What is Distant Healing?



Distant Healing – Shamanic Healing with Hands of Light



Distant Healing is the ability to send healing to a person who is not in front of you. It is sent via the Cosmos – the Universe – no matter how far away the person is from you, the Healer or person sending healing to them.

The Healer is sending Distant Healing across time and space, which travels at a very fast rate. Distant Healing is sent and Distant Healing is received.

It is know by many names such as Remote Healing, Distant Healing and Absent Healing.



Distant Healing can be given to animals, plants and people.



Anyone can ask for Distant Healing. A sick person in hospital or at home. A tired person after a days work. A restless person needing to sleep. A mother who has a quiet moment and needs to relax before her children come back from school or her baby wakes up. Any person who is stressed, tense and overwhelmed with their life at work or home.



Distant Healing should be sent when a person has asked for it. Sometimes a friend or family member may ask for Distant Healing to be sent to a loved one. This is OK if the person receiving the Distant Healing agrees to it.  If the person does not agree to it – then really healing should not be sent. You do not want to impose on a person if they do not want to receive Distant Healing from you.




  1. Distant Healing can be sent at any time – morning, afternoon, or evening. 
  2. It is a good thing to agree a time for Distant Healing to be sent and received. You can do this via telephone, email or Skype.
  3. Distant Healing should be sent at a time the person receiving the Distant Healing has agreed to receive it.
  4. It is always a good idea to agree a time they will receive the Distant Healing so they are prepared to receive. Also the Healer know when to start sending Distant Healing.


Anyone who has been trained can send Distant Healing. Anyone who FEELS the desire to send Distant Healing can do so IF they have a pure intent and they have carried out certain guidelines. It is a good idea to know what you are doing rather than to guess. On a strict note – only a qualified healer who has been trained properly to send Distant Healing should send Distant Healing.



  1. Make sure the person you are sending Distant Healing has agreed to receive the healing.
  2. They should be resting on the bed or sitting on a chair when you are sending the healing.
  3. They should not be driving or in an office working.
  4. WARNING: Distant Healing can cause a person to have an accident if they are driving as the healing could make them feel relaxed and sleepy. This is why it is important to make sure a time and space is agreed.


Some basic guidelines are carried out to prepare yourself to send healing. It you have been properly trained you will know what they are.  You prepare yourself as a healer:

  4. It is so important to make sure you are very well grounded and linked to Source Energy and you FEEL the Energy flowing through you.

    There are a few other things you do but this is the basic before you do anything. 



The person needs to be in a space without interruption so they can receive the Distant Healing. No phones. No social media pings. No disturbance or distraction.

They can lie in bed or sit on a chair. If they can and they want, they can light a candle or have relaxing music playing in the background.

They must always have a glass of water ready to drink after the session.  Some like to drink water or tea before the session. Others after the session. I  advise no alcohol or coffee as these are stimulants.

WARNING – Make sure your candle is safely burning. If you will fall asleep and there is not one to switch off the candle – then please do not burn a candle if you are the only one in the room – and you may fall asleep.



    You connect to the Divine Energy and send Distant Healing directly from the Divine Energy to the person.   And/Or You connect to the Divine Energy and you send Diving Healing through you, to the person receiving Distant Healing.

    There are various types of Distant Healing using other tools and instruments.

    The Healer can use Singing Crystal Bowls, Prayer, and Meditation to send Distant Healing. The Healer must have a very very very Strong Intention and Powerful Focus. 

    Distant Healing can be sent combining it with  Quantum Healing, Reiki Healing, Crystal Healing, Sound Healing, Pranic Healing, Quantum Healing, Theta Healing, and Light Language.  Please make sure the Healer knows what they are doing.

    Distant Healing is used in many religions such as Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism and Christianity. Some of them chant, pray, sing, meditate and do rituals for Distant Healing. For example the Christians pray. Buddhist chant: Nam Myoho Renge Kyo. Hindus chant: Om. 


There are various effects from receiving Distant Healing. The person receiving Distant Healing may or may not feel anything. Some may feel a lot of feelings, tingling or sensations. Some may see colours, images, messages, insight and angels. Each persons experience is unique to them.



There are many benefits of Distant Healing.  As mentioned earlier, each person’s experience is individual and specific to them.  Some have reported feeling more relaxed and more peaceful. Some experience sleeping better or peacefully for the first time. Some feel calmer, get more clarity and feel a sense of hope sweep through them.



Every New Moon and Full Moon Toks sends Distant Healing to those who have asked for Distant Healing. Every New Moon and Full Moon she sends Distant Healing FREE for 3 nights in a row from the HANDS OF LIGHT HEALING PORTAL.  This is ONLY at this specific time. Here is the link. You can put your comments under the pinned post on




Click this link to find them. http://blog.tokscoker.com/2018-moon-dates/ 

Remember to put the dates in your diary and never miss a day. Better still attend a Moon Mediation Gathering where you will experience a lot of healing yourself and transformation in your life.



If you want more specific healing and more intensive healing you can pay for DISTANT HEALING to be sent to you at an agreed time and date that suits you.  Two things you have to do: (1) You pay upfront before you receive the Distant Healing.  (2) You contact Toks to agree a time and date you want to receive the Distant Healing. This will suite your life style and your timing.  Here is the link: http://www.tokscoker.com/index.php/services/book-appointment


Distant Healing – Shamanic Healing with Hands of Light

First Full Moon in 2018 – Full Moon in Cancer

2018 is an 11 Year

Today is 1 January 2018. First day, First month. New day, New month. Soon it will be 11am on the 1 January 2018. This makes  1:1:11. On the 11 January 2018 it will be 11:1:11.  We enter the 11 Master Number. Are you ready for this? Every 11 of each month I will be holding an 11:11 one hour gathering on zoom. Details to follow. See you tonight at 7pm.


As you welcome in 2018 may the opening doors of 2018 receive you well. Our gathering last night of the closing and opening of the Portals was, indeed, healing, transformational and unexpected. A lovely lady said it exceeded all expectations.  We had people from Germany and Turkey via Skype. Absolutely wonderful. The hot organic soup and cool organic fruit salad was nurturing on all levels. The tummy felt good and happy. The insights and messages shared were wholesome and embracing. It was an expansive evening. The Moon was full with brilliance and steady.

Happy New Year Everyone. Happy Portal Entry.




Wishing you abundance, joy, wealth, longevity, wisdom, happiness,  shelter, food and nurturing supportive experiences that expand your horizon and bring you more greatness and loveliness. The Smile in Me Greets the Smile in You.  The Light in Me Greets the Light in You. To your continuing joy and happiness. Love Toks, Patric and Yanni, Hands of Light Team. 




In the Cycle of Life we move always from conception, birth, baby, youth, adult hood, mother/fatherhood, aging, old age, sickness and death. As we journey this year may we meet our Cycle of Life with courage, determination, focus, gratitude, confidence and flow. Wishing you all the magnificence you can hold this first  Full Moon in 2018.


Tuesday 2 January 2018

Full Moon in Cancer & Sun in Capricorn

Wolf Moon
Actual Time of New Moon: 2:25 am London
Time of Meditation with Toks: 7:00 pm London

What will be covered at this workshop? How will it help?

  1. This workshop will help you in all areas of your life: emotionally, physically and mentally.
  2. It will help you find clarity in your relationships: family, children, and work.
  3. It will enable you to look at the fullness in your life, celebrating it and YOU.
  4. It will empower you as it encourages you to Look at what needs to be done, to create more of what you need, and want
  5. It will highlight and make you aware of your priorities and boundaries.
  6. You will begin to notice how terribly crowded it is in your head, if it is.
  7. The Full Moon Meditation Workshop is a wonderful experience that removes confusion, chaos, overwhelm, overload, stress and tension.
  8. It will highlight where you are in your transition to transformation.
  9. It will enable you, to list your limiting beliefs, excuses, and blocks.
  10. It will enable you, in noticing and listing, your strengths, greatness, successes, positive changes, and progress.
  11. At the end of the workshop you will be able to list 3 actions you will be taking with this Full Moon, that will expand your life, in more ways than one. 
  12. You will experience feelings of bliss, rapture, inner peace and relaxation.
  13. It will promote clarity, focus, courage, confidence and self-belief.

Click this link to register your sacred space: First Full Moon 2018



New Year’s Eve Gathering New Year Portal Entry Portal

Powerful New Year Entry Portal for 2018
NEW  YEAR’S  EVE  Gathering

31 December (10pm) – 1 January (1am)

A day to give thanks for the year gone by. To reflect. To celebrate. To engage in a ritual and ceremony. To enter the new year with prayer.

Thank You 2017New Year's Eve


Click the picture below to watch the video or click this link: https://youtu.be/tDWDVV0t3dc

Happy New Year’s Eve Closing Portal (31 December)
Happy New Year Opening Portal (1 January)
Happy New Year 2018, an 11 Year (1 January)
Happy Full Moon (2 January)

Powerful New Year Entry Portal for 2018
NEW  YEAR’S  EVE  Gathering

31 December (10pm) – 1 January (1am)

Do you want to enter the New Year with prayer, ritual and ceremony?  Do you want to open to more in 2018? Do you feel you are underwater and want to come up for fresh air?  Are you wanting to unload 2017 and upload 2018 in a safe sacred space?

Join us at 10pm on 31 December as we gather to relax, say goodbye to 2017 and welcome in the wonderful unknown of 2018.   An evening to give thanks for the year gone by, 2017. To reflect. To celebrate. To engage in a ritual and ceremony. To enter the New Year, 2018, with prayer.

Here is a Testimonial: “What a magical event. A lot was done in the few short hours that we were together and it all flowed together seamlessly. The exercises of gathering our power and energy created a palpable atmosphere and the sense of connection that was created between everybody as we welcomed in the New Year made the evening perfect. I also love that we had something to take away at the end in terms of lessons and gifts. I feel lucky to have been part of the New Year Portal.” Saarah Choudhry

For those Coming – What to BRING WITH YOU:

1. A NEW YEAR GIFT:  Please bring with you a New Year Present to gift one person. The gift should be worth  £5-10, to give away. We will then close our eyes and start the New Year with a present from Spirit.
2. SPIRITUAL EXCHANGE: It will cost £44 cash at the door. This I will donate to RNIB.  In order to attend, please make a donation of £44 to the Royal National Institute of the Blind or pay £44 at the door.  Click here to make your donation: www.justgiving.com/Toks-Coker Or pay on eventbrite which has a fee – Click here Eventbrite. THANK YOU.
3. SHARING OFFERING: You bring something to share for the ritual ceremony e.g. food, drink, refreshment (Please no pork, ham in my flat. Thank you.)
4. CLOTHING: Please wear white – You can change when you get to my flat. White is a powerfully spiritual colour for cleansing, healing and powerful portal shifts.



For those Wanting to Donate:

If you are not able to come or attend, please feel free to donate to RNIB and help me raise some money. Thank you. 


End of Ceremony

At the end of the ceremony, we share the gifts we brought (no one knows whose gift they will pick). This is always a wonderful part of the evening. I still have my Zara perfume someone gifted me and I use it regularly.  Later, after the ceremony, we also talk, watch TV, sing, drum, drink, eat, laugh and share.


Another Testimonial:  “Loved Toks and the joyness feelings I had. The crystals and circle of healing energy moved me. I experienced emotions of love, happiness and joy. I am taking away more positive energy. Toks brings love and light to all. Her workshops was a wonderful experience I will always remember. I thank her for bringing more positivity into my life and leading me with an enhancing experience.” Jessica Prescott


Spending the Night

If you want to spend the night you can sleep on the lovely carpet in the living room.  I do not have a free room. You can bring your sleeping bag with you. If anyone wants to stay the night please let me know before the day so I can make plans. Anyone who stays the night has to leave by 10am latest on 1st January. Thank you. xxx 
Please let me know what you decide.  Let me know if you are able to come so I can plan numbers.   Thank you.

Looking forward to sharing another gorgeous gathering. Here is the link:  Portal Entry

Love Always
Toks xxx
ps – 2nd of January is the Full Moon.



2018 is an 11 Year



In the Gathering of Closing and Opening the Portal there is a lot of change and transition and transformation happing. In one gathering we had musicians who played lovely songs for us after the ceremony.

New Year Portal 2015-2016new year singing


We had link in via Skype from Turkey too.  That was amazing too. And we had everyone writing and letting go and building a new future for themselves and writing it into being. Greatness.

Turkey New Year Portalcuvicmeucaa7llt


  • We will create a Powerful Portal so that we will walk out of 2017 empowered and ready to face the wonderful unknown of 2018.

  • We will choose to celebrate with Sacred Ritual, Prayer and Invocation Blessings.

  • It will be both a collective and individual experience.

  • There will be a powerful vortex of healing that will leave you happy and connected, to yourself and to each other.

  • It will be a real joyful experience of presence to treasure for everyone that is present.

    Turkish New Year PortalMerve New Year Portal

  • We will Call in Our Power and Claim It.

  • We will each Gift a Present.

  • We will each Receive a Present.

  • We will have a great time together as we celebrate our individual and collective transitioning into 2018.

  • We will bring delicious food to share together after having offered it to the Sacred Altar.

  • We will sing, dance, laugh, hug and heal ourselves and each other!

New Year 2015 Portal Openingnewyear2014ceremonypic

Please wear white – You can change when you get to my flat.

Please bring with you a NEW YEAR PRESENT to gift one person. We will then close our eyes and start the New Year with a present from Spirit.  I am asking everyone to bring a New Year gift worth £5-10 to give away.

See you there!

Love Always

Toks xxxx

Welcome 2018newYear

Winter Solstice, London 21 December 2017


happy winter solsticeWinter Solstice (2)


21 December is Winter Solstice.


This is an ancient ritual celebrated world wide.

Here in UK, it is a a very important Pagan / Wiccan ritual. You can find the Druids on Primrose Hill during the Solstice. They believe in the cycle of life, revolving around the seasons, the sun and the moon. 

It used to be known as Yule, from the Norse, Jul, meaning WHEEL.   IT IS NOT A CHRISTMAS CELEBRATION. 

‘Solstice’ means ‘Sun stands Still’.

BEGINNING OF WINTER:  The Winter Solstice marks the first day of Winter and is the shortest.  Days start to get longer and nights shorter around this time.  

It is the start of the Solar Year, the NEW SOLAR YEAR.  It is the celebration of LIGHT and the REBIRTH of the SUN.

The Northern Hemisphere (where London is) is leaning, the most away, from the sun for the year. While we have the Winter Solstice, in the North, the South has the Summer Solstice.

So much happening as mentioned earlier in my last post. This really is a potent time on many levels. Let us take them one by one.


Message of Winter Solstice

Darling Mother

As someone who has brought so many profoundly beautiful gifts into my life this year I offer you these few thoughts…

As I’m sure you know, In the pagan tradition, the Winter Solstice starts at sunset tonight (20 December); when The Great Mother, in her Wise Elder Crone aspect, prepares to release her Golden Sun back towards the Earth.

Here tonight, starts the turning of the year, the weaving of the cocoon web of Yule, the chrysalis that will contain us, for the next 12 days, as we prepare for, the return of the Light.

It is an hermetic time where we are encouraged to turn inwards and examine and honour all we have achieved this year, including the hard-won wounds and fought-for victories.

And it is particularly, tonight, the longest darkest night of the year, that She is in her fiercest aspect; and in many Wytches homes there is the gathering up, of all that symbolises what we wish to leave behind in the dark soils of our life – for the great mulching that begins at dawn tomorrow: the turning of all the ‘negativity’ we’ve been through over the past few months, into the manure from which new seeds will grow next year.

It is particularly powerful to take photographs or papers that represent that or those who no longer serve us and burn them on the hearth.

I cannot begin to thank you enough for all the lessons you have brought and continue to bring to me: of kindness, forgiveness, spiritual authority, honouring, sacred family. You are my divine mother and I love you in the deepest possible way….



ENERGY OF SOSTICEwinter solstice 21.12.09

  1. A time to go within and gestate the seeds of a new cycle.
  2. It is a new breath, a new life.
  3. Time for deep inner reflection.
  4. The most mystical time of the year.
  5. More transformation and shifts.
  6. More change and movement.
  7. More flow and connection to the rhythm of life.
  8. A time to connect with Mother Nature.



Just like the Energy of the New Moon in Sagittarius this is a Time of Truth. Do you tell the Truth honestly and kindly or cruelly? Truths may to told in a way that deliberately harms another. Are you harming another deliberately by telling the truth? Or are you ignoring the Truth and Lying?

As mentioned on the New Moon Truth can be delivered straight as an Arrow, it can hurt or it can bring joy.  The way a Truth is delivered is very important. A Truth that is delivered with cruelty stings directly at the heart. The same Truth delivered with Love will still hurt but perhaps the sting will be felt less cruelly.


in the three Winter Solstice 2009


We journey into the Darkness, as the Lights goes underground. This could be the journey back to your mother’s womb or long before you were born or conceived.





  1. Meditate on the Winter Solstice Eve and Meditate on the Winter Solstice. On the Eve of Winter Solstice you can meditate in the actual dark at night and welcome in the actual time of the Sunlight, Sunset.  If you cannot stay up to the actual Sunset, simply meditate in the dark, then light a candle to represent the Sun Set – the BIRTH OF THE SUN.  Meditate on World Peace.
  2. Pray and give thanks.
  3. Singing songs, chanting, and invoking appreciation, praise and joy (Pagan way). 
  4. Playing Music with drums, rattles, etc.
  5. Sitting in a tree and meditating in silence with the tree.
  1. Create an altar with sacred symbols e.g an alter in the shape of the PENTAGRAM. Use electric lights (blue and white lights) in the shape of a Pentagram.Pentacle 2.svg
  2. Work with Sacred Pagan / Wiccan Symbols like Triple Goddess symbol of waxing, full and waning moon. We have the maiden, the mother and the crone
  1. Honour the Gods – The divine couple in Wicca, with the Lady as Diana, the moon goddess, and the Lord as Pan, the horned god of the wild Earth. The lower figure is Mercury or Hermes, the god or divine force of magic – as shown by his wings and caduceus.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wiccan_views_of_divinity
  2. Remember the Gods that remind us of Father Christmas – Thor, the Norse Sky God who rides the sky with his goats, Frey, the Norse Fertility God, Tomte, the Norse Land Spirit who gives gifts to children. Here are other Gods Roman Agricultural God: Saturn, Greek God: Cronos / Father Time, Celtic God of the Dying Year: the Holly King, Russian Winter God: Father Ice / Grandfather Frost, Scandinavian / Teutonic All-Father God: Odin / Wotan, who rides sky on 8-legged horse!  Herne is the Celtic Horned God reminds us of Santa’s reindeers.
    For more gods check this link https://www.thoughtco.com/deities-of-the-winter-solstice-2562976
  1. Burn a log outside your home or in your fireplace if you have one.
  2. Sit round the Fire Circle outside burning a log of wood e.g. oak
  3. Gather round the Fire, eat, drink, talk, sing, dance, stay warm.
  4. It is believed that you save a bit of the log to start next year’s fire.   
  1. Gather together –  friends and family
  2. Celebrate with others – eat, drink, sing, play music, dance, etc.
  3. Gifting of Gifts – giving and receiving
  4. Meet up, call, phone, email, text. For me, I prefer to meet up, if possible, with those near and dear.
  5. Express gratitude and appreciation to loved ones and people who have helped you.  Remember Gratitude is very important.
  6. Ponder the good and bad experiences you have had all year and reflect on the lessons learnt.
  7. FOR RELEASING: It is particularly powerful to take photographs or papers, that represent that or those who no longer serve us, and burn them on the hearth.
    WITH CHARITIESnew newness
  1. Give to poor, shelters – food, clothes, money
  2. Volunteer at Charity
  3. Offer someone space to sleep in your home if you can
  4. Cook for poor and give them
  5. Teach to write CV, fill up CV form
          1. Decorate the house with flowers, herbs and colours.
          2. Decorate your home in colours such as red, green and white.
          3. Decorate the home with electric lights
          4. Place holly, ivy, evergreen boughs, pine cones around your home.
          5. Hand mistletoe above a major threshold and leave it there all year long to bring in good luck and good fortune.
          6. Make or purchase an evergreen wreath and put on your front door to symbolise continuity of life and the wheel of life.
          7. You may already have a real live tree – a harvested evergreen tree – which you could use as a Solstice Tree and decorate with Pagan symbols.

              WITH ANIMAL: shining white horseHORSE

            As I came to the end of this topic, the picture of this White Horse came up to say hello.  It seemed to what to be included here with the Winter Solstice.

                In Norse mythology Odin, Father of All Gods, rides a horse with 8 legs, called Slejpnir. 

                The White Horse is ridden by Epona, a Mother Goddess for the British and Celtics. The name of the Druid Animal Totem Horse is EACH. Horses have powerful and magical meaning with the Wicca. It is time to journey this Winter Solstice. In the physical world and in the inner world. Horse is quick, decisive, and fast. Horse brings energy and speed to your endeavours. EACH connects us to the Power of Land and Sun. 

                Each works with Epona, and, collectively and individually, they complete LIFE-CYCLE of BIRTH, DEATH, the AFTERLIFE and REBIRTH.  EACH helps us to look at our areas of RESTLESSNESS and helps to balance any unease we have or restlessness we have in a given situation. Horse is sacred medicine bringing good luck and good fortune. It protects us from the evil eye of others and situations. 

                EPONA rides a white horse. In Rome she is worshiped on December 18.  The New Moon in Sagittarius was a few days ago, 18 December.  Interesting she should come up here. In Welsh tradition she is Rhiannon. In Ireland she is Macha and Etain.

                EPONA IS A PROTECTRESS. she is the MOTHER-GODDESS.  She presides over life cycles. She holds a KEY to unlock the GATEWAYS to the UNDERWORLD or OTHERWORLD. She shape shifts and turns into a horse and carries the Soul of the Dead across to paradise.

                In Summer, the GATEWAY is the Gateway of Birth.  Epona opens the Gates of Life at Beltane, allowing a flood of energy to come though.  In Winter, it is the Gateway of Death –  It is the Gateway of the Soul to leave the Earth – the Souls are carried to the AFTERLIFE, back to the Summerland to be RENEWED again. We see here again the life cycle of BIRTH, DEATH, AFTERLIFE, REBIRTH.


                I hope you have enjoyed this read. It has taken me on a long journey full of intrigue and aspirations. So many cultures and religions are intertwined and have cross-influences every time. We really are ALL ONE.  There is so much more on this topic, but I stop here. What are you going to do this Winter Solstice? Make sure you enjoy it. Are you going to do one of the above things mentioned? We are.


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