Giving my Best with this New Moon

yellow rose in gold

Happy New Moon my Radiant Ones

I hope this finds you well with the Fire element of Aries.

Every day we wake up from our sleep – which may have been good or bad.  We get up with our Body following our Thoughts. Let me explain:  I need to get out of bed, you get up.  I need to brush my teeth. You go brush your teeth.  I have to have a shower. You have a shower. I have to decide what to where.  You go sort out your clothes to wear to the gym or to work.  I have to run to catch the train. Your body runs to catch the train.  In just these simple events, you can see how your Body is following your Thoughts.  Thoughts are important and influenced us in many ways. 

Giving My Best means you are Thinking this, and then, you have to take action with your Body to do so. What action do you perform to show that you are giving and doing your Best?  How will you know you are giving your Best? When will others know you have given your Best?  What is your Best may be different from someone else’s Best.  However, each person Giving their Best will be following there Thoughts first, the Body will be following their Thoughts. There actions will be following their Thoughts.

What we think matters. What we do matters. What we say matters. We all have to take responsibility for what we think, say and do. Battling our own Ego is not an easy task to do and we cannot always do it on our own.

The sage battles  his/her own ego. The fool battles everyone else’s. Lovely Sufi saying.

Giving your Best means you are taking the time to give 100% to the person or situation you are in. It is a decision people arrive at due to a choice they have made. This choice may have been triggered by many reasons such as by trauma, health problems, realisation, anger, pain, disrespect, a life lesson, etc. If a health problem, perhaps you decide to look after yourself and put yourself first, instead of sacrificing yourself for others. In this way you are Giving Your Best to Yourself.  If you have been disrespectful to another, and they no longer talk with you, you many learn from they experience, and decide to start Giving Your Best. The choice as always is your. 

8 - New Moon in Aries (16-4-18)What choices will you make this New Moon in Aries?  Aries is the ‘baby’ of the Zodiac, that likes to have its own way and cries when it does not. It is fearless and demanding, letting  you know when it wants to eat, play or change the nappy. Sometimes not very convenient!

What new thing are you going to do and say?  Where are you going to be fearless? Where are you going to Give Your Best? What will you do?  How will you do it?  When will you start?  Why would you do so?  Really think about these questions as you take the step forward into your new life with this New Moon in Aries.

Sometimes seeking what is New is scary, uncomfortable, frightening, and unpredictable. It involves change that can be unknown, uncomfortable, and risky. The challenges in changing can be paralysing or freeing. Choose to free yourself from Thoughts that keep you locked up in the prison of your mind, feelings or emotions. The Fire Element of Airs is a good time to free yourself from what no longer serves you. Start with your baby steps.

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. This is a wonderful Chinese saying.

We will see you on 16 April at 7pm. Click this link to find our more:  New Me Giving My Best

imageHow about starting with a Prayer and setting a good intention? 

You cannot have a future if you keep holding on to the past. You need to let go of the past to move forward. Also you cannot keeping living in the future, refusing to live in the present.  What is important is to live in the Now.

These Moon Gatherings are Energy of Now Alchemy Gatherings, calling you to look at your life though the power of change and refinement with Quantum Meditation.  and reboot and rewire your life.  They are like a stepping stone to your greatness.

How about reflection on your life? Perhaps it is a good idea to look at your core beliefs that stop you from Being Your Best.

Perhaps you could become aware of the Thinking Mind Viruses, that stop you from Being Your Best.  The Brain is a big computer that needs to be rebooted and reprogrammed from time to time. Perhaps you could decide to activate a Quantum Leap in your life with this New Moon?

Remember, the Body is not your Mind.  You can change your Mind and change your Thoughts and create new Thoughts that influence your habit and your behaviour.  You can create New Thoughts, New Choices, New Behaviour, New Experiences and New Emotions that empower you and move you forward.

Your Thoughts are not fixed, you cannot touch them, you cannot see them. They are in space – in your energy field – in the space around you.  Did you know that your VISIONS and GOALS come from the realm of Spirit? These all start with Thought, which involves IMAGINATION and VISUALISATION.

relaxing in the sunThe dancing FIRE of our Life Force keeps us thinking, living, achieving, etc. Thoughts may come to you randomly or not.  You can Think them into being. You cannot always control them.   They can take over your Body, and you say Words you may later regret or not.  Thoughts move your Body to do things. Let your Thoughts be Good Thoughts that inspire a change in your life that nurture the world and you and your environment. Be the change you seek.

Be the Master of your Mind, rather than let your Mind Master you. This is a wonderful Buddhist saying.

So many events to celebrate in the Month of May. Which did you celebrate? Which will you celebrate?

HAPPY 4 - April

1 - Easter Sunday2 - Easter Monday7 - Last Day of Passover6 - Orthodox Good Friday8 - Orthodox Easter Sunday23 - Happy Shakespeare28 - Invocation of Nam Myoho Renge Kyo (2)13 - Isra and Mi'raj8 - New Moon in Aries (16-4-18)12 - Yom HaShoah22 - Earth Day23 - St George's Day9 - Full Moon in Scorpio (30-4-18)

So which ones did you pick?  Perhaps you have others you are going to celebrate? Good.

We will see you on 16 April at 7pm. Click this link to find our more:  New Me Giving My Best

The Sage


Love Always

Toks xxxx

Blue Moon Full Moon for Balance

Greetings Legions Of Light.  This Saturday’s Full Moon in Libra (31/3/18) is also a Blue Moon as well as the First Day of Passover, Hanuman Jayanti, Holy Saturday and Magha Puja.  We will be calling in the Divine Gathering and activating Unity Consciousness as we invite in more Light into your world. So much power gathering just for you. 


Remember, You cannot give what you do not have. So be honest with yourself. Be truthful to yourself first and then communicate with others. You cannot give what you do not have. It is wisdom to know this. Look after yourself first and fill up your cup with over flowing abundance of compassion, wisdom, love, joy, happiness, wealth, abundance, quality experiences and quality moments. Then you can give what you do have with joy, appreciation, respect and sacredness instead of with resentment and/or anger.

One of the greatest way I believe you can have, is to have a meeting with yourself. Build yourself up to have more to give. You do this easily when you gather for a session with me or when you gather for an Alchemy Moon Workshop.  Building your Light Quotient is a powerful way to bloom your life and that of others.

I am so looking forward to this powerful portal on Saturday at 7pm.  Will you be there?

For Details Click the picture below or click here:  Alchemy Moon Gathering

7 - Full Moon in Libra – Sun in Aries (31-3-18)

Happy Celebrations to everyone. Happy Easter to you all. My celebration starts tomorrow with the Blue Full Moon and will go on for 3 days and 3 nights. How auspicious. How long will yours go on for?


What will you be doing to balance the Male and Female in you this Full Moon? 

Having the right relationship with yourself is important. Having the right relationship with others is important. How are you having the right relationship with yourself?  How are you having the right relationship with others?

Nectar of the GodsWhat are the rippling effects of your behaviour with others?  If you hug a person you spread a feeling of love. The person who has been hugged smiles and feels loved and feels like wanting to spread love to others.  The ripple effect of bringing a smile on a persons face softens the heart and lightens the emotions of both people – the person hugged and the person who gave the hug.  The exchange of energy is rewarding to both people.

People smile automatically at a child or children because they love the innocence. They seem unspoiled by life.  There is trust and easy smiles from your happy children and babies.  Imagine a world were everyone smiles at you. Very nice.

If you find that you are always calling others to complain, to criticise or to moan you will create a ripple effect of negative energy.  Today we have many with mental problems e.g. dementia.  One minute nice and the next nasty and aggressive. The ripple effect creates sadness and unhappiness to those experiencing the negative banter from the person who is ill or not well. Many families suffer in silence when they have this in their family to deal with.

Glasgow 25.8.11 007What is the energy you are stealing? Are you stealing other people’s energy or leaking your energy?  What is the ripple effect of stealing energy?  Balancing your male and female is a complicated matter.

What is the energy you are leaking? Do you leak supportive energy or non-supportive energy.  What is the ripple effect of leaking energy?

If you are calling to accuse someone of something you think they have done- with no evidence – but just your feeling of suspicion, you will create a relationship full of friction, criticism, arguments and blame.  The ripple effect of this type of relationship is very damaging and suffocating, creating a lack of trust.

The choice to have a good positive relationship with your inside male and inside female is yours. The choice to have a good relationship with another person’s inside male and inside female is your choice, as well. How you interact with each other is a choice of freewill.

happy easter

I share two videos below, on the Blue Full Moon, each saying something different. In one video I do a tarot reading.  Please enjoy the exercises and practice them too.

W A T E R Drink lots of water before, during and after the healing meditation and workshop.

T E S T I M O N I A L Please share your benefits of receiving healing from us and attending the Moon Alchemy Gatherings.

S H A R E Please share these videos if you can. Thank you.


BEING THE BEST OF YOU. So important to make internal and external changes to be happier in your interactions and your relationships. A meeting with Yourself to bring out the best of you. Sit in the stillness and silence of your mind. Balance your life at this meeting with yourself with the Blue Full Moon in Libra on Saturday 31 March

To play this video below, click the image below, or click this link: Play Blue Moon



We will be sending Healing for YOU this Full Moon – a Blue Moon. We share Exercises – How can I serve myself better?  A good description of the Full Moon Energy is given and explained. LIVE Reading for this energy as some members asked for a reading during the live broadcast. We talk about Healing relationships and patterns. Everything starts with YOU. Be the Best of You.

H E A L I N G Sending healing to you for 3 nights in a row from 31 March to 2 April. When you are ready to receive the healing – making sure you are not busy – sit or lie down – call down the healing from the Hands of Light Healing Portal. Healing will be sent to you – for as long as you want it to be – 10 minutes, 15 minutes or one hour. Or while you sleep. Be aware of why healing is being sent to you and really anchor the Distant Healing in yourself.

To play this video below, click the image below, or click this link: Play Blue Moon Tarot



Look at the lovely picture of the rose BELOW, and Breathe deeply into your tummy consciously, and connect Mind Heart Body. This will help create a space of love and peace within.

Then breathe in each word into your tummy consciously and connect Mind Heart Body deeply. This will enable you to clear out any blockages and give you a sense of lightness of being. Feel your body get lighter and your mind get clearer.

Do this for 5 minutes every day for the next 7 days.  Let me know how you feel and the difference it has made in your life.

If you want, you can continue up to 30 days, to help develop a pattern of clear consciousness and deep inner power within you. Let me know the difference it has made in your life, by emailing me OR leaving a comment on my blog below. 


New Moon in Pisces 17 March 2018

6 - New Moon in Pisces (17-3-18)

We gather for yet another intense download. I am celebrating many new things with this New Moon. I completed two certifications to refine my skills. I am in the process of assessing my personal relationship together with my partner. I am also looking at redefining my life, purpose and vision with a new website in the mix and a new pricing scheme. So many new things to celebrate. I will also be seeding some new seeds too. What new thingwaterfall 2 duckss are you celebrating?

What has to ‘die’ so something new can come in?  What has to be released so you can feel free?  What has to be renewed so you can breathe?  What needs to be purged to make way for more newness and freshness? What has to be rebirthed in you?  What type of ‘hell’ or ‘heaven’ are you going through at the moment, that has to be released, removed, broken and cleared, to help you breathe newness and freshness into your life plan? What new beginning are you going to embrace this New Moon?


Emotions runs high this New Moon as Pisces is a WATER sign which is all about EMOTIONS. It is two fish swimming in opposite directions, so it is all about what directions you are going and what oppositions are you experiencing in your life – personal or working life.

angeloflightSo many people are experiencing abuse on a major level.  Some are not even aware of it as they are so used to it they think it is ‘normal’.  What are you allowing in your life that may actually not be honouring you?

Many people are being ‘beaten’ by bullies in various ways.  My client was mugged and beaten outside her flat by three men in ski masks, for her big diamond ring. What motivated these men to beat an woman and leave her with broken fingers, swollen bruises on her face and body. She just had an operation on her fingers that will take two years to heal! This is pure cruelty.  What emotions drive a human being to abuse another? What emotions drive you?


There is good and bad karma. Good karma is what we all want. Bad karma is anything that negates our existence.  What lessons do you need to face and learn this New Moon?

How is your past life affecting you in this life?  I worked on clients to release the influence of the past life that was St Patrick's Daynegative and they found the experience profound, tiring and peaceful. 

How is your mental problem a reflection of your karmic patterning or karmic family? How often are you ‘shouting’ or ‘abusing’ or ‘attacking’ another due to mental problems? How are you coping with your mental problem and that of others?

New Moon in Pisces is a good time to go deep into aspects of yourself and ‘know’ yourself. Are you ready? Do you think you can handle this? as the Spice Girls would say.


goldrenDressThere are so many levels of pain – emotional, physical, mental, bodily, spiritual, psychosomatic.  It can be felt in your skeletal body when you have an accident, when your teeth and muscles hurt. It can be felt in your emotions when you have a broken heart. It can be felt in your mind when your mental mind feels tortured by fear. It can be felt in your spiritual body when you feel restless and unsettled, causing you sleepless nights and days.

When I experienced pain from an accident I would say to myself – This is a good sign. It means I am getting better because I can feel the pain.  My nerves are feeling the pain. I am getting better.  I may still be in pain and this pain is letting me know I am getting better. Thank you pain! – This kept my with a positive mind-set.  I healed so quickly the doctors we pleased and surprised.

Looking at our pain connects us to the deepest aspect of ourselves. We may find this easy or uncomfortable.


Water Water everywhereHonour water with this New Moon in Pisces, a water sign. Flowing water like rivers, waterfalls, fountains please us.  Stagnant water like puddles, ponds, rivers can breed mosquitoes that kill, smells that are repugnant and negative feelings.  Your tears are flowing water helping you to break free of an emotion that has been logged in you for a long time. 20150526-healing water candle

At our Alchemy Moon gathering tonight we will be working with the energy Water, drinking blessed water and honouring water.  We will be sharing and experiencing flow and releasing any stagnant energy around you. There will be ritual and prayers.  There will be silent time to go within and heal the fragmented parts of you and call yourself home to you.

We will be working with the element of Water to sooth, heal and empower, creating flow and movement with ease in an area of your life.


inviteThis really is a time to reflect on your life and learn from your mistakes. This New Moon look at your life and look at areas where you need to improve. What is missing in your life? What do you like?  What do you not like?  What can you do about your life?  Seed  your desires with strong conviction. Perhaps you need to tidy your affairs, your home, your clutter. Perhaps you need to take responsibility for your life and stop taking other peoples karma on. Perhaps it is time to look at priorities in your life – what serves you and what does not serve you?  Perhaps it is time to look at your health or your relationship issues calling for a healing of health, rifts in relationships, etc.

This is a good time to heal yourself. Healer heal yourself first.

YOUR WISHESSt Patrick's Day

Write down your desires, wishes and goals.  Write down what you want and call it forth. I spoke to my client and she said she was afraid to write down her wishes because she felt it would mean she had to take actions to make them happen and she did not want to take actions to make them happen. Every

Alchemy Moon Gathering has been about taking actions in your life and manifesting something you truly desire. It helps you to live your truth. 

How about giving yourself time to live a life of true happiness and not hidden or suppressed happiness? Be gentle with yourself. Really determine to do something new and different now. How about forgiving yourself? How about forgiving others? How about deciding to move on? How about working with the quality of compassion for yourself first and then others?  How about loving yourself? Truly loving yourself.


Bathing in WaterTake time out to reflect, to rest, to be in a quiet space to think. Take time out from arguments, disruptive situations and people. Take time out from confrontations. Take time out from unhappiness.  Take time out for yourself to rest, relax and sit is silence. Take time out to be with people who want the best for you and who will hold a strong belief for you even when you are weak.   Take time out to believe in yourself. Take time out to know yourself. Take time out to be more YOU. Take time out to recalibrate.  Take time out to BE. Take time out to attend to yourself – your wounds, your pain, you forgiveness. Take time out to be with yourself.



See you tonight at 7pm when we gather to heal, to regenerate, to relax, to be with people who care and to shine your inner light on yourself. We will cover all the above and more. Allow your own initiation into more magic.

For more information click this link MOON GATHERING TONIGHT

  • Saturday 17 March
  • 7pm Workshop
  • Time of New Moon in London 1:14pm
  • New Moon in Pisces

  • Element – Water

New Moon in Pisces

I allow my own healing and growth. I manifest great healing and joy in my life. I experience both expected and unexpected manifestations that empower me and protect me. I allow more magic into my life. I give myself permission to be more. I give myself time to heal and be more than I even thought possible. Infinite possibilities are happening to me now. I take responsibility to grow.

be the light

Happy New Month of March


So much happening as usual. Anyone feeling overwhelmed? Anyone feeling happy? Anyone taking practical actions based on intuition?  Anyone walking their truth or someone else’s truth?

We have the Happy Full Moon in Virgo Healing Circle, This is a Moon Alchemy Gathering. It is from 7pm-10pm on Friday 2 March 2018. 

You Can Book Your Ticket And Tune In via Skype, If You Are Not Local

We Will Also Be Celebrating The Following:

1. HOLI (Hinduism)

2. HOLA MOHALLA (Sikhism)

Toks Will Be Channelling these Energies Through and With Her CRYSTAL SINGING BOWLS


What did you complete in January?

HAPPY 1 - January

What did you complete in February?

HAPPY 2 - February

What will you complete in March?

HAPPY 3 - March

5 - Full Moon in Virgo (2-3-18)

We will be working with these Virgo Full Moon Energies:

1. Your image of yourself. Your view of yourself. How accurate these two are.

2. The practical and logical mind and your emotions – navigating through these aspects of yourself: learning how to manage yourself effectively and respectfully.

3. The balance in your life; the balance of a practical and logical mind and your emotions. Where are you balanced? Where are you imbalanced?

4. Going on a personal journey to find out what is right for you and your life now.

5. Using the cleansing energy of this Moon to allow you to grow: to blossom and bloom you.

6. Surrendering the pain, suffering, shame, guilt and issues that we manifest as a result of our karma with the parents we have inherited this incarnation. Surrendering and choosing to work with magical cleansing, releasing and allowing.

7. Realising what chapters in you and your life, have closed. Looking at new discoveries about yourself.

8. Facing the fear and taking the action to move your life forward.

9. Reflecting on how you are a Sacred Vessel – a living embodiment and holder of the light.

We will be Asking….

1. Be aware of where / how / why / what you are criticising and judging in others.

2. Check where you do the same thing you are criticising or judging another person about, in your own life.

3. What emotional drama are you playing out?

4. What do I really need to get rid off, to create space for flow and allow in something new? How can you create more blooming in your life?

5. How are you expanding your life in the now? How are you of service to humanity and to the land?

6. How do you show up being the Master of your Life?

Food Options: Vegetarian, snacks, nibbles etc.



“As ever, Toks is a magic worker, helping you to tap into the magic within yourself.” Lesley Lansdown

“Exquisite resonant majesty – a glorious, enveloping love both internal and cosmic and between us all. Bowing to one another, taking time to honour the sacred within and between each of us was humbling and beautiful and deeply, deeply moving in ways I never have predicted.” Kai Reich

“Healing, powerful, insightful, magical experience. Thank you. I love you.” Genevieve Capovilla

“What great evenings these are with Toks on a meditation/go-active evening. I had great results the first time around and felt like that the second would bring me more of my new desires.” Alex Duvnjak


“Walking in my truth, I walk in my truth.” Toks Coker

“I am a success today because I had a friend who believed in me and I didn’t have the heart to let him down.” Abraham Lincoln

“A Very Great Vision is needed, and the man who has it must follow it as the eagle seeks the deepest blue of the sky.” Crazy Horse, Native American


A bit about the Full Moon…..

Mother Moon is pregnant with life. There is power and magic in the air. The moon is round, making the atmosphere pregnant with emotion and desire. The cup is full and the cup ‘runneth’ over. As such, it is a time full of emotional energy which is very high. It is a time to face these varied emotions.

Everything is amplified with the energy of the Full Moon e.g. emotions, passions, love etc. You may experience strongly charged emotions with abundant, sometimes uncontrollable feelings; which can lead you to lose control in a positive or negative way. Remember – the choice, as always, is yours.

What you perceive as your reality depends on what you are feeling. At the time of the Full Moon, this can cause a lot of confusion if not checked. The gravitational pull of the Sun and Moon on our beloved Earth set these extremes up. This can be a hard time to find balance. A time of extremes.


1. Make the sign of the cross on your forehead.  You can symbolically carry this around with you into the world for a day and do acts of kindness.  You can symbolically do this to represent that you are cleansing and healing yourself at this time. You may symbolically believe that your sins are being washed away when you put the sign of the cross on your forehead and symbolically wash it away. 

2. Do something amazing with crystals e.g. have a crystal healing session, buy a crystal or two to help you with practical decisions, heal your pain, help you feel stronger in business, in your open your heart in your love relationships.

3. Take one practical action:  Follow through (Virgo) what you need to do intuitively (Pisces).  Do not get easily distracted (Pisces) and do not be too rigid (Virgo).  Keep focused on one thing.  Be patient and focus on the one thing till you complete it.  Be patiently purposeful. Be purposefully patient.

4. Talk to YOUR BODY.  Working with the Angels of Inspiration and Beauty (Inspirational Beauty) ASK why you are sad.  Ask why your muscles hurt you.  Ask why your joints hurt you.  Ask how your body feels about a relationship, your work, your friends, etc.  What are your sleeping patterns telling you about the food you eat, your drinking habits and your thinking?  Really work with your physical practical body to sense the messages it is giving you and know it practically and intuitively.  Be sensitive to your physical body and the messages and feelings it is giving you.  What are the emotional signals from your body? What are the practical signals from your body? 

5. Angel Work:  Ask your angels to guide and protect you.

6. SELF LOVE. List 6 things you can do that express your Self Love.

The Sage

New Moon in Aquarius 15 February 2018

4 - Partial Solar Eclipse (15-2-18)





Even though it is a Partial Solar Eclipse with this Super New Moon in Aquarius and a Black Moon, we find the energy, emotions and intensity overwhelming.  We may find we are touchy, edgy and inflexible. We may even feel unstable and unsure.  The energy is powerful yet deceptive in its power. Because if you are not aware and conscious you may miss a few things and make a few mistakes. Be mindful. Be aware. Be conscious.


  • Did you know that the heart is not really a pump?  Blood has its own motion and can move independently of the heart. The embryo in the womb makes blood cells long before the heart is formed.

  • Did you know that your Capillary Blood contains your whole life story?

  • Do you know anyone who is chaotic, stressed, scattered, overwhelmed or with no sense of purpose? Yes? Did you know that this feeling is coming from their Blood?

  • Do you sometimes feel your Blood is heavy?  Your heart feels heavy?  This is because the blood is holding your memories.  Blood carries memories. 

    • Sometimes the memories in the blood are not being released as you breathe out. They feel stuck and stagnant making you feel tired and overwhelmed.

    • Perhaps you find it difficult to release a memory or you just choose not to because you like playing the old story over and over again like a repetitive record.

    • I will be doing an exercise to help you release memories from your blood tonight at 7pm.


Feeling vulnerable?  Concentration on your limiting beliefs? Jealous? Envious? Back Biting? Cruel with your words? Deceiving others and yourself? Always have bad breath because you are thinking negative things or afraid? Feel or think someone is trying to overthrow you? Feel undermined because you think someone’s happiness or greatness or kindness is a threat to you? Feel disempowered by your family even if they are nice to you? Feel separated from others? Feeling drained of all your power? Feel you are being psychically attacked? Finding it difficult to express your truth and your True Self? Confused about who you are now, as opposed to who you were before now?  Feeling a lack of balance in one or two areas of your life? Do you find yourself Questioning a lot of things about your life? Being suspicious of others?


What is the part of your behaviour you hide? From yourself? From others?  Do you find in yourself another person? A negative entity? A mean person? When you hide an aspect of your behaviour from others and even from yourself how do you do this?  Do you recognise any of the following traits?love

Do you find that when you do something (not so nice) you want to make sure no one knows you are involved? You pretend you know nothing about it, yet you may know or you may have started it? Do you spread horrible things about others? Do you think you are always right and others are always wrong? Do you think you know it all but they do not? 

How about these hidden aspect of your behaviour? For example: When you are part of a group who is malicious, but you do not want anyone to know?  When you pretend you are not hurting another; and you are surprised when they tell you about their pain and struggles!!!and it is you causing it!???  When you pretend you do not want a partner and you cry at home where no one can see you? When you blame others for your problem and pretend you are innocent? When you have ‘killed’ someone or something and pretend you know nothing.


Has your behaviour caused someone to abandon you? Have they stopped talking to you and communicating on all levels with you? Has your behaviour caused someone not to trust you? Not to rely on you?  Has your behaviour caused pain to others? Emotional scaring?  Has your behaviour made someone feel like a victim? Made you a Bully? Has your behaviour made someone want to run far far far away from you? Leave you? Has your behaviour made you feel sad, depressed, alone and lonely?  Has it caused you to lash out at others, especially those who love you? Is your suspicious thoughts about people and things making you bitter and nasty? The Eclipse energy brings so much out. n

4 - New Moon in Aquarius (15-2-18)


If you answered  yes to any of the above questions then the Moon Alchemy Gatherings will be of great benefit to you.  It will calm you down. It will create a space of deep inner knowing and reflection. You will join like minded individuals who are wanting to transform their lives on a very deep level. It will attune you to your DNA and align you to Source Energy. By activating you deeply, you will feel a strong connection to Source Power, and your very own True Source Power.

It will bring a true smile from your heart to your face. It will access all your confusion and rearrange them into an order that allows you to drop the distracting issues and concentrate on the important issues for your life. It will help you think clearer, healing your pain and suffering. Above all, it will relax you comfortably into your wonderful Self where you feel safe, secure and loved.

Are you ready to make the changes you need in your life?  If you are then let us gather tonight at 7pm and start to make the changes needed to make you happy. ALSO you can book a one to one private and confidential session with me.


  • Thursday 15 February
  • The Gathering starts at 7pm. The New Moon happens at 9:06pm London. We will be in the vortex of the New Moon during our gathering. How auspicious.
  • New Moon in Aquarius
  • Element – Air

New Moon in Aquarius


The Energy is friendly and inviting with the Aquarian. It is inclusive and collective. 

The Energy can shock you as they like to do something to shock. What behaviour has shocked you recently?  Perhaps it could be the influence of the Aquarian energy? There is a need not to confirm to what they consider boring or old fashioned.  we greet you

They do not give straight answers and can appear cold and aloof.  They make lovely homes.  When they do decide to commit they commit, otherwise they are surrounded by lots of ‘friends’. 

Aquarians like to work for humanity and believe in the collective good of the people.  The desire to feel free, be independent, and not tied down or restricted is very strong with this energy. 

Aquarians make everyone feel important but there is nothing worse than you thinking you are important to them and then suddenly out of the blues turns attention to another person with the same interest shown to you. 

Welcome to the inclusive energy of Aquarius with the lovely New Moon and Eclipse.

They can be unstable and unreliable but they do not mean to.  So where have you be unstable and unreliable? Where have you been cold and aloof? You may find yourself scrutinising people and not trusting them. 

Though they have lots and lots and lots of friends they can be secretive about their lives.

The Water Bearer likes everyone.


We had Valentines Day yesterday, 14 February. It forced many to look at their relationships. 

How are your relationships with others?  Are they inspiring? Are they truthful? Are they abusive?  Are they supportive? Are you supportive of others? Are you loving? Are you understanding?

Do you behave the way you would want someone to behave to you?  Do you treat others like you would like to be treated?  14 - Valentine's

How are you in relationships?  Do your relationships empower and love you because you empower and love them too? 

Are you a taker? Do you expect to receive from others all the time and not give back? How is your giving and receiving in relationships? 

How are your intimate relationships? How are your business relationships?

How is your relation with yourself? With Time? With Quality? With the Feminine aspect of you? With the Masculine aspect of you?

How is your relationship with your addictive personality? Your little ego? Your forcefulness? Your bulling? You needing to prove yourself right? Your drama? Your very own Self?

Are you the type of person someone would like to go out with?  Are you the kind of person you would like to go out with? Your relationships are a reflection of the confidence and love you have for yourself and others?

How are your boundaries in your relationships?  Do you have strong or weak boundaries?  Do you find that there is a blurring of boundaries where you feel you can cross the line and do what you want?  Do you feel it is your right to do what you want? 

How do you show love to yourself? To others? To your intimate partner? To your immediate blood tie family? Your brother? Your sister? Your children? Your mother? Your father?

If you are finding it difficult in your relationships let me help you. I am a phone call away. 



Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for the New Moon in Aquarius

We Greet You

With the Beginning of Newness

Growing Spirit Soul of Love

Healing and Blessing the World

We Greet You

We Greet You

With the Pure Joy of Life

Radiating Your Vortex of Exuberance

Touching Lives with Happy Laughter

We Greet You

We Greet You

With the Family of Friendship

Keepers of Light, Bonded with Love & Respect

Deepened with Sharing of Moments

We Greet You

We Greet You

With the Sound of Consciousness

Changing Your Deep Unconscious

Activating Your Portals of Light Activation & Ascension

We Greet You

I Greet You

With the Birds of Paradise

Aligning Flying In and Out of Our Auric Field

Creating Flow in All Areas of Your Life

I Greet You

We Greet You

With the Golden and Red Liquid Light of the Chinese New Year

Nurturing Protecting Holding

Connecting You to Cosmic Energy Abundance, Soul Star, Soul Sun, Soul North Star

We Greet You

We Greet You

With the Amalgamation of Your Soul

Activating & Awakening Your Light Body

In the Sacred Space of Your Body

We Greet You

We Greet You

With Ascended Master Hilarion at the Temple of Truth

Master of Ancient Wisdom, Truth & Healing for Wholeness

Lord of the Fifth Ray, the Green / Emerald Ray

We Greet You

We Greet You

With the Alchemy and Power of Truth

Healing All Souls Diamond Light Body Merkabah

Liberating them from the Rounds of Karma and Rebirth

We Greet You

We Greet You

Anchoring Your Soul Essence

In the Primordial Essence of Truth

Aligning to Your Source of Pure Positive Energy

We Greet You

We Greet You

With the Gift of Working with a Smile

Embracing Actions of Welcoming Inspiration

Becoming One with your Inner Powers

We Greet You

We Greet You

With the Magical Stillness of Your BEing and DOing

Breathing in Your Priority and Focus

Expanding Your Consciousness & Future Magnanimously

We Greet You

We Greet You

With Your Four Wholesome Bodies

Your Etheric Body – Spiritual,  Your Emotional Body – Feelings

Your Mental Body – Thinking,  Your Physical Body – Body

We Greet You

We Greet You

With the Hierarchy of Upper Management

We Greet You

With the Connection Tube Tuberous Spiralling Fast

We Greet You Spiralling

With the Great Spirit, Angels, Gods, Goddesses, 8 Immortals

Ascendant Masters (Quan Yin, Seraswati, Jesus, Buddha)

Shamans, Healers, Crystals & Elementals

Hindu Gods (Lakshmi, Hanuman, Ganesh)

Egyptian Gods (Isis, Osiris, Horus, Thoth, Nut, Ra)

Nigerian Gods (Shongo, Yemaya, Olokun)

We Greet You

We Greet You

We Greet You

Thank You

Thank You

Thank You

We Greet You

We Greet You

We Greet You

Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for the New Moon in Aquarius


See you tonight. Details here:

Inner You

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