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Team Toks at British 10K on 8.7.2012


Toks, Patric, Jeremy and Atiti ran

The Jubilee British 10K on 8th July 2012

dad we did this for you U inspired this 10K Jeremy & Toks xxxx

dad chief dr prof jimi kiki coker

finish line with smilesWe did it Yes we did  Medals & Smiles Jeremy Toks Patric Atiti 8.7.2012

OUR REASON: On the 8 of July 2012 Team Toks (Jeremy Toks Patric Atiti) ran the Jubilee British 10K to raise money for the Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB) in memory of my father Chief Professor Dr Kiki Jimi Coker M.A., M.B., B.CH., M.A.O., (T.C.D.), F.R.C.O.G., F.M.C.O.G., F.W., A.C.S.  Rest in peace daddy xxxxx

rnib  rnib  rnib  rnibCharity Registration No. 226227

Royal National Institute of Blind People:  RNIB helping blind and partially sighted people. Every day another 100 people will start to lose their sight. RNIB is the leading UK charity offering practical support & information to anyone with a sight problem. We campaign to eliminate avoidable sight loss and support research into eye health.

Thank you for all your generous contributions. 

Please continue to donate.  Thank you. 


Remi Jeremy Julian ToksWhat is so special about 7 July? What is so auspicious about the number 7 is that dad was buried on 7 July. His first daughter Toks and first son Julian were both born on 7 July, a few years apart. I lost my son in my tummy on the day of my father’s funeral which is also my birthday 7 July.  So a lot of tears and sadness. Running the 10K was a celebration of life and a celebration of moving forward victorious and joyfully.  I found the donation for texting is HOLY77 £x to 70070. How auspicious is all this.  Why do it on 8 July?  Well Dad was born 28 June 1930, died 13 June 2000 and was buried on 7 July 2000.  8 July follows 7 July and it feels apt to do this 10K as a CELEBRATION OF LIFE in memory of my father, a Champion in Life and Death.  “Here is to you Dad, Cheers Dad.” 

DAD: Although the condition which impaired Daddy’s eyesight was gradual and progressive; he remained actively involved in his professional field and social activities with good spirits and a wonderful sense of humour. Daddy was a distinguished academician who attained notable heights in his field of medical practice studying, working and living across two continents. He was always busy yet found time for his loved ones; and also to nurture and inspire the next generation of medics to aim high and work towards their aspirations. Many doctors around the world were taught and inspired by my daddy. An avid sportsman who loved cricket and played both in England and Nigeria, he received invitation in his time to royal functions in UK. He lived and died a sportsman. Daddy was a true gentleman who loved his dickey-bow ties and suits. He loved to sit and talk with friends and family with a very broad mind and open heart. He was truly a man of many dimensions. Thank you Daddy. Love Toks xxxx

Team Toks

TEAM TOKS EXPERTICE: In 2008, Toks ran The Human Race 10K. This is Patric’s first run. Jeremy and Atiti are seasoned runners and have both done the marathon.

holding our medals on the tube

JEREMY COKER MARATHONJEREMY: Jeremy is our inspiration in the family as he started running years ago. Thank you Jeremy.  He inspired Atiti 2006 to do a marathon and she did it 3 years later 2009.  Congratulations Atiti.  He encourage Toks to do the 10K in 2008 and stayed by her to encourage her during the race.  This year 2012 he could easily have done the 10K in under an hour but he AGAIN stayed with Toks and encouraged and motivated her in her last few minutes to the finish line.  Thank you Jeremy.  www.cokerassociates.co.uk

PATRIC: did the 10K to help raise money for RNIB and be part of TEAM TOKS.  He stayed with Toks fromPatric and Toks almost at the finish line - taken by Jeremy the beginning to encourage and be part of the team. “Or I would have been long gone” he says.  He was very very happy when he saw the finish sign and he said at the pace he was going with me he could easily have continued going on.  Bless you Patric.  Thank you Patric.    His claim to fame is that he used to do cross country running, football and tennis when he was a spring chicken!atit

Rearing to goATITI writes: I had a fantastic time running the 10K despite the weather; it was wet, rainy. All the runners participating gave off loads of happiness, cheer and determination and considering I’d hardly trained at all, I needed it. I paced myself and ran as slowly as I could :). So far it sounds great right? Now to the funny part… so I’d been running for about 5K and although it was raining and wet I was pretty hot, so much so that when I started back down the embankment towards Westminster I felt as if I was going to blow a gasket, the feeling of overheating was unbearable, it just wasn’t raining enough to cool me down, the next thing I did happened so quickly I surprised myself. I took off my running cap, grabbed a bottle of water from the water stewards and poured it over my head and on my face…ah what a feeling! What did you get up to on the 10K?   www.linkedin.com/in/atitisosimi 

TOKS writes:  7 July, the  day before the run, was my birthday and my brotHappy Birthday Gorgeous Toks xxxher, Julian’s, birthday.  We celebrated with a very delicious cake which went very quickly once I had blown out the candles.  Team Toks bonded on that day with great food and cake ready for the 10K. I felt very happy to be surrounded by so much love.  Thank you for all the beautifully cooked food, drinks and my cake.  Thank you all who called to wish me HAPPY BIRTHDAY.  Thank you everyone who turned up to celebrate with me.  Thank you for all my presents and cards.  Thank you for all the messages on Facebook and text.  Thank you for the chanting and the blessings from Margie, Dawn and Louise.  Thank you for the hugs too. www.handsoflight.co.uk

Before the run

                      B4 the run Patric Atiti Jeremypeacock friends

                            before we start the 10K british gentleman running british 10K

During the run

Toks and Patric

After the run

   Jeremy and Tokspatric holds his medaldiamond jubilee 10k london rundiamond jubilee 10k run


We are all trying to train with all our busy schedules and I am determined to do the run. Love Toks xxxxx Please enjoy pictures of us training in Turkey and Italy!

Team Toks Training hard.pdf

Thank you for all your generous contributions. 

Please continue to donate.  Thank you.


SPONSOR US PLEASE: Please, please sponsor Team Toks on behalf of all the people that you will be helping. Please kindly support our efforts to raise money for the RNIB so that collectively we can be part of the solution.

holding my medal with joyDONATING: Donating is simple, fast and totally secure and your details are safe with JustGiving. Once you donate, they’ll send your money directly to the charity and make sure Gift Aid is reclaimed on every eligible donation by a UK taxpayer. So it’s the most efficient way to donate.

TEXTING: You can also donate by texting HOLY77 £x to 70070. Any amount £1, £2, £100 helps, so please dig deep and donate now. Text donations are brought to you by JustGiving’s partnership with Vodafone. Thanks to Vodafone, there is no fee and 100% of text donations goes to your charity.

CHEQUES: Please write a cheque to RNIB and sign it and on the back of the cheque write SPONSORING TEAM TOKS COKER – so they know it comes from TEAM TOKS. You can then send the cheque directly to RNIB, Laura Kirkwood, Challenge Events Manager, Royal National Institute of Blind People, 105 Judd Street, London WC1H 9NE. OR you can send the cheque directly to my home address and I will send it to them with the other cheques and money I have received. Thank you. Love Toks xxxxxdad we did this for you U inspired this 10K Jeremy & Toks xxxx

We Thank You

We Thank You

We Thank You

We than you from the bottom of our hearts and the soles of our feet for your generous support.

Thanks a mil

With Love Laughter & Light  

glorious team toks

Team Toks (Toks, Patric, Jeremy and Atiti)

Toks Beverley Coker xxxxxxx

Jeremy and Mother, Kay

                Beverley Jeremy Patric FionaHappiest Supporters Club Ever 2011

Above two pictures: Supporting Jeremy at the Virgin London Marathon 22.4.2012

Toks, Patric, Remi & Atiti with her lovely children: Tobi, Seun, Folakemi, Mide and Dimeji


I LOVE YOUBEAUTIFULdiamond jubilee 10k run fun

We Thank You

We Thank You

We Thank You

We than you from the bottom of our hearts and the soles of our feet for your generous support.

Thanks a mil

With Love Laughter & Light



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