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Symbols of Pisces are Sacred

TWO FISH swimming in opposite directions.  Flowing in two directions at once.  Cause and Effect.  Confusion and indecision are some of the qualities that come with the influence of Pisces with this NewMoon.  Also North/South. Opposition.  Confusion.  Seeing Two sides of an argument.  Inner Turmoil.  The two fish set against each other.  Self sabotage.  Self undoing.  Contradictory.  Inconsistent.  Of Two Minds.  Beliefs, Faiths, Sacrifice.  Feeling lost and unsure.   No wonder there is so much confusion with the NewMoon in Pisces.  Yet from this confusion in our lives comes the need to stillness and the rising of the phoenix or dragon! 

The Dragon is said to hold a flaming pearl under its chin.  This symbolizes dragon as the Keeper of the Tao – the balance of yin and yang the holder of the Pearl of knowledge.  In the stillness we will be accessing the pearl of knowledge.  How do I know if I am doing the right thing?  How do I know when I do not need something?  How do I know when I need something?  Welcome to NewMoon in Pisces.

Water – Pisces is a water signWater washes away our karma, our pain.  Water is the love – unconditional love – that washes away our unhappy muddy karma.  What are you doing now to face your negative karma and polish your positive karma?  The ocean is a symbol of the unconscious in psychology with all the collective psyche, perceptions and impressions.  Neptune lives in the ocean.  Water is a sacred symbol that personifies the highest manifestation of the feminine principle i.e. SPIRIT – DIVINE KNOWLEDGE.  The DIVINE SOPHIA.  THE GREAT GODDESS.   

Wisdom is synonymous with Pisces.  Wisdom is the understanding of the heart, while Knowledge is the understanding of the mind.  Wisdom has much to do with the attainment of enlightenment through inner experience and belongs to the realm of the psyche; whereas knowledge is an intellectual function.”  Writes Penny Thonton.

 Heaviness – Is there a heavy weight on your body, your heart, your face?   What are you ‘entering’ into your body?  Is your body yours?  Ask yourself – Why am I feeling down?  Why am I feeling heavy?  This is a time to take control emotionally.  Do not collapse.  It is very important to develop the ‘fighting spirit’ – this is the fighting sage warrior spirit.

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