Visioning 3 February



Are ready to be more? To stand up in your own truth and shine? Are you tired of not having your prayers answered?  Are you feeling unsupported in your life and wanting more? Are you feeling listless and stuck?  Are you wanting more in your life – more than you even know? Do you feel there is more for you? Are you ready to saturate your mind with positive ideas, thoughts, actions and moments? Do you feel it is time to hold your head up?  Have you lost faith in your abilities? Are you just simply tired of trying? Do you want one last stab at your life?

If your answer ‘YES’, to any of the above questions, then book your Visioning workshop to Rise Up and stand for something. Rise Rise Rise. Let me help you, on a very deep level, to RISE to be more.  Visioning is the ability to create your dreams and make them happen. It is the action of developing a plan, a goal, a legacy for the future and manifesting it with actions that enable, one step, after another. A Visioning Workshop with Toks is a deeply rooted in practical, mental and spiritual tools.


The woman/man I was yesterday, introduced me to the woman/man I am today; which makes me very excited about meeting the woman/man I will become tomorrow.


DATE: Saturday 3 February,  11am-5pm

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Visioning 2



With the exercises and the workshops you will learn how to:

  1. Look at your life in a new way and create a solid foundation.
  2. Set goals that are smart and achievable.
  3. Get more clarity in your life that yield confidence and courage.
  4. Manifest your goals with helpful tools that empower you.
  5. Create a Vision Board that if so full of power and magic.
  6. Journey home to yourself and connecting with your deep inner goals, truths and desires.
  7. Reconnect to the Divine in you.

It is hard to beat someone who never gives up. Babe Ruth


At the end of the Visioning Workshop with Toks, you will take away with you:

  1. Your very own completed Vision Board you can hang up at home or in the office.
  2. More clarity than you thought possible – a very clear path to walk through.
  3. Great insight to the greatness of you – a self belief that empowers you to be more.
  4. Proof of your Visioning – a plan to work towards
  5. A confidence and peace of mind that will make you feel better in yourself and with others.
  6. Courage to make the bold steps necessary to achieve your goals.
  7. A feeling of life and living life force.

    No army can withstand the strength of an idea whose time has come. Victor Hugo 

We will allocate TIME to your LIFE.

  1. Time to Slow Down.
  2. Time to Connect to the Inner You.
  3. Time to Connect to the Voice in your head.
  4. Time to Listen to Your Inner Voice.
  5. Time to Hear Your Messages from the Divine.
  6. Time to be Whole.
  7. Time to Sit with Yourself.
  8. Time to know you are not alone.
  9. Time to know you are OK and safe.
  10. Time to know you are important.
  11. Time to know you have more in You than you ever thought possible.
  12. Time to BE the Possible.
  13. Time for Great Change – Change that Empowers.
  14. Time to Face Your Real You.
  15. Time to Face your Negativity, Doubts and Fears.
  16. Time to Strip your Life down and Reveal the Diamond hidden by years of neglect or damaging experiences.
  17. Time to face your Excuses – Excuses that take you away from what you want to do e.g. I am not good enough. They are always better than me. No one wants me. I am alone. I do not have the time. I am always so busy. I never seem to have the time. I am so confused. I have to clean the house. I have to have this drink. I have to socialise. I have to look after my ……..
  18. Time to Recreate Your True New Identity with Focus, Commitment, Self Belief and Self-Love.
  19. Time to Shed your Stories thus Shred your Skin like a Snake. Shed your old stories, stuck stories, unhappy stories, lie stories, disempowerment stories, sabotage stories, etc.
  20. Time for your Rebirth and Rejuvenation.
  21. Time to have a dream. Have a big dream.
  22. Time to have a course that is dedicated to your hidden dreams.
  23. Time to rise up and be more than you thought possible.
  24. Time to feel more peace in your life.
  25. Time  to connect to others and to yourself.
  26. Time for your expansion on many levels.

    The future depends on what you do today. Gandhi


  1. Improve your immune system as it will calm and relax  you
  2. Help focus you and improve your determination and commitment to your very own happiness.
  3. Enable you to take responsibly for your life and know the importance of prioritisation.
  4. It will anchor great values in you and a self belief you have not felt for a while.
  5. It will help you go though the changes in your life.
  6. It will improve your commitment to yourself on a very deep level.
  7. It will give you faith and belief in your own power.
  8. A spiritual connection will be tapped into, that will anchor a magnificence in you.
  9. Visioning lifts the spirit / quality / life / energy of an organisation or person.
  10. Visioning is strategic, inspiring and uplifting.
  11. There will be time for questions and answers too.
    As you can read, there are lots of benefits to the Visioning Workshop with me. I really look forward to welcoming you and helping you anchor your Visioning. I know you are here to connect with your Soul and your BEing;  to create your Life of Happiness. I know you want practical tools, you want to heal some emotional wounds, delete what no longer serves you and transform limiting beliefs that may be holding you back. This is the first step to creating and manifesting Your Power House, Your Vision Board, with the powerful tool of VISIONING.

So excited to be seeing you on

DATE: Saturday 3 February,  11am-5pm

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To book your space immediately:

MICRO New Moon in Capricorn

Happy New Moon

Happy Birthday Capricorn

Happy New Moon

We Greet You

Celebrating the New Year with the New You

Anchoring our Roots Deep into Mother Earth

Standing Strong Safe Secure Stable & Splendid

Grounded in our Spiritual Essence and Legacy

We Greet You

Moon Greetings

We Greet You

With the Smile of Freshness

Igniting a Passion Within

Excited about Seven Steps to Unknown

We Greet You

7 things to do this New Moon in Capricorn


COMMUNICATE – Talk about your feelings truthfully to yourself first and then to another. Communicate them aloud to yourself, so you hear your own voice. Notice, noticing your communication. Consider your choice of words before speaking. You may find you want to bottle up your feelings or explode. You may pretend you are not hurt. What have you been ignoring for so long, and finally you are being forced to look at? Capricorn is Earth, hard and unforgiving. So be blunt with yourself. Nothing can be hidden for long. Now they will be unearthed! Be clear with your feelings with yourself in a practical way.


PRACTICAL ACTION – Take practical action that protects you.  Be more proactive. Be alert. Take actions steps that will enable you to achieve your goals. Thinking of taking practical action is not the same as actually taking the practical action. Do. If you have to buy the house, buy it. If you have to pay for a course, pay for the course. If you have to set targets for the next 6 months set then and take realistic practical actions to manifest them. Work hard to achieve them.


BOUNDARIES – Create new boundaries.  Say ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ to help you define your new way forward. What will you allow and what will you not allow? Be deliberate in setting up boundaries that serve you. What makes you happy? What makes you miserable? Be willing to put in work to creating your boundaries. Ask yourself these questions: Who has ‘tried’ to disempower you with the way they talked to you or text you? Who has ignored your question? Who has shown you that you are of no value to them, unless they can use you, or make money from you? 2018 is the year of strong boundaries.


PHYSICAL BODY – Look after your physical body. How does it stand, sit, rest, play? What is it physically saying to you? Does it feel strong, rooted and centered, in very balanced way? Be mindful of the blocks to your health and your physical body. Check that you are truly and really looking after your physical body. Eat. Rest. Clean. Breathe. Sleep. Exercise. Walk. Love your body. What part of your body needs your attention? Be clear about what you love about your body. Be clear about your passions. Be clear about respecting each other.

MONEY – What is your relationship with money? What is your consciousness with money? Are you spending wisely? Is money your friend or enemy? Do you feel like a victim with money? How is money serving your live? How are you serving money in your life? Are you in control or is it in control of you? Do you find you are always giving your money away and getting back little in return? Are you leveraging your money? Do you get value for the money you spend in your life? Where have you wasted money? Where have you spend money well?  My favourite pajamas are very soft, old and clean. Wearing them makes me happy. I got them long long ago. I do not want to throw them away because wearing them makes me happy. There is value in my investment – it makes me happy.

BE REALISTIC – Face the truth about your situation. Look at your successes and failures. Look at the positive and negative benefits of your situation. What are you trying to ignore, that is forcing its ugly head up? Time to take your head out of the sand. Time to life up your head and look at things straight on.  Be realistic with your reflections and your decisions. Work at your optimum; and notice when to stop and when to rest. Be realistic with your intention and goals. There are 6 planets (Pluto, Saturn, Venus, Mercury, Moon, Sun) in Capricorn with this New Moon: this is real and fact – not made up. Be realistic. See things as they truly are not how you want them to be.

NEWNESS – Say ‘goodbye’ to a way of being that no longer serves you. Say ‘welcome’ a new way of being. Allow your unfolding with this Capricorn New Moon. Share something of value with others. Call forth your deep inner knowing as you go boldly into the unknown. Just like Star Trek you ‘go where no man has gone before.’  What new path are you working today? What new journey are you embarking on? Perhaps new partnership? New friendships? New courses? New direction?

2 - New Moon in Capricorn (17-1-18)

Wednesday  17 January (2.18am London)

New Moon in Capricorn

MICRO NEW MOON Moon Gathering tonight at 7pm

Element – Earth

New Moon in Capricorn

distant healing


Here is a testimonial I received this morning. It spans exactly 2 years of coming to the Moon Alchemy Gatherings and having private and confidential sessions with me, Toks Coker. Thank you Legion of Light.

There has been so much change that I don’t know where to begin….


For myself, I have transformed my finances three times in the past 12 months. I’ve also had great strides in my job transitions. My care and compassion towards myself has expanded and I am starting to really see the value in being me for me, in being me for my family and friends, for my work and for the world. I see the unique value of who I am and the Glory of that. It’s like a golden shine coming from within me, smiling the smile of a million suns and more. Joyous exaltation :-


My awareness of my energy and my time management has improved. I am much happier in general and whenever anything negative arises within me or around me, the swiftness of changing my focus and energy has improved steadily.

My relationship with my father has transformed powerfully and deeply. The hatred I had for him has evaporated completely. I’m no longer furious with him or enraged by him. I just love him and want him to be happy. I want to spend more quality time with him and help him in any way I can. I love him and I can see myself in him. I feel like maybe I’m beginning to see my ancestors in him too. He is a good man that only ever tried to do what he thought was best.

My relationship with my mother has also transformed and continues to do so. I am learning how to respect her more. I am learning how to be a doting son, how to love her and care for her and cherish her for who she is and for being my mum. I kiss her and hug her and tell her that I love her many times throughout the day. Her support of me is tremendous. I am a lucky man.

My relationship with my brother has also improved. I see now how my attitude and tone has negatively affected our relationship in the past and I have taught myself to be much more kind and compassionate with him. I miss him and hope to see and hear from him much more often now: at least once a week.

I’ve recently met a beautiful woman and our relationship is really starting to bloom now. It’s been challenging to face and release certain aspects of my past though I am moving through it all much more seamlessly now

2017 has been a massive year and I feel like 2018 is going to be my best ever year yet!

From the Realm of Infinite Light, I thank you with deep reverence and gratitude ❤☀

What is Life Coaching the Alchemical Way?




As you journey through life, life happens. People get loved and wonderful surprises, they also get disappointed and depressed. People say cruel and kind words to each other. Some become victims and abusers. The journey to move from a space of ‘negativity’ to one of ‘positivity’ is an internal journey, that requires patience, understanding, compassion, wisdom and self-love on a profound level.

Life Coaching the Alchemical Way is the Way of the Shaman. The Journey you take as a Seeker. It is the Hero’s Journey, allowing your very own Alchemical Resurrection of your True Self. This means it anchors with you the power to rise to be more. To be your own true authentic self, no matter what you have been through.

Life Coaching the Alchemical Way is the Steps of Creation, that lead you to BEING MORE. It is the calling of your Divine Self to manifest consciously here on earth with. It helps you anchor your Spiritual Legacy. It helps you find clarity and grounding in your life.  It helps you to come back home to yourself, using proven tools that nourish mind, body and spirit. This is active participation in your own healing and transformation.

Let’s ask you some questions? Are you are feeling lost, confused or exhausted? Are you tired of being taken for granted? Do you feel it is time to set up some new boundaries in your life? Are you wanting your power back?  Do you find you keep repeating the same old patterns? Do you find it difficult to relax and turn off?

More questions: Are you feeling dull and lethargic? Do you feel life is always better for others, but not for you?  Do you think you should be the one on stage, but you find yourself back stage? Are you always ignored? Do you feel isolated, lonely and separate? Do you feel out of body and ungrounded and unstable?  Do you think the grass is always greener on the other side? Would you like to shine like a precious diamond? Have you felt suicidal and wishing your life was over?

Life Coaching the Alchemical Way is a very specific way of working on yourself and with yourself. It asks you to journey out; and come back home to yourself; fresh, anew and reborn. In the sessions you will experience an Alchemical Resurrection of your True Self, which will set you free and liberate you, from any chains of restriction, resistance and blockages.

Turning ‘poison’ to ‘medicine’ is the way of the Alchemist. Learning to work with your own Alchemy can be a challenge, as you learn to refine your limiting beliefs, resentments, doubts, fears. Sessions are geared and tailed individually for each person to create a refinement in behaviour, attitude, personality and character. A personal journey, a labyrinth that you navigate, as you redefine your new way forward, to your great results. Face the unknown with ease and confidence in any area of your life.

Life Coaching the Alchemical Way helps you calm your mind, empowering you to see clearly in a practical and constructive way. It enables you to see your value and strengths, as well as, your limiting beliefs and fear. The main purpose is to help you find deep lasting happiness. Are you ready for this?

Did you know that the Miracle of Life is knowing who to ask for help, and when to ask for help? Whether working with you alone, as a couple, or in a group, I remain connect to Source, centred, united and at One. From this sacred space I serve you, tailoring the sessions especially for you. I promise to serve you always with balance, reverence and love.

You can book session with me on this link


In the Magnificence of Yourself you find Yourself.  Toks Coker

What is Distant Healing?



Distant Healing – Shamanic Healing with Hands of Light



Distant Healing is the ability to send healing to a person who is not in front of you. It is sent via the Cosmos – the Universe – no matter how far away the person is from you, the Healer or person sending healing to them.

The Healer is sending Distant Healing across time and space, which travels at a very fast rate. Distant Healing is sent and Distant Healing is received.

It is know by many names such as Remote Healing, Distant Healing and Absent Healing.



Distant Healing can be given to animals, plants and people.



Anyone can ask for Distant Healing. A sick person in hospital or at home. A tired person after a days work. A restless person needing to sleep. A mother who has a quiet moment and needs to relax before her children come back from school or her baby wakes up. Any person who is stressed, tense and overwhelmed with their life at work or home.



Distant Healing should be sent when a person has asked for it. Sometimes a friend or family member may ask for Distant Healing to be sent to a loved one. This is OK if the person receiving the Distant Healing agrees to it.  If the person does not agree to it – then really healing should not be sent. You do not want to impose on a person if they do not want to receive Distant Healing from you.




  1. Distant Healing can be sent at any time – morning, afternoon, or evening. 
  2. It is a good thing to agree a time for Distant Healing to be sent and received. You can do this via telephone, email or Skype.
  3. Distant Healing should be sent at a time the person receiving the Distant Healing has agreed to receive it.
  4. It is always a good idea to agree a time they will receive the Distant Healing so they are prepared to receive. Also the Healer know when to start sending Distant Healing.


Anyone who has been trained can send Distant Healing. Anyone who FEELS the desire to send Distant Healing can do so IF they have a pure intent and they have carried out certain guidelines. It is a good idea to know what you are doing rather than to guess. On a strict note – only a qualified healer who has been trained properly to send Distant Healing should send Distant Healing.



  1. Make sure the person you are sending Distant Healing has agreed to receive the healing.
  2. They should be resting on the bed or sitting on a chair when you are sending the healing.
  3. They should not be driving or in an office working.
  4. WARNING: Distant Healing can cause a person to have an accident if they are driving as the healing could make them feel relaxed and sleepy. This is why it is important to make sure a time and space is agreed.


Some basic guidelines are carried out to prepare yourself to send healing. It you have been properly trained you will know what they are.  You prepare yourself as a healer:

  4. It is so important to make sure you are very well grounded and linked to Source Energy and you FEEL the Energy flowing through you.

    There are a few other things you do but this is the basic before you do anything. 



The person needs to be in a space without interruption so they can receive the Distant Healing. No phones. No social media pings. No disturbance or distraction.

They can lie in bed or sit on a chair. If they can and they want, they can light a candle or have relaxing music playing in the background.

They must always have a glass of water ready to drink after the session.  Some like to drink water or tea before the session. Others after the session. I  advise no alcohol or coffee as these are stimulants.

WARNING – Make sure your candle is safely burning. If you will fall asleep and there is not one to switch off the candle – then please do not burn a candle if you are the only one in the room – and you may fall asleep.



    You connect to the Divine Energy and send Distant Healing directly from the Divine Energy to the person.   And/Or You connect to the Divine Energy and you send Diving Healing through you, to the person receiving Distant Healing.

    There are various types of Distant Healing using other tools and instruments.

    The Healer can use Singing Crystal Bowls, Prayer, and Meditation to send Distant Healing. The Healer must have a very very very Strong Intention and Powerful Focus. 

    Distant Healing can be sent combining it with  Quantum Healing, Reiki Healing, Crystal Healing, Sound Healing, Pranic Healing, Quantum Healing, Theta Healing, and Light Language.  Please make sure the Healer knows what they are doing.

    Distant Healing is used in many religions such as Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism and Christianity. Some of them chant, pray, sing, meditate and do rituals for Distant Healing. For example the Christians pray. Buddhist chant: Nam Myoho Renge Kyo. Hindus chant: Om. 


There are various effects from receiving Distant Healing. The person receiving Distant Healing may or may not feel anything. Some may feel a lot of feelings, tingling or sensations. Some may see colours, images, messages, insight and angels. Each persons experience is unique to them.



There are many benefits of Distant Healing.  As mentioned earlier, each person’s experience is individual and specific to them.  Some have reported feeling more relaxed and more peaceful. Some experience sleeping better or peacefully for the first time. Some feel calmer, get more clarity and feel a sense of hope sweep through them.



Every New Moon and Full Moon Toks sends Distant Healing to those who have asked for Distant Healing. Every New Moon and Full Moon she sends Distant Healing FREE for 3 nights in a row from the HANDS OF LIGHT HEALING PORTAL.  This is ONLY at this specific time. Here is the link. You can put your comments under the pinned post on



Click this link to find them. 

Remember to put the dates in your diary and never miss a day. Better still attend a Moon Mediation Gathering where you will experience a lot of healing yourself and transformation in your life.



If you want more specific healing and more intensive healing you can pay for DISTANT HEALING to be sent to you at an agreed time and date that suits you.  Two things you have to do: (1) You pay upfront before you receive the Distant Healing.  (2) You contact Toks to agree a time and date you want to receive the Distant Healing. This will suite your life style and your timing.  Here is the link:


Distant Healing – Shamanic Healing with Hands of Light

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