First Full Moon in 2018 – Full Moon in Cancer

2018 is an 11 Year

Today is 1 January 2018. First day, First month. New day, New month. Soon it will be 11am on the 1 January 2018. This makes  1:1:11. On the 11 January 2018 it will be 11:1:11.  We enter the 11 Master Number. Are you ready for this? Every 11 of each month I will be holding an 11:11 one hour gathering on zoom. Details to follow. See you tonight at 7pm.


As you welcome in 2018 may the opening doors of 2018 receive you well. Our gathering last night of the closing and opening of the Portals was, indeed, healing, transformational and unexpected. A lovely lady said it exceeded all expectations.  We had people from Germany and Turkey via Skype. Absolutely wonderful. The hot organic soup and cool organic fruit salad was nurturing on all levels. The tummy felt good and happy. The insights and messages shared were wholesome and embracing. It was an expansive evening. The Moon was full with brilliance and steady.

Happy New Year Everyone. Happy Portal Entry.




Wishing you abundance, joy, wealth, longevity, wisdom, happiness,  shelter, food and nurturing supportive experiences that expand your horizon and bring you more greatness and loveliness. The Smile in Me Greets the Smile in You.  The Light in Me Greets the Light in You. To your continuing joy and happiness. Love Toks, Patric and Yanni, Hands of Light Team. 




In the Cycle of Life we move always from conception, birth, baby, youth, adult hood, mother/fatherhood, aging, old age, sickness and death. As we journey this year may we meet our Cycle of Life with courage, determination, focus, gratitude, confidence and flow. Wishing you all the magnificence you can hold this first  Full Moon in 2018.


Tuesday 2 January 2018

Full Moon in Cancer & Sun in Capricorn

Wolf Moon
Actual Time of New Moon: 2:25 am London
Time of Meditation with Toks: 7:00 pm London

What will be covered at this workshop? How will it help?

  1. This workshop will help you in all areas of your life: emotionally, physically and mentally.
  2. It will help you find clarity in your relationships: family, children, and work.
  3. It will enable you to look at the fullness in your life, celebrating it and YOU.
  4. It will empower you as it encourages you to Look at what needs to be done, to create more of what you need, and want
  5. It will highlight and make you aware of your priorities and boundaries.
  6. You will begin to notice how terribly crowded it is in your head, if it is.
  7. The Full Moon Meditation Workshop is a wonderful experience that removes confusion, chaos, overwhelm, overload, stress and tension.
  8. It will highlight where you are in your transition to transformation.
  9. It will enable you, to list your limiting beliefs, excuses, and blocks.
  10. It will enable you, in noticing and listing, your strengths, greatness, successes, positive changes, and progress.
  11. At the end of the workshop you will be able to list 3 actions you will be taking with this Full Moon, that will expand your life, in more ways than one. 
  12. You will experience feelings of bliss, rapture, inner peace and relaxation.
  13. It will promote clarity, focus, courage, confidence and self-belief.

Click this link to register your sacred space: First Full Moon 2018



New Year’s Eve Gathering New Year Portal Entry Portal

Powerful New Year Entry Portal for 2018
NEW  YEAR’S  EVE  Gathering

31 December (10pm) – 1 January (1am)

A day to give thanks for the year gone by. To reflect. To celebrate. To engage in a ritual and ceremony. To enter the new year with prayer.

Thank You 2017New Year's Eve


Click the picture below to watch the video or click this link:

Happy New Year’s Eve Closing Portal (31 December)
Happy New Year Opening Portal (1 January)
Happy New Year 2018, an 11 Year (1 January)
Happy Full Moon (2 January)

Powerful New Year Entry Portal for 2018
NEW  YEAR’S  EVE  Gathering

31 December (10pm) – 1 January (1am)

Do you want to enter the New Year with prayer, ritual and ceremony?  Do you want to open to more in 2018? Do you feel you are underwater and want to come up for fresh air?  Are you wanting to unload 2017 and upload 2018 in a safe sacred space?

Join us at 10pm on 31 December as we gather to relax, say goodbye to 2017 and welcome in the wonderful unknown of 2018.   An evening to give thanks for the year gone by, 2017. To reflect. To celebrate. To engage in a ritual and ceremony. To enter the New Year, 2018, with prayer.

Here is a Testimonial: “What a magical event. A lot was done in the few short hours that we were together and it all flowed together seamlessly. The exercises of gathering our power and energy created a palpable atmosphere and the sense of connection that was created between everybody as we welcomed in the New Year made the evening perfect. I also love that we had something to take away at the end in terms of lessons and gifts. I feel lucky to have been part of the New Year Portal.” Saarah Choudhry

For those Coming – What to BRING WITH YOU:

1. A NEW YEAR GIFT:  Please bring with you a New Year Present to gift one person. The gift should be worth  £5-10, to give away. We will then close our eyes and start the New Year with a present from Spirit.
2. SPIRITUAL EXCHANGE: It will cost £44 cash at the door. This I will donate to RNIB.  In order to attend, please make a donation of £44 to the Royal National Institute of the Blind or pay £44 at the door.  Click here to make your donation: Or pay on eventbrite which has a fee – Click here Eventbrite. THANK YOU.
3. SHARING OFFERING: You bring something to share for the ritual ceremony e.g. food, drink, refreshment (Please no pork, ham in my flat. Thank you.)
4. CLOTHING: Please wear white – You can change when you get to my flat. White is a powerfully spiritual colour for cleansing, healing and powerful portal shifts.



For those Wanting to Donate:

If you are not able to come or attend, please feel free to donate to RNIB and help me raise some money. Thank you. 


End of Ceremony

At the end of the ceremony, we share the gifts we brought (no one knows whose gift they will pick). This is always a wonderful part of the evening. I still have my Zara perfume someone gifted me and I use it regularly.  Later, after the ceremony, we also talk, watch TV, sing, drum, drink, eat, laugh and share.


Another Testimonial:  “Loved Toks and the joyness feelings I had. The crystals and circle of healing energy moved me. I experienced emotions of love, happiness and joy. I am taking away more positive energy. Toks brings love and light to all. Her workshops was a wonderful experience I will always remember. I thank her for bringing more positivity into my life and leading me with an enhancing experience.” Jessica Prescott


Spending the Night

If you want to spend the night you can sleep on the lovely carpet in the living room.  I do not have a free room. You can bring your sleeping bag with you. If anyone wants to stay the night please let me know before the day so I can make plans. Anyone who stays the night has to leave by 10am latest on 1st January. Thank you. xxx 
Please let me know what you decide.  Let me know if you are able to come so I can plan numbers.   Thank you.

Looking forward to sharing another gorgeous gathering. Here is the link:  Portal Entry

Love Always
Toks xxx
ps – 2nd of January is the Full Moon.



2018 is an 11 Year



In the Gathering of Closing and Opening the Portal there is a lot of change and transition and transformation happing. In one gathering we had musicians who played lovely songs for us after the ceremony.

New Year Portal 2015-2016new year singing


We had link in via Skype from Turkey too.  That was amazing too. And we had everyone writing and letting go and building a new future for themselves and writing it into being. Greatness.

Turkey New Year Portalcuvicmeucaa7llt


  • We will create a Powerful Portal so that we will walk out of 2017 empowered and ready to face the wonderful unknown of 2018.

  • We will choose to celebrate with Sacred Ritual, Prayer and Invocation Blessings.

  • It will be both a collective and individual experience.

  • There will be a powerful vortex of healing that will leave you happy and connected, to yourself and to each other.

  • It will be a real joyful experience of presence to treasure for everyone that is present.

    Turkish New Year PortalMerve New Year Portal

  • We will Call in Our Power and Claim It.

  • We will each Gift a Present.

  • We will each Receive a Present.

  • We will have a great time together as we celebrate our individual and collective transitioning into 2018.

  • We will bring delicious food to share together after having offered it to the Sacred Altar.

  • We will sing, dance, laugh, hug and heal ourselves and each other!

New Year 2015 Portal Openingnewyear2014ceremonypic

Please wear white – You can change when you get to my flat.

Please bring with you a NEW YEAR PRESENT to gift one person. We will then close our eyes and start the New Year with a present from Spirit.  I am asking everyone to bring a New Year gift worth £5-10 to give away.

See you there!

Love Always

Toks xxxx

Welcome 2018newYear

Winter Solstice, London 21 December 2017


happy winter solsticeWinter Solstice (2)


21 December is Winter Solstice.


This is an ancient ritual celebrated world wide.

Here in UK, it is a a very important Pagan / Wiccan ritual. You can find the Druids on Primrose Hill during the Solstice. They believe in the cycle of life, revolving around the seasons, the sun and the moon. 

It used to be known as Yule, from the Norse, Jul, meaning WHEEL.   IT IS NOT A CHRISTMAS CELEBRATION. 

‘Solstice’ means ‘Sun stands Still’.

BEGINNING OF WINTER:  The Winter Solstice marks the first day of Winter and is the shortest.  Days start to get longer and nights shorter around this time.  

It is the start of the Solar Year, the NEW SOLAR YEAR.  It is the celebration of LIGHT and the REBIRTH of the SUN.

The Northern Hemisphere (where London is) is leaning, the most away, from the sun for the year. While we have the Winter Solstice, in the North, the South has the Summer Solstice.

So much happening as mentioned earlier in my last post. This really is a potent time on many levels. Let us take them one by one.


Message of Winter Solstice

Darling Mother

As someone who has brought so many profoundly beautiful gifts into my life this year I offer you these few thoughts…

As I’m sure you know, In the pagan tradition, the Winter Solstice starts at sunset tonight (20 December); when The Great Mother, in her Wise Elder Crone aspect, prepares to release her Golden Sun back towards the Earth.

Here tonight, starts the turning of the year, the weaving of the cocoon web of Yule, the chrysalis that will contain us, for the next 12 days, as we prepare for, the return of the Light.

It is an hermetic time where we are encouraged to turn inwards and examine and honour all we have achieved this year, including the hard-won wounds and fought-for victories.

And it is particularly, tonight, the longest darkest night of the year, that She is in her fiercest aspect; and in many Wytches homes there is the gathering up, of all that symbolises what we wish to leave behind in the dark soils of our life – for the great mulching that begins at dawn tomorrow: the turning of all the ‘negativity’ we’ve been through over the past few months, into the manure from which new seeds will grow next year.

It is particularly powerful to take photographs or papers that represent that or those who no longer serve us and burn them on the hearth.

I cannot begin to thank you enough for all the lessons you have brought and continue to bring to me: of kindness, forgiveness, spiritual authority, honouring, sacred family. You are my divine mother and I love you in the deepest possible way….



ENERGY OF SOSTICEwinter solstice 21.12.09

  1. A time to go within and gestate the seeds of a new cycle.
  2. It is a new breath, a new life.
  3. Time for deep inner reflection.
  4. The most mystical time of the year.
  5. More transformation and shifts.
  6. More change and movement.
  7. More flow and connection to the rhythm of life.
  8. A time to connect with Mother Nature.



Just like the Energy of the New Moon in Sagittarius this is a Time of Truth. Do you tell the Truth honestly and kindly or cruelly? Truths may to told in a way that deliberately harms another. Are you harming another deliberately by telling the truth? Or are you ignoring the Truth and Lying?

As mentioned on the New Moon Truth can be delivered straight as an Arrow, it can hurt or it can bring joy.  The way a Truth is delivered is very important. A Truth that is delivered with cruelty stings directly at the heart. The same Truth delivered with Love will still hurt but perhaps the sting will be felt less cruelly.


in the three Winter Solstice 2009


We journey into the Darkness, as the Lights goes underground. This could be the journey back to your mother’s womb or long before you were born or conceived.





  1. Meditate on the Winter Solstice Eve and Meditate on the Winter Solstice. On the Eve of Winter Solstice you can meditate in the actual dark at night and welcome in the actual time of the Sunlight, Sunset.  If you cannot stay up to the actual Sunset, simply meditate in the dark, then light a candle to represent the Sun Set – the BIRTH OF THE SUN.  Meditate on World Peace.
  2. Pray and give thanks.
  3. Singing songs, chanting, and invoking appreciation, praise and joy (Pagan way). 
  4. Playing Music with drums, rattles, etc.
  5. Sitting in a tree and meditating in silence with the tree.
  1. Create an altar with sacred symbols e.g an alter in the shape of the PENTAGRAM. Use electric lights (blue and white lights) in the shape of a Pentagram.Pentacle 2.svg
  2. Work with Sacred Pagan / Wiccan Symbols like Triple Goddess symbol of waxing, full and waning moon. We have the maiden, the mother and the crone
  1. Honour the Gods – The divine couple in Wicca, with the Lady as Diana, the moon goddess, and the Lord as Pan, the horned god of the wild Earth. The lower figure is Mercury or Hermes, the god or divine force of magic – as shown by his wings and caduceus.
  2. Remember the Gods that remind us of Father Christmas – Thor, the Norse Sky God who rides the sky with his goats, Frey, the Norse Fertility God, Tomte, the Norse Land Spirit who gives gifts to children. Here are other Gods Roman Agricultural God: Saturn, Greek God: Cronos / Father Time, Celtic God of the Dying Year: the Holly King, Russian Winter God: Father Ice / Grandfather Frost, Scandinavian / Teutonic All-Father God: Odin / Wotan, who rides sky on 8-legged horse!  Herne is the Celtic Horned God reminds us of Santa’s reindeers.
    For more gods check this link
  1. Burn a log outside your home or in your fireplace if you have one.
  2. Sit round the Fire Circle outside burning a log of wood e.g. oak
  3. Gather round the Fire, eat, drink, talk, sing, dance, stay warm.
  4. It is believed that you save a bit of the log to start next year’s fire.   
  1. Gather together –  friends and family
  2. Celebrate with others – eat, drink, sing, play music, dance, etc.
  3. Gifting of Gifts – giving and receiving
  4. Meet up, call, phone, email, text. For me, I prefer to meet up, if possible, with those near and dear.
  5. Express gratitude and appreciation to loved ones and people who have helped you.  Remember Gratitude is very important.
  6. Ponder the good and bad experiences you have had all year and reflect on the lessons learnt.
  7. FOR RELEASING: It is particularly powerful to take photographs or papers, that represent that or those who no longer serve us, and burn them on the hearth.
    WITH CHARITIESnew newness
  1. Give to poor, shelters – food, clothes, money
  2. Volunteer at Charity
  3. Offer someone space to sleep in your home if you can
  4. Cook for poor and give them
  5. Teach to write CV, fill up CV form
          1. Decorate the house with flowers, herbs and colours.
          2. Decorate your home in colours such as red, green and white.
          3. Decorate the home with electric lights
          4. Place holly, ivy, evergreen boughs, pine cones around your home.
          5. Hand mistletoe above a major threshold and leave it there all year long to bring in good luck and good fortune.
          6. Make or purchase an evergreen wreath and put on your front door to symbolise continuity of life and the wheel of life.
          7. You may already have a real live tree – a harvested evergreen tree – which you could use as a Solstice Tree and decorate with Pagan symbols.

              WITH ANIMAL: shining white horseHORSE

            As I came to the end of this topic, the picture of this White Horse came up to say hello.  It seemed to what to be included here with the Winter Solstice.

                In Norse mythology Odin, Father of All Gods, rides a horse with 8 legs, called Slejpnir. 

                The White Horse is ridden by Epona, a Mother Goddess for the British and Celtics. The name of the Druid Animal Totem Horse is EACH. Horses have powerful and magical meaning with the Wicca. It is time to journey this Winter Solstice. In the physical world and in the inner world. Horse is quick, decisive, and fast. Horse brings energy and speed to your endeavours. EACH connects us to the Power of Land and Sun. 

                Each works with Epona, and, collectively and individually, they complete LIFE-CYCLE of BIRTH, DEATH, the AFTERLIFE and REBIRTH.  EACH helps us to look at our areas of RESTLESSNESS and helps to balance any unease we have or restlessness we have in a given situation. Horse is sacred medicine bringing good luck and good fortune. It protects us from the evil eye of others and situations. 

                EPONA rides a white horse. In Rome she is worshiped on December 18.  The New Moon in Sagittarius was a few days ago, 18 December.  Interesting she should come up here. In Welsh tradition she is Rhiannon. In Ireland she is Macha and Etain.

                EPONA IS A PROTECTRESS. she is the MOTHER-GODDESS.  She presides over life cycles. She holds a KEY to unlock the GATEWAYS to the UNDERWORLD or OTHERWORLD. She shape shifts and turns into a horse and carries the Soul of the Dead across to paradise.

                In Summer, the GATEWAY is the Gateway of Birth.  Epona opens the Gates of Life at Beltane, allowing a flood of energy to come though.  In Winter, it is the Gateway of Death –  It is the Gateway of the Soul to leave the Earth – the Souls are carried to the AFTERLIFE, back to the Summerland to be RENEWED again. We see here again the life cycle of BIRTH, DEATH, AFTERLIFE, REBIRTH.


                I hope you have enjoyed this read. It has taken me on a long journey full of intrigue and aspirations. So many cultures and religions are intertwined and have cross-influences every time. We really are ALL ONE.  There is so much more on this topic, but I stop here. What are you going to do this Winter Solstice? Make sure you enjoy it. Are you going to do one of the above things mentioned? We are.


    New Moon in Sagittarius



    We have to go where no man or woman has gone before with Toks Coker, says Mr Spock.  We have so many places to go to:

    Happy New Moon (18 December)
    Happy Solstice (21 December)
    Merry Christmas (25 December)
    Happy New Year’s Eve (31 December)
    Happy New Year (1 January)
    Happy Full Moon (2 January)


    In this blog post I talk only about –


    24 - New Moon in Sagittarius (18-12-17)24 - New Moon in Sagittarius (18-12-17) (2)

    Today, Monday 18 December is the New Moon and Sun in Sagittarius.  Element is FIRE.   Actual Time of New Moon: 6:31 am London. Time of New Moon Meditation is 7pm London. Time of Distant Healing is 8pm for 3 nights (including Moon night).

    Quote: “They tried to bury us.  They didn’t know we were seeds.” Mexican Proverb

    Archer1Symbol: Archer (you as the Archer with your Bow and Arrow)

    BOW AND ARROW:  Which way do you want to aim your Bow? Up, Down, Straight, Left, Right? The choice is yours.  It is, after all, your Bow and Arrow.

    Take the Bow and Arrow and take control of your life. Aim the Bow and Shoot the Arrow to your Desires, Wishes, Goals and Wants. You Aim your Arrow in a straight direction and shoot.  Mr Spock says it is logical and possible.

    TRUTH: New Moon in Sagittarius is about being Truthful. In order to be effective, Truth must penetrate like an Arrow…..and it is likely to hurt.

    WHERE: This New Moon Alchemy Workshop is about finding time to honour yourself and where you are right now. Are you ready to face where you are now? And look to where you want to be?

    rootBeginCHANGES:  With all the changes and transformations happening, this is an important time to centre yourself and balance your Chakras. Come gather in a sacred space to help you balance your life on a very deep emotional, physical, physiological, mental and spiritual level.

    BEGINNINGS: This is a potent time to invite in and honour the beginning of new things in your life.  A time to start again.  A time to refresh and look at your life in a new way. A time of new beginnings. This does not mean you throw away anything ‘old’.  It means you look at your life in a precise way and realise what needs to be renewed, cleaned, thrown away and requires going back to the drawing board.



    • Are you ready to commit to yourself – to the ultimate freedom of you, in more ways than one?
    • Are you tired of being behind, feeling left out, not included or just fed up of the ‘games’ people play?
    • Are you ready to redefine you, before the end of the year? 
    • Are you ready to give yourself a hug; and if not, have someone who will give you a hug and help you to give yourself a healing empowering hug?
    • Are you ready to express your TRUTH in a sacred space and come back home to yourself refreshed, renewed, rejuvenated and revitalised?
    • Are you ready and have the Time for a new perspective, a new you and a new page? 
    • Or it may simply be a refresh, a reminder of who you are, and what your purpose is, so you can complete what you need to, before the year is over?
    • Do you think it is Time to make decisions? Then Allocate time to make great decisions.
      See you later today at 7pm. Click for details: NewMoon












    Super Full Moon in Gemini – Moving Forward


    A Gathering to Move Forward and

    Celebrate Fullness



    What happens when you decide to move forward? You get resistance? You move forward? You get to feel free? You get to be yourself?  You get to break free of everything holding you back? This is what this Full Moon is about.

    What does Moving Forward mean? It means moving from where you are forward, taking a step forward – not backward. It means looking forward – not being held by our past pains or suffering.  It means not being trapped or stuck. It means thinking ahead and being ahead; and doing things that promote or advance you e.g ‘a training will help forward your career.’ Moving Forward is continuing on a path or course of action – not giving up. It is facing the front to move on – move forward e.g. moving forward in a line in the bank. This Full Moon invites you to COME FORWARD.

    What Words describe Moving Forward? Which words resonate with you? Advance, Progress, Grow, Achieve, Promote, Increase, More, Accomplish, Expand, Bloom, Improve, Fulfil, Boost, Advance, Ascend. This Full Moon invites us to SHOW UP BLOOMING and SHINING.

    Lets do some reflective work. Looking at your Past:

    1. How have you Moved Forward? FireAltar
    2. Why did you Move Forward?
    3. Where did you Move Forward?
    4. When did you Move Forward?
    5. What did you have to do to Move Forward?

    Lets do some Energy of Now work. Looking at your Now:

    1. How are you Moving Forward Now?
    2. Why are you Moving Forward Now?
    3. Where are you Moving Forward Now?
    4. When are you Moving Forward Now?
    5. What do you have to do to Move Forward Now?

    Is there a difference between the answers in your Past and the answers in your Now?

    What images represent Moving Forward for you? What music? What colour? What food?

    This Full Moon says it is our right to move forward. It is time to move forward to developing ourselves and not stay stuck.  How many time do you find you get stuck because of what someone has said to you. You need to push yourself through you resistance and move forward to be more than you are and to be more than you thought. Yes you can accomplish things. Yes you can finish things. Yes you are doing so.

    This Full Moon is saying leave the past behind, release the heaviness and chains, the bitterness, the heaviness and the darkness. Let the light of the Moon shine on you revealing a FORWARD PATH, a way forward that is safe and wholesome and great.

    In my newsletter I talked about Zange, a Buddhist words that means Sorry and explained in detail how to do Zange. You can join my mailing list by clicking this link. If you fill up the birthday details on your birthday I send a blessing and give a gift.  Click here: Hello

    Benefits of Green Calcite

    nov 17 111111 pictures 176

    This particular Green Calcite is very healing and powerful. I use it a lot in my Celestial Healing Portals.  It is a cleanser, purifier, magnifier, amplifier and a streamer.  It streams Light Language, Divine Healing and DNA Codes for the group energy. It draws money and prosperity. It encourages healing on all levels gently and naturally.

    It empowers your mind in a new beginning and in a continuing so you can grow and move forward. It creates movement from stagnation. It stimulates all the circulatory systems and the immune systems. It calms and relaxed the mind creating a wonderful feeling of peace and tranquillity within. It enables you to go about your daily life in the chaos of whatever you are going through.  I find it very knowledgeable and influential.

    An Act of Kindness Everyday


    What Act of Kindness are you going to do this month, December? The above Kindness Calendar shows some ideas to help you. An Act of Kindness goes a long way to bringing a simple smile to another person’s face.  What Act of Kindness will you choose to do?

    Testimonials from New Moon in Scorpio


    It was healing, empowering and re-affirming. There was a lot of strength and movement and shifting of weakness into powerful grounding. New Moon Meditations have helped me in every area of my life. Legion of Light Jocelyn known as Jocelyn Jee Esien of Three Non-Blondes

    It was a magical, powerful and clear working with the portal. I loved the colour and the touching inside out. I felt a lot of letting go and witnessing things dropping off.  I am taking away strength. Life is a mystery, this is about touching what you cannot see, giving time for things you cannot explain. Legion of Light Sam Roddick

    It was very affirming. I liked the visual element. The Invocation made me cry, so that means it’s real. I was moved by Toks speech and sounds. I was so moved by my relationship with the crystals, especially through the spirits – that was so wonderful. This was my first time. Legion of Light Asa

    Coming here was important for my journey and very important for me. I was moved by my Soul. I experienced self sabotage and released self sabotage. I am taking away lots of renewed energy.  Toks work is amazing. Legion of Light Moni Rodriguez

    I experienced releasing all the rubbish in this sacred space. Thank you. It was a powerful journey and I am taking away my core messages and Patrick’s amazing soup. Genevieve

    I liked very much the reflecting and the restart energy. I enjoyed speaking out my desire as if it already happened. I am taking away with me confidence that my intuition is being strengthened. Toks offers a genuine service and her gifts are authentic. Legion of Light Jin

    I found the energy to be really deep and powerful like the depth of an ocean. I liked this sense of deep movement.

    Seeing the portal as the vision for my life, clear, perfect and then working with this energy vision, claiming it for myself – this was really empowering and invigorating, as well as, refreshing.

    I am taking away the realisation that it is all mine – my vision, my dream – and I deserve it. 

    This moon was deep and powerful for me. 2017 has been about me crawling out of my shell, dragging myself from one small victory to another; building momentum and empowering myself; one step at a time.

    These Moon Gatherings with Toks have been absolutely key to the quantum-karma-shifting part of my life. My finances have completely transformed – they shifted and expanding three times over the course of this year.

    My relationship with my father had long been based on aggression, conflict and lots and lots of anger and scathing judgements. This year, somehow, all of that has taken a U-turn and gone in the other direction. I found a respect and love for my father that I didn’t know was there – I see myself in him and my heart smiles when I do.

    I am also learning how to better handle my money and not be so carless with it.

    I have also transformed aspects of my relationships with my brother and my mother: new avenues of communication are opening i.e. we do not throw our pain at each other as much as we did.

    I learning to be more wise and compassionate and more loving.  My Inner Self is shining through more regularly than before. I am seeing the habits and patterns that use to hold me back in the past and I am starting to make new decisions to empower myself and nurture myself as I transform my view of myself and learn to look after myself more and more.

    All of this is possible because of Toks supporting me through all of her ground breaking Moon Alchemy Gatherings. Toks channels so much Light in her gatherings it is truly phenomenal. Toks integrity is second to none. I have never met someone who is as true and as authentic as she is, nor as kind and wise and knowledgeable.  Legion of Light Yanni Konstantinopulos


    I would like to say I am very humbled when I read these wonderful testimonials. It is such and honour to change lives and to inspire greatness in humanity. Thank you for allowing me to do this wonderful work. Thank you for these  wonderful testimonials. I am really pleased and humbled. Thank you xxxx

    I want to say Thank you for reading my blog.  I hope you enjoyed it and learnt something you can share with others. Please spread my work – tell others about my work, share it and come joint us at our gatherings. We have two gatherings before the year ends. I would really love to see you there. Come join us…   

    New Moon and Sun in Scorpio 18 November 2017

    22 - New Moon in Scorpio (18-11-17)22 - New Moon in Scorpio (18-11-17) (2)

    We gather for another New Moon a time for a new story, a time for a new you, a time for a new reflection, a time for a new relaxation, a time for a new contemplation, a time for a newness of you. Come let us gather for your newness and your new beginning and your new life.

    I invite you to journey with me, Toks Coker, with Singing Crystal Bowls, Powerful Invocation, Light Language, Crystals and Animal Totems that will anchor Cosmic Healing in your body. It will connect you back to your natural harmonic resonance, where you will experience a deep meditative state  that will enable even deeper healing, relaxation and a great feeling of being, allowing and inner peace, as the boundaries of the mind and body dissolve and float into lightness of Being.  Details below:

    Event: NEW MOON AND SUN IN SCORPIO – Alchemical Light Calling

    Date: Saturday 18 November

    Time of Physical Gathering: 7pm London  (Time of New Moon/Energetic Gathering: 11:43am London)

    Element: Water

    Symbol: Scorpion

    SCORPIO QUOTE:  “We rise by kneeling.  We conquer by surrounding.  We gain by giving up.” Hercules’ Teacher

    New Moon & Sun in Scorpio

    What is the Energy of Now talking to us about?

    It is asking us to look at aspect of Life and Death and Rebirth. What is your Death right now? What is your Rebirth right now? What is your Life right now. Things are changing. Things have to change. If you do not make the changes being shown to you gently, the Universe will force the change with an event that will shock you and shift you. Listen to your life. Listen to your heart. Listen to your intuition. Listen. Listen. Listen.

    Here are some questions to help you with the Energy of Now:

    1. WHAT are you going to do differently?
    2. What are you going to change?
    3. What are you going to keep in your life?
    4. What is going to serve you?
    5. WHO are you going to let go of?
    6. Who do you need to let go of? 
    7. Who do you need to bond with?
    8. Who has shown through the confusion that they are true friends, true loves?
    9. Who is serving you with reverence?
    10. Who are you serving with reverence?
    11. Who do you trust?
    12. HOW are you going to change?
    13. How are you going to move forward?
    14. How are you choosing to life your life now?
    15. How are you going to show respect now?
    16. WHERE will you go now?
    17. Where will you build you life now?
    18. Where are you going to declare your boundaries?
    19. Where do you see yourself in the next month, three month?
    20. Where do you need to improve in your life?
    21. WHY will you let go of this person, this group, this idea?
    22. Why will you choose you?
    23. Why will you refuse to be controlled or lied to?
    24. Why will this no longer serve you?


      The month of November has seen many wonderful things happen and many painful experiences as well. We had lots of illnesses in people and animals. The need to take care of our physical body was very much highlighted with this Energy of Now. 


      Please join me in sending healing to this lovely dog, Charlie, who is also asking us all to send him healing to make him better.  Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. 


      We had the 11:11 Energy Vibration on the 11 November, calling in the power of the Master Number 11.

      We had lots of birthdays and deaths.

      African and Caribbean War Memorial

      We had Remembrance Sunday on 12 November, remember those who have died serving and saving Great Britain. I had the privilege of doing the Libation for the African and Caribbean War Memorial at Windrush Square in Brixton, London.  Click the picture to see the Libation Prayer done in memory of the African and Caribbean Service Men and Women who died in World War I and II.  If that does not work click the YouTube:


      Invocation Blessing for the

      New Moon and Sun in Scorpio

      This will be channelled live at the New Moon Gathering.

      To buy an unedited audio copy of the Meditation worth £20 pay on PayPal  Once payment received, Delivery will be sent via WeTransfer to your email. This will be sent a day or two AFTER the event. 

      Full Moon in Taurus & Sun in Scorpio: Earth/Water

      Happy Full Moon in Taurus and Sun in Scorpio


      freedomred kite birdred kite on tree

      Are you finding that you want to fly high, and fly as high as you want to go? With no restrictions? No garbage? No baggage? No limiting decisions or mind set? No restrictions? No commitment? No responsibility? Just You alone and happy and content. And then when you wanted to you could float down on the tree and rest on the top of the tree. Being the Source of Your Own Power is that easy.


      Here are some You-Tube links – they explain the energy many are feeling around now.  Simply click the sentence to view:

      How to Deal with Disappointment?

      How do you break ties that bind negatively? 

      Full Moon in Taurus 


      Full Moon Radiance

      On Saturday 4 November is the Full Moon in Taurus – Sun in Scorpio.

      Known as the Beaver Moon we find ourselves working with the Elements – Earth and Water. 

      The actual time of the Full Moon in London is 05:24 GMT (5:24am) London. The actual time of the ALCHEMICAL FULL MOON MEDITATION GATHERING is 7pm. 

      Full Moon in Aries - Sun in Libra


      Soul Song Family

      EARTH (Taurus) WATER (Scorpio) DYNAMICS

      EARTH: Earth is practical and wants calm, and to make money peacefully. It wants to ground money and make it grow. It wants to apply itself to build more.  The essence of Earth is grounding, centring, stability, foundation and balance. It is represented by soil, trees, plants, gnomes, goblins, sand. The season is Autumn and the colour is Red. It is the Root Chakra.  When you build a home you create a foundation for the family – you have enough money to feed, clothe and shelter the body (Earth). When you do this you are putting down your roots, you are staying – you are not going. You are rooting and earthing.

      Earth MoneyWATER: Water is emotional, intuitive and cleansing. It is love and fertility. It is the season Summer and the colour is blue. It is represented by Water, Corals, Fish, Sponges. Water likes money to flow easily and beautifully. It wants to be free and loose. It does not like stagnation. It wants to be free to move and flow like our intuition and third eye. It is the Thyroid, Throat Chakra.  Water likes to flow and has a wonderful sound when it is in flow.  When you have a nice Throat Chakra you are able to speak fluently, fluidly and clearly. This is the Water energy being good to you.

      NEED EACH OTHER: Earth needs Water to be fruitful and for nourishment. Water needs Earth to accomplish many things. Together they work well together balancing out their differences.

      WORKING TOGETHER: In a Garden, Earth provides the structure and foundation for the seed to grow, secure in its darkness, void energy. All the Earth does is provide the space for the plants and flowers to grow. The Water nourishes and feeds the soil to make it a great breeding ground for the Earth (plants, flowers, trees).  The need to work together to create something wonderful is beautiful to see.

      Water Heart SunsetLOGIC VS. EMOTIONAL: As they work together Water is good at handling emotional sensitive issues, Earth is not.  Earth is good at handling logical and practical issues, decision making, Water is not. Earth goes with the mind. Water with the heart and feelings.

      SENSES: Listening to the sound of Water is healing. Smelling the perfume of the flowers is cleansing and healing. Drinking Water is Powerful, it quenches are thirst and nourished our cells, skin, etc. The Water enables our body, Earth, to work properly.

      EXTREMES: Extremes of Water can flood, create a tsunami, a mudslide causing havoc to Earth. If the Earth is too dry it will not yield food or nourishment.

      POSITIVES: The Positive Qualities of Water are calming, mildness, trusting, devotion, forgiveness, compassion, love, fervour, relaxation, healing, nourishing, softness, meditative, prayer, devotion, invocation, blessings and positive mind set. The Positive Qualities of Earth are grounding, perseverance, consistency, punctuality, caution, ambition, success, reliable, firm, strong, careful, responsibility, stable, safe, and respectful.

      Earth Portal GridNEGATIVES:  The Negative Qualities of Water are slippery, heartless, cold, ruthless, rejection, laziness, impatience, slowness, stiffness, hardness, splashing around, chaos and blaming. The Negative Qualities of Earth are rigidity, immovable, stubborn, hateful, revengeful, thickness, timid, fearful, touchiness, erupting, and superficial.

      BRAIN: The Left Brain is Earth and the Right Brain is Water. Left Brain (Earth) is logical, mathematical, scientific, look at facts, think in words, practice linear thinking and sequencing.  The Right Brain (Water) is imaginative, intuitive, artistic, feels, visualises, practices holistic thinking and rhythm.

      MALE/FAMALE: The Water is the Female and the Earth is the Male.  Female is soft, fluid, flowing, curvy, open, and warm.  Male is hard, straight, rigid, static  and hot.

      HOMEWORK: How are you balancing the Earth and Water in you?  How are you balancing the Male (Earth) and Female (Water) in you? How are you balancing your Left Brain (Earth) and your Right Brain (Water)?


      Happy Faces after a meditation with Toks xxx

      Kiss DownloadRelaxed DownloadHealing Smiles

      Jupiter moves into Scorpio for a year on the Super Full Moon tomorrow. Wow. Ready for CHANGE? Ready for POWER? Ready for SEX? Ready for MONEY? Ready for FUN? Ready for CREATION? Ready for CREATIVITY? 

      You can no longer do things the way you were doing them. Things have to change. Let us celebrate change with this Full Moon in Taurus and Sun in Scorpio.  Yes I am ready for EXPANSION. Yes I am ready for OPENNESS. Yes I am ready for TRUTH. Yes I am ready for PASSION. Yes I am ready for ACTIVE LIFE FORCE. Yes I am ready for the Downloads of Wonderful White Light Energy.

      As we ALIGN ourselves to the Power and Energy of this Full Moon let us increase our quota of light frequency and ability to bring it down into our Earthly Body and live more joyfully on Earth with ease and flow (Water). The need to grow both inwardly and outwardly is crucial for us all. I am not sure how we will all do in this aspect, but we will all try and determine to be more than we have ever been. We will bring all the years of our age into this vibration tomorrow and amplify it the number of years we are.  Now, that is wonderful.

      As mentioned earlier we need to balance all the extremes – Earth and Water, Fire and Air, and then all together balance out life’s. In activating our Soul Journey we continue our Soul Activation. We let go of old habits to allow the True Power of Your Soul to reveal itself. The Voice of the Soul seeks to speak, it seeks to dance, it seeks  to nourish, it seeks to voice its True Essence and True Passion. Your Journey with your Soul and to your Deeper Soul reveals the masks you wear and forces you to unveil yourself to yourself, as you communicate with the Soul, revealing your Soul Essence and you Soul Truth. How auspicious.

      Remember, the POWER OF THE SOUL cannot be destroyed by anyone or anything. It is uniquely Yours and True for you. You are being Celebrated this Full Moon. Everyone is being Celebrated this Full Moon. Celebrate your Presence and your Being and your Power. The Universe is waiting for You. The Universe is ready for You. Are You Ready?

      The Voice of the Soul calls out for you. Lift up your hands …. Come let us gather together ….

      gathering power

      What will we learn at the Alchemical Full Moon Gathering?

      1. We’re going to learn to put ourselves first.
      2. We’re going to learn to cut the ties that bind you, that put you last.
      3. We’re going to learn to cut the ties that bind you, that cause you to be doubting yourself.
      4. We’re going to learn that it is time to love yourself first: your mind, your health, your spirit.
      5. We’re going to learn to face our monsters and still be OK.

        What will we release during the Alchemical Full Moon Meditation?
        We will release stress, tension, confusion, clutter and chaos we have been going through. We will release a negative tie that binds us and restricts us to limiting decisions. We will release a karmic family pattern. We will release a difficult relationship. Perhaps you have something specific you want to release, then that will be released to.

        What will we do at the Alchemical Full Moon Gathering?
        We will enter a sacred space with a special greeting and cleansing. We will move, pray, meditate, channel healing light, send healing to the world and to those who have asked for healing.  We will work with healing sounds, crystals, portals, connecting to Higher frequencies and heal ourselves. We will rejuvenate ourselves and allow our inner Light to shine through.

        At the end of the Alchemical Full Moon Gathering what will YOU be able to do? BENEFITS?

      1. MENTALLY: YOU will be able to have more clarity, make clear decisions, have more insight into a situation and be ready to take action in at least one area of your life. 
      2. BODY: You will feel relaxed, peaceful, calmer, more settled and centred in your body. This will aid healing of your body, removing of dis-ease and revitalising your cells.
      3. EMOTIONS: You will be able to boldly go where you have not been able to go before, with more courage and confidence. You feel more alive as you experience deep self-worth and self-value.
      4. SPIRITUALLY: You will have activated your Intuition, all your Chakras and your Subtle Bodies, causing a deep shift, that will embrace you, with a smile. 

      So much to experience, at these Alchemical Moon Gatherings of learning, healing, resting and recharging, as you celebrate your life, being YOU authentically, with integrity.

      Golden Crystal Singing Bowl

      Invocation Blessing for this Full Moon

      Will be channelled live at the Alchemical Full Moon Meditation Gathering.

      Dragon Crystal

      We Greet You

      With the Dragon Energy of Earth and Water

      Introducing You to Yourself

      Celebrating Your Soul Journey in the Power Your Uphold

      We Greet You


      See you at the Full Moon Gathering on Saturday 4 November at 7pm.

      Be Ready

      Love Always

      Toks xxx

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