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 MOTHER EARTH – Earth Day and Mother’s Day happen in Taurus. 

*    Standing Still   NewMoon in Taurus finds us in a fixed earth sign.  We stand still and bring in stability and groundedness in our lives.  We stand still and root to earth and stand Strong.  WE STAND Secure, Stable, Comfortable and Nurturing.  We ARE growing roots were we are.  Taurus is about staying in one place that is peaceful i.e. within – inner peace – peace in self.  As you stand still use your mind to fill your day with all good things. Stand sill and sense your material possessions, income, your physical enjoyment and personal comfort. 

*    Movement What area in your life needs to develop peace?  What area in your life needs to develop a stable approach?  It may be that the NewMoon is saying you can no longer stay still as it no longer serves you.  Staying still may be an excuse for you e.g. staying in a relationship that is going nowhere or imagining someone likes you and living in THAT illusion for weeks, months and years rather than living in Reality.  Let your illusion turn to illumination. 

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