What benefits happen to you before an Eclipse?


What happens as you approach an Eclipse? Benefits happen.


Sudden things happen around you or to you, just before an Eclipse, that indicate a benefit and/or a protection happening magically around you.  Something bad reveals something good. Here I share some physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits of an Eclipse, with a personal experience to re-enforce what I am talking about.



    Benefit of Total Solar Eclipse on an Energetic / Spiritual Development Level?

      1. It will reveal what is hidden in darkness, and shed light on it.  Truths and Lies will be revealed causing greater understanding.
      2. It will shine light on what needs to be addressed and attended to.  We will see the power of Lighting the Darkness.
      3. It will create a massive shift in consciousness creating a sense of Unity that guides us to look to the future with new eyes.
      4. This is a great natural phenomena that highlights the laws of nature and the powers of the movement of the Sun and the Moon.
      5. Intuition will be increased and you concentrate more on looking towards your Future to liberate and free you.
      6. It will increase your compassion, care and healing ability.

      SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE Before Eclipse: I organised a Buddhist chanting session on 19 August for midnight via text– asking if anyone could chant Nam  Myoho Renge Kyo in their homes, from 12 midnight, for 30 minutes, to send Nam Myoho Renge Kyo healing to a non-Buddhist. The response was 90%.

      At midnight 00:00 we entered 20 August and I realised we had 11 strong Buddhists chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, chanting from their individual homes, for the healing of a non-Buddhist, who had no faith in their belief. They did so because they wanted to, and they could, and they cared. 

    The Action Taken by Others:  Some were able to stay up, others set their alarms, to be up and ready to chant for 30 minutes from midnight. One was abroad so she had to be up by 1am to link in with us in London time! Another lady was out and she chanted silently linking in to us from where she was. 

    I was amazed and grateful. Now, how kind is that? How very very thoughtful and considerate is that?  Now how do you think the non-Buddhist felt that women from around the world from different nationalities were praying for his good health? 

    I listened to the non-Buddhist chanting weakly behind me as I lead the chanting session in a strong voice.  From time to time, I lowered my voice so I could hear his voice, and his voice led the chanting for his health. He was touched by the fact that people where texting in and saying ‘Starting now.’ and then ‘Done’ and ‘Good Night’.  Now that is action with a strong spiritual mission based on kindness, compassion, love and wanting someone to be happy and well.

    Thank you Universe. Thank you Eclipses. Thank you challenges.  Thank you kind Buddhist friends.


    Benefit of Total Solar Eclipse on an Emotional / Emotional Balance Level?

    You begin to look at issues about loving yourself. Loving the Self is not an easy thing to do as we are all consumed with unresolved emotional issues from childhood, karma, limiting beliefs, doubts, fears, worry, anxiety and stress, to name a few. The Eclipses force us to look at Balancing our Emotions swinging in an up/down, left/right momentum.  The extremes of movement of the pendulum of the Emotions can play havoc on ones level of concentration, clarity, focus and direction. The upheaval creates a need to desperately stop this extreme of tears or rage that wells up to overcome us. 

    EMOTIONAL EXPERIENCE Before Eclipse:  Yesterday, driving home, we turned our car at Primrose Hill and drove straight into the middle of a commotion we did not realise was happening. As we were blocked by two motorbikes we stopped and I notices that the car in the opposite lane had stopped with its driver’s door wide open and no driver in site! I thought there had been an accident. Maybe someone had fallen down or been injured. 

    Then suddenly we heard shouting and men running around our car. One man pulled out a long 12” knive outside our car, by the drivers seat, and then proceeded to weald it in the air, running after another man into Primrose Hill.  Then another man shouted, moving on my side of the car, and ran out into Primrose Hill, chasing the man with the knife!

    So many emotions – rage, anger, frustration, sadness, fear, shock, trauma, pity, feeling blocked in!!! Blocked in by a motor bike. Alarmed by the knife.  Sad about our society today why someone would take out a 12” knife and run after another.  

    What I found fascinating was how they were fighting and shouting, yet avoiding our car. Even though they had weapons they did not attack our car, that had driven straight into the centre of the commotion. Two things happened when we realised something was not right:

    The first thing was I heard the click of the car lock as my lovely driver suddenly locked the doors of the car. He had stopped the car and sat very still in the car. My Annoyance: I became slightly aware of my annoyance he had not closed the door before driving off – but at least he did so now in the middle of the danger.  I always lock the car doors every time I enter my car – no matter where I am. Before I enter my car I check no one is in the back seat and the environment is safe.  Yes, I have watched to many NCIS with Jethro Gibbs, Ziva and Tony DeNozo.!!!  LOL.

    The second thing was I became aware of a calm energy versus a panic energy rise up in me. I was uneasy. Then unexpectedly, out of the blue, I suddenly felt this calm energy rise up from inside me and cloak my car.  Immediately I felt the car protected and invisible.  It was like slow motion and yet it was very quick.

    It was amazing to have so much commotion outside our car and no harm came to us or the car. Even though we had driven right up to the middle of the commotion, they did not attack us or hit our car!  They ran round our car a number of times. They could easily have hit our car or hit us in the car but they did not! It was like we were not there. It was bizarre. How is that for ‘cloaking’ the car and us. 

    I have no idea how this started or what happened. Perhaps our role was not to know how it happened – but to heal it or calm it down.  Thank you God, Buddha, Allah, Ascendant Masters, Legions of Light, etc for the protection and magic of protection.


Benefit of Total Solar Eclipse on a Mental / Thinking  Level?

    You reflect more. You ponder more. You think more. The reflection, pondering and thinking is on a deeper level. It helps you to question your beliefs, attitudes and behaviour. It enables you to be more true to yourself as the mental action in the mind affects your emotions, body and spirit. You begin to make friends with your Thinking Mind and become aware of your Mental Chatter you have with yourself – that ‘other’ person in you. We must never underestimate the power of the Mind and how much power it has over our Bodies.  If we keep a positive Mind we respond with positivity.  If we keep a negative Mind we respond with negativity. 

    I am reminded of two very powerful quotes, by two very powerful men, who lived and practiced developing a strong Mental mind. Both were tortured, imprisoned, starved and persecuted.  The quotes are:

    “One should become the Master of One’s Mind rather than let Ones’ Mind Master Him.”  Nichiren Daishonin, The Major Writings of Nichiren Daishonin, Vol 1

    “The one thing you cannot take away from me is the way I Choose to Respond to what you do to me.”  Victor Frankl, Auschwitz prisoner, Man’s Search for Meaning.

    I believe during the In-Between Time of the Eclipse and days before the Eclipse, we experience sudden unexpected experiences that create a paradigm shift. They may be pleasant or unpleasant experiences which help to sharpen the Mental Mind and Thinking.  Whatever happens we have a Choice to respond in a way that empower or disempowers us.  What role do you play? Are we the victim, the rescuer, the persecutor, the bully, etc.? Or are you the Thinker, who uses your Mental ability to create a environment of peace, power and heaven within your Mind, which transports you to a realm of Powerful Thinking and Mental Conviction, that propels you to take deliberate actions, that produces a greater result in your life, than you ever thought possible?

    MENTAL EXPERIENCE Before Eclipse: We met up with a friend of ours on Hampstead Heath discussing nutrition. What is right nutrition?  What is nourishing food? Should one be a vegetarian, a fruitarian or a meat eater?  By the end of our discussion we all had different realisations and even a paradigm change.  Here are some statements that were made:  “I have to change the way I think about food and what I eat and put in my body.”  “It would be nice to experiment with new food to broaden our horizon.” “I get fed up with the food I eat and I no longer enjoy eating.”  “I am bored with the food I eat and do not like the tastes any more – bland and always the same.”

    What is the right food for one person is the wrong food for another.  What works for one person is different from what works for another person.  A few years ago, I became vegetarian and passed out in Sainsbury, as I did not have enough iron in me and was told to start eating animals such as the liver of lamb. I did not know what vegetables to take to help me with iron in my body. I was doing something that did not resonate with my body. I was born in Nigerian and grew up on Nigerian food such as okro soup, assorted meat, chicken, goat meat and plantain.  My body was not enjoying the change.  My mother, an English nurse, told me I had to go back to eating what my body was used to. I did and I felt better. 

    Now I am not able to eat as I used to eat when I was younger. I eat less meat or no meat. I loves juices, fruit salads and vegetables.  I was not brought up on this but my thinking has changed over the years because I have ‘talked’ to my body and I have listen to it.  So as we journey here on Earth, we may find our thinking about food an how we live, changes over the years, even months, weeks, days, minutes, seconds!!!! LOL. So after the wonderful conversation we went shopping to buy wholesome foods, rest, and do our homework. We are more mindful of what we are doing to our body now with our Thinking Mind and we are working on marrying the two together to create a healthy body.

    The Thinking Mind is very important in helping us make decisions and choices that happen upon us on a daily basis.  We must never underestimate the power of the Mind and how much power it has over our Bodies.  If we keep a positive Mind we respond with positivity.  If we keep a negative Mind we respond with negativity. 

    The ability to discern and detach are part of having a strong Mental Thinking Mind. The ability to make up ones Mind to take a course of action is very much dependant on the power of the Mind over the body. Do you eat cakes and sweets and expect to be thin and fit or do you have a Mental Talk and Discussion with your Mind and decide what is best for both your Mind and Body? Then do you have the focus, perseverance, determination and courage to change your old way to achieve the results you want with your new way of being and doing?


    Benefit of Total Solar Eclipse on a Physical / Body / Active / Practical Level?

      The Total Solar Eclipse encourages physical action – no matter how small.  You feel an urge to improve your health and physical body. You begin to realise that your Body is your first Home. You begin to have more respect for you Body and what you do with it. Perhaps you start to eat better, sleep better and exercise better. You start to have a ‘conversation’ with your physical Body which makes you aware of your ‘inner workings’ within you that you cannot see or feel.  You know your blood works yet cannot feel it pumping in your body, nor can you see it. You feel your heart and your lungs moving when you dance, walk, run or exercise, though you cannot see them. You begin to realise that things are happening when you thought they were not. You do not have to understand how your body moves with the help of your brain signals, you just need to know that you can move your body to sit and to type or answer the phone or hug your child. 

      As we have seen from the above topic – Benefits of Total Solar Eclipse on a Mental / Thinking Level? – both Body and Mind are related. From a Buddhist perspective of Shikishin-Funi, the Body and Mind are Two but not Two.  They are One. Mind and Body are two aspects of the same reality.  Neither Body or Mind is a separate entity, there is not one with out the other.  They are inseparable components of life.  Life is a single moment in the whole, while Body and Mind are its components.

      On a positive Physical / Body / Active / Practical Level Who is ‘pushing’ you forward to be more than you think you are capable? Who is behind you letting your glorious light shine through? Who is encouraging you? Who is there for you? Who is pushing you forward for a good reason so you can be seen in a glorious light? On a negative level Who is gossiping about you in a negative way and lying about you?  Who is stealing from you? Who is tripping you? Who is back-stabbing you?  Who is hiding your skills or taking them and pretending they are theirs? Who is blocking your progress?

      Any physical action can be seen manifest in various forms such as a clean house, a clean toilet, a lovely dog, a strong horse, a lovely garden, a fit body, a firm body, a delicious colourful meal, a lovely outfit, well manicured hands and feet, a beautiful dance performance or a wonderful work of art.   How are you creating a beautiful/handsome environment around you and a beautiful/handsome you? Every single manifestation involved practical action to carry it out, focus to complete the task at hand and the present it to the world.  What wonderful benefits have you had as you approach the Eclipse?

      PHYSICAL EXPERIENCE Before Eclipse: I noticed my physical body responding to my exercises and my new healthy health drinks and medicines.  I have gone back to exercising and being mindful of my physical body and marrying my Mind and Body.  Fortunately, every two weeks, the Moon Medicine Gatherings, empower my journey on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. I have set myself a physical target for next year of my birthday, which I will monitor in the next three months in November 2017.  Amen. Amen. Amen.



        What Benefits have you had as you approach the Eclipse?


      Join us tomorrow 21 August for our Eclipse New Moon in Leo Medicine Gathering at 6.30pm.  Details here: Moon Medicine with Toks

Live View of the Total Solar Eclipse


16.5 - Total Solar Eclipse (21-8-17)


Hello Legions of Light

Below I have made a list of LINKS where you can go to view the Total Solar Eclipse LIVE from wherever you are – so long as you have internet wifi.

I will be live streaming it at my Moon Medicine Meditation on Monday and tuning into it too.

If you have any links to share please share them below this post. Thank you.

Love Always Toks xxx



Fist you must know the SAFETY – How to View the 2017 Solar Eclipse Safely









Scientific from NASA – INFORMATION  https://eclipse2017.nasa.gov/

NASA main feed – TV  https://www.nasa.gov/multimedia/nasatv/#public

NASA  http://eclipse.stream.live/

NASA LIVE INFORMATION https://www.nasa.gov/eclipselive




SLOOH https://live.slooh.com/




NASA FACEBOOK LIVE https://www.facebook.com/NASA/?hc_ref=ARTRn7O6sCSMojJOIQGEr4nFs0C_725FCVOj9HD45ATsg2fqUSw1TFmgitCef_2a3qo


NASA EDGE FACEBBOOK https://www.facebook.com/nasaedgefan/




NASA EDGE YouTube https://buff.ly/2ugCC9x

NASA EDGE UStream https://buff.ly/2ugs2iU




ITunes App – Total Solar Eclipse by Exploratorium https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/total-solar-eclipse/id1230195450?mt=8#

Time Between Eclipses


So how are you with the Time Between Eclipses?


What is the Time Between Eclipses?

The Time Between Eclipses is the Time between a Full Moon Eclipse and a New Moon Eclipse. 

PS: I will be adding to this posts from time to time so keep this link. 


There are two types of Eclipse:

1. SOLAR ECLIPSE – Moon PASSES between sun and earth [occurs in NEW MOON only]  Moon blocks sun.  Totality  {i.e. total blocking} is no longer than 8 minute.

2. LUNAR ECLIPSE – Earth PASSES between sun and moon [occurs in FULL MOON only]  Earth blocks sun.  Totality {i.e. total blocking} is no longer than 8 minutes.

                                               NEW MOON                                  FULL MOON

Solar Eclipse20150401-total lunar eclipse


How do Eclipses Effect Us?

Eclipse affect us in different ways – in a positive way and in a negative way.  We have one at the New Moon and one at the Full Moon.  Both have positive and negative effects on our feelings, emotions, reactions, and responses. How we deal with this in our lives affects us on many levels and creates lessons to learn as we shift our Karmic relationships and tendencies. So Eclipses effect us by forcing us to look at our extremes, our oppositions, our differences, our opposites, and/or our boundaries or lack of.  It is a Time to Work Deeply Within Yourself. The Time between Eclipses is a Time of Working with our Shadow and Walking with our Shadow. It is looking at the extreme Feminine (Lunar) and extreme Masculine (Solar). 


Effects of Negative Eclipse:

Obstruction.  Dimming of Light.  Loss of Power.  Loss of Importance.  Loss of Fame.  Loss of Light.  Obstruction of Light. Over Shadow. Overshadowing by another. Cast a Shadow Upon.  Blot Out.  Darken. Cloud.  Dim.  Dimming. Diminish.  Feel Small. Extinguish.  Shroud. Veil. Hidden.  Not Seen. Darken.  Darkening.  Dark.  Suppress. Extinction. Occult.  Decline. Diminish.  Failure. Fail. Forsaken. Abandon. Fall. 


Effects of Positive Eclipse: 

Change, Transformation, Begin Again – Honin Myo.  Light.  Shining. Shine. Seen.  Recognised. Appreciated. Blooming.  Importance. Power. Fame.  Prominence.  Rejuvenate. Endorsement.  Protection.  Seen.  Enlighten. Happy. Compassion. Love.  Excel. Exceed. Surpass.  Outdo.  Outshine. Transcend. Expand. Success. Good Health.  Succeed. Rise.  Achievement.  Learning the lessons from the Time Between Eclipses helps to empower you and move away from any stuck energy. 


Effects of Time Between Eclipses:

As mentioned earlier: The Time between Eclipses is a Time of Working with our Shadow and Walking with our Shadow. It is looking at the extreme Feminine (Lunar) and extreme Masculine (Solar).  It is a time that forces us to BALANCE things in our lives and look at them properly and truthfully.

  • NEGATIVE: The Time Between Eclipse is a time of arguments, RESISTANCE, CONFUSION, misunderstandings, anger, rage, reflection, annoyance, not listening, feeling disempowered by the negativity around, or by what is said to you, or what you hear.  Words trigger. Word push buttons.  What words are you using that pushes a button? What actions are you doing that trigger a negative response in another?
  • POSITIVE: The Time Between Eclipses is a time of finding balance, reflecting, questioning, questing, visioning, going deep within to reveal ones very own nature and truth. So in finding a Balance in our live, ALL the negative effects of the Eclipse propel us to have our own personal Transmission, Transmutation, AND Osmosis.  They force us to move through all the debris accumulated in our live.  This leads to the Positive Effects of the Eclipse which is to Transcend the negative and bring in peace, compassion, love, respect and balance.

What could possibly go wrong? Which one of these applies to you?

  1. Miscommunication – messages delivered upset and give the opposite intention causing friction, separation, divorce and dis-ease.
  2. Misunderstanding – causes friction, tension, stress and holds up the time frame of a job being completed on time.  Misunderstanding can lead to dishonesty. 
  3. Muddling – Dates and Times are muddled up or missed. The chaos created breeds lack of trust or feelings of being treated with disrespected.  Broken promises.
  4. Distortions – The muddled mind cannot see things clearly so their is distortion of facts and figures. There is a time delay in everything. Misleading information. Changes in contracts, agreements, etc. causing stress all round and lack of trust.
  5. Power Struggles – within relationships, business, marriage, politics, partnerships – cause disunity and separation.  Opposition gives rise to war and conflict. Negations go wrong.
  6. Dissatisfaction – there is acute dissatisfaction on many levels – in society, in politics, in religion, in relating to others.  There is a warped form of relating on all levels. It is like you are in an internal war with yourself, as well as, others outside yourself.
  7. Weird Things start to happen.  Breakdowns. Computer glitches. Misunderstandings. Disruptions. Delays. Disappointments. Blocks. Stagnation.  Something is not working – something is not right. Something is off mark.

What could possibly go right? Which one applies to you?

  1. Great Communication. Feel heard, Listened to and Understood. Feel Clarity within yourself and your expressions.
  2. Feel Connected. Feel Empathy. More Loving Relationships.
  3. Fell Appreciated. Feel Seen. Feel Recognised. Feel Courageous and Confident.
  4. Feel Open. Feel Liberated. Feel deep sense of Freedom with Deep Insights, Intuition and Wisdom.
  5. Feel Balance. Fell centred. Feel loved. You feel at Peace. You are HOME. You Allow Yourself to Shine and Be.
  6. Great Flow in all areas of your live. Feel Satisfied. Feel Great Flow. Receiving Gifts from self and others.
  7. Learning some life lessons – Changing point of view, direction, behaviour, habits and/or friends. Re-prioritising.
  8. Karmic Shifts create Evolution and REvolution.  You hold your keys in your hands now. You set new boundaries. You have better Relationships – Honopono exercise: I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.  I love you.
  9. Your Unconscious and Conscious go into UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS. You feel ONENESS with the Divine. Your Cosmic Connections empower you for the Highest Good of All. 

Time in History

FaceYourLifeTime in history has shown that the Moon and Eclipses affects humanity in a big way.  They affect our actions, thinking and being. 

An Eclipse creates a – first you see it and then you do not see it, then you see it – effect.  The Full Moon shines and you see it.  The New Moon cannot be seen in the sky.  We have both seen and unseen in life and with the New and Full Moon.  Also, there are many actions we take that produce seen and unseen results.  History tells us the effects of our past actions. 

FACING CHALLENGES: Let us sing a song of joy and dance a melody of love as we face our life and our challenges.  Eclipse show us how we face our live and our challenges.  It askes us to reflect on our lives and the choices we have made.  What was blotted out of your life?  What was revealed?  What have you had to re-set and press?  What have you changed?  How has the Eclipse pushed your buttons and your life consciously and unconsciously? Eclipses teach us to be AWARE of our reactions, our actions and take responsibility for both our reactions and actions.  Not an easy thing to do.  Welcome to Eclipse Energy and Time Between Eclipses. 

A time to make history.  What history are you making in your life? What do you want to end?  What do you want to begin?


Being Mindful

whoTheyHaveAlwaysBeenBe mindful that that you should never get mad at someone for being who they have always been.  You should perhaps be upset with yourself for not coming to terms sooner.  Perhaps you need to accept them as they are.

Sometimes accepting a person as they are frees us from the pain and suffering they invite into our lives. We are more accommodating and at peace, like in the peaceful picture of the beds.  We are not ruffled by the momentum of disruption.  We are contained and at peace.  We choose peace.  We allow peace.  We are peace. We stop being upset with ourselves and with them.  We move on to a better quality of life and Time.  This is practicing DETACHMENT in a positive way.  This is living EMPOWERMENT in a holistic way. As always the choice is yours.


Aligning to Spirit

So many times we mix with people that do not match our vibration and feel pain in the interaction.  Learning to Align to Spirit helps you to know who you are and balance yourself.  Aligning to Spirit is not about forgetting your responsibilities here on Earth. It is being grounded while here on Earth and being conscious of the people you mix with. 

People who do not fit your Destiny may be parents, family members, people from the past who want to keep you there and do not want change in your life.  A so called ‘caring’ friend or companion could be holding you back in the past, not wanting you to succeed, and saying things or doing things that keep you stuck in the past. You may even believe they are good for you, when in reality they are holding you back from shining your True Light.

Aligning yourself to your Spirit is a Divine connection no one can come in-between unless you allow them to.  It is your sacred space of thinking and reflecting. It is your empowerment vortex of light.  Aligning with Spirit holds you in the Light – the Spirit of Your Light – magnifies your being and your full potential with an Eclipse.

On a Full Moon you shine your greatness. On a New Moon you seed your greatness so it shines forth on the Full Moon. How wonderful. Come to our Moon Circle Gatherings for healing, expansion, attune-ment and more. Click: 2017 Dates

“If you light a lantern for another, it will also brighten your way.” Gosho Zenshu 1598



So how are you with the Time Between Eclipses?

Write your comment below.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius 7 August 2017

Happy Full Moon Lunar Eclipse


Happy Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan, celebrating love between sisters and brothers: sister tying thread to brother (Hinduism)

Happy Bank Holiday

Bank Holiday (Ireland / Scotland)


WelcomeWELCOME.  So much to celebrate with the coming Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. Happy Full Moon. Happy Lunar Eclipse.  Happy Raksha Bandhan. Happy Bank Holiday.

When you walk on a quiet day with a cool breeze, enjoying the sunshine and feeling joy in your heart, something suddenly happens. It rains. It pours quickly and immediately.  If you have an umbrella you are ready for it. If not you get wet or run for cover,  The Energetic Light Codes are pouring in like a tornado. Like a monsoon. Like a waterfall. They will either knock you out, knock you down or you will be able to take the download with ease.  I do not think there are many people who can take the Light Codes transitions in their stride. It is as if nothing is waiting for us with this energy – it is like a fast car racing away and you must make sure you are in control of the car or it will take control of your life and may lead to a car crash!!! Make sure you have your hands on the steering wheel and your wits about you. 


Full Moon Lunar Eclipse GATHERING Monday 7 August at 6.30pm

moon lunar eclipse 15 May 2014 Stephanie Harrison1Last New Moon in Leo we had the First Vortex of Light Code Downloads as we seeded our new moon wishes.  We have the SECOND VORTEX OF POWER with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius and Sun in Leo this Monday 7 August. 

Come join our amazing gathering of light workers. 

Monday 7 AugustSmilePARTIAL LUNAR ECLIPSE Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia – LUNAR ECLIPSE – Earth PASSES between sun and moon [occurs in Full Moon only]  Earth blocks sun.  SmileFull Moon in Aquarius and Sun in LeoSmileSturgeon MoonSmileElement – Air/FireSmile Actual Time of the Full Moon in London 19:11 BST (7.11pm)


Book Lunar Eclipse Full Moon by clicking blue box or link:

Full Moon in Aquarius - Sun in Leo https://fullmoonaquarius2017.eventbrite.co.uk/

You can read more on the Lunar Eclipse (Negative Effects of the Lunar Eclipse, Positive Effects of the Lunar Eclipse) on this link on my blog http://blog.tokscoker.com/page/2/?s=lunar+eclipse


Energy of Now

GatheringWelcome to the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on 7 August and the 8:8 vibration on 8 August.  We have all been feeling this energy of pull and push for a while: The extreme emotions of yes and no. The feeling stuck. The things happening beyond our control.  The feeling of powerlessness and extreme vulnerability. The overwhelming feeling of doom and gloom and the final question – WHO IS GOING TO HELP ME?

This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse shines it light so you can see clearly and ‘celebrate’.  You have gone through and experienced inevitable or fated events you have had no power over such as being told your child has cancer.  The shock. The despair. The frozen feeling. The struck energy. It feels as if fate has visited uninvited. We have not consciously invited this in – it just invited itself in – without our permission.  How annoying.  Even our responses are out of our control and unpredictable. One thing that is sure is pain and suffering and shock and a feeling of stuck-ness.

What I have noticed with this energy of feeling stuck and lifeless is that it ends almost as quickly as it started.  It gradually builds up and you feel something is happening but you cannot put your foot on it. Then suddenly it rears its ugly head and looks you with a smile!!! And you definitedancingFullnessly DO NOT smile back! Then it peaks …. and as you go through the process in the journey – it slows down and stops for a while – then starts to move again. You feel the Energy moving – like pushing a stuck car – you have to push and push and push and then it moves – but sometimes it takes a while.  You need to have DETERMINATION, PERSISTANCE, FOCUS AND PERSEVERANCE.

Welcome to the CELEBRATION of your TRIUMPH over adversity, resistance, retrogrades, fear, doubts, negative beliefs and limiting thoughts.  Come let us gather in meditation and celebrate your life and your momentum.  As we gather and sit in silence we call forth the HIDDEN UNSEEN FORCES to aid us – just like the blood pumps inside our body, and we do not feel it or see it, and it gives us Life Force and Energy – So it is, that these POSITIVE Unseen Forces protect us and look after us – if we choose to call forth their help.  ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE. KNOCK AND THE DOOR WILL BE OPEN TO YOU. You have to knock so they know you are at the door. You have to be ready to receive with an open hand, mind, body and spirit when you are offered what you are wanting or even something better than what you are wanting. Are you ready?  I am. 


Build Up to the Eclipse: Resistance & Retrograde

We have all been feeling a lot of resistance in one form or another in the Energy of Now, as we move up to the Eclipse. Things have been going wrong and things have been going right?


What could possibly go wrong?

What could possibly go wrong?  Which one of these applies to you?

Miscommunication – messages delivered upset and give the opposite intention causing friction, separation, divorce and dis-ease.

Misunderstanding – causes friction, tension, stress and holds up the time frame of a job being completed on time.  Misunderstanding can lead to dishonesty. 

treeLifeMuddling – Dates and Times are muddled up or missed. The chaos created breeds lack of trust or feelings of being treated with disrespected.  Broken promises.

Distortions – The muddled mind cannot see things clearly so their is distortion of facts and figures. There is a time delay in everything. Misleading information. Changes in contracts, agreements, etc. causing stress all round and lack of trust.

Power Struggles – within relationships, business, marriage, politics, partnerships – cause disunity and separation.  Opposition gives rise to war and conflict. Negations go wrong.

Dissatisfaction – there is acute dissatisfaction on many levels – in society, in politics, in religion, in relating to others.  There is a warped form of relating on all levels. It is like you are in an internal war with yourself, as well as, others outside yourself.

Weird Things start to happen.  Breakdowns. Computer glitches. Misunderstandings. Disruptions. Delays. Disappointments. Blocks. Stagnation.  Something is not working – something is not right. Something is off mark.


What should you do during this time?

As you sense and experience the things that could be wrong or are going wrong what do you do? Which of these applies to you?

Reconnect to yourself. Compose yourself. Calm yourself. Step back and stay still. BE patient. Reflect slowly – but not too much as this may mess your mind up if you are in a negative self chatter. 

Be vigilant. Back up your data. Look after your means of communication – your computer, telephone, iPad, mobile. Fix anything that is broken. Look after your means of transportation – your car, your bike, your truck. Look after your home. Look after your finances. happyFullMoonDo not make any big decisions yet – imagine you are watching an elderly person crossing the road – they go slowly, and the other cars have to wait for them to cross before they move.  If they do not then karma comes in to play a big part in their lives. 

As you look at Resistance and Retrograde this is a time for the RE-words – review, rethink, re-evaluate, reflect, re-assess, relax, replay, reconsider, re-do, re-start, revise, re-connect, remembering.

Review your karma, your life situation. Look practically at your life and look at areas you can make a change – big or small. Look at other ways of doing what you want to do – I call this turning the box inside out, opening it up, folding it another way, using it for a different reason, turning it upside down, inside out, to the left and to the right. Looking at a new way of doing the same thing. Changing the people you are working with. Giving someone a different task that best suits them and their skills and talents – empowering yourself and others. Change your life style – or simply appreciate who you are.

Re-asses your life, your views, your eating habits, your lifestyle. Does it support who you are becoming? Re-assess your priorities, your plans, your projects, your results, your productivity, your truth.

Practice DETACHMENT and DISCERNMENT. Be patient with yourself especially. Do not be influenced by negative thoughts that pull you down. Do not rush into anything contractual or binding – allow the energy to slow down before agreeing to anything.

Speak your truth. Let people know what you want. Air old problems and discuss the situation openly and see how the stress disappears. For example, in a family situation, allow your children to celebrate your 60 birthday party, take control and allow them to gift to you and make a fuss over you. Sometimes we need to allow others to look after us and just RELAX.  Sit still and watch a movie that makes you laugh. Sit with people who engage with you and love you.  Go into a silent retreat within yourself.

Better still, Come to a gathering with me and relax and come back home to yourself. Come to your space of being away with yourself.


What could possibly go right? 

During the time of the resistance, stuckness, aloneness, confusion or chaos – what could possible go right? All along we have the Energy of Now playing havoc in your life. Yet after a while – The plane lands on time. Things fall into place. Your patience pays off.  Your stepping back allowed the process.

Why is this? Because all the while there is something happening behind the scenes – like you have your eyebrows and cannot see them, yet it does not mean you do not have your eyebrows, because you cannot see them. So it is we have ‘hidden’ and ‘unseen’ forces at work – both working to create a positive and/or negative experience/result.

Mercury/Hermes is a Teacher and the Messenger of the Gods moving swiftly and delivering messages with ease. Working behind the scenes as well as in front of the scenes they grace our presence with many gifts. Gifts we want and gifts we do not want.  Mercury/Hermes rules thinking, reflection, communication and perception. They help you to focus and be clear about what you truly want, as opposed to what you think you want.

So during this very difficult time things do go right. What did you do during this time – as we asked in the above topic – What should you do during this time? What went right for you because you did the above suggestions? What deep realisation did you have? What applies to you here?

CelebratingMandalaPeople feel heard and listened to.  People feel seen and valued. We learn lessons. We gain insights. We transform an old way of doing things to a new more rewarding way of doing the same thing.  We acknowledge our growth and our insights – maybe with a rawness – and a sureness that things are improving. The ship did not capsize. We learn a new set of values for our lives. We learn to play in the Game of Life with Mercury/Hermes – a new set of rules and values come into play as we question our relationships and how we relate to others and to ourselves. By facing the unforeseen and the unknown we enter a state of challenging the way we have been living life.

We look at our RELATIONSHIP and the PATTERNS we are repeating that serve us and that do not serve us. We start to ‘manage’ our relationships better – less conflict, less opposition. We to into more awareness, more depth, more love, more relating, more understanding. We get an uncanny insight of what no longer serves us as we start to understand the importance of our relationship and our relating to each other. We grow more in respect and reverence. We honour the old traditions that work and discard the ones that do not work any more.

You rekindle old relationships – they text you, phone you or you suddenly bump into them.  You forgive them and each other. You forgive yourself. You allow a new RE-friendship. You welcome in a new way of friendship and being in UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS TOGETHER. Together you have healed the war-like conflict. You both feel free and the tension and stress has evaporated. A COSMIC CORRECTION has been orchestrated for you.

SacredGeometryWe open up the WISDOM of the UNCONSCIOUS MIND, the POWER of the INTUITION and INNER KNOWING of SPIRITUA INTELLIGENCE, the TRUE SOURCE. There is a great change in the RYTHM of your life as you set new boundaries or redefine old boundaries.  There is a clarity of communication that allows you to be heard and stand strong in your being heard and in your heart felt truthful expression.  There is an ALLOWING of YOU, Yourself, and Others. There is a CELEBRATING of THE MANDALA OF LIFE.

You see Past, Present and Future in a wonderful way.  Your Soul Sings with this Full Moon. You resonate your note with ease as you come back home to yourself ready to receive great insights, LIGHT CODES, DIVINE HEALING, CRYSTAL MATRIX TEMPLATES and more. You are having a KARMIC SHIFT and Evolution and REvolution. 

Welcome to the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse that reveals what you need to see in your life. In your palms you hold the GOLDEN MATRIX OF THE FLOWER OF LIFE with the EGYPTIAN GODS, STAR BEINGS, ACTUARIANS, SIRIANS, ASCENDANT MASTER, ANGELS, ETC.


Benefits of a Moon Medicine Session

with Toks Coker

  1. Have answers to questions.
  2. Gather in a safe healing space
  3. Receive Profound Healing on many levels e.g. karmic, relationship, dis-ease, grief, loss, etc.
  4. Get amazing insight that has been locked away from you.
  5. Improve your Intuition and connection to Divine.
  6. Relaxing – Deep relaxation of brain, mind, body, emotions and spirit
  7. Calming influence in all areas of your life.
  8. Release stress and tension
  9. Improve Immune System
  10. Inspire creative ideas and solutions
  11. Be in the reality of your life – the Energy of Now
  12. Be in the presence of a True Elder, in the vortex of Kindness and Strictness. Holder of the Light of Forgiveness and Truth. A Woman who means Spirit, Soul, Business and Love.



number 8infinity8

8:8 Meditation: 8 August 7.30pm-8.30pm £10

I will be holding a one hour meditation on the 8 August from 7.30pm-8.30pm in my flat for £10.  Please arrive by 7pm for a prompt start at 7.30pm.  Contact Yanni for details;  07961044895  Thank you. 

GET  YOUR TICKET HERE:https://88medicinemeditation2017.eventbrite.co.uk/

A lot of information will be shared and you will be transported to your Infinite Possibilities with the Ancient Actuarians, Sirians, and Egyptians.  You will receive your own particular Light Code for your Ascension and more.

You can read more by clicking this link: http://blog.tokscoker.com/2016/08/18/full-moon-in-aquarius-and-sun-in-leo-19-august-2016/

Did you know there is a METEOR SHOWER that is also bringing in a lot of light to Mother Earth? You can read more by clicking the link here: http://www.sci-techuniverse.com/2017/07/get-ready-brightest-meteor-shower-in.html




Invocation Blessing

Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse

7 August 2017

This is being channelled though at the moment. Once revealed will share. If not before Monday, then it will be channelled LIVE at the Moon Medicine Gathering on 7 August, 6.30pm

Blessings of Love xxx



With Celestial Blessings and Love Toks xxxxxxx

© Toks Coker 2017

New Moon in Leo Spiritual Intelligence & Suicide


A Time for Spiritual Intelligence


SPIRITUAL INTELLIGENCE:  At our Moon Gatherings, we are activating our Spiritual Intelligence, connecting to our Higher Consciousness (Divine, Cosmic, Unity, Oneness) to create quantum shifts on a multi-dimensional level, in our lives.  We do this through various modalities such as prayer, meditation, sound, invocation, blessings, contemplation, crystals and healing. We activate qualities of compassion, peace, joy and wisdom. We apply them to helping us solve our problems, make sensible decisions and have great clarity in our lives. The qualities of discernment and empathy are developed in a way that enables the True Self to shine through. As we go deeper, we also experience Transcendental Awareness and Transcendental Intelligence. There is nothing like experiencing Self Awareness, Universal Awareness, Self Mastery and Spiritual Presence. It is simply amazing. You engage your Spiritual Intelligence voluntarily and willingly. An insight or random thought, creates a momentous change in your life, through the valuable actions you take.  Spiritual Intelligence enables you to be more powerful and confident in who you are and in who you are becoming. If you received my Newsletter you will have more information on this – Spiritual Intelligence and Suicide.

A Time for Deep Healing


RELEASING: At the New Moon it is always good to release ties that bind you in a negative way.  The Alchemy of the Fire element of Leo will help us to do this.  We will be releasing negative times that do not serve us.  We will be burning what no longer serves us. We will be letting go to make our load lighter and brighter. We will be releasing pain, suffering, trauma and activate  a deep healing for you all present at the gathering. Every Moon gathering sees us healing rifts in relationships, business, family, within the self, mind and body. These are activated as the new Energies are coming down and helping us with the release, the letting go, the healing, the resting and recuperation.  Surely this is a good time to attend to yourself on a very personal level. Healing is faster around powerful vortexes of light and we have 3 coming – the first one tomorrow – 23 July – New Moon in Leo.

A Time for 3 Vortexes of Power


The Next Three Powerful Moons: happy New Moonstarting this Sunday, are quite powerful and intense. The three dates are: 23 July.  7 August.  21 August.

Are you ready for what is coming?  Immense change, shock, chaos, and fear. Great opportunities, brilliant possibilities and amazing insights.  What breakthroughs will amass for you individually and collectively.  How will your life be changed?  How will it be different?

I have put the links below so you can secure your sacred space. Simply click the dates highlighted. We have two New Moons in Leo (23 July and 21 August). We have a Solar Eclipse (21 August) and a Lunar Eclipse (7 August).

The energy of LEO covers the next few weeks.  This is a powerful sign or influence and passion. It is a regal sign that tells you to sit up and face your world – your empire – your land – your responsibility to humanity to nourish with food, shelter and clothing.  We have the New Moon in Leo on Sunday 23 July in the first degree of Leo and we end with the Total Solar Eclipse on 21 August in the last degree of Leo. How auspicious.

fire chinese characterFIRE BURNS WHAT NO LONGER SERVES US. LIKE A PHEONIX WE RISE FROM THE ASHES OF PAIN AND SUFFERING. This really is a time to gather and release what needs to be released – DECLUTTER on a big scale – your mind, body, emotional body, Spirit.

The Time between Eclipses are powerful times of transformation and change. The take you on a whirlwind, spinning you and drying you out to perfection or to dry crispiness.  Which will it be for you?

LET US LOOK DEEPLY AT OUR HEARTS. Let us activate the Spiritual Intelligence qualities of Love, Creativity, Gratitude and Wisdom when what is hidden is revealed with the Eclipses.

The Time between Moons are powerful portals of processing. There is a constant evolution we are all going through – collectively, globally and individually.

Step into your LIGHT as opposed to someone else’s LIGHT. What will the Unity Consciousness be at this time. I am predicting great change on all levels by the end of these three powerful energy vortexes.

Within the individual are many fragments that need to be put together, like a jigsaw puzzle the baffles us at first. As we put together the jigsaw puzzle (of our lives), it reveals to us our visual of seedings and completions.

It would be a good time to attend all three of them. Book your ticket and space now.  At the end of July the prices go up.


NewMoonHealingTruamaRed heartSunday 23 July

Red heartNew Moon and Sun in Leo

Red heartElement – Fire

Red heartActual Time of the New Moon in London 10.46am

Red heartActual Time of Meditation with Toks 7pm

Red heart Book FIRST NEW MOON IN LEO   New Moon & Sun in Leo https://newmoonleo2017.eventbrite.co.uk/



moon lunar eclipse 15 May 2014 Stephanie Harrison1

Monday 7 AugustSmilePARTIAL LUNAR ECLIPSE Europe, Africa, Asia, AustraliaSmileFull Moon in Aquarius and Sun in LeoSmileSturgeon Moon

SmileElement – Air/FireSmile Actual Time of the Full Moon in London 19:11 BST (7.11pm)SmileActual Time of Mediation with Toks 6.30pm

SmilePLEASE ARRIVE BY 6.30PM SO WE CAN BE IN THE ACTUAL TIME OF THE LUNAR ECLIPSE IN LONDON – SITTING BY 7PM FOR 7:11PM ECLIPSE TIME.SmileBook LUNAR ECLIPSEFull Moon in Aquarius - Sun in Leo https://fullmoonaquarius2017.eventbrite.co.uk/



Total Solar Eclipse 2015

Monday 21 AugustRed heartTOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE USA – Coast to CoastRed heartNew Moon and Sun in Leo

Red heartElement – EarthRed heartActual Time of the New Moon and Sun in Leo in London 19:31 GMT (7:31pm)Red heartActual Time of Meditation with Toks 6.30pm


New Moon & Sun in Leo https://2newmoonleo2017.eventbrite.co.uk/

This Eclipse is asking us to look at our TRUE HEART – THE LION ENERGY calls us to reveal our DIVINE ESSENCE – OUR DIVINE MIND and OUR INTUITION. It shows what is hidden and brings it to the light. It shows what the Light reveals to us whether or not we like it.  It calls us to Magnified Healing and tells us now is the time to create our future with intention and power. You can no longer sit down and ignore things.  Life is important –so are your.  Make your life important.  Make yourself important too!  You are significant and you Matter.

TIMING: This is the first total solar eclipse visible from the continental USA in 38 years. It is the first Total Solar Eclipse in 99 years to be visible in its totality across the lower 48, and the first in 1500 years to be ONLY visible in totality across this region.


On a psychological / metaphysical level a Total Solar Eclipse (TSE) blots out the conscious mind and allows the unconscious (INTUITION, as well as repressed emotion) to emerge. This is one of the best uses of the energy of a TSE: allow your ego to be blotted out and allow your Divine Knowing/Intuition to be revealed.


On the flip side, if you have skeletons in your closet they will dance when the moon (unknown, subconscious, repressed shadow material) takes over, but this is for the best. Dance with your bogeymen(and women), remembering that what you choose to release under an eclipse will disappear forever. It’s an eject button from the Universe.

Carol Ciocco, Astrologer

Energy of Now – New Moon in Leo


So much happening in your busy life – so much to do – so much to say – so much to think – so much to feel – overwhelm..  Leo likes to shine and show off. The Energy of Now questions your showing off – your light – your truth.  How deeply are you truly living your life?  How deeply are you being true to yourself.

On Sunday we gather with the Energy of the New Moon and we say to ourselves – Let us gather – even if we feel we do not want to. Let us gather.  Let us do something we have always done or not done; and put new life into it.  Yes it is good to want more, and to make lists, and to take actions, to make the written list a reality.

This New Moon in Leo is seeding an up-root-ment – a very rare vibration with the New Moon in Leo.  It seems to be peeling layers of self deception and self defeat! It is asking us to shine our light and not let others diminish our light. Watch out for the wolf in sheep’s clothing trying to steal your limelight.

New Moon in Leo asks us to re-evaluate our goals and determinations.  It asks us to look deeply at ourselves and how we reflect to the world.  Are you the reflection you are wanting when you look into a mirror?  Or are you not happy with what you see in your life? Perhaps this is a time to create change, a new paradigm or a new way? The choice, as always, is yours. Buy your space by clicking this link: SecureMySpace


Would you like to: QuantumSteps

    1. Cultivate a deep experience of your True Nature
    2. Bring greater awareness to yourself
    3. Have a presence that inspires
    4. Have a balanced response to your emotions
    5. Be more in control of your reactions to situations
    6. Reduce distortions in your mind, reflections, perceptions
    7. Have greater clarity and wisdom
    8. Activate your potential directly
    9. Be happier with less stress or no stress
    10. Take a quantum leap in an area of your life
    11. Connect with your Spiritual Intelligence
    12. Activate Unity Consciousness
    13. Have more clarity in your life
    14. Try a different way of beingThen come to one of our gatherings to change your life or to all the next three gatherings and test out the power of the experience in your own personal life.

      At the end of the Moon Gathering you will be able to:

    15. Love is the Gift you give yourselfFocus better – be more focused in a cost effective way
    16. Concentrate better – have a precise goal you are working to with ease
    17. Have more clarity about at least one area of your life
    18. Know the answers to at least one of the questions you came with
    19. Take one positive action
    20. Be quite clear about at least one action to take
    21. Know who your friends are
    22. Be more aligned to yourself
    23. Activate your spiritual intelligence
    24. Give and experience for yourself the gift of Love
    25. List 3 things in an altar moon
    26. Describe one Moon ritual.
  1. Take time out to nurture yourself and give yourself your Spiritual Intelligence that is yours by Divine right and activate it with a deep foundation of love.

At the end of the Gathering You will feelholding you in the light

                                                  1. calmer
                                                  2. more balanced
                                                  3. more relaxed
                                                  4. centered in yourself
                                                  5. aligned to your true essence
                                                  6. healed
                                                  7. aligned to Divine
                                                  8. a great peace deep within you
                                                  9. safer
                                                  10. gratitude as you have taken part in a ritual of healing for the world.
                                                  11. What else will we cover in this 3 hour gathering of teaching and learning?

                                                    At the Moon Gathering, tomorrow, we will cover all the above and more. We will cover Suicide and Spiritual Intelligence.  If you are on my mailing list you will have got some valuable insights and information on that yesterday.  Join my mailing list.


                                                    Invocation Blessing for the New Moon in Leo

                                                    Dated 23 July 2017 – Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker

                                                    New Moon in Leo

                                                    We Greet You

                                                    With the Fire of Purification

                                                    Purifying You of All Karmic Attachments

                                                    That Bind in a Negative Way

                                                    We Greet You

                                                    lion refuse to be defeated

                                                    We Greet You

                                                    With the Heart of a Lion

                                                    Refusing to be Defeated

                                                    Ready to Start Again

                                                    We Greet You


                                                    We Greet You

                                                    With the Strength of Truth

                                                    A Revolutionary Act

                                                    Igniting the Light of the Heart

                                                    We Greet You

                                                    bajari flamenca barcelona fire

                                                    We Greet You

                                                    With the Dance of Red Fire

                                                    Bold Visible Seen Confident Courageous

                                                    Still Rising – Like a Phoenix Soaring

                                                    We Greet You


                                                    We Greet You

                                                    With the Dragon Energy of Fire

                                                    Activating Your Determination and Focus

                                                    Simultaneously Seeding and Blooming

                                                    We Greet You

                                                    What are you seeding

                                                    We Greet You

                                                    With the Passion of the New Moon in Leo

                                                    Igniting Your Golden Spiritual Intelligence

                                                    Your Integration of Your Lessons

                                                    We Greet You


                                                    We Greet You

                                                    With the Portal of Healing

                                                    Releasing Ties that Bind in a Negative Way

                                                    Healing Your Pain, Your Trauma

                                                    We Greet You


                                                    We Greet You

                                                    With Our Third Eye

                                                    Nose to Nose Eye to Eye

                                                    Third Eye to Third Eye

                                                    We Greet You


                                                    We Greet You

                                                    With the Smile of Unity Consciousness

                                                    Imparting a Crystal Clear Momentum

                                                    In the Vortex of Your Energy

                                                    We Greet You

                                                    singing crystal bowl

                                                    WE Greet You

                                                    With the Sound of Healing Crystal Bowls

                                                    Resonating Your Soul Song

                                                    In the Newness of Your BEing and DOing

                                                    We Greet You


                                                    We Greet You

                                                    With the Music of Your Soul

                                                    Whispering In Your Ears

                                                    Celestial Magical Notes and Codes

                                                    We Greet You


                                                    We Greet You

                                                    With the Brilliance of Your Sacred Space

                                                    Allowing Creativity & Positive Energy

                                                    Inviting in Peace and Kindness

                                                    We Greet You

                                                    Love is the Gift you give yourself

                                                    WE Greet You

                                                    With the Vortex of Love

                                                    Gifting Yourself Love

                                                    Seeding Unconditional Love

                                                    We Greet You

                                                    holding you in the light

                                                    We Greet You

                                                    With the Smile of Welcoming Success

                                                    Holding You in the Light

                                                    Anchoring Your Strength

                                                    We Greet You

                                                    AllowingGoldWe Greet You

                                                    We Greet You

                                                    We Greet You

                                                    Love Always

                                                    Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for the New Moon in Leo


                                                    Everyone holds a mix of opinions, beliefs, and expectations on a myriad of subjects. When you give your attention to something, that Vibration becomes activated and comes to the forefront. And the more often you focus upon it, and cause it to come to the forefront, the more dominant it becomes.

                                                    You have the option of making a good-feeling aspect of another person dominant in your Vibration or of making a bad-feeling aspect dominant, and whatever aspect you regularly choose will become the Vibrational basis of your relationship.

                                                    When your happiness becomes your highest priority, and so you deliberately keep active the best-feeling aspects of others, you will train your Vibrational frequency in such a way that they will not be able to rendezvous with you in any way that does not feel good when it happens.

                                                    The only way for anyone to be consistently happy is to understand that the feeling of happiness is simply about alignment with the Source within. When you are in your Vortex of Creation, you are lined up with all-that-you-have-become and with everything that you have asked for. There simply is no substitute for that alignment.

                                                    Excerpted from Getting into the Vortex Guided Meditation CD and User Guide on 11/1/10

                                                    Our Love, Esther (Abraham and Jerry)

                                                    gathering of love


                                                    A bit of humour

                                                    Love this picture as it captures the energy of Leo very well. Leo is fabulous energy. One of the funny parts of Leo is always saying they are busy and in reality they are not doing anything. They are busy looking busy and important. Where do you find yourself doing this?


                                                    Regal Leo

                                                    You visit us?

                                                    How can we help you?

                                                    We are very busy?

                                                    Busy doing nothing!

                                                    Busy looking important!

                                                    priceless humour

                                                    Happy New Moon in Leo, my friends. Love Always Toks xxxx

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