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Keep your boundaries.  Sometimes trying to maintain your boundaries may be difficult and confusing and may seem complicated in your mind….. The symbol of the CRAB with its outer shell shows us that we need to have an inner and an outer SELF.  The CRAB has a strong shield of protection – its shell – to keep out what it does not want in its life.  What do you want in you life?  Keep that in.  Invite it in.  What do you not want in your life?  Keep it out.  Think of yourself as a crab or even the Egyptian Scarab / Beetle.  Make your day-to-day life more effective, more joyful, more productive, more nurturing, more focused, more loving and more joyful.  Look at your areas of boundary in your life.  Are you unhappy because you are not clear about your boundaries and you are not letting others know – so their behaviour is causing you pain?  Are you withdrawing into your shell rather than expressing to others the truth of your feelings so as not to hurt them – but hurt yourself?  Please use this time to FEEL your feelings and look at issues of boundaries in your love life, your work, your social engagements, etc. 



Try talking to a tree or going to hug a tree.  Sit with your back against a tree with your feet on the grass and talk and cry with the tree and listen to the wisdom…..NewMoon in Cancer….Mother Earth…..Mother of the Zodiac….

Feelings of Fear and Deaths

NewMoon in Cancer brings in lots of seesawing emotions, drama, internal/external choices, expanding/contracting emotions and feelings.    There is an increased sense of collective fear – collective deaths.  We see the fear of the credit crunch ….  We see the death of the old way of being …. But before this happens; lots of tears, confusion, internal and external shouting and discussions.   This NewMoon features a ‘death’.  By death we mean determined to work to bring order into our chaos, because we know we have a death or are living a death! – i.e. pretending there is no problem, shutting the problem away, burying the problem, not looking at the problem….this is a form of death.  All this feeds the negative feelings and the internal and external conflicts….Letting go of old ways of thinking, being, resentments, jealously, revenge – letting go of anything that prevents our growth of compassion and wisdom. 



Calling in Kwan Yin is a good thing to do with the NewMoon of Emotional Cancer.  Any type of denial to the self is gently and compassionately dealt with by Kwan Yin.   Sometimes you have to go into this death to get to inner stillness and harmony inside you.


 Newmoon in Cancer is about emotions and nurturing and family.  This is an emotional time for everyone.  Do not be surprised if you find yourself feeling suddenly emotional for no reason or at the slightest thing.  Sensitive??  Emotional??  Crabby?? 

NewMoon in Cancer pulls on you EMOTIONALLY.  You may feel changeable, moody and very sensitive. 

©       You WILL feel more open and receptive.  Allow yourself to receive.  Be gentle with your own process…….Allow Allow Allow

©       We need to be strong from the inside out – Like the CRAB – sensitive inside and hard outside.  Be still internally….

©       Open your heart to yourself!!!   Bring in  harmony into your heart.

©       Working on the parent, adult and child – the child will need a lot of nurturing with this new moon.  

©       NewMoon in Cancer is about wanting to belong, longing to belong – to feel part of something wonderful. 

©       FEEL your emotions.  LIVE them.   

©       On the positive side of emotions it has been said that the world is a better place with all the positive caring nurturing mothering CANCERIANS.

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