfort and Money; Emotional: Fear, Hatred, Desire for power, Mental: Pride, Separateness, Cruelty. Hercules has to learn that these monsters dwell in the dark of our minds but once raised to the light they loose their power and strength and collapse. He uses uses patience, discrimination and humility to win. magic blessingIt is when he holds the dark thoughts to the light, kneeling down and raising them to the light, exposing them then the light destroys them.  This is why many of us are finding it so  hard to journey through our Hydras.  We need to recognise them, patiently work on them and expose them to be then give the up to the light and win over them.

   Kirsty Herthorne smiles Elise Crozier Katie Young

“The light is in the darkness that you have been avoiding."  Gangaji

Scorpio greets you with the voice of Shelley Bridgeman sexysilence, the voice of reason and the voice of confusion sometimes all at once and sometimes one by one. How is Scorpio greeting you now? Is the silence helping you to understand changes needed?  Isbear Gertrude from Lindsey Thomas reason helping you to decide on endings needed?  Is confusion helping you to learn the difference between healthy intimacy and loosing ourselves? We need as much healing as we can get. Remember that no matter how you feel the present energy has the potential to make you feel Resourceful, Quiet, Steadfast and Sure.


eagleEagle is a strong Scorpio symbol which represents rising high, succeeding, having a keen sharp mind and eye.  Eagles have excellent memory and see in a far reaching way.  They are achievers and result driven in their action.  Are You?

The Phoenix rises from  ashes, This is transformation from death to life simultaneously: this is Rebirth.   The Phoenix is colourful, successful, purposeful and rises above all adversity.  Use this symbol to help you rise above your adversity; to create birth from death and rebirth for nothing.


Crone is the ancient holy one, sacred, wise, all knowing, the ancient one who has gone beyond.  She is grandmother, witch, hag and mother of mothers.  She knows death and your shadow and can free you from your fears.  grandmother energyShe knows the ancestors and the paths of the ancestors.  She travels new roads and dares the unknown. She is the Dark Mother, Old Woman of Wisdom, Magic and Power. The Holy Terror.  We will journey  together in this NewMoon.

LEMURIA / ATLANTIS – To the ancient Lemuria and Atlantis  Scorpio is the GATE  or DOORWAY to the Sacred clip_image001Spiritual Temple of Light.  It is the entrance point.  A passage to the  great  mysteries of the self merged with the Universal Law of Life.  Once you pass through this doorway you become an INITIATE and know what you previously did not know.  This NewMoon Meditation will take us into a LABYRINTH that leads to the Temple Chamber of Ascension in Egypt. Ward off darkness in your life and welcome light into your life. Light = hope for the future. Welcome. This month is very sacred and special as well as difficult.

fire dance

Scorpio is Ruled by Mars (war) & Pluto (money).  It is a primary money sign and a strategic natural leader. Pluto/ Hades, ruler of Scorpio, was known as ‘The Rich One’ with great abundance coming suddenly and magically from the universe. Celebrate your blessings yet to manifest. Scorpio is ruled by Mars.  Mars is God of War.  Positively Mars is potent, energetic, courageous, a knight in shining armour, a natural leader, a strategist, disciplined, self-assertive, OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         powerful, warrior energy, enduring, responding to challenges quickly and effectively, fearless, decisive.  Negatively Mars is violent, prone to sudden bursts of temper, selfishness, aggressive, quarrelsome, cruel, fiery, causing blocks, frgunsustrations, trauma and obstructions. Pluto makes Scorpio the investigator, the great researcher, & intuitively inquisitive. Naturally penetrating accessories by Ayikaiand purging  it reveals the truth in its ugliness around.  Ugliness reveals beauty.  Healing occurs through the pain as the heart hurts and throbs, takes ownership and enters the darkness, to revhandsomeeal the real hidden truth:  truth is usually hidden from your own self. It reveals the secrets in our hidden mind – the unconscious mind.  Revealing enables freedom and lightness.  Pluto enables us to be whole – to rediscover our wholeness – our true self.  Iyanla Vanzant says: "I am the one I have been looking for."

Fast moving Mars is the son of Zeimageus. He had two sons – Fear and Panic – who followed him everywhere. TWIN CANDLESWe will be lighting a candle to transmute and transform our doubts. We will speak them to the flame of Yeawah which will dissolve them.

     Lindsey Thomas Chrissy White Lis Allen

I AM the Soul

I AM the Monad

I AM the Light Divine

I AM Love

I AM Will

I AM Fixed Design


3 eyes

I Greet You

From the Labyrinth Chamber of Ascension

I Greet You

I Greet You

I Greet You

petals healing karma

I Greet You

With outstretched Open Hands

Beaming Soft Flower Petals

Healing your Painful Family Karma

I Greet You

golden eagle

I Greet You

With Wings of the Eagle

Embracing You with Life Force

Covering you with Golden Divine Light

I Greet You

elephant anna florio

I Greet You

Playfully Joyfully Happily

Lost in Moments of Laughter

Water Purification

I Greet You

Cal looking nice

I Greet You

With Divine Source Energy

Intuiting Goodness Immediately

Majestic Strong Knowing

I Greet YOU

Lindsey Thomas Chrissy White Lis Allen

I Greet You

With Goddess Lakshmi

Allowing Beauty of Prosperity

Perfection & Freedom

I Greet You  Micheal Echekoba artist

I Greet You

In Your Blessings of Creativity

The Sacred Heart of Christ

Opening Adorning Doorways

I Greet YouAction Jackson

I Greet You

In Your Power Actions

Your Illumined Pathway

Boldly Stepping Into the Unknown

I Greet You

caroline shola erewa

I Greet You

With Relaxing Atlantian Phoenix

Smiling at Lemurian Transformation

Calmly Radiating All Truth

I Greet You

     BEAUTIFUL LADIES goddess energy 

I Greet You

Smiling From My Heart

With Eyes of Divine Love

Responsive Healing Portal of Hope

I Greet You

purple ray 

I Greet You

With Purple Ray Exuberance

Anointing Presence of Life

Alchemically Rising High

I Greet You

green ray

I Greet You

With Green Ray Nurturing

Physically Emotionally Mentally

Silence Between Words

I Greet You


I Greet You

Eternally Young

CEO Constantly Empowering Others

With the Light of Divinity

I Greet You

smiling roses

I Greet You

I Greet You

I Greet You

Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for NewMoon in Scorpio

golden angel from isabelle

ICCH ANGELA  at beach icchDedication to Angie I dedicate this NewMoon in Scorpio Blessing and Meditation to my friend Angie who passed away 24.10.11.  My deep respect Angie for all the teaching, love, support, care, wisdom and understanding you  have always shown me.  A true being of “Expansiveness” and “Celestial Vision”.

NewMoon in Scorpio passion:

Micheal Echekoba Artist & Toks Michael Echekoba is a Nigerian artist capturing the rich beautiful culture and traditional life style. Tel:  07903550528

scenes from nigeria washing

Scorpio‘s Colour is Red: which is fiery, vibrant, wholesome life force, adventure, strong-willed, life giving, enriching, protective, strong, dynamic, forceful, loving, empowering. Just like You.

  Diana MacLellan Stephanie Beitzel Furrah Syed

Toks kaluz logo



  1. Do something passionate and celebrate your life.
  2. Do something sexy. Wear something sexy.  Be seductive.  Remember passionate is different from sexy.
  3. Think of all your good karma and be grateful for your good karmaBe a Butterfly and see your beautiful wings!
  4. Now Draw your good karma.
  5. Light lots of t-lights to celebrate good over evil in your life, the lightening of knowledge in your life.
  6. Wear a new dress or outfit to celebrate renewal of life.
  7. Dance, sing, eat with people. Spread Joy and Happiness.
  8. Offer flowers in your home, your sacred alter.
  9. Offer a gift e.g. flowers to at least one person ….Or share a gift with someone…..Or exchange gifts….
  10. Nurture yourself e.g. take an early morning bath with oils
  11. Do something extraordinary e.g. attend 11:11:11 workshop


COSTINGS:   http://111111lifetransforming.eventbrite.com

SONG:  http://youtu.be/k8O0dc7VckM

Kay writes her blessings

Our Deepest Fear by Marianne Williamson from A Return To Love: Reflections on the Principles of A Course in Miracles was made famous by NELSON MANDELA: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nelson_Mandela 
“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our lightNelson Mandela, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”


Lord, make us instruments of your peace.

Where there is hatred let us sow love

Where there is injury, pardon

Where there is discord, union

Where there is doubt, faith

Where there is despair, hope

Where there is darkness, light

Where there is sadness, joy.

Grant that we may not so much seek

To be consoled as to console

To be understood as to understand

To be loved as to love.

For it is in giving that we receive

It is in pardoning that we are pardoned

And it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.



Sound of fountain

Greeting you with my eyes closed listening to comforting sounds of the water.

I Greet You

I Greet You

I Greet You

New Moon in Libra 27.9.11




Two wonderful events just gone by:

DSCF0003 (2)

FullMoon in Pisces, Sun in Virgo on Monday 12.9.11

autumn equionoxand Autumn Equinox on Friday 23.9.11

clip_image001[31]One wonderful event coming:

20110417 038NewMoon in Libra occurs in the morning of Tuesday 27.9.11. We will be linking in at the actual time of this NewMoon and holding the  NEW MOON MEDITATION at my flat on Tuesday 27.9.11 from 7pm-10pm. Check out the link below:


golden angel from isabelle

 hand chair sort 5.9.11 149 High Five. See you Tuesday.

11.5.11 linked 024


1.10.11, 10.10.11, 11.10.11

1.11.11, 10.11.11, 11.11.11, 29.11.11

NewMoon in Libra Invocation Blessing 27.9.11

nice pink rose lovely

I Greet You

In the Beauty of the Rose

Delicate Precise Fragrance

Manifesting Harmony & Balance

In the Visual of Your Eyes 

I Greet You

  nice pink rose nice pink rose 2

I Greet You

In the Stillness of Your Mind

Reflecting Refocusing

Enjoying  Engaging

In the Body of Your Mind

I Greet You

newmoon in libra 27.9.11 027

I Greet You

In the Healing of Your Relationship

Quantum Leap to Relating

Activating Easy Communication 

In the Heart of Your Love

I Greet You

nice pink lillies xx

I Greet You

In the Completion of Unity

Surviving Impossible Challenges

Serenity Bestowing Tranquillity

In the Calmness of Your Aura

I Greet You

nice egyptian hands

I Greet You

Gently Touching You

Soothing Your Questing

Transmitting Innermost Depth

In the Dignity of Your Life

I Greet You

nice hands

I Greet You

Raising Hands to Receive

Golden Grains of Blessings

Growing Wisdom of Discernment

In the Choices of Your Life

I Greet You

nice egyptian i ask

I Greet You

Kneeling Before the Goddess

Asking for Support & Protection

Receiving Insightful Balance

In the Depth of Your Life

I Greet You


I Greet You

In Memory of Past Gone

Present Living Desires

Future Hopes & Wishes

Pathway to Your Cosmic Evolution

I Greet You

nice crayons

I Greet You

In Your Expressions of Colour

Illuminating the Brightness

Colouring Pathways of Happiness

In the Drawings of Your Life

I Greet You

nice buddha snakeGlasgow 20.8.11 137 - Copynice buddha snake

I Greet You

With the Salute of the Snake

Raising Hands Up

Celebrating with the Buddha

Breathing Spiralling Tube Torus

I Greet You


I Greet You

I Greet You

I Greet You


Channelled by Toks Coker for the NewMoon in Libra 27.9.11



LIBRA is about relationships, love,  balance/harmony, beauty, fairness.

couple together


This is a good time to look at and to reflect over your intimate relationships you have with yourself, as well as, with others: loved ones, partners, friends, husband, wife, etc

clip_image001[27]LOVE: Are you happy & at peace in the silence of your mind?   Are you really in love?  Has all the time, money and  emotion you have invested in the relationshipcourtship paid off?   Are you getting what you want?  Do you feel very used, unloved, abused, or taken advantage off?  Are you holding a resentment or hidden thought or desire? How supportive is your love?  Are you supportive, reliable and committed? Are you respectful?


BALANCE: Sometimes  sharing your feelings, thoughts &  actions brings balance into your relationship.  Know that dialogue is the first step to healing rifts, misunderstandings, withdrawals and separation.  It is also the way to end the underlying distrust and antagonism. Sometimes feeling the pain tearing at your heart as you try to express your truth is the first point of healing enabling you to open up the real truth within you.  In the talking is the revealing.  In the realisation of pain in one another may be the realisation of love.  Life and Love is really a healing mystery.  nice glasgow betty boo 1

The WEIGHING SCALE is the complete symbol for Libra as balance in every area of one’s life is aimed for e.g. balancing male/female polarities, balancing emotional swings and extreme judgements. HARMONY is important to create BALANCE between opposites. Walking in balance between two opposite pillars of judgements and opinions is what Libra is about.  Can you do this in your life? How are you creating harmony and balance in the chaos of your relationship?

BEAUTY: Do you likea DSCF0108 yourself?  Do you like who you are now?  Of do you miss ‘the old you’?  Do you feel undecided, unsure, insecure in the stillness of your mind?  Seeking balance within you may make you see imbalance in others and in yourself.  It is really important to be clear about what you are intending and wanting for yourself to make you happy, peaceful or balanced.  Being complete is being holy! How holy are you? How complete are you?

nice buddha roseFAIRNESS: Am I or the others crazy? Albert Einstein.  Seeking fairness involves a major shakeup in thoughts, words and actions.  These paradigm shifts and knowings involve an internal balance transforming old out-dated  beliefs to new better shifts in consciousness.  Portal shakeups and shifts within your consciousness create a revolutionary shift within which enables a freeing of your spirit. This is taking responsibility for the part you play in  your life and living a life of fairness.

nice pink spiral

x3 NewMoon in Libra GODDESSESMaat is Goddess of Law and Justice; Fairness, Diplomacy and careful Balance.  Venus is Goddess of Love, Pleasure and Relationships.  Aphrodite is Goddess of Beauty and Relationships. Libra is ruled by the planet Venus.

kiss by the windowThe Divine Couple are Shakti & Shiva who complete each other.   Are you the Divine Couple? Do you complete each other? Shakti: Feminine, Mother Earth, Night Creation. She is the Divine Force, destroying negative forces and restoring balance to the cosmic order and in ones life.  She has many names e.g. Devi, Parvati, Durga, Kali. dancers by the windowShiva: Masculine, Father Sky, Day Creator.  He is destroyer of evil and regenerator.  Shiva rides a white bull and has a small drum he holds which he uses when he dances. He also holds a Trident in his hands.  The Trident is the symbol of Shiva. The Trident [Trisula] is Shiva’s weapon and symbol of Shiva symbolising creation, protection and destruction. It is the 3-fold jewel Buddha, Dharma, Sangha.


Without Shakti, Shiva would be inert, aloof, inactive. With her he manifests his full potential. They both need each other to bloom.  nice twin roses in blue bottleA relationship is a meeting of two whole individuals bringing different strengths and weaknesses; and in the coming together is the perfection of oneness.  They both learn from each other and they both work together seeing obstacles as opportunities for growing together and building a meaningful relationship with honour and respect for each other.  Are you creating value in your relationships?  What value are you bringing into your relationship? What value are you creating in  your relationship?

a Glasgow 20.8.11 290


nice pink roses twins sunflowersWe will be using an energetic Trident / the Lemurian Tuning Fork,  a Triangle of manifestation and a Square for solid grounding in this air sign.  The purpose of this healing exercise is to manifest our purpose clearly. This is a time of great cleansing, clearing, balancing and magnificent healing.  A giant wave of protection and clearing will happen within the powerful healing portal of light.  The vibration of these sacred LADYsymbols fine tune and balance the energy of the body; creating a meeting of polarities within the person, bringing back into the person their own spiritual note and balance.  Looking over one’s shoulders and looking within; as we search to find our True One Self; is crucial for anchoring balance. This exercise helps to create a vibrational harmony within the person helping to balance individual and planetary polar opposites. The Healing Codes activated transform dark/half-lit codes within the individual to full light codes:  transforming poison to medicine.  Radiating Radiating Radiating.

eagle light


  1. List 6 blessings you have received and Give GRATITUDE for all blessings you receive from the universe no matter how small. 
  2. List 6 free gifts, apologies, etc. have you received from the universe.  Bless all today……
  3. List 6 things you do that nurture yourself
  4. List 6 things you do/give that nurture your relationship
  5. List 6 things you do that create value in your life
  6. List 6 things you do/give that create value in your relationship


     BEAR    wood wolf   IMG_0471sign

       nice glasgow betty boo red dress nice glasgow betty boo phone nice glasgow betty boo maryln nice glasgow betty boo 3s

I love Betty Boop. She is a feminine woman warrior power.  She is a natural beauty. My friends, Sunny and Tim, have a Betty Boop shop in Glasgow and sell on ebay: born2booop. www.sunnysidegift.com

   man in pyramid hand snake bird from isabelle 

nice buddha snake

I Greet You

nice buddha snakeGlasgow 20.8.11 137 - Copy

I Greet You

With the Salute of the Snake

Raising Hands Up

Celebrating with the Buddha

Spiralling Tube Torus

I Greet You

swan nice

newmoon in libra 27.9.11 121   

I wish you balanced emotions, spiritual intelligence, peace, joy and

Knowledge of your true light  

Love Toks xxxx www.handsoflight.co.uk

"If you light a lantern for another, it will also brighten your way."   Gosho Zenshu 1598

newmoon in libra 27.9.11 022

New Moon in Virgo 29.8.11



Announcing the 11.11.11 RETREAT from 10-12 November. Save the date. Exciting information to follow.  Love Toks xxxx



I Greet You

Dancing in the Spiralling Circle

Practical Steps in Springing Movements

Addressing Balanced Imbalances

I Greet You


I Greet You

In the Charms of Your Life

Interweaving Matrix Creating

Vigorous Victorious Moments

I Greet You


I Greet You

With the Winds of Destiny

Blowing Your Sails

Through the Thunderstorms of Life

I Greet You


I Greet You

With the Masks You Wear

Hiding the Inner Truth

Waiting to Come Out

I Greet You


I Greet You

In Your Uniqueness

Your Brilliance of Colour

Your Absorption of Time

I Greet You


I Greet You

With the Rose of Excellence

Strongly Rooted

In the Vortex of Earth

I Greet You


I Greet You

In Your Reflections of Time Line

Your Mirroring Patterns

Your Steadfastness to Replication

I Greet You


I Greet You

In the Image You Project

The Conflict Within

The Outward Beauty

I Greet You


I Greet You

In the Receiving of Good News

Your Acceptances & Beliefs

Your New Beginning of Worthiness

I Greet You


I Greet You

In Your Family Virtues

Holding and Comforting

Sanctuary of Content Peace

I Greet You


I Greet You

In Your Embraces With Life

Nurturing and Loving

Moments of Living Joy

I Greet You


I Greet You

In the Steps that You Take

The Beauty of Your Shoes

The Fragrance of Your Feet

I Greet You


I Greet You

In the Coyness of Your Shoulders

The Length of Your Neck

The Expression on Your Face

I Greet You


I Greet You

In the Purity of Your Body

Feminine Mounts and Curves

Movement of Your Pleasures

I Greet You


I Greet You

In the Separations in Your Minds

The Pretences You Create

In the Living of Your Life Shadows

I Greet You


I Greet You

With the Angel of Hope

Removing Despair Radiating Presence

In an Unknown World

I Greet You


I Greet You

In the Prison of Consumption

Fear & Greed & Stupidity

Boundaries & No Boundaries

I Greet You


I Greet You

In Your Inner Presence

Standing Tall Regal Knowing

Into the Unfamiliar Unknown

I Greet You


I Greet You

In Your Desires of the Flesh

Your Chaste Seductions

Your Virtuous Courtships

I Greet You


I Greet You

In Your Silhouettes of Time

Your Shape Shiftings & Battleships

Multi-Dimensional U Matrix

I Greet You

Glasgow 20.8.11 179

I Greet You

In Your Intimate Moments of Sharing

Lovingly Unifying Opposites

Deepening Unity Through Struggle

I Greet You

Glasgow 20.8.11 200

I Greet You

In Your Peaceful Cosmic Moments

Pondering the Ways of Life & Death

Revealing the Hidden Spiritual Reality

I Greet You

Glasgow 20.8.11 346

I Greet You

I Greet You

I Greet You

Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for the NewMoon in Virgo 29.8.11


DSCF0177Esho Funi Our pain sometimes lives on in us even when we think we are over a pain. Some times, something happens in our environment which triggers the pain from within us. Buddhism call this Esho Funi, which means the Oneness of Man and his Environment or Oneness of Life and its Environment.  Life is subjective.  Environment is Objective.  Environment is like the shadow and Life is the Body so the two are connected and One. Without Body there is no shadow.  Without Life there is no environment. Life is shaped by its environment.  In life we experience the effects of our past actions and in the environment we act out our karma……thus each individual has its own unique environment. 

Glasgow 20.8.11 036

There are 3000 possibilities in a moment in the Buddhist philosophy of life so it is not surprising that the world is in so much chaos at the moment. This world is known as the Saha world were suffering is transformed to enlightenment and where we work on turning the poison to medicine.  So we go through our own individual evolutionary process as we find our truths living our lives and learning from the experience and the choices we have made or that have been made for us – depending on how you see it.  The concept of HONIN MYO means you start from now and determine with strong ICHINEN to move forward in your life.  You do not have to worry if your past has been sad, just work on THE POWER OF NOW and make a strong determination [ICHINEN] to be happy and to change your circumstance and CREATE VALUE in your life. Your past does not determine your future. 


  1. How are  you creating value in your life?
  2. What is your life and environment made up of?
  3. What have you learnt today?
  4. How are you going to apply this new learning to your life now? In a practical way please.


PRACTICAL: Virgo is an EARTH sign.  So practical issues apply around this time vey significantly.  Put your house in order.   a DSCF0351This is a time to address any imbalances in your self and in any situation.  A time to be realistic about expectations you have of yourself and others…..Yes be REALISTIC with NewMoon in Virgo….A time to heal any divide or separation….A time to focus on your similarities and put your differences aside….

STILLNESS:  A time for stillness and a space for stillness.   In the stillness is the Glasgow 20.8.11 003insight and the healing and the mothering.  A time to mother yourself e.g. by staying at home and reading a good book or just simply relaxing at home and feeling your self relax with yourself or listen to beautiful music [I am doing that now}…..A time to contemplate how you can be of service to others and to mother earth….

ACCOMPLISH: .Also a time to mix with others and accomplish something meaningful and valuable to you.  What would you like to accomplia DSCF0041sh?  A tidy flat, kitchen, office?  Mundane is good for NewMoon in Virgo. Organise things and implement them with the energy of the NewMoon in Virgo.  Attend to detail and scrutinize everything: situations, relationships, etc.

RECONSTRUCTION AND REPAIR: A time to address any pain and find a real cure for it…a time to heal all aspects of your health.  A timea DSCF0062 to find practical workable possible solutions to every thing around you…A time to look at the patterns you are creating for your life…..A time to be the balance of light and dark. Welcome to succeeding.  A time to heal the SACRED MARRAIGE. A time to Get some peace quiet time.  A Time to listen to and heal your SHADOW.

Positive NewMoon in Virgo Modest Encouraging Meticulous Dignity Reliable Genuine Practical Mundane Diligent Intelligent Wise Analytical Affectionate Glasgow 20.8.11 446Cheerful Sensitive Sensible Conservative Perfectionist Observant Patient Helpful Charm Well Spoken Witty Kind Considerate Laughter Warmth Home Heath Home Earth Precision Clarity Detail Focus Sharp-Eyed Detail Focus Work Money Success Efficient Tidy Discriminating Available Material Healthy Order Neatness Commitment Organised Accomplish Logical Discerning Normal Quality Control Analyser Wholesome Goodness

Negative NewMoon in Virgo Virgo makes you look at what it toxic in your life – what is not functioning …. What is dirty, shameful, hidden?  NewMoon in Virgo can make you feel some of the negative Virgo qualities. a Glasgow 20.8.11 290 Watch out for them. Over-Critical Trivial Chores Hard to please Close-minded Opinionated Disapproving Cranky Fault-Finding Nit-Picking Tunnel-Vision Overly-tired Intolerant Unwilling to consider other’s opinions / perspectives / concerns……


  1. Do 3 practical things today. 
  2. Find 9 minutes to be still with your self every day. 
  3. List  3 things you have accomplished leading to this new moon.  
  4. List 3 areas you have to repair or reconstruct now?
  5. Which of the above positive and negative qualities applies to you today?


999 triumph of good over evil as opposed to 666. Yoga means to unite with the cosmic creative consciousness of intelligence. 9 spirals. 9 steps. 9 spirals within 9 steps. 9 steps within 9 spirals. We use the number 9 to remove predators from ones body and environment.

NewMoon in Virgo Action

After the last glorious FullMoon I went to Glasgow and decided be happy.  I would do new things and I would do old things in a new way. So I did a lot of new things and I did a lot of old things in a new way.  I would learn new things about Glasgow and enjoy my experience. 

I went to Dolly Parton’s concert on 21.8.11.  She made us all laugh with her honesty & playful jokes: DSCF0368“It costs a lot to look this cheap.” “Someone asked how I look so good. I simply told them: plastic surgery.”  She touched our hearts with the words of her songs, her strong voice and honest feminine woman warrior power personality. Thank you Dolly Parton.

My mother suggested I go site seeing so I decided to go on the Hop On Hop Off Bus TIMG_0948our. As I have never done this I thought it would be a great thing to do to be happy.  The experience was amazing, healing, empowering, historical,  shocking, surprising,  as well as  fascinating.   I enjoyed the Glasgow Cathedral, the Provards Lordship, Glasgow Necropolis,  St Mungo Museum and Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum.

Lisette Keats insisted I visit the DSCF0060Mackintosh House.  When I  stood in  the cream and white rooms I was overwhelmed with the simplicity, beauty, peacefulness and healing energy of the space. DSCF0059 I became very happy standing with a big smile on my face unable to move.  I felt so calm like I had been transported to another realm. 


NewMoon in Virgo Songs

I went to the Kelvinside Hillhead Parish Church in Glasgow on the Tenth Sunday after Pentecost 21.8.11 and was guided to share these two songs. The two songs I have chosen to work with the energy of this NewMoon are Christian songs. They are: Morning has Broken and O Love that Wilt Not Let Me Go. They convey the energy of Virgo at this time.

HOMEWORK: When you read or listen to the words ask yourself: Is this song a song of love or sadness for ME? The feeling it brings up will help you to identify the Virgo feeling in you at this present moment.

NewMoon in Virgo Song:

O Love that Wilt Not Let Me Go

by George Matheson (March 27, 1842-August 28, 1906


Song by Chris Rice http://youtu.be/I-tXgsBq418

George Matheson never married as his fiancé left him when she discovered he would be blind for life:she honestly admitted she could not live with a blind man. He wrote this song when his sister was getting married so it brought back his pain. The line " I trace the rainbow through the rain," had special significance for him as a blind man. George was a preacher and Scottish theologian who was awarded DD Doctor of Divinity.

Glasgow 20.8.11 252
O Love that wilt not let me go,
I rest my weary soul in thee;
I give thee back the life I owe,
That in thine ocean depths its flow
May richer, fuller be

su ranka

O light that foll’west all my way,
I yield my flick’ring torch to thee;
My heart restores its borrowed ray,
That in thy sunshine’s blaze its day
May brighter,fairer be.
regens park 221
O Joy that seekest me through pain,
I cannot close my heart to thee;
I trace the rainbow through the rain,
And feel the promise is not vain,
That morn shall tearless be.
regens park 186
O Cross that liftest up my head,
I dare not ask to fly from thee;
I lay in dust life’s glory dead,
And from the ground there blossoms red
Life that shall endless be.

NewMoon in Virgo Song:

Morning Has Broken

by Eleanor Farjeon, 1881-1965 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eleanor_Farjeon

Song by Nana Mouskouri http://youtu.be/4v3d3vLy0cI

Morning has broken, like the first morning
Blackbird has spoken, like the first bird
Praise for the singing, praise for the morning
Praise for the springing fresh from the world
Sweet the rain’s new fall, sunlit from heaven
Like the first dewfall, on the first grass
Praise for the sweetness of the wet garden
Sprung in completeness where his feet pass
20110417 038
Mine is the sunlight, mine is the morning
Born of the one light, Eden saw play

Praise with elation, praise every morning
God’s recreation of the new day

Glasgow 20.8.11 137

NewMoon in Virgo Nursery Rhyme

Remember Wee Willie Winkie, a Scottish poem?   http://youtu.be/OrSXEGFCo-M

   DSCF0163 - CopyWee Willie Winkie 1940 poster.jpg


Good Night sleepy heads

Love Toks xxxx



With Love Blossoms and Laughter

Toks Beverley Coker clip_image003clip_image004010[1]clip_image002


Hands of Light & Starlight

For the Light of Your Life

Medicine Woman

Lighting Your Way

Moon Lady Sage Warrior

White Eagle

"Excellence is DOING Ordinary things Exceptionally Well."

"If you Light a Lantern for Another, it will also Brighten Your Way." Gosho Zenshu 1598

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Announcing the 11.11.11 RETREAT from 10-12 November. Save the date. Exciting information to follow. Love Toks xxxx



Happy NewMoon in Leo


invocation blessing meditation


I Greet You

With the Knowers of Intelligent Love

Forces of Spiritual Will

Masters School of Initiation

I Greet You


I Greet You

With the Sphinx’s Words of Power

Lyrical Verses of Rhythms & Cycles

Pulsating Wise Dialogue

I Greet You


I Greet You

With Sekhmet Isis Presence

Entwined Amazonite Tree

You are Stronger than You Think

I Greet You


I Greet You

With Passionate Action of Leo

Do What You Love

Love What You Do

I Greet You


I Greet You

With the Magnetic Aura Musician

Striking Codes and Cords Within

Fine Tuning Your Energy

I Greet You


I Greet You

With Mermaid Sorceress Alchemy

Raising from Depths of Mother Earth

To Height of Father Sky and Beyond

I Greet You


I Greet You

With Greek Aphrodite Roman Venus

Enticement Charm Seduction

Bringing True Love to You

I Greet You


I Greet You

With The Golden Ratio

Balance Equilibrium Unity

Reconnecting Golden Kiss of Life

I Greet You


I Greet You

With Archangel Gabriel’s Goblet

Assuring Leadership in All You Do

Improving Your Household Situations

I Greet You


I Greet You

In Your Celebration of Friendships

Your Glamorous Life Style

Your Smiling Wealth

I Greet You


I Greet You

With the Dream Catcher of Time

Stimulating Energising Vitalising

Working While You Sleep

I Greet You


I Greet You

With White Elephant Golden Tusks

White Unicorn Golden Horn

White Lion Golden Hair

I Greet You


I Greet You

With the Cycles and Rhythms Wand

Stirring Cosmic Life Energy

Riding the Clouds of Time

I Greet You


I Greet You

With the Temple Lion

Protective Guarding Impressive

Alignment Invocation Evocation

I Greet You


I Greet You

In the Patchwork of Your Life

Creating Soulful Vibrancy

Healing Your Wounds

I Greet You


I Greet You

In Your Leo Stand

Regal Confident Presence

Sure Composed Energy

I Greet You


I Greet You

In the Groups that You Form

In the Conversations You Have

In the Creations of Your Life

I Greet You


I Greet You

With Agi Lord of Fire

Triad Flame of Divine Passion

In Your Auric Field of Fire

I Greet You


I Greet You

Majestic Mysterious Being

Activating Head Heart Throat

Will, Love-Wisdom, Active Intelligence

I Greet You

             clip_image038 clip_image040

I Greet You

Taking the Intuitive Action of Truth

Adorning You with Nurturing

Awakening Illumined Self Love

I Greet You


I Greet You

Throwing Yourself Back Upon Yourself

The Self Knowing the Self

Initiation A Point of Attainment

I Greet You


I Greet You

I Greet You

I Greet You


I Greet You

I Greet You

I Greet You


Ho and so it is.

Amen Amen AmenBlessings

Channelled NewMoon in Leo Blessings 2011

by Toks Beverley Coker   xxxxxxxxxx

Various Faces of Leo

My Regal Self: Leo is showy and grand and shiny and glamorous. Are you doing anything grand and showing how grand you are? If not then do something grand and showy calling in the confidence of the NewMoon in Leo.

 clip_image001 clip_image002[17] clip_image002[19]

Self Energy: Leo is self energy.  Self love.  Leo is about the self, personal importance, preciousness, greed and lust for power.  It focuses on caring on the self, creativity and expressing the self. Leo is extraverted and exaggerated. This is a good time to be glamorous and extraverted especially if you have not been for a while or have never been.

Seeking: Leo seeks to grow, to be wise and all knowing; and to be enlightened. Leo seeks higher wisdom for the self.  Not the mass.

Learning: Leo must learn not to be too selfish and not to be too proud.  If you suddenly find  yourself feeling pride or selfish take a quick check of your self and the situation.  Could this be the NewMoon in Leo energy taking control like a greedy aggressive lion?

Teaching:  When someone I have helped,
Or in whom I have placed great hopes,
Mistreats me in extremely hurtful ways,
May I regard him still as my precious Teacher.  by HH The Dalai Lama.

Forgiveness: If we Forgive others we give room for ourselves to be forgiven.


IS THERE SOMETHING YOU SHOULD HAVE ADDRESSED AND DID NOT THAT IS RAISING ITS HEAD JUST BEFORE THIS NEWMOON? GOOD. WELCOME to NEW MOON IN LEO’S BLUE MOON ENERGY PROTAL OF 2011. Feeling annoyed, irritated, over-wclip_image002[13]helmed, bullied and needing to shout and take action? Well it is the time of Leo the Lion. Take courage and hold the bulls by the horn and move forward. Or better still ride the lion like DURGA and take action weapons in hand. So are your weapons going to be legal weapons, a play of words, bluffing, or what? Are you going to ask for help? Are you going to do this on your own? clip_image002[15]This really is a time to ask for help and take the action you should have taken before!

The energy of Leo may not enable you to seek ADVICE or ask for help easily around this period as the Lion is the ruler and leader of the pack and so does not seek or ask for help easily.

Remember please do not blame yourself – you can only go at your really practical realistic reality portal space. Welcome to your own journey of light. We have collective energy and individual energy. Pace your individual journey and join the collective but make sure you are right in your own individual energy of journeying.


I Greet You

From the Portals of Opportunity

With the Sacred Flame of Life

Gifting Refreshing Openings

I Greet You


  1. The Gift of Protection. 
  2. The Gift of Power.
  3. The Gift of Good Fortune.   
  4. The Gift of Spirituality. 
  5. The Gift of Sexuality. 
  6. The Gift of Awakening Kundalini. 
  7. The Gift of Beauty and Grace.
  8. The Gift of Movement
  9. The Gift of Agility
  10. The Gift of Shape Shifting
  11. The Gift of Metamorphosis.
  12. The Gift of Silence
  13. The Gift of Stillness
  14. The Gift of Invisibility
  15. The Gift of the Unknown.
  16. The Gift of Void
  17. The Gift of Journeying
  18. The Gift of Light in the Darkness. 
  19. The Gift of Inner Knowing
  20. The Gift of Intuition.
  21. The Gift of Paying Attention to Feelings, Intuitions, Vibrations
  22. The Gift of Healing.   
  23. The Gift of the All-Seeing EyeAstute

Nick Hughes, Phoenix Astrology, 01392 661276 www.phoenixschoolofastrology.co.uk writes about the energy of Cancer still affecting us: “Cancer deals with issues to do with family, the home, nurturing and security. The recent attacks in Norway may not seem related to Cancer but if you read about what motivated them then it becomes clearer. The perpetrator had far right political views especially regarding Islamic immigrants and saw his role as one of protecting Norway and its people from this malevolent and insidious invasion. clip_image002[7] This idea of protecting our family, our tribe, our national security all come under the sign of Cancer and the violence committed by both terrorists and governments in the name of protecting their people and their home has been with us for thousands of years. Many are going through difficult and stressful family situations. Common scenarios have included divorced parents using the children to get at each other, skeletons in the family closet being revealed or conflicts between children and their parents reaching crisis point. The two ends of the Cancer spectrum are feeling claustrophobic or trapped through emotional manipulation and neediness or being abandoned and neglected by those who are closest to you. clip_image002[9]No matter how conscious and grounded we think we are, there is nothing like a family crisis to disturb our emotional waters so that it distorts our ability to perceive what is really going on. As our actions are based on our perceptions wholly inappropriate and unreasonable behaviour can result from the need to protect our family and security. The Sun and Venus have left Cancer but Mars is about to enter and when it forms a grand cross with Uranus, Pluto and Saturn, which will last most of August, the need to take action within the family or home will be strong. Action may well be necessary but knowing the best thing to do amid emotional upheaval is never straightforward.”

clip_image028NewMoon in Leo may make you help someone even if you do not have the capacity to help them…… NewMoon in Leo may make you give money to someone even when you do not have a penny yourself….. Welcome Generosity. Welcome Care. Welcome Hope. Welcome Belief. Welcome


Ponder on This

“Initiation permits a progressive entry into the mind of the creating Logos.” page 203

“The ceremony of initiation marks a point of attainment. It does not bring about attainment.” page 198

The Golden Section

clip_image002 clip_image004 clip_image006 I attended Scott’s talk in London in 2009.  Scott writes about Aphrodite’s Golden Kiss.clip_image008 “ Venus draws a beautiful five-fold Rosette around us every eight years. Eight years on Earth is also 13 Venusian years, the Fibonacci numbers 13:8:5 here appearing to connect space and time.” page 46

He says The Golden Ratio is at the heart of things. What do you think?


clip_image010 clip_image012 clip_image014



I Greet You

From the Vortex of Nothingness

With the Celebration of Life

Shape-Shifting Allowingness

I Greet You


love Toks, Medicine Woman

Channelling Divine Healing Power

New Moon in Cancer 1.7.11

My Darlings, Beings of Love Light


I Greet Youclip_image001


HAPPY NewMoon in Cancer with PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSE and GRAND CROSS and SORAS Series 13 New South on 1.7.11.

expect the unexpected

More valuable than treasures in a storehouse are the treasures of the body, and the treasures of the heart are the most valuable of all.

BLESSING Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for NewMoon in Cancer, Partial Solar Eclipse & Grand Cross & SAROS SERIES 13 New South 1.7.11


I Greet You

In the Celebrations of Family

Your Bar Mitzvahs Your Rituals

Your Appointments with Time

I Greet You


I Greet You

In New Rooting of Strength

Your Inner Becoming More

Your Sublime Knowing

I Greet You


I Greet You

In Courageous Bravura Bonding

Your Mutual Agreements & Targets

Your Awe-Inspiring Co-Creating

I Greet You


I Greet You

Drinking the Nectar of the Gods

In Your Enchantment with Life

In Your Movement of Living

I Greet You


I Greet You

With the Four Legged Creatures

Laughing Happily in the Park

Chasing Dreams Making Friends

I Greet You


I Greet You

Lovingly Steering Into Your Eyes

Your Spirit Essence Chi Force

Your Soul Matrix Depth

I Greet You


I Greet You

In Your Beautiful Stretching

Passionately Reaching High

In Your Expression of Truth

I Greet You


I Greet You

In Your Quintessence of Safety

Transcending Impediments & Hindrance

Fortification Shield Protection Divine

I Greet You


I Greet You

Your Sensual Fabulousity

Your Magnificent Sexiness

Impressiveness Glorious You

I Greet You


I Greet You

Ancient Knowing Insight

Meaningful Eloquent Wisdom

Courteous Respectful Reverence

I Greet You


I Greet You

In Your Grand Cardinal Cross

Striking the Balance in Your Decisions

Dignified Poise of Self-Confidence

I Greet You


I Greet You

In Your Radiant Glowing Youth

Warmly Beaming Glorious Friendships

Feeling the Lavishness of Time

I Greet You


I Greet You

In the Music Melody of Your Life

Unique Masterpiece Composition

Cultivating Healing Nurturing

I Greet You


I Greet You

In the Surgery of Your Changes

Apprentice Pillar in Rosslyn Chapel

Dreaming Completions and Beginnings

I Greet You


I Greet You

In Your Rare Cosmic Moments

Galloping Away into the Horizon

Matrix Luxury of Your Journey

I Greet You


I Greet You

I Greet You

I Greet You



BLESSING Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for NewMoon in Cancer, Partial Solar Eclipse & Grand Cross & SAROS SERIES 13 New South 1.7.11


MEDITATION: We will be holding the NewMoon in Cancer with Partial Solar Eclipse & Grand Cross with Soras Series 13 Meditation tonight 7pm-10pm. Details: http://newmoonmeditationincancer.eventbrite.com/

NEXT FULLMOON MEDITATION FullMoon in Cancer/Capricorn 15.7.11 http://fullmoonmeditationincancercapricorn.eventbrite.com/

NEXT NEWMOON MEDITATION NewMoon in Leo BLUE MOON 30.7.11 http://newmoonmeditationinleo.eventbrite.com/

NUMEROLOGY MEDITATION in JULY 1.7.11, 7.7.11, 11.7.11




PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSE: Scientific: Very few people will see this eclipse due to its position. This eclipse is at the south pole. Sun and Moon at 9 degrees Cancer and South Node at 22 Gemini. http://eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov/OH/OH2011.html#SE2011Jul01P


PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSE: Energetic: The Solar Eclipse can reveal to us all how our entrenched emotional patterns and attitudes limit our ability to freely express loving, compassionate forgiveness towards all beings, including ourselves. CALL on Hilarion, Ascendant Master for Health and Healing to help you.

NEW MOON IN CANCER: The moon is at home in Cancer. She is feminine, mysterious, sensual, inviting yet deeply healing from within one’s DNA matrix. It is ENCHANTMENT: Drink liquid clip_image004nectar from the Cup of Enchantment. Drink in the energy of the NewMoon. It brings with it new beginning, new opening, positive closures and positive communication on a deep level.  Life becomes entertaining – even to you.  BECOME ENCHANTING.  BECOME ENCHANTED WITH YOUR LIFE.   Call in magic in your life.  Call in divine intervention.  Call in power. 

I Greet You

In Your Celebration of Life

In Your Actual Personal Satisfaction

With the Enchantment of Laughter

I Greet You

SAROS SERIES 13 New South / SAROS SERIES 156: Energetic: This is a time of new beginnings and RARE experiences as well as, once in a life time realisations. I have felt this energy as empowering, radiating with intension and spiralling into me with a gentleness anchoring within. clip_image006It is a CATALYTIC eclipse that will bring new insights to transcend past difficulties whose grips now lesson; which is such a relief; inviting in fresh air into our body system. Eclipses, like Grand Crosses, portend endings and beginnings, so happening together with the NewMoon is truly significant. It really does clarify thorny problems so that untangling can commence. Visually, the spiralling in this video is similar to what I experienced. http://youtu.be/Eg_bnBabkvI

SAROS SERIES 13 New South / SAROS SERIES 156: Scientific: http://eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov/SEsaros/SEsaros156.html        Eva, my astrologer friend, says a new eclipse series is beginning this partial solar eclipse. There will be 72 eclipses in this new 13 south cycle. This is really new: this cycle has not occurred before – the next one will be in 2029 and the last one will be in 3237. She sent me a link by Bernadette Brady M.A; who clip_image012[1]writes in her newsletter: “A new eclipses series is beginning. This is a rare event This new series will run from 1st July 2011 for 1200 years and will not end until 3237. This will be Saros Series 13 New South (to use the Jansky naming system) or Saros Series 156 (van den Bergh numbering system). This Saros Series begins as a tiny solar eclipse around the South Pole area on the 1st July, 2011, and captures in its birth chart a Grand Cross involving the New Moon in Cancer, Uranus in Aries, Saturn in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn. The closest midpoints are Pluto on the midpoint of Mars/Jupiter and Jupiter on the midpoint of The Sun/Neptune. “


Carol Ann Ciocco, fabulous lady, www.threemoonocean.com; posted two video animations in her newsletter. Thank you Carol. http://bit.ly/k0bcsz and http://shadowandsubstance.com/

I Greet You

In the Feeding of Your Soul

In the Refinement of Your Frequency

In the Elevation of Your Soul

I Greet You

CARDINAL GRAND CROSS: Scientific: occurs with this solar eclipse and is made up of the alignment of Pluto [Capricorn], Uranus [Aries], Saturn [Libra] and Moon [Cancer] in the shape of a cross. Imagine a circle is 360 degrees and 4 things divide the circle = 90 degrees. This Cardinal Cross is made up of 4 astrological signs known as the Cardinal Signs and each corresponds to a body part according to Jaon Hodgson: Aries [cranium, head, face, eyes, ears, jaw], Cancer [sternum, ribs, upper chest, stomach], Libra [lumber area, kidneys] and Capricorn [knees].

CARDINAL GRAND CROSS: Energetic: This Cardinal Grand Cross comes gentlyclip_image008 and slowly into our lives forcing us to face the cross roads of our lives, our disappointments, our lessons, and decisions we have made and have yet to make to enable us to bring in more happiness into our hearts and lives. This hits us without us being prepared for the emotions and upheaval it causes in decisions we have to make and at the same time we are afraid to make the decisions or carry them out. The Cardinal Cross (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) is the cross of crucifixion and resurrection [Capricorn], Image006balance [Libra], emotions [Cancer]; and beginnings things [Aries]. The need to balance and make decisions at the same time can be emotionally time-consuming and confusing. Resurrection through suffering caused by self and others.

The Cardinal Cross initiates change and reminds me of Kali, the Hindu Goddess. She destroys and then re-creates. She crucifies and then resurrects. The Cardinal Cross destroys and re-creates. It crucifies and resurrects. It is like the cross of Jesus. It creates an opportunity from the suffering which is usually very very deep. There is a need for chaclip_image010nge. Your sufferings and illness will come to the forefront of your life and will force a change. You put up your hands and surrender to the universe.  It forces you to say NO, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS SITUATION. clip_image011You stand strong Facing of fear = Removal of fear. Cardinal Cross is forceful, pushy, sure, and ready. It hits hard at you directly forcing change and initiating change whether or not you want it or understand it or like it. It forces you to initiate, to create, to lead and to do. It forces you to face your fears and do something about them. Use this time to remove your fears of ill health, death, or procrastination and start the medication, let go the loss and open the door to happiness. It is so important to stop living in your past relationships that gave you so much unhappiness and live relationships that give you happiness and empower you.


CALL on Ascendant Master Djwal Khul, the Tibetan to help you. He Removes fear from your soul memory. He Resolves health problems.  He Protects the healers and those doing spiritual work. He Works with those who heal. He sends Goodwill to all men. He is the Messenger of the Masters, and Advanced disciple of Master Kuthumi, his teacher. Worked with Master Morya. He is One of the Three Wise Men [Morya, Kuthumi and Djwal Khul] who followed the Star of Bethleham to the Holy Infant and protected him from King Herod. 

I Greet You

Rising High above the Trees of Africa

Djwal Khul Healing Your Soul Memory

Hilarion Welcoming Your Presence

I Greet You

This Cardinal Cross with the SAROS SERIES 13 New South will suddenly without notice initiate changes in your relationship with yourself, others, work, etc. What suddenly caused you to take action with a great reality check on your life? My doctor told me I was a time bomb waiting to explode so I changed my diet and started exercising to lose weight. I realized that my heart and will need to be in right relationship with myself. In order for this to be so, I need to move out of my emotional “comfort zones”, and let go of any emotional clip_image014attachments, which may be preventing me from coming into right, loving relationship with myself, with other and the planet. Go through the portal doorway and climb the steps leaving the crumbles behind.

The need to RE-ROOT yourself, to establish strong roots is very important with this Cardinal Grand Cross NewMoon Partial Lunar Eclipse. With every Completion &clip_image016 Ending is a New Beginning, an Opportunity. As we all know whatever ends at the time of a Total Solar Eclipse will probably not restart ever again. Whatever starts with a Solar Eclipse invites in newness and freshness and deep breathing into your life force. The Cardinal Signs have a Cardinal Force. They start new things like a new season: Spring Equinox (Aries); Fall Equinox (Libra); Summer Solstice (Cancer); and Winter Solstice (Capricorn). Seize all your gifts and opportunities with strong rooting. Can you identify 7 gifts / opportunities now?

clip_image018CALL on Artemis, Greek Goddess of the Moon. Artemis is also named Diane in Roman mythology. She is Goddess of the hunt & the hunted. Be persistent as a huntress or hunter. Call on the persistent energy of the NewMoon in Cancer to help you in your PERSONAL ‘FAMILY’ HAPPINESS. Ask for help in sorting out arguments / disagreements. We reach a CROSS ROADS in our lives and have to make decisions e.g. break ups, job problems, fighting, arguments, eruptions, anger, annoyance, disruptions, etc. Ask for help in protecting your power and energy. Any Violation of your auric field makes you feel like you are loosing power and you have no control over your life and feel someone has power over you.

NUMEROLOGY to cover this NewMoon with Partial Solar Eclipse on 1.7.11

3 Working with the energy of 3 we have had 3 eclipse: a Partial Solar Eclipse 1.6.11, a Total Lunar Eclipse 15.6.11 and now a Partial Solar Eclipse 1.7.11. The number 3 relates to Mind Body Spirit, Father Mother Child, Sun Moon Earth, Life Death Re-Birth, Past Present Future

1 Number of Leadership, Adventure, Initiative, Originality, Determination, Focus, Individuality, Purpose and Direction.  Identity. Self Worth.  Like the New Moon is about new beginnings, new journeys.

2 The number Eleven adds up Two, that means mastering and releasing polarity in the end… the spectral tone of creation, the releasing of the core, break-down of façades.

Words that add up to 11: The words ‘Angel’, ‘Vibration’, ‘Light’, ‘Wisdom’, ‘Purity, Purpose, ‘Healing’ in numerology aligns with the number ‘11’. My name ‘Toks’ adds up to 11.

11 Number of Awareness, Six-Sensed, Creative, Discerning, Dreamy, Inspiring. The first doubling of two figures, a master‘s number. DOUBLE DIGIT represents the endless connection and gateway to the unknown and known mysteries of the universe and beyond

  • Master number
  • Power number
  • Masonic number
  • Magic number
  • Miracle number
  • Mysterious number
  • Intuitive number
  • Awakening number
  • Ascension number
  • Holy number
  • Divine number
  • Activation number

7 July, 7th month of the year.  My month and my birthday.  Number of the mystic law – mysticism – what is hidden and what is revealed.  Number for the sage – the warrior – the healer – the seekers of light – the seedings of light forces – primal activation of light – the power of life force – Buddha wisdom – heart compassion – inner knowing – deep inner understanding – feeling – good fortune – luck – divine inspiration and change.  Lots of energetic activities and happenings.  Welcome your magic – your enchantment – your being of light in physical form on earth.  Embrace your magical self.  Anchor your being of light activation now.


clip_image022What is a NewMoon?  A New Moon is when the sun and moon are in the same astrological sign.  We have the NewMoon in Cancer and it is a good time to set the seed of creating your vision, planning and establishing new goals. This is a SEED MOMENT.

Symbols of Cancer


Cancers animal totem is the Crab has a soft interior and a hard shell.  The power of this animal totem is immense.  This is about what you allow into your shell/home and what you do not allow in. Do you have clear or confusing boundaries?  Is your behaviour always putting you in ‘victim’ or ‘bully’ mode?  Are you withdrawing and retreating in your life feeling like a victim?  Are you being bullied – in the office, at home, amongst your friends? What kind of boundaries do you experience in your life?   There is a great need to be aware of your boundaries. There is the inner and outer self:  What is your inner self saying?  What is your outer self saying?  Cancer, the crab, is about secrecy, mystery and privacy.  What do you keep/hide inside your shell and what do you reveal?  Do you keep secrets?  Are you trust worthy?  Cancerians are good at keeping secrets, confidences as they loyal and trustworthy.

Cancers element is Water which is emotional.  Water fits intoclip_image027 any container it is put into. It evaporates and becomes mists and becomes the clouds which then pour down on earth to be rain.   Water is deep and mysterious like the sea. Water can nurture or can kill.  Are your emotions nurturing you or are they killing you?  Are your emotions making you look at your ‘mother’ / ‘father’ / ‘child’ issues?  Are they ‘nesting’?  Are they safe or dangerous?  Are you comfort eating?  Are you nit-picking?  Are you feeling safe?  We will be meditating on the purity of water.

Sun and Moon in Cancer – the Moon is in her natural sun sign, Cancer.  Moon is mystical, emotional and magical. Cancer & Moon are highly intuitive / sensitive.  Cancer loves family, nurturing and empowerment. This is a great time to spend with loved ones, and open express your hearts desires. Feel and express lovingly to your loved ones and family in a way you have not done before. Cancerians make good initiators, creators and leaders.They also know they need to feel their hearts. So this is a time to share time with loved ones and feel love and feel support and personal satisfaction.

I Greet You

In the Feeding of Your Soul

In the Refinement of Your Frequency

In the Elevation of Your Soul

I Greet You


This is a time to Nourish your soul, yourself – emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. This is about FEEDING YOUR SOUL.  clip_image029This is about your SECURITY; your SUPPORT SYSTEM and your SAFETY. This is about your PERSONAL SATISFACTION as opposed to material and professional satisfaction.  What do you need for yourself to be successful on a personal level? This is about establishing a firm foundation for your personal happiness.  How is your HOME?  How are you FEEDING yourself, your foundation of personal happiness?  This is to do with BELONGING.  Do you feel you belong to yourself or to no-body?  Do you feel isolated, lonely or alone?  Do you feel happy, grinning like a Cheshire cat?  How are your feelings of belonging, security, personal happiness, satisfaction, safety, and trust?  Welcome to NewMoon in Cancer.

Who is that ONE person you are going to share unconditional love with during this NewMoon in Cancer? Your mother, your father, your brother, your sister?  You boyfriend, your girlfriend, your husband, your wife?  Who in your personal SPECIAL circle of friends? 

How will you do this?  A picnic, a walk in the park, holding hands, laughing or sharing moments. This is about spending quality time together.  Not about texting or taking phone calls while with the person.  So switch of the phone and TV and enjoy REAL quality time together.





Love Toks

Teacher of the Light

Teacher of the Dragon Light

Magical CEO [Constantly Empowering Others]

NEW MOON IN GEMINI Partial Solar Eclipse 1.6.2011

My Dear Legions of Light





We come again to greet and bless you on this auspicious day…….NewMoon in Gemini.

I Greet You with the energy of the NewMoon in Gemini, Partial Solar Eclipse, TODAY 1.6.11 – 11° Gemini – not visible in London . I will be holding a meditation from 7pm-10pm today Wednesday 1st June 2011 in St Johns Wood.  Please pay cash when you arrive or on the Eventbrite link –http://newmoonmeditationingemini.eventbrite.com/  Thank you.    Please let me know you are able to come via email or text or phone call 07973210107.  Thank you.  Toks xxx

clip_image004 clip_image006 clip_image007

I GREET YOU working with the Element of Air – Gemini – the need to be free, to revivify and joyfully vibrate like happy fresh air.  I Greet You with the portal of 11 in the portal of 11. I1 from the portal of 11.11. 

I THANK YOU for being in my life

clip_image034First I would like to thank you all for all your kind words, thoughts and blessings you sent to me etherically, energetically and physically for the success of the Crystals for Everyday Use at the Mind Body Spirit exhibition held 30.5.11 from 11am – 1pm.  It was a lovely experience which was well received and from the feedback cards I read, the crystals did their job too.  THANK YOU crystals, Mother Earth, Father Sky.

Importantly, I would like to thank all the lovely Legionsclip_image009 of Light that attended the workshop.  Yes YOU. 

We sang   clip_image002HAPPY BIRTHDAY to five Legions at the workshop.  We laughed and shared.  We worked with crystals and answered many questions with light and joy.  Thank you for the light you radiated yesterday.  THANK YOU.  THANK YOU for all your feedback.  It was truly inspirational for me to read all your lovely messages and enjoy your lovely art work – hearts, hearts with wings, smiley faces and kisses.  I am truly overjoyed with the compliments which I did not expect.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

NewMoon in Gemini Invocation Blessing

by Toks Beverley Coker for 1.6.11

clip_image011 clip_image012

I Greet You

With the Peaceful Sound of Music

Pulsatingly Stroking the Air

Healing My Mind

Soothing My Emotions

Shifting Consciousness

I Greet You


I Greet You

With the Pleasure of Scents

Radiating 9 Consciousness’s

Uplifting My Angelic Senses

Penetrating My Physical DNA

Uplifting Blue Ray Ascension

I Greet You


I Greet You

With the Powerful Symbols of Light

Floating Individual Light Codes

Slowly Gently Into Your Being

Firmly Placed In You

Gratitude of Moments

I Greet You


I Greet You

With the Many Faces You Show

Hidden/Revealed  Same/Different

Mystery Schools of Thoughts

Dualities  Parallels  Dimensional

Two But Not Two. Two But Two

I Greet you


I Greet You

With the Sacred Rites of Union

Promoting Happy Relationships

Balanced Partnerships

Soul Mate Connections

Rhythmic Feminine Masculine

I Greet You


I Greet You

With the Sacred Altar of Ascension

Healing Land of Cos

Hands Outstretched With the Gods

Zeus, Apollo, Dionysus, & Artemis

Winds Whispering To Your Happiness

I Greet You

clip_image022 clip_image024

I Greet You

With the Crystals of Wisdom

Writing & Sounding Your Life

Lifting Veils Uncovering Revolutions

Illuminating Your Crystalline Matrix

Soaring Dragons of Life

I Greet You


clip_image026I Greet You

With Twins of Mercury

Holding Two Crystalline Blessings

Bearers of Good News

Messengers from the Gods

Towers of Protection

I Greet You

  clip_image048 clip_image027 clip_image048

I Greet You

From the Holy Land of Patmos

With the Eagle of Patmos

The Sacred Voice of Wisdom

The Feathers of Creation

Lighting the Candles of Life

I Greet You

       clip_image029 clip_image031

I Greet You

With the Fountain of Youth

Bursting Forth From Within

Moistening Your Soul Chakras

Clearing Blocked Pathways

Sprouting Fresh Newness Now

I Greet You

I Greet You

I Greet You

I Greet You

I Greet You

I Greet You

I Greet You

clip_image004 clip_image006 clip_image007

NewMoon in Gemini Blessing

Invocation Channelled by

Toks Beverley Coker 1.6.11

NEWMOON IN GEMINI and Eclipse [moon moves between the Earth & Sun. Moon obscures Earths view of the Sun. Earth cannot see Sun.]


3 ECLIPSES: Eclipses remind us that what is happening on the inner level is of equal importance; if not greater significance than what is happening outside you. They tell us to move beyond what is not working. They tell us to be inspired with new possibilities on an inner and outer level. So be very aware that areas in your life where there is suppression, corruption and hiding of the truth are likely to be forced out into your conscious awareness with these eclipses.

  1. June 1st Wednesday 2011 – 1.6.11 – New Moon in Gemini – Partial Solar Eclipse – 11° Gemini – not visible in London
  2. June 15th Wednesday– 15.6.11 – Full Moon in Sagittarius/Gemini – Total Lunar Eclipse – 24° Sagittarius – [earth blocks suns rays from reaching moon] visible in London and most of England just as the moon rises. A very powerful time. Also World Invocation Day – Honouring Spiritual Unity.
  3. 1 July – New Moon in Cancer – Partial Solar Eclipse – 9° Cancer – not visible in London

clip_image034My friend, Nicholas Hughes, Astrologer, 01392 661276, writes in his newsletter:

This eclipse marks the beginning of a new Saros cycle. The last time this occurred was in 1928 and the next time will be in 2058 so for many of us it will be the only one we will experience in our life time.

With Solar Eclipses it is the Sun that falls into darkness and so represents a temporary disconnection to the source of life, destiny and identity. But just like turning a computer off and on again helps to clear any corruption of programmes and resets the system so can a solar eclipse have a rebooting action on our sense of where we are heading in life.

A Lunar Eclipse means that the moon disappears into shadow and so it is much more to do with the past and our emotional life. A lot of negative emotion can be released at this time at an individual and collective level. It is a good time to let go of old wounds, ancestral and family patterns and suppressed emotions. As the lunar eclipse will be in Sagittarius it is good to be mindful of the liver which is the store of our subconscious feelings and the organ of detoxification.

June 21st Tuesday – 21.6.11 – Summer Solstice – longest day

Planet for Gemini is Mercury. It is the PLANET OF COMMUNICATION – Mercury makes us think and move fast. MERCURY is the Messenger of the Gods. He is the swiftest God – no one could catch up with him.  Mercury can make us restless and active and impatient and not settled. Ask Mercury to slow down if this is the case. Mercury cannot stand being bored, tied down or isolated.  Call in the frequency of mercury is you are feeling bored, tied down, rooted, stuck or isolated. Communicate with the Mercury in YOU. clip_image006[1]Communicate with everyone’s Mercury in them. If you are finding it difficult to communicate something to someone call in Mercury to help you. Use words to heal and transform and transcend and move forward. What truth have you not spoken that you need to speak?  When last did you communicate your desires to someone who could really help you? When did you last tell your family you love them? When did you tell a friend you appreciate them in your life? Express gratitude with words and actions. Ask. Ask. Ask. Say. Say. Say. Speak. Speak. Speak. Simultaneously act with NewMoon in Gemini. Reflect. Decide. Make Decision. Brain storm ideas. Chat. Laugh. Move. Share. Go to new places and socialize. Mix. Communicate. Try something new – Try two new things you have never done or have not done for a while.


I Greet You

With the Angelic Gifts of

Smiling Friendships & Healthy Hearts

Breathing the Breathe of Life

Pulsating Now of Simple Pleasures

Free in the Peace of Naturalness

I Greet You


Gemini represents EQUAL RULERSHIP – balance ying/yang – balance feminine/masculine. 

A good time to propose. A good time to start a new relationship. A good time to start afresh. A good time to take your relationship to the next level.

Gemini sign is the TWINS. Are you balanced?  Do you sway from one point of view to the next? 

Partnership.  Are you forming partnerships?  Are you breaking partnerships?

RITES of marriage and other forms of UNION are performed with NewMoon in Gemini. 

What type of union are you seeking?  Relationship?  Business?  Soul mate?  New creative projects?  New professional relationships?  New linking?  We will be meditating on this with NewMoon in Gemini.    clip_image038

I Greet You

With The Messenger of the Gods,

Mercury/Hermes, God of Trading

Delivering All Business Success

I Greet You


CRYSTALS: Hold Blue Lace Agate and Rose Quartz to help you communicate with love and not anger. Hold Hematite the colour of mercury silver to help link you in to the swiftness and merging you need in your life and any alchemical change. Hold Amethyst and Clear Quartz to bring a smile back to yourself. Working with two crystals call in happy socializing, happy chatter, happy movement and happy fun. Party with friends – old and new.


Lots of experiences with NewMoon in Gemini.

The duality of Gemini sets in… Watch out for arguments – avoid them……. The NewMoon in Gemini makes us question ourselves and our attitude to others as well as to our inner fears…..  two sides inside us… two sides – inside and outside.  Welcome to the duality of Gemini.  Welcome to the magic of Gemini NewMoon.  Welcome to the alchemy of NewMoon in Gemini.  

WARNINGS with communication

Communicate carefully.  Communicate sensibly.  Do not lie.  Do not gossip.  Do not be slander.  Remember not everything needs to be spoken and revealed.  So choose your words carefully, wisely and compassionately.  Is revealing this for the highest good of all concerned?  Go into your own mind and be aware of your cautions you hold there.  Are they relevant?  Are they necessary?  Are they holding you back?  Are they loosing you friends?  Are they losing your opportunities?  How are you communication with yourself?  How am I communicating with myself?  Myself?  Myself?  Myself?

Watch out for SIGNS OMENS SYMBOLS STRANGE OCCURRENCES. Have any of you had strange experiences lately? 

  • Like being given a second chance to live? 
  • Like something happening that turned out to be positive when everything around you was not? 
  • Like a turnaround in your health, your relationship, your finances, your internal thoughts? 

These experiences show us through signs, omens and symbols that we are breaking old stifling bonds and a seed of light is being planted in your life and in your hands.  Congratulations to you if you have had any of these types of experiences, omens, symbols, signs.  Congratulations on your Gemini changes!   Email me or call me and share your experience.  I would like to read about it…..  Thanking you in advance.


As you start or continue your journey the way ahead could make you go up the stairs or down the stairs into passage ways of more discoveries.  The NewMoon in Gemini is about how you choose to continue your journey today. 


1. HOMEWORK EXERCISE Linking with the element of Air

Pranayama exercises.  Breathing. Pranic Breathing.   Flying.  Yoga.  Sports. Dancing.  Meditation. Singing. Speaking.


Look into a mirror and look into your eyes. Let your eyes meet your eyes! What do you see? Your Twin Self. Your Masculine/Feminine merger. The Masculine in you. The Feminine in You. Keep the gaze for 5 minutes. Not easy I know. See your beauty inside you. The meeting of your eyes is an exchange of energy between inner you and outer you. To help with this exercise try listening to:




The mirror is like a lake, a reflection, producing a TWIN of YOU. Imagine a lady looking into a clear lake and a male face looking back from her reflection in the lake.  She is looking at her REFLECTION – the masculine side of her.  This meeting of the eyes is an exchange of energy – solar energy from her masculine side and lunar energy from her feminine side.   Greeting your wonderful third eye with the NewMoon in Gemini…..  hello….  Deep respect to the highest vibration you resonate from your third eye………  WITH YOUR TWIN SELF.

3. HOMEWORK: Giving & Accepting & Receiving Compliments I can tell you that you are beautiful and you may not believe me.  I can tell you that you have a beautiful smile and yet you many still not believe me.  Yet I am telling you my truth when I say this to you.  Why do you not accept my truth of your beauty and your smile? With this NewMoon give a compliment to two people – one you know and one you do not know.  Do this for another 7 days. Also accept all the compliments you receive with this NewMoon in Gemini. 


4. HOMEWORK to release chatter in your head

Let the sun shine into your life, your heart, your voice, your throat, your soul essence, and inside your head. …….and then let the NewMoon shine every so brightly and serenely and calmly in your head and move around your body to your heart and your eyes and your third eye!!!  Let the NEWMOON in Gemini radiate silver blue mercury light and create flow in your life and your body and your soul!!!  Then Breathe in and out very slowly for 7 minutes. Alchemy Alchemy Alchemy…

5.  Healing from Kos, The Plane Tree of Hippocrates

clip_image046 This is the TREE OF HIPPOCRATES growing in Kos Town, a Greek Island.   It is about 500 years old.  Under this tree Hippocrates [considered to be the FATHER OF MEDICINE] is said to have worked and taught his students the art of medicine.  The Plane Tree of Hippocrates has been hallowed out and it is supported by metal scaffolding.  What healing do you need for your life now?  Call on the energy of Hippocrates and anchor to his wisdom and healing energy to help with your healing.  Call on the land of Cos to heal you.  Let the energy of the land and Plane Tree of Hippocrates heal you.


I Greet You

With Buckets Full of

Crystal Love Light Laughter

Prosperity Success Happiness

Disciple Oneness Freedom

clip_image048Toks xxxxxxx

Toks Beverley Coker

With Hands of Light & Starlight

Moon Lady Sage Warrior

White Eagle

Mobile: 07973210107

Email: toks@handsoflight.co.uk

Web: www.handsoflight.co.uk / www.tokscoker.com

Blog: http://tokscoker.wordpress.com/

Utube: http://www.youtube.com/user/ToksCoker

Facebook Group: http://snipurl.com/u0e1f

New Moon in Taurus 3.5.11


Dear Legions of the Family of Light



I will see you today from 7pm – 10pm as promised.  Remember if you cannot be present and you want some distant healing please let me know and make a small donation of £11 on the Eventbrite link.  http://newmoonintaurus.eventbrite.com/  Thanks xxxx



Invocation Blessing by

Toks Beverley Coker

with Hands of Light



I Greet You

From the Celestial Palace of Triumph & Victory

Anchoring In Your Good Fortune & Prosperity

Silently Calling You

To Being More rather than Having More

Engaging Your Inner Power of Compassion

I Greet You



I Greet You

From the Legion of Light Palace

On the Snow Peak Mountain Top

Invigorating Your Motivation Within

Bursting Forth Your Action with Focus

On this Night of the NewMoon

I Greet You


02052011 016

I Greet You

With Peacock Eyes of Light Love

Watching Your Every Movement

In a Practical Guiding Way

Over Your Bridge of Healing Existence

Graceful Landscape of Beauty

I Greet You



I Greet You

With Mother Mary and Jesus Christ

The Holy Grail of the Cross of Life and Death

From the Doors of Heaven and Earth

Touchingly Healing Your Heart

With the Wind of Time

I Greet You



I Greet You

With the Labyrinth of Life

In the Silent Torment of Your Pain

In Your Tunnels of Tearful Deep Suffering

Bursting Forth Fresh Breathing

In the Courage of the One I AM

I Greet You


barbara moon face

I Greet You

With the Waterfall of Ascension

From the Vastness of the Universe

The Green Grass of Fortune

And the Pure Essence of You

Blossoming Your Strong Spirit

I Greet You



I Greet You

With the Glorious Weapons of Learning

In Your Lessons Learnt & To Learn

Past Present & Future

Beyond Now & Then

Over Green Planes of Existences

I Greet You


DSCF0052   DSCF0051

I Greet You

In the Calling of Your Divinity

Transforming Poison to Medicine

Aligning Peaceful Manifestations

The Wise Discernment

Pulsating Trust through Friendships

I Greet You



I Greet You

In Your Matrix of Change

Your Crystalline DNA

Your Seeding and Gestation

Your Blossoming and Blooming

Oh Wonderful Vessel of Grace

I Greet You


02052011 003

I Greet You

With Venus, Hera

With Socrates, Galileo, Aristotle

From the Cosmic Chamber of Newness

Calling In the Higher Truths of Life

In the Holy Sacred Cathedral of Life

I Greet You



I Greet You

With the Grace of Sunshine

Blue Sky and White Clouds

The Expression of Fresh Air

The Radiance of the Tree of Life

The Seductive Flavour of You

I Greet You



I Greet You

I Greet You

I Greet You


I Greet You

I Greet You

I Greet You


Ho and So BE


Toks Beverley Coker with Hands of Light

3.5.11 at 10.30am



02052011 002


DSCF0097NewMoon in Taurus 2011 dances into our lives with music and laughter and sound. 

NewMoon in Taurus asks: Where is the joy in your life? Where is the pain in your life?

DSCF0022NewMoon in Taurus asks you to look at your life – intuitively, reflectively, realistically, practically, sensibly, and yes also emotionally – and SEE the reality.

imageCould be you are in a relationship that is loving but the ‘family’ are not? Could you really stay in that relationship when looked at in the practical cold day of light? Is it honouring you? Is it respecting you? NewMoon in Taurus asks you to look at issues of respect around you: personal respect, emotional respect, children respect, spousal respect, colleague respect, physical respect, people respect and physical respect.

DSCF0133NewMoon in Taurus says once you know what you do not like and cannot accept – then you know what you do want and what you do like. So you may find yourself doubting yourself or relationships. This is good because by questioning you get to the inner answers and truths within you. You judge and condemn yourself and/or others. This is good too because by doing so you know how your mind thinks and you can start to see and hear your internal dialogue and monologue. That can be charmingly alarming! Welcome the NewMoon in Taurus reality spectrum.

02052011 001NewMoon in Taurus says we have made some good choices and some bad choices. We all know that. Good choices create good health, harmony and balance. Bad choices create dis-ease, illness and feeling overwhelmed. NewMoon in Taurus asks us to look at your own JOURNEY OF EMPOWERMENT and the 1000 POSSIBILITES IN ONE MOMENT.

DSCF0174You can make lists, you can take notes, you can file projects, you can have ideas and dreams. This is good if you carry them out PRACTICALLY and not just leave them in the cupboard, filing cabinet, or in the note pad! You can make lists of actions to do. This is good if you carry them out and tick them off your list. Welcome to the NewMoon in TO DO LIST and the DONE TICK LIST. Can you have 7 Done Ticks in the next 7 days? Then can you start on the next 3 on the list once you have done the 7?

super sam fights the samuriaNewMoon in Taurus charges like a bull sometimes before thinking. There may arise: Disagreements. Lack of communication. Frustrations. Irritations. Disrespect. Selfishness. So there WILL arise many issues requiring forgiveness and acceptance with this NewMoon. Remember sometimes the hardest person to forgive is yourself. So forgive your ‘mistakes’, your ‘bad’ choices, your decisions and behaviour. Remember to forgive the other person/s you may not feel like forgiving today. Who is the ‘bull’, the ‘bully’ in your life at the moment? Where have you been a ‘bull’ or a ‘bully’ at the moment?

solaris onya and snakeForgiving others is a Gift to yourself.

Animal Totem is the Bull

Ruled by the Goddess Venus

Body Parts it governs are the throat, neck and vocal cords.

NewMoon in Taurus Wisdom: No tree has branches so foolish as to fight amongst itself.

NewMoon in Taurus Song: Treat her Like a Lady (you make a girl go crazy if you do not treat her like a lady)

Barbara SwetinaLovely lady that sings nice songs is Barbara Swetina: welcome@sacredsongs.net


clip_image001 Bull – embodies sexual energy, fertility, male sexuality.  Zeus, Greek god, pursues Europa in the form of a white bull.   Purusha, Hindu god, out of loneliness splits into two – male and female.  The female realizes they are brother and sister and decides to run away from him.  Now each time she changes into a cow or any animal he changes accordingly to a bull or any animal.  He changes to the male counterpart of the female animal every time she changes.  So the animals are all born……


clip_image001[5] Taurus is RULED BY Venus – planet of love, romance, sensual energy [touch, senses, feelings, sensuous tastes, pleasures, seeing].  Venus likes to nurture, to be nurtured, to love, to be loved.   Sharing, exchange, give and take, partnerships, marriage, relationships, fine things, art, drama, music, courtship, beauty, service, home, passionate, earthy, pleasures, indulging, food, playful, intimate bodies, happy bodies, united bodies, sex, sexual, sensuous touch / taste/ smell / words / sight.  Lots of feelings with Venus and the Bull!  Feelings of worth.  Feelings of value.  Feelings of flowing love through us.  Wanting things to belong to us AND wanting to be  part of a ‘family’, ‘community’, ‘environment’ and ‘life’.

Some Negative aspects of the Bull: argumentative, stubborn, angry, ferocious,DSCF0131 selfish mind, feeling isolated and alone, defence, defiance, consuming.  Defence is the first act of war. 

Negative Taurian Qualities – stubborn, SELFISH, taking control, take-over bid, jealous, envious, gossipy.  May be too too practical, unforgiving, destructive, angry, DSCF0181careless and  uncaring. Can suffer from  depression and  sadness. Can  withdraw when there is  frustration in relationships, frustration in partnerships.  May not be able to make decisions. May become fixed in your ways, not flexible, not listening to opinion of others.  The Taurian and the Bull  charging, gr8 stress factor.  The Bull is good at ignoring the chill factor!dog with glasses   BEWARE – over indulgence in seeking pleasures and enjoyment in all ways. Can become quite possessiveness, jealous and envious.  Avoid excessive spending.  Taurus can be lazy, over indulge, and suffer from apathy.


Some Positive aspects of the Bull: grazing, relaxed, happy, simple healthy pleasures of life such as eating, sleeping and nurturing the self, connecting and helping other bulls/cows?!

Positive Taurian Qualities – loyal, value, money, back to basics, focus, grounding, taking control, planning your goal, donna and tokspractical application to detail in your life, pure grit determination, no matter what energy, solid ideas, solid actions, solid decisions, bull ferocity, good use of time, good use of energy levels, wanting the best, good foot, good home, good luxury, good taste, feeling good, sharing,  ambition, starting a new course, improving yourself e.g. financial, romantic, practical self, loyal, a no nonsense approach.    


What will we do in the NewMoon in Taurus meditation?

  1. We will be laying out symbols in this NewMoon in Taurus meditation – internally, symbolically, literally
  2. We will be looking at TO DO lists and DONE TICK lists and a predominant archetype
  3. We will uncover depths within ourselves we did not realise or want to look at
  4. You will journey into your own individual mystical era of experiences that have defined you to be who you are today. We will call in the PRIVILAGE OF TIME
  5. We will call in the dynamic matrix of change in the synthesis of time re-organising
  6. We will release the ‘reptiles’ of our souls that hypnotise us in the illusion of our lives and inner pollution
  7. We will look at the ‘good’ choices and ‘bad’ choices we have made. Have they really been ‘good’ / ‘bad’?
  8. We shall relax and BE. You will come back home to your inner peaceful knowing self.

crystals balls for crystal healing page


See you at the London Festival 30.5.2011 CRYSTALS FOR EVERYDAY USE from 11am-1pm. Click below:

webassets/handsoflight3.jpgAlways Loving

Exotically Magically Powerfully

Toks Coker xxxxxx

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