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Full Moon in Gemini Total Lunar Eclipse 10.12.11


twinsI Greet You All Dancing Elders of Light

HAPPY TODAY 10.12.11





            sacred crystralsacred crystralsacred crystralsacred crystral


VISIBILITY It will be visible from all of Asia and Australia, seen as rising over eastern Europe, and setting over northwest North America. In the Philippines & Malaysia, the lunar eclipse is visible just after sunset. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/December_2011_lunar_eclipse

clip_image001"A lunar eclipse occurs when the moon passes behind the earth and the earth blocks the sun’s rays from striking the moon. This can occur only when the Sun, Earth, and Moon are aligned exactly, or very closely, with the Earth in the middle. Hence, there is always a full moon the night of a lunar eclipse… A partial lunar eclipse occurs when only a portion of the Moon passes through Earth’s umbral shadow."

In 2011 we had 4 solar eclipse and 2 lunar eclipse. 2011 Solar Eclipse occurred: January 4, June 1, July 1 and November 25. 2011 Lunar Eclipse occurred: June 15 and December 10

In 2012 we will have 2 solar eclipse and 2 lunar eclipse. 2012 Solar Eclipse will occur: May 20 and November 13. Lunar Eclipse will occur June 4 and November 28.


1000 HANDS Looking at the picture: EXCERCISE: hands outstretched on either side of your body; shake fingers and arms. Breath in full moon with total lunar eclipse. Lift arms up above your head, move them back down to your sides, then down to your knees and back up again opening your heart chakra. Feel the sense of freedom and liberation in this simple exercise. Gemini is an air sign and Sagittarius is a fire sign. FullMoon is reflecting the light of the Fire Sun. You are the Moon reflecting the Light of the Sun. Feel it. Breathe it in three times. Any outburst in the week of this lunar eclipse? Any suppression? Well better to havezebra of your life an outburst and let it all hang out as the eclipse reveals what is hidden and what is the truth. Eclipse FullMoon is time to clear away baggage and attend to emotional upheavals with face to face resolution, with dialogue to bring back balance: make sure their is a ‘witness’ with you at this moment; as a ‘third’ party or ‘middle man’ can help to soothe the uncomfortable experience of sorting through the upheaval, the up roar and the yelling: what I call the “zebra of your life”. The zebra has many stripes on its body but is still whole and complete in its movement of hits life. Lunar eclipses are more emotional than Solar Eclipses. These emotions are sudden affecting us deeply, subliminally and subconsciously. The deep transformational changes are necessary in our growth and understanding of our selves; and how we see and place ourselves in our family, organisations, religious set ups and friendships. This is a real shake up to be more than we realise we can be: but we have to go through the turmoil. Mine taught me not to play small so others can shine!!!!  Mine taught me to be in my power ALWAYS.

starlight cloakAbove all be aware of what you want to achieved as you journey through the mud of your emotions, which are important as they tell you how you feel personally and what is real for you. Through dialogue (Gemini, Air Sign) we can sort out misunderstandings (Sagittarius, Fire Sign). Communication and sharing is important to both signs so good to celebrate, express yourself, and go out of your comfort zone to expand your life with the meditation celebration tonight. Sometimes through sharing we bring up old painful memories hidden deep within we thought were not there or we thought we had dealt with. We painfully realise we have not dealt with these issues or the lesson happy friendshipshas not been fully learnt. What are you ending and what are you beginning? Where are you in your completion and ending. Sometimes the people we depend on have let us down and we have to accept that and move on without revenge and anger. Once we pass this we know with our hearts that the FullMoon in Gemini and Sun in Sagittarius is a time for Consolidation for Delight for Communication for Reinforcing for Recreation for Celebration for Dancing for Expression and for Opening Up. Are you doing this?  We become more aware, more ‘enlightened’ as what was hidden is revealed to us and we now know the reality.  Our shake up has stirred us to more peace.

I Greet You All Dancing Galactic Elders of Light




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BLESSING INVOCATION for 10.12.11 FullMoon in Gemini Total Lunar Eclipse [with Sun in Sagittarius] 


I Greet You

With the Sound of Musical Birds

Flying in the Sky

Announcing Your Commencement

Into the Total Lunar Eclipse

I Greet You

standing strong

I Greet You

With the Fragrance of the Rose

Perfuming Your Energy Frequency

Cleansing Your Auric Field

In the Protection of Space and Time

I Greet YOU

gemini twins

I Greet You

With a Thousand Fire Dragons

Flying Spiralling Circles Around You

Hands of Light Flames Around You

Giving Protection Supreme

I Greet You

notes of  your life

I Greet You

With the Notes of Healing

In YOUR Dark Journey to the Underworld

Deep into Your Subconscious Matrix of Subliminal Change

Surrendering into Your Challenge

I Greet You


I Greet You

With Healing Quacking Ducks

In Your Angry Rage & Vengeful Vindication

Your Torment, Pain, Deception and Betrayal

Rolling Off Like Water on a Ducks Back

I  Greet You

dancing by albert

I Greet You

Dancing with the Total Lunar Eclipse

Marvelling at the Movements of Life

Marvellous Moments of Time

Breathtaking Celebrations of Life

I Greet You


I Greet You

In the Journey You Make

To and From Work

Liaising through Your Schedules

In Your Appointments with Time

I Greet You

dancing partners of life

I Greet You

With Maeve, Goddess of Cycles and Rhythms

Honouring Your Dancing Partners of Life

In Your Excellent Work and Play Progression

Navigating Remarkable Skills

I Greet You

L for Laughtermy heart loves you

I Greet You

With L for Laughter

The Shape of Xmas Stockings

Bringing Joyful Bundles of Surprises

Revealing Hidden Treasures

I Greet You

                   golden wandeclipse angelgolden raindeer

I Greet You

With a Thousand Angels of Love

Holding a Healing Thought for You

Penetrating the Cosmic Galactic Stars

Radiating Back to You

I Greet You


I Greet You

In Your Insightful Realisation

Awakening Your Sleeping Self

Empowering Your Freedom

Allowing Yourself to BE Free

I Greet You

holding a good thought

I Greet You

With Goddess Diana

Opening Opportunities and Blessings

Your Remarkable Purposeful Focused Mind

Continuing No Matter What

I Greet You

star in heart

I Greet You

With the Full Moon

Rich in Fullness and Wholeness

In the Journey that You are Completing

In the Journey that You have Completed

I Greet You

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I Greet You

With Spectacular Star Showers

7 Splendid Stars of the Brilliant Pleiades

Magnificent Milky Way Igniting Change

Floating Impressively Well

I Greet You


I Greet You

With a Kiss on Your Hands

Honouring Your Great Gifts

Anchoring Your Wonderful Power

Working for Greater Good

I Greet You

restiing peacefully

I Greet You

Reconnecting to Your Purpose

Anchoring Your Vision on Ascension Earth

Powerfully Stating Your Intention

Pathway of Healing Supportive Growth

I Greet You

opening to lifepink on gold

I Greet You

From the Akashic Records

Restoring Balance and Order

Transformative Animal Totem Coyote

Creatively Bringing Good Fortune

I Greet You

thinkingamathyst light

I Greet You

With the Cosmic Divine Universe

In Your Reflective Thinking Moments

Delivering Loving Romantic Stirrings

Supportive Stable Business Relationships

I Greet You


I Greet You

I Greet You

I Greet You


Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for the FullMoon in Gemini 10.12.11

Chyna de la Mer, Toks Coker, Nick Ashron

    pearl dropsHOMEWORKlove me

  1. List the outbursts, upheaval, turmoil and tears you have had to go through in the past 7 days leading up to this FullMoon

  2. List what has been revealed to you through the upheavals in the past 7 days:  what insight, knowing, feelings, thoughts, beliefs have your realised serve you and do not serve you. What was hidden has been revealed with the eclipse energy portal of 10.12.11.

  3. List the next set of outbursts, upheaval you go through in the next 7 days following this FullMoon

  4. List what has been revealed to you in the next 7 days, following this FullMoon:  intuitive empowering feelings, knowing’s that have freed you and empowered you from your ‘inertia’.  What was hidden has been revealed with the eclipse energy portal of 10.12.11.

  5. How are you loving yourself more?  How are you loving others more? 

  6. How are you respecting yourself more?  How are  you respecting others more?

    yellow peaceful flowerTimeivory on wood 

    DIARY DATES 2011

    Saturday 10th December 2011 – 10.12.11 – Full Moon in Gemini and Sun in Sagittarius – Total Lunar Eclipse & PARTY

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    Sunday 11th December 2011 – 11.12.11 meditation at 11am, 1pm and 11pm LINK IN MEDITATION

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    Saturday 24th December 2011 – 24.12.11 NewMoon in Capricorn & Xmas Eve LINK IN MEDITATION

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    Toks at Sky 200

    Full Moon in Aries with Sun in Libra 12.10.11

    Dear Gaia Guardians of Earth
    11.5.11 linked 026


    peacocksSee you tonight physically or energetically at 7pm.  You can also pay for distant healing / link in on the link below:


    The sun and moon are in opposite signs of the zodiac causing strong pull of fullmoon smilesemotions and feelings. This is not an easy time as we all need to work on achieving balance in our lives with the extreme pull on opposite sides of our arms and feet! Did you visualise that? Are you the flaming Phpheonixoenix that rises from the ash? Aries is the baby of the zodiac and like a baby likes to have its way no matter what while Libra likes balance. Welcome to the energy of the FullMoon: choose to really  CELEBRATE as plans can come to FRUITION and this is RIPENED ENERGY. Be honest with yourself with this FullMoon as it will illuminate any darkness or pretence in your mind or life.  This is a time to initiate what you want, not a time to stand still.

    HAPPY 10.10.11 AND 11.10.11. Did hands of lightyou celebrate these events am and pm? I did and it was quite illuminating working with the numerology of our times. Why not come next month: 1.11.11 and 10.11.11 and 11.11.11 and 29.11.11?  You can pay on  http://numerologymeditation.eventbrite.com/

    HAPPY DAY 7 OF MAYAN CALENDAR Did you know that 11.10.a Glasgow 20.8.1111 marks the beginning of Day 7 of the Mayan Calendar which is from 11th – 28th October. The key dates are 19th and 20th. This is a period of fruition. I feel it is auspicious we have the Full Moon in Aries the next day 12.10.11.


    Tim & Stepahnie happy marrage day

    I Greet You

    In the Portal of Our Time

    Calling in the Unity of Minds

    Collective & Individual

    I Greet You

    londonapril10 053

    I Greet You

    In the Consciousness of Vision

    Calling in Pathways to Home

    Truth & Real Peace

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    In Your Natural Giving

    Firm in Your Stage of Giving

    Breathing In & Out

    I Greet You

    Ella Matheson Diana PriestleyTerry - Copy

    I Greet You

    In Your Insights and Becoming

    In Your Actions of Being

    In Your Wisdom to Knowing

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    In Your Quiet Knowing

    Your Stillness of Time Zone

    In the Presence of Yourself

    I Greet You

    I Greet You

    In the Torrents of the Storm

    Steering the Boat

    Navigating a Routing of Grace

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    In the Vividness of Time

    In Your Search for Time

    In the Void of No-Time

    I Greet You

    moon med 2009 027

    I Greet You

    In the Healing of the Moment

    Conscious & Unconscious

    In the Memory of Your Mind

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    Evolving in Your Fullness

    Embryonic in Your Process

    Merging Yourself

    I Greet You

    Georgina Stupar

    I Greet You

    In the Portal of Your Mind

    Mummifying Yourself

    Deaths of Your Attachments

    I Greet You

    Caroline Newman

    I Greet You

    Dispelling the Negativity

    Greed Anger Stupidity

    In Golden Mean of Accession

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    In the Rebirth of Yourself

    In the Morning Glow of the Sun

    Green Grass at Your Feet

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    In Your Crystal Skull Mind

    Rainbows of Healing Freshness

    Clearing Clutter Confusion Chaos

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    Crystal Skull Activation Code

    Galvanising a Powerful Gateway

    Igniting a Pathway Encryption

    I Greet You

    moon med 2009 016

    I Greet You

    In the Presence of the Lord

    With Mother Gaia Adorning

     Lavish Ripening Abundant

    I Greet You

    crystal clusters

    I Greet You

    From the Cave of the Ancestors

    Lumerian Energy Whisperings

    Secrets of the Light Walkers

    I Greet YouimageI Greet You

    Opening the Doorway

    Of Your Life

    Fresh Pathways of Light

    I Greet YouNICE 2I Greet You

    In the Shifting of Your Life

    Silent Memory

    With Ancestors & Ancient Ones

    I Greet You

    Yanni 2009

    I Greet You

    In Your Moments of Awareness

    & Madness

    In the Matrix of All That Is

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    Opening to Vibrational Love

    Opening to Resounding Peace

    Opening to Awakening Harmony

    I Greet You

    a Glasgow 20.8.11 346

    I Greet You

    I Greet You

    I Greet You

    I Love You All

    Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for FullMoon in Aries 2011

    To Win Win we all need to collaborate and bring our various gifts together inJulie in Madeira 2010 an alive wonderful healing melting pot of great wholesome living. The world needs this right now as we aspire to be more than we can possibly be in all our relationships.    Libra is relating. Aries is winning.  FullMoon is winning in relating.  Love not war.

    INSIGHT on Conflicting Information: So many people need you to behave in a certain way for them to feel good. They condemn you for your selfishness. “How dare you be so selfish as to follow what makes you feel good? You should follow what makes us feel good.” At an early age, you were convinced that you weren’t smart enough candle reflectionto know and that somebody else should make the decisions… You could not live in this culture during the times of your life without getting a huge amount of information relative to that, just in the way people respond to the things you do and say. Abraham [Jerry & Esther]

    I Greet You

    With the Sacred FullMoon

    Revolving Like a Great Dervish

    I Greet You

    Are you owning your own voice? Are you walking your talk? Are your empowering your essence? womens meeting 11.8.11Are you shifting in your consciousness? Are you walking back to who you truly are: centred & balanced in yourself? What shifts are your ready to take now? What merger with yourself are you willing to make? These are very important questions at this time as you tidy your mind, body, spirit and soul. Finding the truth in all the confusion, clutter and chaos is a challenging time withe the energy of the FullMoon in Aries. Can you do this with the energy of a baby and a balanced scale? Remember: You are not your mind. You are not your past. You are your creation now. Energy goes where intention is.

    i'm too sexy

    HAPPY FULLMOON sexy LADIES showing passionate leadership in their lives:

    Marylne DevonshireMarilyn Devonish expresses her very enthusiastic and vibrant energy as a Success Coach Trance Formations™www.tranceformationsTM.com

    Anna FreedmanAnna Freedman expresses her passion for healing food as a Macrobiotic Cook & Health Coach Wholefood Harmonywww.wholefoodharmony.com

    You can see Anna on ITV: SHORT VERSION http://www.itv.com/food/recipes/grandma-muriels-fishcake-feast and the FULL VERSION http://www.itv.com/itvplayer/video/?Filter=279683

    Don’t you just love the energetic names of their companies? How wonderfully positive transforming, transformative, creating wholeness and harmony. This FullMoon in Aries is about many forms of transformation e.g. women empowering people & transforming dreams into workable ideas.




    enough money within her control to move out
    and rent a place of her own,
    even if she never wants to or needs to…
    something perfect to wear if the employer,
    or date of her dreams wants to see her in an hour…


    a youth she’s content to leave behind….
    a past juicy enough that she’s looking forward to
    retelling it in her old age….
    a set of screwdrivers, a cordless drill, and a black lace bra…
    one friend who always makes her laugh… and one who lets her cry…


    a good piece of furniture not previously owned by anyone else in her family…
    eight matching plates, wine glasses with stems,
    and a recipe for a meal,
    that will make her guests feel honored…


    a feeling of control over her destiny…..
    how to fall in love without losing herself..


    how to quit a job,
    break up with a lover,
    and confront a friend without;
    ruining the friendship….


    when to try harder… and WHEN TO WALK AWAY…


    that she can’t change the length of her calves,
    the width of her hips, or the nature of her parents..
    that her childhood may not have been perfect…but it’s over…


    what she would and wouldn’t do for love or more…..
    how to live alone… even if she doesn’t like it…


    whom she can trust,
    whom she can’t,
    and why she shouldn’t take it personally…


    where to go…
    be it to her best friend’s kitchen table..
    or a charming Inn in the woods…
    when her soul needs soothing…


    What she can and can’t accomplish in a day… a month…and a year…

    We Greet You

    With the Illumined FullMoon

    Exquisite Holy Emissary

    We Greet You

    toks geneviev onya

    We Greet You

    We Greet You

    We Greet You 


    love Toks xxxxx


    Full Moon in Aquarius & Sun in Leo

    full moon 11.8.11a


    Dear Blossoms of Light

    Enjoy the lovely energy of this lovely FullMoon in Aquarius, in the element of Air.  Breathe in the freshness of fresh air and feel the energy of Aquarius with the glow of Leo shine through you.  Happy FullMoon.  Did you notice the build up to this day?  Watch the next 3 days after the FullMoon. 



    I Greet You

    With the Gaze of Aquarius

    Contemplative Deeply Knowing

    Understanding Thoughtful Reflective

    Relaxing Bearing Your Soul

    Piercing Through Your Pain

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    With the Fullness of Expectation

    Anticipating Optimism & Hope

    Assuring Your Happiness

    Rainbow Bridge of Life

    Triumphant Fullness

    I Greet Youclip_image004

    I Greet You

    With Hands of Friendships

    Past & Present

    Different & Close

    Separate & Together

    Individual & Cosmic

    I Greet Youclip_image006

    I Greet You

    Roman Neptune / Greek Poseidon

    God of Water & Sea

    Rising From Golden Palace

    Happiness from Within

    Bursting Forth with Power

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    Roman Jupiter / Greek Zeus

    God of Heaven

    Raining Prosperity from Father Sky

    Igniting a Smiling Face

    In the Vortex of Present Time

    I Greet You

    DSCF0249I Greet You

    Roman Pluto / Greek Hades

    God of the Underworld

    Bringing Fruitfulness from Mother Earth

    Invoking Blessings

    In Your Anointment with Grace

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    With the Gateway of Live

    Your Openings & Closings

    Knowing Your Boundaries & Limitations

    To Your Gateway of Hope

    Your Gateway to Celebration

    I Greet Youclip_image010

    I Greet You

    In Your Courtship with Life

    The Tune that You Move to

    The Instruments that you Use

    Your Essence of Resonance

    Your Heart Notes of Love

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    In the Body Language of Time

    Legs Talking the Same Language

    Understanding Oneness Your Merge

    Dialogue Understood 

    In the Commitments You Make

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    With the Rainbow Bridge

    Antakaranha of Humanity

    Connection of Brain & Soul

    Bringing Right Relationships

    With the Diamond Light of Being

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    In the Receiving of Blessings

    The Reverence of Age

    Silent Communication of the Eyes

    Sacred Messages

    Inner Recognition

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    With the Message of Simplicity

    In the Simple Act of Waving

    Radiating Peaceful Waves of Hope

    Peaceful Loving Moments

    Creating Harmony Within

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    In the Gifts that You Offer

    Gifting in Times of Crisis

    Removing Sorrow, Fear & Worry

    Joyful Chores of Life

    Freeing Yourself in Your Gifting

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    In the Grip of Your Life

    Manoeuvring Through

    The Jungle of Your Life

    Labyrinths of Your Mind 

    Source of Living Energy

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    In the Twist and Turns of Your Life

    The Freedom to Make Choices

    The Ability to Respond Responsibly

    The Allowing from Deep Within

    Dancing Freely on the Mountain Top

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    In the Beauty of a Kiss

    The Seductiveness of Aquarius Waters

    The Intimating of Soul Connections

    Purifying Discovery of Selves

    Anchored in Divinity

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    In the Burdens that You Carry

    Gracefully Walking Your Path In Life

    Determined to Make a Change

    Focused on Being the Change

    Feeling Free in Your Heart

    I Greet You

      IMG_0771 nomo isac on full moon page

    I Greet You

    In the Masks that You Wear

    In the Images You Put Forward

    In the Playful Disguises of Your Life

    Anchoring Your Contentment

    Your Soul Truth Revealed

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    In the Gorgeousness of Your Life

    The Gorgeousness of You

    The Gorgeousness of Your Smile

    The Gorgeousness of Celebration

    Worthy Gorgeous You

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    I Greet You

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    I Greet You

    I Greet You

    Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker FullMoon in Aquarius 13.8.11



    What a contradiction.  Aquarius is collective energy working for the mass.  Leo is self energy working for the self.

    The two merge to let us know that one person can influence the world.  When we change for the better we cause others to change too. When we forgive another we cause others to forgive us too. If we forgive others we give room for ourselves to be forgiven.  Whenyes yes we forgive others we forgive ourselves.  Forgiveness is not always easy but starting by saying it or thinking it will eventually lead to feeling the forgiveness.  Sometimes learning to forgive ourselves may be the greatest joy we bring into our lives.  Let us celebrate forgiveness.  I always remind myself of a lovely Buddhist quote that says "If you light a lantern for another, it will also brighten your way." 

    yesLeo is about the self, personal importance, preciousness, greed and lust for power.  Leo wants to shine. It focuses on caring on the self, creativity and expressing the self.  Leo seeks to grow, to be wise and all knowing and to be enlightened. 

    Aquarius breaks down old established ways – the status quo. It sees beyond what is at the moment.  It can enable a clear vision which will cause a revolution, an insurrection or a riot. Aquarius is about the collective, BIGGER worldly yes oaffairs, something bigger than the self.  It is about caring for others not personal issues.  It is about transforming minds to be more humble and open hearted to take up action in the community.  It is self knowledge to the community. 

    This FullMoon in Aquarius is a time to try not to judge others and is a time to support each other with the quality of Aquarius, the water bearer. Are you finding it difficult to support others? Are yes yesyou finding it difficult to support yourself? Are you becoming selfish?  Can you be full of modesty and good temper now with all that is happening around the world?  Aquarius can bring in a sense of detachment that is not very warm to situations: so be aware of where you may be detached in your life and for the world or your country or environment.

    Remember we are not perfect. We all have ‘hidden agendas’ though we may think we do not. We all have ‘good intentions that backfire. We are human beings of light living in the ‘saha world’ determined to make the best of where we are right now. We all make mistakes. The Divine [Upper Management, God, Buddha, Allah, Father Sky, Mother Earth] clip_image002has not called us to see through each other, but to see each other through. Let us celebrate the great family of man with this full moon. This is collective consciousness of light and healing of the world and cosmology.


    fullmoon cloud 11.8.11

    1. What do you see in your life at the moment which needs a clear revolution of character or attitude? 
    2. How can focusing on yourself improve the collective?
    3. How are you asking for help personally and collectively?
    4. Do one act for the  community with this energy e.g. pick up rubbish, do not litter streets, help someone, stand up for elderly on bus, etc..
    5. Are you finding it difficult to support others? Are you finding it difficult to support yourself? Are you becoming selfish?
    6. Where are you detaching in your life?  in the community? 
    7. Where are you overwhelmed with emotion at the moment?
    8. What hidden agenda do you have?

    What is pain?  Asks FullMoon in Aquarius.  Well pain is a feeling you may feel in your body area; like your heart; which may and may not cause tears in your eyes.  It may cause a discomfort and you may feel it as an energy movement – like a lightening – like an arrow.  It is real to you and not to the other person.  It is your reality.  Not evDSCF0165eryone can feel some else’s pain as they feel it; but you can empathise or sympathise.  Those who have experienced a similar pain may remember the trauma or anguish they had during that time.  So seeing another person’s pain can trigger a response in you.  Pain is any emotion or feeling or thought that causes feelings of sadness, hurt, despair, loss, grief to come up.  Feeling antagonised, rebellious, resentful, frustrated and unpredictable can cause pain.  How often has fault finding, prejudice, insecurity, envy and jealousy caused separation?  How often do you watch a performance [movie, theatre, play] and cry or feel the emotion the person is going through?  Sometimes pain can be happy pain!  Like seeing a loved one and feeling great joy can cause tears of happiness and joy.  I call this the happy twinge, not the painful twinge.  So have you been feeling pain in your life recently, suddenly, deeply?  Is it causing you to loose sleep, worry, be anxious and feel inadequate? Pain is usually a strong indication that something is not right and action needs to be taken to stop the pain. 

    Ponder this thought: Sometimes the fault we see in others may be the fault we have hidden somewhere within us that we cannot see!

    FULL MOON IN AQUARIUS Portal Carol Ann Ciocco talks clip_image002[14]about the 9 Underworlds What this can mean for us personally: be aware that in your very cells you are evolving into a new form of being than you were at any previous point. Your cells are leaping upward into a new level of awareness. Your cells will think in a new ways. You will be able to communicate with your cells in new ways. The consciousness of your cells will no longer be driven only by biology (as created by the Divine) but by YOU and your thoughts. http://archive.constantcontact.com/fs057/1101472333529/archive/1106855577560.html


    Reading an interesting book I got as a present from Yanni Konstantinopulos on our unconscious commitments and our conscious commitments that we make to ourselves and in our relationships called:  Attracting Genuine Love: A Step-by-Step Program to Bring a Loving and Desirable Partner into Your Life

    Attracting Genuine Love by Dr Gay and Dr Kathlyn Hendricks ISBN 978-1-59179-705-0 http://www.bookdepository.co.uk/Attracting-Genuine-Love-Gay-Hendricks/9781591797050

    FULL MOON IN AQUARIUS QUOTE: Happiness does not exist as an isolated quality, nor does it conform to a single fixed pattern. Happiness is something that breathes and lives in the relationships between one person and another. Daisaku Ikeda


    Well went to football at Wembley to watch Manchester United beat Manchester City. First time experience gIMG_0742oing to watch football. Watching the dynamics, the group energy, the aaahhhs, the ooohhhhs, the come on move it, the cheer – It is a goal! was absolutely amazing for me. I laughed throughout my experience and found myself jumping up when Manchester United scored 3-2 and hugging my happy boyfriend and high fiving his son and other men there. Charming. Love Toks xxxxx



    8 makes the Infinity symbol when placed sideways! Known as a number of power and life force. The Merging of Creativity; Darkness; Underworld; Heaven and Earth – as above so below – So below as above. 4+4=8. The number of spirals and portals and more spirals. 8 is the number for Venus, feminine energy.

    8 sounds like ‘ate’ – what are we eating energetically, physically, emotionally, mentally, really? How much do we weight energetically, physically, emotionally, mentally, really.

    The word weight has 8 in it!

    In Chines 8 is the symbol of Prosperity. Symbol of Abundance. Abundance on all levels – health, finances, meaningful real relationships, passionate fulfilling life, happiness, coping. There is the 8-sided Bagua in Feng Shui.

    8 anchors your Potential…. Your Own Individual Power….Empowered by 8.

    I had a lovely evening with 8 very loclip_image001[8]vely ladies on 11.8.11 in the number 11 house. It was a truly magical, healing, happy,  peaceful and respectful time together bringing in business blessings. I am feeling the joy in my heart even now as I write to you.  I send you all a blossom of healing light to illuminate your journey with gentleness, love, support and warmth. I Greet You All with a smile in my heart and a smile on my lips. The energy of 8 is really powerful.  Thank you ladies. Love Toks xx  

    Proceeding this yeswas the exercise we had done for 3 days with the energy of New Moon in Leo on 1.8.11: 8 informed me they  actually lit a candle: Dhriti Mehra, Phyllis SantaMaria, Diana Kingham,  Gina Lazenby, Lesley Ann Hutton Innerjee, Caroline Newman, Lollie Garcez with me Toks Coker. Thank you ladies.


    With Love Blossoms and Laughter

    Toks Beverley Coker clip_image003clip_image004010[1]clip_image002


    Hands of Light & Starlight

    For the Light of Your Life

    Medicine Woman

    Lighting Your Way

    Moon Lady Sage Warrior

    White Eagle

    "Excellence is DOING Ordinary things Exceptionally Well."

    "If you Light a Lantern for Another, it will also Brighten Your Way." Gosho Zenshu 1598

    Mobile:   +44 (0) 7973210107

    Email: toks@handsoflight.co.uk

    www.handsoflight.co.uk/ www.tokscoker.com

    Blog: http://tokscoker.wordpress.com/

    Utube: http://www.youtube.com/user/ToksCoker

    Facebook: http://snipurl.com/u0e1f

    Twitter: http://twitter.com/@ToksCoker UK


    Crystal & Divine Blessings shower on you all.clip_image001

    NEW MOON IN LEO / a BLUE MOON 30.7.11


    Happy NewMoon in Leo


    invocation blessing meditation


    I Greet You

    With the Knowers of Intelligent Love

    Forces of Spiritual Will

    Masters School of Initiation

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    With the Sphinx’s Words of Power

    Lyrical Verses of Rhythms & Cycles

    Pulsating Wise Dialogue

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    With Sekhmet Isis Presence

    Entwined Amazonite Tree

    You are Stronger than You Think

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    With Passionate Action of Leo

    Do What You Love

    Love What You Do

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    With the Magnetic Aura Musician

    Striking Codes and Cords Within

    Fine Tuning Your Energy

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    With Mermaid Sorceress Alchemy

    Raising from Depths of Mother Earth

    To Height of Father Sky and Beyond

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    With Greek Aphrodite Roman Venus

    Enticement Charm Seduction

    Bringing True Love to You

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    With The Golden Ratio

    Balance Equilibrium Unity

    Reconnecting Golden Kiss of Life

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    With Archangel Gabriel’s Goblet

    Assuring Leadership in All You Do

    Improving Your Household Situations

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    In Your Celebration of Friendships

    Your Glamorous Life Style

    Your Smiling Wealth

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    With the Dream Catcher of Time

    Stimulating Energising Vitalising

    Working While You Sleep

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    With White Elephant Golden Tusks

    White Unicorn Golden Horn

    White Lion Golden Hair

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    With the Cycles and Rhythms Wand

    Stirring Cosmic Life Energy

    Riding the Clouds of Time

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    With the Temple Lion

    Protective Guarding Impressive

    Alignment Invocation Evocation

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    In the Patchwork of Your Life

    Creating Soulful Vibrancy

    Healing Your Wounds

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    In Your Leo Stand

    Regal Confident Presence

    Sure Composed Energy

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    In the Groups that You Form

    In the Conversations You Have

    In the Creations of Your Life

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    With Agi Lord of Fire

    Triad Flame of Divine Passion

    In Your Auric Field of Fire

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    Majestic Mysterious Being

    Activating Head Heart Throat

    Will, Love-Wisdom, Active Intelligence

    I Greet You

                 clip_image038 clip_image040

    I Greet You

    Taking the Intuitive Action of Truth

    Adorning You with Nurturing

    Awakening Illumined Self Love

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    Throwing Yourself Back Upon Yourself

    The Self Knowing the Self

    Initiation A Point of Attainment

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    I Greet You

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    I Greet You

    I Greet You


    Ho and so it is.

    Amen Amen AmenBlessings

    Channelled NewMoon in Leo Blessings 2011

    by Toks Beverley Coker   xxxxxxxxxx

    Various Faces of Leo

    My Regal Self: Leo is showy and grand and shiny and glamorous. Are you doing anything grand and showing how grand you are? If not then do something grand and showy calling in the confidence of the NewMoon in Leo.

     clip_image001 clip_image002[17] clip_image002[19]

    Self Energy: Leo is self energy.  Self love.  Leo is about the self, personal importance, preciousness, greed and lust for power.  It focuses on caring on the self, creativity and expressing the self. Leo is extraverted and exaggerated. This is a good time to be glamorous and extraverted especially if you have not been for a while or have never been.

    Seeking: Leo seeks to grow, to be wise and all knowing; and to be enlightened. Leo seeks higher wisdom for the self.  Not the mass.

    Learning: Leo must learn not to be too selfish and not to be too proud.  If you suddenly find  yourself feeling pride or selfish take a quick check of your self and the situation.  Could this be the NewMoon in Leo energy taking control like a greedy aggressive lion?

    Teaching:  When someone I have helped,
    Or in whom I have placed great hopes,
    Mistreats me in extremely hurtful ways,
    May I regard him still as my precious Teacher.  by HH The Dalai Lama.

    Forgiveness: If we Forgive others we give room for ourselves to be forgiven.


    IS THERE SOMETHING YOU SHOULD HAVE ADDRESSED AND DID NOT THAT IS RAISING ITS HEAD JUST BEFORE THIS NEWMOON? GOOD. WELCOME to NEW MOON IN LEO’S BLUE MOON ENERGY PROTAL OF 2011. Feeling annoyed, irritated, over-wclip_image002[13]helmed, bullied and needing to shout and take action? Well it is the time of Leo the Lion. Take courage and hold the bulls by the horn and move forward. Or better still ride the lion like DURGA and take action weapons in hand. So are your weapons going to be legal weapons, a play of words, bluffing, or what? Are you going to ask for help? Are you going to do this on your own? clip_image002[15]This really is a time to ask for help and take the action you should have taken before!

    The energy of Leo may not enable you to seek ADVICE or ask for help easily around this period as the Lion is the ruler and leader of the pack and so does not seek or ask for help easily.

    Remember please do not blame yourself – you can only go at your really practical realistic reality portal space. Welcome to your own journey of light. We have collective energy and individual energy. Pace your individual journey and join the collective but make sure you are right in your own individual energy of journeying.


    I Greet You

    From the Portals of Opportunity

    With the Sacred Flame of Life

    Gifting Refreshing Openings

    I Greet You


    1. The Gift of Protection. 
    2. The Gift of Power.
    3. The Gift of Good Fortune.   
    4. The Gift of Spirituality. 
    5. The Gift of Sexuality. 
    6. The Gift of Awakening Kundalini. 
    7. The Gift of Beauty and Grace.
    8. The Gift of Movement
    9. The Gift of Agility
    10. The Gift of Shape Shifting
    11. The Gift of Metamorphosis.
    12. The Gift of Silence
    13. The Gift of Stillness
    14. The Gift of Invisibility
    15. The Gift of the Unknown.
    16. The Gift of Void
    17. The Gift of Journeying
    18. The Gift of Light in the Darkness. 
    19. The Gift of Inner Knowing
    20. The Gift of Intuition.
    21. The Gift of Paying Attention to Feelings, Intuitions, Vibrations
    22. The Gift of Healing.   
    23. The Gift of the All-Seeing EyeAstute

    Nick Hughes, Phoenix Astrology, 01392 661276 www.phoenixschoolofastrology.co.uk writes about the energy of Cancer still affecting us: “Cancer deals with issues to do with family, the home, nurturing and security. The recent attacks in Norway may not seem related to Cancer but if you read about what motivated them then it becomes clearer. The perpetrator had far right political views especially regarding Islamic immigrants and saw his role as one of protecting Norway and its people from this malevolent and insidious invasion. clip_image002[7] This idea of protecting our family, our tribe, our national security all come under the sign of Cancer and the violence committed by both terrorists and governments in the name of protecting their people and their home has been with us for thousands of years. Many are going through difficult and stressful family situations. Common scenarios have included divorced parents using the children to get at each other, skeletons in the family closet being revealed or conflicts between children and their parents reaching crisis point. The two ends of the Cancer spectrum are feeling claustrophobic or trapped through emotional manipulation and neediness or being abandoned and neglected by those who are closest to you. clip_image002[9]No matter how conscious and grounded we think we are, there is nothing like a family crisis to disturb our emotional waters so that it distorts our ability to perceive what is really going on. As our actions are based on our perceptions wholly inappropriate and unreasonable behaviour can result from the need to protect our family and security. The Sun and Venus have left Cancer but Mars is about to enter and when it forms a grand cross with Uranus, Pluto and Saturn, which will last most of August, the need to take action within the family or home will be strong. Action may well be necessary but knowing the best thing to do amid emotional upheaval is never straightforward.”

    clip_image028NewMoon in Leo may make you help someone even if you do not have the capacity to help them…… NewMoon in Leo may make you give money to someone even when you do not have a penny yourself….. Welcome Generosity. Welcome Care. Welcome Hope. Welcome Belief. Welcome


    Ponder on This

    “Initiation permits a progressive entry into the mind of the creating Logos.” page 203

    “The ceremony of initiation marks a point of attainment. It does not bring about attainment.” page 198

    The Golden Section

    clip_image002 clip_image004 clip_image006 I attended Scott’s talk in London in 2009.  Scott writes about Aphrodite’s Golden Kiss.clip_image008 “ Venus draws a beautiful five-fold Rosette around us every eight years. Eight years on Earth is also 13 Venusian years, the Fibonacci numbers 13:8:5 here appearing to connect space and time.” page 46

    He says The Golden Ratio is at the heart of things. What do you think?


    clip_image010 clip_image012 clip_image014



    I Greet You

    From the Vortex of Nothingness

    With the Celebration of Life

    Shape-Shifting Allowingness

    I Greet You


    love Toks, Medicine Woman

    Channelling Divine Healing Power

    Full Moon in Capricorn and Sun in Cancer 15.7.2011

    FULL Moon in Capricorn/Sun in  Cancer BLESSING

    HAPPY FULL MOON 15.7.11

    See you tonight http://newmoonmeditationincapricorn.eventbrite.com/



    I Greet You
    With FullMoon in Capricorn/Cancer
    Spirit Keeper Ripened Energy
    Working to Achieve Order
    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    With Prudent Limits and Boundaries

    Guarding Passionate Relationships

    Enduring Time; Changing You Forever

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    With A Magnetic Soul Relationship

    Your Divine Love Matrix

    Your Divine Sexuality Matrix

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    With Nourishment of Your Life

    The Vibrant Colours & Shapes

    The Various Tastes & Textures

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    With the Excitement You Need

    Synthesising Your Love & Happiness

    Needed Within UMoon Now

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    With Your Divine Consciousness

    Your Divine Perception

    Your Divine Enlightenment

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    With Your Musical Codes

    For Your Spiritual Development

    At the Hour of Power

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    With Your Sacred Geometry

    Eternal Reverence In Adoration

    True Understanding

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    With Your Moon Self

    Rising in the Horizon

    Giving Hope Belief to Yourself

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    With Your Creative Gifts

    Your Practical Inspirations

    Working on Your Moon Self

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    In Your Splendid Glamour

    Blooming Blooming Blooming

    Manifesting Practical Divinity
    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    In Your Spiralling Dance of Life

    Knowing All U Need is Within U Now

    Solitary Inner Triumphs

    I Greet You

    I Greet You

    I Greet You

    I Greet You


    Divine Family

    I Greet You

    I Greet You

    I Greet You

    Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker    for the FullMoon 15.7.11

    Moon in Capricorn &   Sun in Cancer

    We find ourselves in a  mysterious enigma with the energies around us. 

    clip_image020So many deaths and memories of loved ones gone & loved animals.  DEEP Deep Respect and LOVING RESPECT to Koyla, Vesna’s dog; IMG_0498and Mary, ICCH Healer.  I give deep deep reverence to ALL who have departed.  Rest in Peace.  Amen.  Nam Myoho Renge Kyo.

    So many opposing thoughts that leave us more confused than give us answers.  In trying to decide what we want we have to realise what Julie Gibberd, my friend reminded me:  “If it is not what you want it may be what you need.”  Thank you Julie.  You put this in a very succinct way.  Now let us reflect on this simple statement with the energies around. 

    This is a time of the Possibilities of the Impossible. The Impossible Possible.  In the Silence of Your Capricorn mind clip_image016you Dream with the Cancerian Vision and move steadily in the Bubbles of your Life and the Bubbles of your Love.  Circles of Love. Bubbles are Protective Circles of Love and Light and Life and Laughter.

    Let us CELEBRATE your achievements to date and your life to date.  There are many roads to the same direction.  There is the saying:  “One God, Many Faces.”  Welcome to a very powerful FULLMOON.

    From Eva, my friend:

    Hi again just wanted to pass on this link – Just What is Manhatanhenge!
    The line — “imprinted by the emotional power that terrestrial alignments with the Sun can have on a culture or civilization.
    made me chuckle with the – Watery Sun and Earthy Moon meeting moment (Cancer and Full Moon)
    Best wishes to you all

    Moon in Capricorn & Sun in Cancer Contradictions & Opposing Thoughts

    Book: Alice Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll. In the chapter The Garden of Life Flowers:

    ‘Oh, it’s too bad!’ she said. ‘I never saw such a house for getting in the way! Never!’

    clip_image022‘She’s grown a great deal!’ …’It’s the fresh air that does it,’ said the Rose: “wonderfully fine air it is, out here.’

    The Red Queen shook her heard. ‘You may call it “nonsense” if you like’, she said, ‘but I’ve heard nonsense, compared with which that would be as sensible as a dictionary!’

    In another part of the story we have:

    clip_image012“I can’t explain myself I’m afraid, because I’m not myself you see.”

    “It is this, it is this that oppresses my soul.”

    GIFTING the No. 7

    clip_image040 7 Balloons

    7 White Roses


    7 White Roses for 7th July from Jocelyn. Thank you Jocelyn  xxxxxxx [7 kisses]

    7 Red Balloons for  7th July from Patric. Thank you Patric  xxxxxxx

    camera_photos 056

    onya and dolphin

    7.7.11 NOURISHMENT from two very kind and beautiful Mermaid Moon Goddesses: Thank you Onya for a lovely dinner at Singapore Gardens  xxxxxxx Thank you Genevieve for cooking  lunch  xxxxxxx Two perfect 7.7.11 Goddesses. 

    Moon in Capricorn & Sun in Cancer Actions & Homwork

    Capricorn practical energy action: Gina clearing clutter  http://youtu.be/c6Gclip_image004[1]wtf5-xaY

    Cancerianclip_image006[1] water energy action: Gina smiling and Gina meditating

    Capricorn practical energy action: looking realistically at your money situation; as it really is; and saving money. Greg Kuzdenyi, my Cancerian friend; shared a website with me and said: Get a budget brain and look at your budget planner. http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/ 


    I Greet You
    With the Beauty of Capricorn
    Serene Peaceful Tranquil
    Restful Soothing Comforting
    Resourceful Capable Accomplished
    I Greet You
    Always Love Light & Joy
    Toks xxxxxx



    HAPPY FULL MOON in GEMINI  Sun in SAGITTARIUS, with a Total Lunar Eclipse 15.6.11


    http://fullmoonmeditationingeminisagittarius.eventbrite.com/  We WILL be holding a lovely FULL MOON TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE MEDITATION on Weclip_image002dnesday 15th June 2011 from 7pm-10pm. We will be in the energy vortex of the eclipse and the full moon. The actual time in London of the FullMoon in Gemini/Sagittarius will be 9.13pm, which will also be the time of the mid-eclipse. The Total Lunar Eclipse will be from 8.22pm-10.03pm. It is also the CELEBRATION OF WORLD INVOCATION DAY, HONOURING SPIRITAL UNITY IN HUMANITY.




    Total Lunar Eclipse


    clip_image002[22] clip_image002[24]

    I Greet You

    Peaceful Lunar Introspection

    Mindful Loving Across Infinity

    Creating Successful Humanity

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    Lost In Your Painful Suffering

    Journeying Through

    Ascending Finding Your True Self

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    Beauty & Ugliness of Landscapes

    Eclipses on Earth & Cosmos

    Interstellar Lights of Order & Chaos

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    In Your Passage Doorway

    Reflecting Healing Across

    Your Entire Collection of Life Times

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    With the Sacred Pyramid

    Housing Your Sacred Being

    Anointing Ascending Assuring

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    With Amun Isis Osiris Horus

    Sun God & Moon Goddess on Earth

    The Source within Me Loves Me

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    In Your Transitions & Transformations

    Your Victories and Blessings

    Your Smiling Eclipse

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    Samrawit (Blessed One)

    Learning through Application

    Respectful Gratitude

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    In Your Grip of Friendship

    Finding the Gem in Each Other

    Blossoming with Radiance

    I Greet You

    clip_image020[5] clip_image022[7]

    I Greet You

    Riding the Rainbow of Success

    Happy Relationships

    Empowering Life Styles

    Faces of Intelligent Love Wisdom

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    I Greet You

    I Greet You


    I Greet You

    I Greet You

    I Greet You

    Channelled with Love by Toks xxxx

    TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE 15.6.11 Scientific

    “A total lunar eclipse will take place on June 15, 2011. It is the first of two total lunar eclipses in 2011, the second occurring on December 10. It is a relatively rare central eclipse where the moon passes in front of the center of the Earth’s shadow. The last lunar eclipse closer to the center of the earth’s shadow was on July 16, 2000. The next central total lunar eclipse will be on July 27, 2018.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/June_2011_lunar_eclipse

    There are two types of Eclipse:

    1. SOLAR ECLIPSEMoon PASSES between sun and earth [occurs in New Moon only]  Moon blocks sun. 

    2. LUNAR ECLIPSEEarth PASSES between sun and moon [occurs in Full Moon only]  Earth blocks sun. 

    TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE 15.6.11 Energetic

    This Total Lunar Central Eclipse is about Transitions and Karma Clearing. They take us to Cross Roads in our lives. They are emotional times with Open Doorways and Closed Doorways. There is a lot of (spiritual, emotional, physical)  twirling and spiralling forcing you to reveal the True You.

    clip_image004 clip_image006


    Lunar Eclipses are emotional times affecting mental thinking, emotional feeling and spiritual awareness in a deep personal way. They trigger a lot of subtle and sudden changes in our lives. Old memoriclip_image008es, pains, sufferings, feelings will rise up and make us feel vulnerable, uncertain, insecure, unsure, forcing us to look at areas we do not want to or we thought was under the carpet for good. LOTS of emotional release, change, decisions, breakthroughs, heart breaks and new insights. Lunar Eclipseclip_image010s send us to the underground depth of our sub consciousness and consciousness and like a volcano uproot the weeds and soil of our live causing a rejuvenation steering right to the depth of our belief system. This can only mean the truth coming out and the planting a more empowering and fullfilling way of being and behaving and thinking. Whatever crisis or emphasis you are going through will push you to remove the blocks, limited thinking, and ‘smallness’ around and within you. The transition you go through will reveal the truth and enable you to be your TRUE SELF whether in your relationships, work, family, business or career.

    In your chaos and transitions do you cover your eyes or do you reveal your eyes? Are you ready for the truth in your life? This Lunar Eclipse brings great opportunity and insight for us to work with; if only we take them and appreciate the blessing in the chaos and disruption. It is a time to do a deep treatment condition for your hclip_image012air not a ‘quick wash and go’. It is a time for a long shower or bath not a quick ‘get me out of here’ shower. Take a good look at yourself and your surroundings and who you hang around with.  It is Time for you to take the time to celebrate the removal of fears as well as being scared as you process your own fears. It will affect relationships and the way you behave. It is a big catalyst as it shines light on what needs to be addressed and brings with it a sense of finality. There will be long term effects of what you are doing so be brave to celebrate the confusion for in the darkness and confusion is your knowing and blessing and light.

    clip_image014This Lunar Eclipse is ruled by Gemini. Gemini is the sign of the twins and for me makes the number 11. The word Gemini has the word: Gem-in-I. I have a Gem in Me. There will be a male / active (sun) vs female / passive (moon) pull as you find the balance / centered grounding (earth) in you. We will be pushed out of our comfort zone. We will feel emotional and overwhelmed. We will feel stressed. We will be forced to look at areas in our life that require change and truth and light and freshness.

    In the Vortex of Time be vigilant with your health around this time. Be ready to polish the Gem in you. clip_image002[6]Polish the Treasures of the Heart. CALLING in the energy of Duality, Two but Not Two, Two but Two. Two making One with the (the half man/half animal) ARCHER energy of Sagittarius. Calling in the GOOD FORTUNE and LUCK with JUPITER bring in a zest for your life and others with service for humanity. Go forth seeking your truth, your goal, your quest, your wisdom and your challenge. Call in the Charm of Your Good Fortune with this Eclipse. Whatever you decide to do this FullMoon communicate, network, socialise, DO NOT sit at  home!  Mercury is ruler of Gemini – so action, action, action, communicate, communicate, communicate. This is a time to reach goal after goal after goal aiming like the Archer with his bow and arrow. This is a time to Celebrate.                                                                clip_image002[8]Remember to journey your own pathway with your own drum…Do not ignore your life .



    Notice what has happened 11 days before this Lunar Eclipse and notice what happens 11 days after the Lunar Eclipse. This will give you an idea of what you need to be addressing now and what you may need to address in the next few months and sometimes years. It will help you with having more clarity with your purpose in life or at the very NOW moment. Make a firm commitment to yourself and live with joy kindness confidence beauty and hope in yourself and your life. Find the beauty in you. Embrace the unknown in you and use that to fulfill your purpose and unveil the darkness and rise.

    clip_image002[29]In Colin’s English Dictionary I looked up the word ECLIPSE and started to tune into each description to find which resonated with me.. Tune into each word and find the words that apply or resonate with you? Use this to identify where you are to help with your healing. Hold a clear quartz crystal as you do this. The words are: any dimming or obstruction of light; a loss of importance; a loss of power; a loss of fame, etc.; to overshadow; overshadowing by another; to cast a shadow upon; shading; obscuration; to obscure; to blot out; to cloud; to darken; darkening; to dim; dimming; extinguish; shroud; veil; to surpass; exceed; excel; outdo; outshine; transcend; extinction; occultation; decline; diminution; failure; fall; loss; a forsaking; to abandon.

    Say aloud these Statements looking into your eyes in your mirror and also looking into the eyes of another. Feel it in your being and your DNA.

    I am the Truth I Crave.

    I am the Honesty I Crave



    We all need money to live to pay for food, clothing and shelter.  Calling in the Angel of Happy Abundance working with the FULL MOON IN GEMINI let us open the Gem of Money in you; opening opportunities and possibilities.  Let us sing in the energy of money with these two modern Utube songs and affirmations sent to me and one Utube message from Bruce Muzik.

    clip_image002[17]I am a magnet to money. Remember you do not serve money. Money serves you. Speak to your money. http://youtu.be/ywimjn9wdhc

    I got a millionaire mind, I say yes to success http://youtu.be/7oF-9QHfCbI

    I have the Power Within http://youtu.be/zN37RL2pJr4



    I went to a Greek Orthodox Church with Ioanis and his mother on Sunday. It was a very long service with lots of rituals and lots of sacred images I loved such as an eye on the wall, two eagles on the floor and a lovely rainbow on the ceiling. I was in heaven. My sister, a Born Again Christian, told me it was Pentecost and I should celebrate the Holy Spirit and Pentecost. I was so happy I was celebrating the UNITY OF HUMANITY in this way. Consciously being aware of the ‘tongues of fire’, the ‘holy fire’, initiating and illuminating mankind raising consciousness and light consciousness bringing in the colour of peace, love, wisdom and free will. Light Bearers stand forth and take your place and fulfill your mission to serve humanity in the cosmic plan of divinity.

    clip_image002[11]World Invocation Day today 15.6.11 http://youtu.be/YkQvXEYeJLA

    Lovely smiling ladies from Eretria we met at Regents Park celebrating a Coptic Wedding.

    Micheal Bear on the Lunar Eclipse Gemini Full Moon  http://www.manspurpose.com/esoteric-astrology/lunar-eclipse-gemini-full-moon/

    Things do not change: We change. Henry David Thoreau


    I have chosen two of Donna Eden’s books ‘Energy Medicine’ and ‘Energy clip_image022Medicine for Women’. For me, with the present energy, they are the TWIN books for Gemini and with TWO making ONE (the half man/half animal) of Sagittarius inspiring knowledge, healing, insight, swiftness and wholesome energy. Check out her website:. http://www.innersource.net/em/

    clip_image024Energy Medicine was the first place winner in the self-help category of the 2008 National "Best Books" Book Awards from USA Book News.

    clip_image026Energy Medicine for Women was recently awarded the prestigious 2009 Nautilus Gold Award in the Health, Healing & Energy Medicine category.

    See you all soon.clip_image002[13]

    Enjoy Your Life

    Always with Love Light & Joy

    Toks xxxxxxxxx


    Happy Full Moon in Scorpio 17.5.11


    Exotically Magically Powerfully Happily always Lovingly

    I Greet You

    Dear Legions of Light

    So much happening energetically;  non-stop it feels to me.  Perhaps because every two weeks I am channelling and invoking and blessing.  I look forward to supporting you all and being a beacon of light.  Please take special care of yourself.  I will be doing a workshop on CRYSTALS FOR EVERY DAY USE on Monday 30 Mat and New Moon Meditation on Wednesday 1 June.  See details below.  I look forward to seeing you then if not before.   Cheers xxx

      Love Toks xxx


    See you at the London Festival 30.5.2011 CRYSTALS FOR EVERYDAY USE from 11am-1pm. Click below:




    HAPPY FULL MOON IN SCORPIO Water Pluto / Sun in TAURUS Earth Venus

    Tuesday 17.5.11   from 7pm–10pm

    COST: http://fullmoonmeditationintaurusscorpio.eventbrite.com/

    NEWMOON IN GEMINI Partial Solar Eclipse  1.6.11

    COST:  http://newmoonmeditationingemini.eventbrite.com/


    FullMoon in Scorpio & Sun in Taurus Blessing 17.5.11

    by Toks Coker

    Thus I Heard
    I Greet You
    With a Moon Bowl of Cleansing Light
    Dissolving Barriers, Clutter, Blockages
    Melting Limitations, Experiences
    Releasing Thoughts, Emotions, Beliefs
    Removing Projections, Judgements
    I Greet You

    I Greet You

    With the Dancing Tree

    In Your Shattered Paradigms

    Dancing Disillusions & Pains Away

    Shifts of Consciousness Creating Freedom

    Golden Key of Light Changes

    In the Heart of the Tree of Life

    I Greet You

    I Greet You
    With Flames of Ascension Consciousness
    From Mayan Pyramid of Chichen Itza
    Who is Looking Through Your Eyes?
    Deep Soul Cleansing of Mind Body Spirit Energy
    7th Dimension Breathing in Lightness of Body
    I Greet You
    I Greet You
    With Shakti Shiva Magic Enchantment
    Seductive Beauty Priestess
    Sensual Sexuality Sage-ness
    Imperial Graceful Gentleness
    In the Galaxy of Dream Time Love
    I Greet You
    I Greet You
    With Buddha & Christ Consciousness
    In the Face of the Tree: The Eye of God
    In the Grandness of the Tree Trunk
    Opening Magical Doorway of the Tree
    Entering Into the Middle in the Tree
    I Greet You
    I Greet You
    With the 7 Golden Keys of Light
    Activating Your Pituitary Pineal Thyroid
    In the Branches of Your Life
    Celebrating All Things Good
    Nectar of Your Joyful Happiness
    I Greet You
    I Greet You
    With the Angel of  Discernment Discerning
    In the Portal of the Light Torch Bearer
    Standing With the Legions of Light
    Freedom to Travel the Cosmic Ways
    In the Lightness of Your Being
    I Greet You
    I Greet You
    With Multiple Truths & Wisdom
    Standing Strong Empowering Essence
    Glorious In Your Chance to Be
    Inner Power Radiating Out
    Illuminating Mastery of Light & Time
    I Greet You
    I Greet You
    With 1000 Extended Flaming Arms
    Embracing You in One Creator Power
    Breathing in Unconditional Love
    Placing Shield of Love Around You
    Courage to Set Things Right
    I Greet You
    We Dance
    We Dance
    We Dance


    I Greet You
    I Greet You
    I Greet You


    I Thank You
    I Thank You
    I Thank You


    Ho and So It IS

    Toks looking lovely XLW blessing

    With Sacred Crystal Blessings
    I Greet You

    Some lovely insights below for this FullMoon


    It is no doubt possible to fly – but first you must know how to dance like an angel. Friedrich Nietzsche 1844-1900

    Eclip_image002[12]ach truth has four corners.  As a teacher I give you one corner, and it is for you to find the other three.”  Confucius   551-479BC

    Still ending and beginning still.  William Cowper 1731-1800

    The Most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.  Ferdinand Foch 1851-1929


    I like the simplicity of these two videos on the Mayclip_image002[5]an Calendar



    TREE OF LIFE derived from the FLOWER OF LIFE



    Sound of Music. Many wise sentences such as: “Climb every mountain to find your dream.” “Men will write on your book.” “The sun has gone to bed and so must I.”


    Climb every mountain to find your dream…Follow every rainbow till you find your dream.”

    http://youtu.be/EoCPuhhE6dw by Peggy Wood

    http://youtu.be/p2YWFeHmmyc by Shirley Bassey

    http://youtu.be/zMg7mAlrzh4 by Leontyne Price

    11:11 Signs Symbols

     clip_image002[14]In the following Utube videos using the ‘sound of music’ song and images see if you can see the 11:11 portal visuals in shapes, background set, ugly 11 beauty11. look with your inner eye.  Very FullMoon relationship.



    “The sun has gone to bed and so must I.” 7 children with a man and a woman  http://youtu.be/tJjBvK_2Wjo


    I love the book: Esoteric Psychology: The Seven Rays by Dr Douglas Baker. 

    clip_image006  clip_image008


    I AM the Soul

    I AM the Monad

    I AM the Light Divine

    I AM Love

    I AM Will

    I AM Fixed Design



    Pranayama is the yogic practise of regulating your breathing to gain energy control and is used during the postures and in preparation for meditation. New Moon energy brings calmness and is likened to the end of exhalation when the force of apana is greatest. Full Moon energy brings energy and heightened emotions, and is likened to the end of inhalation when the force of prana is greatest. Close your eyes and remember the feeling of the cleansing breathe

    So today what will we be celebrating?

    We will be celebrating FULLNESS of Life, your life and everyone’s life. To do this we will be calling in our Power and celebrating our Power with our Spiritual Team.

    Remember the word TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More.

    We will be celebrating Vesak today: Tuesday, 17 May 2011, which is the 15th day in the 4th month of Chinese lunar calendar. This is the Buddha’s birthday. This is a celebration of Christ Consciousness as well as Shambhalla, known as the highest spiritual centre.  Christ and Buddha unite.   A blessing from the Buddha as we are Children of the Sun. 


    SPIRITUAL TEAM WORK:  We will be working with some Ascendant Masters to help us with our actions and emotions especially over the next 3 days.   The FullMoon Meditation will call in the Hierarchy of the Universe: the 24 Elders of the Throne and the 144000 Ascended Masters.  The Council of Light, Metatron, YWHH, Christ, and also Adam Kadmon and much more. We will be calling in the Angels – Gabriel, Raphael, Michael and Uriel. We will be calling in the BLUE RAY:   Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, Saint Germaine, keepers of the Blue Flame, Lords of the Blue Flame from Sirius, Legions of the Blue Lightning Angels, El Morya, Angels of the Will of God, Shekinah, and Gaia. We will be calling in our Higher Self


    My clever lovely friend Carol writes about the 4 angels of protection [with pictures] and suggests the Kate Bush video: Child you must protect yourself. Protect yourself with fire: GABRIEL before me. RAPHAEL behind me. MICHAEL on my right. URIEL on my left side. In the Circle of Fire.” The 4 Great Archangels – surrounding you in a grid of protection – before you, behind you, beside you


    I Greet You

    With the Beautiful Angel

    Holding the Golden Flame of Love

    The Alchemical Centre of Love

    Radiating Love to the World

    I Greet You


    What opportunity is Full Moon in Scorpio revealing to you NOW?

    Taurus and Scorpio merge in this Full Moon   Both are “fixed” signs, strong, persevering, and capable of great commitment and depth of character.

    Both are deeply rgreece 2010 165ooted in sexual experience. Pleasure-loving Taurus loves to touch and be touched, to be stimulated by scents and tastes. Scorpio is intensely passionate and capable of a thrilling intimacy once it trusts.

    Both are also the primary money signs—keen to manage the vast resources of wealth in the world. When we are in balance at the Full Moon, we vibrate with the energy of both signs.

    Pluto/Hades, ruler of Scorpio, was known as ‘The Rich One’.  Pluto brings windfalls, riches, loans, inheritance, magical unseen forces and power of universal support with FULL MOON in Scorpio.   Pluto also pokes at our weaknesses in our shields…..it takes us to the underworld ….and makes us address our weaknesses before they crumble us.  Pluto asks you to see YOUR weakness as a sign to address them – NOT as a weakness to be crumbled by them. Pluto rules Scorpio so we have dark uncomfortable heavy-weighty emotions and feelings surging forth; forcing deep inner transformation and healing.  Pluto can be unforgiving.  Reality and truths may suddenly appear when we least expect.    What is going on deep within you?  What is your real situation?  What are you pretending?  Celebrate ALL your lessons and your triumphs. 

    clip_image002Venus rules Taurus.  VENUS is Goddess of love, sensuality, beauty and charm.  Taurus is practical and simple, loving pleasures and comforts and relaxation.  Taurus rebuilds what we have broken.  What are you re-building?  Who is helping you?  What practical steps or action plan have created to follow to a time line?   How are you pampering yourself in a practical way?  Taurus enables practical work and fulfilment of what we want through practical action and team work.  We are all connected and working together – SYNERGY – brings the collective to a happier place.  Taurus likes to share.  Where are you sharing?   Where are you not sharing?  Taurus likes to be patient.  Where are you patient?  Where are you not patient?  Taurus is determined.  Where are you determined in your life?  Where you are not determined?  Celebrate ALL your lessons and your triumphs. 

    Tclip_image002[10]his is a passionate time! But if we are out of balance, we may tip into more negative expressions of one or both signs. Taurus can be stubborn and indolent, dictatorial, or resistant to change. Scorpio can be overcome with emotional turmoil, vengeful, jealous, and secretive—or power-mad and controlling.  BALANCE is crucial at the FullMoon.


    do 4 exercises minimum

    1. Talking Your Truth with FullMoon in Scorpio means that through dialogue you get to understanding and more understanding and even more understanding on both sides.  Choose two people to be truthful within the next 7 days. Remember any hidden lies, secrets, deceptions, and trust issues will come up with this powerful potent Full Moon in Scorpio.  How marvelous! 

    2. Can you deal with the consequences of Truth?  Can you handle it?  Are you ready to?

    image3. What is your most secret longing you have to fulfill NOW?  What do you need to complete to celebrate this week? Do it now and celebrate now.

    4. What words are being spoken that encourage a bigger picture such as ending poverty, ending war, ending deception, ending separation? What dialogue are you making to create opportunity for all not just for yourself?

    5. Pluto rules Scorpio so we have dark uncomfortable heavy-weighty emotions and feelings surging forth; forcing deep inner transformation and healing.  Pluto can be unforgiving.  Reality and truths may suddenly appear when we least expect.    What is going on deep within you?  What is your real situation?  What are you pretending?  Celebrate ALL your lessons and your triumphs.

    6. Pluto asks you: Is there the unconsciousclip_image001[7] fear of having what you want? Of failure? What are you experiencing yourself now in your life with reference to fears you have [that may be known or unknown] that sabotages your success and effectiveness? Meditate on this and give it to the Spiritual Team to transform and transmit the poison in your life to medicine.

    7. Choose 3 of the following and act on: Are you always wanting to be right? Well, sometimes victory is found in simply overcoming the need to be right.  Sometimes non-action is wise.  Sometimes not saying anything is wise.  Sometimes being still is wise.  Sometimes it pays to stop making an issue over small things.  Always Yield gracefully to surrender as Doing so does not injure you or make you small – It is a royal quality to yield gracefully. 

    clip_image002[8]8. Taurus rebuilds what we have broken.  What are you re-building?  Who is helping you?  What practical steps or action plan have created to follow to a time line?   How are you pampering yourself in a practical way?  Taurus enables practical work and fulfilment of what we want through practical action and team work.  We are all connected and working together – SYNERGY – brings the collective to a happier place.  Taurus likes to share.  When are you sharingimage?   When are you not sharing?  Taurus likes to be patient.  Where are you patient?  Where are you not patient?  Taurus is determined.  Where are you determined in your life?  Where you are not determined?  Celebrate ALL your lessons and your triumphs.

    9. Meditate on your life with these two quotes.  How is this you?  How is this not you?  What insights do you get about your own fullness of life at the present moment?  “O man, know thyself, for the treasure of treasures is entombed within you…” ~ Alipili and “Experience is not what happens to a man, it is what a man does with what happens to him.” ~ Aldous Huxley, English Novelist

    10. How are you celebrating your life today? You could sit and have a cup of tea or warm glass of water. You could walk in the park with your feet on the grass.   Close your eyes and remember the feeling of the cleansing breathe mentioned above in yoga breathing.

    Love Toks and her Legions of Light xxxx


    Full Moon in: Libra Moon / Aries Sun 18.4.2011

    Dear Regal Beings, Warriors of Love Light

    Happy Full Moon in Libra (AIR) with Sun in Aries (FIRE) on MONDAY 18.4.2011

    clip_image006[4]  clip_image002[5]clip_image004[4]

    • We will be holding the FullMoon Meditation Workshop with a Celebration of FullMoon Rituals and Healing on 18.4.2011 from 7pm-10pm at Flat 5, 1  Alexandra Place, London NW8 0DY
    • Please let me know if you are coming. Thanks xxxx
    • Pay: FullMoon in Aries 18.4.2011:


    Cash payments:  £44 to take part in the ritual full moon meditation blessings and deep work – more than what is on this email.  Please call if you cannot afford this £44 and would love to pay less.  £11 for distant healing and link in throughout the meditation.

    NEXT NEW MOON:  NewMoon in Taurus 3.5.2011 


    NEXT NUMEROLOGY LINK IN: 5.5.11 and 11.5.11


    NEXT FULL MOON:  FullMoon in Scorpio Sun in Taurus 17.5.2011


    This is the FullMoon in Libra BLESSING, Humbly Channelled by Toks Coker with Love, Balance and Insight.  18.4.2011

    Happy Full Moon in Libra with Sun in Aries BLESSING



    I Greet You

    From the Temple of Isis

    Poised Calm Serene Balanced

    Strong Focused Warrior Stand

    Radiating Unconditional Love

    We Greet You


    I Greet You

    From the Infinity Portal

    With the Alchemy of the Goddess

    Anchoring Your Personality

    Lifting Your True Nature

    We Greet You


    I Greet You

    From the Vortex of Time and No-Time

    With the Star Seed Goddess of Fortune

    Holding Hands with Your Soul Family

    Circle of Love Embracing

    We Greet You


    I Greet You

    From the Gateway of the Moon Portal

    With the Gathering Earth Keepers

    Communicating Your Deep Hurts

    Anointing Awareness on You

    We Greet You


    I Greet You

    With the Sword of Yeawah

    Blue Flame Sword of Truth

    Lighting the True Aspect of You

    Multi-Dimensional You

    We Greet You


    I Greet You

    With the Floral Legions of Metatron

    Fullness of Love for You

    Sacred Scientific Love,

    Physical, Mental, & Emotional Love

    We Greet You


    I Greet You

    With the Legion of Fighters

    Dancing Divine Celestial Music of Love

    Flowing With the Cosmos of Love

    Opening Doorways of Love Frequency

    We Greet You


    I Greet You

    At the Doorway to Love

    In Your Moment of Revelation

    Staying in Your Moment of Pain

    Triumphantly Passing thro’ the Storm

    We Greet You


    I Greet You

    At the Portal of Transformation

    Unblocking ‘Stuck-ness’

    Releasing Auric Bleeding

    Flowing Love Back to Your Integrity

    We Greet You


    I Greet You

    In Your Powerful Strength

    Your Intelligent Wisdom

    Your Balanced Ascension

    Your Continuous Self Renewal

    We Greet You


    I Greet You

    With this Full Moon of Your Life

    The Crystal Field of Warrior Light

    Recalibrating Doubt and Weaknesses

    Re-inventing Refining & Re-centering

    We Greet You


    I Greet You

    In the Walking of Your Truth

    In the Confidence of Your Step

    In the Anointment of Your Way

    In the Blessing of You

    We Greet You


    We Greet You

    In Your Sharing of Life Styles

    In Your Balancing of Relationships

    In Your Blessings of Love

    In Your Oneness of Life

    We Greet You


    We Thank You

    I Thank You

    We Thank You

    I Give Thanks

    We Give Thanks

    I Give Thanks


    I Greet You

    I Greet You

    I Greet You

    We Greet You

    We Greet You

    We Greet You

    Channelled Humbly by Toks Coker with Love, Balance and Insight.  18.4.2011


    What is this FullMoon in Libra about?



    FullMoons bring a lot of emotional feelings with personal questioning and challenges. It is a time when ‘the cup runneth over’ with a culmination of many things converging all at once. The light of the FullMoon shines light on what needs to be looked at or what has been ignored. It can be very overwhelming, unforgiving and unbalancing to our emotions and personality. It really can make you weak or strong depending on your character and what is happening at the moment in your life. The FullMoon is a time of deep insight, a conclusion, a discovering of a fact, a completion of a project or idea or relationship, a fullfullment of a dream, a seeking to an answer to a question whether it is a spiritual one or a practical one. It is a time to be aware of your feelings and emotions. Be aware when, perhaps, you may not be strong enough to cope with a situation in a relationship; which may be personal, business, family, work, lover, children or friendship.

    I Greet You

    From the Sacred Centre of the Golden Mean

    Symbol of Peace and Stillness

    United Within your Sacredness

    Energising Knowing Wisdom

    I Greet You



    clip_image043[4] Libra is balance, justice, harmony, peace, beauty, family, togetherness, love; and yes – indecisive.  Aries is decisive, impulsive, active, destructive, war battling with chaos and change in a very decisive manner.  Aries is Self. Libra is Relating. Aries commands and insists. Libra persuades, negotiates, compromises, discusses. Aries is bossy. Libra is not as Libra seeks balance, harmony, peace. Libra is tactful and Aries is not. Libra is the scales, seeking harmony and balance and inner peace with all. Aries is the warrior, courageous and fiercely independent. Libra likes to think and analyse and theorise and play games of words. Libra clip_image045[4]hesitates in action. Aries likes to take action, speak their minds and plan and create noise, as well as take action to succeed and/ or for chaos. Aries is quick in action and movement.

    I Greet You

    With the Wolf Clan Sexual Energy

    In Your Union of Libra Moon with Aries Sun

    Venus with Mars Pulsating

    Balanced Creative Love

    Sexual Peaceful Goddess with

    Sexy Warrior God

    I Greet You



    Remember Mars rules Aries and Venus rules Libra. Mars wants to fight and provoke and create dynamic action.  Libra wants to mediate and create harmony. Libra rules all relationships.  So if you find yourself moving from one end of the scale to another know why.  Just aim for Balance and Synergy and Harmony and Inner Peace.


    I Greet Your Duality

    Supporting Yourself from Within

    Light Day of the Soul / Dark Night of the Soul

    Life Spring / Death Winter

    Self-Interest Selfish / Connectedness Care

    I Greet You



    This FullMoon is about bringing BALANCE back into our lives as we battle with the war within us. Where are you out of balance?  Use the fire energy of Aries to take action and put things right! This may be tricky but can be done.  The FullMoon Meditation will be activating this balance using various powerful tools to anchor in balance.  All these contradictions lead to making this FullMoon very intense. We have the I Versus Us frequency.

    BOOK: Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus

    QUOTE: “Happiness does not exist as an isolated quality, nor does it conform to a single fixed pattern. Happiness is something that breathes and lives in the relationships between one person and another.” Daisaku Ikeda


    What oppositions do you have in your life?

    What oppositions do you have in your life?

    clip_image055[4]clip_image057[4] Why am I doing this? Why do I not like the answers I am getting? Who am I? Who have I become? Who am I becoming? What am I? What have I done? What have I not done? Where am I? Where is my power? What is the unveiling with this FullMoon light? What am I refusing to look at? What do I not want to look at? Where is the lie I am telling myself? When will I know what to do? How will I know if I am making the right decision and taking the right action? What is the ‘great’ surprise in my life at this moment?

    What questions are you answering?  Welcome to the FullMoon contradiction of Libra WITH firey sun in Aries.  Have you scheduled some private time to yourself?  Have you made a phone call you are afraid of making?  Are you communicating like Libra because the need to balance and create harmony is strong with Libra?  However with Aries, we have the need to be energetic and confident. 

    I Greet You

    With the Scales of Libra

    Aware of Your Oppositions

    Seeking Balance and Harmony

    With the Charging Warrior

    I Greet You


    Seek first to understand then to be understood – this is a very FullMoon in Libra energy.  Get to know someone first before you make a judgement.  Get to know a situation first – seek first to understand.  However the tendency with this FullMoon is to NOT want to do this!  We may suddenly feel a desire to be selfish and not to care about others like Aries.  Use your moon wisdom wisely.   Be like King Solomon making a decision as to whose child was the dead child and whose was the living child.


    Nicolas Poussin. The Judgment of Solomon. 1649. Oil on canvas. Louvre, Paris, France.

    I Greet You

    With the Wisdom of Solomon

    The Triumph of Justice

    The Symbol of Peace & Harmony

    The Balance of Truth & Honesty

    I Greet You


    The combination of the two frequencies may make us feel insecure, unsure, low and opposed!  Aries’ opposite sign is Libra.  Together they come to create balance in the diversity of the differences.  Now, consider this last sentence I just made:  Together they come to create balance in the diversity of the differences.   THAT IS HEALING. THAT IS POWER. THAT IS TRUE. For example: Using the two energies we could honour the Libran frequency to hesitate and think through and take decisive action with the Arian energy.   /This is where balance is struck!


    clip_image061[4]The healing aspect of this meditation is create harmony in ALL grievances, grief, afflictions, war, broken hearts, sorrows, bad memories, fear of death,  etc.  It is to create balance, transformation, freedom and lightness in the heart.  It is to heal and call in centeredness where there has not been centeredness and stillness. 

    We will be reading the sacred scroll on the FullMoon to illuminate our minds with this FullMoon Meditation on 18.4.2011. We will be weighing our lives where we are right now and celebrating our triumphs and also our ‘failures’. Surely they cannot all be ‘failures’ and ‘doom’ with this celebration. For out of the ashes the firey phoenix will rise in triumph. So, What have you completed that you started at the NewMoon?  What are you celebrating?   What have you been doing since the last NewMoon?  Find something to celebrate about this FullMoon.  It is important to think of at least one thing to celebrate about in your life.   Congratulations on your completions and your attainments and your continuing.

    I Greet You

    In Your FullMoon Crystal Moon Ball

    Dancing Celebrating Happy

    Choosing Triumph of Love & Freedom

    Positive Active Relaxed

    I Greet You


    clip_image063[4] Congratulations on the great idea you have practically completed.  Congratulations on the successful relationship you have created.  Congratulations on walking out of what did not serve you.  Congratulations on moving house or job.  Congratulations on being able to make tea for yourself.  Congratulations on having time to sit and enjoy the park.  Congratulations on giving someone a little gift this FullMoon.  Congratulations on the romantic holiday with your life. Congratulations on celebrating your life with a cup of tea, a movie, a comedy, laughter or relaxing in the bath.


    I Greet You

    With All Your MoonSelves

    Moving to Your Fullness

    Energising Knowing Growing

    To Your Point of Greatness

    I Greet You


    clip_image066[4]The symbol of Infinity      The Cross      The Triangle

    clip_image067[4]  clip_image068[4]

    Dot in a Circle

    clip_image069[4]Choku Rei is a Reiki symbol of clip_image070[4]strength, action, power, direction, purpose and focus.  The energy of the universe is focusing on this point.  This point is the centre and the balance of ones live.



    1. Use your moon wisdom wisely. 
    2. ROMANTIC – Do something romantic with your life this FullMoon.  Take someone for a meal.  Invite people round to eat.  Celebrate with people.
    3. BEING FRIENDLY – make a choice to be friendly today. I choose to be friendly today.
    4. Make a choice to FEEL GOOD. I choose to feel good today.
    5. You can do this by the following healing exercises:

    1. BREATHE – Take a deep breath and breathe out slowly.  Do this 9 times and relax your muscles, mind, body and spirit.  Now, have you done this?   No!  Then do it now my little love.  Feel the benefit of fresh deep breathing. Cheers xxxx  

    2. LISTEN – Now listen – listen to your harmony INSIDE YOU.  Listen to the pure musical note vibrating inside you. What do you hear? Are you listing to your pain or joy or suffering or happiness? Then listen to the desire to be seen, heard, appreciated, loved or wanted!  Listen inside you – in your third eye – in your heart – in all areas of your body. Be Still and Listen.

    3. LOOK – Now look at the FulllMoon if you can. Xxx  Or better still close your eyes and imagine it in your mind’s eye or your third eye. Now breathe in the image and take courageous victorious action.


    1. Couple picture of Darshna & Marcus

    2. Dancing lady in green by Titania


    Cheers xxxxx

    I Remain

    Always with Love Light and Joy

    Sensuously Magnanimously Radiant

    Feminine Woman Warrior Power

    Toks Beverley Coker

    Mobile: 07973210107

    Email: toks@handsoflight.co.uk

    Web: www.handsoflight.co.uk / www.tokscoker.com

    Blog: http://tokscoker.wordpress.com/

    Utube: http://www.youtube.com/user/ToksCoker

    Facebook Group: http://snipurl.com/u0e1f

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