New Moon in Virgo



Are you ready for an alchemical change this New Moon? Or perhaps you have had your alchemical change and you are needing help with processing through the change?  Then you have come to the right place. We will be sitting down or lying down to create a masterpiece for your life in a sacred environment that heals and supports your process. 

There are many lessons to reflect on. You may feel your Soul being tested and strengthen  with this New Moon; as you learn that even those who are successful and experienced can and do make mistakes.  We will realise, collectively, that to achieve the goal does not necessarily mean to succeed at the task, as there may be issues that arise, as you strive to achieve your goal. 

This New Moon invites us to change our paradigm, as we realise that it is possible to redeem even the most horrendous mistakes and transgressions. Let us forgive each other and our selves.  We need to value what we have, and be loving and grateful for what we have, otherwise we may loose it. Let us anchor forgiveness and love.

New Moon in Virgo accords us a practical ‘look’ at our situation with mindfulness, patience and wisdom.  As we empower our Inner Self, let us really feel the depth of our very own innocence, power and vitality. This is made even more possible with the gathering of energies from different vortexes of power namely:

NEW MOON & SUN in Virgo

MUHARRAM (Islamic New Year)

ROSH HASHANAH (Jewish New Year)

NAVRATRI (Hindu 9 Nights Celebration of the Divine Mother)

We will be calling in all this power to list 7 steps to call in your Good Fortune. Can you think what they are?

18 - New Moon in Virgo (20-9-17) (2)18 - New Moon in Virgo (20-9-17)

muharramFriendsFamilyapple and honey (2)Happy Navaratri

Come join us  after work, at 7pm, on 20 September Wednesday, with your friends and family.  If you can bring something sacred with you to put in the alter. Book your space here or pay cash at the door.

Why should I come?

  1. Are you feeling
    • stressed, overwhelmed, empty?
    • tired, lost, forlorn?
    • abandoned, emotional, lonely?
    • confused, stuck, listless?
    • un-grounded, floaty, dazed?
    • anxious, suspicious, worrying?
    • depressed, suicidal, angry?
  2. Do you find it hard to trust people, even yourself?
  3. Do you keep starting things and not finishing?
  4. Do you keep doing the same things, to ease you, only to find they are not?
  5. Do you feel like a dog (waiting to be told what to do) rather than a jaguar (pro-actively taking action)?  
  6. Did you realise that you have been wasting your time with the wrong people and the wrong projects?
  7. Are you finding it hard to start something new? Or simply start anything?
  8. Are you always finding excuses for yourself and others for not doing something for your life, business or relationship?
  9. Have you given up on yourself? Your beliefs? Your life?
  10. Are you ready to try something new?
    If you answered YES to at least 5 of the above then you should come to the Healing Moon Gathering.

      What are the benefits to me?

      The Hands of Light Healing Matrix Meditation will enable you to:

    1. Get clarity where there has been little or none. singing crystal bowl
    2. Bring in the long awaited clarity that seems to have been elusive.
    3. Relax your mind when it has been busy with your mental chatter.
    4. Calm your mind with an overwhelming calmness.
    5. Reduce your stress level to a zero rating.
    6. Experience profound feeling of peace and relaxation.
    7. Re-prioritise your life when you thought you could not.
    8. Start again with a freshness of Spirit.
    9. See the opportunities around you and take them.
    10. Take control of your life and feel more in charge of your life.
    11. Take responsibility for the things that happen to you.
    12. Activate your own creativity – your infinite creativity.
    13. Start again – refreshed and renewed with a new focus and determination. 
    14. You to go through transitions in your life.
    15. Induce a state of balance and self love.
    16. Learn 7 ways to call in your Good Fortune.
    17. Learn new ways to help yourself to be happy.
    18. Open your spiritual development and growth and anchor in your gateways to light.
    19. Try something new if you have never done this before such as create a crystal portal matrix for healing the world and yourself.

    Yes, Yes, Yes – I am coming.
    See you Wednesday then when we will share more valuable information, relevant to your personal life. Come join us  after work, at 7pm, on 20 September Wednesday, with your friends and family.  Book your space here or pay cash at the door.


    7 Actions for New Moon in Virgo

    1. Valuing your time and money.
    2. Refining your skills.
    3. Delivering quality.
    4. Doing something new.
    5. Balancing your giving and receiving.
    6. Honouring your self in relationships.
    7. Clarifying in your mind and priorities.

    7 Challenges for New Moon in Virgo

    1. Over extension of self and time.
    2. Not speaking out.
    3. Over critical of self and others
    4. Expecting too much from self and others.
    5. Resisting change.
    6. Lacking emotions.
    7. Forgetting to look after self: overwhelm with workload.

    Hands of Light with Toks Coker7 Seeding’s for the New Moon in Virgo

    1. Seeding your Miracle.
    2. Seeding your Mind, Body & Spirit.
    3. Seeding your Practicality & Attitude.
    4. Seeding your Creativity & Inspiration
    5. Seeding your Work & Relationships.
    6. Seeding your Money & Wealth.
    7. Seeding your Future Newness

    7 Blessings of the Moon Mediations

    1. Safe & Secure.
    2. Cleansed & Protected.
    3. Awake & Enlightened.
    4. Healed & Supported.
    5. Peaceful & Relaxed.
    6. Freshness & Lightness.
    7. Motivated & Inspired.


      There is so much to cover: we will wait till we gather to teach more on the New Moon.  Love Always Toks xxx

      Invocation Blessing

      will be channelled on the New Moon


    Come join us  after work, at 7pm, on 20 September Wednesday, with your friends and family.  Book your space here or pay cash at the door.

    Love Always

    Toks xxxx

    Dealing with Loss

    Life or Death

    Dealing with Loss


    There are different types of loss – loss of jewellery, loss of friendship, loss of a business deal, loss of your home, or loss of a relationship. Then there is loss through death which may be sudden, gradual, unexpected and expected.  Even if expected the grief is unbearable as the loss rips your heart out and you feel yourself howling aloud or silently in your Soul.  Death is a very brutal friend as it waves its Sword of Death in a final sweep that severs the lifeline and the life of the person or animal.  Death can be from dis-ease, accident, suicide, war, natural disaster, house fire, stormy sea, wind, land slides, thunder and lightening, etc. 

    Death brings very painful challenges and feelings of overwhelm to those left alive. You grieve the lost of your child, the loss of your dog, the loss of your fish.  You journey to the dark recess of your soul and your sit in the Underground of pain, and slip into the underworld of extreme darkness and despair.  We feel alone, isolated, abandoned, lonely. How do we carry on when we feel all is lost? We change our paradigm.

    The departed animal or person has simply swapped ‘bodies’ and moved from the one you can see to the one you cannot see. You can still feel them in your heart and you may even feel them around you. For example you may feel a breeze on your neck, you may see a flash of light, you may smell a beautiful fragrance, and you may feel you arms are being touched. There is no one there physically, put you know someone is there with you. The departed are communicating with us from a higher realm of consciousness, offering comfort, support and insights. 

    Did you know that loss can help improve your psychic powers? and help you heal your pain? Did you know that the pain you feel could be the pain from deep before this lifetime?  One of the greatest way to connect with the other side is to have a crystal skull.  The first crystal skull I bought coincided with the death of my father and my baby in my tummy, which I buried in the ground.  I never bought a crystal skull after that, for a while!  For me, the most painful loss has been loss of a living person.

    Crystals give comfort in times of loss and have been known to help with communication with the other side. Red Jasper is very good for grounding and releasing the pain of loss. Amethyst encourages communication with the departed Soul. Black Jet cleans and protects you from the negative effects and fundamental darkness you may experience. Snowy Quartz creates a clear pathway of communication while Howlite cries for you.

    Grief can take a day, a week, a month, a year or years.  It has its own personal rhythm for each person. No one size fits all. I cried everyday for 10 years and no one knew. I was not able to talk about it for years.  Luckily only in the first three months was I ever aggressive to my friends who bought my candles!!! Charming. Death and Grieving changes your personality.  There is a whole new tree of emotions and behaviours which comes with its own thinking and communication pattern. Mine was awesome!!!! hahahaha Not funny.

    Watching a parent deteriorate is a form of Loss – deep loss as you adjust to the parent becoming a ‘child’ again, loosing the faculty of the mind with the dis-ease of dementia, Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s.  Both the elder and the children are affected by the loss. There is a denial or refusal to accept it is happening in the family. There is the stigma. This loss is like a death too. An aspect of a person is dying and no longer returning e.g. lack of memory, parent accusing the children of stealing as unreasonable suspicious arise from nowhere, hallucinations, etc.

    A good crystal to help, I find, is a palm crystal, known as a worry crystal. You can hold it in your hands and rob it with your thumb; and rob all your anxiety or worry into the palm crystal asking it to taken away whatever negative emotion you are feeling. Sometimes the simple act of holding something in your hand is a comforter and a protector, like you are not alone. Flowers always cheer a room up, so does sweet smelling frankincense and lavender.

    The Rite of Passage, the Journey to the Dark Recess of your Soul, is a long and arduous journey. It is not an easy one to bear. Be mindful.  Death is experienced by both the living and the dead! Yes there is sadness on both parts, but the departed Soul feels free to move on to the Light and to the next incarnation or wherever it is going – depending on one’s belief.  What is your belief? 

    So the question I ask you is, Who suffers most? The Living or the Dead?  Is Death for the Living or is it for the Dead?  Living on Earth we all have to go through some loss and we ourselves will one day die.  THAT IS THE ONLY CONSTANT THING ABOUT LIFE ON EARTH. WE ALL WILL DIE AT SOME POINT IN TIME. Do we journey towards Death or does Death journey towards Us?

    The New Moon is a time of New Beginnings. The Dead have a new beginning. The Living have a new beginning and how they choose to live with the Death of a loved one is a choice we all one day have to make.  How will you re-birth yourself with the loss of your loved one?

    There are many ways to deal with grief and loss.  Time, they say heals everything.  Some would agree with that and some would not. You see not everyone deals with grief in the same way. It can break up a couple, a marriage, a family or a business.  It can bring people together but I find this can be a challenge as people grief differently. Some go dancing and drinking. Others binge. Some go quiet and do not talk or express their feelings. Some simply bury themselves into their jobs and keep themselves busy – being too busy to grieve.  Some lock people and emotions out of their lives. Some take to obsessive addictive behaviour like taking drugs and drinking becoming drug addicts or drunks.

    When you had to go through loss or grief, how did you deal with it? Did you go for therapy? Did you do exercise e.g. jog, yoga, dance classes?  Did you talk to a counsellor or to your friends – going on and on and on and on about the experience?  Did you start blaming everyone but yourself? Did you take any responsibility for your loss or pain? Did you reflect on life and death? Did you reflect on loss of an object vs. loss of a life?  Was there any difference in the grieving for you?

    Sometimes we carry negative emotions such as guilt, shame, blame and anger as a badge of honour. We wear it with pride and keep regurgitating our pain and our  loss. We are stuck in the Wheel of Life – the wheel is moving on the same spot – like a record repeating itself. We may or may not realise it – but is like we are moving and then stop and we are back to where we started.  Like time keeps repeating itself and then like time stops. Is Death a loss of innocence then?

    Grief and Loss are truly humane feelings that can consume us if we do not balance our emotions.  There are many ways to heal your loss and grief.  You can go have a massage, tap the pain out of your muscles with EFT, hold a crystal to help you, do mediations to relax and soothe your mind, listen to music that lifts your Spirit, light a candle and pray; as well as, book a session with me, Toks Coker, to help and support your process to create a quantum leap in your healing process.


    The Tree of Life and the Tree of Death are two different types of Tress with different emotions and feelings – yet can be the same….

    1. If you had to draw your Tree of Death what words would be on the leaves of the Tree of Death and Loss?
    2. If you had to draw your Tree of Life what words would be on the leaves of the Tree of Life and Living?
    3. What differences and similarities do you notice in both drawings?
    4. How do these pictures make you feel? What emotions do they stir up?


      Life or DeathLife or Death

    Life or DeathLife or Death

    Death and Loss are facts of Life.

    Full Moon in Pisces & Sun in Virgo 6 September 2017



    My loves, how have you been?

    Full Moon already – so much happening – so much to do – so much undone…….. so much done – so much…….

    Time to celebrate the Fullness of Life. Come gather with us on Wednesday 6 September, for the Full Moon in Pisces – Sun in Virgo Gathering. Also known as the Corn Moon, we are working with two elements – Water and Earth.  We gather to celebrate our lives and give gratitude. Will you be joining us?  What will we be doing? We will be:

    1. Doing a special meditation to activate the Pineal Gland
    2. Using powerful crystals to align you and activate your Pineal Gland
    3. Receiving deep healing on a profound level
    4. Giving thanks for all our blessings
    5. Sending healing to the world and those who have asked for healing
    6. Experiencing deep Sound Medicine with Crystal Singing Bowls
    7. Creating deep shifts in consciousness
    8. Click here: Full Moon Gathering 

    How will it benefit you? In one answer – It will boost your energy in more ways than once.  Here is a testimonial I got today after a Full Moon Healing Session this morning.

    I had an ENERGY BOOST session with the Great Healer Toks today! My one to one Sessions with Toks has been helping me create my own brand, new business models and build on my existing business/es. Right after having 2 hours business coaching & relationship healing session with Toks, I was highly efficient and active in managing and organizing my business. I now have a clear mind. It was such a powerfully transformational session that we did on Skype with Toks. Something within me has shifted and I am now able to use my full force on finding creative business solutions, and take strategic actions about how to make more profit and money running my 2 different businesses. Thank you for the highly inspirational session my dear Toks. Before our session I was not thinking clearly, I was feeling overwhelmed with my work load and was not able to see clearly how to make more profit using the internet, social media and technology. Working with you has been activating the genius in me! Love ️ you Thank you very much Toks. God Bless You

    I am sharing the energy of the Full Moon with pictures as I believe pictures speak volumes. What are the pictures telling you about yourself and your life right now? I will be sharing more at the Moon Gathering.



    Happy Positive Energy

    This Full Moon is about celebrating HAPPY EMOTIONS – Happy positive energy. Happy vibes. When you are with someone (whether you know them or not) and you feel good vibes, you both resonate a wonderful energy of love and light to each other. There is an Exchange of Energy. 

    Your Energy Field comes together in a Happy Vibrational Note. You feel included, accepted, seen, recognised, loved and embraced in a pool of love.

    Positive-EnergyThere is nothing nicer than having someone you like running to hug you and say hello to you. There is nothing more healing that someone you do not know, coming up to you, to hug you, and compliment you. Close your eyes and imagine this happening to you right now.  How do you feel?  For me it created a shudder / shiver right through my body. It made me smile and Yes, for me, it creates a wonderful Future. I could see my Future Self being hugged and I felt it in the Energy of Now.  I brought it right back to me – right now. It was no longer a dream – it was a reality. I felt it.

    That is POSITIVE ENERGY – positive vibes that speak without words.  The feeling is so strong that you see it, you feel it, you taste it, you touch it, you hear it and you taste it.  This invisible world affects you in a wonderful way.

    The power of seeing the hug is wonderful – just the visual expression says it all. No words, just actions. How many times do we wish people would act rather than talk; or would match their words with actions. For me a hug says it all.

    The exchange of Energy of a hug is wonderful to watch, because as you watch you also share and experience the energy of the hug – AND – you may feel you are being hugged too!!!  Even if you are not the one being hugged, just watching people hug each other, makes you feel you are being hugged as well. This is MIRRORING.

    The Brain has Mirror Neurons which fire automatically and simultaneously when someone has an experience AND when someone witnesses / observes the experience.  The brain observes the actions, intentions and emotions of HUGGING and then feels it as if it is experiencing that same hug. Empathy is when someone feels another person’s emotions and understands them. This ability of the Brain to do this, as well as many other things makes it a very powerful portal of information.

    Who will you hug this Full Moon and share Happy Positive Energy with? Whose life will you touch with a hug?

    What is your first memory of meeting someone?

    Bruce-Lipton Toks-CokerThe first time I met Bruce Lipton was a moment in my life I will never forget. I was in yellow attending a conference he was speaking at, and had been gifted a VIP ticket by a very kind lady.  He simply walked up to me and hugged me. I felt so included and loved and seen.  Everyone who saw us hugging smiled at us and some took pictures of us hugging. Absolutely amazing. Why not go hug someone you do not know and introduce yourself to them? Of course, every day we hugged each other. Below is the second day at the conference. Absolutely wonderful.


    What are Good Vibes?

    Good Vibes are Happy Energy. They are invisible Energy frequencies that travel in the Field, or Environment or Space.  Good Vibes create a ripple effect and make people smile and relaxed. Good Vibes are feelings that make you feel calm and serene. They are feelings that you cannot see. You feel them. You sense them. You intuit them. You know they are Good Vibes because no harm comes to you or those around.  Good Vibes do not harm. Them embrace and make you feel Good, Happy, Joyful, Blissful, Serene and Relaxed. They Empower a person. They create a powerful HEALING VORTEX in the room, space or environment. They create a SYNERGY, an ENERGETIC Transference and Exchange between people whether they are sitting, talking, hugging, lying down or standing up. The Entanglement is wonderful and creates a ripple effect in the room. It is like a beautiful dance that is inspiring, mesmerising and captivating. 

    Good Vibes release stress, tension, arguments and disagreements. They improve your health, relationships and state of mind.  If you are feeling tired you suddenly find yourself standing up straight and walking taller.  If you are thinking negative thoughts you begin to pivot and change your mind set.  You feel your Spirit being lifted by Good Vies. This Full Moon is about feeling and spreading Good Vibes. It is about reading the Energy Field around you and being observant of signs, omens and signals. I just love the picture below of the mirrors, don’t you?




    I will be sending Distant Healing for three nights in a row. Put your healing request on

    testimonialdistant healing


    Invocation Blessing for the Full Moon

    to be channelled at the mediation.


    Love Always Toks xxx

    New Moon Total Solar Eclipse 21 August

    New Moon & Sun in Leo

    Total Solar Eclipse

    Monday 21 August 2017

    flamefire energy

    We gather again for the Moon Medicine Meditation on Monday 21 August to celebrate the wonderful New Moon & Sun in Leo at 6.30pm in London, where we will also celebrate the TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE, which travels coast to coast across the USA.  The Moon is in the middle of the Earth and Sun. The Sun is behind the Moon and causes the Earth to not have any daylight for a while. There is TOTAL DARKNESS like a black-out!  As the Sun continues to move behind the Moon it creates a RING OF FIRE around the Moon.  The Sun moving behind the Moon causes this wonderful occurrence – first a total blackout and then the Ring of Fire around the Moon.  It really is a phenomenal thing to witness. 

    Roughly, the London time of the Eclipse is 7:27pm and the New Moon is 19:31 GMT (7:31pm), so we arrive at 6.30pm and ready ourselves to experience the actual time of the Total Solar Eclipse (7:27pm) and the New Moon (7:31pm). The Element is FIRE.  Time to gather, to energise, to learn, to cleanse, to relax and be in a sacred space of calm, love and healing.

    Get your tickets here: MOON MEDICINE 21 August




    So many things happening today. So many firsts happening today. What things will happen to you today?  What new – first time – experiences will happen to you today? We already know that today, Day will become Night in USA. The USA is the ONLY country this Total Solar Eclipse crosses. It moves across USA, from coast to coast, visible, unheeded and unabashed. It is the first Total Solar Eclipse to pass over only the continental USA since the country’s founding in 1776!  It is the first time in 99 years that an Eclipse is visible across continental USA. WOW. 

    For me, when I look at the path of the Total Solar Eclipse, it seems to represent a SWEEP WITH A BROOM.  So many conscious and unconscious levels of meaning and happening here. What does a broom do?  It cleans, clears, removes dirt, sweeps up and collects everything; and puts it in recycle to be destroyed, turning poison to medicine. What do you need to sweep up, tidy up, de-clutter?  What do you need to do collectively with others? What do you need to do on your own?  Looking at the journey of this Eclipse, it reminds me also of a very conscious action that calls us all, to come together, to look at how we treat Mother Earth and each other.  Are we ready to rise our consciousness collectively and individually? Are we ready to be united in one movement? What movement would it be? Unity Consciousness? Oneness? Eshofuni?


    I have posted different invaluable information on my blog on the:

    1. Time Between Eclipses
    2. Links you can click on to watch LIVE the Total Solar Eclipse on Monday
    3. Remember – if you are looking at the Total Solar Eclipse you must wear the proper glasses to protect your eyes.
    4. What benefits happen to you before an Eclipse?


    As we gather for the Moon Medicine we enter a state of great power.  For a moment there is darkness, then there is light.  It is like an instant journey back to the womb – to the void – when there is darkness; and then back to Earth again when we are in the light.  It has a feeling of PRIMORDIAL TIME – a Time beyond Time – a Time of no Time. A Time of the ORIGINAL BEGINNING. In the Void of Time and No-Time you are in a state of DIVINE ONENESS. Of Peace, Compassion, Love and Healing. We activate great qualities such as INTUITION, Inner Knowing and Divine Perception. We are able to DISCERN with ease. We are able to practice DETACHMENT. We are able to release and let go.  We are able to flush away or burn away what does not serve us.  We are DANCING with LIFE and DEATH – the baby and the skeleton!

    How will the Moon Medicine Cauldron speak to you this Total Solar Eclipse? What whispers will you hear? What visuals will you see? What omens, signs and signals will be revealed to you and you notice? 

    16 - New Moon in Leo (21-8-17)


    This is a BLACK MOON. When a season (spring, summer, autumn, or winter) has 4 New Moons, the 3rd New Moon is called a Black Moon. It echoes the Eclipse Black Out Darkness, which implies something HIDDEN. What does the Eclipse blot out? What does it hide? What is hidden from you in your life? What does it remove? What needs to be removed from you? An attachment? An entity that does not serve you? What could you be letting go of?  Bad habits, old relationships, restrictive patterning?  You are able to look your fears and doubts in the eye? Are your fears and doubts alive? What do they look like? Shadowy figures, skeletons, slivering figures?  What are you releasing? Your battered Ego? Your battered Self? Your frustration, stagnation, suffering?

    Really decide what you have to let go off. Really decide to release anything that is eclipsing in your life. Be clear and bold about it. Know the difference between doing something for the Collective and doing something just for your Self.

    As we journey into this darkness we ignite our intuition, our insight, our light codes, our light language and our seeding.  We say we are ready for the new paradigm codes and light codes.  We accept the darkness knowing we are safe in it. We really allow ourselves to be transported into this VORTEX of DARKNESS to be reborn anew with the New Moon in Leo. Are you ready for this? I am.

    16.5 - Total Solar Eclipse (21-8-17)


    For me, the Ring of Fire represents a sealing, a marriage, a binding and a coming together of something or someone. It is likes it has a Diamond or Sacred Eye that reveals itself strongly, boldly and confidently. It does not make any apology for the way it is. It like it says to you that you are ‘locked’ in here on Earth and you have to do your journey and do your Vision Quest before you can move on to the next level. BUT it does not wait for you – life still continues at its pace – so you age whether or not you are ready and whether or not you want to!

    The RING OF FIRE is a reminder of the unexpected power of life living in the Universe. The Quantum Power of the Cosmic Magic around us. This vastness of space heralds so much wonder we have only to open our INNER & OUTER EYES.  Both inner and outer eyes reveal different things with this RING OF FIRE.  What do YOUR Inner & Outer Eyes each reveal to you? What is the difference or similarity in the REVEALATION with this New Moon in shiny regal Leo, the Lion, the Sphinx?



    When the Light comes back on, it is sharp, bright and shinny. Nothing is hidden.

    If you have been hiding your Light it will come out and be revealed to you – you will see it, as it will be in your sight.  Your Light is here to shine – you can no longer suppress it or hide it. No once can. If anyone has been hiding it, they will be released from hiding or blocking your Light. Isn’t that absolutely marvellous? Time to stand on the stage of life and let the Light shine on you.  Let Your Light Shine. It is Time. Stand on the Stage. You are a Child of the Light. You are a Legion of Light. You are Here Now at the Moon Medicine Gathering with Legion of Light Toks. Welcome.

    “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”  by Marianne Williamson from A Return To Love: Reflections on the Principles of A Course in Miracles

    The Light also reveals what is left – the aftermath of something or an event. It says this is what is left – now deal with it.  It is like the dragons in the Game of Thrones burning you with their FIRE and all the negative energy is burnt away and falls away from you. You stand clean, strong and free, with a smile on your face, knowing you have won the inner and outer battle with yourself. Triumphant you are. Congratulations.



    There is so much riding on this Total Solar Eclipse with this second New Moon in Leo on Monday 21 August.  It really is about enjoying the LEO energy of Courage, Nobility and Royalty.  What new and wonderful thing is going to happen with this New Moon? Are you going to allow your Inner Child to shine through and come out dancing and laughing with the FIRE energy? Are you going to allow your creativity to come out? What is your HEART revealing to you? What are you going to allow now in your life?


    Invocation Blessing for the Total Solar Eclipse New Moon and Sun in Leo

    Medicine Moon Gathering on 21 August

    I will channel this at the Medicine Moon Gathering.

    fire of transformation 


    “Our sorrows and wounds are healed only when we touch them with compassion.” The Buddha

    8:8 Medicine Meditation TESTIMONIALS

    8:8 Meditation on 8 August


    We gathered to do an 8:8 Medicine Meditation on 8 August for an hour from 7.30pm. During the gathering we created a crystal 8:8 altar for the world; and each person created their very own individual crystal 8.  After the gathering we had a questions and answers session. We shared some moments of power and drank the blessed sacred 8:8 water that we energised and charged in the crystal singing bowls. It was a wonderful moment for us all.

    1. I would send 8:8 healing for 8 days at 8am and 8pm, as a gift, to them, if they wanted. 

    2. I would also send them the audio recording of the mediation

    3. I would send the filming of the candles in the shape of 8. 

    4. They had to be aware of what was happening to them in the next 8 days.

      Below, I have captured a few of the Feedback Testimonials from the evening, as well as, Text Messages received during the next 8 days after the 8:8 Medicine Meditation. I hope this captures the wonderful energy that was shared.  We were not allowed to share till after the 8 days had gone by. Thank you for reading xxx

    number 8

    I loved the Invocation as it resonated profoundly with me. I have been moved feeling the truth of this Innovation of the 8:8 connection. Just felt right to be here.  I am taking away the power of the possibilities. I am so hopeful after being here. I do believe in Toks’ power. It comes from love. I feel safe here always. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you Toks, Universe. ANNA FERNANDEZ

    Working with the 8:8 energy was powerful, grounding, returning back to essence. I was so moved by the power, love and peace.  I am taking away my codes. Loved the 8:8 meditation. I felt inspired and light. It was too short for one hour.  MONI RODRIQUEZ

    It was a powerful experience. I enjoyed being in the group to share this wonderful vibration. Having the space to connect was wonderful with others.  The emotions of love and compassion were present.  I am taking away a higher vibrational energy.  It was a great experience.  LORNA RHODES

    It was an intense experience. I am taking away positive vibrations.  HELENA CHIKEZIE

    TEXT MESSAGE – Thank you Toks, such a pleasant surprise to receive the video this morning, great experience, I’m still reeling from excitement!!!  Very positive vibrations all around!!!  Thank you so much Toks, it is very much appreciated, sending love your way too. HELENA CHIKEZIE


    I felt peaceful. I found it comforting. I like the way Toks guided the meditation. I was moved by seeing my departed father.  I felt emotional relief and reassurance.  I saw visions of my desires alongside my beloved. I am taking away certainty in the connection with higher powers and masters. This is my first workshop. I never really knew anything about it before. Toks is a powerful and empowering spark of light. Her workshop is very well set up and easy to follow. The energy of the workshop is liberating and comforting. ANUSHA AUKHAJ

    Hello 888 Legion of Light, I have been quiet as it has been an interesting week. Shifts are definitely taking place. Thank you ever so much.  ANUSHA AUKHAJ – TEXT MESSAGE

    It was a wonderful opportunity to tap into this energy on such an auspicious date. I loved just being able to focus my energy on me and nothing else and no one else. I was moved by Toks heart and sincerity.  I experienced a release of blocks. I am taking away a sense of peace and calm.  I have only really started my spiritual journey in the last year which has triggered my interest in esoteric practices.  The channelling, initially, took me by surprise, but then I got used to it. Toks’ energy, love and enthusiasm for what she does is so apparent in her approach to the workshop.  She is truly a gem, in a world filed with so much suffering. She is a source of hope, love, light and healing. Thank you Toks. Even though I live in East London now, you are always in my heart as you were my second mum in UK when I first moved to London and to Swiss Cottage. Lots of Love CHERLYN WONG XXX

    Just got in a cab that has 888888 painted on it!   CHERLYN WONG – TEXT MESSAGE


    This was my first time I have experienced this kind of meditation. It was very rich in different energy. I could feel the transition of different emotions like love and sadness.  I was able to experience a little bi of sickness. It was too warm in the room. I will take away with me all the new experiences and curiosity about all the new energy and Spirit. I would definitely do it again. I really love 8:8 Medicine Meditation with Toks. MILENA

    This was my first time. I found working with the energy of 8:8 interesting. I was moved by the Love. I am taking away connection and inner peace, Sri Yantra. I might come back. I found it a bit too strict for me but I understand the reason.  JOANNA

    I feel grounded, calm and heart centred. Sri Yantra came though strongly during the meditation last night.  I was shown a beehive with it, the power of the cube, very balancing.  My dress was white Sufi syle with golden edges and I was spinning, then the dress came off through my head and I became light. JOANNA – TEXT MESSAGE

    I LOVED IT. I wanted to go with them. I find life on this planet very hard. I love connecting with other Beings, I felt activated. During the meditation I felt hurt in my heart and anxious.  I am taking away hope, reassurance, love and connections. Both of the things I’ve attended with Toks have changed my life. After the first workshop I stopped smoking. NATALIE SKYES-ODD

    I absolutely loved last night.  I could not get to sleep, so much energy was buzzing through my body and I felt wired.  Only just work up now!! Feel like I need the day to myself today and cocoon in my flat.  NATALIE SKYES-ODD – TEXT MESSAGE


    I found working with the 8:8 energy different and calming. I love Toks. I was moved by the instruments and sounds.  I experienced positive vibrations.  I am taking away with me a new experience. This is my first workshop. TAMARA GUMB

    Toks – I have left the Skype call and wanted to thank you.  It was an incredibly peaceful, healing and exciting experience. Thank you Hands of Light and the other Legions of Light. Blessings.  KALISHA

    I found working with the 8:8 energy nice. CHANTEL SMITH

    I do feel more in tune with myself. I have lots of people seeking my assistance which is new to me.  CHANTEL SMITH – TEXT MESSAGE

    Thank you Toks. It’s such an honour to be lead through the sacred portals that you create.  I can really feel the purity of the light that you channelled last night.   Thank you Thank you Thank you.  YANNI – TEXT MESSAGE

    I’m still in a portal of Light, it feels so beautiful and soft. It’s like a bath of Light. YANNI – TEXT MESSAGE

    Was really special to connect to everyone and the Beloved Higher Realm. The video was such a lovely surprise to this morning, very calming and settling. Thank you Toks!  I feel like some Light Language was downloaded into my being. I am making sounds I haven’t before, feels like Actuatians/Alien.  Feel blessed.  Just experimenting and singing with it. Also 8 energy all around.  MAXINE LICHTENBERG – TEXT MESSAGE



    Happy 8:8:8

    Happy 8:8

    Happy 8

    What benefits happen to you before an Eclipse?


    What happens as you approach an Eclipse? Benefits happen.


    Sudden things happen around you or to you, just before an Eclipse, that indicate a benefit and/or a protection happening magically around you.  Something bad reveals something good. Here I share some physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits of an Eclipse, with a personal experience to re-enforce what I am talking about.



      Benefit of Total Solar Eclipse on an Energetic / Spiritual Development Level?

        1. It will reveal what is hidden in darkness, and shed light on it.  Truths and Lies will be revealed causing greater understanding.
        2. It will shine light on what needs to be addressed and attended to.  We will see the power of Lighting the Darkness.
        3. It will create a massive shift in consciousness creating a sense of Unity that guides us to look to the future with new eyes.
        4. This is a great natural phenomena that highlights the laws of nature and the powers of the movement of the Sun and the Moon.
        5. Intuition will be increased and you concentrate more on looking towards your Future to liberate and free you.
        6. It will increase your compassion, care and healing ability.

        SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE Before Eclipse: I organised a Buddhist chanting session on 19 August for midnight via text– asking if anyone could chant Nam  Myoho Renge Kyo in their homes, from 12 midnight, for 30 minutes, to send Nam Myoho Renge Kyo healing to a non-Buddhist. The response was 90%.

        At midnight 00:00 we entered 20 August and I realised we had 11 strong Buddhists chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, chanting from their individual homes, for the healing of a non-Buddhist, who had no faith in their belief. They did so because they wanted to, and they could, and they cared. 

      The Action Taken by Others:  Some were able to stay up, others set their alarms, to be up and ready to chant for 30 minutes from midnight. One was abroad so she had to be up by 1am to link in with us in London time! Another lady was out and she chanted silently linking in to us from where she was. 

      I was amazed and grateful. Now, how kind is that? How very very thoughtful and considerate is that?  Now how do you think the non-Buddhist felt that women from around the world from different nationalities were praying for his good health? 

      I listened to the non-Buddhist chanting weakly behind me as I lead the chanting session in a strong voice.  From time to time, I lowered my voice so I could hear his voice, and his voice led the chanting for his health. He was touched by the fact that people where texting in and saying ‘Starting now.’ and then ‘Done’ and ‘Good Night’.  Now that is action with a strong spiritual mission based on kindness, compassion, love and wanting someone to be happy and well.

      Thank you Universe. Thank you Eclipses. Thank you challenges.  Thank you kind Buddhist friends.


      Benefit of Total Solar Eclipse on an Emotional / Emotional Balance Level?

      You begin to look at issues about loving yourself. Loving the Self is not an easy thing to do as we are all consumed with unresolved emotional issues from childhood, karma, limiting beliefs, doubts, fears, worry, anxiety and stress, to name a few. The Eclipses force us to look at Balancing our Emotions swinging in an up/down, left/right momentum.  The extremes of movement of the pendulum of the Emotions can play havoc on ones level of concentration, clarity, focus and direction. The upheaval creates a need to desperately stop this extreme of tears or rage that wells up to overcome us. 

      EMOTIONAL EXPERIENCE Before Eclipse:  Yesterday, driving home, we turned our car at Primrose Hill and drove straight into the middle of a commotion we did not realise was happening. As we were blocked by two motorbikes we stopped and I notices that the car in the opposite lane had stopped with its driver’s door wide open and no driver in site! I thought there had been an accident. Maybe someone had fallen down or been injured. 

      Then suddenly we heard shouting and men running around our car. One man pulled out a long 12” knive outside our car, by the drivers seat, and then proceeded to weald it in the air, running after another man into Primrose Hill.  Then another man shouted, moving on my side of the car, and ran out into Primrose Hill, chasing the man with the knife!

      So many emotions – rage, anger, frustration, sadness, fear, shock, trauma, pity, feeling blocked in!!! Blocked in by a motor bike. Alarmed by the knife.  Sad about our society today why someone would take out a 12” knife and run after another.  

      What I found fascinating was how they were fighting and shouting, yet avoiding our car. Even though they had weapons they did not attack our car, that had driven straight into the centre of the commotion. Two things happened when we realised something was not right:

      The first thing was I heard the click of the car lock as my lovely driver suddenly locked the doors of the car. He had stopped the car and sat very still in the car. My Annoyance: I became slightly aware of my annoyance he had not closed the door before driving off – but at least he did so now in the middle of the danger.  I always lock the car doors every time I enter my car – no matter where I am. Before I enter my car I check no one is in the back seat and the environment is safe.  Yes, I have watched to many NCIS with Jethro Gibbs, Ziva and Tony DeNozo.!!!  LOL.

      The second thing was I became aware of a calm energy versus a panic energy rise up in me. I was uneasy. Then unexpectedly, out of the blue, I suddenly felt this calm energy rise up from inside me and cloak my car.  Immediately I felt the car protected and invisible.  It was like slow motion and yet it was very quick.

      It was amazing to have so much commotion outside our car and no harm came to us or the car. Even though we had driven right up to the middle of the commotion, they did not attack us or hit our car!  They ran round our car a number of times. They could easily have hit our car or hit us in the car but they did not! It was like we were not there. It was bizarre. How is that for ‘cloaking’ the car and us. 

      I have no idea how this started or what happened. Perhaps our role was not to know how it happened – but to heal it or calm it down.  Thank you God, Buddha, Allah, Ascendant Masters, Legions of Light, etc for the protection and magic of protection.


    Benefit of Total Solar Eclipse on a Mental / Thinking  Level?

      You reflect more. You ponder more. You think more. The reflection, pondering and thinking is on a deeper level. It helps you to question your beliefs, attitudes and behaviour. It enables you to be more true to yourself as the mental action in the mind affects your emotions, body and spirit. You begin to make friends with your Thinking Mind and become aware of your Mental Chatter you have with yourself – that ‘other’ person in you. We must never underestimate the power of the Mind and how much power it has over our Bodies.  If we keep a positive Mind we respond with positivity.  If we keep a negative Mind we respond with negativity. 

      I am reminded of two very powerful quotes, by two very powerful men, who lived and practiced developing a strong Mental mind. Both were tortured, imprisoned, starved and persecuted.  The quotes are:

      “One should become the Master of One’s Mind rather than let Ones’ Mind Master Him.”  Nichiren Daishonin, The Major Writings of Nichiren Daishonin, Vol 1

      “The one thing you cannot take away from me is the way I Choose to Respond to what you do to me.”  Victor Frankl, Auschwitz prisoner, Man’s Search for Meaning.

      I believe during the In-Between Time of the Eclipse and days before the Eclipse, we experience sudden unexpected experiences that create a paradigm shift. They may be pleasant or unpleasant experiences which help to sharpen the Mental Mind and Thinking.  Whatever happens we have a Choice to respond in a way that empower or disempowers us.  What role do you play? Are we the victim, the rescuer, the persecutor, the bully, etc.? Or are you the Thinker, who uses your Mental ability to create a environment of peace, power and heaven within your Mind, which transports you to a realm of Powerful Thinking and Mental Conviction, that propels you to take deliberate actions, that produces a greater result in your life, than you ever thought possible?

      MENTAL EXPERIENCE Before Eclipse: We met up with a friend of ours on Hampstead Heath discussing nutrition. What is right nutrition?  What is nourishing food? Should one be a vegetarian, a fruitarian or a meat eater?  By the end of our discussion we all had different realisations and even a paradigm change.  Here are some statements that were made:  “I have to change the way I think about food and what I eat and put in my body.”  “It would be nice to experiment with new food to broaden our horizon.” “I get fed up with the food I eat and I no longer enjoy eating.”  “I am bored with the food I eat and do not like the tastes any more – bland and always the same.”

      What is the right food for one person is the wrong food for another.  What works for one person is different from what works for another person.  A few years ago, I became vegetarian and passed out in Sainsbury, as I did not have enough iron in me and was told to start eating animals such as the liver of lamb. I did not know what vegetables to take to help me with iron in my body. I was doing something that did not resonate with my body. I was born in Nigerian and grew up on Nigerian food such as okro soup, assorted meat, chicken, goat meat and plantain.  My body was not enjoying the change.  My mother, an English nurse, told me I had to go back to eating what my body was used to. I did and I felt better. 

      Now I am not able to eat as I used to eat when I was younger. I eat less meat or no meat. I loves juices, fruit salads and vegetables.  I was not brought up on this but my thinking has changed over the years because I have ‘talked’ to my body and I have listen to it.  So as we journey here on Earth, we may find our thinking about food an how we live, changes over the years, even months, weeks, days, minutes, seconds!!!! LOL. So after the wonderful conversation we went shopping to buy wholesome foods, rest, and do our homework. We are more mindful of what we are doing to our body now with our Thinking Mind and we are working on marrying the two together to create a healthy body.

      The Thinking Mind is very important in helping us make decisions and choices that happen upon us on a daily basis.  We must never underestimate the power of the Mind and how much power it has over our Bodies.  If we keep a positive Mind we respond with positivity.  If we keep a negative Mind we respond with negativity. 

      The ability to discern and detach are part of having a strong Mental Thinking Mind. The ability to make up ones Mind to take a course of action is very much dependant on the power of the Mind over the body. Do you eat cakes and sweets and expect to be thin and fit or do you have a Mental Talk and Discussion with your Mind and decide what is best for both your Mind and Body? Then do you have the focus, perseverance, determination and courage to change your old way to achieve the results you want with your new way of being and doing?


      Benefit of Total Solar Eclipse on a Physical / Body / Active / Practical Level?

        The Total Solar Eclipse encourages physical action – no matter how small.  You feel an urge to improve your health and physical body. You begin to realise that your Body is your first Home. You begin to have more respect for you Body and what you do with it. Perhaps you start to eat better, sleep better and exercise better. You start to have a ‘conversation’ with your physical Body which makes you aware of your ‘inner workings’ within you that you cannot see or feel.  You know your blood works yet cannot feel it pumping in your body, nor can you see it. You feel your heart and your lungs moving when you dance, walk, run or exercise, though you cannot see them. You begin to realise that things are happening when you thought they were not. You do not have to understand how your body moves with the help of your brain signals, you just need to know that you can move your body to sit and to type or answer the phone or hug your child. 

        As we have seen from the above topic – Benefits of Total Solar Eclipse on a Mental / Thinking Level? – both Body and Mind are related. From a Buddhist perspective of Shikishin-Funi, the Body and Mind are Two but not Two.  They are One. Mind and Body are two aspects of the same reality.  Neither Body or Mind is a separate entity, there is not one with out the other.  They are inseparable components of life.  Life is a single moment in the whole, while Body and Mind are its components.

        On a positive Physical / Body / Active / Practical Level Who is ‘pushing’ you forward to be more than you think you are capable? Who is behind you letting your glorious light shine through? Who is encouraging you? Who is there for you? Who is pushing you forward for a good reason so you can be seen in a glorious light? On a negative level Who is gossiping about you in a negative way and lying about you?  Who is stealing from you? Who is tripping you? Who is back-stabbing you?  Who is hiding your skills or taking them and pretending they are theirs? Who is blocking your progress?

        Any physical action can be seen manifest in various forms such as a clean house, a clean toilet, a lovely dog, a strong horse, a lovely garden, a fit body, a firm body, a delicious colourful meal, a lovely outfit, well manicured hands and feet, a beautiful dance performance or a wonderful work of art.   How are you creating a beautiful/handsome environment around you and a beautiful/handsome you? Every single manifestation involved practical action to carry it out, focus to complete the task at hand and the present it to the world.  What wonderful benefits have you had as you approach the Eclipse?

        PHYSICAL EXPERIENCE Before Eclipse: I noticed my physical body responding to my exercises and my new healthy health drinks and medicines.  I have gone back to exercising and being mindful of my physical body and marrying my Mind and Body.  Fortunately, every two weeks, the Moon Medicine Gatherings, empower my journey on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. I have set myself a physical target for next year of my birthday, which I will monitor in the next three months in November 2017.  Amen. Amen. Amen.



          What Benefits have you had as you approach the Eclipse?


        Join us tomorrow 21 August for our Eclipse New Moon in Leo Medicine Gathering at 6.30pm.  Details here: Moon Medicine with Toks

    Live View of the Total Solar Eclipse


    16.5 - Total Solar Eclipse (21-8-17)


    Hello Legions of Light

    Below I have made a list of LINKS where you can go to view the Total Solar Eclipse LIVE from wherever you are – so long as you have internet wifi.

    I will be live streaming it at my Moon Medicine Meditation on Monday and tuning into it too.

    If you have any links to share please share them below this post. Thank you.

    Love Always Toks xxx



    Fist you must know the SAFETY – How to View the 2017 Solar Eclipse Safely







    Scientific from NASA – INFORMATION

    NASA main feed – TV















    NASA EDGE YouTube

    NASA EDGE UStream




    ITunes App – Total Solar Eclipse by Exploratorium

    Time Between Eclipses


    So how are you with the Time Between Eclipses?


    What is the Time Between Eclipses?

    The Time Between Eclipses is the Time between a Full Moon Eclipse and a New Moon Eclipse. 

    PS: I will be adding to this posts from time to time so keep this link. 


    There are two types of Eclipse:

    1. SOLAR ECLIPSE – Moon PASSES between sun and earth [occurs in NEW MOON only]  Moon blocks sun.  Totality  {i.e. total blocking} is no longer than 8 minute.

    2. LUNAR ECLIPSE – Earth PASSES between sun and moon [occurs in FULL MOON only]  Earth blocks sun.  Totality {i.e. total blocking} is no longer than 8 minutes.

                                                   NEW MOON                                  FULL MOON

    Solar Eclipse20150401-total lunar eclipse


    How do Eclipses Effect Us?

    Eclipse affect us in different ways – in a positive way and in a negative way.  We have one at the New Moon and one at the Full Moon.  Both have positive and negative effects on our feelings, emotions, reactions, and responses. How we deal with this in our lives affects us on many levels and creates lessons to learn as we shift our Karmic relationships and tendencies. So Eclipses effect us by forcing us to look at our extremes, our oppositions, our differences, our opposites, and/or our boundaries or lack of.  It is a Time to Work Deeply Within Yourself. The Time between Eclipses is a Time of Working with our Shadow and Walking with our Shadow. It is looking at the extreme Feminine (Lunar) and extreme Masculine (Solar). 


    Effects of Negative Eclipse:

    Obstruction.  Dimming of Light.  Loss of Power.  Loss of Importance.  Loss of Fame.  Loss of Light.  Obstruction of Light. Over Shadow. Overshadowing by another. Cast a Shadow Upon.  Blot Out.  Darken. Cloud.  Dim.  Dimming. Diminish.  Feel Small. Extinguish.  Shroud. Veil. Hidden.  Not Seen. Darken.  Darkening.  Dark.  Suppress. Extinction. Occult.  Decline. Diminish.  Failure. Fail. Forsaken. Abandon. Fall. 


    Effects of Positive Eclipse: 

    Change, Transformation, Begin Again – Honin Myo.  Light.  Shining. Shine. Seen.  Recognised. Appreciated. Blooming.  Importance. Power. Fame.  Prominence.  Rejuvenate. Endorsement.  Protection.  Seen.  Enlighten. Happy. Compassion. Love.  Excel. Exceed. Surpass.  Outdo.  Outshine. Transcend. Expand. Success. Good Health.  Succeed. Rise.  Achievement.  Learning the lessons from the Time Between Eclipses helps to empower you and move away from any stuck energy. 


    Effects of Time Between Eclipses:

    As mentioned earlier: The Time between Eclipses is a Time of Working with our Shadow and Walking with our Shadow. It is looking at the extreme Feminine (Lunar) and extreme Masculine (Solar).  It is a time that forces us to BALANCE things in our lives and look at them properly and truthfully.

    • NEGATIVE: The Time Between Eclipse is a time of arguments, RESISTANCE, CONFUSION, misunderstandings, anger, rage, reflection, annoyance, not listening, feeling disempowered by the negativity around, or by what is said to you, or what you hear.  Words trigger. Word push buttons.  What words are you using that pushes a button? What actions are you doing that trigger a negative response in another?
    • POSITIVE: The Time Between Eclipses is a time of finding balance, reflecting, questioning, questing, visioning, going deep within to reveal ones very own nature and truth. So in finding a Balance in our live, ALL the negative effects of the Eclipse propel us to have our own personal Transmission, Transmutation, AND Osmosis.  They force us to move through all the debris accumulated in our live.  This leads to the Positive Effects of the Eclipse which is to Transcend the negative and bring in peace, compassion, love, respect and balance.

    What could possibly go wrong? Which one of these applies to you?

    1. Miscommunication – messages delivered upset and give the opposite intention causing friction, separation, divorce and dis-ease.
    2. Misunderstanding – causes friction, tension, stress and holds up the time frame of a job being completed on time.  Misunderstanding can lead to dishonesty. 
    3. Muddling – Dates and Times are muddled up or missed. The chaos created breeds lack of trust or feelings of being treated with disrespected.  Broken promises.
    4. Distortions – The muddled mind cannot see things clearly so their is distortion of facts and figures. There is a time delay in everything. Misleading information. Changes in contracts, agreements, etc. causing stress all round and lack of trust.
    5. Power Struggles – within relationships, business, marriage, politics, partnerships – cause disunity and separation.  Opposition gives rise to war and conflict. Negations go wrong.
    6. Dissatisfaction – there is acute dissatisfaction on many levels – in society, in politics, in religion, in relating to others.  There is a warped form of relating on all levels. It is like you are in an internal war with yourself, as well as, others outside yourself.
    7. Weird Things start to happen.  Breakdowns. Computer glitches. Misunderstandings. Disruptions. Delays. Disappointments. Blocks. Stagnation.  Something is not working – something is not right. Something is off mark.

    What could possibly go right? Which one applies to you?

    1. Great Communication. Feel heard, Listened to and Understood. Feel Clarity within yourself and your expressions.
    2. Feel Connected. Feel Empathy. More Loving Relationships.
    3. Fell Appreciated. Feel Seen. Feel Recognised. Feel Courageous and Confident.
    4. Feel Open. Feel Liberated. Feel deep sense of Freedom with Deep Insights, Intuition and Wisdom.
    5. Feel Balance. Fell centred. Feel loved. You feel at Peace. You are HOME. You Allow Yourself to Shine and Be.
    6. Great Flow in all areas of your live. Feel Satisfied. Feel Great Flow. Receiving Gifts from self and others.
    7. Learning some life lessons – Changing point of view, direction, behaviour, habits and/or friends. Re-prioritising.
    8. Karmic Shifts create Evolution and REvolution.  You hold your keys in your hands now. You set new boundaries. You have better Relationships – Honopono exercise: I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.  I love you.
    9. Your Unconscious and Conscious go into UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS. You feel ONENESS with the Divine. Your Cosmic Connections empower you for the Highest Good of All. 

    Time in History

    FaceYourLifeTime in history has shown that the Moon and Eclipses affects humanity in a big way.  They affect our actions, thinking and being. 

    An Eclipse creates a – first you see it and then you do not see it, then you see it – effect.  The Full Moon shines and you see it.  The New Moon cannot be seen in the sky.  We have both seen and unseen in life and with the New and Full Moon.  Also, there are many actions we take that produce seen and unseen results.  History tells us the effects of our past actions. 

    FACING CHALLENGES: Let us sing a song of joy and dance a melody of love as we face our life and our challenges.  Eclipse show us how we face our live and our challenges.  It askes us to reflect on our lives and the choices we have made.  What was blotted out of your life?  What was revealed?  What have you had to re-set and press?  What have you changed?  How has the Eclipse pushed your buttons and your life consciously and unconsciously? Eclipses teach us to be AWARE of our reactions, our actions and take responsibility for both our reactions and actions.  Not an easy thing to do.  Welcome to Eclipse Energy and Time Between Eclipses. 

    A time to make history.  What history are you making in your life? What do you want to end?  What do you want to begin?


    Being Mindful

    whoTheyHaveAlwaysBeenBe mindful that that you should never get mad at someone for being who they have always been.  You should perhaps be upset with yourself for not coming to terms sooner.  Perhaps you need to accept them as they are.

    Sometimes accepting a person as they are frees us from the pain and suffering they invite into our lives. We are more accommodating and at peace, like in the peaceful picture of the beds.  We are not ruffled by the momentum of disruption.  We are contained and at peace.  We choose peace.  We allow peace.  We are peace. We stop being upset with ourselves and with them.  We move on to a better quality of life and Time.  This is practicing DETACHMENT in a positive way.  This is living EMPOWERMENT in a holistic way. As always the choice is yours.


    Aligning to Spirit

    So many times we mix with people that do not match our vibration and feel pain in the interaction.  Learning to Align to Spirit helps you to know who you are and balance yourself.  Aligning to Spirit is not about forgetting your responsibilities here on Earth. It is being grounded while here on Earth and being conscious of the people you mix with. 

    People who do not fit your Destiny may be parents, family members, people from the past who want to keep you there and do not want change in your life.  A so called ‘caring’ friend or companion could be holding you back in the past, not wanting you to succeed, and saying things or doing things that keep you stuck in the past. You may even believe they are good for you, when in reality they are holding you back from shining your True Light.

    Aligning yourself to your Spirit is a Divine connection no one can come in-between unless you allow them to.  It is your sacred space of thinking and reflecting. It is your empowerment vortex of light.  Aligning with Spirit holds you in the Light – the Spirit of Your Light – magnifies your being and your full potential with an Eclipse.

    On a Full Moon you shine your greatness. On a New Moon you seed your greatness so it shines forth on the Full Moon. How wonderful. Come to our Moon Circle Gatherings for healing, expansion, attune-ment and more. Click: 2017 Dates

    “If you light a lantern for another, it will also brighten your way.” Gosho Zenshu 1598



    So how are you with the Time Between Eclipses?

    Write your comment below.

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