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Happy Full Moon

 25 - Full Moon in Cancer – Sun in Capricorn (22-12-18)_thumb[1]

Dear Radiant Ones the previous email on the Full Moon is not the completed version. Apologies for this. This is the right blog post for this wonderful Full Moon on the 22 December. Love Always Toks xxx


Many beings will awake with this Full Moon. Are you one of them?

Join us at the Full Moon Meditation at 5pm on Zoom. What will we do?

We will release any conflicts, oppositions and issues to clear your energy.

We will activate DNA, Light Codes and Light Portals to accelerate your growth.. 

We will celebrate your triumphs, through all your challenges, issues and conflicts.

We will anchor in our emotions, in a practical and factual way, that creates a balance within.

We will be celebrating the Super Full Moon and the URSIDS METEOR SHOWER.

We will do all the above and more at the Full Moon, Cold Moon Medicine Meditation. Join us.

The opening of this Full Moon (22 December) has been empowered by the Winter Solstice (21 December), making it very potent. To the Druids, it is the First Full Moon of the Solar Year, which started on the Winter Solstice. For others, it is the Last Full Moon of the year 2018. Did you light a candle on the Winter Solstice? Yes? No? Will you light one for the Full Moon? Yes? No? 

If you reflected on your life with a lit candle on 21 December, the Winter Solstice; this Full Moon I would like you to light a candle to celebrate your completions, your blossoming and your triumphs. For you see, Winter Solstice is a day of reflection with seeding of new beginnings to the Pagans. Full Moon, 22 December, is about recognising the blossoming and triumphs from past seedings.

This is definitely, an insightful and revealing Full Moon, with lots of actions and conversations.  As one chapter closes another opens. The Wisdom Keepers are watching. The Greatest Light has emerged. There is a Mass Awakening within the darkness of humanity. Liberation of the human race is a big project. Will you be part of this?  

What will you be doing? Will you be going out? Will you join us on line before you go out?

We will do more downloads this Full Moon, with golden light balls of codes for healing and rejuvenation. Healing will be given to your whole body, when you are on line with me for the Meditation. Are you ready? 

Make sure you book your Moon Meditation on the Full Moon. Here is the link: Golden Light Full Moon Medicine Meditation

  • Saturday 22 December (5:50pm London)
  • Cold Moon
  • Elements – Water/Earth
  • Time of Full Moon Meditation with Toks 5:30pm-6:30pm on Zoom
  • In the comfort of your own space
  • Receive the recording immediately.



GRATITUDE: Write down all the things you are grateful for in 2018 and in your life.

THANKS: Give thanks for 2018. Give thanks to the people who have supported you, helped you, etc. Name them.  Tell them. Write a note to them to say thank you. 

GIFTING: Gift 3 strangers something small with this Full Moon.

LOVE: The strength of your love can break down any barrier.

25 - Love Hands of Light Team

CHANGES – What changes will you be celebrating? What changes would you have implemented by the Full Moon? What changes brought you a sense of freedom and liberation? What changes empowered you to be lighter and stronger? What changes were you afraid to do, but felt better after doing them? For me, it was a simple thing, such as colouring my hair. Do you know you can CELEBRATE CHANGE?

FAVOURITE SENTENCE – What is your favourite sentence right now? Mine is YOU HAVE THE POWER TO HEAL YOURSELF.  DO A GOOD JOB.

PREGNANT – This Super Full Moon is pregnant with life, power and magic.

EMOTIONS – This Super Full Moon is round and full and fat with emotions. The emotions are overwhelming. The emotions are overrunning – they are running over.

EXTREME EMOTIONS – Extreme emotions such as calm vs. anger. rage vs. joy, trigger ripple effects, if not monitored this Full Moon. When you throw a stone into a river you see the ripple effect on the surface of the river. It seems to go on forever. There is just too much going on energetically. Extreme emotions causes eruptions, disagreement, conflict and chaos. Extreme feelings causes separation, disorder, separation and war. The trick is maintaining a balance. Are you able to do this?

AMPLIFICATION – All your feelings are amplified by this Super Full Moon. Your thinking can be overwhelming too. You may feel you are overcharging and ready to explode. You may feel like ignoring life and people. The extremes of feelings and emotions you have to be alert to.  You must take control and not live with regret because you were not able to control your emotions.

BALANCE & REBALANCE – Wishing you great balance and rebalance. BE alert. Watch your perceptions which may be influenced by your feelings rather than common sense and wisdom. I suggest taking deep breathes before you take actions. You could ask yourself this question: Would this action serve me? Would this behaviour empower both myself and another? Would I like it if someone did this to me? These kinds of questions help you to rebalance your responses and reactions. Good Luck.

upside down house

OPPOSITION – With the Full Moon in opposite signs – CANCER and CAPRICORN – we find a lot of opportunities for creating opposition. Opposing forces and polarities come into play – you may find yourself feeling insecure, unsure and unstable. We find an upside down house.  Trying to balance the extreme polarities can be challenging. Some opposition may be difficult to balance, such as: practical vs. emotional,  light vs. dark,   anger vs. joy,  work vs. home,  need vs. want,  inner vs. outer,  internal vs. external,  intimate vs. public,  private vs. public. Which of the ones listed here relates/applies to you? Do you live in an upside down house?

TRIGGERRS – Triggers can create extreme emotions with reference to your life, your relationships, your money or your feelings. Triggers can cause you to feel unsettled, even if you know you are settled. These triggers create more negative ripples in your life. Triggers can make you question pathways to truth. Triggers can unnerve you. Are you prepared to be triggered this Full Moon, this Christmas, this New Year? I hope your answer was NO.

We Greet You_thumb[2]

CELEBRATION – With so many things set against you celebrating your life let us make this Super Full Moon one of Celebration. Celebration of surprises. Celebration of excitement. I am remembered of the song – I am so excited I think I like it, I am about to lose control – by the Pointer Sisters.

What will you celebrate this Full Moon? Will you be open to more fun and adventure in your life? Will the light of the Full Moon illuminate unexpected opportunities and possibilities? Will you be one of the awakened? Will you be one of the awakening?

Working with the energy of Capricorn how will you react to MONEY? What practical things will you do to help anchor your fullness in your own life? 

This Full Moon is a GIFT of healing, a GIFT of self-healing. This Full Moon really anchors us to more LOVE, more UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Are you able to rise to it?

This Full Moon highlights your RELATIONSHIPS in so many layers. Are you able to shine the light of the Full Moon on your relationships and see the truths and the lies?

What level of CONSCIOUSNESS are you at right now? This Full Moon shines it light without mercy. As you open to more in your Consciousness you begin to realise the greatness of you.

MISTAKES – I am looking at all the mistakes and taking them in and acknowledging them. Just now I posted this blog without finishing it. How very auspicious.  Reminding me to be practical and of the moment. Being aware always of what I am doing. Also recognising the mistakes and moving one to correct them or override them.

WATCH OUT – for extreme truths, extreme points of view and blind spots.  Watch out for lies, deception and confusion. Remember we are dealing with extremes and misrepresentations.

NOTICE – your instincts, feelings, intuition, and gut feelings. Are they serving you or not?

BRAIN – We will be working on balancing yourself and finding an equilibrium through the chaos. The brain creates consciousness. We will be doing a meditation on the brain with the pituitary and pineal gland.

FREE WILL – We all have free will, and yet, we feel trapped, in feeling, we do not have free will.  Waking up to a greater truth. Waking up to a deeper truth. Waking up to convergence of truth. That is Free Will, but do we understand it?


Well, I think I have said enough about this Super Full Moon in Cancer and Sun in Capricorn. The only thing to do now is to meditate on the deeper meaning and implication in our lives and receive downloads. Join me in the expansion of your mind and the intelligence of your Soul.

I am celebrating omens, magic, signs, symbols in my life. I am celebrating my life. I am celebrating my existence. I am celebrating my relationships!!! I am celebrating my opportunities and my ability to take them and make them mine.

Will you join me? What are you celebrating?

Make sure you book your Moon Meditation on the Full Moon. Here is the link: Golden Light Full Moon Medicine Meditation

  • Saturday 22 December (5:50pm London)
  • Cold Moon
  • Elements – Water/Earth
  • Time of Full Moon Meditation with Toks 5:30pm-6:30pm on Zoom
  • In the comfort of your own space
  • Receive the recording immediately.


See you on the Full Moon.

Love Always Toks xxx

Happy Winter Solstice

21 - Winter Solstice

Today is the Winter Solstice. Happy Winter Solstice. Happy Yule.

Sparkling moments for you all, as you express your truth, and celebrate Winter Solstice, Full Moon and Christmas. 

Let the Winter Solstice / Yule on Friday 21 December, begin with an Inner Smile for you. Carry your Inner Smile all the way to the Full Moon on Saturday 22 December and then to Christmas on 25 December and then into the New Year. What a wonderful idea.

What is the Inner Smile? I explain below with some wonderful exercises for you to do. Let us invite in a gift or two to celebrate you. What gift are you gifting yourself with all these celebrations?

First let me talk about some important points on the Winter Solstice.

Winter Solstice is a Pagan / Wiccan ritual.  It is called Yule, which means Wheel. The Wheel of Life, the Cycle of Life that revolves around the SEASONS, the SUN and the MOON.

SUN STANDS STILL.  The word Solstice means Sun Stands Still. Winter Solstice is the time the Sun Stands Still. It marks the first day of Winter.

NEW SOLAR YEAR. It is the start of a new Solar year.

LONGEST NIGHT. SHORTEST DAY. It is the shortest day and longest night. It is the time of greatest darkness. It is the longest night. Like we await the light – we await the return of the light. It is winter in London and a lovely cold day.

MESSAGE FROM MILKEY WAY. The Winter Solstice brings us a message from the Milky Way, the core of our galaxy, the Galactic Centre. We have the movement of the GALACTIC CROSS. This Solstice Sun crosses over the Galactic Equator. The Galactic Equator is the place where the plane of our Solar System and the plane of the Milky Way Galaxy intersect in the direction of the Galactic Centre. How are your doing with the Galactic Cross? Can you feel it?  For me, it feels expansive and inclusive at the same time. Enjoying the energy.

REFLECTION.  A time to go inside yourself. A time to journey deep into Mother Earth – to the dark void of nothingness. A time to reflect. A time to be more inside you than ever before.  Deep inner reflection.  What is this deep inner reflection revealing for you? What have you leant this year 2018? What are your lessons?  How do you feel about these experiences you had? How resourceful have they made you?

INNER WORK and TESTING.  A wonderful time to catch up on your inner work AND testing of your inner work. Today I had a conversation with my mother and we put up the Christmas Tree and shared a special moment together. A trigger came when she said something and I was aware of it and did not let it trigger me. I quietly responded with a calm question that left her silent and reflective. No arguments. Just my Inner Smile and Love oozing from me.  

BEGINNING AND ENDING.  The Winter Solstice is about beginnings and endings. Sometimes the beginning and the end happens simultaneously, sometimes it does not as it takes time between a beginning and an ending. You could be office clearing because you have finished a project and this is the last thing you have to do – empty the office.  e.g. a filming project has ended and you are clearing out the office and storing furniture and giving things to charity.

MYSTICAL DAY. This is the most mystical day of the year according to the Druids. So today is a very special day. Make it count. It is about your own Inner Spiritual Growth. When you are in the silence of your mind where do you go? It is about your Outer Life e.g. relationships with your mother, father, children, partner, work colleagues, wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, etc. It is about the time before you were born! and the time in the future when you are not yet born!  So mystical.

CROSSROADS. What crossroads are you crossing in your life? Work / Love. Practical / Emotional. Truth /Lies. The Galactic Cross is a crossroad for you. How are you dealing with your Medusa?  How are you dealing with all your Angel? What knowing do you want with this Winter Solstice?

LIGHT. The Winter Solstice is a celebration of Light. It is the rebirth of the Sun. What stream of Light are you allowing into your life? What information does it have? What Light codes are you seeing and receiving? Remember time to make different choices as this is a new Light. This is a new anointment. This is a new initiation. Are you ready for it? How will you use it effectively, efficiently and properly? Practical questions for your spiritual world. Nice one.

BALANCE AND REBALANCE. This is a time to stay balanced and to re-balance if you are not balanced. 

EXPERIENCE.  Today I had a conversation with a client who told me his mother was ashamed he was gay and blamed herself and it made him very sad. I said remember to rebalance your emotions and separate them from yours and from your mothers. You cannot live each others karma and take on blame and pointing of fingers.  You have to know, she is your mother, and she has spoken her truth, no matter how painful it was to hear it, and how it made you feel. He said it was a healing experience and he is still processing the pain this Winter Solstice. I said good. This is the time to take it to the Galactic Cross for a great healing.

Truth is, phoenix-like emerging anew in the field of human experience, but it will be the truth which is felt and known, and not the truth which is enforced though authoritarianism and ancient tradition; for truth, as Bernard Shaw tells us, is “What you know by your experience to be true an feel in your Soul to be true.” The Labours of Hercules, by Alice A.Bailey



Today, start smiling with your Inner Smile. Your Inner Smile is the smile inside you that oozes from deep within you. It is peaceful, balanced and calm.  Let us practice the Inner Smile together to celebrate YOU.  Let us begin:

    • Smile at your Heart, and feel your Heart smiling back at you. 
    • Smile at your Lungs and feel your Lungs smiling back at you.
    • Smile at your Kidneys and feel your Kidneys smiling back at you.
    • Smile at your Liver and feel your Liver smiling back at you.
    • Smile at your Spleen and feel your Spleen smiling back at you.
    • Smile at your Feet and feel your Feet smiling back at you.
    • Smile at your Hands and feel your Hands smiling back at you.
    • Smile at your Skin and feel your Skin smiling back at you.
    • Smile at your Bones and feel your Bones smiling back at you.
  • FACE
    • Smile at your Eyes and feel your Eyes smiling back at you.
    • Smile at your Nose and feel your Nose smiling back at you.
    • Smile at your Ears and feel your Ears smiling back at you.
    • Smile at your Lips and feel your Lips smiling back at you.
    • Smile at you Cheeks and feel your Cheeks smiling back at you.
    • Smile at your Chin and feel your Chin smiling back at you.

Really practice your Inner Smile daily; and notice the difference in your behaviour, your thinking and your speaking.  Let that be your GIFT to yourself. You will find that you are not triggered so easily, such as at Christmas family gatherings.

Sato and Toks


Another GIFT you can gift yourself, is lighting and burning incense,such as Frankincense and Myrrh. When the three Wise Men followed the Star in the Sky, it took them to the manger, where Jesus Christ lay with his mother, Mother Mary. They gifted him Frankincense and Myrrh incense. I love burning high grade incense sticks. 



Sit in a circle of candles and write your gratitude list.

Sit in a circle of spiritual books and meditate on wisdom.

Sit in silence with yourself and feel your inner peace and talk to your Soul.

Which of the above gifts above will you gift yourself?

Invocation Blessing for Winter Solstice


We Greet You

With the Galactic Cross

Celebrating the Happy Winter Solstice

Meditating in Silence

Your Inner Knowing

We Greet You

We Greet You

With the Birth of the Sun

Harnessing Deep Inner Reflections

Anchoring and Aligning You

Balancing and Re-Balancing

We Greet You

We Greet You

With your Transformations and Shifts

Your Changes and Movement

Your Flow with the Rhythm of Life

Your Glorious Seedings and Manifestations

We Greet You

We Greet You

With the Divine Gift of Oneness

Knowing You are a Divine Gift

A Devoted Servant of Light

Thank you for Being a Precious One

We Greet You

We Greet You

We Greet You

We Greet You

Channelled by Toks Coker for the Winter Solstice

Soul Fire of Gemini Full Moon

soul-fireSOUL FIRE is the fire within you, that burns for love, peace, happiness, joy, harmony and compassion within you and for humanity. It is the Soul Fire that offers you an opportunity to be more than you thought possible. It is the eternal fire of youth within that sparkles and shines eternally whatever your age. You see it in your eyes. You feel in in your Heart. You believe it in your mind. You create it in your life.

Soul Fire is the possibility within you, that longs to linger for more value, creating activities that create value for humanity. Soul Fires asks us how we will serve humanity with the changing times. It really is not easy with all the sudden changes happening and the root old structures being uprooted. It calls for a new celebration of life – a new seeding of celebration of the blossoming of the new.

Happy Full Moon in Gemini (Air) with the Sun in Sagittarius (Fire). We have the TWINS and the ARCHER at opposite ends. We have the need to fire our arrow (Archer) far ahead, into the unknown, asking us to charter the road less travelled. We have the Twins communicating constantly to improve mental thinking, communication, understanding, synergy and empathy.  The Soul soars in the Air with the Fire.

soulWe seem to be closing in with this Full Moon. It seems to shine brightly, saying to us that Everything has Soul. The Moon has a Soul. The Sun has a Soul. You have a Soul. Your partner has their own Soul. Everyone has a Soul. What do you think about that? Do you agree? When you think of the Moon as having a Soul, what do you see, feel or think? 

If Everyone has a Soul, then if feels logical that, Every relationship has a SoulYou have a Soul. Your relationship has a Soul. Your money has a Soul. Your business has a Soul. How does this make you feel? What does it make you think?  Gemini likes to think. It likes to communicate. It likes to engage.

The interlinking of the elements work so well together, like the Beaver.  The Beaver is always busy working away co-creating with other Beavers. The Beaver energy is always doing something constructive and creating value. This Full Moon actives your creativity, your diligence and your duty to complete tasks effectively and professionally.

This Full Moon allows us to look at the goals we have accomplished and the memories we have as a result.  Activate your Beaver energy and work ethics and deliver the great results you want in your life. So what are you celebrating in the glorious light of the Full Moon. You are on stage with the Full Moon shining on you. What  are you celebrating.

you are amazingIn achieving anything, we call forth a team, we call forth action, and we call forth good constructive thinking, that motivates, inspires and delivers great results. We want engagement, we need engagement, we choose engagement.

CELEBRATING? I am celebrating the success of my 8-Weeks of Forgiveness Course
and the feedback I got. Thank you Merve Tufekci. Thank you Students. Thank you
Universe. Thank you Clients. Thank you Forgiveness. Thank you Universe.  The course can be downloaded too, in audio and Zoom video.

The coming together of opposites (Gemini and Sagittarius) creates a balancing act with this Full Moon. Never give up. Stay focused no matter what. See each disappointment as a blessing, which you just cannot see at the moment. Call in Beaver medicine for good luck and prosperity in your life, your business and your career.

One of the things to do this Full Moon is to open your heart to more expansion and more meaning in your life. This Full Moon allocates time for you to truly shine the light of the Moon on the stage of your life and see what needs to be done to help you manifest more. First you have to give thanks. Give thanks. Give thanks. Give thanks. xxx

So this Full Moon activate your never giving up on yourself. Redefine your vision from what you have achieved and completed this Full Moon. Activate your insight and foresight to the unknown. Expand your horizon and take a leap of faith in the Air motivated by the Fire in your heart and storming away with determination, focus and stamina. Persevere.

alignmentBe a Master Builder like the Beaver. Be a Master Shooter like the Archer. Be a Master Communicator like the Twins. Be a Master Achiever like the Fire. Be a Master Soul invisible like Air. Be a Master of your Mind rather than let your Mind Master You.

Having meaning in your life is so important, especially now. If you are feeling you have lost your life, your focus, you have lost you. That is OK. You have been working with the cosmic energy of confusion. This indicates a shift in mindset, a shift in energy, a shift in your Soul. An alignment. An expansion. An opening.

You are awakening to a new dimension of you which is actually the full dimension of you, but you did not know it, till now.  You have journeyed through your suffering and you are out of it. However, I am aware, that you may still be going through suffering, but you are plodding through the mud and you are feeling great, knowing deep down you will accomplish and that “This too will pass.” Enjoy your growth. Enjoy your learning. Above all, give thanks.

What magic are you weaving this Full Moon? What abundance are you celebrating this Full Moon?  Activate your celebration of your life. Activate the momentum of power and security as you build, build, build and build. You are the Master Creator in your life. You are the Master Doer in your life. You are the Master Teacher in your life. You are the Master Doer in your life. Congratulate yourself.

1111This Full Moon remember that hard work pays. People who care for you reveal themselves. Be also aware of those who do not support you or like you and want to sabotage you. There are always two sides to a coin, just like the two sides of a coin. Watch your steps. Be mindful of what you do and say. Watch your back, your steps and were you go. This is the warning of this Full Moon. Beaver and Archer work together to achieve their goals. Let us celebrate this Full Moon with every aspect of our Soulful Life. Amen. Amen. Amen. and Amen.

WHAT AM I CELEBRATING? I am celebrating the 11:11:11 Portal Meditation
we did, which was a great success and the meditation is still being bought. It can be downloaded in audio or zoom audio.

Let us take action. Let us have faith. Let us activate hope. Let us feel the support from unexpected people showing you warmth and care in friendship. Let the vulnerable you shed the tears and allow more opening of your heart. Remember you have to open you heart to allow more in.  You have to take action – either in your pain, your vulnerability – and face the truth of your life and your actions. You have to hold the bow and arrow and aim it to where you want to get to. Then fire your bow with the power and velocity of the wind and the light. You open up greater possibilists, hope and faith in your own ability, to move forward. Congratulations.

Experience your alignment, your opening and expansion. Allow your insights and life to bloom and welcome the gift with this Full Moon Gemini. Play like the Twins. Lighten up and have fun like the children. Honour the child in you.  Love the child in you.  See you on line on Zoom so you can join in from anywhere in the world. Let us discover more in the Gemini Full Moon Meditation. …… Congratulations.

  • Friday 23 November
  • Time of Full Moon (5:41am London)
  • Time of Full Moon Meditation with Toks (7:30pm on line on Zoom)
  • Full Moon in Gemini – Sun in Sagittarius
  • Beaver Moon
  • Elements – Air/Fire
  • Click this blue box to find out more

Full Moon in Gemini - Sun in Sagittarius


Conflict Resolution

😀  Today, 24 October, a Full Moon day, his Holiness the Dalai Lama had a dialogue with the Unites States Institute of Peace (USIP) Youth Leaders, from various countries, in his residence in India. They talked about Personal Resilience and Inner Peace, Social Cohesion and Building Bridges Across Divides.

He listened to the Youth Leaders sharing their experiences and asking questions about their experiences of war, disillusion, death, disappointment in human behaviour, conflict, suffering, pain, education, and much more.

EMPATHY: He talked about his sad feelings and his inability to do anything since, he himself has lost his country. He empathised with the youth, as he had a very similar experience to many of them. They all listened with respect and reverence to him. He was so real in his emotions and words. He joked and laughed, to soften the pain in everyone, and in himself.

Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck. Dalai Lama



I was struck by the fact that this day he is having this conversation is a FULL MOON, with a fixed GRAND CROSS and the and the ORIONIDS SHOWER. It is also the United Nations Day. The Grand Cross is about conflict resolution or not! And here we had a discussion happening about conflict around the world. So apt on many levels. Energy really is powerful.

The FIXED GRAND CROSS is the cross of DISCIPLINE, anchoring the words: steady, focused, steady, consistent, patient and determined.  The FIXED SIGNS in the Grand Cross are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

The Fixed Grand Cross is like the mountains, always standing strong looking. It is immovable, yet it moves. It is about SQUARING each other, looking into our faces (like boxers do) and fighting, having discord, creating disharmony. It is not listening to others. It is thinking only of yourself. It is looking at how you can hurt, poison and create suffering to another. It is enjoying the suffering a person is going through and intentionally afflicting suffering on a person.

This GRAND CROSS brings challenges with it. You may feel pulled in different directions and yet you may feel stuck at the same time.  You feel you are at an impasse – you are at a cross road – and you are not sure which way to go or what to do.  With the FULL MOON we have double whammy opposition. Yet you seek BALANCE in the CONFLICT RESOLUTION in all the stubbornness, resistance, selfishness, lack of kindness, etc.

The Fixed Grand Cross looks at how we can sustain things during conflict.

It works on an INDIVIDUAL SOUL LEVEL. What can the individual do for humanity? It is, each person looking at what they can do to help in the CONFLICT RESOLUTION. How can we bring in love, joy and peace?  How can we live love, joy and peace?  How can we experience love, joy and peace? How do we maintain love, joy and peace?

INNER PEACE: The Dalai Lama joked that God is sleeping and resting, so there is no peace. He says it is time to develop our very own inner peace. God wants us to develop our own inner peace. It is not easy, he said, but despite the problems, you try to find hope and develop your inner peace. He said changing society is not easy. Inner peace you cannot buy. It is an inside job.

MIND: We need to develop our mind and our emotions he said. This is a wonderful potential we have and can do. We need to look at things from a different angle and perspective. Being a refugee creates new opportunities. Unfortunate situations bring a blessing in disguise, he said.

MEETINGS: One meeting will not solve everything. Every time you fail, you continue to make effort. Keep forming meetings and going to meetings. Never give up. One day the meetings will yield result. He urged the Youth Leaders not to give up.

ONENESS: The Dalai Lama said we are all the same and equal. He stressed the importance of ONENESS OF HUMAN BEING.  He said scientist have not found a difference between the brain of people because of their colour or religion.  He said the caste system is wrong. We are all equal.

POSITIVES: He made some very valid points laced with humour and laughter. He mentioned words like freedom, forgiveness and compassion. He talked about emotional intelligence and change. He believes in India’s form of Non-Violence, like Gandhi practised. He said violent nature is not the way forward.  He is a Tibetan Buddhist and relies on himself. He talks about self-reliance. We need harmony. He talked a lot about the importance of education and said in 30 years we will have a more holistic education.

This indeed was a very Full Moon discussion with a Fixed Grand Cross, I thought. There is extreme tension in the world and between people. There is indecisiveness. There is inability to produce concrete results even with extraordinary effort. Yet you do not give up.  But you have to know what you have to let go of to proceed. You have to know the results you want. Yet in the confusion and chaos around you feel like you are in stewing pot and you are being steered and steered around the pot, with a spoon or by magic on its own!!!  Yet you feel stuck! So much confusion around.

QUESTIONS: There were many questions. The main question was how do you forgive? How do you move on despite feeling despair?  How do you continue when you have lost hope? How do you continue when the people you know are letting you down? How do you behave when you are not accepted by the people? How do you forgive the pain and suffering? He talked about compassion and forgiveness, which he said is not easy to practice.

FORGIVENESS: This reminded me of my very own course: 8-WEEKS of FORGIVENESS.  Join me on this wonderful course, where, already, in four weeks, participants have made some shifts in their lives. Everything is recorded so you will never miss a learning and practice. Even if you are too busy you can buy and listen later.  You will find so much information on how to practice forgiveness. You will also start to understand why certain things are happening to you. Click this link to read the testimonials and learn more about the course:  Forgiveness. Or simply buy the ticket here: https://bit.ly/2xwjOm5

This Full Moon we have questions:

  1. What are you letting go of?
  2. What are you quitting?
  3. What am I shining the light of the full moon on today?
  4. What are you celebrating?
  5. What do you need to celebrate?
  6. What are you blooming?
  7. What do you want to realise?
  8. What are you blossoming?
  9. What type of Energy do you want to manifest today?


You can look at my Full Moon video on Facebook


Affirmation today:

  1. I am enough.
  2. I love me.

This is a time to reset your SOUL COMPASS to navigate to the North Star, the Divine Engine.  Be ready for your Cosmic Consciousness, your Cosmic Alignment, your Cosmic Downloads, your Cosmic Brain Power, your Cosmic Decisions, your Cosmic Doorway, your Cosmic Pathway, your Cosmic Knowing, your Cosmic Blossoming, your Cosmic Blooming and your Cosmic Manifestation with this Full Moon.

Full Moon is today. The time of the Full Moon will be 5.47am today in London.  I will be holding a meditation from 7:30pm.
Wednesday 24 October
Full Moon in Taurus – Sun in Scorpio
Hunter’s / Harvest Moon
Elements – Earth/Water
Ticket – Full Moon

Join us at the FULL MOON MEDITATION to do this. https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/the-full-moon-in-taurus-alchemy-gathering-tickets-41919687915


Facing Death of a Parent


Happy New Moon in Libra on 9 October.  A time for new things. A time to let go the ‘dead’ weight, to free yourself of heavy karma, which may have come about through death or loss.  Today we discuss Facing Death of a loved one, such as a parent.  We enter the New Moon shedding the fear, pain and suffering of death. We strip ourselves away ready to seed something new, something wonderful, having learnt our lessons well. What new lessons will you have learnt by the New Moon in Libra?


Facing the death of a parent is something new, if you have not experienced the death of a loved one or a parent before.  You are never ready for death, no matter how prepared you think you are.

11 - Remembrance Sunday - Deep Love and Respect for Lives LostDeath takes you always by surprise. It is an almost paralysing emotion. Grief is so deep and can be long lasting and devastating. It can also lead to depression or even, in extreme situations, suicide.


There is the point where you first think about your own mortality, when someone dies. Usually, you are young, when this happens. There is the point when you think you are going to die. Then there is the actual time when you realise you are going to die. Then there is the time when you actually die. The time when you first came across your own mortality e.g. age 7 years, may be a long time to when you die e.g. age  77 years. So death tends to happen long after your first thought about your own mortality.


Always when there is a death, there is a burial. Usually before the burial there is the 2 - All Souls Daypreparation for the funeral, which may happen immediately or months later.

The Moslems like to bury immediately, while Christians are not too fossed about burying immediately. In Nigeria, when a person dies, there is so much to prepare. The burial may take place a month or longer after actual death, so the body is kept in the morgue for a while.


As with all preparation, I invite you to a time to seed new things on 9 October, New Moon in Libra. With all the talk of death, we let go what no longer serves us. We honour, we revere and we respect. We gather in the land of the living, as opposed to the land of the dead. We acknowledge a time to contemplate and communicate with the silence of our mind and get the clarity we seek. We begin again, starting afresh. Join me:Hindu Gods

  • Tuesday 9 October
  • Time of Meditation: 7:30pm (London)
  • Time of New Moon: 4:47am (London)
  • New Moon in Libra
  • Element – Air
  • There is so much to cover on the New Moon. Come join us.
  • Link – New Moon


My father’s burial was over 3 days. He was laid in state and everyone came to see him. There there was the ceremony and rituals performed around the country because he was a chief. A goat was killed and its blood spilled on the entrance of the driveway, before the car carrying his coffin could drive into the house to park.  29 - Beheading of St John the Baptist

Lots of cows, chickens, goats, etc. were killed.  There were over 1000 people at the funeral, which was all day.  The service at the church was very long. The service after the church was also very long – by this I mean the prayers at the party celebrating his life. Then there was the dancing with the coffin.  The men carrying the coffin danced and danced and danced with him in his coffin. We followed behind dancing. Once he was buried we went to celebrate with an elaborate party. So in total we had two or three outfit changes. Very expensive funeral.

My father did not leave a will so all the 7 properties and land where taken by so called relatives and tenants. To fight would have meant death.  Charming. Nigeria can be aggressive and brutal.


Within a family or business, there is the concept of a Will. Was one left? Was one not left? If one was left, will it be contested? Will the family members fight for the inheritance, whatever it is? Will the death bring out war or peace within the family or organisation?6 - Transfiguration of Jesus

Some families fight each other for the will. Others do noting. Others play a waiting game. Others cannot be bothered.

One of the main things I have noticed is greed, anger and stupidity arise to the surface with death of a loved one. 

Questions arise such as: Will I get what I feel I am due? Will he or she get more than me? Will I feel abandoned? Unloved? Unappreciated? Will I be laughed at? Will she / he get more than me?

Some people just want to make chaos with a death. It is not enough for them to sit still and allow the process. They will go to court. They will sue. They will make things hard.


What is your view on death? What is your view on death by war, murder, rape, killing with intent, manslaughter? What is your view on death of a loved one? your mother? your father? your child? your baby? your sister? your brother? 

Will you make sure you write your will by the end of this year? Will you take action now before you die suddenly? You see, we do not know the time we will die. Being ill does not guarantee death. 28 - Memorial Day

  • My mother was told she had 3 years to live after her cancer and has lived over 15 years, and is still alive. Thank God. 
  • Patric’s mother was told she had 5 years to live after her brain tumour, and has also lived 20 years. We just buried her in Grenoble this week. I am writing from her study in her bungalow in Grenoble, France, with the Alps, the mountains surrounding us.  It has been an emotional week for everyone.


loss separation divorce death abandanmentDeath has a lot of triggers and a lot of emotions.

You have the negative emotions of sadness, grief, loss, depression, why me?, anger, rage, envy, separation, abandonment, jealously and more.

You have the silence and the blatant aggression around you. One person is silent and withdrawing, the other is loud and forceful. People react to death in different ways. 

Whatever the trigger the pain is real to the person in pain. With a New Moon Meditation you call in peace and healing to soothe your pain and suffering. You ask for healing on a deep level that transcends the negative emotions and you get it.


There is the next part where there is the burial, the prayers, the ceremony and the tears. At a funeral you can always see the dynamics of the family in motion. You canIMG_8793 observe and make judgement. However, I ask you to err on the side of caution. Would you like to be judged the way you are judging the people you are observing and judging? Is it fair?

It is very important to be respectful at a funeral and learn the costumes of the people burying their loved ones. In Nigeria we were bright colours to celebrate an old persons death. In the Jewish tradition I was told to wear black. I was so glad I asked before turning up in my bright colours!!!! How disrespectful that would have been for them. Always ask the protocol for each funeral so you can show your reverence and respect for the departed Soul.

Remember prayer is important on many levels. Asking for protection and blessings is a wonderful thing to do on a New Moon. Join us on the 9th October.


In my 8 Weeks of Forgiveness, I covered the topic of Death and Forgiveness, in the second week. It was quite intense and deep. A lot of information is shared on the course.  If you want to learn more and get more information; then, please join us by Healing Through Forgiveness clicking this link: 8-Weeks Forgiveness. You will find this is a very good investment in your life for shifting blockages and stuck energy.

We have done two weeks out of 8 weeks. Everything is recorded so you have not missed anything. Each topic stands on its own with reflective homework to do, it you want.

This course has started and already in the first two weeks we see massive results in the participants. 6 October 2018


“Within 1 hour of finishing Week 1 of Toks’ Forgiveness Course, a job materialised for me! It was something which I very much needed and have been waiting for! Thank you Toks and Hands of Light xx”

“During the first session of Toks’ Forgiveness Course, all of a sudden, layers of my awareness were lifting, one after the other – I could see what was going on underneath; I could see what my energy was saying and doing, it wasn’t nice to see but I needed to see it. I needed to see what was really going on and I realised how much I needed to do forgiveness. Also, by simply being a witness to myself, to what was happening, I could feel a transformation.”


“In the week between Week 1 and 2 of Toks’ Forgiveness Course, I have become so much more aware of my thoughts, words and actions; when my energy and thoughts think and act in a way that is not nice or respectful, I am more present to this. This has prompted me to keep reminding myself to keep doing forgiveness. It’s so important and it helps me to keep my energy light and positive instead of being negative and judgemental etc.”

“The day after the second session of the Forgiveness Course, I felt a lot lighter inside of myself and for my life. As I tuned into this feeling, I saw Toks waving incense in front of the screen, during the second session. I remember feeling its effect then, and I feel it now, even more so. It’s cleared away debris from inside me that was ready to go. Thank you Toks and Hands of Light xx”

  • Tuesday 9 October
  • Time of Meditation: 7:30pm (London)
  • Time of New Moon: 4:47am (London)
  • New Moon in Libra
  • Element – Air
  • Call in Balance, Harmony and Commitment
  • Link – New Moon

New Moon in Libra

Leadership with Equinox & Full Moon

23 - Autumn Equinox

HAPPY EQUINOX. Will you play with me?

23 - Saint Pio of Pietrelcina

Happy St Pio of Pierelcina please pray for me. Amen.


Every Full Moon we address the following:19 - Full Moon in Aries - Sun in Libra (25-9-18)

What are you celebrating?
What have you completed?
What has been brought to light with this Full Moon?
What abundance or blossoming or ripening has come through with this Full Moon?

YOU CAN:  Attend in person or Attend online or Receive the recording the next morning.

Toks will be channelling the energies with her Crystal Singing Bowls

With the Full Moon in Aries and Sun in Libra in particular, we will be processing the following Energies:

Libra asks, are you truly balanced?
Where are you balanced in your life?
Where do you need balance in your life?
Aries answers, full of ego, “I am always balanced.”
When in fact, you are not.
The Full Moon highlights the reality of where we truly are.

Where are you standing right now in your life, in terms of leadership?
Are you feeling in control of your life?
Or are you being led by others?
Is it time to look at who is leading your life?

How did that bring you attention?
Are you constantly seeking attention that your value of yourself is based on the attention you receive?
And if you don’t get that attention, you scream, for more attention, or perhaps not?

Have you been so busy that you haven’t had time to just stop and relax, and take time for you, in a healthy, supportive and sacred way?
What Full Moon action could you take?
Attend the Full Moon Gathering with Toks.

In your stubbornness, are you too weak or too forceful?
Are you pretending to be forceful or truly forceful?
Is it time to acknowledge what being positively forceful is in your life rather than negatively forceful?
As you stand in your radiance, are you realising that you are playing small, shooting low and feeling stuck?
This Full Moon helps you to stop letting yourself down.

What does the light of this Full Moon reveal to you about your fundamental darkness?
Fundamental darkness is anything negative in your mind, body, spirit or emotions that holds you back, that stops you from rising and being happy.
As you activate the positive energies of Aries and the balance of Libra, you are able to transform the poison in your life to medicine.
What do you to transform?


“I am love. You are love. You bring the best of my love out of me. I love you. x” Lesley Lansdown


“True freedom means to be beyond the influence of people and possession.” Viktor E Frankl, Man’s Search for Meaning


“I love the work with Toks. I feel I have grown so much since working with her.” Kathryn Drysdale


Element: Fire/Air

This Full Moon Alchemy Gathering is a Time:

1. To Celebrate Yourself

2. To Celebrate your Completions

3. To Be a Great Being of Light

4. Of Abundance and Ripening

5. To Celebrate Completeness aka the Fruition of Action. This is much like the Summer Time when Flowers come to Full Bloom.


“Toks’ work is of the highest frequency. It’s strong magic so be prepared to let go of what no longer serves you in the boldest possible way.” Kai Reich

What to expect….

1. A lot of healing, sometimes deep chakra balancing and alignment.

2. You become aware of your completions and achievements with this Full Moon.

3. You dress up the Goddess or God in you. You honour your sacred resonance.

4. Working with Guided Meditation, Invocation, Sound, Crystal Singing Bowls, Alchemy, Crystals, Cards and more.

All of this will be done, and quite possibly more, all within a Safe Healing Circle with guided interpretation and lots of laughter!


“I very much admire and appreciate Toks’ work. I feel like I am stepping into my power and let go of what no longer serves me, very cleansing in order for me to grow. ” Genevieve Capovilla



For when you need healing, support and strength in your life. Drop me a private email, with your name, age, where you live and what your request is for the free distant healing. Remember to title the subject of the email, “FREE DISTANT HEALING REQUEST”.

If you are asking on behalf of a friend, relative or animal please ask their permission first. The act of asking already activates the healing.

Alternatively, please feel free to go to my Hands of Light Healing Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/handsoflighthealing/.
3 Days before each Moon, a Pinned Image will be put up advertising said Moon. Feel free to put your healing request as a comment on this picture.

Toks sends healing for 3 nights, from the day of each Moon, which you will receive when you are sleeping or when you sit quietly for 15 minutes and call it in. Make sure you drink lots of water after you’ve received the healing.


“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” Viktor E Frankl, Man’s Search for Meaning


“This meditation was channelled so vibrantly, it overpowered my low vibrational state. I am being assisted in shedding, shedding, shedding myself. Thank you.” Maxi Lichtenberg



A bit about the Full Moon…..

Mother Moon is pregnant with life. There is power and magic in the air. The moon is round, making the atmosphere pregnant with emotion and desire. The cup is full and the cup ‘runneth’ over. As such, it is a time full of emotional energy which is very high. It is a time to face these varied emotions.

Everything is amplified with the energy of the Full Moon e.g. emotions, passions, love etc. You may experience strongly charged emotions with abundant, sometimes uncontrollable feelings; which can lead you to lose control in a positive or negative way. Remember – the choice, as always, is yours.

What you perceive as your reality depends on what you are feeling. At the time of the Full Moon, this can cause a lot of confusion if not checked. The gravitational pull of the Sun and Moon on our beloved Earth set these extremes up. This can be a hard time to find balance. A time of extremes.


Toks Coker is a teacher, healer and coach.

She sees clients privately in St Johns Wood, in person, or over the phone, or on line via Skype or Zoom. She enjoys teaching abroad, as well as, channelling and invoking her moon meditations, every new moon and full moon.

TEACHING: Toks is a Certified Teacher, Crystal Healing Teacher, Universal Healing Tao Certified Instructor and Energy Trainer. Over the years she has taught many healing and empowering classes. She teaches Indian Head Massage and Face Rejuvenation at Morley College.

SERVICES: Microcosmic Orbit, Inner Smile and Healing Sound. She is a Crystal Healer, an Arcturus Quantum Healer, a Quantum Alchemy Crystal Bowl Practitioner, a Spiritual Healer, a Toa Hands Practitioner, an Angel Card Reader, an Energy EFT Master Practitioner, a Positive EFT Practitioner, an EMO Master Practitioner, an EMO Practitioner, a Modern Energy Trainer, a Pranic Healer and Reiki Healer. Her Coaching certification includes: Time Line Therapy Practitioner, Certified Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming; Certified NLP Coach Practitioner and Practitioner of Hypnosis.

ADVISOR: Toks is an Advisor with the BRCP, and can be booked for speaking event

Toks has been holding Moon Alchemy Gatherings for 20 years now. Toks Channels Invocation Blessings that Inspire and Encourage One’s Own Personal Spiritual Journey. They are Channelled in such a way that it is as if she is talking directly to you…..to the very Heart and Soul of you. Join her in one of her gatherings or private sessions.

Toks Coker in Nature



8 Weeks of Forgiveness

Duration: 8 weeks

Start Date: 27 September

Day and Time: Thursdays, 7:30pm

Book yourself here:https://bit.ly/2xwjOm5

Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/Gl7ju3_JrYc



This course has started and already in the first two weeks we see massive results in the participants. 6 October 2018


“Within 1 hour of finishing Week 1 of Toks’ Forgiveness Course, a job materialised for me! It was something which I very much needed and have been waiting for! Thank you Toks and Hands of Light 🙂 xx”

“During the first session of Toks’ Forgiveness Course, all of a sudden, layers of my awareness were lifting, one after the other – I could see what was going on underneath; I could see what my energy was saying and doing, it wasn’t nice to see but I needed to see it. I needed to see what was really going on and I realised how much I needed to do forgiveness. Also, by simply being a witness to myself, to what was happening, I could feel a transformation.”


“In the week between Week 1 and 2 of Toks’ Forgiveness Course, I have become so much more aware of my thoughts, words and actions; when my energy and thoughts think and act in a way that is not nice or respectful, I am more present to this. This has prompted me to keep reminding myself to keep doing forgiveness. It’s so important and it helps me to keep my energy light and positive instead of being negative and judgemental etc.”

“The day after the second session of the Forgiveness Course, I felt a lot lighter inside of myself and for my life. As I tuned into this feeling, I saw Toks waving incense in front of the screen, during the second session. I remember feeling its effect then, and I feel it now, even more so. It’s cleared away debris from inside me that was ready to go. Thank you Toks and Hands of Light 🙂 xx”

Forgiving Yourself Receiving Blessings

What is Forgiveness?

Why do Forgiveness?

Who do I Forgive?

Why should I?

Who wants to Forgive me?

Who should I Forgive?

What areas can I ask for Forgiveness?

How do I know it works?

Why should I bother?

So many questions on Forgiveness……

Remembering the Power of Forgiveness

Cleansing Ancestral Karma

Cleansing Your Soul

Cleansing Your Life

Activating you Infinite Possibilities with Forgiveness


“I saw Toks, and in just 3 sessions, she helped me break free from overwhelm, negative ties and the confusion I was living in. She helped me remove all the unnecessary weight I was carrying on my shoulders in order for me to gain clarity. Toks helped me forgive my past without judgement and cut all negative chords with my past. Thank you for receiving me without judgement. Thank you for helping me climb out of the powerlessness I was living in. And thank you for teaching me how to listen to my inner voice and reminding me to love myself.” Angela

Forgiveness is a Powerful Spiritual Practice, a Really Practical Practice, a Deep Emotional Practice, a Healing Physical Practice, and a Fabulous Mental Practice that helps you to:

  • Clear Your Path

  • Overcome Challenges

  • Remove Obstacles

  • Heal Rifts

  • Manifest with More Flow and Ease

  • And Much More



Have you tried and tried and tried, to ………… and it just doesn’t seem to work? Or is there progression but it seems to be quite challenging and lacking flow?

Do negative patterns keep happening, throwing you off course, keeping you down? Do you feel there is a weight on you, keeping you stuck and sad?

Have you simply had enough with an aspect of your life and just need a breakthrough? Have you had enough of failure, doubt, low self-esteem, etc.

Are you constantly wondering WHY this has happened to you or is happening to you?

Do you find a pattern in your life or your family life or a generation when you sit an reflect? This pattern seems to always be there, not changing, not moving?

Always alone. Always broke. Always a loser. Always last in line. Always ignored. Always ill. Always misunderstood. Always…. something.

You’re in LUCK.

You will practice over 8 different Forgiveness Practices, which you will be able to apply in various areas of your life. One practice may work for you and another may not. Your experience will reveal it all to you.

Each week has a topic, which will focus on a specific area, e.g. money, relationship, karmic patterns. It will be flexible to suit the needs of the students who have booked the course.

Forgiveness (Peeople)

Forgiveness involves using very Powerful Methods to clear away these obstacles in your life, such as obstacles to your:

  • Happiness
  • Money: Financial Stability, Financial Abundance
  • Business / Career / Work: Growth Of Your Business. Progress in Your Career. Promotion in your Work.
  • Intimate Relationships: Finding Your Life Partner, Marrying Your Life Partner
  • Children: Starting A Family
  • Health and Fitness,
  • Flow: Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Physical
  • Chakras
  • And More…..


“Hi beautiful Toks I just wanted to let you know I’m doing the 8 days of Spiritual Practice from Cornwall as I’m on my holiday: I catch up with the recordings each day and am one day behind. I’m LOVING the course; I feel connected to everyone else doing it too, please send my love and light to very one on the Zoom course. The energy of these meditations and lessons are so so powerful. I’ve managed to achieve balance with my eating etc and feel divinely protected. My energy is better and I’m trusting more and being in the moment. I am still struggling to forgive some people who have wounded me and hurt me in my life, as I have deep post-traumatic stress disorder, and this has impacted my life terribly, but I’m trying. Please feel free to share this with the rest of the group this eve. I will be able to join on Friday, Saturday and Sunday live.” Natalie


You do not have to have belief, for Forgiveness to work. You do need to have sincerity.

When you say you are sorry, you want to say it from your heart. You want the person to believe the power of your words. You want them to hear what you say and FORGIVE YOU.

The same applies to you when someone is apologising to you. You want to feel they are apologising from their heart and they mean it. You want to be able to FORGIVE THEM.

“And when you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone, Forgive them, so that your Father in Heaven may Forgive you your sins.” Mark 11:22-25


There are so many intricate layers to our karma, that we cannot, even, begin toHealing Relationships fathom them. We can never know what we have done in our previous lives. What offences, pains and sufferings we have caused to others. What chain of events were started.

We can barely recall what happened last week, much less the many varied moments, a year or more ago. We cannot remember all the times we have hurt others, intentionally or unintentionally, in a small way or a big way. We cannot. It is too vast to think off.

Luckily, we do not need to, for Forgiveness to work.

Forgiveness is one of the Highest tools, if not the Highest tool, to cleanse and clear karma. It can transform these negative energies into blessings.

Forgiveness is the solution to clearing both your own personal karma and your ancestral karma.


“I have been having sessions with my Spiritual Mother Toks for 15 years. Her sessions always helps me see my career path CLEARLY and remove any blocks that are in my way. Some of these sessions have taken place actually on the stage before/during or after my show. She always helps me to ground, grow and channel my creative energy in the most powerful way. I love you & thank you Mummy, your daughter Jocelyn xx xx xx x ” Jocelyn Essen, Comedian, Actress, Writer, 3 Non-Blondes, Little Miss Jocelyn

Forgiving Buddhas


This is the part where we talk about HOW ANCESTRAL KARMA AFFECTS US. You may or may not believe this. Keep an open mind. Sometimes a closed or stubborn mind blocks our progress and happiness.

What do my ancestors have to do with it? The actions of your ancestors affect your life right now. Yes. Let me explain further.

Is it possible that one of your ancestors did something negative to another, and this caused suffering to them and they have been holding a grudge since? So now you and your family are suffering now in this lifetime. If you do not do something about it now, it will continue into the future generations.

Make it your mission to stop the bad family karma on yourself, your children, your family and the future generation of humanity. Do something good to clear karma for yourself, as well as, for the human race.

If a dress is torn, if you do not fix it, it will rip. Eventually the dress will be destroyed forever, because the dress was never fixed. Do not do this to your life. Do not ignore your own Forgiveness practice. This goes deep.

When you look around can you see the generation upon generation of karma repeating itself? The negative karma is blocking a lot of things such as:

1. Expressing yourself to your partner
2. Receiving promotions at work
3. Getting deals over the line to secure stability and growth in your business
4. Having a harmonious relationship with your family members
5. Having children
6. Being happy with yourself and your life
7. And more….

Makes sense, right?


“I attended Toks 8-Days Intensive Spiritual Practice to Release & Heal and I felt it really helped to open me up spiritually. The tips and information she gives, is explained in a clear and easy manner. I would certainly recommend her courses to anyone wanting to reconnect to themselves or boost their spirituality.” JT Jefferies

Healing Through Forgiveness


Book yourself on the course. Start your Forgiveness practice now.

Even if you have done a Forgiveness Practice before, this 8 Weeks of Forgiveness, will amplify and refine the work you have done before. There will be more karmic cleansing, more release, more freeing and more liberation.

If you are doing this for the first time you are in safe hands. You will be blown away by the exercises and the insights gained about yourself and your life.

This is an 8-week course, where we meet once a week, where you get teachings, you discuss, you share and you practice.

Forgiveness to enlighten your Soul and Spirit. Forgiveness to invite in more happiness into your life. Forgiveness which clears blockages and stagnations in your life. Forgiveness that cleans out negativity and brings in positivity.

Forgiveness, which works on a deeper level, than you ever thought possible; as long as you practice. You have to participate to get the results and the goals you want. Forgiveness enables you to have more ease, happiness and consistency in your life.

If you are not able to make any particular week, that’s fine. Do not worry. It is recorded. Recordings will be made available for those present and those not present. So you will always be there.

This course will be sold throughout the 8 weeks of the course. As you can come it at any time and you can receive all the recorded lessons once you have made your payment.

My prayer for you on this 8 Weeks of Forgiveness is for your deep happiness and fulfilment.

8 Weeks of Forgiveness

Duration: 8 weeks

Start Date: 27 September

Day and Time: Thursdays, 7:30pm

Book yourself here:https://bit.ly/2xwjOm5

Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/Gl7ju3_JrYc


“I attended two of Toks’ live healing gatherings last year (travelling from Wales), they were both profound healing experiences and catalysed huge positive turning points in my life. My most treasured outcome, from the first gathering, was that I was somehow freed from something that had been holding me back – my deep desire to be an artist, which I had never allowed myself to experience in this lifetime. Just over a year and a half later, I have nearly completed my first collection of 55 energy healing paintings, and am living my dream of being an artist – which has opened a profoundly joyous and fulfilling new channel and chapter in my life.” Hannah Imogen Jones


What is practical?

Happy New Moon

We Will Be Celebrating the following:


NUMEROLOGY OF 9  (9/9/18 = 9:9:9)

NAVRATRI (9 Day Celebration of the Divine Mother: Hindu)



Practical is something you do. It is what you do. It is what is tangible in the here and now.

It is what can be seen and what can be touched. It is what you can touch and hold. It is solid. It is the money in your hands. It is the car you are driving. It is the food you are eating. It is the water you are swimming in.

There is a structure and form to it. It is manifest in your present reality.It is the now not the future or past. What is here in the now.  It is visible. It is touchable. It is real. It is realistic. It is logical. It is firm. It is structured.

Practical is manifest. Visible and in front of you. There is evidence of its existence. I repeat, Practical is manifest.  It is fact. What is manifest is practical. Listening to music and dancing and singing is manifesting sound and movement with practical action – dancing and singing. Practical is what you can do and what you do that is seen and can be touched. 

groundedPractical is the DOING of something. Practical is the USE of something. It is doing. It is using. It is applying yourself to do something like writing this blog.

Practical is hands on. It is getting things done. Ideally, effectively and efficiently. It is doing something that yields results. It is practical. It is active, active participation. It is live.

Practical is applying something. What are you applying?  What are you trying out?  What are you doing that is practical and real and rewarding? Getting people to the Moon Gatherings is rewarding and practical. Making an effort to turn up to the MOON MEDICINE MEDITATION is practical.

Practical is workable, it is possible, is is reasonable. It is useful, helpful and constructive.  Learning to drive is a practical application that will serve many things in ones live. Being helpful with others is a practical action people see and experience. Being constructive sees a building being built or a land being turned into farming land. Saying yes to marriage is a practical thing, as you then have to prepare a lot of practical realistic things to make it all happen. 

This New Moon in Virgo is about what is practical and looking at your life from a practical point of view. Let us apply some practical guidelines to our lives. What is real and what is not. What is feasible and what is not. What works and what does not. What is tangible and what is not.


Practical is not fantasy. It is not abstract. It is not theory. It is not visualisation. It is not thinking. It is not dreaming. It is not thinking. It is not visualisation. It in not day dreaming. It is not wishful thinking. It is not imaginary or imagination. It is not airy fairy. It is not invisible. It is not visionary. It is not in dream world. It is not fiction. It is not sitting and dreaming. It is not sitting and hoping. It is not sleeping and expecting things to just happen. It is not loafing around. I hope now you understand what Practical is not. Perhaps you can come up with your own list of what is not practical. Share it with me. I look forward to reading it.

The New Moon in Virgo is about looking at where we need to be a bit more practical. Are you living in a dream world, always believing it will be done and years later it is still not done?

Perhaps you have been saying you will clean the house and you realise you have not done so for months, perhaps it is time you got a cleaner? Perhaps you should have done your tax return and you have not……

Perhaps you have been saying you will mow the grass and you have not had time to do it because you have been too lazy. Then perhaps you need to get up and take action and do it yourself. If you imagine it being done it will never be done. Practical action is what is needed.


What in your life is practical? Is it serving you? Is it honouring you? 

Is it yielding results that are beneficial to you? your life? your business? your relationship? your health?  If no, then stop doing it. If yes, then continue doing it. Congratulations if it is yielding results.



When you plant a seed it grows into plants, flowers, seeds, and food. You bury the seed deep in the soil of Mother Earth and she delivers many things useful to mankind. How very kind Mother Earth is.

What new thing are you seeding?  Making an effort to learn something new is applying yourself; as you are seeding a new ability, a new gift, or a new skill. What practical thing have you done today? Can you list 8 practical things you did today?

I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO SEED and you are talking about Seeding. How do I seed when I do not know how to seed? Good question. To answer this question, you need to be clear on what you are wanting to seed. You may not know how to seed. You may not know how to manifest.

You start with an idea and as you grow the idea in your head, you begin to sense a new budding within you. You begin to believe it is possible. You have expanded your limiting beliefs and suddenly realise they are growing so much they burst open like a fireworks and vanish in the sparkle of the light. Suddenly your ‘expansion’ turns into you expanding your thinking, your doing and your space inside you. You decide it is time to change. You have to change not others. You ‘Divine’ a way forward.  You accept your life and you honour your life. Let us continue…


When you seed on the New Moon you are planting a seed energetically. You are creating a future with the seeding. You are making manifest a desire and a want. You are seeding to plant a manifestation. Your seeding is your thought. It is your written notes. It is the actions you take after the seeding with pen and paper. It is the actions that manifest into results and completions. Seeding means you are beginning. Are you ready to begin planting and seeding a new way, a new life, a new skill, a new home, a new car, or a new way of being.

The New Moon is about SEEDING to MANIFEST later. You seed with the Energy of Now and you await its Manifestation in the Future. How wonderful.

What are you seeding now for the manifestation at the full Moon in two weeks. What have you seeded so far? What will you seed with this New Moon in Virgo?  What will you manifest by the Full Moon or by the next few hours or days after the New Moon? The possibilities are endless.

Sometimes we cannot seed because we are overwhelmed. We become confused and distracted. We do not know what to do first.  We may even make wrong decisions. In my Newsletter I write about the emotions many have been going through and becoming overwhelmed by them. This New Moon is about looking into our lives in a realistic practical way. It is looking at what is working what is not working. Are you ready for the change in your life?

Let us seed constructive things with the New Moon and see them manifest and build. Seeding means we want something to yield dividend, yield profit, yield manifestation. 

What will you seed with this New Moon? A new project? Throw away things or situations that no longer serve you? Remove negative people who stop your practical application to grow your business?  Allocate a new time table so you spend your time more effectively?  Decide to take action to create manifest possibilities and opportunities for yourself?

Give yourself permission to be still.  Allocate and allow the space to be in a sacred space. Gift yourself a present to be there for yourself to take time out and use it constructively and productively to clear your mind and nourish your Soul.  Amen. Amen. Amen.

Come join us on for our NEW MOON Medicine Alchemy Meditation.

We Will Also Be Celebrating The Following:

1. NAVRATRI (9 Day Celebration of the Divine Mother: Hindu)


I will cover that at the gathering. Come join us xxx


When you are seeding something practical there is one great gift you have to give yourself. That is the GIFT of FORGIVENESS.

Sometimes we block our own progress and our own happiness when we are holding on to some memory, resentment or anger. Then we wonder why we do not get what we are wanting.

We have to be open to forgive our self and each other. There is so much to cover on this topic.

I am doing an 8 week course, on Zoom on Forgiveness.  You will not miss anything, as the recordings will be there, for you to go back to, once you have paid for it. So you can catch up on what you have missed. Better still be there and attend all weekly classes. There will be a lot of practical exercises and teachings, I have gathered over the years, to help you forgive and activate more happiness and manifestation in your life. I ask you to decide on who or what you want to forgive. The list may grown or reduce during the 8 weeks. It will be a work in progress for all.  So allow flexibly for your expansion, growth and stubbornness. I will be starting after the New Moon and will cost £150. Book yourself on it.

HAPPY NEW MOON – See you at the Moon Medicine Meditation at 6pm on

9/9/18 = 9:9:9

9/9/2918 = 9:9:11


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