Super Full Moon in Gemini – Moving Forward


A Gathering to Move Forward and

Celebrate Fullness



What happens when you decide to move forward? You get resistance? You move forward? You get to feel free? You get to be yourself?  You get to break free of everything holding you back? This is what this Full Moon is about.

What does Moving Forward mean? It means moving from where you are forward, taking a step forward – not backward. It means looking forward – not being held by our past pains or suffering.  It means not being trapped or stuck. It means thinking ahead and being ahead; and doing things that promote or advance you e.g ‘a training will help forward your career.’ Moving Forward is continuing on a path or course of action – not giving up. It is facing the front to move on – move forward e.g. moving forward in a line in the bank. This Full Moon invites you to COME FORWARD.

What Words describe Moving Forward? Which words resonate with you? Advance, Progress, Grow, Achieve, Promote, Increase, More, Accomplish, Expand, Bloom, Improve, Fulfil, Boost, Advance, Ascend. This Full Moon invites us to SHOW UP BLOOMING and SHINING.

Lets do some reflective work. Looking at your Past:

  1. How have you Moved Forward? FireAltar
  2. Why did you Move Forward?
  3. Where did you Move Forward?
  4. When did you Move Forward?
  5. What did you have to do to Move Forward?

Lets do some Energy of Now work. Looking at your Now:

  1. How are you Moving Forward Now?
  2. Why are you Moving Forward Now?
  3. Where are you Moving Forward Now?
  4. When are you Moving Forward Now?
  5. What do you have to do to Move Forward Now?

Is there a difference between the answers in your Past and the answers in your Now?

What images represent Moving Forward for you? What music? What colour? What food?

This Full Moon says it is our right to move forward. It is time to move forward to developing ourselves and not stay stuck.  How many time do you find you get stuck because of what someone has said to you. You need to push yourself through you resistance and move forward to be more than you are and to be more than you thought. Yes you can accomplish things. Yes you can finish things. Yes you are doing so.

This Full Moon is saying leave the past behind, release the heaviness and chains, the bitterness, the heaviness and the darkness. Let the light of the Moon shine on you revealing a FORWARD PATH, a way forward that is safe and wholesome and great.

In my newsletter I talked about Zange, a Buddhist words that means Sorry and explained in detail how to do Zange. You can join my mailing list by clicking this link. If you fill up the birthday details on your birthday I send a blessing and give a gift.  Click here: Hello

Benefits of Green Calcite

nov 17 111111 pictures 176

This particular Green Calcite is very healing and powerful. I use it a lot in my Celestial Healing Portals.  It is a cleanser, purifier, magnifier, amplifier and a streamer.  It streams Light Language, Divine Healing and DNA Codes for the group energy. It draws money and prosperity. It encourages healing on all levels gently and naturally.

It empowers your mind in a new beginning and in a continuing so you can grow and move forward. It creates movement from stagnation. It stimulates all the circulatory systems and the immune systems. It calms and relaxed the mind creating a wonderful feeling of peace and tranquillity within. It enables you to go about your daily life in the chaos of whatever you are going through.  I find it very knowledgeable and influential.

An Act of Kindness Everyday


What Act of Kindness are you going to do this month, December? The above Kindness Calendar shows some ideas to help you. An Act of Kindness goes a long way to bringing a simple smile to another person’s face.  What Act of Kindness will you choose to do?

Testimonials from New Moon in Scorpio


It was healing, empowering and re-affirming. There was a lot of strength and movement and shifting of weakness into powerful grounding. New Moon Meditations have helped me in every area of my life. Legion of Light Jocelyn known as Jocelyn Jee Esien of Three Non-Blondes

It was a magical, powerful and clear working with the portal. I loved the colour and the touching inside out. I felt a lot of letting go and witnessing things dropping off.  I am taking away strength. Life is a mystery, this is about touching what you cannot see, giving time for things you cannot explain. Legion of Light Sam Roddick

It was very affirming. I liked the visual element. The Invocation made me cry, so that means it’s real. I was moved by Toks speech and sounds. I was so moved by my relationship with the crystals, especially through the spirits – that was so wonderful. This was my first time. Legion of Light Asa

Coming here was important for my journey and very important for me. I was moved by my Soul. I experienced self sabotage and released self sabotage. I am taking away lots of renewed energy.  Toks work is amazing. Legion of Light Moni Rodriguez

I experienced releasing all the rubbish in this sacred space. Thank you. It was a powerful journey and I am taking away my core messages and Patrick’s amazing soup. Genevieve

I liked very much the reflecting and the restart energy. I enjoyed speaking out my desire as if it already happened. I am taking away with me confidence that my intuition is being strengthened. Toks offers a genuine service and her gifts are authentic. Legion of Light Jin

I found the energy to be really deep and powerful like the depth of an ocean. I liked this sense of deep movement.

Seeing the portal as the vision for my life, clear, perfect and then working with this energy vision, claiming it for myself – this was really empowering and invigorating, as well as, refreshing.

I am taking away the realisation that it is all mine – my vision, my dream – and I deserve it. 

This moon was deep and powerful for me. 2017 has been about me crawling out of my shell, dragging myself from one small victory to another; building momentum and empowering myself; one step at a time.

These Moon Gatherings with Toks have been absolutely key to the quantum-karma-shifting part of my life. My finances have completely transformed – they shifted and expanding three times over the course of this year.

My relationship with my father had long been based on aggression, conflict and lots and lots of anger and scathing judgements. This year, somehow, all of that has taken a U-turn and gone in the other direction. I found a respect and love for my father that I didn’t know was there – I see myself in him and my heart smiles when I do.

I am also learning how to better handle my money and not be so carless with it.

I have also transformed aspects of my relationships with my brother and my mother: new avenues of communication are opening i.e. we do not throw our pain at each other as much as we did.

I learning to be more wise and compassionate and more loving.  My Inner Self is shining through more regularly than before. I am seeing the habits and patterns that use to hold me back in the past and I am starting to make new decisions to empower myself and nurture myself as I transform my view of myself and learn to look after myself more and more.

All of this is possible because of Toks supporting me through all of her ground breaking Moon Alchemy Gatherings. Toks channels so much Light in her gatherings it is truly phenomenal. Toks integrity is second to none. I have never met someone who is as true and as authentic as she is, nor as kind and wise and knowledgeable.  Legion of Light Yanni Konstantinopulos


I would like to say I am very humbled when I read these wonderful testimonials. It is such and honour to change lives and to inspire greatness in humanity. Thank you for allowing me to do this wonderful work. Thank you for these  wonderful testimonials. I am really pleased and humbled. Thank you xxxx

I want to say Thank you for reading my blog.  I hope you enjoyed it and learnt something you can share with others. Please spread my work – tell others about my work, share it and come joint us at our gatherings. We have two gatherings before the year ends. I would really love to see you there. Come join us…   

New Moon and Sun in Scorpio 18 November 2017

22 - New Moon in Scorpio (18-11-17)22 - New Moon in Scorpio (18-11-17) (2)

We gather for another New Moon a time for a new story, a time for a new you, a time for a new reflection, a time for a new relaxation, a time for a new contemplation, a time for a newness of you. Come let us gather for your newness and your new beginning and your new life.

I invite you to journey with me, Toks Coker, with Singing Crystal Bowls, Powerful Invocation, Light Language, Crystals and Animal Totems that will anchor Cosmic Healing in your body. It will connect you back to your natural harmonic resonance, where you will experience a deep meditative state  that will enable even deeper healing, relaxation and a great feeling of being, allowing and inner peace, as the boundaries of the mind and body dissolve and float into lightness of Being.  Details below:

Event: NEW MOON AND SUN IN SCORPIO – Alchemical Light Calling

Date: Saturday 18 November

Time of Physical Gathering: 7pm London  (Time of New Moon/Energetic Gathering: 11:43am London)

Element: Water

Symbol: Scorpion

SCORPIO QUOTE:  “We rise by kneeling.  We conquer by surrounding.  We gain by giving up.” Hercules’ Teacher

New Moon & Sun in Scorpio

What is the Energy of Now talking to us about?

It is asking us to look at aspect of Life and Death and Rebirth. What is your Death right now? What is your Rebirth right now? What is your Life right now. Things are changing. Things have to change. If you do not make the changes being shown to you gently, the Universe will force the change with an event that will shock you and shift you. Listen to your life. Listen to your heart. Listen to your intuition. Listen. Listen. Listen.

Here are some questions to help you with the Energy of Now:

  1. WHAT are you going to do differently?
  2. What are you going to change?
  3. What are you going to keep in your life?
  4. What is going to serve you?
  5. WHO are you going to let go of?
  6. Who do you need to let go of? 
  7. Who do you need to bond with?
  8. Who has shown through the confusion that they are true friends, true loves?
  9. Who is serving you with reverence?
  10. Who are you serving with reverence?
  11. Who do you trust?
  12. HOW are you going to change?
  13. How are you going to move forward?
  14. How are you choosing to life your life now?
  15. How are you going to show respect now?
  16. WHERE will you go now?
  17. Where will you build you life now?
  18. Where are you going to declare your boundaries?
  19. Where do you see yourself in the next month, three month?
  20. Where do you need to improve in your life?
  21. WHY will you let go of this person, this group, this idea?
  22. Why will you choose you?
  23. Why will you refuse to be controlled or lied to?
  24. Why will this no longer serve you?


    The month of November has seen many wonderful things happen and many painful experiences as well. We had lots of illnesses in people and animals. The need to take care of our physical body was very much highlighted with this Energy of Now. 


    Please join me in sending healing to this lovely dog, Charlie, who is also asking us all to send him healing to make him better.  Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. 


    We had the 11:11 Energy Vibration on the 11 November, calling in the power of the Master Number 11.

    We had lots of birthdays and deaths.

    African and Caribbean War Memorial

    We had Remembrance Sunday on 12 November, remember those who have died serving and saving Great Britain. I had the privilege of doing the Libation for the African and Caribbean War Memorial at Windrush Square in Brixton, London.  Click the picture to see the Libation Prayer done in memory of the African and Caribbean Service Men and Women who died in World War I and II.  If that does not work click the YouTube:


    Invocation Blessing for the

    New Moon and Sun in Scorpio

    This will be channelled live at the New Moon Gathering.

    To buy an unedited audio copy of the Meditation worth £20 pay on PayPal  Once payment received, Delivery will be sent via WeTransfer to your email. This will be sent a day or two AFTER the event. 

    Full Moon in Taurus & Sun in Scorpio: Earth/Water

    Happy Full Moon in Taurus and Sun in Scorpio


    freedomred kite birdred kite on tree

    Are you finding that you want to fly high, and fly as high as you want to go? With no restrictions? No garbage? No baggage? No limiting decisions or mind set? No restrictions? No commitment? No responsibility? Just You alone and happy and content. And then when you wanted to you could float down on the tree and rest on the top of the tree. Being the Source of Your Own Power is that easy.


    Here are some You-Tube links – they explain the energy many are feeling around now.  Simply click the sentence to view:

    How to Deal with Disappointment?

    How do you break ties that bind negatively? 

    Full Moon in Taurus 


    Full Moon Radiance

    On Saturday 4 November is the Full Moon in Taurus – Sun in Scorpio.

    Known as the Beaver Moon we find ourselves working with the Elements – Earth and Water. 

    The actual time of the Full Moon in London is 05:24 GMT (5:24am) London. The actual time of the ALCHEMICAL FULL MOON MEDITATION GATHERING is 7pm. 

    Full Moon in Aries - Sun in Libra


    Soul Song Family

    EARTH (Taurus) WATER (Scorpio) DYNAMICS

    EARTH: Earth is practical and wants calm, and to make money peacefully. It wants to ground money and make it grow. It wants to apply itself to build more.  The essence of Earth is grounding, centring, stability, foundation and balance. It is represented by soil, trees, plants, gnomes, goblins, sand. The season is Autumn and the colour is Red. It is the Root Chakra.  When you build a home you create a foundation for the family – you have enough money to feed, clothe and shelter the body (Earth). When you do this you are putting down your roots, you are staying – you are not going. You are rooting and earthing.

    Earth MoneyWATER: Water is emotional, intuitive and cleansing. It is love and fertility. It is the season Summer and the colour is blue. It is represented by Water, Corals, Fish, Sponges. Water likes money to flow easily and beautifully. It wants to be free and loose. It does not like stagnation. It wants to be free to move and flow like our intuition and third eye. It is the Thyroid, Throat Chakra.  Water likes to flow and has a wonderful sound when it is in flow.  When you have a nice Throat Chakra you are able to speak fluently, fluidly and clearly. This is the Water energy being good to you.

    NEED EACH OTHER: Earth needs Water to be fruitful and for nourishment. Water needs Earth to accomplish many things. Together they work well together balancing out their differences.

    WORKING TOGETHER: In a Garden, Earth provides the structure and foundation for the seed to grow, secure in its darkness, void energy. All the Earth does is provide the space for the plants and flowers to grow. The Water nourishes and feeds the soil to make it a great breeding ground for the Earth (plants, flowers, trees).  The need to work together to create something wonderful is beautiful to see.

    Water Heart SunsetLOGIC VS. EMOTIONAL: As they work together Water is good at handling emotional sensitive issues, Earth is not.  Earth is good at handling logical and practical issues, decision making, Water is not. Earth goes with the mind. Water with the heart and feelings.

    SENSES: Listening to the sound of Water is healing. Smelling the perfume of the flowers is cleansing and healing. Drinking Water is Powerful, it quenches are thirst and nourished our cells, skin, etc. The Water enables our body, Earth, to work properly.

    EXTREMES: Extremes of Water can flood, create a tsunami, a mudslide causing havoc to Earth. If the Earth is too dry it will not yield food or nourishment.

    POSITIVES: The Positive Qualities of Water are calming, mildness, trusting, devotion, forgiveness, compassion, love, fervour, relaxation, healing, nourishing, softness, meditative, prayer, devotion, invocation, blessings and positive mind set. The Positive Qualities of Earth are grounding, perseverance, consistency, punctuality, caution, ambition, success, reliable, firm, strong, careful, responsibility, stable, safe, and respectful.

    Earth Portal GridNEGATIVES:  The Negative Qualities of Water are slippery, heartless, cold, ruthless, rejection, laziness, impatience, slowness, stiffness, hardness, splashing around, chaos and blaming. The Negative Qualities of Earth are rigidity, immovable, stubborn, hateful, revengeful, thickness, timid, fearful, touchiness, erupting, and superficial.

    BRAIN: The Left Brain is Earth and the Right Brain is Water. Left Brain (Earth) is logical, mathematical, scientific, look at facts, think in words, practice linear thinking and sequencing.  The Right Brain (Water) is imaginative, intuitive, artistic, feels, visualises, practices holistic thinking and rhythm.

    MALE/FAMALE: The Water is the Female and the Earth is the Male.  Female is soft, fluid, flowing, curvy, open, and warm.  Male is hard, straight, rigid, static  and hot.

    HOMEWORK: How are you balancing the Earth and Water in you?  How are you balancing the Male (Earth) and Female (Water) in you? How are you balancing your Left Brain (Earth) and your Right Brain (Water)?


    Happy Faces after a meditation with Toks xxx

    Kiss DownloadRelaxed DownloadHealing Smiles

    Jupiter moves into Scorpio for a year on the Super Full Moon tomorrow. Wow. Ready for CHANGE? Ready for POWER? Ready for SEX? Ready for MONEY? Ready for FUN? Ready for CREATION? Ready for CREATIVITY? 

    You can no longer do things the way you were doing them. Things have to change. Let us celebrate change with this Full Moon in Taurus and Sun in Scorpio.  Yes I am ready for EXPANSION. Yes I am ready for OPENNESS. Yes I am ready for TRUTH. Yes I am ready for PASSION. Yes I am ready for ACTIVE LIFE FORCE. Yes I am ready for the Downloads of Wonderful White Light Energy.

    As we ALIGN ourselves to the Power and Energy of this Full Moon let us increase our quota of light frequency and ability to bring it down into our Earthly Body and live more joyfully on Earth with ease and flow (Water). The need to grow both inwardly and outwardly is crucial for us all. I am not sure how we will all do in this aspect, but we will all try and determine to be more than we have ever been. We will bring all the years of our age into this vibration tomorrow and amplify it the number of years we are.  Now, that is wonderful.

    As mentioned earlier we need to balance all the extremes – Earth and Water, Fire and Air, and then all together balance out life’s. In activating our Soul Journey we continue our Soul Activation. We let go of old habits to allow the True Power of Your Soul to reveal itself. The Voice of the Soul seeks to speak, it seeks to dance, it seeks  to nourish, it seeks to voice its True Essence and True Passion. Your Journey with your Soul and to your Deeper Soul reveals the masks you wear and forces you to unveil yourself to yourself, as you communicate with the Soul, revealing your Soul Essence and you Soul Truth. How auspicious.

    Remember, the POWER OF THE SOUL cannot be destroyed by anyone or anything. It is uniquely Yours and True for you. You are being Celebrated this Full Moon. Everyone is being Celebrated this Full Moon. Celebrate your Presence and your Being and your Power. The Universe is waiting for You. The Universe is ready for You. Are You Ready?

    The Voice of the Soul calls out for you. Lift up your hands …. Come let us gather together ….

    gathering power

    What will we learn at the Alchemical Full Moon Gathering?

    1. We’re going to learn to put ourselves first.
    2. We’re going to learn to cut the ties that bind you, that put you last.
    3. We’re going to learn to cut the ties that bind you, that cause you to be doubting yourself.
    4. We’re going to learn that it is time to love yourself first: your mind, your health, your spirit.
    5. We’re going to learn to face our monsters and still be OK.

      What will we release during the Alchemical Full Moon Meditation?
      We will release stress, tension, confusion, clutter and chaos we have been going through. We will release a negative tie that binds us and restricts us to limiting decisions. We will release a karmic family pattern. We will release a difficult relationship. Perhaps you have something specific you want to release, then that will be released to.

      What will we do at the Alchemical Full Moon Gathering?
      We will enter a sacred space with a special greeting and cleansing. We will move, pray, meditate, channel healing light, send healing to the world and to those who have asked for healing.  We will work with healing sounds, crystals, portals, connecting to Higher frequencies and heal ourselves. We will rejuvenate ourselves and allow our inner Light to shine through.

      At the end of the Alchemical Full Moon Gathering what will YOU be able to do? BENEFITS?

    1. MENTALLY: YOU will be able to have more clarity, make clear decisions, have more insight into a situation and be ready to take action in at least one area of your life. 
    2. BODY: You will feel relaxed, peaceful, calmer, more settled and centred in your body. This will aid healing of your body, removing of dis-ease and revitalising your cells.
    3. EMOTIONS: You will be able to boldly go where you have not been able to go before, with more courage and confidence. You feel more alive as you experience deep self-worth and self-value.
    4. SPIRITUALLY: You will have activated your Intuition, all your Chakras and your Subtle Bodies, causing a deep shift, that will embrace you, with a smile. 

    So much to experience, at these Alchemical Moon Gatherings of learning, healing, resting and recharging, as you celebrate your life, being YOU authentically, with integrity.

    Golden Crystal Singing Bowl

    Invocation Blessing for this Full Moon

    Will be channelled live at the Alchemical Full Moon Meditation Gathering.

    Dragon Crystal

    We Greet You

    With the Dragon Energy of Earth and Water

    Introducing You to Yourself

    Celebrating Your Soul Journey in the Power Your Uphold

    We Greet You


    See you at the Full Moon Gathering on Saturday 4 November at 7pm.

    Be Ready

    Love Always

    Toks xxx

    New Moon in Libra 19 October 2017


    Happy New Moon in Libra


    Happy Diwali, Festival of Lights



    Are you ready to clear all the clutter and heavy energy around you? Are you feeling stressed and tense about various aspects of your life or just one aspect of your life? Are you relationships difficult? Are you wanting clarity, and yet more clarity, in the muddle of your life? Are you ready to feel lighter and freer? Have you had enough of all the uncertainty? Then time to gather with me.

    20 - New Moon in Libra (19-10-17)As my video above says, we need to balance all the extreme energies we have all been experiencing. We welcome the new spring of healing, empowerment and cleansing. It is common practice, before the night of Diwali, to clean, renovate, decorate the home or offices. This is really a great time to cleanse your home AND de-clutter your environment, home, mind, body and spirit. Have you started spring cleaning? I have. Anyone want house cleansing or energy cleaning please book a session with me.

    This Diwali New Moon, let us activate our old and new Knowledge, lets us seek Self Knowledge, Self Improvement, Spiritual Development, the Right Path and Clear Decisions. This is the celebration of our INNER LIGHT over our Spiritual Darkness. This is a time of Great Spiritual Growth.

    Let us determine to dispel the Darkness and see the Light, honouring both Light and Dark within us, seeking WITH CLARITY, the balance in our life. This New Moon seeks our Compassion on many levels. Are you ready for this seeking and this seeding?

    On Thursday, we will invoke the Wife and Shakti (energy) of Vishnu. Vishnu’s wife is Lakshmi, Hindu Goddess of Prosperity, Wealth, Abundance, Good Fortune and Fertility. She visits us bestowing Blessings on us at the Moon Gathering.

    Diwali FestivalWe celebrate Diwali, symbolising the Victory of Good over Evil, the Victory of Light over Darkness, of Right over Wrong, of Knowledge over Ignorance, and of Hope over Despair.

    We have just 10 weeks to Christmas and the end of the year. How are you going to celebrate the New Year? Come let us prepare with this auspicious New Moon Diwali to finish the Year, 2017, in a great way.

    We will enjoy healing and messages from African Ancestors, Acturians, Angels and the 8 Immortals. We will celebrate the Festival of Lights, Diwali, with lots of lights, representing the Triumph of Good over Evil. We will experience the Laying on of Hands, Anointment, Auric Cleansing, Crystal Singing Bowls, Deep Personal Insights, Healing Shifts and more. Distant Healing will be sent to those who have asked for it and to the World in general.

    Did you notice the strong strange winds in London? Did you notice the ‘new’ colour like sepia and orange in the environment? Did you notice the colour of the moon? So many lovely colours with Autumn and the new energies coming in.

    Time for balance in your life. So excited.

    So much to do. See you Thursday.

    Book here:

    Love Always

    Toks Beverley Coker


    20 - New Moon in Libra (19-10-17) (2)We send healing on the New Moon to you and we silently honour you. We are sorry for the pain and suffering you are going through. We send you compassionate love right now in your Soul Journey of your Internal Infinite Soul.

    YOU ARE IMPORTANT. You are receiving tremendous healing energy allowing you to receive whatever you need to receive. The beautiful Light of Compassion and Healing is sent to you with love. THIS IS SAFE AND TRUE

    May this Distant Healing empower you and give you the resolution you are needing right now. Loving You – your Mind, Body and Spirit.


    As we gather with friends we call in the animal totems, crystals and Portals of Light. We invite in great friendships, supportive people and friends, as we realise there is no forgiving and no sorry. We anchor a new belief of joy and sunshine. Freedom from liberation, allowing your masculine and feminine energy, to dance together in your heart. 

    Hello I C UBalance of Masculine & Feminine

    We greet you with the Portal of Light anchoring Spontaneous Healing Transition. Allowing healing from 10 Directions to come to you to empower your life. May the unfolding of your Soul Dance bring you greatness and clarity in your life. As a Rose Bud is packed tightly,you, like the Rose Bud, are getting ready to open up to a newness and a new blossoming. Allowing yourself to opens slowly, unfolding with joy and opening to more. We Greet You. We Greet You. We Greet You.

    10 DirectionsHealing Crystals

    Let the Healing Portal open you up to more healing, more prosperity and more love in your life. May you be well in all you do. May you prosper in everything your do. May your life be filled with joy and with peace. Enjoy the healing from this portal. As you look at the portal: What do you enjoy looking at? How do you feel? What do you want to release? What do you want to manifest? What help are you wanting in your life?  What do you want for yourself? What would it feel like it you had all you want? What would it look like? What would it feel like?  What would you do? How would this energy moving through you bring you what you are wanting and feeling. Really feel it and sense it and smell it and taste it and touch it.  May the blessing you call for be yours now. Ho, and so it Is. Love LoveRed heart

    Portal of Light

    Love Always

    Toks Coker

    xxx x xxx

    Full Moon in Aries & Sun in Libra 5 October


    19 - Full Moon in Aries (5-10-17)Sukkot


    Mars (Aries) and Venus (Libra)




    Welcome OctoberAshura

    Welcome to October. The first day of October is Ashura, the holiday commemorating the death of Husayn ibn Ali and family at the Battle of Karbala in 680 CE (Islam). The second day is SGI World Peace Day. We celebrate Feast of St Francis of Assis and the Harvest Moon Festival (Oriental: China, S.Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia etc.) on the fourth day. So many other things happening with the build up of this energy of the Full Moon.

    SGI World Peace DayFeast of St Francis of AssisiHarvest Moon

    Welcome to the Full Moon in Aries and Sun in Libra on 5 October with the celebration of Jewish celebration of Sukkot, Harvest Festival commemorates the 40 years of wandering in the wilderness by the Jewish people from Egypt to Israel.

    We offer free healing to everyone who asks for it on our Hands of Light Healing page on Facebook. Click this link and put your healing request on the pinned post. Remember to link my page. Thank you xxxx

    Come join us at Red heart7pm on Thursday 5 OctoberRed heartFull Moon in Aries – Sun in LibraRed heartHarvest MoonRed heartElement – Fire/AirRed heartWe will be in the time vortex of the Full Moon 7:41pm (19:41GMT)Red heartSee you thereRed heartBook here:

      19 - Full Moon in Aries (5-10-17) (2)19 - Full Moon in Aries (5-10-17)

    Mars (Aries) and Venus (Libra)

    This Full Moon comes packed with a lot energy to balance opposition, difference and misunderstandings. We see this in the opposites of the Aries/Libra, Mars/Venus, Fire/Air, and Male/Female; and the need to balance everything.  We need to learn to see better and to balance our lives in various ways.  We will work more in detail at the gathering on 5 October at 7pm.  The book that sums this up in the relationship between men and woman, Mars and Venus, Aries and Libra is, for me,  Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.

    Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus (1992[1]) is a book written by American author and relationship counselor John Gray, after he had earned degrees in meditation and taken a correspondence course in psychology. The book states that most common relationship problems between men and women are a result of fundamental psychological differences between the sexes, which the author exemplifies by means of its eponymous metaphor: that men and women are from distinct planets—men from Mars and women from Venus—and that each sex is acclimated to its own planet’s society and customs, but not to those of the other. One example is men’s complaint that if they offer solutions to problems that women bring up in conversation, the women are not necessarily interested in solving those problems, but mainly want to talk about them. The book asserts each sex can be understood in terms of distinct ways they respond to stress and stressful situations.,_Women_Are_from_Venus

    The pictures below, capture the Venus/Aries theme so well.  Thank you Marie-France Samba 

    The HoldThe LaughterThe Touch


    This Full Moon asks us to look at all our relationships full on.  How do feel about this person and how important are they to you?  If they are important – a phone call goes a long way to talk or to arrange a time to meet up and talk.  I believe that it is better to talk than to text or email. Something always gets lots in translation.

    Remember the movie: Lost in Translation?  In the movie, the couple are lost for many reasons – they are lost in their own lives and in their individual relationships, as well as, with each other. They are lost in their communication with each other. Where could you be lost in your life and in your relationship? Where could you communicate more and bring more presence into your relationship.

    Sometimes Down is Up. Sometimes Up is Down. When you are Lost you are Found. When you are Found you are Lost. This is the contradiction of this Energy of Now with the amazing Full Moon, which brings a lot of energies to play in your life. Let us bring you back home to your own self worth and empowerment in our gathering.



    Were are your oppositions? Where are your angry words? Who is upsetting you? Who do you need to communicate your anger to? Where are you needing to explain yourself? Are you explaining calmly or angrily?  Life really is a challenge living with others, as well as, interacting with each other. 

    What will you be celebrating this Full Moon? What will you be complaining about this Full Moon? Who will you have argued with? Who will you have disagreed with? Who will you have ‘fought’ with? Who will you ‘have a word’ with? The Energy of Mars is very strong with this Full Moon. Can Venus calm things down?



    Every great movie, like Game of Thrones, require a lot of planning and preparing the space, actors learning their lines, costumes, etc. The amount of workmanship is amazing.  Timing and precision is important to get the scenes to follow through. The same in life, in business and in relationships. What have you prepared for, that has pumped you up? Have you created a space that the Goddess of Venus would like to relax in or is it more for the God of Mars? What have you prepared for this Full Moon? What have you achieved? Come let us celebrate your success.



    You have a skill that serves you and you are pleased with it.  As time goes on, you find you need new skills. There has to be a change to your skills – an upgrade. It is time for a change.  You need to change a few things and you find that you do not have the skills. You learn new skills or you hire someone to do the skill you need.  You can hire a secretary, a cleaner, a marketing person, a nanny, a business coach, a spiritual coach and an alchemist. You know you have to change – you know you have to do something to achieve fullness in your life.  What is this reflecting in your life with this Full Moon. There is the play of ‘yes’ and ‘no’; ‘do it’ and ‘don’t do it’. The swing of the pendulum is not forgiving – it is extreme. You have to make a decision and take action. What actions have you taken with the Full Moon?



    Death is the enemy of Life. We all will die one day, just not today. Aries is the baby of the Zodiac and the first sign of the Zodiac. It hates being ignored like a baby. Is forceful like a baby. Is controlling like a baby. It is sweet like a baby. It is cute like a baby. It also needs training like a baby does.

    Holding Space


    In the wonderment of you, are you living your Truth? If the answer is Yes, What is your Truth?  Are you living a Lie? If the answer is Yes, What is your Lie?  Does speaking your Truth help you with establishing your Boundaries? How attuned are you to yourself and to others? 

    Do you give others more importance than yourself? Remember to give yourself importance and allow yourself to bloom. See yourself and smile at yourself – like this wonderful picture her with me and Connie taken by Marie-France. Be seen by others, as well as, by yourself. I love this picture of Smiling Truth.

    Do you attend to your needs and listen to your intuition? What Whispers of Insight are you receiving this Full Moon in Aries with the Sun in Libra? How is your Truth coming out this Full Moon?



    There are so many ways to Happiness – have you found yours? Perhaps the Fire Element of Aries will help you find yours? There are many ways of prayer – not one way – many ways. So there are many ways of Happiness, to Happiness and for Happiness. What is your way of Happiness, to Happiness and for Happiness? Celebrate this Full Moon.



    Aries and Libra are both Cardinal Signs, making them direct, active and great at initiating things.



    Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and the baby, so always cries when it does not like something, until it gets what it wants. Are you doing this? Are you shouting? Are you constantly seeking attention, hating to be ignored? Do you barge in when you are told to ‘stop’ and given a ‘no’? Are you being forceful and a bit of a bully, but cannot see it? Aries will tell you they are focused and determined and they are. They sometimes forget how intimidating they may appear and may come across as bullies. Be mindful of your energy with this Full Moon.  

    Atiti SosimiBeing Natural born leaders, they can have a drive and focus that is outstanding and impressive. Being warrior like they are not afraid of confrontation and will willingly go into battle. Think of a baby grabbing something and not letting it go – that you are surprised at the strength of its grip, focus and determination.

    Aries can be determined, adventurous, impulsive and aggressive. Aries can single-mindedly start a project and complete an impossible task. They love to fight for a cause they believe in.  Think of a baby crying for its food – it never stops till it gets fed.

    MARS is the planet that rule Aries. Mars is also the name of the God that rules Aries. Mars is competitive, is a natural born warrior with lots of vitality, energy and power. Think of the baby smiling happily at you – LOOKING confidently at you, making you smile back, ready to play and share its happy energy with you. This is the happy energy, where you fall in love with the baby.

    FIRE is engaging, charismatic, enthralling and dangerous all at once. It is warming, comforting, healing and adventurous. Fire is vital, spontaneous and enthusiastically happy and playful. Think of a baby happily playing with its foot and totally content. That is the Aries energy, self-absorbed in its own world.

    I love the energy of Aries – it says to you – Come let us do it – I am with you –  I will help you get the courage to do this.



    The symbol for Libra is the Scales – all about balancing things and fairness in all matters. Libra sees both sides of a situation and sometimes this can make it difficult to choose sides.  Libra can be indecisive.  A natural diplomat, Libra is constantly seeking harmony in relationships.  The need to balance things out is very strong. Libra avoids confrontation, unlike Aries, who charges forward into battlefield. .

    AIR: The Sun of this Full Moon in is Libra, making the Element Air.  Air is freedom and space. It is Communication, the Mind, the Intellect and the Rational Mind. Voice is heart through sound and space.

    Good LuckLibra communicates with and without words. The body language can be deceptive with Libra energy but soon the Truth is revealed. Libra does not like to feel trapped or told what to do.  It does what it wants to do like a baby, similar to Aries.

    NEGATIVE LIBRA: Libra can be offensive without speaking a word  and can sabotage a network if it so pleases. You see this in the behaviour e.g.  such as not doing or completing a project Libra promised they would do. In this way Libra can sabotage your work and your relationship; taking control and stalling your project, and looking innocent like a baby! Be mindful of the Libran underhand here with this Full Moon. 

    VENUS: Libra is ruled by Venus, Goddess of Love, and we have the energy of Libra and Mars working together and opposing each other. Will we have love and peace or hate and war?  Goddess of Love vs. Goddess of War. Feminine vs. Masculine. Venus seeks co-operation, co-creation and unity.  Venus promotes art, peace, beauty and love. 

    I love the contradiction of the element Air and Scale of Libra. I love the contradiction of the element Fire and Mars. In the balance of your life were are you as you journey to the end of the year?

    We uncover more about you at our Moon Gathering. Come join us at Red heart7pm on Thursday 5 OctoberRed heartFull Moon in Aries – Sun in LibraRed heartHarvest MoonRed heartElement – Fire/AirRed heartWe will be in the time vortex of the Full Moon 7:41pm (19:41GMT)Red heartPlease arrive punctual for 7pm so we can be ready for the actual time of the Full Moon in LondonRed heartSee you Red heart heart


    steps to happiness

    Understanding Messages, Signals, Signs, Gestures

    Understanding Messages, Signals, Signs, Gestures

    Toks and Patric together


    As we journey through life we come to the conclusion that each culture or life style has its own set of rules, standards, signals, signs, communication and gestures. As we look around the world, we see so many different energies that seem to ‘fight’ with each other and ‘attack’ each other, with various forms of cruelty and evil. Even our own gestures we make can offend the people around us and be misread as unfriendly, insulting and judgemental. Understanding messages, signals, signs and gestures can be a tricky experience.

    When YOU go out of your way to greet others and you are moving from your Heart to their Heart, you are wanting them to feel your love, your empathy, your friendship, your compassion and, above all, your reverence towards them. However, not always is this so. Not always is it seen this way by the other person you are communicating with.  Your body language is giving out a signal you think is respectful and sacred, and the other person receives it as negative, annoying, judgemental and critical…..

    So I ask you:  How are you sure your behaviour will not offend another?  Do you stop your behaviour to please others or do you modify your behaviour to fit in? What do we ‘fight’ about? What do we consider to be ‘evil’? How can a behaviour YOU consider to be peaceful, be offensive to another?  Well I want to share two examples of what happened to me.



    At a networking event, WINTRADE, I went up to pitch my work and ended up invoking a prayer and blessing for the audience, calling in God, Buddha, Allah, Great Spirit, which I believe is inclusive. A young woman came up to me to tell me that my prayer was ‘evil’ and not from source!!! telling me she is a ‘born again Christian’ and ‘You should mark my words’ and she would never work with anyone like me!!!  I was so shocked – I smiled politely and walked away. All I had done was make a prayer blessing for everyone in the room.  

    What was so alarming what what she did next!  She came up to me and put her arms around me in front of the people I was talking to and asked: “Are you still upset by what she said?”  I flipped!  I asked her to take her arms off me and not pretend to be my friend.  In very clear words I let her know that the words she used earlier on me were ‘evil’ and ‘disrespectful’. Considering we were in a gathering that promoted equality and diversity I was shocked and horrified. I left soon after as I had another engagement to go to. I was amazed I could not pretend to be her friend.  I do not like pretending to be a friend to someone who clearly does not like me; and has made it known to me privately, but, in public, wants to pretend they like me and they feel it is OK to treat me that way in private. I am not here to be bullied or intimidated or abused for the work I do.

    The next day I pitched my business at RBS and got people to sign up to private sessions with me. Amazing.  Some people said they missed my prayer!!! Many told me they were impressed by my prayer the day before, and they felt touched by my words of power; and were looking forward to hearing me pray for their business. How surprising – well really – how not surprising. Interesting how my behaviour caused two very different results – opposite results.  I was happy for the experience the day before, because if it had not happened I would not have pitched my business with so such authority and confidence. Thank you Universe. 



    Toks speaking

    Toks and LilyToksToksSpeakingRSB


    SECOND EXAMPLE: Amsterdam

    I went to Amsterdam to support my friend Giovana Vega opening up Global Woman Club, Amsterdam.  I was so happy to offer a one hour session as a prize to a raffle ticket winner and ended up offering it to two beautiful ladies who won the tickets.  I had a one to one, one hour session in Amsterdam and the other hour on Skype. It was a wonderful experience supporting them both.  I felt really pleased I was able to help them have immediate results.




    On the last day in Amsterdam, I wanted to go sightseeing and we got ourselves two wonderful guides.  They were going to take us to the Red Light district. I was so excited I wanted to greet and honour the ladies and gentlemen at work. 

    As I bowed and greeted them with the sign of peace – both my palms held together around my heart – I smiled into the eyes of each lady and sent a gesture from my heart to theirs. The ladies responded so wonderfully I felt so happy. But, not for long. 

    I came across some ladies who did not understand. They thought I was judging them and making a prayer for forgiveness like a Christian Priest or Nun would!!! I was so shocked that my signal of peace was seen as a criticism of their profession and judgement of their lives.  I was so shocked I could not talk for a while.

    Even when I greeted the gentlemen dressed as ladies they were a bit confused and some responded and others just looked. Then one opened the door for me thinking I was interested in a session with him. I gracefully bowed and smiled and waved good bye. 

    My actions were not understood by all the ladies and gentlemen. Some did not even smile. A beautiful lady in a bikini let rip on me and shouted for 5 good minutes while I stood still, then knelt down and let her express her rage. I did not say a word – I did not know what to say. The guide was speaking and the more the guide spoke the more she got angry. After a while I looked up into her eyes and she calmed down.

    Our guide was so taken aback by my behaviour and my kindness, he compared me to a healer friend he knew, saying he had never – in all his years of living in Amsterdam – seen anyone give so much respect to the women and men. He told me they were not used to kindness or respect.

    Later I made the Hawaiian Ho’oponopono prayer of apology to the ladies and men I offended. Below is the statue honouring the women and men in the profession. I give honour and reverence to all who are in the profession, sending reverence, peace, protection, love and healing.




    So you see, my friends, we may mean well, and still offend. Let us always keep sending love where there is pain, suffering and sadness. Let us be mindful of how our actions may offend and really be mindful.

    Will this stop me from praying and invoking blessings?  No – this is what I do.  It has taught me that not all welcome prayers or good will. Not all understand what is a message of good will. A gesture of peace – Namaste – is seen as gesture from the Nuns, Priests and Christians – which for some represents deception and abuse of power. A gesture from your heart is misread as sexual and not just a friendly hello.

    So did I learn something? Yes I did.   I was pleased that most understood and responded back to me with a smile.  They felt my energy and saw the look in my eyes.  There was an extreme response – I hurt others. I was hurt I had hurt others. I apologised immediately. 

    However, perhaps I showed them something different from a member of the public. Perhaps because I did not shout back and I was not aggressive, on reflection, the ladies would later realise the energy I came with. Perhaps not. But I like to think that there is a lesson for everyone here.  Sometimes I do not know the gift I give others with my behaviour. As a teacher, a person, a woman, I hope my actions had a positive effect overall. 

    So do we change our ways? Well we adjust our ways to suit the environment we are in. However, we may not know the rules, signals, omens, signs or messages. We can ask. We all have to learn through experience and are rich with the experience. 

    So, if you find that your behaviour offends another, please apologise and make peace and not war. We have enough war around us and in us, ready to erupt. Let us be mindful and pause before we attack or abuse or criticise or point a finger or gossip. There is nothing worse than gossip. Please say only kind things to each other and about each other.  Thank you for reading this. Love Toks xxx

    Trust the process. Honour each person’s Soul Journey. There is a greater unfolding happening – whether or not we realise this or accept this.


    you are awesome

    Indian Head Massage: An Introduction



    Last day of September, 30 Saturday, saw me teaching an Introduction to Indian Head Massage at Morley College. Indian Head Massage involves massage of the head, face, scalp, neck, shoulders and arms. It is a very powerful massage to learn and practice on friends and family. Of course, you would have to be a qualified massage to charge for this service. You could easily learn it and practice on friends and family. I give lots of hand-outs such as the history, the benefits, and the contraindications of Indian Head Massage.

    It was a wonderful gathering of very lovely students, all eager to learn and improve their skills. They are organising a WhatsApp group to meet up and practice on each other to improve their skills.  This was a wonderful way to spend my Saturday. Thank you ladies and one gentleman for making this a wonderful experience and for all your smiles.  Below I share their feedback and the one word they are taking away after a few hours learning this new skill.


    Testimonials / Feedback from Students


    1. Thank you for your wonderful Indian Head Massage workshop!!! I came to learn and improve the little bit of knowledge I’d learnt a few years ago. I needed this to learn to treat my family and close friends. Today’s workshop has increased my confidence in treating other people, which is what I really wanted to achieve. And I so enjoyed Toks singing with positive, uplifting lyrics at the final part of the massage routine. Thank you, Toks, may you continue to spread your love light, guidance and healing. Much Peace and Love xxx

    2. I really liked Indian Head Massage. It was very good experience. The teacher was wonderful. She was very patient with us and I learnt new techniques and new movements and all the students were very friendly. And I really want to do another step. Roubilla

    3. I enjoyed the course and learning and practicing these techniques. Toks has been very helpful and precise. I appreciate the way she focused and corrected each one of the participants, giving feedback and explaining how to do it. She has a positive approach towards teaching Indian Head Massage. I will definitely be practicing. Thank you. Andrea

    4. I liked Toks method and style of teaching. Her ability to make students comfortable and build their confidence. I am more aware of my own posture /stance. I learnt and have more understanding of Indian Head Massage. Would like to study further for certification course. Bobbie

    5. I liked the hair touching exercise in the morning. It was different and broke the ice and bonded us as a group. The one-to-one individual feedback after the practice pairing exercises was very good. The course followed a solid curriculum / format yet the tutor offered a lot more than this – the singing during the final exercise was a nice touch and very special.

    6. I have enjoyed the day very much and feel I have learnt a lot and hopefully can help others now. The instruction was very good and clear and helpful. Thank you so much. Maureen

    7. Course was fun and I now feel confident enough to give massage to friends. Good training style that was interactive. Learnt a lot about techniques.

    8. Toks, you demonstrated well and sustained energy and enthusiasm throughout the day. Thank you.

    9. It was very helpful to practice with multiple partners to better understand how to adapt techniques to different skull shapes, hair types, etc. I now feel confident to practice with my partner and friends. Thank you.

    10. I thought it was an enjoyable and engaging course and very practical. Tosk was great at instructing and guiding nus as a group. I now feel more confident in practicing this new skill. The structure was excellent. Toks made me feel comfortable and helped us to bond as a group. Also loved the song at the end. Sophie

    11. The course was great fun and Toks is a vibrant teacher who is passionate and I loved it. I know how to perform a treatment which I can now treat friends and family. So glad I did this course, Cherly


    What word are you taking away?

    1. Focused

    2. Relaxing

    3. Enjoyable

    4. Sunshine

    5. Confidence

    6. Slow

    7. Reassurance

    8. Unwinding

    9. Movement

    10. Achievement

    11. Posture


    Book your 2018 course here:

    New Moon in Virgo



    Are you ready for an alchemical change this New Moon? Or perhaps you have had your alchemical change and you are needing help with processing through the change?  Then you have come to the right place. We will be sitting down or lying down to create a masterpiece for your life in a sacred environment that heals and supports your process. 

    There are many lessons to reflect on. You may feel your Soul being tested and strengthen  with this New Moon; as you learn that even those who are successful and experienced can and do make mistakes.  We will realise, collectively, that to achieve the goal does not necessarily mean to succeed at the task, as there may be issues that arise, as you strive to achieve your goal. 

    This New Moon invites us to change our paradigm, as we realise that it is possible to redeem even the most horrendous mistakes and transgressions. Let us forgive each other and our selves.  We need to value what we have, and be loving and grateful for what we have, otherwise we may loose it. Let us anchor forgiveness and love.

    New Moon in Virgo accords us a practical ‘look’ at our situation with mindfulness, patience and wisdom.  As we empower our Inner Self, let us really feel the depth of our very own innocence, power and vitality. This is made even more possible with the gathering of energies from different vortexes of power namely:

    NEW MOON & SUN in Virgo

    MUHARRAM (Islamic New Year)

    ROSH HASHANAH (Jewish New Year)

    NAVRATRI (Hindu 9 Nights Celebration of the Divine Mother)

    We will be calling in all this power to list 7 steps to call in your Good Fortune. Can you think what they are?

    18 - New Moon in Virgo (20-9-17) (2)18 - New Moon in Virgo (20-9-17)

    muharramFriendsFamilyapple and honey (2)Happy Navaratri

    Come join us  after work, at 7pm, on 20 September Wednesday, with your friends and family.  If you can bring something sacred with you to put in the alter. Book your space here or pay cash at the door.

    Why should I come?

    1. Are you feeling
      • stressed, overwhelmed, empty?
      • tired, lost, forlorn?
      • abandoned, emotional, lonely?
      • confused, stuck, listless?
      • un-grounded, floaty, dazed?
      • anxious, suspicious, worrying?
      • depressed, suicidal, angry?
    2. Do you find it hard to trust people, even yourself?
    3. Do you keep starting things and not finishing?
    4. Do you keep doing the same things, to ease you, only to find they are not?
    5. Do you feel like a dog (waiting to be told what to do) rather than a jaguar (pro-actively taking action)?  
    6. Did you realise that you have been wasting your time with the wrong people and the wrong projects?
    7. Are you finding it hard to start something new? Or simply start anything?
    8. Are you always finding excuses for yourself and others for not doing something for your life, business or relationship?
    9. Have you given up on yourself? Your beliefs? Your life?
    10. Are you ready to try something new?
      If you answered YES to at least 5 of the above then you should come to the Healing Moon Gathering.

        What are the benefits to me?

        The Hands of Light Healing Matrix Meditation will enable you to:

      1. Get clarity where there has been little or none. singing crystal bowl
      2. Bring in the long awaited clarity that seems to have been elusive.
      3. Relax your mind when it has been busy with your mental chatter.
      4. Calm your mind with an overwhelming calmness.
      5. Reduce your stress level to a zero rating.
      6. Experience profound feeling of peace and relaxation.
      7. Re-prioritise your life when you thought you could not.
      8. Start again with a freshness of Spirit.
      9. See the opportunities around you and take them.
      10. Take control of your life and feel more in charge of your life.
      11. Take responsibility for the things that happen to you.
      12. Activate your own creativity – your infinite creativity.
      13. Start again – refreshed and renewed with a new focus and determination. 
      14. You to go through transitions in your life.
      15. Induce a state of balance and self love.
      16. Learn 7 ways to call in your Good Fortune.
      17. Learn new ways to help yourself to be happy.
      18. Open your spiritual development and growth and anchor in your gateways to light.
      19. Try something new if you have never done this before such as create a crystal portal matrix for healing the world and yourself.

      Yes, Yes, Yes – I am coming.
      See you Wednesday then when we will share more valuable information, relevant to your personal life. Come join us  after work, at 7pm, on 20 September Wednesday, with your friends and family.  Book your space here or pay cash at the door.


      7 Actions for New Moon in Virgo

      1. Valuing your time and money.
      2. Refining your skills.
      3. Delivering quality.
      4. Doing something new.
      5. Balancing your giving and receiving.
      6. Honouring your self in relationships.
      7. Clarifying in your mind and priorities.

      7 Challenges for New Moon in Virgo

      1. Over extension of self and time.
      2. Not speaking out.
      3. Over critical of self and others
      4. Expecting too much from self and others.
      5. Resisting change.
      6. Lacking emotions.
      7. Forgetting to look after self: overwhelm with workload.

      Hands of Light with Toks Coker7 Seeding’s for the New Moon in Virgo

      1. Seeding your Miracle.
      2. Seeding your Mind, Body & Spirit.
      3. Seeding your Practicality & Attitude.
      4. Seeding your Creativity & Inspiration
      5. Seeding your Work & Relationships.
      6. Seeding your Money & Wealth.
      7. Seeding your Future Newness

      7 Blessings of the Moon Mediations

      1. Safe & Secure.
      2. Cleansed & Protected.
      3. Awake & Enlightened.
      4. Healed & Supported.
      5. Peaceful & Relaxed.
      6. Freshness & Lightness.
      7. Motivated & Inspired.


        There is so much to cover: we will wait till we gather to teach more on the New Moon.  Love Always Toks xxx

        Invocation Blessing

        will be channelled on the New Moon


      Come join us  after work, at 7pm, on 20 September Wednesday, with your friends and family.  Book your space here or pay cash at the door.

      Love Always

      Toks xxxx

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