New Moon in Cancer 24 June EMOTIONS

Happy New Moon: 24 June

Super Moon & Double Horse Moon

gathering of ladies

We Greet You

With the Celebration of New Beginnings

Celebrating Life. Living Life. Seeding Life.

A Flowing Life. A Nurturing Life. A Great Life

We Greet You

Happy New Moon


Saturday 24 June, is New Moon & Sun in Cancer, which will happen in the SkyWater at 03:31 BST (03:31am) London time. We will gather on Earth at 7pm to work on balancing our emotions with calm and centeredness.  The emotional Element is Water, making it apt for us to look at our emotions and our feelings on a deep personal level and bring in great healing so we can make better decisions with the greater clarity we experience from the Meditation at 7pm. 

Are you feeling the need to be nurtured?  Are you tired and listless? Are you overwhelmed and feeling stuck?  Are you in need to a feeling of expansion and awakening to a new beginning and a new way in your life?  Are you seeking inner peace and yet cannot find it?  Are you still looking for you?  Are you trying to find the deeper version of you? The greatest version of you?  Then time to come to a gathering in a sacred homely space that nurtures you on a deep level helping you to come back home to your true essence and self. Time to get your pass to wholeness and inner peace and learn ways to do so yourself. Time to give to yourself.

Click this link to book your ticket:

You can watch my video on the New Moon – which is a bit noisy in the background – by clicking this link:


7 Steps to Balance Your Emotions

During the gathering on Saturday I will share the 7 Steps to balance your emotions so make sure you turn up for the event. See you then.

BonesOnWaterAre your emotions leaving your frazzled and stripped to your bones? So many emotions flying around – it is easy to be angry and point fingers.  It is so easy to make mistakes and snap in anger at a person for even a slight deception.  Little things make you suspicions or impatient.  Events seem to be drawn out and make you feel annoyed like you are wasting time. A feeling of impatience wells up making you feel irritated and even angry with yourself for feeling angry.  Charming. Enough.

We believe that it is a good time to allocate time to yourself to calm your emotions and balance them. The greatest way you can do this is taking time out for yourself.  You have all the skills and talent and potential – yes I know.  You also need to relax and nourish your depleted energy.  Our job is to help you relax and fine tune your mind, body and spirit. Then you can go conquer the world.  Your greatness awaits you.  Create a renewal of your mind and a rejuvenation of your energy.  Allocate quality time to feed your wonderful amazing life force in a powerful portal of love, healing and empowerment.   


Happy Summer Solstice: 21 June


What a brilliant hot day in London it was this Summer Solstice, 21 June. It seemed like the Sun had come to visit London.  I sat in the park for two hours enjoying the heat and the Sun.  It was very hot. It was bikini weather – wearing a dress was still too hot!  I loved it. 

I thought, what picture could capture this energy?  Then I saw this gold energy.  I love the picture of the couple in gold. Reminds me of the power of the rich golden Sun that can be many colours. It is potent, strong and impressive. You have to look and notice and take in the glamour and beauty of the colour gold.  How delightful.

Summer Solstice met us with a wonderful surprise.  A lot of LIGHT from the golden Sun came pouring on this side of Earth. This was the LIGHT OF TRUTH.  What if, today, you could communicate with someone you had not communicated with and spoke the truth – kindly and gently – so it would create dialogue? I really felt the urge of this Summer Solstice was to speak the truth to someone you had not spoken to for a while.

shining sunlightThe Sun today was very strong, hot and potent.  It was illuminating, cascading its amazing gaze on Earth. It seemed to be saying HELLO HOW ARE YOU?  How did you spend the Summer Solstice?  Was there an event you attended?  Was there a person you spoke to? What surprises happened?  What realisation did you have?  Did someone you had not spoken to in a long while call?  Did someone share something nice about you on social media?  Did you help someone today?  My friend, Davina MacKail, summed up the energy of the Summer Solstice on a Facebook post.  She said:

In the Northern hemisphere today we enjoy the longest hours of daylight…a time to celebrate our ripening, abundance and the glow of summer. We are at the extreme yang, masculine, active energies and from this moment the pendulum starts its swing back towards the yin, feminine receptive, winter solstice. Whilst in this active yang our abilities to effortlessly manifest become stronger, so as the wise adage goes; “Be careful what you wish for”. More importantly keep a tab on that rampant unchecked manifesting engine, your mind – check in with yourself regularly – “if I keep having this thought what is the likely outcome? – does it serve me? Do I need to change it?”


LovelyEmotionJoyThis summer solstice is twinned with the lunar energies of a new super moon in Cancer in the early hours of June 24th bringing the feminine yin energies to balance that fiery yang – so this week will be a dance between fire and water, the sun and the moon, the sacred alchemical marriage within each of us of the masculine and feminine – the divine complementary opposites. You can learn a lot about your truth this week in paying attention to your own internal dance with life – who’s leading? Is it a romantic waltz? A passionate tango? A solo improv? A wild expressive trance dance? Or do you have two left feet?


We’re in turbulent evolutionary times, it can feel overwhelming, disempowering and helpless or we can choose to dance with the rhythm of what is and find a way to harmonise it all within our alchemical heart centre. Light a fire this solstice and celebrate your unique dance, dance your prayers into life, feel the heartbeat of the earth beneath your feet, dance out your pain, your fear, your anxieties and your doubt, dance your heart open and let in the joy, the hope and the bliss….the ancient ones will be dancing with you.


Wishing you all twinkling dancing shoes, magical solstice blessings and so much love Davina MacKail    THANK YOU DAVINA XXX


Happy New Moon in Cancer on 24 June

This New Moon in Cancer is a time to surround yourself with valuable things that make you happy.  Give someone a tip even if they have not been so nice to you.  Make it a generous offering to the Universe.  Sometimes it is good to give, because next time to go to the restaurant, they will remember you. Also, listen to the voices in your head.  Find the source of Water Flowyour thoughts.  The best way is to find out is in meditation.  Meditation helps you to develop your intuition and clarity of mind when you allocate the time to go within and reflect in a simple sacred space of love.

Earlier, I mentioned that the ELEMENT for the ENERGY OF NOW is WATER. Did you know we have a lot of Water in our Body. Water makes your body function, lubricates your joints, help you swallow, flushes out waste and toxic in your body. It is important to drink lots of water to hydrate your body. Read more and scroll down to the video by clicking this link:

The Cauldron

CauldronThe Cauldron is an energy centre for mixing things up – listening to your requests, giving you answers.  It is a sacred space that gathers potions and magic and spells.  Every Moon time it starts collecting all the disappointments and cleaning them out transforming poison to medicine. It empties out the poison and pain and fills it up with creative life force, energy and freshness and newness.  It removes the old stale energy and transforms all the sluggishness in your life to medicine.  A great vortex of healing light. 

A great cooking pot. It gifts you magic and happiness. It refreshes and replenishes your life. It expands your energy frequency and allows promotion, expansion, success and bringing in more into your life.  It give you time to reflect and be. It motivates you to be more than you thought possible.  It enables you to relax into your nobility of character and your regal essence of centeredness with balance.  It is an alchemical protective magical pot that is forever ready to birth forth what you are wanting. Make sure what you are wanting is serving humanity and not destroying the Earth or EACH MONTHhumanity. 

For me, the Cauldron is the Alchemical space within you, deep within the see, high above in space. It manifests everywhere because it can and it chooses it.  It is the beginning and the end of something.  It is the purging and the extinction of things, people and species.  It is the birthing and revealing of the newness of life on Earth and in the Cosmos.  Welcome to the Energy of Now with the Energy of the Element of Water. Deep. Powerful. Dark. Impenetrable by ordinary man without gear to protect him. Secretive. Unknown. Known. Astonishing facts of life. Welcome to the New Moon in Cancer. 

The Cauldron holds you, maintains you, balances you, enables you and empowers you. 

The Cauldron cleanses you, washes you, rinses you and purifies you. Allowing abundance, joy, happiness into your life.  The Moon Gatherings are alchemical transformations happening always.  They encourage spiritual and psychic powers. They awaken your latent energy and align you to Source.  They inspire visions, truths, prophesy, insights and activate great ability within you.

Come let us gather to collect your blessings specially for you – that belong to you – and  only you and no one else. Cauldrons hold sacred thought, sacred fire and sacred incense. The roundness of the Cauldron invokes the feminine principals of the woman, her hips, her vagina, her holding energy – she holds a child in her. We see the Cauldron ritual during the Olympics when the torch is lit every four years in a Cauldron at the site of the Greek temple of Hera. 

The Cauldron holds the light for the Olympics while the Torch goes round the world to light the stadium on the Opening ceremony and then at the end there is a closing ceremony. The Cauldron has the gift of magic, healing, and secret power.  You can keep water in it and drink it. You can cook in it. You can make portions in it. You can keep it for decoration.  Best to use it.  For me even a cooking pot is like a Cauldron.  The incense burner is a Cauldron. I love the ENERGY OF THE CAULDRON.


7 Steps to Balance Your Emotions

During the gathering on Saturday I will share the 7 Steps to balance your emotions.



I thought I would share some important information from the Chinese Calendar and Chinese Astrology point of view on this New Moon in Cancer, which according to the Chinese Energy is a New Moon with Double Horses

In Astrology, the new moon on 24thdoubleHorse June is a new moon in Cancer, and it’s about emotions. Cancer is a water sign and you would associate the water element with emotions. The darkness of the sky on the night of a new moon prompts you turn within and reflect. It’s about tuning in to yourself, checking out of the hustle and bustle of the material world.


In the Chinese calendar, each new moon is the start of a new lunar month. The new moon on 24th June is at the start of the sixth lunar month, during the solar month of the Horse. Hang on. Lunar month and solar month? Isn’t the Chinese calendar a lunar calendar? Many people, including Chinese people, are under the impression that the Chinese calendar is a lunar calendar. It is, and it’s also a solar calendar, so the Chinese calendar is a luni-solar calendar.


You’ve probably heard of the twelve Chinese year animal signs. This year, 2017, is the year of the Rooster, in fact it’s a Fire Rooster. The animals in the Chinese calendar are used for Chinese Astrology. The twelve animals take turns to rule the year, and they take turns to rule the month, and the day, and the twenty-four hours. June is Horse month and this June, it’s a Fire Horse.


In Chinese Astrology, the Fire element is all about the emotion of joy. The Fire Horse is full of passion and enthusiasm, making it a great month to start something new. Quite often, you tend to start new projects with the new year in January, yet in many ways it makes far more sense to get off the starting blocks this month, Foon and Tokswhen the energies are aligned getting noticed and moving quickly. Where does getting noticed come into it? The Fire element is associated with fame. In the Chinese language, the word ‘red’ is used to describe a person who is popular, and famous. In English, you talk about what’s hot, so the fire element is associated with celebrity in many languages.


With the Fire Horse ruling June and the new moon in Cancer, will you tune into feelings of joy on the 24th? Don’t be surprised if you experience your heart beating a little faster, for 24th June is a Horse day. When double Horses are galloping in with the new moon, feelings run fast and deep. Remember that the moon can shift the tides, so ask the moon to help you shift your emotions towards the brightness and warmth of joy.


Ting-Foon Chik

Now that is exciting news! We are in for a treat this New Moon. Foon will be joining us to experience the New Moon in Cancer meditation on 24 June, and will be offering a half price discount for a Chines Astrology reading to anyone who turns up to the Moon Gatherings.  How kind she is.  Thank you Foon. 


Invocation Blessing

for the New Moon in Cancer


We Greet You

With the Challenges You Step Into, Face and Take

Creating a New Seeding: Doing Something New in the Newness of  Your Life

Improving Yourself in Your Personal Refinement

We Greet You

WeGreetYourSoulSuns Rays

We Greet You

With the Masculine Energy of the Sun – Summer Solstice

and the Feminine Energy of the Moon – New Moon in Cancer

Seeding Our Greatness & Fulfilment

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Energy of Newness

Seeding our Fulfilment in All We Do

Cultivating Greatness in Our Seeding

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Shape-Shifting Dancing Mermaid Goddesses’

Gracing our Presence with their Queenly Arms and Smiles

Beautifully Embracing Us with their Nurturing Energy

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Flowing Sound of Heart Music

Weaving a Loving Nurturing Vortex of Joyful Home Coming

Embracing Your Soul with Ease: Visualising Your Great Future

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Seeding of a Sacred Dance of Life

Holding Hands and Nurturing Joyful Connections

Friendships, Partnerships, Business, Marriage

We Greet You

Fishing in Turkey

We Greet You

With the Quality of Water

Supporting and Balancing Mother Earth

Feeding Us and Calming Emotions

We Greet You

Water FlowCauldron

We Greet You

With the Cauldron In the Water and

The Cauldron Out of the Water

Churning & Stirring things Up, Magically Seeding New Beginnings

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Preciousness of the Inner You

Birthing An Open Heart of Excellence

Feeling a VIP Fabulous Feeling for Yourself

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Energy of Water BLISS

Enjoying the Pleasures of Swimming in Water

Dancing, Moving, Sleeping, Resting, Walking in Water

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Graceful Opulence of Life

Enabling Warm Heart to Heart Greetings

In the Treasured Newness of Your Experiences & Agreements

We Greet You

opening to moreopening to more

We Greet You

With the Arms Outstretched

Standing with the Energy of Water

Opening to More Emotional Intelligence

We Greet You


We Greet You

With Exquisite Heart Centred Friendships

Caring Deeply with Respect & Wisdom

Excitedly Connecting Excellence

We Greet You

SparklingInsideYouFlowers of Love

We Greet You

With Colourful Butterflies, Happy Bees, Dancing Lady Birds and Flowers of Love

Inspiring Your Creative Energy: Painting, Writing, Swimming, etc. 

Seeding the Radiance of the Sparkle Inside You

We Greet You

healing water candle

We Greet You

With the Water Healing Candle

Cleansing You. Releasing You. Purifying You.

Embracing You. Nourishing  You. Protecting You.

We Greet You

Toks Coker & Roz ThorntonJohn Li

We Greet You

With Your Emotions Balanced at Work

Elegantly Centred and Calm

Embracing Your Life Exquisitely

We Greet You

gentle healing to you

We Greet You

We Greet You

We Greet You

Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for the New Moon in Cancer 24 June 2017


Invocation to the Silver Ray


I call upon the Elohim of the silver ray (Elohim are powerful angels)

To pour divine Grace through my bodies

I call upon the Elohim of the silver ray

To release all karmic patterns

To release all pockets of resentment

That I may know joy

I call upon the Elohim of Grace

To fill my being with forgiveness

To fill my life with gratitude

And fill my heart with celebration

I call upon the Elohim of the silver ray

To release my bodies of pettiness

To break the yoke of hatred

And free my soul

I call upon the Elohim of Grace

To fill me with the joy of living-Now!

Be Here NOWSunshineMagic


Full Moon in Sagittarius 9 June 2017

Friday 9 June   7pm GATHERING

Full Moon in Sagittarius – Sun in Gemini Strawberry Moon

We gather to surrender to the Cosmic Energy and thereby anchor our own Energy deeper in the Earth Matrix. We ask for insight, laughter, understanding and joyous abundance in our individual and collective lives. We let our soul sing and we call forth our greatness and potential to fully bloom now in the matrix of time and no time.  We celebrate the summer strawberries and we gather the fruits of our labour with graceful abundance as we celebrate our victories, successes and potential with joy, light and love.  Happy Full Moon my friends. 

11 - Full Moon in Sagittarius (9-6-17) (2)

At our gathering tonight I will talk more in depth about the Energy of this Full Moon.  We send healing to the World at Large and specifically to those who have asked for healing.  Click this link to get details:




“Consideration is the art of training ourselves in encouraging others” Daisaku Ikeda

“Those who know do not speak. Those who speak do not know.” Lau Tzu, Tao Te Ching

“The wiser mind mourns less for what age takes away, than what it leaves behind.” William Wordsworth




Invocation Greeting for the Full Moon in Sagittarius and Moon in Gemini 

Gathering 9 June 2017 at 7pm


We Greet You

With the Power of Your Alignment

Anchoring Your Full Potential

In the Frequency of Your Happiness Code

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Swiftness of Life

Manifesting Adventurous Journeys

In the Immediate Actions You Take

We Greet You


We Greet You

With Wonder Woman Actions of Communication

Cosmic & Galactic Empowering

Merging Air and Fire Elements in You

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Adoration of the Physical Body

Colourful Nails, Crystal Jewellery, Lovely Hands & Feet

Visually Lifting Us Up Igniting Energetically

We Greet You

The Divine Archer

We Greet You

With the Power of Fast Movement

The Divine Archer with Sacred Bow and Arrow

Aiming at the Target – Hitting Clean and Clear

We Greet You

Heal the World

We Greet You

With the Energy of Healing the World

Healing Pain, Disappointment, Suffering, Dis-Ease

(Fire) Burning Away Debris: ( Wind)Blowing Away Dysfunction

We Greet You

Trevor and Patric

We Greet You

With Your Unconditional Bonding

Celebrating Your Gloriousness

Your Joyful Exuberance & Life Victories

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Abundance You Seek

Revealing Instantaneous & Immediate Manifestations

Directing Clean, Clare, Prompt Manifestations

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Multi-Dimensional Level of Life

Bravely Facing Your Journey

Ready for the Next Vision Quest

We Greet You

Flowers of Life

We Greet You

With the Transmitting of Mysteries

Mysteries of the Mystery School

Mysteries of Life that Hold You in Sacred Ceremony

We Greet You

I Greet You

We Greet You

With Your Sacred Desires and Goals

Moving Forward with Peace in Your Heart

KNOWING – Real Inner Knowing

We Greet You

Happy New Month

We Greet You

With the Archer of Success

Celebrating Your Victories, Completions, Discoveries,

Your Insights, Knowledge and Creations

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Adornment of Your Success

Your Stand Strong Attitude

Your No Matter What Attitude

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Ascendant Masters

Gathering in Celebration of Your Life

Feeling Proud of You

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Energy of Ground-ed-ness

Standing Strong – Shooting for the Stars

Exalted Empire 

We Greet You


We Greet You

With Moments of Joyful Consciousness 

That Define Your Greatly Supported Existence

Encouraging Your Spiritual Quest for World Happiness

We Greet You

Flower of Life

We Greet You

With Your Cosmic Consciousness

Supporting You Cosmic Life Force

Your Initiation into the Flower of Life

We Greet You

Eagle of Power

We Greet You

With the Two Headed Eagle

Transmitting the Mysteries of Spirit

Blossoming Your Life in Fullness

We Greet You


We Greet You

We Greet You

We Greet You

Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker


11 - Full Moon in Sagittarius (9-6-17)

Global Woman Summit June 2017 Albania

I am capturing some precious moments in Albania, where I was a speaker at the Global Woman Summit 2017. I believe the pictures say it all. I am so excited to be sharing this with you today.  These events here happened 2-7 June 2017.

I am Speaker at Global Woman


I am celebrating being a Speaker at the Global Woman Summit 2017 in Albania, being LIVE on their National TV on Tuesday 6 June, and being filmed for a later show in the week. 

I am celebrating having a two page spread in the April/May/June magazine on Saturday 3 June. This unique platform was created by my friend, Mirela Sula.

On stage were a lot of beautiful and powerful Goddesses who shared powerful stories, insights, wisdom, visioning and authenticity. Linda Rama, (Human Rights Advocate and wife of the Prime Minister of Albania), invited the speakers to dinner on Friday 2 June at the plush presidential palace. Eglantina Gjermeni (Minister of Urban Development) invited the speakers to lunch on Monday 5 June at the plush Beach Hotel.  Anita Haradinaj, KK TV Kosovo reporter and wife of the former Prime Minister of Kosovo, spoke about the challenges of the Women of Kosovo. Marie Diamond, The Secret behind the movie The Secret, shared a wonderful meditation. One man caught my attention for his unique approach to the game of life: Mateusz Grzesiak from Poland. 

I was overwhelmed by the love and respect shown to me in Albania.

Global Woman Summit 2017

Happy People: Hugging & Gifting

I was overwhelmed by the love and respect shown to me in Albania. Today, 9 June, Full Moon, I am sharing some pictures and I will top up over the next few days.   I want to capture the moments of nobility, humility, power, sharing and laughter. Thank you for allowing me to share my blooming and blossoming here.  Please share yours with me by typing below your success stories.  I would love to hear your successes. 

Gifting Mehugging

Mateusz Grzesiakhugged on stage by Ariyana


On TV & Global Woman Magazine

I am celebrating being a Speaker at the Global Woman Summit 2017 in Albania, being LIVE on their National TV on Tuesday 6 June, and being filmed for a later show in the week.  I am celebrating having a two page spread in the April/May/June magazine on Saturday 3 June. This unique platform was created by my friend, Mirela Sula.

Albanian TV




Dinner with the Presidents Wife

Linda Rama, (Human Rights Advocate and wife of the Prime Minister of Albania), invited the speakers to dinner on Friday 2 June at the plush presidential palace.

Linda Rama

Toks and Patricmen

ToastMarie Diamond with Ariyana


Lunch with Minister of Urban Development

Eglantina Gjermeni (Minister of Urban Development) invited the speakers to lunch on Monday 5 June at the plush Beach Hotel.

Eglantina Gjermenilunch time


Happy Moments

Sharing precious moments of laughter and bonding x

laughterTrevor and Patric


speaking in front of an audience was wonderful.



Global Woman Summit


Meeting New Friends

Enjoying moments of happiness with food, drink and laughter. Met Paul Efmorfidis and his wooden bikers. Road the wooden bikes. Amazing.




New Friends

Super New Moon in Gemini 24 May 2017









Ascension Day10 - New Moon in Gemini (25-5-17)


We have all been going through global changes collectively and individually. The expansion of the mass consciousness is opening more and more. The need to know the difference between what you should plant and what you should weed out is very important. Trying to make a decision on what to do is an important process for each individual persona as it affects the collective energy and movement. We can already see this in the Brexit and Trump energy.  It is time to stop pointing fingers, and take action based on deep inner meaning, and understanding, that enables you to take responsibility for the choices made, collectively, as well as, individually. Sometimes in the chaos of our minds we need to stay still to get answers. And yet, the restlessness prevents us …

On Thursday 25 May we have our Moon Gathering starting at 7pm.  Actual time of the New Moon is 20:45 BST (8.45pm) London.  The New Moon will happen while we are together in our wonderful gathering. How exciting.   We will work with the Element: Air and much more.  To get your ticket click here:

New Moon & Sun in Gemini or

10 - New Moon in Gemini (25-5-17) (2)


Outside Influences


What outside influences have you been experiencing?  This has been quite intense the past few weeks. Are we responding calmly and sensibly?  Are we reacting with anger and frustration? 

Memorial Day (Deep Love and Respect for Lives Lost)When the Angel of Death comes it does not always announce its presence. The Manchester bombing stirred up a lot of emotions. Death comes in various forms – it can be sudden, slow, quick or gradual. In Manchester, as in many other places, we have people killed by another so death was ‘forced’ on them!  This creates a lot of rage and anger.  Reading the tributes made me cry.  This is the worst terrorist attack in Britain since the 2015, 7/7 attacks.

Then on the other side, we have ‘natural’ death e.g. Roger Moore, (James Bond), dies at 89 years old after his battle with cancer.  He dies a few hours later after the Manchester bombing, as if to show the contract of the different ways of dying. It really got to me. Life is indeed a puzzle. One dies old and another dies young. Roger Moore lives a long ripe fruitful life. His children wrote: “Thank you Pops for being you, and being so very special to so many people.”

Both experiences create grief for the family, loved ones and public.  There are many stages of grief such as denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. There are many different ways to express grief and deal with grief. Everyone is different and will do their grief journey their own way. I remember shouting a lot and not liking to receive gifts of candles from my friends and family who meant well.  It just reminded me too much of my loss of my baby in my tummy.  How did you respond to grief?  How do you respond to grief? 

spring bank holiday mayWhy do people feel a need to kill others?  Why do they have these beliefs and ideas?  Yet, when we look at the history of man on Earth we see war, death, loss of land, refugees, immigration, migration, greed, anger, animality, hatred and un-forgiveness. We have a history of fighting and taking over land and things that do not belong to us. How many times do we hear of someone sleeping with another person’s partner?  How many times do we hear of someone stealing money from another? When you loose a loved one can you still love the other who took them away?  Where does the thought come from that says: If I kill this person then I will be able to marry him/her. If I kill this person then I will win.  Life, indeed, can be a septic pit of vipers, vampires, revenge, retaliation, destructive competition leading to more deaths.

And yet, is this all a balancing act? Yin and Yang?  Light and Dark?  Up and Down? Happy and Sad.  We have the GEMINI duality. They symbol of Gemini is the TWINS. The number is TWO.  We have similarities and differences.  Death is the similar event and the difference is how the deaths happened: Roger was not killed – he died surrounded by his loved ones, while the Manchester killing was a suicide bomber deciding to die and take other innocent people on his journey: it was intentional, forced, sudden, planned, prepared and selfish. Two extremes.

So how do we change to accommodate life?  How do we re-calibrate ourselves?  Are we able to take constructive action or do we take destructive action and join the septic zest pool? Do we go into denial and say nothing, and feel OK, because it did not happen to us, but happened to them?  How do you compute all this in your mind? What I am asking is WHAT VALUE CAN YOU BRING TO THE SITUATION?

candle for protectionSituations like this can affect us and make us change. When someone or something or a life event happens to make us change WHY do we change? HOW do we change? WHEN do we change? WHERE do we change? WHAT do we change?  What has happened to you to make you change?  Did your child tell you she is transgender and a boy not a girl?  Did your partner fail you?  Did the person you trusted let you down?  Did you find out that someone self-harms, takes drugs, or has a problem with sex and intimacy? Sometimes life happens and forces change on us.

Where have you had to change to be more your self?  Where have you had to change to re-calibrate your life? Sometimes you have to change to be yourself. Sometimes you have to change to know yourself.  Sometimes you need to change to find yourself – who you have become and who you are choosing to become and be.  BEing is a choice.  Do you live your authentic true self or a part aspect of yourself.  This New Moon is calling for great re-newal, a re-birth, a re-calibration, a re-direction, a re-weeding, a re-clearing, a re-rooting, a re-planting and a re-vamping on your soul level. Do I need to CHANGE MYSELF TO BE MYSELF?  Yes, sometimes we have to change to be change ourselves to be ourselves.

The TWINS, symbol of Gemini, hold hands, play together, and look at each other.  They are the BODY and SHADOW that look at each other as you would in a MIRROR.  I love that imagery.  Close your eyes and see yourself looking at yourself in the mirror and at the same time seeing your shadow on the floor.  Very powerful energy. The reflection of you in your MIRROR OF LIFE is a very healing process that this Gemini New Moon anchors in.  Come to the gathering for this wonderful shift in consciousness.  In the sacred space we will adorn you with protection, insight and healing. We will share with you 3 steps to help you with this.

  New Moon & Sun in Gemini

It is interesting that the New Moon is also Ascension Day.  How miraculous.


“I could tell you my adventures – beginning from this morning …”  Alice in Wonderland

“At least I knew who I was when I got up this morning, but I think I must have been changed several times since then.” Alice in Wonderland

“I recognize my other self, & in the waning of that self, I grow and glow.”


As we prepare for the New Moon let us prepare ourselves.  We need to claim back our breathing and activate our bodies with deep breathing of the Element AIR.  As we claim back our bodies with the ENERGY OF BREATHE OF LIFE, we also start to activate the claiming back of our minds and our spirit. This claiming back is crucial.  As we gather the energy into the oneness of our Soul let us be very clear that we need to get rid of any WALK-INS, entities, attachments, that are holding us back and blocking our progress (e.g. feeling stuck and frozen in time). 

Calling forth on the sacred holidays that have gone in May we call forth great protection from all directions for the releasing, clearing and cleaning out of these invasive spirits.

We had World Invocation Day on 21 May, a day of UNIVESAL Prayer, Meditation and Invocation. We will have the Memorial Day in USA on 29 May where we honour the dead. 

Memorial DayWorld Invocation Day

We will call forth the Buddha, remembering Buddha Day on 10 May. Visakha Puja (Wesak), Buddha Day, commemorates the Birth, Enlightenment and Death of Gautama Buddha. AND the Full Moon in Scorpio on 10 May.

Buddha Day9 - Full Moon in Scorpio (10-5-17) (2)

We will remember 12 May, Lailat al Bara’ah, the Islamic Night of Forgiveness, when God blesses all humans and the Serbian Saint Vaily Ostroski Day.

lailat al bara'ahSaint Vasily Ostroski Day[9]

We will call in sacred Baha’i energy from 23 May, Declaration of the Bab, the day the Bab revealed his mission to the world and call his Ascension of Baha’u’llah, which commemorates his death in 1892.

IMG_9825Ascension of Baha’u’llah

On 25 May we will gather the energy of the New Moon and Sun in Gemini, with the energy of Ascension Day when Jesus ascends to Heaven and hold them in the Light of the Cosmic One.  We will then look to the future with Ramadan (27 May),  the Spring Bank holiday (29 May) and finally Shavout, commemorating the giving of the Ten Commandments at Mount Sinai. Feast of weeks, celebrated the Jews receiving the Torah at Mount Sinai. (31 May).Such a powerful vortex of light we will create. Do not miss this gathering of souls xxx

Ramadan BeginsSpring Bank Holiday


Invocation Blessing for the New Moon in Gemini

See you tomorrow 25 May for the New Moon in Gemini where I will channel the Invocation Blessing to those who turn up.  I will post it here on 26 May, after the Moon Gathering. You can read up on last years New Moon in Gemini June 2016


Love Toks xxx xxx

New Moon in Taurus 26 April 2017


BullI Greet You

When you are at overwhelm your Body and Mind is telling you that it is time for an Alchemical Transformation of your True Self. Your Soul  is calling you to be more, to Awaken, to RISE above your current level to your Greatness and Potential. Toks Coker


Below I share: 4 Lies about myths of happiness, invite you the the Moon Gathering tonight at 7pm, talk about Energy of Now with the New Moon in Taurus, list Taurean healing habits, scientific research on the Universe and Taurus Bull, mention a few Gods as I share my insights and Invocation Blessing.

There are so many myths of happiness that are a lie like

  1. I will never by happy till I get married / have a baby / have £1m.  There is a feeling of scarcity or something missing in your life and until that is fulfilled you will never be enough and you will never be happy. No matter what happens you never feel happy or you never feel complete.  You are constantly seeing what you do not have or what you have not completed.
  2. I need more of ….. More companies, More food, More clothes and shoes, More houses, More storage, More …  No matter how much you have you want more more more.  You are never satisfied as once you have what you thought would fulfil your need you want more of another thing. You do not stop to feel gratitude for what you have longed for and got. You want more more more.  Prince (When Doves Cry) sings these words: “Maybe I am just like my mother, she is never satisfied.”
  3. I am not good enough. No matter what you do you are never satisfied and you never feel enough and you never feel fulfilled or prosperous no matter what you have in your bank account. No matter what I do nothing good will happen. 
  4. I am missing so much in my life. There is so much missing in my life…….I am missing this trait in my partner, home, car, body, more money, a slimmer tummy, nice legs, soft hair, long hair, hair, friends, opportunities, etc. When you keep looking at what is missing in your live you are feeding a great sadness or unhappiness.  You are putting stress and tension on your desires as you focus on what is missing in your lives and makes happiness impossible.  Why do you spend a lot of time focusing on what you do not have?  You are always looking at what is missing in your life, in your husband, partner, children, work, colleague, ,friend, people, groups, etc.
    True Happiness and True Prosperity happens when you are relaxed and happy which allows more expansion in your life.  When you get caught in an underlying cycle of suffering and pain you are not in touch with your real happiness. You are in a cycle of lack, scarcity and feeling stuck; as you keep repeating to yourself that you are not enough and there is not enough to go round. 

WHEN you engage in practices that alter your way of thinking and being, like the Moon Gatherings with Toks, you build a new level of consciousness and BEing.  You get breakthroughs, transformation and revelation. You get clarity, a new lease of life and more centredness.  You become happy and you feel beautiful.

Wednesday 26 April is the New Moon & Sun in Taurus Gathering at 7pm.

Come take part in a powerful changing vortex that brings in a feeling of being enough and empower you to great happiness.  You will learn many things vital for your life. The Element is Earth. Click this link to book your ticket:


Energy of Now

KARMIC PATTERNING:  As we wade through the mud of our karma we ask for help from the Magician of Life.  We ask for internal codes that cover our graciousness of being.  We have been going a long time in this mud and it has been a difficult energy to move with.  What Karmic pattern have you noticed as you have wading through the mud?  What has been repeating in your mind and bothering you?  This is an indication of the Karmic relationship you are having with yourself in your life. You may find that the ‘issue’ you have in your work or project reflects another issue in your private relationship.  Perhaps you are trying to collaborate and things are not falling into place.  Perhaps you are being invited to do things and then the person who invited you withdrew from the agreement.  Do you find people changing their minds and not honouring their words. What is going on?  It feels like everything in SLOW, sluggish and not flowing.  There seems to be a lot of RESISTANCE. 

FAMILY:  Family is blood ties – a genetic link through blood. However, not all blood ties act like family towards each other.  Sometimes the person who behaves like your family is not a blood tie.  A stranger you met suddenly or someone you have known for a long time may suddenly do something to save your life with an act of kindness.

I love this quote by poet Haniel Long – a very Taurean Quote: “So much of what is best in us is bound up in our love for family that it remains the measure of our stability because it measures our sense of loyalty.”

new moon in TaurusPERPLEXED: As you journey with this New Moon you begin to realise how much is at stake. Surprising events and behaviour types surface leaving you amused, bewildered and perplexed. The New Moon in Taurus seems to come with change and uncertainty all at once.  AND restriction and feeling stuck or trapped in yourself, your relationship, your work, your mind, your heart, your emotions, your body.  Are you feeling like you will never move forward and your are battling all your believes to pull you through this mud of stuck-ness?  This New Moon Meditation will be releasing this stuck energy and creating a liberation for newness and small steps to greatness. Hold on and make sure you have your seat belts on.  It is a rocky ride and we have to drive through to the New Moon in Taurus to more creativity to unlock our potential.

MUSIC: The music still plays no matter the chaos you feel within yourself or outside yourself  There is a MUSICAL CALL for wisdom, patience and silence.  There is a musical call to think before you speak.  And yet you feel like you are walking in circles and YOU are walking up and down the corridor of your home or your life. There is the reality that the patience you need may tear you apart as you try to listen to the music and take control of your situation.  You cannot with this energy.  You just have to let the music play out.  What strength can you muster to pull yourself through?  What stamina is required as you pace yourself through the ‘mud’ of your life.

DRAMA:  This New Moon creates drama inside your mind as you try to make sense of your life.  What are the monsters you are fighting?  What are THEY doing to you?  Are you being drowned by others?  Are you driving or is someone else driving you?  Are you DRIVEN to be more?  Are you feeling that others are driven and you are not?  Are you able to receive from others when you are given a compliment? What is sucking up your energy? What is the message in your life leaving you with?  What is depleting you?  What is toxic in you and around you? How are you being the toxic person in your life?  How are you feeling trapped?


CHANGE:  Are you able to embrace the changes you do not like?  Sometimes I find this difficult as I do not want to make the changes and sometimes do not like change.  I ask myself can I embrace change?  Am I able to go through all this uncertainty?  All this restriction? All this unknown? The New Moon welcomes a deep change from deep within yet seems to create an agitated need to let go. This contradiction of letting go control vs. maintaining control isolates a need for change. There seems to be a RESISTANCE to newness and yet a WELCOME to newness. What do you need to reap, to sow?  What transformation do you need to go through before the New Moon?  This is like an unknown – like Mother Earth.  We can see the surface of Mother Earth and we need to journey deep down underground to see the great crystals and molten lava inside Mother Earth. This is where a lot of people are – feeling knocked down by life and its challenges.

UNCERTAINTY:  Welcome to the Energy of Now. The uncertainty in the Newness of Life.  This New Moon is a wonderful time to open to yourself – open your heart to being more, to being seen and heard. YET, we cannot say what has happened will never happen again, unless we have learnt the lessons. You cannot leave it to someone else to handle or do.  You have to take responsibility for your life and choices. You can delegate just remember to delegate as a team. In all the uncertainty is the certainty.  Like a bud that struggles through Mother Earth to raise it’s pretty little head we come out of our darkness with this New Moon.

crystalBowlsSUPPORT: Sometimes the people we want to support us are not able to – they may try to help you but you may not appreciate what they are doing – and then you feel all is impossible and then you feel nothing will be accomplished and they cannot help you. Then slowly – like a Taurian Bull – they plod on and accomplish something that pleases you.  A proven protection calls forth simple hope.  How auspicious.

BOUNDARIES: With this New Moon we look at our boundaries.  What do we allow into our lives? What do we not allow into our lives? Knowing the difference unlocks the potential and SELF BELIEF within you.  You do not expect contradictions with this New Moon but you have it. I believe we should all get a medal for plodding through the ‘mud’ because any form of pain lets us enter the portal of healing. 


  1. SLOW:  Slow and steady wins the race. Slow down and go with the flow! Welcome in a slow change as opposed to a fast change. Remember the Bull moves very slowly until it wants to charge OR wants to change its space.
  2. SECURITY:  Check your home and finances carefully.  Be prudent and realistic.
  3. CHECK:  Check things twice.  Make sure before you move forward. Go back to basics and check things thoroughly.  Make the call instead of texting. Write everything on email to clarify things.
  4. PROTECTION: Be mindful of where you need protection in your life. Protect your things – home, car, relationships.
  5. THINK:  Think things through before you say anything or commit to something.
  6. LOYAL:  Be loyal to your authentic belief and self – which should both be aligned.
  7. ROOTED:  Stay rooted and focused – even if you are feeling stuck. Do not be bullied to do something you do not want to do.
  8. STUBBORN:  Look at areas you may need to let go of and stop being stubborn and holding on to things that do not serve you.
  9. GROUND YOURSELF: Bring yourself back home to your body. Bring yourself back home to your feet.  Bring yourself back home to your hands.  What do you need to attend to with reference to your body and grounding yourself in your body.  Connect to Mother Earth and really look at your life. 
  10. Connect to your unlimited potential.

    Breathe in Mother Earth


I had a message to look up the Taurus Constellation and then do some scientific research on the Stars and the Universe. As you all know, we work with the Universal Energy always, when sending healing to the world and when calling forth Life Force, Pranic Energy or Chi Force.

SUN is a Star

Did you know the Sun is a Star? It is the most important source of ENERGY for LIFE on EARTH.  The Sun feeds and nourishes Mother Earth.  It is the brightest object in the Earth’s sky. Did you know that the nearest Star to the Earth is the Sun?


Did you know that the size of the Universe is unknown?  Did you know the Universe is all of Time and Space and its contents; which includes, planets, moons, minor planets, stars, galaxies, contents of intergalactic space and all matter and energy? 

Click on the pictures below to see the magnitude of what I am talking about. We see Earth, Solar System, Interstellar Neighbourhood, Milky Way Galaxy, Local Galactic Group, Virgo Super Cluster, Local Super Clusters and Observable Universe. We see Earth’s location in the Universe created by the amazing Andrew Z. Colvin




Did you know that the Milky Way is made up of more than 1100 Open Clusters?  An Open Cluster is a group of a few thousand Stars.


Did you know the Solar System is the gravitationally bound system made up of the Sun and the objects that orbit it, directly or indirectly?  The objects that orbit the Sun are planets, dwarf planets, small Solar System bodies and moons.  Below is the picture by WP – Planets2008.jpg, CC BY-SA 3.0,




Taurus (Latin for “the Bull”; symbol: Taurus.svg, Unicode: ♉) is one of the constellations of the zodiac, which means it is crossed by the plane of the ecliptic. Taurus is a large and prominent constellatTaurusCONSTELLATIONion in the northern hemisphere‘s winter sky. It is one of the oldest constellations, dating back to at least the Early Bronze Age when it marked the location of the Sun during the spring equinox. Its importance to the agricultural calendar influenced various bull figures in the mythologies of Ancient Sumer, Akkad, Assyria, Babylon, Egypt, Greece, and Rome.

A number of features exist that are of interest to astronomers. Taurus hosts two of the nearest open clusters to Earth, the Pleiades and the Hyades, both of which are visible to the naked eye. At first magnitude, the red giant Aldebaran is the brightest star in the constellation. In the northwest part of Taurus is the supernova remnant Messier 1, more commonly known as the Crab Nebula. One of the closest regions of active star formation, the Taurus-Auriga complex, crosses into the northern part of the constellation. The variable star T Tauri is the prototype of a class of pre-main-sequence stars

This lovely pictures of the Taurus Constellation is by Till Credner.


In Egypt, the bull was worshiped as Apis, the embodiment of Ptah and later of Osiris. A long series of ritually perfect bulls were identified by the god’s priests, housed in the temple for their lifetime, then embalmed and encased in a giant sarcophagus. A long sequence of monolithic stone sarcophagi were housed in the Serapeum, and were rediscovered by Auguste Mariette at Saqqara in 1851. The bull was also worshipped as Mnevis, the embodiment of AtumRa, in Heliopolis. Ka in Egyptian is both a religious concept of life-force/power and the word for bull.

bullHornsTo the Egyptians TAURUS, The Bull, symbolised both Osiris and his sister Isis who were represented as a bull-god and cow-goddess respectively. In Greek legend, Taurus is identified with the disguise adopted by Zeus in yet another of his amorous adventures. On this occasion, the god had fallen in love with the beautiful Europa, daughter of King Agenor, as she strolled with her companions on the seashore. He suddenly appeared amongst them as a magnificent white bull, but one which was so gentle that they felt no fear. Europa and her maidens gathered flowers and made garlands which they hung around the animal’s neck and, such was their trust in his docility, that Europa climbed upon his back. However, at this moment, the bull plunged into the sea and swam away furiously with the terrified girl. When they reached Crete, Zeus revealed his true identity and ravished her. She was to bear him three sons, the first of which, Minos, introduced the bull cult to Crete.


new moon in taurus

Invocation Blessing for New Moon in Taurus

Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker


We Greet You

With the Energy of the New Moon

Invisible to the Outer Eyes: Visible to the Inner Eyes

Lying Down Connecting You to the Universe of Love

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Rays of Light

Pouring Down to the Altar of Mother Earth

Creating a Pyramid of Protection and Security

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Sun Star and Magnificent Planets

Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune,

Earth, Venus, Mars and Mercury

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Magnificent Universe

Touching the Spiral Arms of the Milky Way

Allow All It’s 1111 Open Clusters of Stars to Hug You; Hugging

We Greet You


We Greet You

With Your Practical Relationship with Money

Reflecting Renewing Revisioning

Receiving Respecting Rewarding

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Smudging Bundle

Activating a Spinning Ankh above it

Perfuming & Purifying: Breathing Purified Air into Your Physical Body

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Celestial Wisdom of Time

Calling Mother Earth as Witness to Your Seeding

Planting a New Beginning; a New Momentum for You

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Right Setting for Every Task

Looking Closely at Your Life

Winning in Your Losing, with Immediate Balance

We Greet You

Greeting Mother Earth

We Greet You

With the World of Mother Earth

Anchoring Great Intelligence

in the Global Movement of Life

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Queen of Alchemy

Asking You: What is Missing in Your Life? Tell Me.

She Directs Your Answer into a Hole of Transformation

We Greet You

STILL I RISEEDeath Return to Mother Earth

We Greet You

With the King of Alchemy

Reminding You: Nothing Can Hide You

No One Can Hide You: for You Rise

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Knowledge that You are Spirit and Soul

Creating an Invincible Memory of Powerful Knowing

Lining Your Daily Life with Smiles, Joy and Happiness

We Greet You

which way

We Greet You

With the Choices You Make

Taking Bold Steps with Courage

Dancing to Your Drum

We Greet You


We Greet You

With Your Steadfast Feet, Great Foundation of Your Life

Anchoring More Centredness, Balance and Strength

Securely Grounded, Deeply Protected

We Greet You

Activating the Magic in your life

We Greet You

With Your Aligned Soul of Magic

Activating Magic in Your Life: in Your Eruptions and Tidal Waves

Through the Rough Terrain Tsunami of Your Path

We Greet you


We Greet You

With the Force: Truth of You

Enabling You to Be True to You – NO MATTER WHAT

Firmly Grounded, Letting You Shine Your True Colours With Ease

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Energy of Grounded Inspiration

Building a Stabilising Root Chakra of Balance

In the Activation of Your Significance and Ideas

We Greet You

portal of greatness

We Greet You

With the Cycle of Life in the Stillness of Your Mind

Your Failures, Your Fears and Your Mistakes

Your Successes, Your Courage to Step Forward and Your Recognition of Greatness

We Greet You


We Greet You

Seeding Your Greatness on Mother Earth

Reflecting on Your Shadow Images

Evolving through the Learning

We Greet You

Mother Earth Stone Mountain

We Greet You

Sitting with Mother Earth

In the Relaxed Peaceful Stillness of the Mind

Surrounded by Nature’s Sounds of Laughter and Healing

We Greet You

sounds of mother earth

We Greet You

With Sacred Beating of Your Mother Earth Drums

Sounding Your Vibrational Note Frequency

Visioning & Questing Your New Journey of Life

We Greet You

mother earth father sky

We Greet You

We Greet You

We Greet You

Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for the New Moon in Taurus

Full Moon in Libra and Sun in Aries 11 April 2017

Red heartTuesday 11 AprilRed heart

Red heartFull Moon in Libra – Sun in AriesRed heart

Red heartPink MoonRed heartMEDITATION with Toks CokerRed heart

Red heartat 7pm LondonRed heart


I just love the picture above of the two gentlemen laughing with the ease of Libra and the passion of Aries. The pictures captures a thousand words for me.  What words spring to mind for you?  What is your thinking, feeling, visual response? Do you hear the laughter? What emotions stir up in you?  So lovely to see the easy of relaxed friendship or father/son energy. This picture immediately brings me joy and gives me joy.

Happy Full Moon in Libra and Sun in Aries / Pink Moon

Happy Hanuman Jayanti / Monkey God Birthday (Hinduism)

First Day of Passover/Pesach (Judaism)


Red heartActual time of Full Moon in London was 07:09 BST (7.09am)Red heartElement: Air/FireRed heartLibra is AirRed heartAries is FireRed heart

We gather at 7pm tonight 11 April Full Moon in Libra – Sun in Aries


11 APRIL:  As we can see this Full Moon marks the beginning of many things from around the world. We have Easter, Passover, Hanuman’s birthday and not to forget people’s birthday. We see cherry blossoms, trees blooming pink flowers, pink flowers everywhere…. Is spring here now?  ahhahahhaha

7 - Full Moon in Libra (11-4-17)FULL MOON ENERGY:  Mother Moon is pregnant with life. There is power and magic in the air. The moon is round, making the atmosphere pregnant with emotion and desire. The cup is full and the cup ‘runneth’ over.

Like a full cup, which can spill if not held properly, the emotions caused by the pull of the Full Moon can spill over.  As such, it is a time full of emotional energy which is very high.  These emotions may or may not be contained or controlled. You may try to restrict them and find that you cannot.  They simply spill over.

ACTIONS:  So how are you feeling with this Full Moon?  How are you thinking? How are you BEing? How are you behaving? 

1. Are you aggressively marketing yourself on other people’s time line without their permission?

2. Are you ‘stealing’ ideas that are not yours and pretending they are yours?

3. Are you giving credit to your ‘teachers’ or ‘helpers’ or ‘supporters’ in your life, your business, your relationships, your study, etc.? 

4. Are you saying Thank You?  “I thank you …………. (name of person) for all your help you have given me (all these years) in ………………. this area of my life.”

5. Have you moved on and forgotten to look back to say thank you to all those whose shoulders or faces you stood on? How do you justify the actions you have taken?


    PERCEPTION:  What you perceive as your reality depends on what you are feeling. At the time of the Full Moon, this can cause a lot of confusion, if not checked. The gravitational pull of the Sun and Moon on our beloved Earth set these extremes up. This can be a hard time to find balance. A time of extremes. This Full Moon is about finding BALANCE: in your life on all levels. It is a time to face these varied emotions.  Everything is amplified with the energy of the Full Moon e.g. emotions, passions, love etc. You may experience strongly charged emotions with abundant feelings, sometimes uncontrollable feelings.  These uncontrollable feelings can lead you to lose control in a positive or negative way. Remember – the choice, as always, is yours.  SCALES:  How balanced are you going to be?  How balanced have you been?  How out of balance are you on a scale of 1-10, of which 10 is completely out of balance and 1 is OK?

Hanuman Jai Jai HanumanMIND & CHAOS Vs. HANUMAN:  What is on your mind this Full Moon?  Is there chaos or peace? What are you creating from that chaos / peace?  Is it possible to create peace from chaos?  Is it possible to create chaos from peace? As you sit in the chaos of your mind how are you feeling right now?  What chaos are you in right now?  What turmoil of the mind bothers you?  How is the wheel turning in your mind?  This really is a time to look at your MIND SET.

HANUMAN: Let your agitated mind be transformed with the energy of HANUMAN, Monkey God.  His LOYALTY, devotion and selfless dedication to Rama saw him saving the kidnapped Sita, wife of Rama. He helped Lord Rama defeat Ravana in war after Ravana took Sita. Let your selfless dedication to the development of your spiritual mind save and transform you. Let the energy of this wonderful Full Moon activate the loyalty you need to believe in your greatness in simplicity. Amen. You can click the picture and and listen to nice Hanuman music.

WILLING:  Are you willing to listen?  Are you willing to learn?  Are you willing to be humble?  Are you willing to ask for help?  Are you willing for change? Are you wiling for more? Are you willing to connect with your Soul? Are you willing to allow yourself to connect to your Soul?  Are you WILLING and ready to embrace the greatness in you and all that you do?

AIR & FIRE: Welcome to this fabulous Full Moon, a most auspicious of Full Moons ready to twist and turn, ready to move and shake, ready to fly and jump. Just like the element Air and Fire. The energy of Air makes us feel expansive. The energy of Fire makes us leap for joy.  As you leap for joy in the expansiveness of your life let us celebrate you and all that you stand for that is great, wonderful, magnificent and charming. Let us celebrate what is different about you tonight at the Moon Gathering. Let the Fire melt away and soften any hardness in you so you are more pliable this Full Moon.  You are remodelled with this Full Moon into the wonderful Fully Radiant You.  Allow your radiance to shine and expand around you so the element AIR can fly and show you off in the wonderful mirror that is your Soul and your Spirit and then to the Cosmos of the Unity Consciousness.

Why gather with Toks Coker, Queen of Alchemy?

1. You activate your own individual power and portal.

2. Remember: Once you take care of yourself – once you attend to yourself – you can attend to others with ease.  For example, in an airplane they always tell you to put your face mask on in an emergency before you help others – your children, loved ones, etc.  Why?  Because if you run out of oxygen because you choose to save them first you may actually not save them at all as you run out of oxygen and you are dead and so are they.  Look after yourself first and then you can face the world. 

3. You experience your own healing and insight You receive healing love.

4. You give yourself permission to bloom and flower. You celebrate your life, your expansion, and your completions.

5. You allow yourself to be seen energetically and physically in a safe sacred space.

6. You dance your greatness into being using fire movement in air on a multi-dimensional level.

7. You enjoy a ritual of celebration in a healing circle created by Legions of Light. 

8. You become part of the creative energy in making a sacred crystal matrix altar for healing the world.

9. You send healing to the world with a joyous heart. You ignite your own expansion with love for the world.

10. You feel elated in your own grandness of Spirit and Soul. You are in a sacred space that allows your gloriousness.

11. You rest, relax and nurture yourself for a change. You celebrate you for a change.  You honour you for a change.  You recognise you for a change.  You restore your energy level.

7 - Full Moon in Libra (11-4-17) (2)

Some Quotes

1. Without forgiveness life is governed by …. an endless cycle of resentment and retaliation.  Roberto Assagioli

2. The superior man perseveres long on his course, adapts to the times, but remains firm in his direction and correct in his goals. I Ching

3. The wind should rest and think……….A playful wind stops when it wants to.  Lines from the film House of Flying Daggers


Albert Einstein Quotes

power of life

1. Imagination is more important than knowledge.

2. The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.

3. Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.

4. Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.

5. Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.

6. Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.

7. No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.

8. Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.

9. The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.

10. I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.

    You can read more about his life on


    Toks Coker Golden VortexTESTIMONIALS

    “This woman is pure magic. She is gracious, she is kind, she is generous. She helped me through many difficult and tight moments in my life in the appropriate way. She used whatever technique was required for each issue. She has a knowing and I want to thank her many times over.“ Lisette

“Worth making Toks’ meditations every time. Thank you for helping me see, take right actions and change my thought patterns in this difficult/shifting times of the web of life.” Genevieve Capovilla

“The depths of me were moved. The depths of me were changed. My depths were soothed with the love of light………My depths, say, “Thank you.”” Yanni Konstantinopulos

“I loved the fact that we set up the Sacred Crystal Portal together. We shared the energy.  I love your room.  So many things to look at and so many sacred things to engage with.  There are many things we can relate to. Thank you very much.” Claire

The Naked Truth of Life


There was a man with four wives. He loved his fourth wife the most and took great care of her and gave her the best.

He also loved his third wife and always wanted to show her off to his friends. However, he always had a fear that she might runaway with some other man.

He loved his second wife too. Whenever he faced some problems, he always turned to his second wife and she would always help him out.

He did not love his first wife though she loved him deeply, was very loyal to him and took great care of him.
One day the man fell very ill and knew that he is going to die soon. He told himself, “I have four wives. I will take one of them along with me when I die to keep me company in my death.”

Thus, he asked the fourth wife to die along with him and keep him company. “No way!” she replied and walked away without another word.

He asked his third wife. She said “Life is so good over here. I’m going to remarry when you die”.

He then asked his second wife. She said “I’m Sorry. I can’t help you this time around. At the most I can only accompany you till your grave.”

By now his heart sank and he turned cold. Then a voice called out: “I’ll go with you. I’ll follow you no matter where you go.”

The man looked up and there was his first wife. She was so skinny, almost like she suffered from malnutrition. Greatly grieved, the man said, “I should have taken much better care of you while I could have!”

Actually, we all have four wives in our lives.

1. The forth wife is our body. No matter how much time and effort we lavish in making it look good, it’ll leave us when we die.

2. The third wife is our possession, status and wealth. When we die, they go to others.

3. The second wife is our family and friends. No matter how close they had been there for us when we’re alive, the furthest they can stay by us is up to the grave.

4. The first wife is our soul, neglected in our pursuit of material wealth and pleasure. It is actually the only thing that follows us wherever we go.

What will it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul….

One of the best messages I have received – please share.


toks 1111 on 11 april

Invocation Blessing for the Full Moon

Element AIR


Happy Full Moon in Libra and Sun in Aries / Pink Moon

Happy Hanuman Jayanti / Monkey God Birthday (Hinduism)

First Day of Passover/Pesach (Judaism)


FireWe Greet You

We Greet You

With the Energy of Air and Fire

Releasing You From Any Form of Slavery

Freeing and Liberating Your Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul

We Greet You

We Greet You

We Greet You

With the Light of Recognition

In the Middle of the Chaos

Centred and Balanced in the Overwhelm

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Power of Your Inner Knowing

Activating Skills of Great Standards

In the Pioneering Energy of You

We Greet You

flower smiles

We Greet You

With the Great Improvement Made in this Life

Making Great Decisions that Honour Your Process

Empowering You to Live Your Purpose

We Greet You


We Greet You

With Your Life Time Gatherings

Gatherings of Friendships, Family and Loved Ones

Gatherings of Business, Colleagues and Networks

We Greet You

Hanuman loves me

We Greet You

With Hanuman, Monkey God

Son of Vayu, God of the Wind

Incarnation of Lord Shiva

We Greet  You


We Greet You

With Lord Shiva, God of Meditation, Arts & Yoga

Trinity Aspect: Brahma/Creator, Vishnu/Preserver, Shiva/Destroyer & Regenerator

Shakti-Shiva Female-Male Balanced Energy

We Greet You

Trident of Lord Shiva

We Greet You

With the Atman of the Universe

Anchoring and Revealing Your Inner Self, Your Inner Soul

Celebrating Your True Self through Self Knowledge

We Greet You

Balanced Calmness

We Greet You

With the Quiet Qualities of Hanuman

Inner Strength, Inner Power, Self Power, Will Power

Standing Strong in Your Gloriousness

We Greet You


We Greet  You

With Expansive Life Force, Prana Energy, Atma-Shakti

Opening to More: Daring Courage, Bold Confidence and Energetic Commitment

Revealing: Fastness like the Wind, Speed and Quickness

We Greet You

rainbows showing

We Greet You

With the Full Moon in Libra & Sun in Aries

Shining Magic and Balance to Your Full Potential Today

Calming You in the Rainbow Magnificence of You

We Greet You


We Greet You

With Your Accomplishments Today and Always

Knowing You Will Manifest More from Today

Acknowledging Your Soul Spirit Cosmic Power

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Sacred Unfolding of Your Life

Pockets of Air Waves Unfolding Before You

Manifesting in this Glorious Revelation Now

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Greatness of You

Empowering Yourself in Your Doing Now

Gifting Yourself a Present in the Now

We Greet You


We Greet You

With Your Balance

Your Strength Your Smile Your Soul

Your Connections Your Graciousness

We Greet You

male and female balance

We Greet You

With Your Sacred Self of Balance

Anchoring the Male & Female in You

In the Perfection & Wholeness of You

We Greet You

shining sunlight

We Greet You

With the Glorious Sunshine

Shining its Radiance

Reflecting Your Radiance

We Greet You

Full Moon AnnointmentFull Moon Connection

We Greet You

With the Full Moon Anointment

Blooming Above Your Crown Chakra

Connecting You to Source

We Greet You


Element AIR

We Greet You

With the Flowing Moving Energy of Air

Supporting You Internally and Externally

Flying High Breathing the Breathe of Life

We Greet You


We Greet You

We Greet You

We Greet You

Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for the Full Moon in Libra, 11 April 2017


New Moon & Sun in Aries 28 March 2017



Happy JAMSHEDI NORUZ (Zoroastrian)



This blog is quite detailed. Below as you scroll down we have: What we will cover for the Moon Gathering. The Invocation Blessing. Some guidelines, quotes, Energy of Now, 3 Steps to help you work with the energy, testimonials, special discount (ends end of April) and free healing request. I am going to be live on Facebook between 8pm-9pm London time tonight 28 March.  This is the new energy of me doing something new. I will have my group with me but you will not see them unless they want to be seen.

We gather happily to seed newness and refresh ourselves. See you Sleeping half-moonTuesday 28 March, at 7pmSleeping half-moonNew Moon & Sun in Aries Sleeping half-moonActual Time of New Moon in London Sky 03:58 GMT (3:58am)Sleeping half-moonElement – FireSleeping half-moonVenue Details: half-moonDate & Time of Moon Gathering: 28 March, 7pm

A time to honour the beginning of new things in your life.

A time to start again.

A time to refresh and look at your life in a new way.

A time of new beginnings.




As we gather all our diverging energies we sense our vulnerability and sensitivity. We feel the pull of energies all around us and from this point we make a decision to do something that will bring us back home to ourselves.  A little bit of wonderful is all we need. Yet we may find a resistance around us.  We may find it is a time of strange happenings such as: Things not going to plan.  Waiting for things to happen.  Feeling agitated with yourself and what is happening around you. Feeling like things are happening without your permission. Observe that people are doing what they want and not what you want or what you agreed together.  ALL THIS lets you know that you are in the vortex time of NEW TIME and NEW REFRESHER and NEW TIDY UP.  It is time to START AGAIN reminding me of the Buddhist concept of HONNIN MYO, starting from Now.


One of the great qualities of Aries energy is they like to be in control and make decisions that yield great results. So if you are feeling like you want to be in more control of your life and the things happening around you then that is very good. You are beginning to feel the powerful energy of Aries, which likes to be in control and which likes to have its needs met immediately, like a crying baby.  Another aspect here is that Aries does not like to feel lonely or abandoned. It makes them feel they have lost control of their surroundings and their ME ME ME energy, just like a baby. 


Think of the energy of a baby – it cry’s when it is hungry, it sleeps when it is full and it laughs when it is happy. A baby crawls to where it wants to go and makes every effort to learn to stand and to walk. You do not say to the baby – Stop Trying. Give Up. You are wasting your time.  Instead you encourage the baby to keep going on – to keep learning – to keep manifesting its desire to eat food on its own, crawl on its own, walk on its own, drink water on its own and finally dress up on its own. Then we encourage the baby to read and right.  This is your life. You are the baby – What are you going to do encourage yourself to keep going on?


I have three questions I would like you to apply to your life. Each of these three questions should be asked in reference to your work, your family, friends, business, spirituality, networking, children, relationships – intimate, work, etc.

  1. What do I need to know right now about my life? 
  2. What do I need to stop doing? 
  3. What do I need to start doing?
  4. After reflecting on the above three questions what answers did you get? Are the messages or answers you got the ones you expected? Are you letting people walk over you? Are you eating too much sugar or bread?


    ARIES ENERGYHere are more questions to help you with where you are right now.  I have three questions I would like you to apply to your life. Each of these three questions should be asked in reference to your work, your family, friends, business, spirituality, networking, children, relationships – intimate, work, etc.

  1. Where are you giving your power away?

  2. Who are you giving your power away to?

  3. How are you giving your power away?

  4. Why are you giving your power away?

  5. The Energy of Now asks you to relate you Power to your Time.  How much time are you using that gives too much of your power away? What takes your energy away? What depletes your energy? Where are you giving too much in your life?  Is your family life interfering with your business life? Is your business life interfering with your family life?  Is there a balance on all levels?  Most will say NO.  Come to a Moon Gathering and let me help you get balance in your life.


      Are you ready to look at where you are giving too much?  Let us look at areas you are giving too much time to?  Let us look at those areas where you give too much time and feel depleted and tired. Giving too much time that you do not get what you want and you do not complete your tasks.  You suddenly feel stagnant, stuck, frozen and immobilised. This is not a nice quality for the Arian.  Arians hate feeling stuck, controlled or terminated unexpectedly.  Is your family life taking you away from your business life? Is your business life taking you away from your family life? Are you seeking a balance.  All the more reason to look at your Spiritual Development.


      Are you like a mother/father who blames other children for what your children do willingly? Are you a mother/father that thinks her child is always right and is only wrong because of another child?  As a child, I was blamed by my friends mother for her drinking, smoking and sexual activities because I had white blood in me.  At that time I was still a virgin, never drank alcohol and till today I have never smoked anything.  I remember her mother blaming me when her eldest daughter ran away with a married man. I wandered why she blamed me?  I remember crying and feeling sad not understanding that some parents just simply like to blame other children for the bad behaviour of their children. 


        your energy

      The energy you carry around with you is your responsibility. You are responsible for the energy you have around you. Be mindful and aware. Always. Take responsibility for how you are feeling. Do not pretend everything is OK when it is not.

      CRUELTY:  I want to talk today about the cruelty of man to another man or animal.  The desire to put someone down. The desire to undermine.  The desire to make someone less than you.  The desire to write or say awful untrue things about a person.  The desire to lie as you look a person straight in the face.  There is a fire burning inside all of us and it is not always a nice fire.  Sometimes the fire is at the wrong place and with the wrong people.  Sometimes it back fires and sometimes it does not. 

      PRETENDING: The desire to pretend to be more than you are can over inflate your ego and give you a false sense of knowing. I am told –  that you have to do this every time you go for a job interview and you want to get a job, contract, partner or whatever you desire. The little lies are OK, I am told.  But what is it doing to your Chakras? I ask.  Lies shrink your chakras. They age you.  They show up in your life sooner or later.  You get the job and cannot deliver.  You cannot delegate and the real truth comes through.  You lied to get the joy. Everybody knows.  Has it occurred to you that the ‘lies’ you tell another (e.g. to get a job or about another) could be done to you? Someone else could be doing this about you. !!! How shocking.  Would you like that?  I am sure you would not.  How does it feel thinking about this now?  Not a nice feeling.  Now – imagine it being done to you – the very nasty pretending thing you are doing to someone else?

    FIRE: The Fire element of Aries allows us to burn away are habits or behaviour patterns we do not like about ourselves. It ASKS: What do you need to know about yourself right now that needs to be burnt away?  When you release clutter in your mind, body and spirit you release the burden and weight hanging around you.  Take time to burn away what no loner serves you.

LONELY: Remember just because you feel alone or lonely does not justify you thinking bad things about yourself or about others.  I know what it is like when no one wants you.  I know what is it like to be alone and lonely.  I know what it is like not to be wanted. I know what it is like not to feel included.  I know what it is like to feel abandoned.  So do many of you.  But this does not justify you or me feeling sorry for ourselves and sitting alone and lonely. Accept where you are right now and then – only then – breathe it in and breathe it out.  Really BE in the space of ACCEPTANCE and then once you feel that clearly – then RELEASE it into the burning FIRE FLAMES of Yahweh.  Allow all the negative energy you feel to burn in the flame. Then feel yourself becoming lighter and lighter.  Like loosing weight you feel lighter, happier, cleaner and clearer.  Remember loosing weight is relative.  I am not advocating anything here in this statement – I am just using this as a comparism. It is the same as wringing water out of wet clothes to enable them to dry quicker so you can wear the clean clothes again.  fire

READY:  When you gather at a Moon Gathering you declare to yourself that you are ready for something different and something new.  You are saying to yourself – I am ready for change. I am ready for more.  I am ready to give more.  I am ready for newness.  I am ready to be more. I am ready to ask for help. I am ready to connect with others who are on the spiritual path of development with their busy lives and businesses.  How great is that?

READY TO SHED:  Are you ready to shed your layers of deception to yourself? Are you ready to shed your layers of pain within you caused by yourself and others?  Are you ready to be the version of you that you seek?  Come gather with others and shed what no longer serves you as you seed your new beginnings refreshed and ready for more in your life.

SPARKLING CONCEPTION: I believe that when we are made there is a spark in the fertilisation of the ovary and sperm. This is the first flame, spark and sparkle. It is a twinkle that starts with a spark in conception; and continues all our lives to sparkle away. How are you using this in your life right now? How are you allowing yourself to sparkle away?  How are you being a spark in your life? Who ignites the spark in you?  Who do you allow to ignite the spark in you?  What kind of spark do you give out? What type of spark do you hide?  What type of spark do you deny in yourself.  This New Moon in Aries is about sparking yourself anew.  It is about wanting only more for yourself.  It is about demanding more for yourself on all levels.

HANDLING SPARKLES IN YOUR LIFE: It is time to handle the sparkling in your life and take responsibility for it.  Who are you allowing to take your sparkle power from you? Where are you allowing yourself to give your sparkle to? What are you allowing to diminish your sparkle? How are you diminishing your sparkle? There has been so much happening since we entered this year and it seems the energies are coming down more and more.  How are you dealing with them all in your life? Good? Balanced? Overwhelmed? Confused? Ignoring them? Burying your head in the ground?


ARIES: The Arian quality generates leadership and strength. It is a time to gather all your strength to fortify yourself against the negativity of your very own self and that of others.  So is falling ill or having an accident the result of your bad judgement?  It it a psychic attack? Is it a negative thought form from yourself or from others?  What is it right now in your life. We will be tapping into this at the New Moon gathering at 7pm tonight, 28 March. See you then or on Skype. Once you pay on line I will link you to the connection. Click the button here and I will send you the link Buy Now  We live with the Energy of Now – the Energy of the Season with our gatherings.  Living with the seasons we nurture ourselves and acknowledge we are humans after all.

3 Steps to work with the Energy of Now – New Moon in Aries

  1. COMMUNICATION:  Be clear and bold in your communication.  Allow yourself to be true to your authentic self.  Do not lie to yourself or others. Communicate first with your self HONESTLY. ‘Talk’ to your mind, body and spirit.  Get clarity about what your self-talk is. Is it positive or negative.  What is blocking you or making you feel anxious?  Put it to the fire energy of Aries, with the focused determination of Aries. For leadership. For entrepreneurship.  For Championship.  For Globalisation.
  2. PASSION:  Do what feels passionate for you.  Before you do it make sure it is from deep within you and you have truly identified it as your passion and not someone else passion. When you set yourself on your passion decide to follow through and take decisive action. Action that is immediate and gets you on the right road and in the right direction.
  3. FIRE: Allow yourself to ignite your life. Do something thing. Learn a new skill.  Fire up your life with something new in your life. This is having courage to be who you want to be. To take action after contemplation that this is for you and taking the action to manifest what you are wanting.  Let the fire ignite and instinctively move you. Ask what adventure do you want to take in your life right now?  What new project are you going to be involved in?

The New Moon in Aries Alchemy GatheringMoonAlchemy Workshop Special Offer

Toks Coker with Hands of Light

Tuesday, 28 March 2017 from 19:00 to 22:00 (BST)

London, United Kingdom

To purchase the Moon Alchemy Workshop Special Offer for March & April and get 33% Discount, please click the RED image that says 33% discount or click this link

Toks will be channelling these Energies through and with her CRYSTAL SINGING BOWLS



A quote on determination and single minded focus: “…as God is my witness, I’ll NEVER be hungry again!” Scarlett O’Hara (Gone with the Wind)

Aries always tried had to make things work. Here is a quote that says Aries has had enough:  “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.” Scarlett O’Hara (Gone with the Wind)

A quote on forgiveness: “To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.” Lewis B Smedes


TOKS has been holding Moon Alchemy Gatherings for almost 20 years now. Toks Channels Invocation Blessings that Inspire and Encourage One’s Own Personal Spiritual Journey. They are Channelled in such a way that it is as if she is talking directly to you and only you.

We will be working with these Aries New Moon Energies:

  1. Helping you to fight your battle and win. 
  2. Being courageously determined, fired and precise in your daily activities.
  3. Becoming Energised and Strong.
  4. Calling forth the energy of strength, will power and empowerment.
  5. Activate your Fighting Spirit and your Stand Alone Spirit, knowing you are protected and ready to live your life.
  6. Successfully moving through the chaos in your life.
  7. Start again. Refresh your energy and call forth a new beginning.
  8. Call in the energy of passion, focus and vision to help refine your goals.
  9. Assertion and Decisiveness to ‘get up and go!’, after having fallen.
    We will be asking….

  1. What do you do to survive? 
  2. How do you come through chaos in your life?
  3. What do you want to paint on the canvas of your life?

The Moon Meditation is Guided and Channelled by Toks – Live and in the Moment. Here is some of the Magic that it entails:

  1. It is a Journey to your Sacred Space of Light or Sacred Cave of Light. 
  2. It is a Journey into your Deeper Self, your True Self, your Real Pure Note, your Spiritual Resonance.
  3. It is a Healing Meditation on a Multi-Dimensional Level.
  4. It is about Starting Afresh, Planting a New Seed and Connecting to your Higher Self.
  5. It is a Self-Healing and Self-Discovery Meditation.
  6. It Empowers you with the Knowledge and fact that Once you can Attend to Yourself, you can Attend to Others with Ease.
  7. It is about Renewing Yourself, Rebirthing New Ideas and Activating the Creative Life Force in Yourself and Around You. It is a very Rejuvenating Meditation.

Moon Alchemy Gatherings are for you if you are struggling with any of the following, in any area of your life:

  1. You feel disempowered and/or out of rhythm with yourself.
  2. You feel stuck and/or lack the energy to move forward in a particular area of your life.
  3. You are unclear about an area of your life; you don’t know what to do.
  4. You are unsure about any number of things in your life and are looking for answers and a point of action. This could include such things as:  Is now the right time to start a family?     Is marriage right for me now? Shall I change my job or career? Shall I do so now?  Is now the right time to start a business/expand it?  How do I go about calling in the right romantic relationship for me now, so that it is more than just a repeat of the past? How do I  heal old family wounds and get closer to my family? How do I let go and move on from certain people /places /habits that no longer serve me?  Am I on the right path (in life, in love, in business etc.)?

What to expect during the Gathering….

  1. We will be balancing the Life Force of Your Chakras.
  2. We will be writing your New Moon Wishes; for this Moon and beyond.
  3. There will be an Extensive Guided Meditation.
  4. We will be working with crystals to clean, uplift and guide your Energy – a very healing experience.
  5. We will be drawing cards towards the end of the workshop in order to crystallise what you have intended and what you have received.
  6. We will be creating our own individual Crystal Portal Matrix. Here is One made at a previous Moon:
  7. All of this will be done, and quite possibly more, all within a Safe Healing Circle with Guided Interpretation and lots of Laughter!

HEALING REQUEST:  If you need energy or support for an intention or for your life, please drop me a private email ( with your name, age, the area where you live and the subject.  We will place a candle in the circle for every person or intention.  If you are asking on behalf of a friend, relative or animal please ask their permission first.  The act of asking already activates the healing.

Alternatively, please feel free to go to my Hands of Light Healing Facebook Fan Page – 3 Days before each Moon, a Pinned Image will be put up advertising said Moon. Feel free to put your healing request as a comment on this picture.

Toks tends to send healing for 3 nights, from the day of each Moon, which you will receive when you are sleeping or when you sit quietly for 15 minutes and call it in.  




“The vortex was incredibly powerful and intense, it allowed me to open to the maximum, as it was safe, and let my wildest dreams surface and manifest energetically. I can feel my new life. I am it. And I look forward to all the hard evidence. I’ll be back. Lots of love.” Evgenia Markova

“Toks’ powerful, assertive and positive sessions are an uplifting experience.” James Roccelli

“A delicately intense and powerful workshop. Silently evocative of my Truth, affirmative of me, of who I am and where I am now on my journey. A Heart of Gratitude, my spirit soaring, my life living its dreams. Thank you.” Yanni Konstantinopulos

“Very powerful meditation. Really liked the work with the crystals. This was about rebalancing misunderstanding for me.” Carmelo


Invocation Blessing for the New Moon in Aries 28 March 2017


We Greet You

With the Soul Food of Life

Dancing Angels Nurturing Your Seeding

In the Blessed Appointment of Time

We Greet You

gathering of love

We Greet You

With Any Energy that is Stopping / Blocking You

Collecting them in the Fire of the Snake Pegasus

Transmuting them Forever to Passionate Focused Healing Love

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Flame of Yeawah

Stepping into the Violet Divine Flame

Allowing a Deep Purification of Your Energies

We Greet You

King of Fire AlchemyWe Greet You

With the King of Fire Alchemy

Sitting Looking Radiating Your Masculine Energy

You Standing Receiving Strong Courageous & Focused

We Greet You

Queen of Fire Alchemy

We Greet You

With the Queen of Fire Alchemy

Lying Sitting Looking Radiating Your Feminine Energy

You Standing Receiving Strong Determined & Confident

We Greet You

joining forces

We Greet You

With the Energy of Joining Forces: Masculine/Feminine

Allowing More Depth in You

In the Newness of Your New Creation

We Greet You

Queen of Alchemy

We Greet You

With the Plane of Fire 

Sparkling New Beginnings

Entering a Stage of Allowing Newness in

We Greet You

We Greet You

We Greet You

With Channelled Light Language

Honouring Your Existence

Expanding Your Soul Essence

We Greet You

Atlantian Goddess

We Greet You

With the Smiles of Inspiration

Helping You with Choices You Need to Make

Allowing a Knowing Within Your BEingness

We Greet You

holding your hands

We Greet You

With the Paradigm of Change

Incorporating Osmosis in You

In the Catalytic Motions Within Unity Consciousness

We Greet You


We Greet Yu

With the Energy of Helpful Support

Connecting with the Right People & Right Vibration

Allowing Great Collective Balanced Blooming

We Greet You

Red Energy

We Greet You

With the Power of the Colour Red

Passion, Success, Leadership, Love, Will Power, Courage

Life Force, Blood, DNA, Strength, Joy, Radiance, Determination

We Greet You 

Shiva Kali

We Greet You

With the Energy of Kali with her Necklace of Skulls

Standing on Copses: Banishing her Sword of Destruction

Destroying Ego, Negative Karma, What No Longer Serves You

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Energy of Durga Riding In

Activating Strength Boundaries & Protection

Blessings of Wisdom Happiness & Joy

We Greet You


We Greet You

With Your New Birthing Energy

Buzzing Flaming Sparkling Thunderbolt

Simultaneously Healing & Creating Your New Way

We Greet You

Global Woman

We Greet You

With the Energy of Seeding Success

Standing in Your Power: Ready for More Expansiveness

Seeding Your Manifestation in the Cosmos Energy of Now

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Purity of Your Inner Guidance / Guidance

Clearing Your Mind Listening to Your Passion

Creating Greatness from Seeding Newness

We Greet You

Spider Man

We Greet You

With Your Playful Inner Alignment

Incorporating Your Newness & Nowness

In the Active Manifestation of Your Gaols / Visions / Desires

We Greet You

Roses for Toks

We Greet You

We Greet You

We Greet You

Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker 28 March 2017

gathering of love


Toks Beverley Coker, Queen of Alchemy

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Full Moon in Virgo 12 March 2017

Super Charge Your Life & Your Soul Song with Divine Respect

A Divine Hug

Hello My Legions, how are you?  I am having a wonderful time here in London working on the energy of respect and sound.  How do you express respect? How do you resonate with the sound of respect?  This Full Moon is an emotional Full Moon with the water element of Sun in Pisces. This is forcing us to look at our practical behaviour, with the earth element of Virgo.  Full Moon’s are notoriously emotional time, shining the light on the hidden aspects or archetypes or dark energy in one another. 

Sometimes the darkens comes in the form of people accusing you of things you have not done, making a judgement of you that is based on their belief and causing a major unnecessary eruption. Could this eruption have been avoided? Yes? No?  Life is indeed a complicated process of understanding one another and allowing a person to feel listened to without pronouncing a judgement of damnation that is your truth and not the real truth. 

Are you finding a need to control a situation and prove you are right and they are wrong?  Are you needing to be the judge, juror and executor?  Are you wanting things to go your way or not at all? Are you walking out of situations because you choose to and because you want to? Is this decision serving your Highest Good and Highest Purpose?  How do you allow your self your wisdom, your perfection, your imperfection, your excellence, your foolishness, your failure? By allowing the process and not trying to force it or demand it or dictate to it. Even when we fight with our own individual Karma we always end up looking at the Cause to understand the Root problem of an issue.

How are you dealing with the sounds around you and the sounds in your head? This Full Moon is about Super Charging Your Life and Your Soul Song with Divine Respect. Let us gather to do this at the Moon Gathering tonight at 7pm London time.  Click this link to get full details:  Tonight at 7pm 

To watch a video from myself and Yanni click this link or click the picture below:

Full Moon in Virgo


Happy Full Moon in Virgo & Sun in Pisces

Happy Magha Puja Day

Happy Purim

Happy Holi

Worm Moon

12 March

crystal altar

So what is today about? 

On Sunday 12 March at 14:54 GMT (2.54pm) London time the Sun will be opposite the Moon. The Full Moon will be in Virgo and the Sun in Pisces. Known as the Worm Moon we see the worms coming out to eat and digging deep to eat.  Will you be eaten alive?  Will you be the worm eating or being eaten? The Sun shines on the Moon and the Moon reflects the Sun on to the Earth. Like the Sun which is visible during the day the Full Moon is visible during the night.  The Moon has a cycle where it is seen and then not seen.  So does the Sun. With this Energy of Now the Moon is in Virgo and the Sun in Pisces.  The Elements are Earth/Water.  This combination can be wonderfully calm or volatile.

How are we going to use this time to reveal our strength and our potential? By celebrating what you choose to celebrate. If we choose to clash and not celebrate we create sparks of Fire and Air as the Earth and Water sparkle crashing in on each other.  Are you ready to release sparks of friction to reveal sparks of your greatness this Full Moon and see how you have triumphed over your adversities, problems, stresses, tensions and situations? What will it be for you? Let us look at your triumphs and acknowledge the spark of genius and wisdom in our daily life in an empowering sacred space. Come gather with us at 7pm for our Moon Gathering.  Details here:  Tonight at 7pm.

VirgoEnergyTHE WOMAN:  I wanted to capture a picture that represented the Virgo energy and I thought of this lovely picture, I took, of the lovely feminine lady in blue, gold and cream.  She is sensuous in an earthy way.  Her clothes are practical and elegant.  They mould her body (Earth) and remind you of fertility and birthing. She wears a ring of marriage. She is voluptuous and full bodied, like a Full Moon, bright, visible, seen and gorgeous.  She sits in a relaxed manner showing hidden strength and power. Looking at the  picture you sense that she can stand strong on her own two feet – the picture is a very action picture for me – like, if she wants to, she can get up and fight. Her hands look strong, creative, soft yet firm.  I can imagine her holding  sword! There is warrior energy in her. She is, for me, a FEMININE WOMAN WARRIOR POWER. There are many women I know that ooze this energy.  They glide with ease firmly walking the ground of Mother Earth, honouring and respecting Mother Earth. 

MOTHER EARTH:  How are you respecting Mother Earth and honouring her?  Perhaps you recycle? Perhaps you pick up garbage on the floor and put away?  Perhaps you throw oil over Mother Earth?  Perhaps you bully Mother Earth and others?  Look at the fullness of your behaviour and see the patterns with this Full Moon.

WORDS:  What are the words you say?  What are the words you type?  What are the words you read? What are the words you think? What are the words you do not say? How do you say these words?  Are they earthy and wholesome when you deliver your words or are they aggressive and impatient?  Are they words of wisdom?  Are your actions wise actions? Are the exchanges you have with yourself and others wise, kind, embracing, and inclusive? Or are they stupid, unwise, unkind, unloving and exclusive? Full Moon in Virgo shines its bright light on hidden aspects that reveal your wisdom or lack of wisdom. And yet, what is wisdom?

How do you know if you should attend a Moon Gathering?  Do you find you are doing everything right in your live, business, etc. and still getting no where?  Do you feel blocked and, yet, you know you have done everything you can to succeed and be happy?  Well has it occurred to you that there may be a block in your energy system that is causing your lack of flow in your life?  Your energy is blocked and you are not really getting anywhere in your life. You feel trapped and despondent. When you align your energy with the flow of the universe things start to fall into place. Moon Gatherings are here to help you align yourself to the natural flow of energy and help you awaken your own awareness to your powerful energy within you and unblock it so you flow more with ease in the areas of your life that are blocked. Like a blocked sink you have to do something to unblock it.  You cannot just wait for it to unblock itself – it could take ages or never unblock.  And sometimes the block is deep rooted and very hard to unblock. The same with your life.  How deep is your block?  Moon Gatherings help you and show you how to unblock your energy system and your life with practical tools that support your life and process.

Bursting Sun Angel

SUPER CHARGE:  How do you Super Charge Your Life & Your Soul Song with Divine Respect? Well, for me, one of the ways is to do what you love doing.  Many of you are doing what you love doing and are happy. Some of you are doing what you love and are not happy.  This is, sometimes, because you do not allow yourself to shine through with what you are doing and what you love.  You hide, withdraw, keep silent or hold your self back.  You become self critical (Virgo quality) and through your self talk undermine your self worth. 

Remember, it is good to be analytical and to think things through. It is good to be cautious.  It is good to be mindful.  BUT, it is not good when it becomes obsessive and consumes your life; where you are always looking for a fault in yourself, in someone or in something. How about relaxing a bit and just enjoying where you are right now.  Welcome to the Full Moon in Virgo and all the wonderful celebrations happening around this Full Moon. Come relax with us. Click: Tonight at 7pm

HEALING EXERCISE:  I share a healing exercise to Super Charge Your Life and Your Soul Song with Divine Respect.

The above picture is a lovely painting from one of my Hands of Light Healing Fan Facebook friends, Christos Gavriel, which he shared with me.  When I asked if it was his work he said yes.  When I told him I would love to share it on my blog he liked the idea and said YES.  He calls the painting: Bursting Sun Angel.  He wrote: 

Sending some light straight from the heavens from me to you to help guide and watch over you… Love and Light C

What a wonderful BEing of Light he is.  Thank you my Facebook Fan and Friend.

Looking at the work of art, I love the vibrant energy of the gold/yellow light and the red life force colours.  Red, for me, always represents Blood Flow, DNA and Life Force; while Gold represents Divine Connection.  So I thought I would share the wonderful healing exercise it inspired in me for the Full Moon:

Allow yourself 3-5 minutes to do this exercise.  Find a quiet space where you will not be disturbed. Then just simply sit and quiet your mind. 


Look at the lovely picture of the Angel.  What do you feel looking at the picture?  What do you think? What does it make you want to do?


Breath in the colours to help activate your energy.  Really connect with the colours within your body.


Then do two different visualisations:


First, visualise the Sun in your heart radiating inside and outside.  Allow your body to respond.  Ask – What do I need to know right now about my life?  Sit quietly for a while – a minute or two. Take notes.


Second, visualise the Moon in your heart radiating deep inside and outside. Allow your body to respond.  Ask – What do I need to know right now about my life?  Sit quietly for a while – a minute or two. Take notes.


    How did you feel doing both exercises?  What were the differences between the two exercises for you?  What was similar? Which did you like the most?  Which did you find difficult to do? What was your learning?  What did you need to know? How powerful was the painting for you?

    When I do this for both planets – Sun and Moon – I feel the energy of the light rays healing my body on a very deep level.  I feel my blood flowing and nourishing me.  I feel my joints happy and alive.  Everything I share on my blog is important to me and I feel blesses everyone.  Thank you Christos for being part of healing the world with your wonderful art and your wonderful work. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Love Toks xxx

Here is the link to my page  Please like it and share it with your friends. I give FREE HEALING every Full Moon and New Moon. Put your healing requests there on the pinned post on the wall. 

I invite you to our gathering tonight at 7pm for more empowering moments.  For Venue and Spiritual Exchange click: Tonight at 7pm.

blessings of love

Invocation Blessing for the Full Moon in Virgo and the Sun in Pisces 12 March 2017

Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker 12 March 2017

WatchfulProtective or Aggressive

We Greet You

With Your Full Moon Opposing Energies

Happy/Sad    Peaceful/Aggressive   Positive/Negative

Content/Angry  Relaxed/Stressed   Love/Hatred

We Greet You

Practical Work

We Greet You

With the Mastering of Your Internal Energy Flow

Allocating a Range of Greatness

In the Allotment of Your Time

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Raining Energy of Life

Allowing Liberating Happiness

In the Open Fullness of Your Being

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Ideal Life You Seek

Living it in Graciousness – Living in it’s Greatness

Eating & Drinking Wisdom with Joy

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Wonderment of You

Calling in the Atlantean Vortex

Powerful Earthy Landscape Taking Care of You

We Greet You

Merkarbah Vortex

We Greet You

With the Merkabah of Life

Grounded in the Middle of the Earth

Spiralling Energy of Vitality in Your Manifestations

We Greet You

Emma LoveHeart & Toks Coker smiling

We Greet You

With the Your DNA of Success

Empowering Your Genetic Ancestry of Light

In Your Shamanic House Clearing & Journeying

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Wonder of Your Live

Visioning Your Completions

Your Success Your Accomplishments

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Full Moon Opposite the Sun

Moon Reflecting the Sun Light on Earth

Merging in Creating Prism Reflections on Earth

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Full Moon Oppositions & Challenges

Calling for Balance: Moon/Sun   Virgo/Pisces   Earth/Water

Lunar/Solar   Masculine/Feminine   Yang/Ying

We Greet You

Wisdom Women Conscious Cafe

We Greet You

With Our Radiating Pure Smiles of Laughter and Joy

Radiating the Practical Action of Doing and BEing

Gathering Celebrating Great Friendships & Connections

We Greet You

12 12

We Greet You

We Greet You

We Greet You

Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker 12 March 2017

3 Friends

With the Full Moon in shining Glory I celebrate the following BEings of light.  Love Toks xxx

Elizabeth Martin

Dimitrios Dermentzioglou

Emma Loveheart is a home healer.

blessings of loveA Divine Hug

Emma LoveHeart & Toks Coker smiling



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