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7 Days 7 Chakras Kindle Launch

I’d like to share with you the launch of my first ever Kindle eBook. It’s called 7 Days 7 Chakras for empowering your activation and encouraging your transformation.

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7 Days 7 Chakras Kindle eBook

7 Days 7 Chakras has been written for you all…….yes, each one of you.  All my 30 years of experience and expertise as a Senior Practitioner, Teacher, Healer, Crystal Healer and Spiritual Coach has been poured into this little gem. It has been made with love, care and attention with the help of the Hands of Light Team.

Please take a moment to see how 7 Days 7 Chakras Kindle eBook can help heal and empower you on a multi-dimensional level – day in and day out, week in and week out – for the rest of your life.

Working with the Energy of Now

7 Days 7 Chakras Kindle eBook allows you to take time out of your busy schedule to connect with your Inner You. It encourages you to listen and communicate with your intuition. The exercises are natural, inspiring and self-affirming. As you do them, you are stimulating and working with your conscious, unconscious and subconscious mind. You may even begin to do them in your sleep.

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7 Days 7 Chakras Kindle eBook

7 Ways to Manifest

7 Days 7 Chakras Kindle eBook, there are 7 exercises per Chakra. That’s a total of 49 exercises. These exercises are dynamic, in that they allow you to choose which ones you want to do, in what order and how often. You are in complete control.
By working on each of the 7 Chakras you are working on the 7 Ways to Manifest.  Each Chakra manifests a powerful vortex of healing and action within your life which encourages manifestation through transformation.

Healing the Heart Chakra helps to heal your intimate relationships, empowering you to love yourself more and forgive yourself.  This type of manifestation in your life encourages you to have more confidence and more courage in your Solar Plexus to be who you are truly meant to be.  You see each Chakra affects the others simultaneously.  This is what makes this 7 Days 7 Chakras a wonderful self healing Kindle ebook.

By using 7 Days 7 Chakras regularly, it will help to clear and refine your energy and begin to call in your Dreams so that you can live them. By working with this fabulous Kindle eBook, you begin to realise that the hopes and desires you’ve long had, yet felt would never materialise, will begin to take form. Wishes that even you yourself were not aware of, so deep were they buried within you, will come out and begin to take flight when you diligently and regularly put 7 Days 7 Chakras into practice.

7 Ways to Journal Your Journey

Journaling your Journey is a continuous ongoing process, so you will want to get yourself a journal specifically for 7 Days 7 Chakras Kindle eBook. This way, you will be able to record all the experiences, reflections and aha moments, during and after you do the exercises. This will allow you to see, in the coming weeks, months and years, how you have grown i.e. what challenges you had and how you overcame them through practicing the exercises in 7 Days 7 Chakras.

Whether you are a complete beginner to healing or a seasoned seeker of the art, reading and engaging with 7 Days 7 Chakras will lead you on a journey of becoming more and more aware of the subtleties of you and your life – evolving and transforming, healing and empowering your relationship with yourself; as well as; your relationship with your friends, family, work colleagues, business partners, spouses, children and the entire world.

What else?

You will also:
* Learn which crystals are good for which Chakra.
* Have a special and unique channelled blessing for each Chakra.
* Have a list of sometimes, as much as 80 affirmations, unique for every Chakra.
* Learn the position, usefulness, element, planet, age and colour of each individual Chakra.

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7 Days 7 Chakras Kindle eBook

For Now and Always

As you may well be aware, our past experiences, relationships and events can affect us in the present, as well as, off into the future. It seems we have become accustomed to dragging our pain around with us, creating a negative spiral in our lives.

However, working with 7 Days 7 Chakras will help you to take responsibility for your life and your emotions. It will help you to make sure that past experiences, relationships and events will impact you positively, allowing you to transform your pain and suffering into such qualities as peace, love, compassion, wisdom and understanding.

Join me on this journey of inner transformation and healing, of taking responsibility for your life even further and even deeper, as you create, practically manifest and live your dream life….with Love and Light.

Working with energy of Crystals


You will be working with the energy of the Crystals

Working with your 7 Chakras to improve your life

7 Chakras

Working with your 7 Chakras to improve your life in every way

Self Healing

Self Healing

Self healing through the use of daily exercises, for each of your Chakras

This is a really good read. Haven’t finished it yet but wow… Excellent so far and so informative. Chakras and balancing Chakras is a brand new concept to me when it comes to health issues but this ‘7 days 7 Chakras’ eBook is already opening my eyes.

‘7 Days 7 Chakras’ is highly recommended for anybody feeling a bit down for whatever reason. My issues concern my heath and the simple exercises are helping so much.

David Francis

The book is Excellent, easy to follow and has helped me already in such a short period of time. What I love about this book is that Toks has provided a step by step logical development process to help me with so many different processes and obstacles in my life.

This book can be used as a life reflecting journal that can be used time and time again.

Rebecca Nwaozuzu

Assistant Manager (Social Services)

7 Days 7 Chakras is very easy and informative read that engages you with its writing. It gently draws you in and calls you to take part – to create your very own schedule of healing and transformation. The ease of reading it reflects the simplicity and ease of the exercises themselves. Again, this helps you and entices to engage with it, encouraging you to create your own routine and to follow through with the exercises.

Subtle, simple and yet so very powerful….this is an eBook for life.
Ioanis Konstantinopulos

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7 Days 7 Chakras Kindle eBook
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