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Newmoon date: 25.2.2009

PISCES – Going inward.  Journey to the hidden. Death.  Mystic.  Unknown.  Unconscious Mind.  Hidden.  Sacrifice.  Service to Others.  Saving the Under Dog!  EIGHTH Consciousness i.e. where Karma is stored.  Imagination.  Spiritual.  Friendly.  Dreamy.  Good Natured.  Kind.  Compassionate.   Easy going.  Can be submissive.  Affectionate.  Emotional.  Instinctive.  Intuitive.  Feel people and situations with ease. Creative.  Dislikes confinement.  Gifted artistically.  Need to feel free to dream!  Love luxury and travel.  Secrets hidden and revealed.  THE SACRED CENTRE OF EACH HUMAN BEING.

Teaching  – NewMoon in Pisces teaches us that true Enlightenment cannot be given, taught, or bought! It is a state of life achieved through continuous disciplines, principles and cosmic universal truths.  The concept of continuous discipline is the energy of the Year of the Ox / Buffalo in which we all find ourselves in this incarnation period of 2009.

Learning – It is a know fact that no one is ready to learn until he or she seeks to find the answers.  LEARNING QUESTIONS from LAST NEWMOON:  Did you complete your targets?  Have you taken stock of your learning?  Do you learn anything from your experience?  When / With Whom / Why / How have you been reassessing, readjusting and refocusing?  LEARNING QUESTIONS this NEWMOON in Pisces:  Are you moving forward to the future with stillness or action?   Do you STILL need answers?  Are you confused about what to do next in your life?   Or perhaps you got clarity and insight and now you want to know what to do next? 

Answers – Then come to the NewMoon Meditation.  Plant a new seed in your life and feel.  feel.  feel.  feel.  Go inward to your sacred silent self – your secret sacred Akashic records……….  Listen to the silence of stillness.  Listen to the stillness of silence. Listen Listen Listen.  NewMoon in Pisces knows how to listen beautifully. 

Journey – The Piscean journey is the sacred homeward bound journey. It is an ending and a beginning all at once – like the lotus flower which seeds and blooms at once.  This is the true act of the Buddha – manifesting hidden revealing….  When you get to Pisces you get to the Path of Return, the Path of No Return and the Path of Liberation.  NewMoon in Pisces can activate low emotions like selfishness and hatred.  So watch out!  The last stage of the journey to the source and the return to the source!!!  Confusing?  I know.  Feel it – do not think it – feel it…..NewMoon in Pisces is to commit to growing up to whom you are becoming or who you have become


Pisces by Yeechi Chen
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