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Working With Crystals

Crystals Are Shining Stars on Earth

We Greet You with Hands of Light

My name is Toks Coker, and I’ve been working with Crystals for a long time and some of you will know me as Toks Coker with Hands of Light. Hands of Light is my Spirit Guide. I’ve been working with Him for a number of years and He actually came to me in a dream and said, “You must work with Crystals.” And I thought, “What would it mean to work with Crystals?”

And so, I went and I did many courses on Healing, and here I am today, many Moons later – wiser, older, with a BIG smile on my face; because I know I can talk about Crystals; because I have lived through pain; and Crystals have helped me. They are my friends. Crystals are Shining Stars on Earth. Did you know that? Well, for me, they are…..and for you now, perhaps they will be.

CHOOSING A CRYSTALChoosing a Crystal

So when you’re trying to choose a Crystal, what happens is, you say, “I would like a Crystal to help me with this situation.” or, it could be, “I would like a Crystal that will help me have a direction in my life.” So you could get a directional Crystal. And through that process, you can then choose a Crystal. The best way to work with Crystals, is to FEEL, to INTUIT, to SENSE what the Crystal says to you so when you touch the Crystal, you FEEL, “Does this Crystal want to come home with me? Will this Crystal help me with what I am going through in my life?”


So Now, you’ve got the Crystal, and it’s now time for you to cleanse and dedicate the Crystal. Let’s say you got yourself a Rose Quartz Crystal Ball. So, you would take that Rose Quartz Crystal Ball, you would fill up a bowl with water. Now, it’s important, that when you fill up your bowl with water, that the bowl you use, is going to be the bowl you use only for cleaning Crystals. You put a pinch of salt in it, you get a wooden spoon and you mix it. You’re using a wooden spoon to represent Mother Earth. Now, your Intention is important as you mix. You are intending that the salt and water that you create to cleanse your Crystal, will be Spiritual, Holy Water. So keep your Intention pure. Once you’ve done that, you take your Crystal and very gently, place it in the salt and water. You leave it, for a day or two or seven days.

There’s another way of Clearing and Cleansing Crystals, and that is, Incense. So, you would hold your Incense stick and smudge it. That is a very good way to cleanse crystals.


So, I have a Crystal. I’ve bought the Crystal. I’ve cleansed it. And I now want to dedicate it. This is Malachite. I know Malachite is good for shedding layers. I’m now going to dedicate this Crystal. “I dedicate this Crystal to Universal Love and Universal Purpose. Only Good comes to this Crystal, only Good comes out of this Crystal. I ask this Crystal to help me with the Healing in my Life.”



RootSo, the first Chakra, is your Root Chakra. This Chakra is good for Grounding your Energy. It’s also good to have a strong Root Chakra because the more Rooted and Grounded you are, the more you are here in your body, the more you are present in your body. So, one of the Crystals that’s good to use for the Root Chakra, is Black Tourmaline. It helps you work with Grounding your Energy, feeling more centred in your Physical Body, facing Reality, paying your bills, dealing with your mortgage, dealing with real life situations – not running away from the Truth. And also, Red Jasper is another good Crystal that’s fabulous for the Root Chakra. As you can see with the colours here, we have Red Jasper as a Crystal Ball, as a Directional Wand and as a Buddha. So Red Jasper is very, very good for Grounding and helping the Base Chakra to be Grounded.


SacralThe second Chakra is your Sacral Chakra and that’s just below your belly button. Now, this area, has your sexual emotions and passion. The colour for the Sacral Chakra is Orange, and the element is Water – which is emotion. Coral grows in water and what I like about the Coral energy, is the fact that it helps you to put your emotions together. It helps you to gather your emotions, and live through them, and this is so important. So, one of the things I find with the Sacral Energy, and the Sacral Chakra, is the need to be nurtured, the need to be looked after, the need to be comfortable with your emotions so you feel supported and protected. Sometimes, our emotions are all over the place and we don’t have that gut feeling we need – the Sacral Chakra is where you get your gut feeling, and that gut feeling lets you know, “Yes! I’m going to do this.” or “No. I will not do this at all.” That’s what’s so great about the Sacral Chakra. Working on the Sacral Chakra helps you to work more with your intuition and your gut feeling.


Solar PlexisThe next Chakra we’ll be talking about is the Solar Plexus. Now, the Solar Plexus, which is so fabulous, is the ability to say, “I can do this! I can and I will.” A fabulous Crystal to use is Gold Sunstone – as you can see, this Sunstone is in the image of an angel, and this image tells me straight away, I can feel safe. I can do this. I have an angel there. The energy of this Sunstone, this Gold Sunstone, makes me feel safe. Another fabulous Crystal, for the Solar Plexus, is Citrine. As you can see, Citrine is beautiful – it shines! Holding Citrine in your Solar Plexus, because, again, it says, “I am the Sun. The Sun is my Radiance. I radiate the Sun from my Solar Plexus.”


HeartAnd then we come to our Heart Chakra. The main word is Love. And the fabulous Crystal could be a Rose Quartz or it could be Aventurine. The Heart Chakra colour is Green. If you think of the green, green grass, it’s like Summer – Fresh, it’s wonderful. It’s revitalising. So, when you work with Crystals on your Heart Chakra, you are revitalising yourself, you are opening your heart out. You are saying to yourself, “I am open to love. I am open to receive.” And sometimes, you can even hold something like a Palm Crystal, and put all your problems and all your fears into that Crystal and you hold it, tightly…..and it takes all the pain and frustration, and that way, you are working all the time with your Heart Chakra, in different ways.


ThroatAnd now, we come to our Throat Chakra. The colour for the Throat Chakra is blue, and the Crystal I’ll be talking about is Blue Lace Agate. The Throat Chakra is about communicating your truth. So, working with the Throat Chakra helps you to communicate, it helps you to teach like I’m teaching you, it helps you to talk like when you’re talking in conferences. Having a clear Throat Chakra helps you in writing, in speaking, and in dreaming.  It also enables you to express yourself clearly and confidently. The colour for this Throat Chakra is Blue. Blue Lace Agate can help you if you’re shy, and if you can’t talk. Blue Lace Agate: gentle healing without intrusion.


Third EyeAnd now, the sixth Chakra is the Third Eye. It’s the Invisible Eye, the Magic Eye. It helps you to see what others cannot see. The Crystal for the Sixth Chakra that I love, is Lapis Lazuli, for helping you with memory, helping you with your exams. Lapis Lazuli is also good for detachment and learning discernment, so you know what is right and what is wrong. So Lapis Lazuli, on the Third Eye, helps to activate your energy, helps to activate your memory, helps to activate more understanding in your life. So, when there’s more understanding, there’s more Knowing.


CrownThe seventh Chakra is the Crown Chakra. So the Crown Chakra works with the Spirit Energy. The Energy that says, “I Know. I Know this to be True. I Know….” You just have that feeling of Knowing. A wonderful Crystal for the Crown Chakra is Clear Quartz – for clarity, for purity. Another Crystal that we can use is Amethyst. It’s a fabulous Crystal for Ascension and Rising your Vibration. It’s a fabulous Crystal to activate your Spiritual Healing Power, your Intuition, your Essence and your own Power that belongs to you – Yours by Divine Right. No one can take that from you. Ho and So It Is.

As you can see, working with Crystals, and working with Chakras, is very inviting, very exciting, very illuminating and very, very powerful. In my Work, I use Crystals a lot. I use Crystals when I’m holding the Moon Meditation Workshops. We have Crystals we tune in to. We have Crystals we hold. We have Crystals to empower us. We have Crystals to Heal Us. We have Crystals to release a negative emotion like anger and rage. We can have a Crystal to help bring in more money, to help you activate more strength, to help in your sexuality, to help you understand more who you are.

Crystals are really Shining Stars on Earth. They really are powerful, if you take the time to learn how to work with them. If you take the time to learn how they can be of value and service to you.

From my experience and expertise as a Crystal Healer, as an understanding, empowering woman, of both Men and Women, I can tell you with 100% conviction that Crystals do work and do help you.

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