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New Moon & Sun in Libra 1 October 2016

Red heartHappy New MoonRed heartHappy Birthday LibransRed heartHappy NavratriRed heart

Happy Birthdayhappy new month October 2016Sacred Matrix

Hello.  We welcome you to an Alchemical Moon Gathering on 2nd October at Violet Hill at 7pm for the Alchemical Moon Workshop, New Moon and Sun in Libra. Click on this link for more information:  Venue 2 October 7pm.  We will  cover a lot at the gathering.


New Moon in Libra works with the Energy of Air and the Element Air. Consider the importance of Air in your life.

    • SURVIVAL, LIFE & DEATH:  Without Air we will die quickly.  We need Air to breathe and circulate energy around us. Air helps us to survive.  the baby takes its first breathe of Air and screams and we know the baby is alive and well.  When we are starved of food we have headaches, etc. angel of light
    • BRAIN:  Breathing in we take in great oxygen which feeds our brain and body and we breathe out carbon dioxide, letting out what no longer serves us. 
    • INTELLIGENCE: Air influences our mind, our intellect, out sense of peace.
    • NATURAL AIR:  Take in the natural energy of the fresh Air.  Go to the sea or park and breathe in the fresh Air and fill your Life Force withe positive energy of Air. 
    • MOVEMENT:  Air is movement.  Air is motion. Air is fast or slow or stagnant.  We dance in Air. Our hair and clothes moves in Air, in the wind.
    • SOUND:  Air enables us to speak with the movement we make with our tongue and air, so enables speech. 
    • HOT & COLD:  Air dances and moves – you can see it in the way Fire dances.  Air can be hot like Fire.  Air can be cold or cool like Water. 
    • FRESHNESS:  Use this New Moon to freshen yourself and breathe in more freshness into your meditation and into your life. 
    • INVISIBLE:  Air is invisible and can be felt.  You see Air move the trees and flowers.  You see the clouds moving.  You see planes and drones flying in the Air. We live in invisible Air.  The space around is invisible Air.  We live in Air.  We breathe Air.  blue goddess of light
    • SKIN:  Our skin loves the freshness of the Air on our hot bodies.  It cools it down when it blows cool hair.
    • SCENT:  Breathe in the scent of a lovely flower, drink, meal and perfume.  Which one makes you feel fresh and happy?  Which smells do you like or dislike?  I love the smell of aromatherapy oils and fresh leather in a car.  I hate the smell of pooh – it makes me feel sick.  Not charming. 
    • DIGESTIVE SYSTEM: The most important organ in the body is the digestive system, which enables human beings to digest, assimilate and eliminate what they eat and drink.  You breathe Air as you eat and digest your food, assimilate your good nutrients and eliminate waste that no longer serves you. 
    • RITUAL: We invoke and do rituals and ceremonies with Air.  We use candles, incense, gongs, drums, flutes, trumpets and divination tools. 
    • SURROUNDED:  We live surrounded by Air.  We work in Air.  We dance in Air. 
    • ANIMALS:  We have birds that fly, insects that fly, animals that fly in the Air.Expansiveness
    • EXPANSIVE: Air is expansive. It is everywhere. It can be trapped but does not like being trapped. Air loves freedom and expansiveness.
    • ACTION:  Create a sacred altar with the element of Air in it.
    • EXPANSION:  Call in freshness, spontaneity, intelligence and mindfulness with the element Air. 
    • CREATIVE: Do something creative with this New Moon. What creative thing are you going to do this New Moon? Listen to a Rumi recital, Watch Andrea Brochelli, play musical instruments?
    • Come to a Rumi Recital on 24 November at 7.30pm at the University Women’s Club, 2 Audley Square, London W1K 1DB

    Expansive Celebrations in October:

    We enter the month of October greeting powerful vortexes from around the world.  With the New Moon and Sun in Libra, we start with the Hindu festival of Navratri on the 1st October.  Followed by the Buddhist SGI World Peace Day on 2nd. On the 3rd we have Muharram, Moslem New Year and on the 4th we have the Christian feast of St Francis of Assisi.  So many events in October.  Take time to meditate and call in all the magical newness and energy.

    1-10-16 - Navratri2-10-16 - SGI World Peace Day3-10-16 - Muharram3-10-16 - Rosh Hashanah4-10-16 - Feast of St Francis of Assisi9-10-16 - Birthday of Guru Ram Das11-10-16 - Ashura12-10-16 - Nichiren Daishonin Inscribes Dai-Gohonzon17-10-16 - Sukkot20-10-16 - Birth of Bab24-10-16 - United Nations Day24-10-16 - Shmini Atzeret25-10-16 - Simchat Torah30-10-16 - British Summer Time Ends31-10-16 - Halloween

    The next two Moon gatherings areMoon Healing Crystal Workshop – Full Moon in AriesMoon Healing Crystal Workshop – New Moon in Scorpio Full Moon in Aries on 16th and New Moon in Scorpio on 30th.  These are the links:






Red heartRed heartFull Moon in Aries, Sunday 16 OctoberRed heartRed heartNew Moon in Scorpio, Sunday 30 OctoberRed heartRed heart


Energy of Now – New Moon in Libra: AIR



New Moon & Sun in Libra Invocation Blessing

Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker

each month

We Greet You

With Your Rise to Success

Facing Your Challenges with Courage

Climbing Each Step with Determination

We Greet You

Infinite PossibilitiesIsis Toks OsirisIsis Toks

We Greet You

With the Energy of Infinite Possibilities

Swishing Moving Magical Air of Isis Osiris Horus

Casting Away from All Sides What No Longer Serves You

We Greet You

isis isis

We Greet You

With the Energy of  Goddess Isis: Ideal Wife, Mother, Sister, Magician, Healer

Re-Evaluating, Re-Newing, Re-Affirming, Re-Birthing with Osiris

Planting Seeding Nature, Health, Marriage & Wisdom

We Greet You 

walking fresh air

We Greet You

With the Happy Energy of Dog Walking in the Park

Breathing in Fresh Air Oxygen into Your Brain

Calling in Freshness in Communication & Intelligence

We Greet You

peacock deco

We Greet You

With the Gloriousness of Your Seeding

Gathering Your New Moon Wishes

Instantaneously Blossoming with Seeding

We Greet You


We Greet You

Celebrating the New Moon in Libra

Anchoring Freedom in Your Friendships & Relationshipos

Seeding Unity and Harmony in the Family

We Greet You

crystal heart candle

We Greet You

With the Vibrating Energy of the Crystalline Heart

Igniting a Light of Movement Within You

Anointing Your Divinity with Newness

We Greet You



With the Radiance of a Powerful Smile

Shifting All Negatives: Touching Your Heart

Oozing and Radiating Love Unconditionally

We Greet You

Relaxing with Nature

We Greet You

With the Energy of Sacred Power

Seeding Your Super Hero Qualities

Your Infinite Potential

We Greet You

Adam and Toks

We Greet You

With the Gift of Flowers

Scenting & Purifying Your Auric Field

Lifting You Up Connecting You to Divinity

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Gathering Energy of the Hindu Temple (BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir)

Aum, Divine Sound, Creative Energy

One Supreme God with Many Manifestations (Avatars, Hanuman, Ganesha)

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Gift of Healing Connections

Seeding and Creating a Network of Success and Happiness

Allowing the New Century of the Golden Era

We Greet You

a woman of spirit

We Greet You

We Greet You

We Greet You

Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker

Sacred Matrix

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