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We Will Be Celebrating the following:


NUMEROLOGY OF 9  (9/9/18 = 9:9:9)

NAVRATRI (9 Day Celebration of the Divine Mother: Hindu)



Practical is something you do. It is what you do. It is what is tangible in the here and now.

It is what can be seen and what can be touched. It is what you can touch and hold. It is solid. It is the money in your hands. It is the car you are driving. It is the food you are eating. It is the water you are swimming in.

There is a structure and form to it. It is manifest in your present reality.It is the now not the future or past. What is here in the now.  It is visible. It is touchable. It is real. It is realistic. It is logical. It is firm. It is structured.

Practical is manifest. Visible and in front of you. There is evidence of its existence. I repeat, Practical is manifest.  It is fact. What is manifest is practical. Listening to music and dancing and singing is manifesting sound and movement with practical action – dancing and singing. Practical is what you can do and what you do that is seen and can be touched. 

Practical is the DOING of something. Practical is the USE of something. It is doing. It is using. It is applying yourself to do something like writing this blog.

Practical is hands on. It is getting things done. Ideally, effectively and efficiently. It is doing something that yields results. It is practical. It is active, active participation. It is live.

Practical is applying something. What are you applying?  What are you trying out?  What are you doing that is practical and real and rewarding? Getting people to the Moon Gatherings is rewarding and practical. Making an effort to turn up to the MOON MEDICINE MEDITATION is practical.

Practical is workable, it is possible, is is reasonable. It is useful, helpful and constructive.  Learning to drive is a practical application that will serve many things in ones live. Being helpful with others is a practical action people see and experience. Being constructive sees a building being built or a land being turned into farming land. Saying yes to marriage is a practical thing, as you then have to prepare a lot of practical realistic things to make it all happen. 

This New Moon in Virgo is about what is practical and looking at your life from a practical point of view. Let us apply some practical guidelines to our lives. What is real and what is not. What is feasible and what is not. What works and what does not. What is tangible and what is not.


Practical is not fantasy. It is not abstract. It is not theory. It is not visualisation. It is not thinking. It is not dreaming. It is not thinking. It is not visualisation. It in not day dreaming. It is not wishful thinking. It is not imaginary or imagination. It is not airy fairy. It is not invisible. It is not visionary. It is not in dream world. It is not fiction. It is not sitting and dreaming. It is not sitting and hoping. It is not sleeping and expecting things to just happen. It is not loafing around. I hope now you understand what Practical is not. Perhaps you can come up with your own list of what is not practical. Share it with me. I look forward to reading it.

The New Moon in Virgo is about looking at where we need to be a bit more practical. Are you living in a dream world, always believing it will be done and years later it is still not done?

Perhaps you have been saying you will clean the house and you realise you have not done so for months, perhaps it is time you got a cleaner? Perhaps you should have done your tax return and you have not……

Perhaps you have been saying you will mow the grass and you have not had time to do it because you have been too lazy. Then perhaps you need to get up and take action and do it yourself. If you imagine it being done it will never be done. Practical action is what is needed.


What in your life is practical? Is it serving you? Is it honouring you? 

Is it yielding results that are beneficial to you? your life? your business? your relationship? your health?  If no, then stop doing it. If yes, then continue doing it. Congratulations if it is yielding results.


When you plant a seed it grows into plants, flowers, seeds, and food. You bury the seed deep in the soil of Mother Earth and she delivers many things useful to mankind. How very kind Mother Earth is.

What new thing are you seeding?  Making an effort to learn something new is applying yourself; as you are seeding a new ability, a new gift, or a new skill. What practical thing have you done today? Can you list 8 practical things you did today?

I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO SEED and you are talking about Seeding. How do I seed when I do not know how to seed? Good question. To answer this question, you need to be clear on what you are wanting to seed. You may not know how to seed. You may not know how to manifest.

You start with an idea and as you grow the idea in your head, you begin to sense a new budding within you. You begin to believe it is possible. You have expanded your limiting beliefs and suddenly realise they are growing so much they burst open like a fireworks and vanish in the sparkle of the light. Suddenly your ‘expansion’ turns into you expanding your thinking, your doing and your space inside you. You decide it is time to change. You have to change not others. You ‘Divine’ a way forward.  You accept your life and you honour your life. Let us continue…


When you seed on the New Moon you are planting a seed energetically. You are creating a future with the seeding. You are making manifest a desire and a want. You are seeding to plant a manifestation. Your seeding is your thought. It is your written notes. It is the actions you take after the seeding with pen and paper. It is the actions that manifest into results and completions. Seeding means you are beginning. Are you ready to begin planting and seeding a new way, a new life, a new skill, a new home, a new car, or a new way of being.

The New Moon is about SEEDING to MANIFEST later. You seed with the Energy of Now and you await its Manifestation in the Future. How wonderful.

What are you seeding now for the manifestation at the full Moon in two weeks. What have you seeded so far? What will you seed with this New Moon in Virgo?  What will you manifest by the Full Moon or by the next few hours or days after the New Moon? The possibilities are endless.

Sometimes we cannot seed because we are overwhelmed. We become confused and distracted. We do not know what to do first.  We may even make wrong decisions. In my Newsletter I write about the emotions many have been going through and becoming overwhelmed by them. This New Moon is about looking into our lives in a realistic practical way. It is looking at what is working what is not working. Are you ready for the change in your life?

Let us seed constructive things with the New Moon and see them manifest and build. Seeding means we want something to yield dividend, yield profit, yield manifestation. 

What will you seed with this New Moon? A new project? Throw away things or situations that no longer serve you? Remove negative people who stop your practical application to grow your business?  Allocate a new time table so you spend your time more effectively?  Decide to take action to create manifest possibilities and opportunities for yourself?

Give yourself permission to be still.  Allocate and allow the space to be in a sacred space. Gift yourself a present to be there for yourself to take time out and use it constructively and productively to clear your mind and nourish your Soul.  Amen. Amen. Amen.

Come join us on for our NEW MOON Medicine Alchemy Meditation.

We Will Also Be Celebrating The Following:

1. NAVRATRI (9 Day Celebration of the Divine Mother: Hindu)


I will cover that at the gathering. Come join us xxx


When you are seeding something practical there is one great gift you have to give yourself. That is the GIFT of FORGIVENESS.

Sometimes we block our own progress and our own happiness when we are holding on to some memory, resentment or anger. Then we wonder why we do not get what we are wanting.

We have to be open to forgive our self and each other. There is so much to cover on this topic.

I am doing an 8 week course, on Zoom on Forgiveness.  You will not miss anything, as the recordings will be there, for you to go back to, once you have paid for it. So you can catch up on what you have missed. Better still be there and attend all weekly classes. There will be a lot of practical exercises and teachings, I have gathered over the years, to help you forgive and activate more happiness and manifestation in your life. I ask you to decide on who or what you want to forgive. The list may grown or reduce during the 8 weeks. It will be a work in progress for all.  So allow flexibly for your expansion, growth and stubbornness. I will be starting after the New Moon and will cost £150. Book yourself on it.

HAPPY NEW MOON – See you at the Moon Medicine Meditation at 6pm on

9/9/18 = 9:9:9

9/9/2918 = 9:9:11


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